Bereavement leave... or not?

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Thursday, May 24th

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Things in the. Kennedy's running. HO NEY accident is 7201. You're right for thousand dollars with the Q cash honey put up to care marks. She's under the weather should just or couldn't do did you see her eyes yeah looks horrible since at least the eyes because hers is frontal. Mine is throat only hers as current year. And she can't take anything through again I had the answer any of these great throw thousands is that my ex husband and it's and it's graduation. As I'm dying please bring me packet throw clauses. He brings he likes it's called C a coal I've never and it. It's revealed so the only thing that freezes it nuns. Horrible threatened anti offered one care and she's I can't take that. I didn't realize when you're pregnant you can't take even. That's its medicinal it's been years so. And everything you aren't like fourteen I don't know you can drink -- your smoke and that was about where I Esposito and a things of salmon in Alzheimer like him I can't throw. This has now. So everybody affiliated with the program other venue Meehan rod are injured or sick or injured I mean correct the great Chris cancer to Pakistan having to face. Now that I mean. Poking eighteen womb really. A poking her gaping wound let's go to a source let's bring him. Kansas City meter roads Bryan Busby or Brian. Any ideas Brian. Are not out here. I've been propping this up if I didn't mean we're getting a little out of blood off the extent it's that. I've never well I mean I'm a law that I don't know if you were intensely guarantees. Let's put. The market there forecasts for his recovery. But he won't make it. Our annual. Autumn when you look at the bottom you know group that is how to screen. He jaundiced. Yeah I mean not a normal you know. He's been golfing thing is that you can't color country. And change it. It's proper against the conference term window. Brian I know one thing why and why like. Yeah he's going to say yeah is it is a legitimate guy I wonder I wonder if that was his last golf game. You know here what could be. You know and I think a lot of market sentiment figures. He had up and you'd like Kelly. I don't know I got this is talking to anymore. Exactly well I want to thank you for the update. Yeah and I don't know how important. Sort of border to border ninth where it was like a paring knife titled now made by the butcher. Yeah it could be it could be cleaver. I told entitlements this morning Gil and leaning treatments diamond's I'm not taken the fallen. Sizzle yeah Busby do you do you know the first rule. No will rival players were. Room number one. Touching up arrow face yes eggs. Wow. You violated Ryan you and for means they don't get that airing anywhere near that FaceBook and pocket and I that she means whole mob get him through that 5 o'clock. Only how mean we have yet but apparently that means a comedic elements from the moderate its industry leading after death. Does your heart duct tape and straight up. I thought I would raise about four. Now. So we'll take over at Bryant thing not a problem and keep us posted OK yeah there is some good news he now as a place to store his pen. My question. And I have never understood why people get. What I would consider alternative piercings that's just me. I'm 44 I mean of them yeah I someone who's on the one right here right where his step and asked to be the most painful and it's going into your arm now your cheek long on the back of its owner gobble. Ever. Act I don't know we'll talk to Chris tomorrow. Find out what would it put put up a you note the one that I've never been able to figure out and being on a. Don't say it. Not enough there's a lot of them I can't figure out rod. Oh the prints at essence hours okay. I don't know what that means and I don't want to you know Australia yeah. All they have all that I I. Passed a stop. Merrill I don't like that. I would not. This is re search. I'm telling our harassment the eyes are now knows the bull ring notes one just the thought of sticking a needle through that part of your nose. So disgusted. Scott on the prince Albert played. Little arch each spring to put it this diamonds. I would show you an artist's rendition I'm not gonna show you an actual picture. This is the prince Albert. So that's disgusting I don't bread and instead I just tuned in what did she do. Eyes seeing he's sad because I have a cold so we gave me that he needed cheeky cheek to me it's always useful I want to. Lower end I some owl might hearing back which is long. This is what really happened this is taken way too long. Dame is like hey I know you're leaving give me kiss goodbye Zack your sic I don't wanna kiss you wanna kiss me and she stabbed in the back. It. Too sick for you act. So just to comply. He's gonna ball that Bernie I did tell him. I didn't tell him to put some is born on it. As an all as I won't hurt that's not the cleanest. The use perhaps the space you're gonna put some hard time. Can it get to know this knife is tired. The recruitment of a group of the tax cuts is over. About the prince Albert I don't know where don't we were. In all I know actually it's not. All rights. Really that's all he heard this morning. Today rated in the shower did Dana just admin on the air she steps. To resume. Where the poking the stabbings. She stabbed him right pace I can't wait Tunisia what. What channels on at 4 o'clock he is well I don't know if he's in the form budget he'll definitely be on this Google able to because he's all woozy from blood loss. You men I'm here sick as a dog and you mentally don't vote at all by the way. Act champion of the I'm gonna say I'm here over here she comes up to me before rideau Amir she iMac kitty. This true story she looks Michigan's. I am not well. I am a body and for you placed older she's she's where I'm getting to that hang on she has I am a body for you to look at. And talk to I am a place old I don't deal well. I what I heard and I got to work today and moderating. Almost a public remorse for standing Christian right after I leave here which will be early and either way I mean I am moderating at the plaza branch of the Kansas City public library. Response it's a forum. On the changing media landscape in Kansas City where your side. I've been up since 6 AM and just in a mobile. And you do that every day I'm not used to it. Is open to the public and please join us. Kept systems when chum in the water. What is he telling you yeah yeah she says I place holder I moved body so you look at and talk to. That's weird my wife says the same thing every America. And it is taken it's just as servers. Dozens of desperate. And make up. Called Jasper for your reservation always recommended. Not required reservations are recommended. Give him a call if you have a big graduation party coming up you got family communities around if you need some indicator for you Jasper did Oliver. Desserts and cakes for Jack's graduation last weekend and gosh it's so easy no master just on. I had people texting yesterday's thing was that cheesecake Jasper is yes it was and it is amazing. Give Jasper a call let him cook for you the spring menu is in full swing asparagus and yes table side mozzarella theater is backed. 8169416600. 8169416600. Or Jasper Casey got out. It's. Does the area. This is a little. Pain. As. Won't lose. In two years as a follow. Hello hello. Started. I mean. Okay. There. He's about movie. Story here this is gonna affect everyone listening at some. Point or another from. NBC news and elementary school principal. Source. Thing and changes. An elementary school principal whose daughter was killed. In these Stoneman Douglas high school massacre says the school district lacks empathy and transparency. April sham Trump's daughter Carmen. Was one of the seventeen who were killed in February 14. She told school board members of Broward county public schools. Where she works at worst moment on was located. That they tried to dock her pay for missed work after her daughter's death. So real quick she works for the district that is the umbrella district over the high school that was shot up and all these kids died let me let me put it more simply. She is an elementary school principal. Her daughter was shot and killed at the high school cross town. She decided to take some time off work Reid meant. After about two weeks the district started docking her play saying it's time to come back to work. She took two weeks off two. Weeks. Her daughter was slaughtered. In high school continued her husband Philip (%expletive) truck. I said that superintendent Robert currency did come to their house he did offer sympathy. And he also defended the district's actions. Quoting here. This is from. Me find out into says he. A week after my dog Americans from husband a week after my daughter was murdered mr. runs he came to my house sat in my kitchen table. Told my wife tonight the school district had done everything right. That was an outrage. Given that I was burying my sixteen year old daughter. The couple also said that these Stillman Douglas principal refused to meet with them to talk about security. The show and trips of the school gates were open twenty minutes before dismissal on that it shooting and no one was there to monitoring. But he said that violates the district security protocol. After the meeting school board chairwoman or Rupert said she was heartbroken. I feel partly responsible because I thought the district. A school board member someone would have sent notes I know I wrote some notes and went to funerals but there are no words I wholeheartedly apologize. From my part. They reinstated her pay in April. For time off through march 30 and approved a legal Babson absence. Now have quote the least impact on her leave time. Potential Roberts takes implications. Are Clark said the district had increased the law enforcement presence. Now way. So I see this story. New but is thinking I don't want to talk about a school shooting in and in that's not what I wanna talk about. Because Scott night even disagreed out in the newsroom. What is appropriate. And this is going to depend on when you what were you work. What is an appropriate. Leave. Policy. After a sudden death AM and. Depends on how far down the family tree do you go out. So if it is your mother or father you know some sometimes when it's your mom and dad you've got to go cleared estate. You get two weeks three weeks if your child is guns down in a high school all. If my child. Heaven forbid I did. You ever see me again. Like and that's your right I think this is the district where it happened and for them to be so callous to me. Some weeks is funny you know what though you've had two weeks we need you back on the tell. Us quote you need to. At some point we can't keep paying this at some point got a combat. Fourteen to its just eager. I understand and I'm sorry for. What but you're gonna say I am. I think the child may be different. With a parent. Time I think two weeks is more than enough time. I was back to work three hours after my father died. And you are an anomaly. You are no work was the way that I coped. Kept me from drinking which I think for a lot of people. Maybe you're worker be an answer saying I would not be at my dad my dad died at 3 o'clock in the morning I was worked at sex. Because that's how I coped with it. I worked a full shift. And I cried the whole talk. I was a mess so that was just the way act coped. If our I've always said when when my dog eyes I've taken a week off work you laughed at me in the newsroom. Well it if you're going to say dog gets one week and hurt. Daughter who was. Shot. In in the hallway of high school gets she's two weeks for that that's a bridge tipped Sheila what is what is fair a month. A month when it is your child a month parent. And then I think you should get some some sort of ethanol play or short term disability parent. I would agree with two weeks for for most people for apparent and her uncle. Aunt or uncle. Funeral back two days three days a cousin. I I understand your point brother or sister. Who. Two weeks two weeks for brother or sister you aren't close out of me stuff. Who earned. Your brother and with that to deal you know I'm saying like. End of this is why I'm asking is do you know what your company's policy is for bereavement is let me tell you this. I hired him to use someone to week my husband at that time. When my grandfather died very suddenly in a car wreck. Quit his job he had the most evil. Horrible boss you can imagine. My grandfather was killed very suddenly in a car wreck. And she refused to give him a day. To go to the funeral you know she said. It's not your grandparent. That was what she said to him he quit here's here's the one we've left out if you're listening your horrible human beings house. Here on Humana receiving it and a month. A month or is now brought comforted tablet ever dies I know I've senior analyst. I'm not I'm going to loony bin. Outright. From cans. Is it if I ever dies rod is off the reservation. He's done I don't know that I could come. It's the loser here is at one. Slower bond set to open its season tomorrow some rides may not open though that story in a moment. Race thirty Kansas City armed NY and bomb the wind like IDA's office says no rival open Islamabad until they are deemed safe to operate. A state audit revealed numerous violations of the park slid a ball on the company's set and a statement that while they disagree with many of the issues raised in the audit. They do take safety very seriously and no rival open. They agree until those issues have been fully address. An arrest has been made in a shooting their 170 than a party in Overland Park. Isaacs bonanno was taken into custody for aggravated battery. The victim remains in critical condition victim found on the sidewalk with a gunshot wound to the head. Formal charges are expected soon. Coming up on 331 in Kansas City. We'll have Camby traffic and weather together next. I was in desperate need for new pair of slacks last month I made one trip to one store because I knew exactly where ago. Biron on the plaza yesterday. 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They have those galvanized pipes call my guys at the plumbing pro 2701289132701280. Or Dana's plumber dot com. Dana's plumber dot com. Keeping isolated showers and thunderstorms in the forecast for the rest of today and for tonight today's high warning to the upper eighties and the overnight low into the upper sixties. Partly sunny at times on Friday also scattered showers and thunderstorms are expected high for the mid to upper eighties. Holiday weekend plans it's going to be dry and hind elephants Claudia sunshine Saturday the high low to mid nineties. And more of the same for Sunday and Memorial Day highs range from the low to mid ninety's and plenty of sun and staff meteorologist Jennifer nearer more Katie NBC weather. I'd JC I 84 degrees downtowns 85 and here it's your official weather station it's 83 degrees the radio dot com that is the official new home of KM BZ download it today elicit those anytime anywhere. I'm down wind on news on EA one KM BZ. Are you saying that it is your company. Three days. That is your bereavement halls. I don't care if it's your spouse. I don't care for its York kid I don't care consumer brother sister. Ice. And then you better get your ass back to work. I'm at eight days is not enough to give five to the god forbid if Kelly or Sarah moderate I. There's definitely and I just saying is they viewed able gift you've three days but then after that it can access and a player that you. Hater or what parted. Thank god I don't know I never want early. I don't want to. Ask you about this but at some point it's gonna come outside my as Alaska now. You know the big Jews in current and will forever. Let's say that for whatever reason downstairs hasn't figured this out yet and you and I are still on the year yet in ten years. And god forbid big juicy parts packed. How much time off you taken out granted of course you take off for the funeral of his live visitation those those two days or office. How much time you really take off mortgages us if we're still on the show. Week. 83. With its. I'm so. Policy three weeks. Well at least hill but I prefer more. A ball clean up the quarter in the fetal position. You know I mean I'm a cult youngsters have a cash I don't know what our policy it's because I think I bet you she says. It's three days but and listen to this one on the text and said at our company it is three days unless. It is a child or a parent and then I believe the texts at three weeks. You. Know in general this person that was texting and said you know it's an aunt and uncle or cousin three days. If it's apparent Childs. Think detects a grandparent or about like a best friend who feels like a brother like burning. Mean pride events on your bosses. I just remember being so mad when my grandfather died. And you know like as an all car wrecks it's you know he's there 12 on an exec as awful and my husband at the time his boss said. Well it's not your grandparents' pool. Brand Luol. You are a horrible human being. Technically he's right it's not just. But if it's someone how much how it started airing all sounded Joseph wanna offer your grandfather's funeral. Just the date and take me there funeral regularly pack their remote house probably come back late Monday go back tortillas Atlantic today its. From. Yeah yeah she did. A let me tell you if I ever run into that woman around town. Wow. 00 yeah. You know what I'll I'll I'll reach out. Because apparently nobody in the newsroom as Katherine. I wanna know have a caches extension downstairs. I wanna call her and find out what is the bereavement policy. For me. Owners giver of the heartland a rhetorical. You know remember. Because. Well I would smiles funeral three weeks ago but I left a salary came back Sunday yeah. Funerals on Sunday morning and my brother and I were in and who we are uncle the uncle is not apparent I was shy but it was very close to him. I mean does the company get to what if I'm not close to my children but are really close to my 'cause right. Or I'm really close to my uncle Steve down in North Carolina. Having the company doesn't get to decide does it how right close you fry you let us. Estranged. From your mom and dad your estranged and I was raised by my granddad parents. And they just die. You know I mean there would be maybe you know five days for mom five days for bad. And then three days for Bagram Barbara what about what if grandma raised me right. Because mom was whacked out on meth and alcohol. Why does the company get to decide how much I'm actually grieving. Which is what Gloria and up. Listen so much burden because if you're talking about hospice Scott you have to back the calendar up so not to be gruesome but. You don't you York passing dates is going to come may be two or three weeks. After. Hans yes so some maturity and some deaths are covered under FM LA. I took several weeks off when my mom passed and a couple of weeks I had to take up to spend time with her take care of horror. A few weeks to grieve. And help my freshly widowed dad. In a vineyard dealing sometimes with nursing homes and you move data doha and just what it's a parent that is a different. Ballgame depending on their age and you might have to take off to deal with those affairs. Not rod had to run so let's take some of these guys cold. I'm lying to Euro Amir hello. I got. Marketer and a large motorcycle manufacturer and play the race close but anyway. I wore a local man there why can't director here at bat. And lo and behold a month later her brother. Her brother in law act. And that it will allow your brother on your life you're no longer matter. Go to brought out. She you. Know I am not line one bit well. On a more. At. All. Ball. Well there and our art our very early. Ever yeah. On some news sentinel. Differently in that union. Bank where there aren't that. Don't I mean do your own. Ma. Well our results technically broke the law anymore and it shouldn't die. You know your your wife who you hurt hitters were eaten alive by at least here it is not law. Nice for a right. Sorry your wife to and. But he's not technically your bra yet you're not get a two for out of this one if you're like negative for out of us on this one. It's a shame he didn't beat her to because there we would've given you time off for him to do. I 76779. It was code to Aron in independence. Arum. Yeah. Our policy at my work state that it's it is day parent or sibling it's four days robbery or leave it as it is they grandparent or aunt or uncle. It's two days. And then it but it all changes that their residence in your house. You get the same amount of foreign aid parent or sibling which of the total Forte. So on and colonel cool that's basically a fly in and fly back now. Yup. And if you wanted to take three. Would you take that third day unpaid. You may have to eat at. You a bit but but that would fire you she said Guam and it takes 32. For bereavement one and paid. Now a part they do for your comment. Jeremy an independent so German. Do. I lost my grip and took a week off again. Company works construction but we don't like so. At first I don't think it would be anyway I like what you're saying how much it was. Just total outcome it is. It is you know I'm coming to an art does well. Lot or it was more like a brother that story and so. Yeah a week was partly still Pollard are low group. I'm just I'm I'm I'm sorry about your loss brother. But you bring producing points. Yeah it are you in the position where you can say I will be back when I'm OK to come back take it or leave it and I think most Americans are not. In a position agreed to say that agree it. And so you almost have to go by the company pled. Coveted playbook costs a grandparent is worth three days pair is worth Forte is a spouse is worthwhile. Cats dies of heart attack in the middle of the night tonight how long are you run a month. On month. Any broader dies tonight I'm gone for at least a week. Of course is my brother I'm gone for. But again we can say that it really is gonna come down to who do you work for where you work. And will they allow it and will they have the you know what's to fire you. If you don't come back that's what they're dealing with with this shooting. Down south and this principles saying I lost I buried my teenage daughter who was murder. I'm not ready to come back. The district said well your seat get called. You better come back to work they put it this is what's gonna happen Scott is an and you don't talk about public relations when it comes to school shooting that. This is a public relations nightmare for the school to say to an employee who lost a daughter in your district. Suck it up we need to come back to work. I 767798. A bad guard and right I'm Scott parks. 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And investment in your home not some you wanna buy and the Internet trust me when I say that. 8167814707. Is the number to call 8167814707. Or CMOs and son. Dot com. The. Good phones. Susie in Kansas City hello Suzie. Slow if we'd go out and about bereavement policy is we. I just thought I would share will appear firmly planted on your chair. I'm mine company policy is one today and it has to beat other matter aren't here to order I'd try one. One day curious and actually I without at eight. I would not report work stage I was. Well no I had to go out of state to beat there. And call me every day and wanted to know where it was going to be back. I like to act my father would have been a small town and he wished to be cremated. They had to. Take him out account for that and it took a couple of days to get that done and get back. And so I'm like well I really hadn't planned on. I didn't even when it's service flat but it could be Friday or Saturday depending on when he arrives back in count. And I really like to take Monday off because it not gonna have an equally close on the box out you got to be at work on Monday. Eventually my father a party lost my mother and an only child semi hoping Italy has just down under. Not only that they're real kicker lashed. The next year on my about late Sunday. It was written on my evaluation that I was gone a week and it put Dennis Archer. I let them hardship. Torture that ultimately should try and Irish and all that label maybe she get a bigger. Egg and and well my view on my agents on the. I doubt I was just I was appalled I mean I know my chin out at the floor and I'd like. You know that you would bring that up and and I situation. Knowing that I would still reeling about you know not having seen him when he you know and I am just like okay. You know shame on him bad. You can't change people. Is it worse or are you went through that attacks I was saying it can't people donate their leaves. To. Someone going through something like this and I and I did. We've we've done that here. Years ago. I don't say his name he was a deer is was different. One of our more when I was in news director arousal some more mature producer. We had a young man affiliated with morning news program. Who. Was diagnosed with cancer in his early the fifties. He had run out of vacations sick leave whatever you wanna call it. FM LA I don't know. And he was still undergoing treatment was too weak to come back to work. Everybody in the newsroom and by everybody I mean everybody. Don't that we had to go all the way to corporate deduce. Donated all of their vacation time. Nobody took a vacation a year. And gave up their vacation time to make sure that he's still got it. He's now on disability and I think the cancer was much more serious thought. But he's still alive thank god everybody's not work. But yet but he needed it everybody coughed up every day they had. It's of it is oh what what we got and we don't have one more Susan in over the park high rises and hello. Tiny tiger why are you were doing. They think UK I just wanted to tell you hit it I was so now I shields rap art transportation. Company. Six years ago. And my younger who serve. Well return life support. And we had to take her off. In a decade that it happened. Sorry. Yeah happened. As a hybrid lacking either at the hospital. And still getting phone calls from my client and I'm working and I'm working at a market. And there. Could well. Aaron. Did not get bereavement pay. Returned OK I didn't care about learning. It's sad that people can be so well. And then if you think later I got fired or. Susan. We hear the parent your voice I am so sorry but if you work somewhere that is that. Horrible. Cold and cold and awful I'm so happy for you figure out. Q were cash store records old. 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