Baby Jack Palmer - KMBZ Person of the Week June 8

Kansas City's Morning News
Friday, June 8th
Waiting since birth for a heart-lung transplant, four-month-old Jack Palmer received the life-saving organs two weeks ago. E.J. and Ellen give us a hopeful update on Jack and his parents. 

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This morning an update to a recent person of the week Jack Palmer you may remember him. He is now just over four months old and his mom and dad Tiffany and chuck join us this morning. Jack he's been waiting since birth for heart and lung transplant Tiffany tell us what happened two weeks ago today. Few weeks ago he got his new heart and YE. In the very near crawl and still hard to believe that it actually happened. Where were you and what did you think when they told you yes we have an organ donor. Craig enough we were actually both of Saint Louis that they because that morning. Medical team and actually. Working together to develop a plan of what they were going to be here next Jack couldn't even so new idea lined the bank like that's walked out. So on Wednesday morning they were they were actually conferencing to figure out what they needed to do. And that as we were getting ready that morning at around apple to come up to Persico they called us open and that's the accept organs. Ellen rivals looking each other but with the same thought when we when we heard the news and that was this is fantastic for you. And it is tragic for another family. But the hardest thing praying for you org he knowing that somebody else has and I happen. And he'd apparently been brainpower that donor family and the donor and hoping now that they have given to actor seconds into flight. And is going to be about flights ever. Beth Lange is a heart transplant coordinator at children's mercy and joins us this morning. Best put this into context for us how difficult it is for Jack to have gotten this hard lung transplant. It's gonna be very difficult and trying trying garnered forty totaled eighteen car and he did it take the good news is that common. There are a lot of ardent Eric but our media got to get a general that eighty cart path in LA but unfortunately we have a lot of on children and eighty flurry neat about organic. And god they can't wait for a very long time. Does organs need to be acting chancellor and I into activity that tweeting week. I mean a black type actions and other factors that go and keep finding on a good activity baby credit Gary get a call we can wait Kirk. I'm weak blog and even years. So it just about four months Jack was really lucky. But as it turns out he's hit another major milestone. I. Will tell you what it is as our person of the week continues next. We're updating you this morning on our recent person of the week Jack Palmer just four months old. But two weeks ago received a heart lung transplant he's been waiting for since birth what was it like when you send little Jack off on that Gurney knowing that he has a huge operation ahead of him. As a parent cash and SP tough. We didn't know that that was going to be a lot I'm that we oversaw we actually had our our little boy Max knows what does but and that. He actually helped push. Jack in its current down in the lower that evening and that let me get to that doors of the point of no return that you can go out and Leo are. Matches but that outcry and and that's simply because it's. We we didn't know what are they are going to be that it. How long was he in the operation and how did you get the news that everything had gone well. And he went in to the operating room around 4 PM. And he made it back to his rumor a little after a 3 AM and throughout the entire surgery they were able to keep current update in this where phone call tax. Pictures. Jawad has now a step of the way it what was happening. He's just a cute this little guy and within the last 48 hours perhaps the greatest picture. A little Jack ever tell us what changed about 48 hours ago. Jack netted a milestone and they take others reading here it says that reading Cubans since I'm the first five minutes the lights. We never thought that it would make it to this state and he continues to group itself that it's your very. You knew it was cute to begin with did you take that to about what's your first thought because he looks like a totally different little boy. He does he reminder of his Big Brother Mac you look. Just like he did when he was the baby and seeing his upper let seeing his face seeing. And the mile it. They depict your breath away. So what's ahead for a little Jack I mean do you have any idea when he might be able to come home from the hospital. Know when a fortune telling you and hip surgery is. Buried already heard and hasn't happened very often. Then eighteen get a good highlight from my perspective. He's feeling Corey. He still has lot there of a mile down to accomplish. He. Acted beyond less oxygen support yet to be able to eat. Our biggest hurdle we'll be weaning him off of his sedation. Or used to hold it and get it really felt like a lot of stress does Kamal commercial curse. You know things that we have been. Hope an imprint or for weeks you know have. Trans part didn't you reality and you know yet still a long road. We saw a lot of things that we need to accomplish what but he's meeting a milestone that that truly it never you know lots of camera but whatever it is. It's a remarkable story and you know that the thoughts and prayers of so many here in a in Kansas City and elsewhere are with you. So we're thrilled to be only give folks an update. And we look forward to the next into the next milestones and eventually we look forward to the video of him rolling out of that hospital in your lap Tiffany. We look forward to that date to an end for the first part of urban as a possibility. And we thank you we thank everyone for all your spot. Prayers support this early means the world. Objectives. An example of everything gets hurt that structure.