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Friday, June 16th

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Okay. Hi there. We'll start at what's coming TJ Maxx cool guy coming up each day to. It's sad that this is. Lean on me. My. Have you shadows. They need to man as I clean up my. Being. But he's. Friday. On AM you need me. I texted it. You united zero. A team recently yesterday that it wanted to get on the air with your odd first ruled Friday is rob Babcock and urgent by the selling. Now her blink her because their cars and those seven years of the like that's gonna 130000 miles went in June it's not that she hits her blink your. And she turns the bleaker doesn't go back in just continues to sales days are dizzy fix it or just learn to turn it off. Well that's it's it's a very tough problem that's a tough one. If I was in a just turn the damn thing off it's probably a lot cheaper I just nova to be behind her at some point. And ultimately are going out of left left left his restraint going down and seven the year whenever it's arguably your food BO OK. No cut back. I think Dina witches or got some of that spread as a buy one get one. On that for sure flasher fluid for for problems text him into 2980 like my sunglasses get too hot sitting in my car. But they get to scratch put in my purse pol Bible that's tough what do you do. I like this one it says. It was really hot on the golf course yesterday and the car did not have US he'd charge by phone. All of the land mine lowered. That's a double whammy right it's terrible my. Going in my house my first world problem is Cody you know Cody the you know the these questionable illegal ride it out watch a lot about these and they updated Cody okay. So old it no longer works on my tablet. OK so I had to put it on my own OK go took up a little bit of space and and now my phone doesn't do the casting. At the TP. So my first problem is I have to watch illegal movies on foreign screen. People in Haiti of cholera decision could hit it a that's after I. To lock us up there. Tatum knew this movie on a little tiny screen. Or telecast yesterday -- cast parties and it that are rogue it's it's it's just a Blu-ray players opening and it and it has the screen Mary tried getting chrome cast those things are great at 35 bucks play in your screen in the broadcast that it works for I was binds Weezer is upstairs. You know. Chrome cats and cats yeah one of the Google broke its legal deal. Well that is certain Davydenko Igor did not so I don't know did you do enjoys public apologies. Would like him OG like the local g.'s team oh geez. Like you guys have in mode geez I don't know that apple so apple they have a whole bunch him OG and they've made you know just all kind of crazy. I was told him today show and Daniels like this I notice. There's the guys there's a girl guys to pick on here and that if you click on it you can pick what color you want the black white issue and dark. But one of home. If you go to the very dark dark black case is still have. Blond hair and blue lives. Really dark Cisco yeah basic is that he's at it and it's start it doesn't matter what you pick it they always have blond hair blue. But there is a bit he says that. All of though. My problem me personal problems tax line at a McDonald's has taken to everything is taking too long all of ten minutes to get my food. Wrong ten minutes. Ten whole minutes boo here's the bad ones and they went to Taco Bell. And after they left they realized they had soft tacos are not a hard sell tacos on. See I would be very sad about that I'd be upset about that. I get it properly like the soft taco from apple battle now Alex soft tacos elsewhere but not tackled well. Soft taco just a burritos. I don't doubt it would beams of these put lettuce and. In meat and cheese I suppose we need you can do that. First ruled Friday won the automatic sliding doors in my minivan got its cable broken now have to open it manually. That is the worst. Ever in a I was in a minivan the other day it was an over. In they hit he gets the buttons and both sliding doors opened up so Maggette and why he's spent so long of our lives rod growing up around minivans that only had one sliding door. A report that particular never when the dual sliding door came up lake always amazing. Like we do that out of the gates. Yeah I can make them easier I never understood. This is tough personal problem couldn't decide whether to drive my F 150 or might expedition to work is more holes. Isn't that the same thing with just a bedroom seats yet one ones the truck bed in the other one is our boss. It. Ullman says the case the network is too cold. Have to dress in layers. But Sarah Beth. And pop pop pop pop up and I bend. That's not bad. First rolled probably a walk around to walk there when it watering the flowers around my 30000 gallon in ground pool in my backyard. The host can actually get to the farsighted have to walk around to straighten. That is rough. Say I'm says it's because the plug on the vacuum cleaner as it reads all the way around the garden. Back summer. Yes it is to back that part every time my husband drive my car favorites with a mere in this seat back where oil as before. That was taking all of nine seconds to fix. Such as a mistake people out there. 22980. I updated my iPad and now it runs slow. I'm considering getting in newer faster model. They're ranked rod knew Cody update crypt Don doesn't even work on my Amazon fire stick let alone my phone. Let's see here rod Jeter Raspberry Pi. To get kodi back on track I have no idea what that does what that means it sounds delicious. I did my Samsung S four active you know I can't find the speaker object to speak to text feature you still have a Samsung asks for. I have a seven and it's a year old a three year old phone. I. Had asked for words I got this one yeah and I have the jays. Lol you alone injures over Oksana has seven. Evidence is jays seven what does what does resent it it's like a step below 70 really well when I went to get mine all the S sevens were bursting into flames dull Allah is like you know I don't I don't want that you don't want to know do you have one that promise me you won't burst into flames and like we have this has got Vegas that'll work. It's so damn hot I had to put the top back on my Jeep just to use the air conditioner. Usually a windows down kinda guy side and open windows down if I had a convertible to be down all summer. I mean to hide it it's got to be god awful lot before role moms are there on it got pretty hot yesterday let it barely half that now it'll. I ain't got. Threw me behind on the ride home yesterday night for the first time I had. I'd put the guy with that than those the windows up drug agency it's rough attack. Messed up I talk about it up with only one napkin. One freaking napping you know Massa closed up those damn tacos are. I don't execute I'm not eat tacos in the car when driving. Think that's not to me it's like normal food that's not right you can do I don't wanna do it. They get at it a broker Peter Maceda joy of the Taka I get in exactly gonna get Taco Bell undertaken at home run. In the restaurant. Here's one I felt a small chip in our new ground it granite countertop. I can't see it but I can easily. I was the worst. The worst. I had no signaled the glass animals show last Saturday and couldn't snap chat. That is a real problem right there that nobody got no it's not just to show enjoy the damn show these net jet. I do not take a bunch of video and picture from New Kids On The Block show this week at backpack or you guys talking about it on Tuesday night I went to the dating show was great why why why it's the third time I've seen new kids on the is that really yeah as someone they were popular the first time around. In 91 in Los Angeles admitted Milwaukee when he got popular for the comeback tour. And then my wife got tickets and it was I mean five and. And outs later tonight it was girls' night now so there you go just us girls. The new kids three times three times you see in the new kids and a member when you asked me over for the fight and I said yeah or whoever the Macgregor Mayweather fight may be not. Yeah yeah. Placed and it was great by the boys to me and I thought was that Tiger Woods is demanding. But new kids. Yeah let's annually saying every stone in every game zone. There right by the way some reason it just crushed the case India grew vida incident in delight while driving only got one nabbed in didn't need it did meet. I'm starving now case India gore being the hours just finished our brand new roof it's the wrong color. What's. Quit image. Don't you know that before they finish. Well it's one of those things they ago it was one of these do you want yeah I want this one and it's got a nice red tint to logo at that your him. And then they roofers get up there and do and then they leave and you look up ago that is now epic. Dang it. Well good elected them Lola. Thanks everybody for give in on first ruled Friday is up next rod there is a upcoming. Emergency ordinance. Banning topless women it is not an emergency and there's a reason to ban that in fact we should and courage topless woman we will play by the coming up next right here in 91 came BZ. And came easy B Dave Jamie wicket. Damien on a selling off today rob Babcock in. And we're happy to have you will check in with data and parts coming that 2 o'clock here on KM BZ. I'll also we will tell you about. What Michael Phelps is going to do. Is awesome and I need more details desperately. Desperately. But it'll get to that coming up here in just sacked. She gonna do bong hits in cereal. I'm going to be more details about that parity don't check. Until we already know that bunch. Okay. Out of Ocean City, Maryland. Officials at a Maryland beach can now legally ban topless women Merrill attorney general Brian from rush. Waded into the controversy that has rocked Ocean City for days. Washington Post reports that Russian Thursday requiring women to cover up on top while allowing men to expose their chest does not violate state or federal constitutions last week. The head of the beach patrol said lifeguards will no longer approach and schooled women who are topless some eggs them on social media incorrectly assumed this meant topless miss would be allowed. Ocean City officials fearing for their resorts family friendly reputation. Unanimously passed Norton's in emergencies session. On Saturday but barring topless women. It's his. These people down explain to them what the word emergency means. This is what or wasting our time line dad this is not an emergency. On. I can't a man and maybe and maybe about a parent and I don't go to family friendly places you probably do more than I do I'm guessing. But this is something we needed to have a banner and now this is something we really needed to. You know now that it's non first of all topless. Hopelessness. Teen amongst women should be encouraged I think it's fantastic your big fan of it I'm a big fan iron and it. But it's it's stupid it's it's ridiculous it's it's. People wanting there'd be an issue where there's probably not on and so well some woman is topless on the beach I guarantee you every child is seen. Their mother or somebody topless it's not that big of a deal if you are a preteen or teenage boy here Agassi and or you're. Amid forties radio personality year happiness and it is and yeah so what's the big deal and I just I've never understood that is one of those things it dries sneakers you like actors can't. No. It's. Those are. Very nice Illinois and some of those large some of them are you do go the other way. Here's the thing I've learned about breast once you've seen one player you really wanna see all. Equity owe him one piece of pizza you like out. Seven a more people. Are now really. Want more pizza. So and if you were to go to this a Baltimore area of beach. They've banned topless woman rod yes and organizing Unix and you know and know not go there anymore narrow wooden front wouldn't go that far repeats anyway it's yeah it it. Can we get to this Michael Phelps story yes this is great all right. So. Do you like shark week. Or did you watch our it. As a huge fans shark week. I'd love. Sharks in general it is in their fascinating. Creatures are just. Nature's killing machines and they serve no purpose but to hunt and kill their frightening. Near actually frightening. And of course we're all kind of infatuated and because they are so frightening. That was the one there were two things that hung me up about get ready cable 1 was Comedy Central. And the other was stark week. Well I didn't realize this celebrating its 29. Anniversary. The very popular shark which will be for the first time airing during the same week on Discovery Channel in more than 220. Countries and territories. Shark week has been around for 21. Yeah that makes sense eighties. Helping and you act. Doesn't it you know it took awhile afford to keep getting bigger and bigger and more more popular but yet started like 88 I guess well obviously just point nine yeah. This is so cool to me. And your show man vs beast. You may or that show where they would have. It would have a bunch is strong man in an vs an elephant and you could hold the ride the plane first over the line or. You know could use saying Poulter whoever they get attracts guard out run like a gazelle or something like that or whatever they had a bunch of what's the right term admit little people digits right term little peek they would have them racing Hamels room Foreman and Greg. But they're going to have Michael Phelps race. A great white shark any statement. From a press release it says quote he's our greatest champion ever get the water Michael Phelps 39 world records 23 Olympic golds. But he has one competition left to win. And edit so monumental no it is even attempted before. The world's most decorated athlete takes on the ocean's most efficient predator Phelps beat shark. The race is on. There's no way abuser. How does this I need more details Travis you sent this to me I need details hello and also I was reading sharks cruise up to five miles Brower. And when they're on the hunt looking for food they can get up when he odd thirty miles an hour. Top speed so what is Phelps swim team. These were gonna find out they have yet actually time how fast he can really go is he's going to be ever Olympics right there. They still analyzing it. He's appeared to specials one. Phelps vs shark great gold vs green light that's Hillary's. And two sharks cool Michael Phelps the secondly learn about the creatures blah blah blah blah blah. I I will pay to see Dex but. How fast as Michael Phelps swim is the question and how they do this does Phelps get in the same pool. As a great white shark that's. Oh my my assumption it is. They would do the deal where. They tracked this shark swimming from this point to this point in time did so in in this many yards or whatever. He did it this fast and then they put Michael Phelps in a pool and go in this many yards you gotta do it faster that. I don't want it that way I want Michael Phelps in the shark in the same Olympic size swimming pool how extreme this shark to sit there. And wait for the whistle to ago. And does does does Michael Phelps gets the job is going to be I've made in the IL OJ within a movie about training sharks had to go to. Yeah. What if they put the shark in a net both the pool and then they open the net and dropped at the same time Phelps jumps in. And then they go so into that in the shark cheat and just turn him by his legs off I I would assume. As much as I would love to see just something. Like it would have to put a fence up like a metal fence in the in between the two leaders like that out fair that average Olympic swimmer consume five miles hour Michael Phelps was clocked at top speed six. It's the fastest ever seen lately the fastest swimmer we've ever had in the history the United States. Is one mile an hour faster than the other Olympic swimmers that the level of greatness once a sneak in a mile an hour faster. And man you break record right five tenths of a second. I. I'm looking at this chart according to us how big is a great life the great white shark there Hughes but the great white shark. Has a top speed of 25. 25 to 35 miles an hour so what is it sure fastest shark is the maker of shark which has been reported going. Over 45 miles an hour would've got a really old great white shark. At app. To go against Michael Phelps and we take wanted to spends all right and if I may get a good friend. Exactly and we give Phelps like swimming is like float off in and so he did he does. One of the biggest great right that's been recorded his fourteen feet loan. Fourteen feet long are right they're gonna pull this off I gotta love to see it. But there's no way in an even race. That Michael Phelps can be great white shark. Cared it was to your lead now this is not only are not always worry about the well did you not do their news. Michael Phelps vs a shark on July 25 would you watch that care. Yeah actually I wouldn't say yeah and it. 91 KM BZ image David Jamie wicket. Jamie money so he is off today back on Monday rod Babcock sitting Indian in parks coming your way to yes you know there's talk about belt today I don't know I don't care. I'm sure it's fascinating I'm sure it will be very interesting op. And I can't wait to hear. But it is. Whatever they're gonna come whatever it is I don't 5 o'clock we'll have grievances fester this Friday fast of his right in the area of the grievances like what are you we are doing tonight. We're and I tonight or do some cool for Father's Day gore have our son's comment. And we have a set of eleven questions pretty basic stuff how old is your dad was your dad like to do that kind of stuff that's cool we're gonna ask the boys in the we'll compare what we think the boys will say. So what they actually say who's going to know their dad better. Now it's a tough one okay and the kind of depends and and and did you this was a mistake by the lake is out and great for you bring your lives we we talked about doing it on Mother's Day to day lives were like yeah we're doing that. It. Jonathan's. And is a year young's on his son is a price enrollment is nine John and his son is a little more wild card. All right just because like he's warned that will say stuff and they go oh is that color Romans a little more. In reserve little more think about my answer government. Not that he's more reserves you just. He knows there's things you can't I can't say in front of his mother and microphone things on but Johnston like for example it fit with some of my favorites. Jonathan as lifer in the car. Is in the backseat. They're talking about finances and and different things you know like they like you do when your married couple and garden on the road and you know we should really do we should work and you are credit fixed and I. The bat like he's. Out of the backseat comes from Henry's voice goes which got to work on your fat ass. All old and it started turned and looked at me was all. Our old. I've I will bet that that Jonathan sun will spend extra time in detention because I I thought I idol Null and I I bet he. We'll probably get himself in an extra fighter too with that Lee whose list he will. And held 89. Nine part of the Jonathan your program featuring rod that got coming up later odds. And then we'll do our list tonight's Friday list is TV family you wish you had been part of big list of that and now I'd put on some piece of paper Cosby show. Roseanne and just ten of us. All the family. Different strokes Brady Bunch Partridge Family. And the family from different strokes thing because mr. Drummond was noted which Finley would you want to Vienna silver spoons train that's. Room very true Mr. Belvedere. And I don't get your own parlor there are wouldn't be bad aren't. Fresh prince are not. Goto was loaded on that and I's house it's not bad at all hostility or analysts later on tonight right here on KM BZ. Just report animated your round things I'm fascinated by this weekend starts in ninety minutes this. This terrible fire that happened and and in London yes. Grinned cell towers went up just in terror foreign flames I had this assumption that every building in London was 500 years old. And all look. They're waters and like everything is really all you know it's what I literally stood. Where am I believe had a head cut off art that's all okay so why assume every building there's five monitors all. Evidently that's not the case. But this building when and it was just her fine. There are thirty people dead that number is still expected to rise yes as police and firefighters trying to go through this building and it's. It's it's a horrible story what I'm fascinated by. Is the prime minister. Threesome may. People giving her a hard time that you haven't gone out to like me with these people or or you know comes sees it all of the fire. Big fans Teresa may there are not and a lot of people are given agree for coming out and she's back while security concerns McCain is out roaming around the unwashed masses no no c'mon bucks. The queen and Prince William went house. And met personally with victims. Agree and tells our fires and how easy Queen Elizabeth is but she's a BA man she is awesome. She likes she was. Answer she she could drive today issued a machine guns she massive round she and there are like trees amaze security concerns in the queen's I. Hold my sheer. 91 years old. Yes of denying the line let's go see these people yet how cool is that ruled me out there that's her eyes like get over its that's pretty cool I mean. I couldn't imagine it. And if there was something like this to happen to have a high rise in Kansas City dad I mean I I editing never ever ever gonna wanna see that oh god now I don't know old. It's what what level. Would the political leader. Of the area go out there like let's say it was in all the insurers like James I would go there it would governor brightens I would think yes possibly in a governor Nixon before it I would say yeah our problem Ronnie Lee probably wouldn't get any bigger than that would Roy Blunt or or Claire McCaskill. Come on out. Would president trump had on now would vice president tents tweet about it that's possible. That's possible but for the queen to go out there that's awesome that's going to go for a big deal but then I think that's really cool I would probably say that. We have a lot of unfortunately. Large scale fires like this new expect the president or vice president to go onto wherever would be expecting a lot by the governor. I think governor would go mean listen it was a big house fire. But the one that happened weren't that raid one that happened that was he about a year ago Chicago. At that was like the Pacific northwest poll was up on an Oakland yet Oakland old when you're right about that the big the big fire that we lost some kids' lives they were raving all yes yeah that gas is like this what was the name of that thing like a spaceship percent like that whatever they call someplace for the reverend rave parties and people were living there. Even though waters people who know about it. I wouldn't expect the president made to get out there but governor of the state. Yeah early though Oakland ocean the ghost ship that's what is on the spaceship ago ship. Yeah open space ship that's a whole different thing that's where Parliament Funkadelic and did. I sell. As a few years back Russell George Clinton MP Fung. Race is still much fantastic. So much fun and it's just it's like sea and it's like seeing fish is like a jam band. But it's far so it's so much better up. But there one song for like twelve minutes grade and your your just loved to dance and gas a big fan I am too. All right at what age did you become old. Four different generations millennial gen X boomers and the Silent Generation. Or ask at what age do you become old age does youth end. Thirty will tell you. What all the matches are very. Last year or 229 easier which midday with Jamie wicket rod that got in Virginia modest sell we will check in with Dana and parks as well next a 91 KM BZ. Eddie one KM BZ Medina damion wicket Jamie on a selling author A-Rod Babcock in studio it's 148. At what point do you think of yourself as old a a survey was up from time dot com. And they asked the millennial generation AKA Travis. Asked Jan Jan acts eight is 37 to 52 they asked baby boomers fifty threes 72 in the Silent Generation anybody 73 older. And wind is old age began 33. Thirty. The millennial generation said the old age begins at 59. Gen X is it's that old age begins at 65 boomers. Said that Al old age begins at 73. And so did the same Silent Generation the oldest generation said that old eight beacons that there are wrong it's there. When his youth and when you stop being young. When so. Cause you mamet in a bar has its up up up up up. Critics they only happen to me it is like not a more depressing moment a moment if it ever when a young like college age somethings like. Excuse me ma'am and I turned around I'm like oh Hillman. I am not a man age yet sister like that exactly right down wall mail that young boy or young girl could be your daughter or your side. I the first time actually really felt old. But I had a buddy of mine. Dragged me to a cotton mouth kings concert. Which turned out that's really fun that's Tommy Lee's band right no blue I think you know I never mind got nothing okay it was just this this rap group all their songs are about weave and stuff right hand side it was really fun show. But once we got there. I started looking around realized. Oh is an all ages you know. There's got to hear it years yes and I had yeah he's a creepy old guy. All of these kids look at where the united news year some. Are supposed to pick them up into hours in the Bronx and here's C this sure. I think you're inherently on him at the many you have kids and last night and I posted this on tape what do you do I could not possibly make this up but my seventeen year old who is quite. Let me just ask you I'll tell you I bet we were in the kitchen and I'm okay. Otherwise why every time you tell us Greg Zoeller and which team child you're talking about since we've but he was advocates and last night and he's Alex side because today's his first big payday. And he started his job he's a lifeguard. In the middle of the the first payday so this is the check to eat. He started job like four weeks of pay because yeah the first rotation. So is exciting is I don't know that I've ever had that much money in my life you know it's going to be like several hundred dollars he goes kind of wanna go give it all in ones and his I don't know like throw at somebody roll around in it I go all whining I got you wanna let it rain. Eat a backpack and he just stopped and it looked at me and he can. Wow yeah I use mom you know Larry you you because it's made to bring rain and I start. Lao. Please does stall or die stopped talking. I do that out on a lot of money so I use quarters and I caught hail. Coins starting up your mama can I go out. And make and Nickels maybe. Look it's. Moline he'll say that you ends at forty gen X says you tens at 31 so to boomers in the senate majority of the silent. I generations at youth ends at thirty wolf are. It was always the. Like grow and you know anybody in their money's your your knees and you know I mean even if your 29. You still want hey you're still in your twenties. An ad for meet personally. And an actually was 29. After my 29 birthday I had that. Holy crap about the B thirty and I've done nothing and I hand Anthony and I was married. And have possessions. I still had you know light as to how to jam back under the bed in case apple. Hook up. I got it might have to jam in like a right to go so. Yeah I was it was thirty for me like holy crap on 31 Arby's is and then I'll Wear down an idea and and it was forty. And Maria now when number and 45 you would you be serious anytime soon had good crickets and stay young on I Dana. Hopefully what what do you guys do today how I'm not today for his. Birth today that as well yesterday. Well but if you see here's the thing you never take off on your birthday because on liberty got a bunch of attention. And then you're gonna go out that get hammered so what's the next day put Scott doesn't drink drink anymore and I thought or angry by the way I got. You don't need to tell me he has. It's top leagues and Susan with you today so damn my mom's been president for awhile and it is some of about myself and the Burgundy defenses try to I can't handle that I need to finds and an idea of this young man radio trying to sell it weird and finally today is K rod de KR OD we actually have a lot of -- talk about some of it's fun summer it's not a fun that we have to talk about the verdict and that teen texting since nineteen stats I did not realize. And I and I feel no. Zero pity for that horrible human being. I did not realize she faces twenty. Years in prison. Now I think she'll get it I don't think the judge will Giffords wanted to gather sentencing should be interesting but the judge looked right at her and said. EU caused this why you could've stopped it you Dennett. While she was texting her boyfriend to get back in the trap. That's and we were talking about this earlier I mean. It's bad enough you know all of that presenters is get yourself. That's bad enough but to say to him no you start it and get back in the car and a chicken. Give back in the car. Others say I didn't realize was that she physically called him there was a physical phone conversation on raising taxes said get back in the truck. She called him and could hear him moaning. And instead of calling for help. Texted some friends and say yeah I he's moaning. I can hear men and it's just the most. She sounds to go to an awful human being that some mental problem that's what it I think attorneys were trying to say she's had a around rough time I'm sorry I don't care how about your life it is. To facilitate. The death of the young person in the manner she did I just can't feel that now once I don't think she'll get the full twenty years I mean you can murder somebody with without it. Hatchet and not get twenty. This does seem a little ridiculous although he does that case we're talking to other than the purse snatch her nineteen years. The mistaken identity case how can I get nineteen years I. One out of one we all talked about let's say anything like that and how the hell does this guy June 19 years for being apart even a woman the daughter personal almost like Dana said you know nineteen years I would know he's had my purse well yeah. And it. Talk about all of those things we'll talk at this interesting is it ever okay. And under what circumstance. To call out someone. Else's kids for bad behavior as a mom and her post is gone viral she was in a target. She Colin a couple of snot nose teens doing something horrible well to another human being. And she'd dropped what she was doing and actually did something about it and it made me think what I do. Like I want to think like someone needs to teach skits but actually tap try to accidentally stepped in with somebody else's Q and that's a tough on its at all. When we were kids if if I was down the street and you know doing something obnoxious knocked over Mel box or whatever it is. Who's ever pair was outside. Which would give you crap out drag you out to street to get your mother. And my mother we thank you thank you for bringing this to my attention and then beat us not. Out of ideas are kids. And she's a thank you and an goodbye odd but see in your -- S grant you're done it's different when you know them one of my best friends my college hermit text of media today it's at one of the kids was right in the middle history. He did have a common on a despondent and out. I love that kind of feedback because you can and correct that behavior but that's someone I've known for 25 year mean it's different. When it is eight total strangers kids it's that. I think it's that the difference between then and now like I said yeah my mother would have said thank you for bringing this to my tentative and then beat the crap out of me. Whereas nowadays like that illegal my kids I you know. A business yeah. Cyrix. Father's Day weekend big plans interview meaning getting plain mean and how much you spent time on Scott's birthday now you have in. We have big plans for cats we. To not that I have a little girl boy story ulcer you later Nolan is surprised by the Italians recant in nineteen gates now something I bought my dad for Father's Day OK that was accidentally delivered. To our house and a while ago so I call them and I go like I could using a madness. Did this I have to. Well I ride yeah you fathers they play heads I am trying to do as little as possible on Sunday for you because like I do in this long day today. Literally at 9 o'clock tonight get off work or drive or my buddy's house and put brakes on my car on a slow Friday night so that's that's my Friday and I and then tomorrow I promised my life I would go with her to bull party. And does that by the way I have no idea okay Dave moved and I think to the stockyards name in Italy Mario little cooler than a friend's band that's plans tomorrow and I. I'd try to go see that so Sunday. My Father's Day plan your done nothing. Austria and your dad gets injured there and you're bitterly wanna do nothing in parts of it up next thank you very much a villain and there are appreciative they give us the absolute best eggs are good it's been wonderful and you've enjoyed it's. A reminder I'll be out of the Westlake ace hardware store. In Overland Park tomorrow from tendon in come on out when a trip to go see the boys in blue played baseball in Los Angeles. Air airfare hotel thousand dollars cashed tomorrow tent until noon on an Overland Park.