Black man and former hiring manager calls in. And says WHAT????

The Dana & Parks Podcast
Wednesday, August 15th
I asked him, "are you racist?"   He replied,  "I'm old school"....   Um... ok?

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You're listening to the Dana and parts podcasts on KNB easy. Barone news. It's its share of ram for. She grew. Round. As bad as soon. He says hey isn't my. Your artists of the day it's. I'm scared that it needs Willie Nelson able to gave me back. This is Ray Charles and women. It's. Just. Yeah OK I'll forget rod how good Ray Charles and his parents and I mean really his main. And just bomb. Sons funeral. They achieve our code heroes. What does it groups have been. 072881. Hero HER. Boat accident 72881. And here in the running for a thousand dollars would he care if you guys still had your first cars. What Carly what would be a cheer you read 1990 Pontiac Grand Am. That I got from that Platte city water tower. Sonny hill motors. I would be driving around in a Toyota Corolla hatchback. With tinted windows is. Legal because who doesn't want to pimp out the Toyota Corolla exactly hatchback yes. Private may have. Four door 77. Chevy no with a busted back window. No radio. Banners all kinds of problems for the car straight that's rod pulled him to the radio say what to. Say. Well the radio works. There's a woman in. In the US about servers are now name's gill Weis. She kept her very first card that she ever bought with her on mine just that from 1964. Tank. She bought April 15 1964 and at a significant. Because hers was the first ever. Ford Mustang that was ever sold sweet. What year 1964. I looked like. Restore a one day and they kept it in the garage and kept in the garage and finally he retired and restored it. And come to find out. That car is worth 305. How much harm. And it's on display in Detroit right now to pay for. Back and let you guess easy. A couple of grant 15100 program I was gonna say more than Nat or using in 1964. 3000. Maybe. Wow I remember when I was a kid. My mother had love affair with the Corvette she wanted one so bad and I remember over here in a conversation where she said. I cannot believe anyone would pay over 151000 dollars for a call war. And it was a brand new Corvette right. So. Yeah and if you get a car for fifth the brand new car right now for 151000 by it. The original listing price on April 17 of 1964. Ford Mustang the day it came off the line it was 2300. And 68 dollars there route 303000. Built. As she got hers two days early. Because. Boarded ship them to dealerships around the country. To get everybody hyped up about this new car and they are pushing now and they weren't supposed to sell them and the dealer was like. All but you're pretty girl here all solitude today's early said she got stopped everywhere because people just wanted to check out the car. Well it's a sweet car I look at the the pictures of the original 1964 Ford Mustang that's pretty awesome. There were only 22000. Are regionally order. But they sold so quickly. They ordered 303408. Ford mustangs. In 1964. Or two years later because it had become such a popular car. Ford made one point four million dollar mosque until in 1966. Did you ever hear. Well you know she Shelby that the man. Fixed up the mustang and mated this racing cars this awesome car expenses. Day they had a Hearst rent a car had a deal with Ford. And they had all these mustangs with this amazing motor their their race cars. And people would rent them from Hearst and then taken to the track and racism and then return them on Monday. Like beat tech. But it paid for the concerns so you know after a while Hearst called Ford said come get them no mormons they know we're not doing that anymore because I beat Portland literally. Renting them just to go race at. You look at the Hamlet criminal images right now on line. Of how cool amassing used to be in the season's it's just the ponies on the seats in the army look. I mean he's just cool sports cars right there's the original 1964. Right there. Convertible if I have a sixty books you read all your article I remember my body Jeff would trawl. Haven't 1988. Ford Mustang and activists say. That owning a mustang is a bad thing I am gonna say that. By 1988. They did Tug on the way of air medal circa 1990. Six access. You remember how awful the Ford Mustang look in 1980. Little boxy foxy coop look and thing horrible. Horrible they don't look like a sports look at that. It actually my buddies my buddy jobs patrol drove around one of those were like it actually looks like. You might plant a Corel has now. It's that same shape they use the eighties were not good for the fort cost. Eighties market for a lot of cars I'd rather drive light. And then in 1988 Ford must. My mother had the 89 Ford Mustang or the five point no. All with a five point and we should normally don't in it was it was it was a fun car to drive by Adam. Everybody that ever drove it ticket and it could if there's a that looks like what is the forward back in the eighties early ninety's it was really economical. But he can afford it the the talk this yes yeah that's what the 89 Ford Mustang looks pretty much like a porous. That support us. And get out don't wanna. That's yeah now if you had their current downturn and you'd out node is worth 350000. Dollars. You don't keep it you can't write it. I would park it anywhere he'd be afraid someone would do in the door or key at war. You know a part in the back reaches of the park and good luck. Wal-Mart partners 420 yards away I just think what are they gonna sell it does that say I almost think you would. Ran was on display because this is mustangs in your ear right or fifteenth anniversary so they were. Putting it on display in the museum up in Detroit at a that was political. Entity. That's what you call good investment in the mine 1994. Mercury Topaz would not get any wonder what my in 1990 cherry red Pontiac Grand Am from sunny no motors an accident so. Wonder what that would be worth because it does not exist minister and so I basically have what you might consider an empty now that the fact that it's it says. Winning the years old glory years old now. It was a stick. At of course it was stick. Parents were always fans of the Chevy nova does that box crappy. Share of the nova they got me one and then they got Austin won and I will say this about the nova. Those things drove. Until. I was way off and out of college. And that thing was still kicking adapt my mind had the 7305. You couldn't kill it I was driving it cost called Jesus hee yeah. Coming back to law he would market and he would take it. It it just can't. He's never not saying I would drive that car until it was out of oil and I was driving on the rug and. Attack attack attack attack that. Pull and don't for courts oil and run some quiet. Never chains and also the man abuse that guard took effect that I would pay top dollar to the Carmen dad. I don't know packed cars even still on the road. In 1961. Red convertible. Try. Those recording as far as. You know that looks like any yet to try and give them some angers my honorable and noble to cedars. I'm like cents. On tour like the ingenious yet. Similar. To the MG I. Number one of my roommates in college had an MG and my parents were like do not get in that car if you rant all you die in two way bicycle. You'll here's the car I rode around him as a kid with. Sweet. Again ninety that is exactly what it looked like red 1961. Convertible triumph we were awesome. And at the ladies well I was eleven years old tech historical park like some girls. You know you want some mention you know. Well I'm happy for them. I've never held onto anything that long brain and I'm a thriller outer my mom will be the first to tell you. I have probably toss or limbs that are worth something I just didn't realize that were worth something in. Clutter stresses me out so I tend to. I'm going to give you this please don't throw this out and she says that twice. I'll keep. But just not once not what she has to remind me on don't throw that out that's going to be worth something someday. In 1940. My grandfather bought a brand spanking new forward 1940 forward ordered it you know with all the options anyone in the cutlery wanted. Which was this agreement green. But anyways is setting in my father's garrote stood still same car he bought it brand spanking new in 1940. Had her honor when he passed away my father has I have threatened every person in my family. That's my car. Us 78 year old cars sitting in your debts setting in my father's garage is a fully original design and 44. It did it it would just take a very little bit to get it running. It's all there it's just been setting for very long tar ball well and I am accepting a lot taller by my family don't even look at it. I'm gonna cut. It. Touch and act. Are you were to catch this hour is hero HER RO Caremark to run Babcock bitter right. I'm Scott parks okay. It's up parts and you don't AT&T more for yours thing that's our thing like finding the latest must have tech. To enjoy your entertainment anywhere or a camera that let you capture all your adventurous moments. You need to head to your local AT&T and check out the new LGV 35 thing Q. And find out how you can get a Smartphone for your favorite person on AT&T. On top of that you can also get 400 dollars in credits when you buy an LGV 35 in Q phone and trading your eligible Smartphone. Visit your local AT&T store today and the AT&T reps can show you the nearly edge to edge screen. That lets you enjoy an immersive viewing experience and all the other technology. In the new LGV 35. In Q Smartphone. Your life smarter. Head to your local AT&T today. Let him show you everything about the new LG. V 35 theme Q phone AT&T. More for your thing that's our thing. Limited time old's he offer must activate eligible service. Minimum twenty dollar trading value required get instant credit promo card activation fee and other charges are restrictions apply. See the store for details. C news. That family. Your mission par. Story here. Dateline saint Louis Missouri. A Saint Louis serie a woman's FaceBook posts is going fine. After she was denied a job with the local company because of her. Report. Where report. Ghetto man. One got robbed attention. Her Misha. Robinson. And posted to a page on Monday that she had applied for a customer service representative position with mentality health in chesterfield. Robinson was irked. When she received an email back from the company saying and I quote unfortunately. We do not consider candidates that have suggestive. Ghetto names. Well. Law. Based straight said that they straight. Unfortunately we do not consider candidates that have suggestive. Ghetto names. Now her name is Misha. Robinson went on to say interpose that quote my feelings are very hurt and I would like for ever want to share this post because discrimination has to stop. So is my name's upgrade I should not tried to fly there. Now let me just clarify why and little playing. The company is now saying it believes it was hacked. And that is why these response says za. Went out her Misha is not the only one I got this response. So older people where if. Unique names. We're ZXI. A emails saying we don't hire people with. Suggestive ghetto names yet. So let me get this straight you think somebody hacked into your company's email. Yes and the only thing they did was send out a couple of emails saying. You're name's a little candle for a. There are other. Applicants who received the same email their names are as follows. Toga or. Quint helium fields. Oh. They weren't hacked they said. And went oh crap that was a bat and now they're saying we even filed a police report. On airline and saint. Louis county is cyber crimes division is looking into this mountain another non. Over the others mentality health and it Kevin mirror it tells the riverfront times. They believe. Someone hacked into the company's indeed dot com account potentially. A disgruntled ex employee. He told the newspaper. About twenty emails were sent out applicants. Before they found the breach and shut it down. That's interest and this is not a reflection of who we are as a company this is deplorable. Let me ask us. Because there's a broader story here I need not remind you. And and if you ever the second Google it there was the young lady at Shawnee mission north. Who graduated I think three or four years ago. Whose only request for a senior graduation gift from a mob. Was to allow her to note down to the county courthouse. And legally changed her maim. You or that I do. She changed her name and remember to show I was gonna say Jordan I believe she changed to share OK. If I remember a crack. Because I think it was like should qui show or some like that and she changed Sherri Wright. That was her own and her mother was rushed. Carol look at Jordan he she is Zachary. Also came forward to say she got a letter. Can ask the obvious question. K can I just rode out there is a member. Of the NAACP and the only person on the show with many black you know him no yeah can I ask the obvious question yeah. When you went white peep. Old name their kid George org Sean or limb. Or ominous. There is a touch of ethnicity. Matter. Of history. The name George can be found in European culture. Going back hundreds if not thousands of the same was John and Thomas and whatever Jakob Jakob yes I mean many of them are Judeo Christian names right out of the Bible. I have heard the argument made. That these names that some. Black families give to their children. Are ethnic in nature of hurts to show pride in history. And you know. A sense of pride in where we come from. Which I'm fine. But in all honesty I've never read a news article out of any peace country in Africa where somebody's name was she an equal. Or completion. It's more americanized these are americanized. Different and I used different and air quotes different names. To set you apart. From. White people and say hey we are very proud bar black heritage and our black culture all well and it. But these names are made up they don't come from Africa. With with names like George and Michael and things like that these are clearly familial store or store and you'll you'll names that come from. I Europe. Some of these names that that these. Black families give to their children to sort of national pride in their heritage and their culture which is all well and come from no but their own imagination. OK in all fairness. I named my son Roman. Because it was different and start with an orange her family thing has started an hour. I am I he knows like fourteen kids name AD. All the white kids are named hunter and Braxton. Now that is a fair critique where these are not these are unique. Set to be different I mean look at the most popular names for white kids these days and it's like eat where hope that name come from. Hayden is a huge one my seriously my son has like four different friend's name Aden. And and I am the a lot of that the whole sex in the city Irish. Names have made a comeback an eight you're absolutely right. Did come from sex in the city it's like tryst in which came from Legends of the Fall right and there's that mental image again of brown horse. So anyways yeah. Yeah everybody. Is is trying to find unique names. My cassette all the kids are named hunter and Braxton and Jackson and a lot of last names for first names. You know the normal Scott. John Bryant and gave her are going out the window if you can't make her happy and content. You. Look at it and how these Legends of the Fall and hours. Our Steve Gloucester entirely. But that's just it there's no more kids named Brad now's summit is probably name and their kid hit. Yeah that's a great point and that's a really interesting point I'm commitment that this strange first name is not. Exclusive to the black community. I people are doing details. I've but with us back discrimination. In employment okay cause of your name out this is a good point I would say is exclusive to the black look at Jonathan we named his second son fan. Like fish health and is very happy about 9000. Other people this I have a nephew and it's pfennig and it did these old Irish names and telling it. I've 767798. News or Kara marks the Missouri attorney general's office say it's they will not defend as soon to be outdated state requirement for hair breeders' mourn axed. 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Your 31 Kansas City for McCain MB easy newsroom I'm Kara marks or professional hair operators have long complained that expensive cosmetology licenses don't provide much trading on hair braiding. It's not really relevant to them so Missouri lawmakers in response tossed down to requirement for your raiders. But now attorney general Josh holly says the state will not even defend the old law before the Supreme Court. Is the new law takes effect August 28. The official death toll in Italy from yesterday's massive bridge collapse now up to at least 39 people rescue crews still looking for folks feared missing in the rubble. ABC's Joanna McFarland is injured now with. More there is a lot of political anger about this about how. This bridge is allowed to stay in the condition that it was a lot of questions being raised about why that one adequate checks and that the local media have been reporting that. Engine is ten years ago. Raised the alarm in the structural integrity of the bridge. 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Still dealing with that pesky area of low pressure into the upper levels of the atmosphere a lot of clouds around this afternoon there may be a few showers or thunderstorm in place to. And a high temperature low eighties. Drying out as the night goes on patchy fog forming a little upper sixties. Partly cloudy 80 Thursday by Thursday evening we have another chance for showers and thunderstorms Nevis and stronger storms here. Others say hi warmer upper eighties shot at showers on Friday. I'm staff meteorologist Jennifer narrow more or Katie NBC weather. AD Syracuse CIA it's 85 downtown 82 at your official weather station KM BZ is now on radio dot com download the happened tickets everywhere you ago. Kara marks are Newsnight the 81 KM BZ. Oh. There. Trying to get Greg Norman and at 430 this afternoon it was originally scheduled for 445. But we one item be fair to him and we don't wanna have the awkward. Transition from 4 o'clock 5 o'clock and carry over stuff so we're trying to get him and at 430 this afternoon. Greg Norman the independent candidate for governor in Kansas. Let's be fully clear not likely to win. But could be a huge spoiler after what happened last night when Jeff call your conceded the race to Chris. I didn't tell you I don't know that I agree with that anymore Coca. And that's kind of why I wanted to have a minute Kansas has not had a solid third party candidate. In decades. And if you looked this up Scott today there are people saying his candidacy. Is horrible news for. Laura Kelly. And their arm cripple writing saying his candidacy is horrible news for Crisco balk republic which is it. It's fascinating it depends on I. Or depends on on how you fall out we're talking about the story out of Saint Louis now the company claims. The company insists. That their computer systems were. So we have a disgruntled employee apparently is going through all the Reza maize from people with what are described as norm are traditionally. Black names. And writing to them this is the company's version of events. Writing unfortunately we do not consider candidates that have suggestive. Ghetto names. That is quite a hack job. If you're gonna Packard company that's what your going after his people with names like equation. Or in this case her Misha. And let me just throw this out if in fact this was a former disgruntled employees. That sent these things out it is horrible it is deplorable. I don't know what you can do at that point to a former employee. But should the company necessarily. Be in trouble. They're gonna take a PR hit but if this is someone who's disgruntled and left your company. And doesn't have anything currently to do with your company and did this to kind of you know poke a finger in your I kind of feel bad if that is in fact what happened I wanna. Ask your question and I want you to look me drew straight guys at the entire thomas' question Hank and I want you to give me an honest answer. We have all heard names like look we show. Sharkey Sheila and things like office. If you were a black parent. And ask you two separate questions if you were a black parent. Would you encourage your child to use their real name on a job application yes or no. No because I've seen the studies OK if you are an employer. Does. The should key show Robinson does the name Reza may get doing a little bit because. It just sounds. I would miss I would hope the answers no because I'm going to give you a name. That bucked every trend and that's Barack. UC Barack. Hussein net. Obama on a resume thirty years ago or twenty years ago. What do you think Muslim. 'cause he wasn't Muslims does not bar. Glenda in saying Jo Harlow Glenda. Well I might gain growing up I am all Blatter Irish. Am. I. That name is not accurate or mattered at love it. I wanted to change. Nobody okay that may. When nobody else had the name Glenda when you're growing. And round. And I want I was on. A bit at a conference. Age you are now in. And now I'm back and you can't get in. Leon. And out anyway. I am maybe you girl you're. Like there. Maybe they didn't like their names but should it irk them in a job. And and I think and I think all of us would why did I know. I think all of this Glenda. And by the way I like your name. Are you. I think all of us would want to say if we were hiring manager. And it was between Tina Smith. And lock equation Robinson. That we would not let. What many people would call inherent bias creeped in. But I bet we will look back on Clinton to the college application bias. There are people who believed Asian and that should be a blind. Process. You don't see a name you don't see a photo. Tell me about yourself what are your qualifications. I don't know. Well I. I am I can't I am college yet it I have a manager. Here. Linda failure is not quite that when I wonder we're not whatever Reza. What we're looking for is should college applications. Being name a free qualification. Only. Absolutely not. Absolutely not I do not only that I think I think we need that what there what are great are what are changing our. I'm. What is your name have to do with anything. In general and I can't. I don't think. You are now. I can't I had connection. In your honor. Naughty. Just happened but locked day in concordia hello blockage. How are older and we're doing a great topic. You know I am at the time I've grew up. With the Chinese name in and don't act Maine what my last name has put its Chinese. Are there were all but locked. Let me stop what it is your last name grieving serious. Or you're okay what is your last night. Qian. You know. I'll bet I bet a lot of jobs and I don't think that take you know I don't think it will take in consideration. Of the discrimination or any thing. You are assume you're Asian though are you apply for a job if you are not. Thought arm all the complected. And art I'm conservative. And are corrupt in a small town. What poll German why. And it took awhile. Being you know. Are blamed in just aren't we all have the same values. I do know that what I I watched the news being at my age you watch them more than all right. They don't show the pictures of people that are considered in crimes. With the names that they say the people they pick are are unable to Palmeiro. But that. But blocking has anyone ever made the incorrect assumption that you're Asian based on your last name. Only when you're yellow onion in grade school. They knew you have to you have gained ground. White dodge ball with everybody else improved improved I stand. Our partner. I I would it. I would have bet that over the years when you apply for a job and someone sees the last name chin to college with that. Dear friend whose last name is Chan. I would assume as it hiring manager and I can always tell when you're about to get uncomfortable about yourself coming in with the last ancient I would just assume as it. I can always tell when you're about to get unconscionable and our blocks and you have to stop yourself from going like the Asian. With Dick Barnett. No equality here. And Kimi and Jacqueline. OK so that's house will be. You wanna play. OK and come I'm NJ quite. But locker. Where is block area. We know we're lucky here today. Those are the names bleak. Are you wanna know Alabama. It's. It's critical Dell in Lee's summit hello bill. You do you know we're doomed. Thank. I used to be. Hiring manager for probably entering courses that no longer have. Airline policy and they might that there were two things about the mode a main like that as somebody coming and as did not have a pin up triple file applications. Those two things that bothered me more than anything. And a different sounding name bothered you. And I don't can page between Asia and I'll leave dominating like. You probably know but you feel like the person is going to have an attitude. They covered the name it where you figure that prompt based on that main. You can't bail if someone comes and emanated Mary Betty Kelly. That name is Beatrice I have no idea. That person that I hold that person. Trouble call that person in at all to them brilliantly when opening like that. Fullback alphabet because that may abuse is associated with on demand and and I would do can be a very very difficult thing to deal with in the workplace. Ask you this and I ask you because it's up here on our white board no pun intended it says here that your a black man that's correct. Correct you wore a black man who would intentionally not hire. Black people because they had Harris say unique first match ups. I would say that would not identical. Consider abandoning the devil may. And with a ghetto name and he's at an air quotes with a ghetto name in your opinion bill comes a certain attitude. That is correct. And O'Dell let me ask you did you give your children if you have any traditional. Names. You did it and is there a reason that on purpose. Barbara on purpose you don't know exactly. Who they are normally come a point of view you don't know they are you look at their rent them. And they have done very well buried very well I have one that have a master's degree and not by an Atlanta level that the lawyer. And while that and that's amazing Adele but let me Eskew Dennis. There're people screaming on the text line that your comments despite the fact that you're a black men are yet racist in nature what do you say to that. I I respect that type of comment account. I am tempted to pull. A old school maybe accessories have deliberately. Thank you for your minds your honesty. It. Do you nice cool. Zero. I want you all says some silly ass name. This whole class is don't feel mock rap. Now do not some. Immediate needs someone guests. You said your name right right now in east saint Wright didn't eat correctly Denise right Denise writes. Nice that's bad thing Q now. Said oh when you're looking to hire someone. It is to make sure your job post reaches the most qualified candidates. Tried posting on the job board but you really know who'll see that. When you post your job on Linkedin it reaches 70% of the US workforce and unlike job boards linked in is a community that career focused people visit every day. To grow professionally and explore job opportunities. Linkedin jobs intelligently targets candidates based on their skills recommendations. Even how open they are two new opportunities like yours. Insights that are only available on the Linkedin network the results is or posed as matched the best people for the job. That is probably why in new hires made every ten seconds using Linkedin. And right now you can go to Linkedin dot com slash Dana get fifty dollars off your first job post. Linkedin dot com slash Dana for fifty dollars off. Terms and conditions apply linked in York closer than you think. That's see a lot of just who walking down the streets thing is. Good. Good soon. You can't say that with a straight face. Just happens no no no no no no no David just said to me off the air now run don't walk what you get in here right now. And back. Dana just said. If a white guy had called him and say that what I else I am manager. Had called in and said exactly what a Dell said. I do you are the one who on the show has said black people cannot be reasons. He's old school. Doesn't matter he's still so he can't be racist. I I looked at rods in his last night oh what just happened he goes I don't right. Ode to also something a lot of people feel. That if you do come in with a name like lock we show you're gonna have an attitude about Trisha. Law whatever. You're gonna have an attitude problem. OK listen to this a magistrate and I don't think it's a race thing I think it's a class thing nothing to do it being racist if you work classy. And you want what is best for your child. You aren't going to give them a name that. We'll get them made fun of or judged on you want your child to blend in and quote being normal rather than standing out for the wrong reason. O Dell. Had something that a lot of people don't have anymore. Which is called honesty. Adjusts. Latent. Politically incorrectly incorrect on his honesty and you know tell is right. There are a lot of hotels out there but that is illegal in hiring you you can not say Scott and can't. But if you work say right now for for sprint as a hiring manager Hugh could not say to a group of applicants had. Alton if you came and ride its top great qualifications. But you. City over here I'm sorry it's not that name sounds like you an attitude on the golf is not illegal let me tell you why. If you have a black man up for a job whose name is shot meal. And then you have another black man who's up at the exact same job. All things being equal education is the same work history is the same and the other black guy's name is law I'd do. You wind up hiring Todd because it is and non ethnic name you have broken no law if you hire George the white guy. Over Jameel the black guy just because of the black man's name game. Then we have a problem is the funny thing about these laws prove that. I know and don't tell the same thing Valerie in the north land hello Valerie. While. I. Yeah sort. I. Met in the it may not immediately. I was doing at my feet right on the play and am I. And I begin my company. And let it. Be that can be. And why black beat that's what the. Hillary I know what you're talking about my Fam was by Taylor Valerie at the question Korea. Is O'Donnell is a hotel racist or is O'Dell old school he calls himself old school. To be nice about. Her I'm sorry. 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