Big fight over this one today. Local man gets 10 years in prison for what??? Scott says no crime was committed. Dana is livid.

The Dana & Parks Podcast
Wednesday, September 13th

Scott is wrong.  So wrong.  Actually could NOT be more wrong...  Also-  Would you stay with your spouse if they were sent to prison for 15 years?  What about 20 years?   Life?


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And got to know all. It's. I didn't know. I realize. The nerve weird. Pictures. Are from the text why we're talking of this guy. From ray Moore. And his name in news. Mario and Juan. And he you know about this guy. He was convicted in fact pleaded guilty. In a case where he. Promised these women that he would get them set up in the porn industry. But they needed to do a casting couch call with him in other words come over my place. I was film unique having sex. And I will get you. Business him component video's film by the way these women were in desperate financial situation sent. This is fraud could go ahead that's front it's not fraud problem. The fact. And so far he's on the wrong. What he did do wrong is when they complained pay am I getting any business. I'm hundred porn star. He said. Go to the cops complain and I was sure. Pictures of you on the Internet. About that that I find a little bit strange. Once they're naked bodies they wanted on the Internet anyway. I mean cold we captain stupid or captain obvious someone the other. They made it their bodies on the Internet. And that. It is correct. Scott he posed as a woman named Nicky. On FaceBook can I don't well there are guys named Mickey started making their spending these women on their looks and says hey would you be interested in modeling. He lure. These women he's sought this out under the false pretense of money in a job. And then when it started out we just wanna take some fun photos you could be a model he would then eventually steered the conversation toward adults. Modeling. These women were told they could make tens of thousands of dollars. And their work would only be available on private web sites overseas. Lie lie lie lie. When they lying is not a crime when they left they were promised or checks would arrive soon but lying in exchange for payment that you know was never coming. And a job that does not exist is for how do you not see that. This sex out of this is just straight. Fraud. From the text slime the man is not a criminal he's a bad situation. Really. Really. I can't believe you're laughing about this unless because it's even more desperate women I cannot believe it lasted about businesses so they. About this Dana is that. You are so upset because this happened to women. Perry and that's where this is for you this happens to women and therefore this man deserves to go to prison if this guy. Was a game stop yelling you do this yesterday you were very upset I'm not an I don't want you to get on this man was a gay man and he was doing the exact same thing to other gay men should still go to prison you would not have that the opinions fraud should still go to prison. I this is knows I'm not saying it's not fraudulent but men. People in general are fraudulent all the time. And date your friends really have that good a lie because they're showing on FaceBook guess what Aaron lying. And when he contacts you and says I'm a photographer her I'm connected in the industry. It becomes no different than the Nigerian scammer who says the 87 year old widow. He looks so pretty today I would love to spend some time with you. But I need trenor r.'s first it's no different because you are not taking money from them key is to you just don't see it. He is taking the promise. Of money from them you're gonna make 101000 dollars these are desperate women Scott you're gonna make 101000 dollars and all you have to do is come have sex with. You surprised that you're not doing what is criticizing these women for quite frankly and let's call it what it is being loose. Being and dare I say and I'll probably get in trouble for this but quite frankly I'm pass supportive caring anymore I don't care. I'm surprised. As the mother of two girls. As the father of two girls sitting across table from you I'm surprised you're not criticizing these women for being sought out he preyed on these women. Who were desperate for money. And he knew what Scott. He did not force them to have is that not why not say your name at. Is some 36 year old guy named Mario from rape or why don't want FaceBook and say you're a woman named Nicky in the business. Of securing models for this contract put it on match dot com for example if somebody puts on. A picture of themselves. Ten years ago when they were really fit really good looking and not bald. And then you. Are talking to this person unmatched star com I don't know how it works have never been on so forgive me. But you go out on a date or you you know you go just like tender you know. You go. To a restaurant I've never been on two under your old grinder are meant I've never been on grinder or are you sure are you moron. Is like seven guys who just like you. Stop you here rudimentary of thought. If you go to a restaurant to meet this guy that you met on match dot com. And he shows up seventy pounds heavier than when he was ten years ago ball to right. And he'd he isn't. And you leave a CEO you leave that transaction no harm no foul could have left this translation did not know he was defrauding them. He's not defrauding them he's lying to them to get their pants and as rod says it happens all the tunneling I. I'm glad he's gone away I think ten years is absolutely. Appropriate this mansion and I said this man should not spend a day in prison I. You and I will say not every one that goes on an audition. Gets the gig. At what point does it tell him dad I showed people your tape they weren't pressed him. You didn't do very well. I think it's a casting couch. It would be like if I brought UN to take pictures of view and set I'm gonna shop this around. You're here here's an example that doesn't involve sex Lebanon's one. Do you own Dana and checked that your son gets out of college can't heat is really good stark can he owns a photographer's studio and tonight. In walks this very. Nice pretty eat but not great looking girl cat. He says let me take your pictures for free and and I'm going to shop you around and I am going to give you engage in modeling and prominent ages strip down your bra and underpants. The girl does. He takes a bunch of pictures of her and never once shops around. He is committed crimes the most are the answer is no. He did not commit a crime. I do the girl into stripping down to brawn Penney's yep I am stunned. That you are excusing this behavior. I'm stunned that your excusing the behavior of the girls. Who quite frankly let's be honest are playing very loose with their groups but. But Scott. These are women who were in desperate financial sort of way else. And so for someone to say to them. You do X and I wolf that she she actually said to them the first check will be in the mail next week. I how do you not see that that is fraught I think for use sex is clouding it how do you not see this is prostitution. You know that is an interesting argument be made when it comes to the pornography. Industry. Because they are getting paid. To perform those acts. In this case there was never going to be payment ever and he knew it and they didn't. That's fraud and crime he committed was the threat to post their images online. If they went to the cops that blackmail back I'm crime. That's why he was in federal court. It's. You know. In today. Show. We're okay. It's. I own. Watch Jimmy's going you have dogs really. How these women choose to use their body is their choice. They made the choice for currency. Based on the line. Iraq they're not slots there really bad hookers. And. This is probably eighty single mom of sued her campaign easily won a bill I'm just saying what if it would have been even draw it out old. Eighteen year old he preyed on these women. He preyed on these land it is fraud I'm thrilled he's going more for Tony's incident funny. I'm not slut shaming. But what I call it when camera or what would you call it it's for. These women literally gave up the pru mammy. For money and after makes you endure Europe horrifying false pretenses. I ask you this don't have I believe I believe how different you and I think about this. I'm shocked I I in June because it is so clearly and don't you Ali I've got daughters crap with me because now that that doesn't work. I would if if my daughter's fell for this crap and gave it up back quickly on the promise that they can be porn stars. I'd be ashamed. But be ashamed of them well. Poor decision making aside. This is a crime. And you can say do the women have some. Blamed his shoulder and I'm sure that they do for ending up up in the situation that there then I would agree with that. Poor decision to be made here. It does not discount because they made a poor decision. It does not discount the fact that they were defrauded that this man committed a crime that's all I'm saying. Promiscuous or ailments are swimmers are really good point. If he had actually said these videotapes. Told executive. Pay he would not have committed fraud. If he actually sent it to a contact they claims to have that he doesn't. And they wrote back and said thanks we're not interest and now. I went door to the problem with that argument Scott is he promised them the first checked next week. Your first temple right next week so that he crossed the legal line when he said that knowing full well it would it would not. A Dana this kind of stuff has gone on for decades. Not including her including in the music industry. Where they do start a major a star. Do we they used to have the thing that the mauled that would they would come out and stop. Any Cuban girl in high school walking through the mall back in the eighties ago. All you should be in modeling and if you give me 250 dollar I will get heads should odds were good days in front of the people. That was the same thing they just word. Going to a sex for it right. I don't I just you would not do this now. You would be a hold its your daughters did this yes then why are these women victims. They literally sold themselves. Out on a promise and a lot. And fat lie. Legally. Is on. Hill is why a crime it is when you say in exchange for this I will give you money NetSuite known and unknown and you know full well that's not going to happen sounds mean they committed the crime of prostitution which is a crime in the state of Missouri. These victims god almighty god day and I cannot leaders saying mapped. I've never understood the simple. Would see it if I say to a woman I will give you a hundred dollars to come up to this hotel room and have sex with me. That is solicitation. And she is engaged in prostitution. But also committed a crime right but if she follows her. If I film that. And then posted online. On some sort of pornographic web site then it's no longer car right now is a perfectly legal transaction the. I understand what you're saying I do I never understood that it was the promise of this is where he crossed the line. If he'd just said come over I wanna make some homemade warm we'll see where it goes no crime there is no crime committed if he had just said. I'm not sure the where this is gonna lead may be also detained awful see what happens. If money had never entered the transaction if there was never want to minus money never do if there was every promise for payment which was a lot I. I don't know that he could be held legally responsible for a sport. Behavior. But this. I'm not trying to be a jerk it just comes natural to me but what what this comes down to is you don't like it. It's sleazy you don't like it therefore. Something must've been done illegally or morally right. And and that's not what law is. I agree with you had he not promised. Payment. That's where he crossed a line. It was her contract. Yes no there was this a sign contracts they signed contract yes. Barak. Why do you play I think this is not funny. So gullible they are just this is just not funny at all Scott he's if it isn't funny Dana I'm I'm I just cannot. I imagine how you see these women isn't big dummy would arrange for the women to meet a photographer named Mario or Chris they would be met by and town who showed the women phony documents. Checks to the other women that have been paid which was a lie and tax forms to make the business seemed legitimate.