Are you a "Post Humanist?" WHAT?!?!? Also- hoarders.

The Dana & Parks Podcast
Wednesday, December 13th

What do you hoard?   Why?   Do you keep BROKEN items?  WHY?


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You're listening to the Dana and parts podcasts on KE MB easy. And another story Dem I really don't think. American Eagle was English cinema another story has done a really dumb old thing of just. American Eagle. Is now selling shekel bracelets. Interspersed in men's bristled but they look like Shaq like slaves or heard you know like you're trapped in a dungeon or do you want to our Christmas. Oh. What they're calling it silver CEO metal cuff and it was being sold sold on the website until yesterday when people were like Travis would like us. It's aren't they really are calling them shackle bracelets well now they did I went with a metal costs but it does look like shackled. It's a throwback to those days where we bought and sold people it's just it's. I don't know have you seen it Scott it is so that he has. It's. I'm Scott you do not have CD you have CRS can't remember S and let me future. I a couple of stories to bring to your attention. You know every year they come out of this list of the most bizarre college courses that are out there yes. This year we have some colleges nationwide are teaching students about. Tock goes. Taka who doesn't love Taka hooking up. There's a class on hooking up via a college kids are pretty good pattern country music's homophobic and racist messages. Pop. Wow. We have a couple of classes are called queer religion. Can't worry shall capital is some. Can. Brown University. As an American studies department office of course. The uses specific objects including sugar milk. I'm just going to make a sound you ladies were nor am talking about it's. And its banks. As case studies to critically consider how material. Culture informs and signals and director of cables banks should be a case study to know why then have you heard the back story. On its banks. On why she made in the first yes she was a woman a mom busy you know like we all are. And decided she could not find anything on the market. That was comfortable and looked good and made her dresses looked the you know posed are so archaic an awful so she started fiddling with. This idea and found some material and started putting it together and she is a one woman self made. Chang Forbes list it it is any knows she's read Tom it is in in our credible story where she saw that needs it for Sarah Blakely as the Internet and. I think that that that Greensboro area. I hope for out of Harvard is now offering a class called talk goes tamales and tequila. Eating and drinking in ancient Mexico could feet I would totally take that class Sarah Blakely is an American billionaire. With AD. And the founder of its banks. The University of Pennsylvania read that patent which is I believe an Ivy League school. Has a gender sexuality and women's studies department their offering a course called more human than human. Not named after the Rob Zombie song apparently came that explores how eco femme. Stop it keep going tell me about this right well I want a guy eat go. The course is cold more human than human. That explores how. Eco feminists. And post human rights and are dismantling con straw asks him. Of gruesome. And giving equal rights to animals or species. Is wrong. Oh. Did you hear the words that just came out and I'm not even make any noise damage said okay. It explores how the goal for a month for her to take that at some dumb French classless as opposed humanist. Well. It's after your human. This what does that mean after your view him. Kept. Posts. Is asked her racked human is what we are. Burger and a gap so I could go with that does asked her human. So mutants. Like the X-Men. And count and. Indiana University has a gender studies program their offering eighty. Course called role little crazy gender madness and popular culture promising discussions on resting. And. His life. A discussion on resting be phrase united you've got yeah. Some sort of entered six. And say you'd. Say I. It's of those businesses. You hate learning it's not learning Dana. When your offering a course on post humanism there's no such thing. Is now. Here's witnesses and this is what drives people like Kris. These are whole. Tweety over me think they're better than new and Smart avenue professors. Sitting around with the each other drinking their heat with just. Each. Of and they are saying to each other there's little break room with think he's well liked here. Which offer a course. In post humanism and somebody across the table goes. That's a formed. And that may create a course on something that doesn't even exist right this is why and number eight academic. Host humanism or trends humanism the standard term crop is the view that we ought to try to develop in ways that are safe and ethical. Technological means that will in able the exploration. Of the post human realm of possible modes of being. I NY. I didn't make any sense that don't act like it it it is all avenues in the census for example to refer to a critique of humanism. In the size change in our understanding of the self. And its relations to the natural world society of human artifacts. Here here's the change in the understanding itself. That I would like for all of us to engage him and perhaps start a detail. I would like for all of us. To get onto this earth. Do we can in our 30475. Years on it. To try to leave it is slightly better place than the way we found. And quit digging around. Just. These people and then a week now. I don't know who it's for courts they were to alleviate the more immediate sources of human suffering. And want to fill the days of responsible trans humanist and others who strive to improve. The human condition from the tax fine yes most humans are zombies. Oh after human. It lowers the. Thing if she goes here. I am and I wanna go see your concerts man that's when her so. I think we heard about what she's doing now. She. Is raising her child children and gender neutral. And hot pink tells People Magazine that she does not want to impose traditional gender roles. On her two children sexual daughter willow an eleven month old son. Jamison. Quoting here. We are a very label less health soul the putts are set of her family with. Motorcycle racer Carey Hart. They carry. Scott parks sheiks cores and you last week and Coke quoting from pink here last week willow told me she is. Going to marry an African woman I was like rate can you teach me how to make African food. And she's like sure mama and we're gonna live with you while our house is getting ready. The singer also shared her reaction to seeing a gender neutral bathroom in his school I was in his school in the bath from outside the kindergarten said gender neutral anybody. I took a picture of and I wrote progress I thought that was also that's fun and that does above communal. The singer was applauded earlier this year which delivered heartwarming speech of the amaze which explain the true meaning of beauty Edward daughter. After the sexual told her I'm the ugly is girl I know and that she looks like a boy. In the speech pink recount of the story saying well what do you think I look like and she said well you're beautiful and I was like wolf thanks. But when people make fun of me that's what they use they say I look like a boy arrived too masculine or I have too many opinions my body is too strong. This is such a big deal it just it drives me crazy this idea that we have to Emma Emma which I'm not trying to get him conversation. Dana about transgender ism or anything like that I understand she's just say more national label anything quote anything you wanna be well it Carol what do you. Panel and then you'd and one has to. Rob what do you her hands mammoths you're. It's long double. I'm tired teach. It. Why can't we just have. And that the transgender discussion notwithstanding. What can we just have men and women. What's the problem. What is the problem. With you being a woman and me being I think what she's saying. If Monday. Is that her daughter was being bullied. And they were saying she didn't look a certain way Richard signing bully because you didn't look this way it's a real hard to believe that inks kid gets bullied at school now. Ruined your mom is paid and they're gonna bully you at school there's not a kid. Med school doesn't wanna be your best friend get your mom's. I'm I'm kinda hard to believe. Some of those kids have no idea who think it is and depending on where she goes to school. There. Parents might be something cooler like athletes or bigger stars. Than panic. I don't know those those schools who lives and LA's because school George Clooney's kids or something and. Smith's son. He's still that kid is cuckoo. Some drugs that don't use them as compares it he came out if they decide how odd that there's never touched it out of the you know he he. That's that's why he's out. He is I think not gender specific or for a time was not gender specific I think uses different. Like to. Call yourself and receive specific these days is like being off horror. Herndon back in the eighties was the term marriage and humanist. Keep him I don't mean post humanist. Stay right here with the front of the program's start Woodbury and low cost life insurance dot com. Give Stewart a called get your life insurance needs in order now before the New Year's Zurich. Right in and people without a couple of weeks which I actually believe it this year has just flown by. Had you had the opportunity weakens the opportunity intake in the time. Ticket that box checked were happy to help polluters. It has specific policy is that good for their individual needs figured look approaching near term. 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So Tom came from the show who is in the movie lives in Overland Park. Now we're trying to get that interview reworked because we gradually scheduled for four clock. Tomorrow after we gonna see it's Saturday has come user group of us altogether. Hasn't cocktails in the movie Dave is gonna have some cocktails and Nazis. Pretty much. Because they better I think it's better for every. So I was joking please do not Russell a bag of chips. During this movie. Like those two people and you know that you are acted at the documentary. About the local holocaust survivor I saw a couple of weeks ago Exxon my Guinness which by the way. She is coming into the studio. Next Friday. We from this Friday at 10 AM. We are going to sit down with her and record. A long interview with her current and an error that the following week I am beyond thrilled I'm so excited. Stats. She has agreed to come in and do that and on that notes. A listener just posted. They have decided to extend. These day of big Sonja here and I think today are marked as we wanted to see get it would anger they've exit did it I think through December 25. And listen to this on December 20 listener JoAnne rose to sent me this email. They are offering a free screening. Popcorn and soda. While they last and she sent me an email I checked this out so that's on the twentieth. This is that Metcalf an excellent way to Glenn led 95 and mission road no matter of America met omission. This question then when was on mission didn't ninety's at the mission ranch market are so items. The AARP has purchased the theater it is offering free admission to the first 150. People that register. So this is one of the most powerful documentaries I've ever seen. Ivan telling everyone please go see it take your kids to gussy. About this local 92 year old holocaust survivor you have to go to AARP dot org slash. Kansas City. To register to get a free ticket December 20 while they moved the ranch aren't as you just said they did it used to be at the old. Yeah south Mecca mall back they moved it okay current I was on top of the AARP. Offering a free screening on December 20. Sonya will be there to meet and greet. The film goers after acumen so you'll get to meet her if you go to the free show through December 20. I mean yeah. Leavitt. Is renowned cures but two minutes. So yes I am I am very excited. AARP dot org slash Kansas City can't really complain it Caribbean only when your ball Weasley really click. You do not have to be an AARP members take advantage of the deal. We are hoping families will come together but please limit six tickets a person. So don't bring you know forty people. Conservatives are here's Caremark no money for leeway Koppel whose home was mistakenly raided we'll have more next. 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You get for additional caballos sausages free if you order right now go to Omaha steaks dot com. And the code were parts in the surge bargain savings of 75% off it is the gift guaranteed. To be here. Fourth thirty here in Kansas City from the KM BZ newsroom I'm Kara marks are only would Koppel whose home was raided by police looking for marijuana has lost their lawsuit against Johnson County authorities. A federal court ruled that Elena and Robert Hart should not receive any monetary damages for the slot celebrated their home in 2012. Hearts captured deputies attention when they bought tiger ponting gardening supplies to grow tomatoes and some went tea leaves in their trash field tested positive for wheat. The Fed says the economy is moving in the right direction enough to raise interest rates again for the third time this year defense said today it's lifting it short term rate by a modest quarter point to a still low range of one point 25% to one point 5%. 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Behind your weight loss struggle especially if you're Yo-Yo Dieter. Give him a call now 9138148222. Still time to get in before the New York 9138148222. What go to the website take nutrition dot com. You tellem Dana sentient. We have another friend Tim barely through the reach and strong northwesterly wind behind it says each had a shot today to see some gusts at thirty miles per hour fear whether. And a high arranging for the mid to upper fifties. So pretty strong with that north to northwesterly wind early tonight partly cloudy and thirty. And it will be colder for tomorrow the high upper thirties a cloudy conditions. Sprinkles or flurries and early Thursday night and lingering flurries are low average planning is sunny and 45 on Friday. I'm staff meteorologists are different era more K in DC whether. Do try to TCI 66 and Lee's summit 5070 or official weather station. And Kara marks or stay connected with news 981 KM BZ KM BZ dot com. Suits me. Her partner. 576. 77 Friday story here from the New York Post America is a nation of orders. As one in two Americans now admit they have a problem with water. From clothes that are out of style to outdated electronics and other useless junk the average American. I don't I don't this sporting. Is currently hoarding 23 items in their home that they have Ab. Slowly no use for two what I have 23 items in my underwear drawer I have no use for. Be aware nano mismatched socks. Host with holes in them that I no longer aware. Swimsuits that no longer fit it just the stuff that you. Let me ask you this freezers when he three probably got 2300. Things I can get beat because. As we get old Ryo obviously get there. Am I missing fat we just get bigger. Metabolism slows down a little bit what was once. Four pack have now becomes. Only used to be their kind of grabs. How many close to use still half and I'll and I'll be honest with you took sir how many. Close like a pair of jeans or pair of shorts or maybe even a teacher that you once loan. And still do but you don't fit into it more how many do you have. That you keep telling yourself. Win I lose weight I can put this back. I have stuff on accident that I need to go back and purge but. I just donated six bags of clothing so I mean not much. Not much I have at least two pairs of jeans. Couple pairs of shorts and at least three T shirts. That I keep to myself. Once I slid back down again. Once I get back into the shape that I wanna be up but white these are different but by the time they see you again if they do and I don't have any doubt that you you can. Lose. However much you wanna lose. Wouldn't you just go by another pair of jeans. You don't mean I like. Like the jeans that I love to say ten years ago. Had the sparkles on the but like I wouldn't Wear those now proposal can have like I'm 43 and not gonna go on to dazzle genes. You know I mean do you order everything. My husband does. Yes he hordes shoes shirts come repairs of shoes. Does Kansas city's increment habit he probably has thirty parent he wears four I'm sorry. You say thirty yeah. He brought them over when we moved in together and I might. What. Is this I think I have a total of six her and some of them are like high tops from. Ninety. Teen 86 trip to loser her drawer or he's doing wire you keep business and I what's his answer. Room. So I am a big detonator. He. Hangs on to clothing line is any set. Two I horn anything. Feel like I do because my mother does so because she's a hanger honor. I'm a throw around your mama order or shoot her owners there isn't there she. Is. If I accomplished. Hang Iran I was walking into your mother's home or. I am it's the basement and the computer around that are. Need to be cleared out and so like for instance she got a lot of toys when the grandchildren were. Young that there is an entire tub of beanie babies in the basement unlike mount. Let's securities why she's like him one in his it's something it's still on you know she just. They have the room to store the stuff so she doesn't get rid of it whereas I. Clutter gives me anxiety. Especially on the first for a house so. I am a thrower. You know why am I know you arm which I don't understand because your parents. Now eight year. Get rid of stuff every single time you. Said to me as an adult it would make more sense if you're hanger honor because growing up you always had to be at tossing. About growing up like I've told this story before. Every time we moved and it was usually every two or three years. My mother would always say if we're not gonna use it were not gonna move. If you haven't used it in a year throw it away that's a great rule of holes were not moving it again. And so I I used Dana. Throwing things away and not to say that I'm American regular contributor to death ball I just don't I a lot of stuff that mr. I don't buy things that I don't think I need. But. Well fine throw the ball slightly. I was at Sean his house in the week picking up the girls the garage door was up I noticed that in the garage. Was. Sarah is and she's now sixteen years old yeah her old little kid white desk. In the corner of the garage now wit the little cheer. Got a that we had when she was a little girl. Am a member sit in the car waiting for the girls come out. And the garage doors open and look at in the air and Mike just cinema are among business and I'm like. Is she still. That thing is like fourteen years. Hasn't been your house in probably seven year. It's. I will say is yesterday to give you an example. There's a chair that I am leaning against the wall with some pillows on it. And tanker one of the kids busted the leg and it flew out from underneath it in and it's falling apart now you're gonna give him my next question hood server could I get that fixed. Absolutely. And I find someone with some wood glue that could nail it and that I wouldn't be worried if someone sat on it it would fall. Perfectly good share but in the west bottoms. Last night it was trash and I. I take it faster yet but you know is what we odds that I am going to actually follows through. With paying someone which would probably cost more than I've made the turn. First place. Or was this a third of Americans. Currently have a completely. Broken item. Sitting. American. Have a completely. Broken item sitting around their home they can't not. Boring themselves to throw a rock do you have a complete broke her three this year so what was done so let's be honest with us ourselves. Do you have a completely broken item in your home you cannot Reuters. Married. I. Chipper and at a well. Well. Most of my life. No I have a cabinet. Stereo system that I got from my grandmother. She had when I was a kid that doesn't work that. I can't not bring us up yet I can't throw that away it's the coolest thing ever it's like this really nice coffee table on the stereo. Turntable pulls out of gas that's. See you know unit engineer standing right behind you and I think yeah I know. Now let me ask you this do you keep it rot on that promise to yourself that fake promised yourself someday I'm gonna fixer I hormone do you. To get anything that doesn't work at all. I think the biggest Porter tendency. And use in the shadows. That that Tim these signals you have a problem. Not rod he's example because that's something that's very meaningful it came from his grandmother before she dot O I might have won me ask you about. Ole. Crap. Electronics. If you seat. The commodore 64. In you know old Nintendo gaming systems that power to work out and you might say well that's gonna be worth something someday it now. I mean the Ole crappy beta Max VHS player. That you know. You are never gonna use again if you support that kind of stuff I think that signals you have a prop. I've really you know let me ask you this here I just thought us on the in this is really minor edits in that it's at a cabinet in my laundry might have. Eight Teddy year. That is missing and I am missing it's less like cancers that and I'm lucky. My uncle Mike. Gave it to me when I was one years old. And I've never been able to throw. Not a power. That's just sentiment animal but I would never get this Teddy bear back out I would never give it a little children kept her away it's missing a leg and a night. A box full of spaghetti chords that go with old computer system on old films old what do you call those phones that we used to dot. The dot kind of phone all cordless all of those old electronics items if you keep all of that stuff I'm telling you that there's something going on. I have my old washing machine from three years ago still sits in my basement why and he. Because probably it's harder to get it up the stairs and get an event and it's just it's at that are what are you doing handsome. Taylor and bill and I going to act of congress shouldn't or use our Dana knows I have gone through and curious purging lately. I broke down. I broke down and I hired a professional. Organizer. And it was naturally don't like decision. Ever made history it ever Dickerson cable and she was. Urlacher certain what should you. Hewlett hope to bring you joy that the bringing joy of it acting or mutual. And then you know what I kind of got into law I just sort of hurling. Things turn away and the she took a lot of it to recycling that took a lot of it you donation or what attack sort. Why I am not there a good thing about the power of social worker. We don't do this and bring you joy that's what she set about your items. Let them and ask the. Every not. Expecting and you're like. Lex got error I think I'm the I got to combat the supplemental. What you're thinking like I have level. Sure that and they were on the part of the like OK I'll try to cure could be that. The act is dated twenty elaborate. And when he allowed them. Oh OK oh my gosh stayed in your heart of the worst you regret or shirt ether where you like or guardians. Out that polo shirt girl. MacKey real quick as we got to get the break did she make you get rid of those god awful playing cards of wonder women and the Charlie's Angels in your downstairs bathroom. Narrow. Ring or. Are awful. His downstairs bathroom is do your edge plays I have ever received I love it I'd 76779. Data writer for kriegel messed diamonds they do not do this very often in fact it's the first time I've done I've known these guys for years. Scott Steve said attacks couple days ago. They have made. About a hundred pair of fine quality diamond stud earrings they're ready to go for Christmas. 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Survey we just read a third of Americans. Have something that is completely broken in their home for whatever reason they can not and Wilma. Now fifth in its broken I have no problem DOS and I I have a tendency to hang on to close too long I used to be really good about lake. Going to my wardrobe every six months by that I mean I haven't been to about that's like the last two years so. I guess. I don't know I guess we Agricole years ago retirement or enclosed. That said you know that stuff hang out with you you know you wash it and an iron at or you take it to dry cleaners put it to the far right. And pull out things from the left. If it's still on the far right. There were Internet. And why is it's so hard to do that. Did you think oh but I'll Wear this. That is and tying our yeah I would lose ten pounds it'll say it again exactly why isn't as much that the stuff fits it's just hanging there and I don't. Where and so because you when you put on your like oh I forgot I South Korea and organizer would say. Get rid of it there's no reason to happens. And I was shocked by the way I know there are several taxes say the answer to remove this sort. Shocked that this we would coupled and it stunned not looking to make a topic out of a whole host the couple that was held at gunpoint the former CIA agents. Johnson County drug team. Positive triggered or thought they were grown mirror one in the basement because. They have the nerve to idea. I'd Honecker whatever it's called lamp. To grow tomatoes. Here's the other deal they had to spend 25000. Dollars of their own money. Just. To get the legal documents. That led to their arrest. They wanted seven million dollars the jury gave them nothing. They try that saying. Crazy Kansas City, Missouri. The thought you know the story they thought they were grown it MMA they've. Went through your trash. Found tea leaves that they thought was marijuana because tea leaves. Oh. So Cara is it over done and it sounds like MIT. Uphill god nodding yes let go yes he's got a letter ago. We do not live in North Korea. This is the kind of crazy stuff that happens in other places where we tell people not to visit. It cannot didn't give him leave. On that jury. The federal jury. Former police officers and figure out. I just don't share and care. Listen carry any taxpayer that would put yourself in this family issues. You're just sitting there minding your own business Macon some breakfast for the kids and now the sudden you have done throwing your hat and you're up 25000 dollars and this long legal fights on on for two years. It would someone sitting in the jury box go I can clearly see this happening. To me it happened to him. And there is a dollar amount attached to the wrong. That was inflicted upon these people here's the problem. Police have a lot of immunity from stuff like Patton and well you jury your list and you are. I. Earmarks. Aren't happening on KM BZ props for the officer who shot a gun toting nano on exec Moscow last month we'll have more next. Right here forsee and those in sun look before the snow starts client go to see him close and sun and get your top of the lines in Iraq homes standby generator. You know you can get them. With a hole on system a back up generator system. For as little as 99 dollars a month. Let me tell you this is not in a nest that you wanna take lightly. Purchase on the Internet or worse some fly by night companies that don't know what they're doing CM thousands son is in the business. Of selling servicing and supply and generators it is what. Today do you. We will keep your lights on that storm rolls early neighbors why is that in the dark that you won't be if you have a generator. McCall and 67814707. Is the number. 816781477. Have them come out for a free estimate they'll measure your house tell you exactly the size in the tight you'd need. 816781477. RC MOs and sun dot com. Thanks for listening to the data and parks podcast remember you can catch us online anytime at KM BZ dot com.