Austin bomber strikes AGAIN...

The Dana & Parks Podcast
Tuesday, March 20th

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You're listening to the Dana and parts podcasts on K and easy for overseeing his visa. Speaking to reporters science wiping Angela she says she's happy to have their family reunited. I am paying very close to my community and also in any Anderson's family and everyone. I am going to get my husband today. Syed is now on supervised release until immigration enforcement meet again next month he is currently being held Platte county jail. One person found shot in a wrecked car near 39 and prospect this afternoon that person taken to the hospital with life threatening injuries. Authorities in Texas today investigating a suspicious package detected at a FedEx facility near Austin perks from international airport that makes it three FedEx locations being checked out. In the midst of a string of package bombings that have happened in the city. At a FedEx sorting center in suburban San Antonio earlier today a Purcell riding on a conveyor belt blew up injuring a worker. Austin officer destiny Winston was asked how this latest FedEx location incident might relate to the bombings at the right now we don't have any type of thing to say. That this isn't facts related to this San Antonio's incidents. A judge in New York his ninth president trusts attempt to dismiss a lawsuit filed by a former apprentice contestant accusing him of sexual misconduct. No one is above the law a judge here in Manhattan wrote in denying president Trump's bid to dismiss a lawsuit from Summers their votes who appeared on the apprentice and accused mr. trump of making several unwanted sexual advances on the campaign trail Donald Trump repeatedly denied the accusations but the judge said deserve most lawsuit cannot be dismissed just because he has now become president. It is settled the judge said that the president of the United States has no immunity and is subject to the laws for purely private acts Aaron conversely ABC news New York. A judge in Saint Louis is considering motions to move up governor Eric Wright is trial in April and here's the trial without a jury brightens faces a single count of felony invasion of privacy in connection with an affair he had before his campaign. Former US attorney pat Mac and Ernie told EJ and L on the governor's lawyers want to avoid the spectacle of a trial before a jury. It also gives them ahead. The anticipated investigative report comes from the village archer. Mac and Ernie says a speedy trial could deny the prosecution and opportunity to round up key evidence such as an incriminating photographs mark Lavoy in his 981 KN BC 906 graders in Kansas City public school or visiting metropolitan community college over the next three days it's part of the annual kids to college program. President doctor tang on Lee tells KM BZ they want to show the kids that higher education is within reach our. Students are for all work here or guardian they don't have a college education and so for us. As the public debt limit that great that beat you help them understand that college is an option but a community college. But being called sir reached that a forty institution. Traffic and weather together next AM BZ traffic and weather together let's check in with Jay Edwards. Keeping a low in chance for rain in the forecast for the afternoon time otherwise mostly cloudy here are high temperature into the upper forties and so let's touch of a northwesterly breeze. Tonight are clearly 35. Great weather on tap for tomorrow and for Thursday to plenty of sunshine to go around with the warming trend. Let the mid to upper fifties I Wednesday afternoon into the mid to upper sixties by Thursday. Shower chances are in the forecast by Friday afternoon and that high at 65. I'm staff meteorologist at different era more key in DC weather 47 right on TCI 49 downtown it is 49 your official weather station. Throwback to the eighties. It's going to be letter. Letter LE TTE eight our. Letter. 72 hated one pure chance of thousand dollars. With the keyword cash remember messaging data rates apply. People who love Dina happy for stands burying. It doesn't really feel like I don't think it's here I feel like it's over it's an apparent right. You know the first sign of spring is not win pitchers and catchers report you know it's not it's not the first. Pre season baseball game and I hope it's not know it's not the little greens breaks in my backyard no it's not win the bugs on the tree first appears they are now on the maple trees it's not when the grass starts to slowly turned just a little bit green with each passing day you know what it is here the first sign of spring I guess when. Storms six. GB he's. I don't condone the sixties and back into Thursday's turning. This is. What I love Joey and his high. Get a little pep in my step down and start feeling like we're we're done we're done with the snow and cold and I just as. When I hear the forecast I get excited for Thursday yes I. Know. There. I'd she's cute as we. Weak weak weak weak kid because we do but it does make me happy to hear it because the fifties and I'd miserables which is normally good. The sixty I need to sixties and that I'm happy. What else going on in this five world what the hell is going on in text oh my god. I'm re different I get. If I've lost count now of what has happened in the last week for so so they tell more so yeah six hours ago we had to. Young men tripped over some sort of wire it detonated a bomb package bomb. They were both urban and it would thank god. Then last night. At a FedEx in San Antonio. A box blew up on a conveyor belt the and then now there looking at to quote suspicious packages. That were found in. Alston percent while I was in San Antonio and the other was was an awesome right. And let me tell you the a couple of months to experiencing Dana's back where. People. The FedEx facility is it true is two blocks from. The last spotting from the trip wire running one of them so I don't know it's said it was literally two blocks away from one of the last wants. This whole thing now has me just like like this is a movie in the making. What's going on right on sex and no one I wanna know why and you know remember what Ted Kaczynski. It made no sense now I mean his rambling kind of and I say this and air quotes. Justification. And so forth because crazy doesn't make sent out but remember this was against like the man in the machine technology. And you know Kaczynski somebody's on positive dreaded apparently today was posting that they didn't really wanna see human lives taken but they wanted to watch the world burn. But this is a suppose. He is everywhere you look. Labeled. A domestic terrorist an American domestic terrorists have heard that with this note that it matters if you're the one that opened a package and you lost a loved one or you are injured for the rest of your life. I don't think you particularly care at this moment what we're calling it but I do find it interesting that Ted was. A domestic terrorist and we're just calling this. Serial bomber S cereal I am. Does it have to be political in nature for it to be terrorism sky. Well the two the technical definition of terrorism means it has to be either politically. Religiously. And may be racially. Motivate and or racially motivated. The C by that definition Kaczynski really doesn't fit his wasn't political hiss was industrial. Well it was political in the sense that it was some sort of bizarre. Anti tech ideology. That he pursued solo was him in a way political Matt says it's. I'll tell you this and I I've raved about this for years if you have never into the museum then his museum in Washington DC. What it's called the museum you don't even have to be in his you can hate news and you'll love the museum. Because it's a piece of every big news history story in the history of the world so they have. A piece of the Berlin Wall etched in college appease it is an Norman's. Section of the wall in fact. I think it's the largest section that exists in North America is meant reserves and their couple times. They have Ted kaczynski's can happen. In the crime area. Of the museum like a whole county and they have the whole cap that well not sure it right viola that carelessness of Richard Reid's shoes the issue bar. They have all kinds of 9/11 stuff it's tons of nine elevenths that. And turn this corner and there's this. And one of the dozens was run around talking to people and it's that replica of the cabinet and she looks at me and she says no that's that can happen. We have the happen that is not a replica. It was dismantled in the woods and where everyone is on tanner Miller. That land settled. They dismantled the cabin and piece by piece reconstructed it inside the news. And she didn't go. It can't fit more than like two people and I mean it was when they sent small cap and it is. I can't even call it a round it is a very very small space where you could barely laid down from one into the other. I think there's this want. In regards what's going on in Austin. And mouse and Antonio. For people they want. To call it domestic terrorism and I don't know why necessarily yet because motive is important. To understand. Whether or not this release is terrorism or is just some loony tune. Okay. Kaczynski's now 75 by the way. Serving life he pleaded guilty in exchange for not receiving death penalty I've never understood why we do by the way he's been Eric if you ready to feel old Ted Kaczynski was arrested 22 years ago how serial killers in his arms are rare. But authorities have developed a profile. From the past said this yesterday who works in all of that and white and why they have very educational attainment they were above average intelligence and mechanically inclined. People we pay to come up with who's the rural white men their bombs of course they're mechanically inclined. Almost always they were furious. Really. One expert told the newspaper bombs are a statement not just a weapon. Did you add that white man partner William I read it verbatim. Usually forty angry living in their mother's face I hate you really wanted to figure that out of course he's angry how well. He's not waking up whistling Dixie as he's blown people. She ran like for example. What was a guy the that you DC snipers of the manga I was on. My commonly Mohammed is was that his name. Now I'll note it was we malveaux was the kid you're right some Mohammed. That was not that was just. An idiot with a gun right who wanted to just randomly kill. That's a crime spree but it's I don't I wouldn't class terrorism the classic definition is best. The unlawful use of violence and intimidation especially against civilians in the pursuit. Of a political game. OK. So we can't colony domestic terrorist until we know them out of here unless he's just an idiot who is really good at making bombs. And for no other reason wants to write a splash in the news or you know whatever. I mean we would have to know. The motive. To classify it technically and I'm just making the technical argument I'm not saying this guy. Is not a domestic terrorists I would even argue the DC snipers were domestic terrorists. If it could see my I think my view of terrorism is a little bit broader than what the dictionary definition is. That the the key word in terrorism is Tehran. It's the spread to meet of terror by any means necessary. So if if York. Sitting in the trunk of a car with a little's hole carved out in your sticking up. Gone through that. And you blowing people away standing in a Home Depot parking lot of Washington DC. And I'm driving off real quick and many do what the next day and a couple days you're hurting your cereal and you're not your serial killer but your goal is to spread. Terror to make people afraid to go. Out. So I argued that legal one out you were in Austin and why wouldn't be picking up a package that he changed Scott as soon as the police chief said don't pick up any packages. He is to turn our trip wire which. Now that's scary because at the we're seeing now. Now people are on the ground look at for trip wires he's gone to a FedEx. Facility I wonder was that and this is just pure guessing on my part or actually actually actually I'm just asking a question. Was the FedEx facility a target. Or a mistake. You know the answer that caramel it sounds like based on what they're saying now is that the package was addressed to another address in Austin. That's fine it would have been rest of the Senate's plan right but what I'm saying is could that have been and again I'm just spit balling him throwing questions out. Could the FedEx plan have actually been the target. You wouldn't address the package to the FedEx facility you'd address into another address via remotely detonated or maybe there's a timer and it. I have no idea how long it took to consider and accept cash or Ted Kaczynski and your members has brought our and is by his wife has figured it out. I believe it took almost twenty years or seventeen. Years. He killed three people and wounded 23 others when. And members big manifesto. So this guy has killed the same number of people. In four weeks three weeks we'll know he's he's we killed 22 were dead. I mean not not saying the eighties but that's not it is just to enact. It's just you know okay so the first two bombings that he's almost killed as many people in handful of weakest and as Suzanne Kaczynski did in seventeen years. Am and I think if I'm not mistaken it was that manifesto which was released in 1990. Five. That ultimately led to him being identified because his brother rat it was his brother's wife and I pray that this sounds like your crazy balloon now brother brother and an. Three by five at an annual women in a van down by the recovery and big blocker government GA's. Madden. What is doable St. Louis Rams I part topic in the sponsoring it's not really topics analysts say about it we're all anti explosion right. But it is it is as fascinating as it is tragic are you for or against it at seven so I'm up at 78 and again I'm against it. Again. I mean that that's not the topic. But I don't know what it is but I also don't. Wanna ignore it. And act like you know we're not paying attention of the damned news this furtive with the hundreds it was heinous and evil but. Sixers story. Now he and a but his ideology is not bizarre and was eagle logically compassionate. I. 576. I 576 and seven. Hey there's no but here either listen to this all the plumbing pro you're gonna get a free replacement sump pump right now called the plumbing pro. With all the rain we've finally had over this week. It is less and we had this much friend by the way was three months ago so if you're sump pump is grind and grind and grind and your basement. Called the plumbing pro you'll get a free replacement some pomp. When you buy a brand new battery backups system for it. It is so Smart you get a brand is sump pump for free out of it. You get the battery back up system for it in case something goes wrong. And then your doubly covered the plumbing pro he's is a great deals are offering right now right as the rainy season gets here I'm 13270. Or 1280. 9132701280. Or the easiest way. Is Davis plumber dot com how easy is that to remember Davis plumber dot com. Dana's plumber dot com put your tools away how to online today is plumber not sound you tellem Dana sentient. Moonless. Michael stadium. Army Tuesday throwback to the eighties. I Kimberly people who write him and so when the unabomber did was awful but there's no but are you to the hardy boys. From. No one is disputing. No is disputing this person as mental health issues I'm assuming they're talking about the person and taxes but can you please stop with the negative terms merits and all capsule means there. Very adamant about that part of their text it furthers the stigma and Deke. Creases the people who need help getting yet. Mean you like it week we called him crazy well. He is crazy I agree. This is not going to be someone with whom we have mental health compassion. This is going to be. A domestic terrorist and so let me ask you this when you talk about the Boston bombers. Do you say. They had mental health issues of course you don't say that you'd say it or not well and economy. This in just for the discussion regarding the text sometimes the words. That we use. And by we I mean as a society as a country. As a people. Don't mean we doesn't mean necessarily that we are using the clinical definition of the word for example. Dexter I would only ask how many times have you called somebody an idiot. Idiot is actually a clinical term to describe someone who has mental issues. In bustle is also on that same chart I'd assume. They're saying about mental health and not using those terms of we were talking abouts. Let's say someone who suffers from severe depression and anxiety yeah Boris I was I'm not saying that that is Craig's little. But we also characterize. Murdering. Criminals which is what these people are. It is different way than we do your quote run of the mill mental health cases you say to me all day long. That Adam Lanza. Had mental health issues I will still tell you his mother was crazy and and heat too neat. Does not deserve any sympathy. For having mental health issues he is a more time to think most murderers have some type of mental health issue we don't say about Dennis rader. Who killed countless people over three decades. He probably had a mental health issue noble. Would say the demonstrator BTK is crazy. And I don't mean crazy in the clinical definition I mean at the way I would say to you I don't think Dana for example. Other than a little bit of anxiety I don't think you are mentally. Avoid. Org where you would fall on the spectrum of idiot in missile etc. there are some words the words on that chart we can't use that word anymore. But in times when I've looked you. We are off and I said oh my god your crazy that. For instance but does it mean that I literally think you have mental health issues and you need to seek psychiatric care I'd just say I'm using it at. Slut okay but let me askew Davis. Is it not fair to say in this country. More often than not he'd bring racing to this I'm going your way you know what are you know what I'm gonna say here. More often than not when it is a young white male shooter. Colorado Aurora movie theater and James. Homes. We more often than not Apple's say well this is a mental health issue instead he's a mass murderer. Who. Took her gun and went into a movie theater and killed a bunch of people. People are more quick I believed to say well it is now. When it is the young white male shooter. And out flyers leave malveaux. And John Mohammed John Mohammed were black the Boston bombers of course we're not white guys. I just think we are more we more likely. Are to say quicker. That this must be some type of mental health issue when it's the young white kid who goes and and shoots up somebody or something I. I I don't think we do that with the Columbine shooters. It's interesting you're right we didn't. They were just gorgeous cold blooded killer titles evil evil or are now. And they were not the not the regional school shooter rappers but they were in the beginning. I think let's put it in Paducah Kentucky was first. You know those cancer out. Right up presume look it up. The two shooters who hated it and pulled the fire alarm on that grassy Knoll and picked off those kids. Our free. As a bird. I read an article about it about a year ago and I'm in my blood boil because they were what 1213. At the time. One of them changed their names got their you know. He's grown and other girls walking amongst us up. So if there's an the next license. We do about it. It's different carefully is going to in the news today. Mammoth bones puts you I would Killington to standardize care. Yeah. This movie. And well. Are you can be the men were. Today. She's giving him I think she just gave you one finger wave and here's what's so great I don't know that I've ever seen her flip the bird. Until just now she just slip me the bird. I shrugged DUI did not look you know I. It was a little and I are ways that I thought dismissive I thought when you shrug your nano finger was and that. Does he flipped the bird there's not got a mad multiple times before a stellar. I do and that very lazy wave. Quite get there it's plane at totally wasn't paying attention the time. And sorry shock and anger shock and bruised and Caremark sort the president talking about the bombings in Austin more next. Dana right here for doctor take in the center for interest namely what a 135 rally just to my doctor take vitamin they. Bring my vitamins and my meal replacements. With me as every single day to work still do and down twenty pounds since I went back into the center for nutrition. Before my a trip to Mexico his girlfriend on more than thirty pounds and more than 31 inches. Since she walked in for her free consultation with doctor take. If you've tried. Everything house. Give medically managed weight loss I try it is the only thing that is ever worked for me in a tailored one on one personalized. Plan that will fit you your body. He'll get to the bottom of why you're having trouble not only losing weight. But keeping it off doctor take a call 913814. 8222. You're gonna love his staff 9138148222. Or Tate nutrition dot com you telling Dana cents a. 230 during Kansas City through the KM BZ newsroom I'm Kara marks our president trump today commenting on the package bombings in Austin from saint local state and federal authorities are working on stopping the bomber we have. A lot of power over there will look in its not easy unified. But these are sick people and we have to find him as soon as possible. A San Antonio police department now says that its police chief was mistaken when he said that investigators found a second package bomb that hadn't detonated at the Fed ex distribution center. There was only one package bomb at the shirts facility the one that exploded early today officials say that bomb apparently was addressed to an Austin home. A Missouri death row inmate whose life was spared by a last minute stay of execution for years ago is asking the supreme court for another reprieve claiming the process of killing him could cause a blood filled tumors to burst inside his head. Russell Buckley was scheduled to die by injection this evening. Traffic and weather together next. It's got parts excited to tell you about how one lucky homeowner can when a 7500. Dollar window make over from continental citing supply. Couple ways you can enter to win first you can stop my comment citing show room and independence. And signature entering the contest box you can also wondered when the window make over on why KM BZ dot com. Just click on the contest tab when your on the KM BZ home page 100 people will be invited to the grand finale event. On Saturday march 31. From ten to noon continental citing Jones can be directors were all the finalists. Narrowed down to ten people for the final draw. And each finalist walks away with the prize. One lucky person. Walks away with a 7500 dollar window Minko. Contest going on right now you can submit your entry no later than Sunday. March 25 the Sunday so don't miss your chance when 7500 dollar window make over from continental citing supply. TMB easy traffic and weather together piers. A lot of clouds stick around Kansas City Najaf and arrested today we cannot a lot of passing shower easing on up to a high into the upper forties. Clearing out the clouds tonight to let thirty fives and some quiet weather on tap for the next couple days. Sunny and warmer mid to upper fifties or Wednesday afternoon and an happens to make you upper sixties by Thursday. We have another chance for rain showers and evident by Friday and shot at showers and a possible thunderstorm on Friday night. I'm staff meteorologist at different era more key in DC whether. It is 47 are in our case CI 48 dead your official weather station. I'm Kara marks or stay connected with Newsnight DA one KM BZ and KM BZ dot com. He didn't sing. She's been proven to. Editorial here from the Kansas City Star it's about a man who apparently is scheduled to be executed in Missouri. Tonight. And star. Which has become increasingly more libertarian maybe. And definitely since they brought in that guy from Wall Street Journal drew on the editorial board. It has moved from being a far left and the torrent more two more. Mittal the rotary even libertarians some day and a different voices and that they can do and so I was kind of surprised to see this one although. Not shocked here's the editorial. From the Sar. The right to an adequate defense regardless of personal wealth or social influences and underpinning of our justice system. On mount much everyone should agree regardless of how one views the death penalty. As a measure of justice but on Tuesday today. Missouri intends to execute a man who has not been afforded that right. Russell balk. Most certainly committed the crimes that he was tried and convicted of in 199721. Years ago. He is a murderer. He is a kidnapper. And he is a rapists. Speech he shot and killed Michael Sanders. A man he suspected of being the new lover. Of his ex girlfriend Stephanie right. Bought blue shot Sanders in front of the man's then six year old son. Also firing the gun at the child but he missed. Then he handcuffed his ex girlfriend Stephanie rate dragged her to a car that he had stolen. Balk Lou raped her during the next several hours. Even though balked Lou has spent years on death row federal defense attorneys are new to the case. Say that they are just now doing some of the most basic work. The the American Bar Association standards require in all the death penalty cases back keep in mind. They're doing the most basic work to the American Bar Association. Standards require but not a law that is right. The American Bar Association is not vote lol. The attorneys work for the new federal defense capital AB is unit. Which was just put in place last year at the insistence. Of Missouri judges for starters on the side. That he has some health issues as well. Buck Lew has an operable condition that causes bask you're tumors. In his head and throat because his blood does not circulate properly the tumors could burst. And began gushing blood as the lethal injection is administered. Ball clue could die by choking on his own blog. His victim it and that's what people are saying right now in her. Understandably many people are unmoved by argument that someone who was caused so much pain should be granted any level of mercy. But the law of the land is an ex accuse shoes or not to be carried out in a cool. And unusual way. By cruelty mean removing someone's life from their body. I have I have. My blood loss scares me sometimes I have no sympathy for this man who's so Russell balked world. Who's been on death row for 21 years. By a solution. I really don't care. I don't. I don't know you know I'm not in and we beat me backtrack that one because I know some people are gonna get upset with what I just said I don't. Want this country to. Resort to executions. Routinely being painful for people. You know more painful than they obviously would be anyway. I'm sure stopping one's heart is. It is not paying less. However. Because we have a system in our country where you could commit a crime at 45. And out facing execution tailored to your second yes. Of course in in that capacity of time there you run the risk as a justice system. But the person you have condemned to death is going to experience and and for certain health issues. So the the obvious answer is one of two things. We either start executing people more quickly before they get too old acts acute which I can't agree with us because we've got it wrong so many times but it was of Rhine but Dana you and I have argued since the day we started the show that we apply the data and parks method to every excuse in America. We know. Hugo and the problem with that is we have something called the constitution understand. And and but but Dana I think any reasonable person and maybe tomorrow. Any reasonable person would argue. That people who have been condemned to death. Spend way too much time on death. I mean John. But Johnny Robinson who has been on death row in Kansas for almost two decades. Is guilty as sin but Johnny Robinson is now 75. Years oh. I've natural causes before he ever here's here's my question for in Lansing. The last time we had a group of attorneys arguing we should not execute this and made I believe it was an Alabama two weeks ago. Because he had a condition he had late stage cancer he had no usable veins and they said there's no way that a prison. Doctor is going to be able to find usable thing to kill him. The last time this happened you remember the outcome. They they stuck the prisoner probably have 25 time to Syria square Ryan his client's right it's pride is carotid artery tried all of these places. They were not able to kill him. With that method. And now he actually has a case with those attorneys that that was cruel and unusual punishment and that's not a firing squad where it's just over. And so I think when these cases come up. And there is a proven medical. Reason whereas this is not gonna work. Kind of have a point Scott if you're a death penalty advocate. Every single time one of these goes wrong. It takes you one step closer for the state haulers abolishing the death penalty which in effect Kansas has done an. By not meeting it out ever. Which is so ironic when you consider how conservative the state of kansas'. Very much is that no one in this state wants to and I use this term. Loosely no pun intended noting gospel trigger wrecked. On people like Johnny Robinson the car Brothers. Gone about the way I don't know what prompted me to do this but I read up on the car brother case against eastern Aberdeen just horrible. Horrible human beings. You know one of the survivors listener. Kangaroo and any detail com I know where that person lives. Guess the only survivor there is no. Reason they should still be here the only survivor of the car Brothers. Crime spree lives in the Kansas and much of that is correct. Bill in Zona Rosa hello bill. Hill Billy are good parents are okay. I. It's or they had a couple of questions. Who in alive war college sports game that the video what are the how this killer. Feel what their footing and he talked about a doctor already been fine adopt a content and throw. A totally get it done. The open our goal troll or our country and others too much gray matter at all. You know is actually eat Cuba he need to die. I mean art of killing. The whole album really. I don't appear out loud crazy village for a lot. Oh man I am. Billy I think it it it's easy with all due respect him and please don't get upset with me for challenging would become a bloodless is easy. It's it's easy to say give me a couple hundred bucks and I'd kill them. I don't I don't I would like to think most of us are not so flippant about taking life. I did not I am I cannot do not believe even taking a lot. Alleged hit he likes. Streamer actually you know. We keep track restrict the stress tests are remembered being a warming world without. Cure remember Luke. There's a lack Internet church species. There are green lease cadillacs. It's Bobby green at least a little dot. Gut crude my grandmother was here was mr. image social work shot. You know do a lot on. There is available in July at the did it. They caught up. They try to stay convicted on and wasn't very basic died against chamber watch in the lot world at all what that. I will tell you that that is the way we used to do it. Billing and and we had the same constitution in place than that we do now I I don't know the answer to listen to this from the text line. The answer is a contingency plan if you can't die by lethal injection fire up something else right behind it carbon monoxide etc. Were fired squads causing as he can't say. Because I have physical condition that will not allow this to work with the lethal injection. Then you say what right behind it are contingency plan in Kansas is. Firing squad and. And here's the thing. And with the firing squads the way I understand that several people or one person is given a bullet. The others are given guns with blacks so that nobody really knows who killed that person so that unlike definitely they don't have to wrestle with the guilt. That they killed somebody they don't note they didn't know. What we do this because I don't wanna take the risk. That we only have one bullet that works okay that could do the deed. Lineup six people with the corrections department they would have to ball and tear I think that's why they call firing squad can you don't know who's doing and stamp but I. I've always been under the impression may be are wrong that it's only one person with a real bull yeah. Let make it three. That and everybody aims for the heart. All everybody aims for the heart three people have blanks three people of actual bullets there is no question it's going to kill him. Somebody's gonna hit hard. I mean help put an X on his chest just have these marksmanship same for the acts I don't care but there has to be something. Because. This is ridiculous that this man's. Well boulder respect. This man's bad health. Prevents. Could prevent. Us from meeting out will reconsider in this country. To be proper justice for the worst of the worst crime I absolutely worst of the worst and you have to ask yourself where's that sexual child today Scott. Where's the sexual child that witness that today and where is justice for that child witness the slaughter of his own father. At the age of 657677. On it. In a writer for Volkswagen a Lee's summit Amanda they have a great deal going on for you right now I'd until around and that little Jenna since I got back from Mexico and I love it. You can go and now books finally summit they will lease one of those things for you for 139. Dollars a month that is a brand new. 2018. Jenna. 439. Dollars a month or you buy it saved 4000. 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And then move him and we want to rule on well that's the governor was limited at all. Mike and tong and oxy hello Mike. Out so some burden on the tax on really clicked while we figure it sounds that there is actually a computer system now you heard about this. Where if you're doing firing squad a physical human being doesn't actually have to fire the guy. It's you can do it in a computerized way or everybody clicks a button on a mouse and then you know. The black. Hispanic you feel better. In. Let's do this fine out of we have a problem with the form monster record Joseph Don in blue springs Joseph Donahue there. Our. Our system doesn't wanna hear from candidates who don't welcome. At the think it's good to be back. I now and now are. I think I am sometimes that. What about the people. Two lines. And the people that are murderers. Whatever. And the and her out there on broke and I am not only do. And that taxpayer dollar which include the tax money. On the family. These people. Beating. I. We I think we need to do that thing to expedite. Their goodbye. The the only problem I would have without that Joseph Don is I am convinced in this does bother me badly. I am convinced we have executed innocent people. This is why I think we need to be very judicious. With the way we mete out the death penalty in the United States and. Great going at that. It snapped I mean read it you know that they are not. Guilty why you let them. Trademark or trademark an. Argument means you'll. I think a collector. Calling him that it suggests. Ludicrous. Plan. People running around that doctor Robert in Brooklyn. And when we if they show up without. And to bail out against saint inning it by mail. I would agree with you with the exception of a couple things O'Donnell I think we should not allow any case. To go all the way to a death penalty punishment. Based on eyewitness testimony or circumstantial or circumstantial evidence because those are the cases especially with eyewitness testimony. And especially where there is a racial or ethnic difference. Between the witness Andy supposes to suspect. Those are the worst statistically. When you look back at those who have been wrongfully convicted. Those are always the highest percentage of those cases where we get it wrong. Student keyword cash this hour it is rose RO SE. Rose Texan and a 72881. In your in the running for a thousand dollars. Would kubert cash message and data rates may apply rose RO SE. Tech said in a 72881. Rose. Newsroom McCarron marks. Happening on KM BZL Lawrence professor out of jail we'll have more next. Hey folks spring will be here before you know what it is time to start thinking about your deck driveway and garage floor seal once Casey is her to permanently protect and beautify these areas. 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