Bishop Miege Wins. Again.

The Dana & Parks Podcast
Monday, February 26th
New proposal would separate private school sports teams from public school sports teams.   Is it fair?

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You're listening to the Dane and parts podcast on KNB easy. Yeah clean. They're ready. Aren't getting my dad. The boat okay texted him right down to 7288172881. He were to cash this hour is book. IPO. Look. At a rain in store for us out of Oklahoma City. Families offering a 3000. Dollar reward for or you lost gold necklace. Apparently. Elizabeth studio. Said she gave her husband Sonny. A huge. Gold rope necklace or their fifth anniversary which was about twenty years ago that this is it. He apparently went out Friday night and lost it. Hammered and it's a big goal attempt expensive yeah and it's got a rope chain and it's got figure of Jesus or large the year of Jesus tanker an independent and unrelated question it's easier rapper. I don't believe that this is name run out in bunker on the second. The problem is he lost it while he was the strip club. And have amassed again is GA rapper. And that is and again to resign and NL it is I lost my Jesus. Medallion. At the strip and a zoo I know where you can find it is not enough fall. Payment for a Latin dance who. Oh Sonny Jesus she's probably wouldn't be all that from but it isn't what you just save your life. I. Do not know what I I don't know where it went I I don't waste it I I don't know lol. It went to a fall. As she was grinding. Let me ask the to review question. Would you be OK with your husband going to a strip club yet again you don't care and you know what's funny. I think women not the Chris cats whatever b.s now straighten right I think women care less. Correct me if I'm wrong care. As they get older and they've been married longer. It is I remember when I was really young 1920 years old dating. That would just throw me into a Tizzy I saw that was the worst thing you can do it Joseph on how well. Transgression ever and now I just think it's. Silly. Yeah I never cared. Like it never bothered me because one you you're not to touch the girls right. You light going kind of got me lying yeah. Lying about it but here he is lab distort the image into his home and there's a lot of images in their I'm sure but I'm never going to have access to and I'm fine with that now. You are I don't care. As long is it doesn't mean he's touch anybody else he can window shop as much as he once he seemed to look at the menu. You just scratching diet yeah. You touch it there's a problem Oca. Let's check now. I would not probably tell my significant other I lost 82500. Dollar gold Jesus. Aunt Boni of flats I would like frost would have made something up. About the funny part is this woman's leg we just want the necklace back like I able if you pond it I'll give you the money for a I really just want the necklace and this isn't listening to her. He's right here really hears it currently does the same that means to. Deported upper right it is 311. OK do we did it make it a TV guy is out. Four and just for text. While some consider I have to next. Ice cap that well don't sit out loud we don't know that. What we get this may stay that out loud we're getting it from here as I am not sane until I see it. No way of mice and name would we don't know because we know what happens when we do. Suit from China to saint he had never done that and we are not starting today apparently your husband knows lemon at. Ige is Google I did not get results and I'm not saying that I'm. No it's as hot seat Katz says now now we're discussing this this is why didn't say that it. It's as possible act of air quote ace EV guy. Op. That is how you get sued for. A million dollars. Journalism 101 when possible and air quotes you don't report it. Okay. When the word possible as an air quotes act can't go to era that OK. I get. We won't be me and told me down and then you're like get this award possible element. Or. Is it name. And attacks and says it's Matthew nick matters. A there's an IV series will be funny if police said AKA. Met in the magnolia Maine I think die laughing. What proms one two's stripped off their clothes and yesterday was Tuesday. And that. It was that. It's ever that. Lets your what is it. Has it. Hopefully. There's like seven ordered Google quietly do. Judith thank you. Sitting. Let's put. Because you're hopeful. I think this I have seen no few lower. Then three names on the text line today and the fourth name just put in the box that almost got us sit. I see no fewer than four different names for ATV naked. There. Just one and now let's let's take that right now Howell. Who alerted him. Birdie. Arnold rumbled 41. Series. I think it's. Now I'm 128 there is no you pulled off your thirties net that is such it's one he's been damp. I think math doesn't describe it yeah it's. Always. I think you're crazy I think he's at least in his thirties. And 3520. All right so wait that's right yeah. And. He ATP challenged. Or so ago parks. And among 35 Astra. Travis. 35 days you're going 28. And it's the closest without going over. On. The price is right yeah the prices right rule. Terry rod what are you going west. I'm gonna say. Would you say 35 don't do 36 that's a total deep bag cover 38. I read your Indo us. One person on the price is right about once a year where the guys like a 1499. And then the next guys like. Him. In 98. And like. Do you do. Itself a window. I Caremark 41. Excellent art Travis we've got thirty fives you have to getting close is without going over. 35203041. In his foot and a demand via the from one. I'll go 32. We you're giving yourself a three year window and focus the next person but it let me give this again 3528. 38 that's what you're. I think 32. Years six to cut our legal theory problem or yeah regular David tears when yet. Can we please get there and snap on the phone in my. And how. This. Did you see someone tried to sell the ATV on. The man cave swap in shy nice last night spot. It's an hour. It said it forced sale and then there's a picture of the naked guy it's. Yeah is he says oh it's me. We can't say that hard it is now and as an outward resentment exit sign up here report. You. Tea bagged a TV. So quickly it isn't legal bills. I so somebody summit exits without saying well the naked man they're chasing actually just went through my yard and drove as a TVQ there but the kids and police trio. Well it is a beautiful day out yeah. You leave men in the that's also. This looked at me and have fun that's the wrong. Play I mean. Funny he wasn't driving the wrong late on the highway. I don't think he's. He was has been for acting in those 95. I disagree I think he could tilts and. It's only funny because no one got her I don't think Jimmy TV I kind of wish you had American flag is yen yellen freedom no. A confederate flag. So grieving the south will rise again who drives. And it mirrors plummeted to do it wasn't as. So that primary. Don't ever let me. Yeah and by the way is Jonathan Mann. They definitely implementing have to go maybe amend an analyst with. We're trying to figure out is staged a guy who drove naked down 435 yesterday in the TV. This literally came in my email to second I want back at man played the over under game on his page closes without going over. Park's 3528. Rod 38 Kara 41. Travis Thursday. Jonathan Mann. Is. 22. Years old it. His birthday was a leap year it's a man. You missed him by television isn't really. Our current. I closest. Without going Ohio's closest I just when. You miss by three months. I thought about taken aback and going with one. He's got Diana. Special condition and bond. You can't drive any TV now he's got a lot Republican policy solely dressed. Up for us that. 50000 dollar bond with a special condition that most of the defendant not go out in public unless fully dressed okay now just follow me here. Why I need to know why. Why did he Judas. Why did he do this. Home Nancy. Reagan probable cause here. Round to go and guess who's. On the influence of something. Men stated he was high in this is trying to get away from and by the name of Jeffrey who was holding him captive. Hi Jeffrey. Holding. Him B he said he went with Jeffrey to the sprint store and liberty. Boom and according to probable cause. Jeffrey went inside so he just jumped over and tried to drive back home and where to disclose he got lost right home. And as he was trying to fight his way home from he almost in a car. So he won the car that hit something and that tiger fell off some. And that's from the cop came but he was scared and the drugs had a two where he could not stop for nobody. OK. I still am missing. He was. When it started. And naked when they caught yup he said he he'd jumped out of the car and ran and kept on running in bodies get away he'd jump defense sprint three yard house. Desserts is Shannon is wrong. At. Celsius. So there's. I only ask because there is someone by the name from excelsior springs on his. And to not there's nothing of any. Import he punished and the ATP in the shed and he was trying to cut through the woods on the formula to get back to excelsior and asked why you why he was naked. There's like seven order. I'll quietly go. Judith thank you. They are going to zip prosecutor. Probable causes heat. Said he thought it was like playing a little game going on and he was flying from when he saw the police on the other side of the highway. And he was flipping and could not stop and there was no stopping in him. You know. Sprint store hired Jeffrey holding him captive. For news 27 years when. I'm really mad I'm kind of impressed to take it to. He did post on his FaceBook page. Share this if you love god and in 120 seconds he will do you a favor now. Newsroom Caremark for now and can be seen are going to or take a look at what's going on in Washington just. 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Today. 330 during Kansas City from the KM BZ newsroom I'm Kara marks are the president saying he still supports tougher background checks another group rules on guns but he has not mentioned raising the minimum wage for rifle purchases. After the and our race and it was against that ABC's sandy field has details right after the floor. Shooting the president said we're gonna work getting the age up to 21 instead of the team but the NRA is that it wouldn't support hired gun buying age limit the president has not mentioned it since that are Sanders says they're now talking about how to make it happen the prices support of the concept you'll need a Republican congress to defy the NRA to do that in the field ABC news Washington. Kansas secretary of state Crisco boxes he wants the NRA to bring its annual convention to the sunflower state cup Bach on Twitter wrote kansas' most pro gun state in America. This comes after a city councilman in Dallas asked the NRA to find a new location for their annual convention in the wake of the Parkland Florida shooting. We'll check traffic and weather together next. Our weather looks good for this afternoon will be in the low sixties and skies will be sunny clear tonight down to about forty little bit warmer tomorrow and it will be gusty wind up to 25 miles per hour. High temperature 62 and mostly sunny. Things change on Tuesday night down to 45 that we've got a pretty good chance of showers and drizzle. For Wednesday some light rain or drizzle then showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon and upper fifties the staff meteorologist Steve Hamilton KMB easy whether. Sixty wanna TCI 61 and liberty it is sixty money or official weather station and Kara marks or stay connected with new study 81 KM BZ and KN BC dot com. Next you're cash coming to win more clogged the Saturn and Jan 2000 dollars. National contest with the key word cash or o'clock this afternoon. Story here from the Kansas City Star from Sam. And now. On a Friday last November. On a Friday last November. But he does some football team built a ten point lead in the first half of a playoff game in the reaction from players from their fans. Resembled the closing seconds of a championship. The sidelines felt like they were a boss. I'm a powerhouse showed up. Bishop me Asia reeled off four straight touchdowns cruised to a 32. 32 point win. In eight days later won its fourth straight. State football title. Minnesota efficiencies and tenants. After having rolled through the Frontier League unblemished and virtually unchallenged. It's two losses. Each of them blow while it's supplied by bishop me finish. A private school and Roland park that continues to swallow opponents of bull shapes and sizes. On enough. Say some leaders. At some point says DeSoto superintendent frank Harwood it starts to seem a little bit on mayor. The effort to Alter the playing field between public schools like to Soto and projects the private schools like bishop me age and longstanding fight. That has reached the Kansas state legislature each of the last two years. Is brewing to the surface once more. Superintendents from the front tier and call belly leagues have banded together to urged the Kansas State high school activities association. To modify the way it classifies private schools like bishop me age. And I can play against each other and we want our teams to dream. Said Lewis Burt superintendent Brian Peerman. Who is spearheading the efforts they can't even dream anymore because of our current structure. They start the season knowing that they will never ever win a state championship because of teams like bishop media age. I would have to agree. We Catholic schools. Like bishop. Have an unfair. Advantage. They can recruit. They can offer scholarships. Sharon Aiken and they are exactly right. You know what so could rockers a few years ago there are no longer the perennial powerhouse they wore the Catholic schools should have to play in their own league how many other. And if planning sure I mean look like look at two peca there's Hayden. He is a private school Payton high school that's it you're Catholic. That's it then you get to play against well American lot of closed in Wentworth for a until recently was a private school. Com you would have to play against the bishop mediation in the Hayden in the rockers. It is an on fair advantage. For the private schools. To play in the same league as the public schools because take for example episode current several high school. Which by the way. Is begging. I know this because we live in Minnesota district DeSoto high school is big game. People who would be within the boundaries of Mill Valley yeah to attend this soda on that Sarah has been an almost lobby. To attend DeSoto highs monitoring doesn't mean it doesn't want to wants to stay where she US and but I know several her friends have gone to disorder. To play sports or whatever well. They had the dirty little secret is this guy for the public schools to act like they're not under the table recruiting and some former fashion. Is a joke. We've talked about this on this program we add basically come in and talk about it where else day. You live with artistry it it's really in the boundaries on emission. Just. How many do we say you have is educational means that are better server and a T north campus. Goes on all the time for that schools be throwing the stone makes me laugh out loud the only thing they can't do. Is hey these kids to move which. I mean by offering a Fulbright scholar they're not paying them but they're giving them a free ride yes. Any very good education corrects. And what parent would want smaller class size. Private school wrapping them not. One that no I'm just saying the public schools do it. Too they just do it in a different way but should the Catholic schools not have to play within their own league. Seems fair. You you don't get to basically cherry pick Curome players of your art school. Now Brinkley would come in here and would argue well they do to an extent but certainly not the way that the Catholic schools. Bishop in the age is a perennial power house. Because. They can afford. Because of tuition to pay for the best coaches in the city. Right read that timber on art. Protect and Tim's a friend Tim's a personal friend. And he's a great coach. There's a reason. Tim grunt hard. Coaches at bishop me as if I'm not a mistake yes I know we have left for KU for awhile but I thought came back to crash we pay our coaches handsomely. At the big football school if they are win. Regardless. Yes if they went. I still think they make I don't of the I don't think the head football coach Shawnee mission north is making a fortune. You know why. I don't know him you know why a lot of good football dollars would hinge on a mission or it's just numbers. But if you coach at bishop me change you can go into any home in the city and say it can. You're pretty good not just the city's got the entire. Metropolitan. Region you're pretty good you can hit from a city of two million basically. Do you wanna play at the division one college level. You want to find yourself on TV on a Friday night hearing Kansas City. I can make that happen for you. I can make sure. That you were seen by some of the top talent scouts in the country. You're gonna get that challenge in north Kent. What you gonna get it if you just moved about two miles to the east to Rome park going to be issued new age a tick here. For the text line I cannot believe my ears parts tell these bums to practice harder play better and stop whining well. And I would agree more often than not if we're talking about an evil evil evil even playing field. If this was ape if we were only discussing public schools. Just road and make all of the private schools. Please six day. Now you're talking. Because bishop me Asia I'm not mistaken please let me look at appeared at typically for completely fair or completely unfair. Because the schools that they're playing against Al gives and that. The public schools they're playing against. Are drawing from a much smaller student body and from those neighborhoods. I agree. Make them play six saint let me ask you this would bishop today look at what foray is in Kansas because when I played. Football Lansing we were foray. So bishop me Asia's playing against the way and things in the Bonner springs that's not fair would bishop me age have beaten. A blue valley north. In that state title game. How good are now burger. Are they six say. Kansas for a ball. Schools. I think it's a better idea to make the Catholic high schools plant to six day. Then it is to say Catholic high schools has played each other here I saw here are you or. For a top ten. From last season right. Number one. Bishop me change. Number to disarm and number three and dale never heard McPherson. Labatt count me bugler. Mueller maze south in Wichita. Tonkin oxy is a for a school. Fort Scott and peel that's your top ten baser Lynwood is in the air. Missy grosses and piper is considered for a school Spring Hill Eudora. You're gonna bishop me a's play Eudora that's not fair. Coming home lawn. Yes it is can the private schools also farm from the other side of state line and my dad and I don't know is so much wrote in a you have to allow the private schools to compete only in. All of the members on the roster are from the state which they are competing in you have kids from Zurich meaning for Kansas titles vice Versa. Is that true. Blue valley north is a five today. Blue valley is a five day Lawrence freeze state is a five day Shawnee mission east is a five today. Who's six and then welcome reverend. It's can be your level Woertz. Your big cities that have only one high school. Probably. Some days are on Twitter me is already beat LaBella north. How is that possible if they're in a different they've offseason are not in in conference. And I don't think you can say. Honestly. That the Catholic schools can ultimately each other there aren't enough of them Scott does is not an issue. Lawrence away for north these are your 600 schools to peak. Garden City. From. Blue valley north. Is considered six it's hot mystified why am I misspoke. I mean it's your perennial power houses Lawrence await the north await the south. A blue valley north. 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So I don't steel works on their online screen but it just occurred to me what he's about to say there's a reason. There really is a reason you cannot tell all of the private schools OK you guys only compete against private drivers Bryan it public as public. And he's about to say it and he's right mark and Weston will mark. Oh I go ahead. I lied started injured then it's not part about doing it under. So you've got my nephew grip and it cannot let an 800 people and western and force state championship basketball they ended up playing bass beat Mary from Warren. And here at bishop bishop Mary had been forced. To pour that dimension of their game because they had played an eligible players. And they are still allowed to play in the post these. When you start talking about it from the metro area and I include Lauren in the metro area is that it. Guilin complaining and kids can actually have to work. It's absolutely positively unfair. If they wanna let the church school or a private school. Play in Lee and not be eligible for. Post post season action that's fine. They could have ever one player in the league and then they can let all of the private school play each other for a net for a state championship. For the private school. Let's listen to the numbers thank you for the call mark. There are only 27. Private schools that compete in. KSH essay section Netflix twice some schools and private private you want to know the difference in their enrollment. Some of those schools have more than 11100 kids that's going to be your bishop managed. Some of the high schools have fewer than 100 tents. And so if you separate out the private school championship. Well it's going to be one or two powerhouse. Kansas City area schools. Vs the tiny little saint analysts of the world and Emma and that's legitimate okay. So let's let's backtrack just a moment it even more lopsided let's look at it from. A case by case basis which I know is shocking that we would have to say something. But keep in mind great point text or the row of birds went to bishop media age Travis relish for went on to placate yes. I mean they have an unfair advantage to draw kids away from schools would they would otherwise play. To play for them some answers to grunt hard still coaching yes he cut he was the head coach there for six years. Went to coach the offensive line at KU. Left in 2013. And is now the offensive line coach at bishop me aged now. Where he used to be the head coach came back to because it was them. I'm not saying that. Ten run hard is almost notwithstanding although it is important. And here's why and again let me preface as Tim is a friend of mind. However. If I'm recruiting a player to come play a bishop me and he's a good offensive linemen I think he could be great. What's my sales pitch going to be where I was when. Not only that you will be coached by Tim grunt hard right we used to play for the Kansas City Chiefs chair you're not gonna be coached by Bob Smith. Ronnie is as his assistant principal or the history teacher you're gonna be coached by one of the great Kansas City football players of all time. Tim grunt hard sir if you take our scholarship. Listen to this it's not just football. What's in this. Me Asia's success is tough for anyone to ignore. They have won 98 state championships this is just one school 98 state championships. They are the reigning state championship in football basketball girls basketball. Always basketball. Boys soccer. Girl's soccer and girl swimming her. Five of those six programs have won at least the past two state titles. It's not just football. They're farming for all sports from all over the match followed. And they're getting at and two to their credit they're getting the best of the best. But it is what they're doing is they're farming from Shawnee mission needs their farming from de Soto. Blue valley north Shawnee mission west putting those schools at a unfair disadvantage. Because they can promise you the top coaches. A better education. Aid free education. And parents are going to. Quoted sounds good to me during your tenure period from 2005 to 2014. Private schools accounted for about 7%. Of high schools in Kansas 7%. They want almost 32%. Of the State's championships and side. Is 7677. Innings in the news or McCarron marks. Happening now on KM BZ charges now filed against the naked ATV guy and we'll have more next. Thanks for listening to the data and parks podcast remember you can catch us online any time. At KM BZ dot com.