A baby poem from Dana's mom to Kara

Dana & Parks
Monday, July 24th

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Rampant won't go way that is that step yet so I have a 24 hour forty you know oral right we don't ever talk after the show and listening that happened crowds there was some conversation last. Out anyway. We don't know. Because you're supposed to give birth next Wednesday yes but we don't know if this is the last they were actually gonna happen we knew going belabor this week and we don't know grace please please god. Your rent you want this baby Ameren okay. So we we all got you a gift. And I think this is something you can do you guys have like a family picture goal and at the old new house normally for. We're it's you and Paul and they knew him all the key is I'm. We think this would have. A predominant place OK on the pitch well okay. OK so it's a poem. Right from my mother kept its frame ball. And the last thing I'll tell you before you open it we would like you to read it line by line. Is that Scott gets a phone call and they attacked tech's last night as I'm leaving Jasper is that's it that's osu got a sex and I cannot repeat what I said to him go ahead to next go ahead and open up your depth and. And tell give us your first impression and then read line for line if you'd be soak. Lovely frame white frame. What it got a little box not afraid of me. Locker room talk is if there are a perfect read it from the top was my first flight. The angels whispered softly and said the time was near for meat speed delivered to my family's arms so dear. And so they filled my bottle from the Milky Way based means soft rainbows and to write me in sun rays. They dressed me then by starlight in blue from head to toe so parties is bringing it up at brands and their wings of love until we had to go. They set a real nice couple was anxious for my birth an escort Angel Sundays and would take me down to earth. They're I waited quite some time until I heard the saying it's time for a little baby and then we flew way. Inflight asked the angels to swear it was I it lives a loving home in only that was the only hint they give. I asked them could be waiting when I finally got below aide told me Paul and care where the parents got hit chose. They also said that someone else would help look after me Trevor my Big Brother. Are all happy Scott's. They left they kissed me and said they'd be close by and as they turn to fly away and watch them soaring high. The angels sent sent me. The gift from up above and left this for doing just remind us a lot. That except for the Trevor and yeah it up that. I IE. I love it and so happy for you and the Stanley and the baby. And I was worried you were gonna cry but then I yelled at Scott last night and I said one mother asked me she said they live and only and I said yes. And she said and remind me her stepson same and I said Trevor yeah. And that I read it last night after we had dinner and when I saw it written down thinking it so I don't know I'd go yeah. Yeah well it's sure that alone but Scott calls and Trevor. Why don't we don't know but he does so Kara. My mother. As you can see at the bottom that baby yet when the baby is born what she does is she will. Add the name and dates at the I love it so you'll get one with a name and dates. And we will change stressed her betrayal and that's. How my god guys I love it so much thank you. Well let me read the text came in last night through and gotten. And they started at 640 fought. So I was barely out of the studio. I get this text while I was. All caps please tell me terrorists on is Trevor for real. Or asked me is it Trenton. I wrote back tremor no I know. Stop talking about me read attacks have a right front. I wrote back Trenton. She wrote back please tell me you weren't kidding what is his real name. All caps. I wrote back. Trenton. She wrote back. Well it'll be great at 2 o'clock tomorrow trust me F word. To which I wrote back oh well awesome camp way. She just wrote back. Off then she sent me a picture of what you just read. And then like one was from far away. One was closeup with her finger pointing to the word Trevor moment. Then there's this picture of over very angry giving me the under which she says I am seriously going to strangle you. I sent her a picture of me in my car laughing hysterical. And wrote back to ask yourself. To which he wrote back on anything believable. Ask me today he goes. Not my fault and I go this has to. Smaller fault. He's like what can you just accept responsibility when you make a mistake yes I said is this is yeah this way I've missed. Kara. Well. Here's what's what everyone in the ten we have gone over a thousand times everyone on the excellence as they're cracked yeah there was no patriot an incentive. Can I say something very quickly. If this is the last data we see you for the next three months. I'm thrilled for you and Paul I wish you nothing but the best. We love you. We look forward to meeting the new addition to the family. You mean more to us than you can possibly imagine you truly do. And we wish you a lot of luck and best wishes accidentally to smell and champ take that at the girl. Please take that a girl. Dominick hall you'd I don't I don't like the idea of you being in pain and took a fine OK. So we love you. And we don't stop. We love you and we know this is gonna go out great. And program new addition of the family and I think the name Scott Spann tasks at that time to Ellie I want the poll on the choice. I just think it's it's a nice tribute.