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Monday, August 7th

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It's one well for happy Monday Dina and parks coming your way he is park's back is the question. I didn't think so I thought he was was an act tomorrow. But I haven't seen them but that doesn't mean to figure there had candidates in the way in my view there are couch. Large police Dana will be here we know that he's not our congratulations to Kara and Pall over the birth of Charlie and. Late late Friday night ten pounds eight ounces 21 and a half inches you can see the picture of care is new baby it's on FaceBook and Twitter they're doing well and going home today. Gas and take right after this effort and it's a concealed things are going. I deeper and ice cream over the weekend and I know you went on your Fletcher and stop and eyes. Was around and saw I was and well anyways I went into the burn spring how was slightly raised. I never bend before. There is it was I hit it at that point. For those you know those like 8 o'clock Saturday night. Right before the monsoon started that was when I was there to the point it was so that's Democrats my car. Line. Down the Blue Line. To get a debate raised. Other Burt an ice cream is amazing on its day add to the top a barbecue sauce that they say is reduced with karma. That's a nice touch I sent to take a little can Lieberman's. And to sell its just pack goes back to add and I'll eat it like candy peak times now and I like they're like candy knots that Eleanor it's with Vanilla ice cream. It was it was great scale of one to ten yeah and eights pole I was really got a lot of her time. Okay I'm kind of that similar idea how long are they gonna have a around that's the question I don't know the date on they put the sign up you know queen's limited time whatever you now to make sure to get song don't they let you take it. You can go there you can order stuff on unity to order pints is to get them out that it can't all know as they wanna keep it. Around for everybody. Sandwiches are apparently a big thing hair and that's got me low interest it for next time the duel early creed of flavors there and and that was. Among the birds and ice cream thumbs up yes they'll get it out senator little and your picky but I would try I would definitely try yeah. It's sweet to me it's okay varies week to let any chocolate in their element of chocolate known talk they're trying to get a good look at salty quality and Dallas like you would have enough. Yeah down and outran those of you try to by the way text into united 022980. Youkilis now later on this hour or why your flight attendant on a plane hates the fact that you ordered Diet Coke. I love this story I had no idea but now ideal. Up to this next one we actually had a little conversation about this in the 10 o'clock hour. It's about Michelle Carter and Jimmy she was the one that we were covering for a while she text message to Conrad Roy the third her then friend boyfriend. And it basically after trying to tell him not to kill himself. Sealed the deal when she said get back in gap and he took his own life in the Kmart. Parking so again last week V. Just been taken down in terms of the sons that was after Michelle Carter have been found guilty of involuntary manslaughter so now we have. Is a case of Conrad Roy's mother Lynn royal. Filing a civil lawsuit wrongful death case against. The young woman Michelle Carter for four point two million dollars. The issue here being mom is suing over future lost wages of her sign that she feels like she should be entitled to her state. Had should be entitled to the suit was first made public on Friday it was filed in Norfolk superior court. Lou android and that's the mothers requested a jury trial which could face all kinds delays because of the appeal in the criminal case. And global in the case of this it would give the family the ability as they recover anything. To be able to do something for Conrad to memorialize him they want to clutch help others possibly with any funds that they receive. So it's not unheard for this to happen and murder or death cases where you would have a wrongful death lawsuit filed where a parent would file a wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of their child the day that they lost. It happened in the case of Michael Brown out of Ferguson Missouri insurance company for the city had paid. One and a half million dollars and that wrongful death lawsuit and amongst the reasons that suit was filed was for future lost wages for Michael for. So it's it's not unheard of to go after the wages that your kid would have had had they lived. What do you think about that being a reason to file a lawsuit and go after Michelle Carter I think her pick his parents and feel free. Jump in at 5767798576779. HE Conrad Roy the third's mother be able to receive money. For her son's lost wages from Michelle Carter who is currently. They're doing about seventy appeals so before she gets an ideal beach is a free woman right now she gets to stay out until they sell the appeals it sounds like her mother who will probably receive something but I don't know where the money's going to come from. Her mother is using and and utilizing the system. To. Weasel her way into some money it feels like a slimy cash grab out of the mother. Of the deceased man. Who's trying to to get some extra point in her pocket from from this girl. And maybe that's normal but I don't like it to those of you that asked earlier why was okay and Michael Brown case I don't I don't know if that was on because in that case. They are pleading they were pretty late about it they said the parents argued that the death of their son. Deprived them of financial support through his future potential wages deprives them deprive them down and again they got a million and a half. There at this this woman is suing for four point two. Now I would have no problem with this Jamie if it lies you know might use him man mice my father lost his life in in something like that it's. In a fight needed that money to survive you know as a young person or is of the life of him or whatever. The parents didn't unless they know something that we didn't know. Conrad Roy didn't give money to his parents to survive. They didn't need him to sustain life but he could have. I know that's gonna be the case he could have it at some point they could have relied on him for financial support I think the way they see it is. They have lost a potential source of support. But and that bothers me to that doesn't feel right 'cause. Am I gonna support my parents when they get to all wanted you know my dad like cuts grass for the neighbor has seized seven Dini could still do that my mom you know about. Here is gonna count on me maybe you are I'm I'll tell you that I am prepared for that are and I'm not canceled airport but it is a mental that at some point. I may have to help support them and nursing home or I might have to help support them in retirement absolutely knickers to me. I don't think that's the expectation I don't think parents generally expect that their kids are going to have to financial support them. But it is a source. Is a financial source that you want to be there that these parents have lost permanently. I will defend the lawsuit coming up next because I think there's one factor we talked about that really will play into her getting some some serious money why she's asking Purcell much. And I'll tell you what that answer is coming up next at mid day with Jamie wicket twelve minutes after one you can jump in 576779. H and Conrad Roy's the third's mother. Be able to receive money. For her son's lost wages after he took his own life following text messages from Michelle Carter 5767798. You can text into 290. We'll get to you next and anyone came BZ 91 KM easy May Day would Jamie waited. Jamie money Sally might like it we'll check in with Dana and parks out could've just before 2 o'clock also bladder nix key word to cash. Are there were tight about Michelle Carter and on her trial we covered it at an extensive global last week. But now the mother of the young man who is who took his own life Conrad Roy she's suing Michelle Carter. Yeah and she should be entitled to this money for this reason outlet Roy has filed a lawsuit totaling four point two million dollars simply claiming. That she should be entitled to her son's future lost wages given that national car was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter. A judge decided that this woman was responsible for his death and so mom says. That's financial support that I will be deny or that I could have had access to you have my son alive. And somebody is but in calculations to work and come up with four point two million dollars as the number that she should be entitled to. This is not completely in usual many of you on attacks on her mentioning that OJ Simpson although found not guilty in the criminal case. Still had to pay mind to the family of Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman as well the Michael Brown case came up at a Ferguson. That that suit was settled for one and a half million dollars and it was pretty blatant his parents sad future financial support for us is now gone. I I I don't know the circumstances of Conrad Roy and how much money he was giving to his parents had but it's a eighteen and it was nothing maybe it was nothing. What I really think this is 57677. Enable Gutierrez sect. What I think this really is is the mother saying. The same thing a lot of us said. Two and a half years that's all this girl got four yeah not killing my son but pushing him all like hell nudging him towards the edge we all know he didn't. Died directly because of our she didn't pull the trigger she didn't. Turn that the the oppose honor whenever right. But she looked at that I think just like you and I did that day when the word came down. Two and a half years 999999. Now. You're going to pay for a long time this is either 80000 dollars a year or fifty years or 50000 dollars a year for eighty years. When everyone is saying four point two million bucks she's going to try to make this coral pay. For. They're the death of Versailles. I am surprised that this happens often is that dies and that the law allows for events and the judgments are given for those I get that this was an intentional act but she pulled the trigger so to speak she you know in the end it was still has decision instill his action. My head is going out to other circumstances and asking what about this or what about that what if on. Your dad Armenians in general somebody's dad died of a heart attack or an and found out that the reason that he died was because EMTs to get there fast enough. Or there was a response time issue and somebody determined that had ambulance has gotten their fast or something. He would have lit are you entitled at that point to filing a wrongful death lawsuit because at some point you would have been entitled to an inheritance. Bet you bet is going to be smaller now because he died at forty not seventy could point. I just opening up that door to money I would have been able to get may be had a person alive. Feels like early broad brush to paint it. Really does now. I think she's doing because the that the penalty was not nearly severe enough and she wants to make this coral tank. But again if we find out later Conrad right to let's say all the money he made he gave his parents if you know 50% of that are yours are ascendant checks over. May maybe they have a case for four point two million seems like a lot of Dell. And came up with what he was majoring in in college or I don't I don't know what his skills were I don't know how why is at four point two million not ten million I don't know know that. Halfway through is life he would have been on. Can become a doctor and make six figures maybe it should be held a lot more than. 767798. Let's go right to the phones Mike in Lee's summit here on a 91 KM BZ hello Mike. Hello Jeremy what you are you a bad and let's go and well wanna char try other Chiming in on this stop losing a dollar an eight year old Ritchie is our partners don't want callers. Here I don't think that little girl should. I don't buy it pictures Tony Parker. You'd be worded their relationship. Back text messages could have been taken total got a contract. She could just been party hear about it either do order it's all about it could've been just too hard here you know we can achieve hole. You just don't know who were there army in my case. My son and his girlfriend. To our party and do what he did. We're back for texting each other. There was a dozen cars achieve that look ordered local. I wish to this stage would like the old call. Looking back abuse depression aboard the workplace. Be. People have done that I'd eat it by would've done it another. It. Same thing when Matt's situation. You don't go out approach is cute woes. She's probably the only one that doesn't she. It was part about it should you what is parents and then. Sent some but you know that pay your call on map I still have just. Give to a point where should just part of your about it. And knows. The only person go live with that for the richer life is that is that. You don't. Marched on a new Paul made huge huge block the and that forgiveness. It'd are still gave him excel. After five years totally that. He ever forgive our. You know she's got to live with their cheek you know one that he also would it took the phone call that ship and actually. Plug it certainly you. We don't know and air and she shouldn't be killed so what side the techs touch screen you don't want caught urgent it was in. Right and Mike thank you so much better and I'm sorry. Painful heartfelt emotional story there and a thank you for that. I agreed with them I was I send along the way that I still is as heartless as it may make me sound I don't think that she should have been held responsible for staff I'd I didn't think that. And a criminal case she should've been found guilty but a judge set the precedent here and this is the case that welcome back to a lot and so given that a judge sad. She was responsible for is dust criminally. Should she also be responsible for it and civil courts 5767798. Let's go to sandy you're 91 KM BZ hi sandy area. To answer your on the air how can now Libya. Well well like it different kind of viewpoint from this is that one should. Does the trial and everything it. It settled and and she is either released or whatever. From this could come up book electric writer could command or could be home. There could be a television series. Or whatever which would mean a man profit for her. Doesn't a longer event that. Remember doesn't a lot prevent her from profiting off this. Does not lie saying. I can't help the top of my it to hearing in your editors that but I believe it. That'd that it did not. That there have been cases where. And people have. You know they're written books are written movies or whatever. About. Certain Serbian murder whatever. I mean there there will be right. I would probably guessed that will be a military on himself either of these materials out yes two great out of a movie whether she'll be allowed to profit off. Is another question that there will probably be it's a good question appreciated sandy. This. It all the difference she was found guilty OJ was now. In India that's the difference here is that she can't make money off that because she was found guilty in a criminal case for those that are compare it to OJ Simpson he was found not that. You know it's funny I think that there will be it would ever next may be the future whether it's something like the next season of thirteen reasons why. This would make for an incredible thirteen reasons why. Wouldn't it out for sure I mean it it's a difference between a series of its sound. And you hate to see this be a fictional thing like you hate to see it is easy to see anyone. Make money confidence in an image but it's America like for what needs to be written and meet after all this is settled. Yeah to a book out of it there will be a movie. Donate a lot of money to a suicide outline there'll definitely be in the made about us and maybe 88 begins with a scene in the truck or something like that you know everything right right I DEA that you know you open in a parking lot and there's the sound of a generator. And then you've you've fade to black and you say six months earlier and now you know you get how they match tonight I can write this and that is that thank you ever in attacks on I didn't think I was pulled that out of nowhere that the judge Stevens said that she cannot profit off the no guts no movies no interviews in return for payment the so Michel. Thank you everybody liked and the mother of Conrad Raleigh. Profit off of it on is this profit. Necessarily orders is just money that she is entitled to him. The money that she would pad. Either way what they made a movie from from her from the mother's perspective. You know and she's the subject and she gets paid for it to me that's a different issue it's your right it's it's a good question asked but to me this is just the issue of money that she would have had whether if he was alive. Profiting off the movie you're right that's she'll make a ton of money off his death that somebody may be chic baby she's entitled to. Maybe because of her pain and grief and suffering. She has that coming. Bottom line what happens this four point two million dollars to settle it happened. Oh that's that's a heck of a settles she will not seat for fifty years probably not but she'll still get something out of it. It seemed to me if year her and a I'm guessing. Before the sentence came down this suit is in the works we all know this is simple yes they are waiting to find out with a criminal verdict would be yeah. To see if cattle more case position that five to seven a but it would have been a million and a half like she got two and a half years triple that it should tell you something that it was filed on Friday it. It was ready for a year he's filed on. Right you can read about the senate FaceBook page great conversation going on there as well don't forget it's on Twitter where you can also vote how do you feel about the cool summer weather we're having lob bit. Where do you miss the heat 8911. My people are coming back my people are coming back I love the heat now there. I'm getting crushed over 200 votes on his so far you can down vote on Twitter at KM BZ radio up next will come back to our conversation about a softball team that was disqualified from the championship game because of course. Social media ID one KM BZ media would Jamie wicket Abe reminder. We are going to be out and about a couple of times in the next few weeks if you. Weren't able to come out on Friday in Buckley thinks all our friends over at brew eleven K in Overland Park that was so much fun we had ample laughs that was great and it I'd had wished I could stick around and hung out and here. But it was it was so much fun thing to everybody who came out to say hello during her show on Friday was great to be everybody. If you missed it will be out August 17 at a park mall for the Salvation Army radio Thon this is the benefit the children's shelters for the salvation army of every show is out that day we start with the morgue and show at 7 o'clock in the morning in announcement date him parks and Jonathan where even comes out. Up from six until nine other it's a really good cause will be taking your donations that day they do a lot there at that children's shelter they serve tends. New born all the way through high school and they'd give them. I routine everything they need some of those kids are pulled out of their houses in the middle of the night with no shoes on even. They provide everything. It is an amazing amazing place and it's not. It's not possible without you so while we hope we'll be able to open up your wallets again August 17 Lee all out at Oak Park mall for the radio Thon and then it. The following Monday August when he first on solar eclipse stay. We're actually gonna I think Jamie and I are gonna leave from the radio Thon at Oak Park mall to go right up to saint Joe's we can get to 54 street grill with out any traffic. Yes this is for the big day mrs. for the solar eclipse and obviously first the highlight the today I believe comes at about 105 it lasts about two minutes but I think they're gonna let us outside for that but. It is the F Sunday St. Joe is going to be. One of those cities where everybody's going to be out so will go out there and have a good time it. The drive back is going to be like does he think people are gonna hang out afterward he thinks drawbacks going to be as bad. Hope they get out of my way I'm no I think hey huge Fittipaldi. County thing out. For her I gonna get Alan others like we're I think the locals. Hang out there for bulk if you drove from let's say an hour away I'll bet you may not stick around very long two hours away. Hours to cut off like if you live in Overland Park about 45 minutes hour to get there from from Overland Park. You probably hang out for a bit but if you came from like two hours away or whatever. I'll bet you're gonna wanna get out of there quick I could be wrong maybe your stay in until the sun goes down. For real impact I would bet the locals are gonna hang out. Anybody who drove a long way will head back to Texas or wherever they held McCain. And then not just my guess on September 8 as our next city spotlight on grain valley I'd and that's Friday September 8 we are on their schedule events that I'm on the site. Really it's for the great valleys fares of those you that are familiar Spring Valley we will be out at the large pavilion and it'll be 1008 and parks the to be all kinds of fun out we'll keep mortgage and that back. Will be out and it's a today to get fair September 8 and ninth grain valley fair dot com and check out everything that's going on there but again that is September. I. Love fares I love the food fairs Olympic Games fair atmosphere feared. Anything deep fried and it's the which are not required sure owe more than elephant here to open up. She is filled chocolate you'll like chuck I don't need of filled. I don't need of filled with anything just regular tour and and teacher. Because you can have that they're easier to walk around the eat an elephant here. About what year classified bring natural back like let's say elect him to go grab a bite to eat they come back tuna amateur I've eaten that picture of combat with a elephant ear people swarm and old Hubble get much of my jealousy here. I want it for me I don't. This question that thinks this might keep it fair number line. And in nine dollars for it in all of the so because what they should release. You feel like you're gonna have settled yourself and don't share because he'll figure is bigger and apparently harder to eat because you don't have the ability to hold on one right by archaeologists like Allan and he's a pizza or something you have this is just says. That's that's what you want it sure yes yes. And core I hate to even go here is heaven only knows what we are. Opinions are corn dogs but I'm a big corn on their passion about art it's what are we putting on mustard yet we're not putting kiss and I were partners we're not putting the catch up on a corn dog I'm over a year. The fact you don't like we're here I'm over how to do this and think and what the words elephant year. It's. Our rat rat rat is about. It's. It's basically the size of attire. But it's just a big piece of fried. That you then the deep fry and then you put cinnamon sugar brown shirt on my. When Miami's Michael repeats all the time she would take a left repeats it out and make it and like. Very imperfectly just kind of spread out and apart. I'm and I went to the pitcher I've had before bombing of ever called it or heard as a all of what it wouldn't call it. I don't know I think just like a cinnamon pizza or some flat bread or something. Travis we've so much to teach all and had a mature old stuff. With chalk. I've seen them I don't like them but it seemed ninety's she's a crazy when she says that there are. Derek saint I've see you are out but I've never seen them orders is much Rosa have always has been just that just del dia del and cinnamon. A legacy are at. No different stuff. You can give them in like. I don't know Alito with a Vanilla cream or some like that will work or ice cream dipped in ice cream you'll be guilty of Vanilla ice cream and dip it. People to Google elephant ears 'cause you're an excellent don't know I'm not laughing at you I just sort of damned if you know idea what else that he somebody asked are you talking about a funnel cake no that is different to me it's the same idea the funnel cake is down escorted out of a little. Like icing bang into hot oil that comes out. Like like acts like like amaze you out of stuff like right pieces that strings of dial an healthier is one big thing it's literally like the size your head. But it's flat. Eight I think it's a doubt that you rollout kind of and in just try to piece a funnel cake is a fried freighter often a direct powdered sugar. An elephant ear is fried flattened jell O. Wages flat you'd like you say it again I'm on used to take a leftover pizza now from after she would make peace and just kind of pull out that it was flat and in different. Got you on wow I didn't think this would be you know that it never heard of an Alice in a year that's strange a little disturbing that. Strange to me set up is it a regional thing like you and I group in the upper midwest and now. Word word this is still the midwest but what's the best fair that we should do to whereupon I just looked up the Texas State from. Fair yeah what foods they have and they do not have known figures. The public policy stupid because it's Texas. Probably like old gunslinger breath. Or something ridiculous filling you like Mike if you like three goes I do garrido as bacon mozzarella cheese steak. It is Friday. Are going to Iowa state fair this week began yeah respect we're going to days Saturday and Sunday because it requires to its huge. It's massive so do you go. Planned for what you eat and I go in with a plan followed my wife and the rest of my in laws just think it's because there it's in de Moines they live in west of Moines which is like twenty minutes. And I just follow them around and I I will eat my way through whether it's cheese Kurds a good year old. Big champion of those giant Turkey leg things down those things are wonderful. You don't cheese Fries I love affair food. I it is down and Leah Iowa as the please let's not forget pretty creative and appear to be honest it's what else you can do. A practice that's too technical as it I was stickers are really big deal. A lot of the state fair hair is really I have either of you guys ever been Travis you probably haven't you're trying to do and you know I don't know if you go and in your Hudgens and all the time. The state fair statement never been to state fair. I've ever. There is not a big deal I mean immediate whereas now you know we're in the field income in the state capital. On and I've heard that the Kansas State fairs a big deal and Hutchinson and the Missouri state fair incident we've got a couple of big east here I just have never. I just have never gone and a guy and I should because I'm big on the feared the bribery every health. Because it's. So it's not worth it to break my diet plus it's for wind yes Fries yeah I'm kind of an exception. When it comes to care for because it's fried Travis. Public it would take the Texas state fair alive yes I still go back for that one but either as a it's in Austin and Dallas Dallas Dallas attack. Yep it's where the old Cotton Bowl was do you go to the red river shoot out till you're there. Yes bail they also move day game to the new texas' can I thought we go to the river shootout and I can think is prayer beavers Grambling it's the guy who is there always big for their bands at halftime show sure you don't really go the football game. It hit the Syria it's a full weekend. Jamie a letter reads you a new food the Iowa state fair. Please cheesy fried enchilada funnel cake. Are we putting together multiple different things that don't belong together cornmeal batter with and show lot of spices fried as a funnel cake topped with two res oh and white case. It took it. Corn meal a cracked cornmeal batter flavored with enchilada spices fried as a funnel cake topped with two resell. And white case there's a picture right there Nixon some things I can't White House Avery yeah. I guess that's okay yeah the work that works funnel cake are throw me I got important. Asia brush at a Sunday they're calling it Mount Vesuvius it's a threesome of culinary delights to postage about a bread with three different in specialties. A volcano honey sweet cream cheese ups between two seedless grapes it over flows with the savory big bulls summit reduction Lama. And. So much in here aren't we through this list and it's not as I should not zero what's the best fare food why not just giving us fair figured. Let's just all this house wants an up now dealing sweet potatoes yes about sweet potato tot shows. So basically there is sweet potato tots as nachos for the drivel. It doesn't really matter what I'm not it's awful good every birdie and instead they'll go barbecued chicken and another completely. Thanksgiving. Balls. Dennis at let's let's talk about the sex outside what they are underdogs the texting your favorite. Fair food boy. I'll say I probably my list of five but that's these are all good that are coming on the text line and Thanksgiving balls that may be pain free for one. Bullet they they get to the softball story we'll check Vivendi genetics kubert cash as well midday with TV wicket. Ready or 91 KM BZ ID one KM BZ midday with Jamie and wicket in in parts coming up and at 2 o'clock and up also beat you next keyword to cash your next chance to win 1000 dollars. Coming up just before too but we figured we'd talk about food and it's making me very very hungry Jamie. That wasn't the plan. You did not an adult than yours war and we felt like we had to educate you because we're going to be out in green valleys for next city spotlight and September 8 for the green valley are. Because a couple of days there and we were talking about. I'm I'm very partial to corn dogs Jack because that's what they really deep it's assembled and that's a big deep fry I'm really really well and and get a really good crisp autumn if ever. Like I may have this Kauffman Stadium but I've seen like that fifteen inch corn dog. Right that's a bit much for. Like that's a little bit obscene. Finger wander around and corn dog at the size of my fine like that's a little bit nuts we act corn dog. I got my top floor. Current act like I got my top four no particular order corn dog hall of fame worthy like the mount Rushmore of fair foods hot accord doc has to be there and did you zero add to this list. I always love and rely. The shaken lemonade you know that that always get shaken lemonade and I'm there to be a corn dog in the thing in the shaken limited becomes in the in the cup that feels like it's gonna fall apart I always get. I don't wanna count that because I'm gonna do that that's kind of an accessory. To all but let's kick it up unless you have got a matter. I have a that that's what you got to stick slot is used to make that at a at the Michigan state fair for my dad. And summer and it was just in there's so much in practice a percent reason. The giant Turkey leg. Did you like the massive Turkey leg you can walk around eaten that no problem I'd put that in the hall of fame. And that it would also put the corn on the cob that's just dipped in the back of water I would put. That in fearful at all today. Here is why I object to that OK because. The fear food is that things that you can't get any other time are right and I can get especially in Iowa frankly you can get sweet corn. A lot of the year like the fair food is for sale goth that likes you mentioned the Chara stuffed with cheese K. Right now I'm not that you're not get that any of. Time and you had the Krispy Kreme cheeseburger. Excuse. Krispy Kreme is that nobody else had this the deep fried crispy key Krispy Kreme cheeseburger and where the Krispy Kreme is the burger is the Dell or is the bun I should say. And and they put the burger and achieves whatever you want and then you eat it. It manages your sweet salty. It it engages week insulting so yeah that would be fantastic. It it's very good to. Spot that's basically says you tell us a bun and a stuck between the back. So that would be a mindless sir I like funnel cakes and put him in the hall of fame. I like elephant ears and open and hall of fame fair popcorn is an movie theater popcorn and I love movie theater popcorn so anytime I again. One knows I'm caller's on popcorn for and get it again if you I don't waste calories out gate and cannot completely cover. It is now annoying but on I don't I don't waste waste in calories. Did you hear what else lines and is less a lot of course and pork chop on a stick those or anything on a stick is 12 lag. Eggs that Turkey lags. To have I'm guessing it at state here's you've been to you haven't been any but. Like exotic meats. Those are faint like I had ostrich once it was really good it was a long time was of the Wisconsin state fair and act like all like a stick of Austria's beats. It. We can just technicolor and I did bison and I did. An Amy L out of yeah. So oh. The deep fried anything you know they did deep fried chocolate covered deep fried bacon on a stick. What we eat where we did not remember deep fried twinkie. Can deep fried pickles how well. It is not something that's gotta hire them like me is we did add special deep fried pickles last Thursday in this room. Yeah I mean Catholic and they were really gotten like I don't I don't I can guess until the story give corn dogs right like Allah would you say. It's not the same it's not to say you're not going to. You're never gonna go by more dies at the store and and deep fried and deep Fryer now died my micro and they're. Not what you're going to be soft and that's not our or not ever gonna go have the giant Turkey leg home. Both are ours immaculate heart of Jamie might like this I've had the front Oreo Austin twinkies. Snickers. And now they're deep frying. I don't know how buoyed not jails. Explain that to me what emea. That look like because not a parody deep fry it and it's deep fry that you win. If Eric come out fine double the awesome guests at. Just like to deep fried Snickers how does it the Snickers not I didn't try this was what it if they armies just like you know they batter up. With frying Saturday dividend but it is doesn't. It is chewy when you eat is like a like a regular Howard snicker bars when you open. When it's really good. Hours talking. Our race I mean that's in place that a deep fried beer and I yeah I currently can't I have no idea how you do that it's just put me on tobacco. Text onto that fast edits and says as he outdoor Sunday this is what it is. Six layers alternating between barbecue beans coleslaw and pulled pork week I've had that before it was called pork par Faye yeah. Was it like the par fake up. I can't aging players also of its neighbor islands and then let's say your mash the 10%. Europe salad keep going you could just get all and in theory your meets he'd gone this is great we needed to think that I'm gonna go get barbecue and redundant here I think you need to advertise for now and Holmgren and nice thing needs to happen and bank. Yeah they do you do for tales of the pride jello. Is that whole. There's a line how Apple's world that you kind of it. For heightened shallow. It isn't world I have no idea it's morning. Finalists from last year's state fair. By the way we mentioned the foods analytical about Thanksgiving ball asked these reminders that traditional vegetables along with Turkey rolled into a ball breaded with stuffing. Deep fried and drizzle with sweet spicy. Cranberry sauce that's pretty bad. Sounds fantastic. And met. And. Dana right. Ball Thanksgiving balls at the Iowa state fair that you're going to the Kansas State they're in now state fair person not the island I note you know like Michael Mackie does I was sicker every year there's all these photos of him trying. Different Bryant. Goodness what they've just run out of ideas no to jello come on right now we keep coming with new things to deal. Have you seen the baby and then CC I not seen it yet how web we're going to talk to the new mom. Here coming Massey hall and she goes out and says she reached out to me and I said. Of course howry and Iowa is were it not the moms you know physically he has already really lousy shortly. Charlie and can you call in at 2 o'clock. Took care Marshall college in times and I cannot wait to hear that Albania. Is. Absolutely a three hour conversation well. Here lately any guys. I just wanna see him and you know black people have been one knots over the week an hour. On social media is that your that your you and I didn't say anything you know innocent until Kerry made the announcement ya but yes baby is here baby is. Being ten. East yeah. Okay. It. That baby came judges because Paul I'd sit accidentally. Mr. husbands are gonna it was gonna come out like you know is can I think he hit it. To care coming up the absolutes. Worst most horrifying. Idea for an app in the history of the world well and it has taken off like gangbusters. I guarantee parents you've never heard about it your kids have. And I am here to shot. 80 goody and anyway setting it down who's MD to anonymous and just me. Does mean look out you get four hours' advance sworn in March he expected. Might find today they got one good day of sunshine. That's or it rained every scandal. And you have or texting visitors baby. I'm like please tell me and I don't feel that I now I don't field yeah. Where guys train goes on vacations and the ones and whether there.