Becky Black, Person of the Week for July 6, 2018

Kansas City's Morning News
Friday, July 6th
Becky Black of Kansas City was chosen to adopt Cherny, one of the first puppies to come from the site of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant disaster in the former Soviet Union.

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Ellen is a sucker for dogs this is not a surprise. What is a surprise this morning is the puppy who just came to visit this in the studio her name is sure Ernie. And she's not just any dog sure knee is one of the first thirteen puppies that was adopted here in the United States from the Chernobyl power plant spanky black is from Kansas City. Her dog clearly is not how in the world did you find out about this. We actually found out from your face that page thanking him easy. Wicket from the mid day show had posted the story and I shared it with my husband and I said we're gonna try to get the style dog thinking. That would never happen in a million years saying and it did what did you have to do to get the dogs we had to go through a series of applications so the first time was explaining who we were well we were doing why we want that the dog. And then the second set was more of a questionnaire process where. There are very basic questions what are you gonna do with the Dodd Kerry can keep that on the we had a little bit of fun like that I try to be very descriptive about my family and what we planned to do with the dog why is Chernobyl all of a sudden deciding to export these stocks. Last year they had veterinarian him moved out to the power plant permanently and he started to clean features front soul Dave's band working on. Sterilizing the dogs and train to get them veterinary care for the first time in thirty years and part of their mission is to adopt the puppies out to you loving homes. The dog he's very cute pink but. Surely. Also has on her collar. Be a little desk a little tag with the international sign for radiation on it this does not make me feel comfortable. And she's not radioactive all the dogs are cleared for radioactive. Anything radioactive whatsoever. If they do you test positive they keep an errant quarantine and they treat them. So we picked that tags specifically. You really start conversations about journeys pass and give us an opportunity to speak about what clean features fund is doing and the IS TC eight to ten to spread awareness about churning in her story which is the clean futures fund. They are and non for profit organization that is solely overseeing the care of the dogs of Chernobyl. So what breed is a Chernobyl dog descendant from the days after the accident Twitter you find out next. Surely that's cute little puppy from Chernobyl. She's among the first dozen or so dogs in the accidents on all those years ago to be adopted out to families elsewhere in the world what did you think the first time you were in a room you turn the lights off it was dark and sure he's ice started to globe. And that I got I got scared yeah. A lot of stuff Sony a T she's played OK as a radio yeah. Dylan black is one of Becky black's three children she DeVon and Jensen. Now haven't adopted canine sister from Chernobyl what's it like they do things just run wild now yes everything is still over ground on the most of the puppies are descendants of the original dogs that were part of the car plant explosion and and a majority of them have then. Either hurt or when bidder actually killed from the wildlife out there so. They were very clear that most of the dogs could be descendants of coyotes wolf pups Fox's you name it. The only contact they have with any interaction with humans is at the power plant and a power plant workers. Ellen and her husband are fans of obscure dogs a. This is that this speech anything you have ever have yet really doesn't mean this is the dean. Jimmy Wales get one yes they're gonna start adopting more or more frequently these thirteen that they have right now where the first phase of abductions. And I'm hoping that going forward when they do best they don't do it in the middle of summer because of the actually. She was flown out to any work on July 1. We flew out to New York's pick her up on Monday. But because that he restrictions none of the puppies complete so my husband and I we rented a car and drove when he hours so for a New York so we can bring her home that day wow yeah. Because of her heritage do you expect any kind of socialization. Problems or any kind of health problems. On the ice there's a little bit of concern with the with the health. Problems as first socialization she's done and very very well with my kids with our pets. I think there's there's a little concern around it's any sort of health issue knowing where she comes from but it's something that were. We're ready to idealist and we're ready to take care of it until I wonder if she's descended from wolf wolf or coyote that it is socialization could be a little. Different she looks like she's got a little bit of plutonium shepherded her I think. The Spanish are you telling me I thought there might even be some Collie and she looks like a Khaleda us and that's what the that's had set out there now when we talk pictures that are online we're thinking she is you know maybe a little bit German shepherd and to say that's what I look at the face and think Sheppard a little bit I think she's just and mix of so many generations of abandoned dogs that it's. We've got this cute little Sharon ample what was that he music collected just said get what that dog got. It was really thinking we didn't have a shot together. And I told my husband I'm like I'm gonna try this if it happens it happens and his like don't do it so of course I did it actually. Mom and then I started getting emails like hey you've made it to the next famously wanna ask you some more questions with like three Chauncey you ends. All of a sudden it came very very real so when you get an ER yes take issue obedience classes oh yeah when you fill out the forms of that. How do you explain breed and breed juror in everything else. We haven't really thought about that. Backed her her cute little radioactive tag that do you have on the back of it radioactive wolf pup. I just heard a skirt send a look at on your whole island looking on Google right now. And no not finding obedience classes in Kansas City taught in Russian. That's another concern that this Dylan really looking forward to most. Clean this clean money. Training trainer lakes be dressing doing it says she fully understands me. Jack poor old and.