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Friday, October 20th

Are you still watching?  If not, why?


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You're listening to the date and parks podcast. A week from today top magician top laments he will be joining us at 3 o'clock in the afternoon rumor is he's got a doozy forests. And he always it's. Chiefs game last night. I hate myself. I went to bed with three minutes left in the game. Onion. Believable. They commander wrapped up. You went to bed three minutes before the game was over and you don't think you know football because what I sent to the kids. With one minute 30 seconds left I am this and over I was are asleep at the same caliber kids and I am telling you they have plenty of time. To march that. Alone. Well. Beat taint them like 56. Chances this week you play. Yeah so I did last night and I need to tell you. Also did you its high lawn and not pile on. I'm just asking. Guest Dana I didn't know that it was hi all I pile on every one. Sound. Odd ball. And can you spell. Again. They said I am I. Line parties but that was line. It's too. Room. It's. Football trivia yeah you can land on me but I I am down. I sit down with the football. In the NFL yeah evade later. Catches or runs the ball but falls down and is untouched by an opposing players not touched. Untouched. Which is to say yes not touch yeah. He can get up and continued to move the ball forward. What when you were down you were down in the NFL OK what is the ruling college price. I I'm asking you what is the yeah. Down in college injured down your down to you also know mice until that last night that when he witnessed the end zone he had to touch. The pylon because I cannot make law I think that's a touchdown and Jack goes yeah mom he touched the pylon and I do if you touch the pylon it is a touchdown. Ounce and he taps the pilot. Your feeder out of bounds before you touch upon what do you thing I don't know. The girl okay. In the NFL and in college I want you to tell me how many feet. As a receiver have to put in before they're considered in bounds. How many feet. Does well well how is well okay and how many feet like a measurement. It has to BSE will lose one should not be a well. Call 41. But one that in your dad one foot in your gun too because you seek to these act dramatic things amateur. Yeah one of weight when they look like oh did they make that no S two. And April is wealthy both feet to three yes. In which one. Analyst but I notes duty. Just political world. OK let Politico. I am about to tell you something that is gonna blow you it's two feet Meehan a fell one food and college one. Say agents football is football met one girl it's to. RI I prefer the college are you ready to be an. All way by this study that came out this week and I been dying to talk about it no pun intended. I forgot but it's in my stacked in his this is about death. This is not App Store when you're dead bat for you but you're listening so. Listen to. After you die. Stick with me here. Your brain. Knows. You're dead. Creepiest and so listen with all due respect if you're a lot it reminds us show you a millionaire show and it's time for you did well. And everybody's there were all that. And they announced and I didn't. I. And campaign here. The hunt you even after it or not attempt to bring pressure. And answer me this quick question Rodger welcome Joan yeah. When they used to back in the Middle Ages and they would behead people. Well and I know their eyes linkers open now. When they would behead people with a guillotine yes. They were always grab you by your year and pull your head out of pocket and showed to the crowd like that Medusa right now why did they do that. Tom Knoll because they knew your brain was still active. All were shot in the crowd local weeded again no 'cause when they saw bad when the head falls into the bucket they know your head's been detached. But then they want you are you kidding me that's not. That's for odd Tom Tommy armor right. Okay that's creeped me they would pull you by your hair. And show your face or head to the crowd because your head your brain still active are at this from the post also were we get the term Helen hand basket. You're going to handle in a hand basket yet because that they have the best bet. Until now it was not known the mind to. Ask debt people hate you know your dad yeah. Eat your detail about her. I like him. The the comment this statement that when you die. Your brain illusion. Yeah it does. And the. I'll. Point. Out Dana sign. It is is really easy to follow you. Had a view so why is not their vehicles involved scientists discovered. He leaves a trail it's really evolved a red room so I cancel and bridal. So I just discovered at a person's consciousness continues to work after they die out to Torrey second. Is that what is again they set out to find the answer. In a less dangerous fashioned in the movie flat liners. In Europe and the US on people who have suffered cardiac arrest. They'll describe watching doctors and nurses working and they'll describe having awareness or full conversations. A visual things that are going on that would otherwise not be known too that these are people who came back. Their recollections were also verified by medical staff who reported their patients that were dead and brought back. Could remember details of things they should not have known. Death at a medical senses when the heart stops beating cuts uploaded brain. This means the brain's functions also stop and can no longer keep the body a lot but the thinking parts. Slows down and then flat lines. And that's where you get your 22 Scott. Then. I'm. See this is why they shouldn't talk about you when your line there because I've heard about this and surgery to where doctor will be making fun of a patient. And I know that 99.9 percent of doctors are very professional and don't do that. But I think there is some part of your sub conscious even when you're deeply. Anesthesia to. That's what yeah. That is aware on some level of what is going on I believe she just said anesthesia. There. That the term is a nest the ties. A it's. Oh. Oh god. I think this is kind of neat if OK so if someone is declared dead. Technically for you know however long. There's still some angle there yes and they and they don't know exactly for how long. I've I've read everywhere from two seconds to a minute. That's crazy. Menopause which is probably why they reached in the bunker real quick to get your head out because they didn't error eulogized died. Do you think anyone has had ever to slow it and that it really eat home. Showed up. And trying to see here. 22. All right this is an independent I oppose the McCain if I run I love this headline that I cover article it just looked up. The guillotine excels at decapitation. Well thank you think you for that and the guillotine excels at decapitation. What do law blade falls ten feet and lands on the back your neck sometimes falls off. Oh. Yes. But law decapitation opens the closest him. Causing a full and massive drop in blood pressure leaving the brain start to both blood and oxygen of course that's what you die. Problem. I'm trying to find out where the. Size as her around that had transplants. And whether or not because there's there's one wacky scientist out there that swears. Someday we will be able to do out. What's the baseball player that had his head froze why did you Ted Lilly as well yes. Yet his hat is spot I guess it had to beer at. I hear it is other studies of small mammals have found up to 29. Seconds. The suit in and of itself seems like a horde length of time for such a state. Take a moment to count off four seconds while you look around the room you'll likely find you can taken quite a bit visually. During that time right which is why everyone needs to be professional in that instance. And so that's why they're saying are here we go over the course of 25 to thirty seconds of observation. The position recorded managing to get this patient open his eyes and undeniable we focus them on the doctor twice. By calling executed man's name. No way. There. I'm just telling it. Then why can't he speak. I probably because there blade went right through his vocal chords. It suggests I don't know I'm assuming that's one. 5767798. C wants remembered each. Your skewered Castro into a 5 o'clock professor this Friday also coming your way right after the 5 o'clock news here and in in parks. Make nuts and bolts hardware your headquarters for all things outdoors this fall get all orders for goods and knowledgeable pumpkin straw corn stocks moms. And right now they got a great deal on lawn and leaf bags we shoots we've scoops did you know that every nuts and bolts location. Has servicing experts who can help you with any number of repairs. Right now the got a great deal on mower blade sharpening bringing her blade and sharpener for just five blocks. And check up the sweepstakes and nuts and bolts is running right now entering your local store or online. When a 500 dollar gift card the nuts and bolts visit shop nuts and bolts dot com to tenor. Or just win by one of their stores and get all the deals and location nearest you and remember it nuts and bolts they are your. Hometown hardware store. You know I've I gave a Twitter. Plan. And a I'm not Catholic. Mail. They gave a tour of hello law adjustment board. So I'm exclusively on FaceBook now which is sort of like a little happy please review to see people's houses and their kids and find out where they're eating one sure barbecue or whatever. And then I stumble upon this one from FaceBook. It is October 20. 2007. Team. And this person writes on FaceBook does any and I don't know this person personally. Them. So I hope he or she does not take offense. Does anyone know of anyone who is selling real Christmas trees right now. The rush. To decorate for certain holidays. Drives me nuts. And they're used to be a time when this. Signal on your dial my viewpoint won was backed NK UCL. Radio and another soft rock station across town. Do you remember this rod would have a race. To see who could put Christmas music on the radio first. And it got so bad ridiculous they got so bad I remember one time they both switched to Christmas music on October 1. And I wanted to puke. I like Reggie we. We still need to get through the devil's holiday before we get to Jesus thanks. Also. I love Thanksgiving. And that's my favorite column it's one in my eyes it's probably my favorite holiday it's you and Thanksgiving has become this. Day of shopping like it's not even. It's not a holiday anymore it's the meal you eat before you go stand in line cracked the start shopping and at 2 o'clock and when. Did you see this year all of the retailers started falling like dominoes saying they were not going to open up. I think it's sobering. Was legends are summer Rouse them they wanna open on Thanksgiving but they're gonna open at 4 AM. The day after drying so everybody eats Thanksgiving dinner in a hurry. Our rush out a certain line all night for ball more or whatever it is there's one guy down the street from my house in row ago. Who has yet. Yet. To take down his Christmas lights from last year that automobile all well that's one less to think he's a man appeared a few weeks. Too much money people paid to have those and on I never nail. But when you see the lights that are perfectly never Ramon perfectly placed with a perfect peaks in the center. We looked into that one year and I laughed that guy off the phone I swear to Moses I think he wanted 600 dollars an idea. It states. I am I forget what it icy grip like I think that's cheap for three weeks argue I think that's cheap so Mike it's always say. That were home bugs and I'm cheap and we never decorate for quizzed Christmas. I found it ensures that. That once then you leave them up and every year he's talking back and right now I think it's every year you've got to that is and it. Not convert if you leave a mop. Don't take him down I thought in -- easier it is the plug him in the bottom annual your homeowners associations community you if you leave him up all year the gonna cure I think of the feed is to put them up and take them now. They come and they put him up to come and take them down Salmonella spot on the Olympic 600 dollars and put a dot com Augusta my life. HO is going to be fine with shall I think it is instead I don't even put up. Christmas tree I put out a tin soldier that is made out of wood that I stole out of someone's trash. There by cancer. AT and soldier made out of wood and I just stick. Or an. Actress decorations Merry Christmas. You mean a nutcracker. I. Okay distract and spirit. They warnings from Lund except police more next. Drove the old VW into work today I am such a huge fan and honestly it took me about. Them to be honest about four days. To fall in love with that big seven passenger VW atlas I mean I. Love that truck I Collins a truck it's a smaller suvs that the think seats seven. Go to VW of Lee's summit the number one VW dealer in Kansas City Volkswagen Lee's summit. Asked them to see the hapless it is as close to a self driving car. As that technology gets and you will love. The car apple feature if you have an iPhone you plug that thing in and I mean to tell you. Everything your phone can do the car will translate for you in real time while you're driving it's my favorite feature about the VW it really does make yourself. Hands free when your driving which makes you safer. Right now save up to 101000 dollars in SRP on remaining twenty seventeens while they last year Israeli every 2017 is up to 101000 dollars off. Volkswagen of Lee's summit to stop for seven in Colbert wrote worth the drive. You go in and asked them to see Dana's car. Just passport thirty in Kansas City I'm will starent to let neck simply settle warning from people especially around ATM at least say thieves are following folks after they make with stroller cash check in a bank. Nam when the victim makes another stop the suspect breaks and the car steals the money lease also what are remind people don't leave cash and valuables inside your car. Brief lockdown apart kill high school over police investigating in note threatening violence at the school today the student believed to be behind that taken into shares custody school leaders and everybody was safe the whole time. The White House is defending the president's chief of staff after the miscarriage after he mischaracterized the remarks in a democratic congresswoman to criticize the president's condolence call. To the widow of the green beret killed in the share. John Kelly criticized representative Fredricka Wilson of Florida as quote an empty barrel. He also confirmed the president did in fact say he knew what he signed up for in a phone call to the widow. Is one day after the president called the congress once remarks quote totally fabricated. Traffic and weather together next KM BZ news time 433. Breezy and warm beer Friday evening with temperatures in the sixties we'll continue to have clouds moving through the region. For a tonight Obama not only near 64 degrees on Saturday I think in the morning were mainly dried kidneys triggering weekend's marathon. For the afternoon into the evening that's are going to be watch for showers and thunderstorms it's going to be Saturday evening. Well we have the potential of seeing a few strong to severe thunderstorms but the warm day on Saturday with a high temperature of 74. From Jennifer slip meteorologists that Miller came he's left. Right now 75 downtown 73 and Randolph and that you're official weather station. I'm will starent stay connected with news in 981 KM BZ and KM BZ. Dot com. Strangers to their name. Read this and damn phone. There and I. I saw it cleared them. Okay. Yeah he was. Sosa tonight it. Mostly from a Soviet that the chiefs game last night. What an idiot didn't appear headed in the back with three minutes less went. Woke up this and called. Choose my god did you see the end of the game. So important. In the middle. She's all my. News when they we were streaming. And then you just kill. I'm apparently a story from CBS The NFL's declining TV ratings blamed by some on the National Anthem controversy could soon take a financial hole. All the broadcasters. That has spent tens of billions of dollars. For the right to air pro football according to investment analysis. Through the first five weeks of the season with him this open. Through the first five weeks of the season ratings for the Sunday night game on fox have slumped 7%. From a year ago. And NFL viewership on CBS. Down 17%. Am a on Sunday match ups at 8% on Thursday. And the audience for Sunday Night Football on NBC of dropped 4%. RE SPN's Monday night football's the only one bucking the trend posting a 6% gain. For the season to date. What do you attribute that. Two things and who maybe weren't watching really watching it didn't know where that just added on but two things number one I think. The National Anthem controversy certainly. Has factored in their and I don't think there's any denying. There are people who are just gonna say screw these guys. You me they view them rightly or wrongly. As rich. Pampered. People who were making a protest about something they probably have not experienced as if things don't they don't understand let's. The other thing is prop the new rules. The it was a vacation that I think some people think in a Phil's going to right now. Where god forbid you hit the guy just a little too hard. And all of a sudden there's apparently with what happened with Marcus theatres last night. I met him under car in the first half. That started them the fight. He shopped arrest. While somebody I understand Marshall Marshall on one. But he was not on the ground and granted he had pulled his legs out from underneath them but some people would argue Marcus Peters was already in flight. And headed for the winter car pulled his legs out from underneath himself. And tried to throw himself to the ground. And next thing you know the line. Andy Reid is among those who think about that it was. I'm telling you I I didn't reach out as my husband this I don't know in Kansas City. If we are going to follow that trend Scott this is a sports town not when not when the team last night going into the game was five when want chiefs are on. I'm telling you I don't care what. Door political persuasion. This town stops what it's doing watches that game will now it would their if their 09. But it's five and one and now five and two I think people were playing Denver Monday night. You mean to tell me either people in this community are gonna say Monday Night Football is the one time words bucking the trend according the story so what you watch on Monday night is that some Monday that you're still mad about the dealings you don't watch on Sunday that doesn't make sense. It doesn't make sense to me either. To be honest with. But I think people are so mad. About the new wing for the National Anthem. I think they say their man and they still lots. The ratings don't lie data and you know that better than anyone having been the only person in this rumor ever worked on TV but 7%. What. No literal how many people for CBS. And CBS's the run who wrote this story for CBS their son and I brought her Sunday day broadcast. Down 17%. And you know who also hurts sixty minutes local news for. As you know blank flows downhill yeah. It's all about your walker. That's why channel nine freaked out when Oprah retired. It was hard to replace that number Oprah handed. That's me I've ever now as we ask every station in America. Oprah handed an. I've 767798. I'd be curious to hear from you guys and we were breaking down the game this is in the sports station I get it again. I'm not looking for the well you know mark pierce was not technically employed him I don't care I don't hear. I just don't care. My friend dawn who owns the gym or work out who happens to be. Right since is a lot of black people are purposely not watching they are boycotting. They say they won't watch until Capra neck is required. Abu. That's ahead on partners and synthetic. I'm not looking to break down the game is quite frankly I don't care. I watched eyes clearly says the man who went to bed afford the most bizarre and NFL history I was tired. And if you think that was most bizarre finish medical history. You clearly does not watch cried like 24 times we just kept letting them trot. It's called holding this is going to be over quit touching each other the. But I'm curious to hear from readers are are you done with the NFL doesn't have to do with the new thing is it. The rules just seem like it's the was vacation of the NFL maybe Don is right my friend on. Black people are tuning out because called tough critic hasn't gotten a new job. And they see that as all. As an award winner from the NAACP I would agree Paul cry I'll switch award that graduates that was the diversity in media war 2017. NAACP. That's me. Roger won in work from the NAACP. Did you were up. Which award was our diversity in media award 2017. I thought. So I can kind of speak for my. Don't you say might. People from a people. And my friends caller. To speak I haven't asked the tattooed community your full of baloney. My friends in the room it's. About paint Georgia receiver rod before you got your tentative. Did you get a local anesthetic no oh. And now will your attention pretty well. Did you receive a local anesthetic I received no anesthetic of any kind of stopped by local bar on the way in. Did you receive a local anesthetic before he got those whoever scream. And GL. So local ones for the region. A topic ocean Aniston optical topical chip channel and yeah I didn't get any such thing. Riley on the back your calves did you receive a topical. Lotion are no I did not tell perhaps. No. Just a a series of needles that went in and out of my skin incredibly fast. All I did I did get like an alcohol wipe on the surface. And how and why right so we had that I've. But that was to clean it not to numb correct I was just trying to somehow you know stretch and reached the Danish experience. I think well I got that to what was bad is it was right after they shaved my way and then they rub the alcohol on any of bill that hurt like hell first to did you millions of little small cut rye is shaping. You know only he'll do in Iran. 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Until Colin cavern it plays again. Okay. You know one I think peoples and so looks like we've got to mean to sell me down by one touchdown the raiders last night. And there's a minute thirty left and they get that ball back you mean Tellme dealers and law I'm so vital healing thing I'm not gonna do it and act or crime or I'm and so ignored with dry cabernet thing I'm not gonna I asked Chris if he's in the attic sometimes he sees that so I wanna see out of how many televisions in Kansas City. What percentage of those TVs were tuned to that game it is going to be enormous and here's the other is rides an enormous. The cubs lost eleven to one so there was nothing to watch a spotlight. Here's my here's my counterargument that we got to get as many people as we can. If you have a dog in that fight if you're in Kansas City. Or an oak San Francisco you're watching that game last night no matter what because your team is off. Okay but for guys like me who usually. And I still do watch NFL I don't care whose plan. For guys like me who don't have a dog like a New York Giants Philadelphia Eagles game. Like the NFL but he is perturbed either about Colin governing not playing or the players kneeling. If I'm trying to make asylum protests with my ratings points. I don't have a dog in that game between the giants and Eagles I just on two men. I think the ratings in Kansas City will be through the roof I think the ratings in Oakland will be through the roof but what the ratings for the Kansas City Oakland game last night. In Tucson Arizona ice who sang you'll watch your team you won't watch somebody else's team gets a breath as not advice. I'm nick LA element. I that on our stop loved that shell. Our air or stop on every aspect. Nokia are aware that the first time in forty years that all major port that include shell and LB LB. Our ball going currently on an out of court and I ranking third again. Cap and I don't blame at Capra had no wonder and had a chance to go to that player and owners. The owners decided not to do we doing not bigoted sound great care in the world not talk. Europe my friend for the text line everyone's gonna watch because of fantasy football you're all lying come on give me a break broke the ratings don't lie. And the ratings of scientific. Mike Lee's summit hello Mike. Gloria we're doing quite well my friend thank you for asking. Earth now I'm 33. I was born in the state and Nebraska where abolish ingrained in years so all you do that you know a. It is it is as someone who cheers for Nebraska and went to Nebraska it is a religion. I've lay I've played football play up until I walked up until two years ago I finally get that I've done a lot in the NFL because. I couldn't handle it first of all the big debate at the tipping point for me it went like this but you know the way they've handled the domestic violence. Bell. Mike thank you for bringing that up for all you people saying and and that is a great point. That you're tipping point I'm never gonna watch football again is because of them dealing. For racial injustice. Why then was it okay for you to watch when they were all beat. What it's an accumulation of many things and may be lacking was the tipping point was is that what was for you might. I I got a lot about the plight because that like that talked about it the protest you can have a protest to hurt anybody like I gave that. I'm at bat and the only girl. Like the domestic violence was the tipping point when you're gonna suspended punished one night duke and and you're gonna try to get another big game like it you'll Elliott like what they're doing right now on all the app U lay. Federal injury. Court hearing in out of inspect it circuit in New York. Like I'm his guy like idol I didn't like the waiting you know luckily I didn't like it at all. Leonard and yet Qichen and decide I think your your garbage out anymore gonna pay your insurance premium. I didn't like the way they've handled the eighteenth saying not in movie state like. Playing football and someday on the road rage that I like dole out EP because that might football injury in the I think I've done. But the domestic violence was the biggest thing that enemy I've got I have seen here at all I ball where it because it. They club and he did not have enough researcher talked to the right people when they went and wrapped it tightly killed before they ever knew about the that charge is yours target. Furthering their dinner outings last year and that was the point that quietly ebony and on what do you guys claim you have all my money. We go to you all read certain talked many people would be and it would be inner circle that within their community. But yet nobody. Within that community or within their research you do want to bring up outlet domestic abuse start against the pregnant girlfriend and on. I don't have my elbow below. From the text line your forgetting over saturation. And that's the main reason to me I don't watch as much there on Monday Thursday Sunday. And later this season and beyond Saturday and the NFL's thinking about adding two more teams. To the newsroom and will serve about him sort will tell you again I got two things at a record Purdue would test this Friday next 5767798. Turkey were to cash. Moon 72881. Moon. Like Warren Moon met. 72881. Now to the newsroom will sir thank you happening now on KM BZ fighting over what happened on the phone more next. You know the two things I can count on this time of year the weather gets cooler and full of people tons of full page Scott parts in this football season college pro whatever get ready for the big game. With a big screen from the leader and HDTVs Nebraska furniture mart. 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