Bill Grady interprets "The Thong Song"...

Dana & Parks
Monday, July 2nd
Bill Grady delivers.. and then some... #thongthongthongthongTHONG.

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You're listening to the Dana and parts podcasts on KNB easy. Altman received different. Out of Boston. Now we do to build great song coming your way a few minutes. It breaks it down. I didn't think we can do it. He's admitted to doing it again he did oh. It was a song that Adam if you need to insecure it was program. Last Thursday or Friday. I never heard Dana had ever heard it Kara and her. And miners occurred at. But. I would say that sounds like all perform. Now. Winner Rodham we cued up we radio. Well who thinks so letter got the bad words taken out hang on here is bill grace hang on rod and I have to worker magic here. Studies this is not he's. We don't notice. You want to be an inch or multiple sports. And who who's to cruise to connect the darts. Not just urban she'd like the pot. She EU was live and love you go a little. You don't like a truck. Rule book. Where. Fliers like want. Him at all. Anything. Beebe who were booked. Blunt. Boom. That. Ethical singer you know. She had dumps like that true true truck. Size like wound. War. Wool. All night long. Let me see that loan. I like it in the beat gurus. Maybe make your voters go to. Vivian who you won't issue. This room. Little. Fool and I couldn't beat news. Baby that you would go to Moodle. They beyond or you won't show. Doom him do. That fool. All. Earnings. It's been. That was extraordinary. Slanderous czar I have a rod to me. I know where he is in this long anymore I don't even know I understand. What's the bond. It's about those were shoes. Talk this update you as dumps like a truck is that me. With her rep who liked. And so my fear not telling. I thought songs were shoes I don't know. That Brady could ever be sexy back. But man the phones on is going to be my my very sad is that let's say the fall in salt that is like Cisco and now they'll never the funds and now I'm sorry damn I've never heard the ankle bone on bone sol it's new to me. And I mean isn't pretty good about music group I don't know that one it was all the ray region. Was now. So. When he years ago and servers up and down there. Long long while. Well. There's that bad word that we camp where radio component in there that knows her I think again not. I like it would be euros. Oh. Maybe make your booed ago to move to. Vivian who you won't do. The old. Little. Fool in the pits attorney I'd like it when the beat who whose. Believe me you won't boot you go to moon do. Arabia or you won't show me doom him. That home. Boom. It was a listener on Friday food and instead. Oh my goodness I can't believe you'd ever on that have to O'Grady doing. Yeah to me greatest ever. I. That's right element that was a big hit back in 2000. It your wanna hunters lane who. Also a lot of people tell us I don't know why bill Grady doesn't have a stack of grammys. The top for interpretive reading pattern is fantastic. I his range on my iPhone to be done. And I don't. Really cute. Use him. And theft theft. I. It's. And to curb its favorite thing ever. And. Williams anchor and think you're booting. The little. Our judges this is as best as they do is go back and update. Bringing sexy back. This is religion his artistic impression of this is that he thought he hit a long way hello has grown as an artist. And then. An. Unknown. It's. Anyway we saw won't be my neighbor yesterday. Want to be so I called I don't leave me friend meant to hear your old enough to remember him. We were insolvent Fred Rogers movie yesterday and yeah small theater overby Ambien charming. There was in here fourteen which is there smalls theater in the whole building. Jack Posner I was on the phone with camera before we left myself Hayward in Britain were were announcements often he's as a Butler and reducing the bottom. Want to remain. He goes Ole. I figure that's not a good sign from movie critic. Especially a movie critic I deeply respect. You winced. He was wrong. Cargo as a parent. He knows no Pittsburgh. No okay the what's with The Who. And they said. It's not one Kleenex box. Bring to. Really so we went and saw. Its did you take the kids shouldn't count that discount. She cried. Through a whole whole damn thing. I mean there was a rare moment when I would look over and she was not crime. What's making it went for. Here here's the thing first of all you know he's dead you know he's a great human being. And and it dawned on me about halfway through why it was such an emotional movies because it's not side. I mean there are moments where its laurels especially when they talk about his death it's. He wrote it it dawned on me as I was leaving. This was not a movie. That hearkened back or reminded you of a more innocent age because I don't think that's fair. I hate the you know back and are today everything was better it was more innocent though it's not we see it's never been that way. Here's what dawned on me as I was waiting it didn't. Make me Sadr make me wanna cry and yes rod to answer your question I did cry a little bit. During the Fred Rogers it. I got little teary eyed com. Not because it reminded me of a more innocent age it reminded me of an age when I was more in assent. Of your own used guests. And it reminded me of being a kid again. And I would also ask Scott does it make use sad. That not only he's gone but it. There will probably never ever be anyone else like and make it and of that about you know his thoughts because. As hard as it is to believe he is on the air until 2002. I checked that 2000. He made a comeback after September 11 2001. They brought him back to try to unfurl like a one episode deal to try to explain September 11 two. Children. OK but they they talk about when it ground breaker he was. Revolutionary when it came to children's broadcasting. How he pave the way how he would let. Black people on his cast. God forbid it and you forget what it was like act and this was a reminder. He had a black cast member who was a police officer. And he would let him put his feet into the pool. Well back in those days black people couldn't get into the pool. With white people. And you forget what that was like any of black people did they were somehow contaminating the pool. In economy. And how Fred Rogers would not just say officer whatever his name was scares me the moment put your feet in my own little pool. When you take your feet out I'm going to drive him for. And how that was now in the nineteen cents a sort of revolutionary. I don't why am would try the feet up. Use a bright light is. Adults. And a wild without saying. Look what I'm doing just doing just doing it and letting kids see there's nothing unusual about this. Some racism attacks and here's a great question would it make you cry if you didn't watch his show much now. In fact. Kelly and I talked about this after the show if you took care jets they would not understand. I don't think they would care. It's not that they wouldn't understand I don't think they would care. Oh this is a boring dock you drama about somebody my parents grew up now do you have children and a watch mister Rogers deal reruns I'm sure they love. Her and I don't I don't believe they do Iran duvet is mr. Rogers on TV now I don't think so and what it resonate with children's day. Like it was us. Ask about that at age 34. And five. Wood mister Rogers if you if you put it on. And you plop your 34 or five year old down in front of it. Would it resonate in a day now thinks I think you need. You need what's on TV now the Dora the explore. You need more excitement they they pointed out there was one right you'll remember this and we are grown up as kids. There was one time when mr. Rodgers sat there with 81 minute. Timer. And he said. What does a minute field like any Turk he started the timer. And he sat there for a minute just staring into the camera. Average American kid today would have gotten up and walked away oh absolutely absolutely we are designed since we all just seven going weapons to. And we stared at the TV one mister Rogers Cabot also met. Quietly. Here right rod Beck are down one months apart secure in his extra. Listening to the data and parts podcast remember you can get just online any time. At KM BZ dot com.