Army lawyer deploys to Afghanistan - Person of the Week

Kansas City's Morning News
Friday, July 20th

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Papers I did what's going on. Well I am on my way once again new Afghanistan. My host Perry lieutenant colonel united states army is only my second tour to Afghanistan so I went so for almost a total of 2014. They try to keep your fortified your cycle and so here I am again. I always science. They married M years ago I thought oh I'm going to be safe snaring an attorney he's never he's never going to be endanger. Wait what. I am going of course is lieutenant colonel Terry but my mission is as a judge advocate so I'll be providing legal advice of the commanders and and to some of the Afghan National Army counterparts. Who would've thought that. There are attorneys in the war zone as you might expect. You have well all of the normal legal issues that you might have when your back here at home don't really go away just because you happen all planned and Afghanistan so. We do everything from helping soldiers with legal issues arise while there. Away from home. You also have met very few but you do occasionally had incidences of misconduct or things like that and believe it or not he's watching now for your money. There's a lot of fiscal law that applies this to. Who gets what and who's gonna pay for and how we gonna use United States taxpayer funds and can we do this or can we not do this or can we do it this way so what's. Like a day in the life of an army lawyer on the ground in Afghanistan. And the DM a life back home while he's away. The answers might surprise you next. Did you guys meet we met actually in our church and I as I jokingly say she actually when Alan my roommate when our remain as the day he comes back he says hey you know she is great we're going to be fantastic friends but I don't think we're gonna date romantically but he's like you. It should check her out. Local prosecutor an army lieutenant colonel Myles Perry and his wife Marcia. Are preparing for another deployment to Afghanistan. What was that first impression like. You know I actually thought that he was a little too military and 22 brash that things seems to work out yeah. But much closer to the surface than those fond memories as a clear understanding of what her husband is walking into. In the war zone. Even for a lawyer he never would really tell me until he would come back and then I would kind of learned. Later about some of these the danger that he was and. You would occasionally have insider threats you we have one instance where. One of our Afghan National Army counterparts decided opened fire on one of the bosses that was moving through just trying to transporting people through. And no one was hurt ultimately that you can I have always that latent threats of you don't know who is friend or so exactly and you don't know when that random rocket or artillery show where that's gonna land one it's gonna come. That's when it just takes them a little bit more singing today at the people that are there are gonna do their job the people there around him that it's just a mission and their point ten. You know everybody's gonna do their job. She said it its emissions despite the fact that every day life comes with certain heightened risks. It's still every day life and we wanted to know what a normal day looks like for an army lawyer in country. You're never off so utterly rising as typically when you get all the operational briefings of everything that may have gone on overnight a lot of it is just listening for legal issues that may crop up. Frankly it's a lot of office work to mean just reviewing things reviewing documents that come through you know making sure that you're keeping your commander between those left and right limits. You know for if I have a commander that's messed up I've done something wrong. As for a day in the life at home the kids are a big part of that they help out with so many different scenes and he they've I have two sons that driest. And so they're gonna help out with being able to take kids to doctors doctor appointments really younger daughter and me who's twelve and so just getting her picking up from school when she sank. I'm just stepping in helping out with repairs breed them to do with what miles would normally do. Those military families that so famously stick together whether you live on base or not. Very huge part of every day life to beat your lifelong friends with the people that you meet in the military and you see friends with them that's who we have been Platte city and even the people that I work less they step up and they helped me and that's what I'm gonna do when your military spouse you swallow your pride in me just ask for help you you ask for grace and that's when I'm gonna have to do when miles is gone. The sacrifices that we make in the office appeal in computer because sacrifices that he kept at the end. Make your designed to ease the plant can only prosecutor to my thoughts and we're really far away from him what hardship with their kids. And at what it. They prefer miles is one of his right hand demand. And Eric says he will be missed as a colleague leader and friend and it honestly. When he walked into my out. Saying that that he's going to be depleted in my real concern is what is they. And the safety of all those urban and particularly his speed because they're the ones who really fear the rock and lethal. I really think that he is very safe where he's the only mini he's going to be surrounded by special forces and I really just rely upon. The fact that in you know. I'm very centered in my face it's is something that keeps me going every day one of the good things about deployments in 2018. Communications. Miles and Marsha can talk almost anytime they want one of the tough parts the countdown. They told us that from the moment miles leads they are counting the days until he comes home always on edge. Because you never know with the tour will be extended but now they're also planning some other days till the days until miles retires from the military next year. After three decades it is the only known. For thirty years from miles thirty years really for me 23 play it's really kind of sad in away because this is kind of life that we led for so long ten miles will miss it too. For another reason. I love being in a position where I get to serve soldiers from and they are the best America has to offer and it's a privilege. Okay.