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Friday, June 16th

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Regular supposed to know what's going on in the world I'd like to hear. Start drinking have. Let's see if they really do what would you do remember anything you have to walk it what's trending with Jamie McIntyre live your life you're plugged into the game right there. Live on 9811 JMD's. It is off today in four of his money selling is rod Babcock around ASEAN Sammy gets what's trending here's what that people are talking about you and he in Kansas City. All foods. Amazon is looking at this thirteen point seven billion dollars Amazon paid for a whole lose 42 bucks a share for the organic food chain. And I'm as broke like four hours ago. The biggest. Whole foods guy but that's that whole healthy food healthy always organic shopping would gone their a couple of times but the big but. Extra effort foods as good as there are context this is an Amazon's biggest acquisition by more than twelve. Times and giving me never quite. Well. Who is you know in competition to becomes kind net with who did it at the world if those two ever merge would go or do. I mean if you work for for whole food's pretty happy about this I don't know would you being sent us an idea I don't know. Which ones are better you know you employee wise ones that are company. Also trending in Kansas City, Kansas legislation. Governor Brownback will allow. A bill. A lot of public hospitals to continue banning concealed weapons passed into law even without a signature which is a good thing I mean do we want guns. In hospitals in public hospitals. I'm sure gun guy will say yes. What needing rod I don't. I think it's five and then you have a right to carry on with you at all times. Yeah really in a hospital early that and they have so much. Equipment that mean you know it. You're near an MRI machine. Deck could be very bad at that if it's true. Very true. Also governor Brownback. Signed senate bill nineteen pertaining the act funding of K through twelve they directed more dollars and class and by limiting bond and interest aid encouraging. Responsible financial stewardship at the local levels so governor Brownback with a busy day today Michelle Carter is trending we know she is she was the seventeen on twenty year old would. Who. Encouraged her then boyfriend Conrad rolling to commit suicide he did it the case went all week. The judge heard both sides and ruled involuntary manslaughter. That was. That was strange I was I was curious to see how they were gonna charger and now we know we I'll always as sentencing we don't know that yet yeah I think it's deservedly. Travis. Who is Jada or job. Assuming it's Jada Pinkett Smith. Is that right it'll it is trending do you not as accurate I have no idea who stumped him there thank. Oh yes yes it appeared to Smith on. The biopic of all eyes on me which is about to pot yeah and a lot of people are saying it doesn't really. Bring out with two properly was. I think she's I want on a rain about it. Okay here's the thing if the 2 o'clock movie does not include his time as DJ shock in the Digital Underground in the movies crap I don't know want to. I don't know because what was the NWA movie. Trying to counteract content that movie was fantastic. I I don't know of this movie will be as good I enjoyed the movie I really did. But it was a floppies man. Dr. Dre is it was not a nice guy but but but you know yeah all these things were portrayed as as these were nice guys that were you know. You came off is not a nice guy Q well let me cube was the only one it was a realistic. Interpretation of of them and at places on items and look just like you that was kind of spot on but but yeah the biggest problem with that movie is is the portrayal of Dr. Dre. Who seems technical guy when he was not. I personally don't go hang out them. Yet knows you know. Okay and also part of her rant is because 28 opinion to buy taxis have a relationship together before he became huge. And they've made it seem like if flow what are really wasn't in this movie where and Allen already hate the movie before it comes out. Former German chancellor Helmut Kohl is Tran as trending right now indicted 87. The reunited east and west Germany to help shape fodder Europe. That's cool but are these oxygen delivered with a name moments. What. The red pepper. You know I didn't drop out arcs like hell it's called me you know penis penis. So I. It's just all and. I'd need you for this one is well Travis I don't know what wild thoughts wise wild thoughts to sew wild thoughts is a music video and a song. With DJ Khaled who produce it with Rihanna and up and coming artists Bryson tiller any good. I've I just listened to it also has a Santana plane it's hard to macro so it has a good little B. Rats me. Today is not as good disease being so. Are ready to go off lyrics now I think now and I asked him not to meet people do which is that it's more about beats writes more about that there ain't no that's what's trending. Here on KM BZ coming up. Will tell you and I bought these in terms of market researcher but some skills. And of skills doesn't but. I bought some for some mark. Research because apparently scandals is being. Labeled as racists. And we'll tell you why the rainbow of fruit flavor is being labeled a racist also a word they got a mom band. From the campus of her kids' school do that next as well and you could ask rod anything. At 1235 routes well fifteen did they are here and anyone came easy 981 game easy midday with Jamie like it. I think the chance ask you this yet rod I know that my normal partner that sits here rob Babcock in Virginia not a solid today she's odd phone banking for Kamal Harris. Did you see the fight announcement this week the economy Gregor Floyd Mayweather are actually gonna box all the really it's been really going to happen. On oddity on May 26 for those that don't know Floyd Mayweather is an undefeated boxer some say the pound for pound greatest fighter of all time I think he's overrated but. He still a great boxer. I'm he seems to think he's the greatest yeah well I mean he's he's the show he's the rock star dad he's the key there. I mean highest paid Oca the Mayweather. Jacqui I'll fight was reject a guy knows it was the it was a boring fight this terrible fight. It was a great fight from a boxing standpoint it was not a good fight but it was a good boxing. Travis Knight you UCL may packed well I did here I did it. Oh what's the struggle for me for boxing now is. The last spike up until that fight I ever watched with Mike Tyson. Which Mike Tyson because you're like six when he was good so that he was the dominant type class when I watch edited it last supported our tickets when he he knocked the guy out what is it Peter McNeeley Minnesota who's actually the last review one governor ordered number watch now also mouse like really. Yes what a fascinating how much. Zacks there's very little nervous you don't realize is that was most of the paper used during Tyson's career right. Did he ever in a fight that wind you know 789 round yeah man was that still holds the most knock out under a minute. I believe it yeah yeah. He not knocked out Michaels speaks out watch that would lie if everybody was mad I didn't understand why until I watched the next paper view fight the next paper you lighten it. And that his career obviously with different direction. But I think the fight between jail do that this. Alleged real people do that apparently isn't a be a word to the wise but yet it's going to happen at its August 26 in Las Vegas. And it's going to be a boxing match you're 26 year old Connor Gregor would have it's famous UFC fighters and it really USC got a lot of people are. A mortal boxing guy I don't think McGregor has a chance. In this fight my buddy Brock a good point. Because he's 21 right now to win Bryant he says he's got a better chance of getting disqualified and actually would. Because he'll he's a fighter he wants to kick he wants to ground he wants to break your arm. At some able to be able to keep focus as Floyd did some dodges and ducks and runs away which is what he is great app. He's a great boxer that is is tactical and so fast and eat you know you'll what you exploring boxing what he's great at it. Will McGregor snap and then try to turn into UFC's. I think some do forget that he used to be a boxer go back or AME fighting. But yeah artists he wasn't bad date for the return home until it budding it was him if he gets his belt round and he gets mad I could see him. Forgetting the rules boxing. Especially yeah. Yeah exactly. But I I don't know people excited about it I think cell. And bigger bull's gonna make 100 million dollars off the paper to lower would you go to a party would you have would you pay for it. I wouldn't four but yeah I would definitely go watch for ten bucks down in Atlanta. I've seen him yet exactly is it and if if we have the party. This is my formal invite to you and Travis yes all right Travis Zelikow aren't there at rod can drive you yeah. Rocket drives you now what is it Hoover up about the Milledge is expected that coliseum. They've made me. Where are Al. I have I have been the designated driver Ed and would actually great about being the guy that doesn't drink is you get invited to stuff like Ashley real call me go look here's the thing. We all wanna go to the stadium hammered. Where you come with a it's going to be super fun for us now will you come with us somewhere doesn't drive zone meanwhile through the end against hammered too easily you don't get invited to stop gap known anymore and if I just say hey amino program. Rod might become. I think it is me it would not be saying tablet though police yeah. Lebanon would go that Uma. Rod and wicket iGoogle hang out in math correctly you come with this mental note of I think we're gonna get the fight I just hooked up. My subwoofer. We got his wedding gift in oh we had we had what McCain didn't turn on the power would not turn on its recent backed Amazon okay and decent as the new one. Man as an awesome all Alex guardians of the galaxy cranked it all the way up leads at it at ache. Said it's awesome hundred yeah its its Lipton fantastic as a whole entertainment system. Finally I finally have my dream and the seventy this have Indians and a subwoofer to sound bar. Also need wow I don't know what else I need I'd. The wives dogs are TV the sound system night deceive about temple avenue and leave just in case great editor. And if it does get pretty loudly I think our neighbor next door is gonna be really bad. Like he's not going to be thrilled at some point to be like this at our expense six at like 2 AM just for ranking the base. Yeah so that that's where we're at right now and you guys if we get to fight your budget gap Anatolian sounds Austin and bring your significant other so they can not watch the fight definitely. Elder girl. We're skills here in the studio as matter of fact on skills. Skills have become the unlikely focus of course race row or a racial controversy after Twitter users. Objected to white versions of the suites being sold to mark pride month. Skills are usually colorful as you know there purple and orange and green and red and yellow. But the makers Mars says there's tellingly blank version so all light skills. In the UK so you gotta be well see that's where we're ago. To sit out the message that during pride only one rainbow matters meaning the LG BTQ community rainbow. But of course Twitter exploded. Suggesting that the collar white was for the neutral scandals. Lies racist podcaster Torre Shea sort of debate by arguing that the color was never represented equality which is. Celebrated during the month of pride everybody else and why should white is mean equality that's the bleeping problem. Scandals has signs out that says during pride only one rainbow matters so we've given up hours to show our support. Two pounds per pack will be donated to the guy LG BT plus charity initiatives. OK I was like two pounds for a particular gap is in London I'm bigger packs somebody tweeted out we will never have nor want lightning. But why of course but the argument has backed only by a couple of supporters she wrote out this literally has nothing to do with race white equals blank nothing to do his skin color. They did this to show odds and it is for LG BT. He showed that no matter our sexuality AKA flavor we're all the same just blank stop being triggered for a reason treasure the good message in this. Not everything is to get you. I agree with that. I think it's dumb that people are upset about it and I think it's done that they're doing it. It's Skittles taste arraigned organ that's their whole day there are ready fried candy. Like they'd already there the official candy of LG BT yeah. Why would you give up their end its support LG BTQ are nominal fee like Thursday. All. If you if at all it's like a whole bag lights you cursing and this is races. I'm sorry I am not gonna eat a browns you know I'm not eat it up elapsed yeah. What. It lets the rainbow colors Quetta or always get a what's gonna have the same flavor rise despite our from the looks give it another caller I'm not an edict. This week what do you think would that be okay. They stayed at her breast cancer month for all makes you believe that the tropical. Area here that would this week to being sold in supermarkets to mark pride for the entire month of June it's the second time Mars. Has released a blank version in support of the case yet and is is that they skip one last which would be at the coloring in the game right. I'm assuming they're all come out and an adult now I just believe they come out colors don't you dare I just early and there's green gun that shoots about as an orange the I don't audibly girl light. And they add coloring to now I wanna believe they're actually made that way. I think this is just another the latest example of people getting upset. Just to get upset. I really don't and I don't know it is it's just I wannabe man about London and it's stupid I wanna be mad about something and now well it's really stupid front tax line you were suck on one it turns white separate is that true. Note. Our apologies related outages when a Mike to say I interviewed whose view millennial complainant if they're. You know out of my mouth and is he right in second light you can. Harness that piece of audio. He has never did it. I'm as. Anyway there was little things. Iran. Yeah. So. I do think it's stupid I think they really wanted to support LG BTQ ultimately. That they should have had like each Skittles have of a all the colors on it. Steelers sucked like sucked or and I. Anyways so your fast. Well as his researchers for the good of the show. We have to make sure that. We do your talking about but he came on the text and as a volley said. If it comes on the text line or it's on Twitter must be true it must feature that against techs like Smart than you and I once it happens all the time it happens. All the dang time. They provider if you're out about tomorrow I do want to invite out to Westlake ace hardware. At ninety real incentive to drive and Overland Park the other from ten until it's your chance to win. A week and get out to Los Angeles to watch the boys in blue text vehicles for mechanical and it you get a trip to LA airfare hotel and 1000 dollars cash. I'll be up anti Wesley ace hardware in Overland Park into tomorrow ten to noon. You go to any Wesley K store to date in Kansas City in the metro missing Joseph Lawrence weren't berg to registered no purchase necessary. But it tomorrow attend a noon in Levy Lewis per square shopping senator. At Wesley it is harbor. C'mon I'll say I probably have some trinkets although I think it really depends in magnets but come on out do your shopping Westlake ace and register for a sweet interview Alexia. The boys and a place in baseball about their sea mine so Costco and I'll I'll bring a bag is Italy and suck them white whatever you needed. What word got a mom banned from a high school campus what was socket why it was not. But right now rob are you ready for your big tests are you ready it is time to ask ride anything if you wanna throw us have been Miley that's cool but rods are only here once. Ask rod anything text any question you'll ask rod do nothing to tune tiny zero text him in 22980. Now let's send it as dream in which he didn't think fifty. Friday yeah I know your ravenous and I think that's adorable but he's grown up and I'm demand. Any questions to 2298. It's. Good day within the weekend on night before 1 PM DC. Right run yeah. Closed the the tax lines and you can't sit adolescents looking at a picture of them maybe the cats are right there must be the Q this photo ever. Yet I can text your questions rob Babcock in Virginia modest silly today asked rod anything yes text into 2980. First came in cost me any day does it bother you it's got constantly brings up you dropping out of school. No because I'm actually smarter than he has. I went on that money on a college education rod do you refers to Tivo or in DeKalb. We talk and breakfast or dinner and the good bet. What they're just stressed out like he needed to relax. And here's the thing you have to learn. As a team and make you you know want to get up off the couch and do something in the cup will put you in duck out. So if you want to give up and do that I'm up up up up that's fine but if you just want to go to sleep. And a call away. You've heard. I've heard this is the real Sturgis is what average teacher Joan told me that. Let's see year Iran and what city in Texas are you from and what are you most like about Kansas City. I grew up in all over Dallas Fort Worth area. Mostly Arlington Texas right in the middle and what I like best about Kansas City is that it's a lot more relaxed. It is not unusual to be any traffic jam at 2 AM in Dallas. That don't happen here. And yet people are lot more relaxed here with a bunch about this topic okay rod likely get upset about the fact that hot dogs are sandwiches because. Is he a hot dog. I apply the hot dogs first book can't go to the store and buy packaged sandwiches but I don't just had a good point I could pull one. Package and throw on the counter not hot at all. Is that a sandwich at home. You thought about this is not a new answer by the way not the rehearsed in its its. Yeah it's. Hot it's its own day. Rod are you bigger than me I'm 68325. No. I am about 63 and I way about 300 pounds keep coveted 22980. I don't much feel about reading this okay. Travis had your finger on the dump button if giving this is an inappropriate question I do it. Asked Mary killed half. Or my choices let's do it Hillary Clinton OK Donald Trump who and Scott parks. Okay lawman Mary Scott parks K because we get along and he's got money Albany getting yacht is my car that would get you out of this one because it you say you let you would keep. Just pick one you had. Though this teaches in trouble so here's. Thing they can. Of the other two I would definitely. Dead. Wrong. Just because so I can say I did and I have that dominance over them. And so deadly that leave it that our people are like you know I don't like him so much like yeah targets are good. Let's just. And I as it is so much once you've done that to a home could affect the fact that up. And I just got to meet his title but they need me right rod check your voice mailbox. Set up. This is loaded question rod who do you like working with the best. I got. At that. Think parks are we are Dana White that you you were with them forever you don't have an outlook that was I enjoy working with weird the most OK because. It's it's actually like echo those two institute as you get the most airtime that. It's actually have fun and and and contribute to the show and what we talk about this. Let's see here. And I'm what's your number now rent it at Olympic I never memorize the number I've gone I. I'm looking at the rod what's your favorite sport to watch Jane North Kansas City. Football by a mile means football I American football not soccer and I love the NFL. I just enjoy. I no longer follow who plays for what team or. Who coached where last I don't give a crap. I'd just like to watch games like to enjoy game and pick aside and root for them and and I love cheese and yet football cowboys and she's so hood. Rat. Poison for candle box rack and going there and always has rat poison. The Syrian means rat yet I am assuming that means Iraq and a rob what was your favorite thing you do when you visited coffee bill. What led when you look he's. I'd I grew up and call you all are easily and a cigarette taxes my grandmother. And grandfather lived in coffee though Kansas farm. And so I would go see them in and stay there for the summer and do forms stuff and not got a new puppy oh. Kind of a small town. But yeah it might be fun there it was was due informs them via a city kid. And on our accountant cows and sheep and cattle and electric stuff. Rod would you rather be in a boxing match against Mike Tyson in his prime forget paper hole punched all over your body. Whoo man I think I'll take the paper hole punts because I'm assuming I'll still be able to know math that's over balls but it would be over. Like the Mike Tyson boxing match would last or you know to be over real public that there is a chance I could chew solid food aid to ignore it you know math anymore. Rot was there some kind of band kept you off the radio. Yes he was our former boss. A gun and he did not like me and didn't think I should speak on the there. And he has worker anymore and he. And here you are if they're betting right begging the president of the United States step back. Iran how many times you wanted to punch Scott parks in the face. A couple times like this week. What it what are public parks due to get you still like I geared obviously lets you guys on the way home and when I'm driving the rise. And I know that sometimes Dina makes you won a slam your head and tool because a game that surprised me crazy because the large amount. Money she's been on education and and and the high status as he holds in a lack of education and and the fact that there's you know that this woman. Said. If my phone. Is sitting in the car seat next to me the phone. That close movie how to fix the owns movie. That sort of thing upsets me a little what it parks ever do you get to each angrily did you guys ever screamed at each other we actually met Jen. Disagreement and stuff. And then he'll frustrate me with things like yesterday. He told me he'd never heard of the laborious targets. Which I thought seemed odd you'd I've heard of them know of the Belgrade targets in Los Angeles and I think California and I would LA my favorite thing we did was go visit deliberate targets. And and Scott had never heard celebrates markets and I'm like. Cities but a lot of time in California. No Oca I was every ten years. You probably I don't have you ever I I just I do their deal visited a couple of have a friend who lives in a lab and to visit the couple times and but Scott said you know I never lived in LA I don't watch shows about California. It's from Bugs Bunny yes it was a little Q yes good fifth cut cut cut. So true. That is very true keep coming into 2900. 22 and zero rot wire Unita comedian. Because that recorders and there you forbid it are united and can you get different routes I can sometimes. We've got to deal whose last year in October. Where I went to the Casey comedy and improperly Easter and I got a little personal story. And I was like. I can't exit out of their way. I'll real almost like I'm counseling dry holes for us today and and it it turned out fine. But it was a little unnerving to be and be glad to know did you get in front of a room where most of the people I know whom I don't care. But arugula strangers scares you may new owners. But he did make mule owners. Let's see here. Rod Texas barbecue or Kansas City barbecue kansas' 100% that is sauces suck up those just you know they're just too. Told different thing what's different about him. What I normally try to act taxes moreover mr. Ira they're not big on saucy little bit this loss and it's just about the meat flavor in the meat which is fine. But in my opinion the Kansas City does more with brisket in her hands and earnings and there's no better sauce in town I mean the stuff around here's grade. Take what the Barbeque saws is like a family secret blows my own personal. You mixed half and half gates extra high with a original. KC masterpiece. Best sauce on the planet. Let's see here if you smoke week. If you smoke yes who's one person he'd like to smoke a joint living or dead. That's tough to go around the room here despite the Fed realist did that Blake is if we lived in his state it was legal. Right. I would I would say like Paul McCartney tank or or some like Travis Jimi Hendrix. It's a good one you know this is generic in cliche that Dix new done and or Dave Chappelle. Stu Douglass have better we've. Paul McCartney I think Krauss and Jimi Hendrix are released on. Yeah. Well let's personal digital Barack Obama's that cook. That be cool and actually let me go to the on Super Mario donkey on. And video game guy none probably played Donkey Kong a lot more than I ever did Super Mario I'd get started in radio. I growing up as went to work station I just wanted to wanted to work at a music station I wanted to get paid to listen to rock and roll records. If you go to Easter that was speak to me the ultimate thing and you work at a news talk station right. That way. I got married to a beautiful red headed woman who had this weird thing called ambition but I didn't understand who it's Wii and she's like. Go to college teacher Margot ahead and so I'm works did alarm systems and cameras for years. She went to college became teachers who looked at me one day and symbols are in. Off. And I was like really. Is when ordering a space in. And there was a small station in town and I literally went bogged them every day until they gave me. Part time job and so on and so we're we're in where was that station here kansas' okay there used to be a music station called the plan it a long time ago aren't a different company and they don't exist anymore. But yeah I just kept showing up every day going to have a job to have a job to job. And finally. A really nice guy by the name of Brian true it was like art fine coming here a showed how to run a board and Ingram that is. What are the keys and radios to be persistent probably any debt I'm guessing in any industry heavily worked in radio soda and yeah I had no. College education I had no. Experience experience has kept showing up and I happened to be. Right went all the college interns. Went back to school perfect so they needed some more being there all the Internet a good idea and they were like sure come on and I'll show you how to run a board and eventually I ended up here. Think in its. Work at the rock. Is very country's eight MB easy out there like do we need dew and AM talk. On man. Clearly more fun like yeah here it's worked out much better. About betting our president art thanks to everybody. Really everybody's texting in who they would if they did is no one smokes weed it's illegal right but if they did was dad's new Bob Marley. Committed and expect next the mayor of it he's against 229 days ago the coveted what word got a mom bandit. From a high school campus. We'll tell you what that word was and why she's still not allowed back. Next 91 came music many blind KM BZ midday with Jamie linkage javy about is Ellie is off today rob Babcock is in today yes. So all of you are texting in if you weren't smoked we all allegedly hypothetically who would you do it wins. Bob Marley and snoop is on there summons and I'd smoke a joint with ninety's version Bill Clinton. I think my favorite answers in Franklin Ben Franklin. This is a great answer Billy Bill Murray John Belushi JFK. Robert William I'd I don't it's Carlin. George Carlin be it. George Carlin once said not long before he died he was asked about the drugs and weave in stuff that you made this whole. Great ideas statement about. Drugs happen. Positive and negative effects when you first start doing them. A lot more positive and very little negative and longer you do on lesson last positive more and more negative and when there's more negative than positive you have to stop. And it is bring. But he talked about how he was he was you know at this point is why he didn't do that anymore but he never like to be more than 220 feet from a joint at any given time. He just needed to know it was there that fit that and he said when he writes new material. He'd write a bunch of stuff and then he'd sneak away smoked joint and then come back and and it was and so if go back over decided it was really fun here. That line. Tommy Chong as any year Willie Nelson's name comes up great forcefully Nelson Chris Farley's name comes up so that the reason I would worry about Farley is if it would go to a different level. If you're just like hey man let's chill and then and I love Chris Farley and I it I'd level of his movies. But you watch it and it's like I don't think I wanna get to that level of Chris Farley party really what in our. I sent this to you guys are in the break in now repeal by accident and yet I would I'd definitely would smoke a joy would jeans with a G massive crowds are blacks who once she's chilled out I would ask whom. One Jill do you think Jesus is is at hyper guy probably. But how volatile guy and guys got to look like eight CD came with the weather gleam in humans are not out of me ask you one you believe everything to put that balloon that book is full of stuff yeah JD. Can cook. RJC we are just so many questions that would need to be up. It's over the course I could see that as a policy here. More of Willie Nelson Bill Clinton yeah yeah. Tesla Nikola Tesla really. Got a big gyms or is Griese Betty White. White putter it's so cool and. Now Thompson not to do that would scare me anything you handed your blog laced with god knows lies right that he would be the guy that is join our power gonna get started. He birdied 8888888. Team coming into 2980. Robin Williams Keith Richards. This is an interest in one for you this comes to us. Out but new York and is about a charter school. Mom banned from a New York City charter school campus for saying. Damn the largest charter school network in all of New York City bar a mother from school grounds until she apologizes. Personally. To the principle over sons Brooklyn school for saying Dana. In front of students will Tosh a battle. Feared the banishment by success academy of cobble hill. Was bookkeeper from attending her son's fourth grade graduation she said security guards at the school to where they were instructed to call the police if she showed up after reporter raised questions about the apology demand. Success academy official backed down they said she would be allowed to attend but the excel began a few weeks back when battle other parents and children. Were stuck standing outside the school in a downpour. Because school doesn't open up until 735. When the doors finally open. Mom admits she angrily said. It's that damn shame the school made these kids the end of the pouring rain in that. Infuriated principal brittney Davis real birdie who within hours fired off a caustic letter to battle with the tone of adult. Chiding a child. It is good enough reason to get banned. Now and she did not. Get banned for saying damn she got banned for saying something and is about the kids via outside the principal mad. And he don't like her knelt down definitely we are came down to. The letter notified battle she was no longer allowed on school grounds until quote you schedule an appointment me to apologize for your behavior. And pledge. That it will never happen again. And quote. Unprincipled and suggested battle may want to withdraw our children from the school writing quote we know you can also make the choice not to hear. And not to enroll your child and our school. Weeks she had to pick up her son who is ten and twin sister Jada. At the school's front entrance all the other students left through the school yard so she asked to go wait in the front entrance while the kids go to run out of it the school together. All 'cause she just wanted to say the word. Over on on the front the front of the school. In the big of the stories out there haven't fourth grade graduation. That's a good points when we get to bat. I out of the eighth grade graduation I remember it my dad was there and he cried. But that was fifty go in the middle school like it was K through my elementary going in the middle school we had an eighth grade graduation right easing again and I go and I school and then of course we had graduation lake when we have fourth grade graduation because I follow that whole story in the and you got to the fourth or graduation and I did stop at Kuwait. Why does the grandmother with her graduation at first I I don't know sheet that seems a little bit ridiculous. It done. Does it does I. The thing gets me about this is is. It's crap there's no this has nothing to do with are saying damn. This has to do with her saying something ugly in front of the principal at a little get upset at him get mad because she just respected him. And yet that's. That's annoyed I I hate it. I would have a hard time swallowing that Angolans are into the principle I would definitely be like I don't know if Mike is next. Texting your first road problems right now 22 nannies or overthrow Friday coming up next rod you have first oral problems you have things like. Tonight you have to put brakes on your car just like a real words are dead issue you have to go do brake job would get your first world stuff that we can make fun of give me chance there at about it textures institute ID zero for strolled Friday's coming up next also we will get into the emergency ordinance banning topless women. We have to band member odd not. And it. Also could French Fries kill you always coming up slamming.