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Thursday, July 27th

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When you're supposed to know what's going on in the world I'd like two years. Start drinking have. Let's see if they really do well when you don't even raining here why did what's trending with Jamie McIntyre live your life you're. Blood didn't feel like this on 98 point one JMD's. Jack pesos is trending the first and I. James bays and those who is the CEO of Amazon. Now tops Bill Gates as the world's richest person of worth over igniting the billion dollars 500 million dollars over Bill Gates thanks to his 500 deal. Thanks to a surge in the value of Amazon shares man oh man as yet days those gets richer brick and mortar stores down. Hi I mean he's won it's gonna take us you know Dumars and stuff so mercies line now got the money. Mark is four he's worth ninety billion dollars. That's insane and that's I don't know I don't need that like ninety bucks is a lot to me yeah billion dollars. Tina. That means let's talk joint user for second connected via transgender pan out for just a moment. This morning that the Pentagon had sat. We got instituting a span and so we are directly told by the president which apparently is not happen president Twitter so. They don't see it that way. They. They have sad tires and up you need to give us a directive animal do it but that has not happened yet. So then. Also vendors would like US military's going to hold off on the transgender man for getting it needs more guidance from the president and wait wait wait wait way. Jamie on his cell joint chiefs to the troops quote no modifications to the transgender policy you mean we're not going to kick out 151000 people based on three tweets that that the way the government works now also wait how to we condemn this yesterday did they ever say for sure were taken troops out or we're just not Linton an outlet people and Sarah Huckabee and Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Said that there's a discussion going on Senator John McCain was actually in charge of this department said they would not kick them out. So as usual and it's surprising as this absolutely is no one in DC specifically. At the White House the president. And the arrest of staff no one has a clue what's going on and that's the bottom line let's see that's the problem when. The president just makes a decision on tweets about it instead of like I know how this should work I don't process does the president put together. Do you go to the department of defense and you say here is what I like to do and the department offense so well I don't know. Feel like something should be in writing it is 27 team that is done on a which are no it's not got pentagon says that encounter. Twitter is the way that is the official word the president Sean Spicer told us. I think we got a couple of guys sports stories guys or the Pentagon is okay what's next John John. Like coach of the Baltimore Ravens says there is some interest. In Colin tapper there are a lot of people that believe the cap is being black balled by the NFL. For things obviously the kneeling during the National Anthem and a lot of things he has to say. About social issues there's a thought he's being disallowed from playing but. He's got talent got a heart of it. Had a bad year last year but he played in a crappy team. But there are people out there that are talking to him including Baltimore I hope he gets it. He deserves it I'd I'd he could be a backup of the bag out of the sixteenth right now Horton idea absolutely. So each meet. The air right. I don't LA galaxy I don't know all he's the head coach of the galaxy is they fired their their manager at an all got you got fired. I don't former galaxy coach ideas lord comes back I can't give a lot of soccer American read he announced I don't think I hash tag better names for Hillary's book. What was what was column when the call what happened so she's got the bucket or she adds I can't believe it sickens on. His so Astec better at some people with an older line yeah I think people are getting pretty creative it. How to lose elections and alienate people that opt opt opt out how I'm countless hundreds of millions of dollars while being a lifelong public service and how you can too maybe next time you'll try listening to women for once I warned you I got the most votes and still lost the rigged American elect I like Alec this one. I thought the deplorable and the deplorable one that's pretty funny. How hacking cost me the election and a bunch of her coughing that's pretty good. And Casey Weathers turning of course has. The. Rapid flooding I miss out on humans why Lamar Odom is trend no I didn't I clicked on it but when I realized it was about the Kardashian and crises to care Lamar Odom is hanging out led black China yeah who was formerly gating the bully card ash yeah whatever his name one that I knew that. Rob guard as Sheehan and now black China saying that would Lamar Odom. That's like the biggest is that leading the news coming up at 1230 shouldn't that be topic see I knew enough about that to know he was sports related that's why clicked on it. And then sock her dash eons and science at no. He did not an actor and a sad because he goes I know I'm addicted I can't. Don't give back the drugs considered it at times try to get hydrants interview right now but I do that and I can't seem like it now and she is an alcoholic. She's been racing alcohol weeks so no that that's what's trending. Here I'd KM BZ were up before you are Twitter poll question we're asking you right now a simple question on Twitter. Are you happy. Yes certain total updated will tell you why or asking that question coming up next mid day with Jamie with the right here on 91 K am BZ. 91 KM BZ midday with Jamie and wicket Jamie not to sell you my quick hits. Coming up we will take a panhandling story that may interest many people here in Kansas City but the question on the table is very simple. Are you happy. Feel free complicated question if you liked it if it 98 era or 5767798. We've got to pull out on Twitter. 74%. Yes I'm happy 26%. Nolan not happy about a hundred bucks or so. The Harris poll does this every year they've done for the last nine years and they release at at time dot com and they asked about 200 Americans ages eighteen and older in May this year. Are you happy. They get into the reasoning behind why your happy or not although we are happy to just for the sake of conversation here because they do into the things that people worry about. And they do some theorize. But what they found is that Americans report being happier. In 2017. That they were in 2016. But it's saying a lot in the nine years that they have done this whole the highest that they come up with the highest percentage of people who said yes I am happy. Hit 35%. That was in 2008 and 2009. This your 33%. And it is there really ugly out last year. So it's staying in that mid to low thirties range it's really not going a whole lot outside of that art poll showing that you guys are a lot happier than the national polls as I think it's because there are listeners I think we make people happy is what is I think that's are really what I was out I have evidence of the counter that's totally fine state of other people reported being happy as to where men and women in higher income households of course course and those with a high school diploma or less. Which is interesting and I wonder the way to break that out is aides like if your if your seventy what was eighteen dollars of your eighteen. And you don't have high school diploma yet yet you're probably happier than somebody who is. Perhaps 35 and struggling to make ends meet because they don't school diploma but they don't they don't get in a hole that. Overall men reported a greater increase in happiness levels compared to women although they were more likely to say they were frustrated at work. In the things that they asked people what are you optimistic about what you worried about the things that came out that we're most worried about are pretty obvious to. Finances career and how seven 7% of millennial so they were worried about finances. Slightly more than half so they were frustrated with their career. Day again it was not 35% in 20082009. Some of the reason they suspected. For wide number isn't really that high they say distraction and a lack of control. Close to 40% of Americans this year sad they rarely engage in hobbies and pastimes they enjoy 4% of people. I don't do fun stuff that they enjoy. Do you. He half. Yeah right how can you not yeah absolutely on even if I don't get the chance to do it as much during the week and I'm that's great game I'm I'm the queen of the road trip absolutely am always off to its own to go see Spiderman last night that's what I love go to the movies. We can get and I think this is true a lot of people during the week you can kinda get caught up and Steffi got to get on. But but on the weekends that's when I tend to focus more my time and just chill out. 5767798. What makes you happy. Are you happy or or why are you happy or maybe you are not happy tell us why 5767798. Can text into too many zero. 75% of people said quote my voice is not hurt in national decisions that affect me well that's been kind of this. That's kind of the monstrous since we were all kids it's an and then the author of the study sad to feels like a lack of cult cultural lack of presence is that we are so Qaeda are texting multitasking jobs and commutes. That we seem to have less and less free time. As evidenced by the fact that people 65 and older are happy list 72% of people say they're optimistic about the future. I would have to. I would have to she. My parents a text and sack because they're both retired my dad has like two part time jobs to keep yourself busy my mom doesn't do a whole heck of a lot. You know to keep yourself busy Alicia has started on hoarding the basement which is nice that she's one of those moms that collects everything. I think both by parents or are happy and there are seventy and 69. I don't know it's not it. I have no idea that because it's not a simple question were were making it a simple question but I think it's complicated question for a lot of people like bing. I think a lot of people if you were to you know be a bit and respect about it you could say it would Jason. Like I have a lot to be grateful for I you know I I've Joba can go to every day I'm in good health but for a lot of people they say gab look at things be better. I think everybody I think most people. People are struggling kind it was something bright most people have something in their lives that is exactly the way that they wanted or or it's not ideal. Part of it I think his perspective it's how you look at that situation but genuinely are just not like they're kind of a maybe your job isn't on the what you want you and your you now. You're away from family and you don't get to do for whatever reason. You can't go do the fun stuff that would give you the break from the other stuff that stressing out on Sunday don't manage stress well I think it's it's a complicated. Issue and topic we just dumb did. Down and Wear me down so united asking so I could understand it specifically. A lot of people are saying. You guys to call and text and you can say it is all you want but I don't think this and this makes the difference that you think it's a 57677. And eight are you happy 5767798. Peoples that you do realize that you you can do just about anything because you don't have cats so eager not really tied down with the financial responsibilities. So it. So kids' choice you unhappy is is about money. That's that's it that because we have a ton of free time and more much more disposable income that means naturally we're going to be happy. I don't and so none of my friends with kids are happy. Is that is that right pointed attacks this wreck. It several people are saying you guys don't have it so kids and everything Allen kids rule in everyday. Life. So is that so happiness as a result of free time and more money a lot of people that are happier because they had tickets for show you because. I love lives allegedly kids bring joy to life. That's what I've been told that's what he keeps telling me. But. There are a lot of people that you would go along the lines the text line and say. And having kids it's on any freedom anymore I can't do what I wanna do right. But that I hear those same people will oh I'm not having had children and eight dollars DM pictures up on her FaceBook in every you know every Easter there's little kid and Easter Bunny costume and I got to see the pictures of. The July this far cooler and other arts said he corrected that's not what I was saying you know what I'm saying is because you do not have kids yet you have more disposable income to go do things that'll help make you happy. I'm sick part of the reason I have more disposable income is because I work a lot you know besides this job I work a lot more but that takes away my free time but I choose to do it so that I have more money to go play went. But it cuts into the time to play with the money I think it. It's going to be interesting once you know cleaner air fortunate enough to have children. To figure out if we're not gonna live in a two story loft in river market because. Eight we paid way too much for rent but we we choose to do that right now will probably move to the suburbs but now the role of the burns. That that you can still drive doctors how willow street car maybe I'd. Now clerk hopefully we're done in the next five years and a host ever. But you know they're right in theory would go down. Are we wouldn't go out as much but that money will be invested back and our kids in front in papers and all those kind of things. So I think from it may balance out to you know I think it's all about what you deal that would ever make you happy. Leno is the answer this question. So and curious kind of note then what's what's standing your way what's keeping you from being happier than you could be and is that within your control people are saying. Kids cause stress kids. Cost money. And and so you start stressing more about money or just. You know your wife now revolves around keeping someone else alive and keeping them safe and keeping them well and that is stress mark global. Yet are you happy. I'm generally a happy person they're kids suck some of that body. Yes it. They give me on my happiness and taken away on a daily basis it's an emotional rollercoaster and a lucky guy and I wanna just laid down sometimes lucky guy you're super burdened and that's probably right market the amount you don't mind if the other there is a free chicken wings in your side the kind of slowing and a half from like the rest of the the bagels are widespread in the morning your ticket now some rough sneak in those out of here I'm wondering how she paid form exactly what. For how how can you afford bread and I went on Rockefeller. Cast your actual facts of the to mark this past month my fiance had the most fun we've ever had since having our son a month ago we concert. Two his company's a retreat we have a lot of mini state vacations we went out with friends visit Little Rock we never. Like spend money on ourselves spent every penny on our son and bills and taking ourselves out and supporting ourselves with the best idea. I'll free you love the year in basketball how can you and happy pair he's got him until March got pretty well. 5767798. Happened many one KM BZ mid day win Jamie wicket. In my. Asking nuclear happening. Pretty simple question but there's other factors in this study were looking at what if you're happy at 576779. Ater. Texting and 22980. Yeah and get a little more detailed and other Twitter poll is out still free to destroy it comes to us out of B Harris poll which has been doing this capping a survey for the last nine years. So they surveyed 2200 Americans ages eighteen and over this past Sunday the survey was not designed to measure. The reasoning behind during answer although we'd like to get into it yeah 33% of Americans said they were happy and a survey and it sticks around that number was 31% last year. The highest it's ever been in the nine years of the survey is 35% that was in 20082009. Interestingly right out of the recession. That. That is amazing to me that. The the the number is circling around 32 to 35%. And so 65%. This country is unhappy for the most part seekers that sounds amazingly low Tim or I literally and a look at I hate this question because. It's not specific enough like are you happy New York. Job are you happy with the relationship pretty happy whatever is it just kind of your state of mind because people. Have a lot of trouble but have really good perspective. And so that there was look at the positive or they have a lot of gratitude or whatever and so. Something is on travel could look at your life and say you know I'm just happy issue we yeah I don't have as much going for you now on. So just because you set so does that mean that two thirds of the country is unhappy. Like he's actually choice happy or unhappy. I and I do a scale parallel story that I hate the survey behind 767798. Abbe who's hanging on in part Phil Abbie thanks so much right now and be one KM BZ. That. And I'm happy here you have got up and get it up. Well yeah it didn't mean as there Akron and grammar are. I don't. This week's cigarette. Not now. Life and maybe what part of the people who are texting and they are not happy because they have it. If we didn't have an attacker might you know yelling at our our group and me. Enjoyed being together and mark Antony and Michael aren't being that we are a lot of things and therefore are all the. But you know if he got to find that groove a little bit Abby. And bring you back up your body how how old are your kids. Five and eight I'll bet it's easy to start fighting group where they start becoming when they're in school a becoming little boys or little girls too. Independent they can get their own annual that are applicable for help well. Share share but I'll be happy I totally understand that they support for the phone call Abby how this has to do with. Stressed or lack of stress related to money because they asked people about the things that they worry about it and the three biggest things that come up were finances career and sell. How much of it you know has to do with disposable income or stressing about your finances for those either texting and sank as could split on the tax line and I appreciate those you were describing. As briefly can't your situation now it's getting you there or not how it has to do with money. That a lot because money leads to stress or lack of it. But steady and sound that said there comes a certain point where money doesn't matter anymore we just of the story this week that said if it it isn't a question of money vs time. That there comes a point where if you start using your money to spare you time to have fun that's work and make a difference but if you're just saving at all it doesn't do anything to your piece of mind. Yeah I mean look I eighty. Lee and I spent. We save a little bit we don't save enough police but we spent and we have a good time we go too well an. I would say we probably spend a player which the movie theater yesterday spent fifteen bucks. That that doesn't rule that says not at times. But like when we see you spend too much put that were you as I stride where if you cut back on spending if you had to mom where would that extra cash have to come to me be going out food for me it would be going out on the weekends because I I am perfectly content like. Having people over we utilize or will allot your party rooming around bridled saying you know instead of going out to a bar or restaurant and having a 200 dollar dinner and I would rather grill up some steaks and or some burgers or whatever grab a case of beer bottle line and you fifty bucks you know thank. But. You know if if we wanna go out we're gonna go out I think that's where we would probably have to cut back is is going to bars and restaurants that kind of thing but we traveled maybe as much as you do good. We travel you to spend your money some warehouse yeah I don't go out as much as you do all the money on experiences I awesome achievement hustling him because I lived through and cheaper park other two W two incomes vs ones that probably were out about the same. And it really I connect to this time verses vs money thing like I. Don't have to work extra I'd probably be fine in a financially I am I get time. Don't spend a lot but I choose to work more so that I can reduce my financial stress thing but what it does is cost easily. That now that working more takes away from what I can relax I mean I could get a second job. I could get a second job mean. I. What you like the sleeping I haven't time to go have fun TV is right Orton to me. Is important to me and expensive. It is fair so that's why we're more let's go to read in KC 91 KM BZ I read. Very happy. And because I'd been on and two wonderful guy. Children are all grown and gone and mannered wonderful people. We have grandchildren. We don't have all the money in the public very comfortably. We travel lightly should we eat well reaching. We really important change except for the coming lightly and it but that. And that we can't California and originally went for Britain's. They very nice part of San Diego at. You know. You have to Wear it in the two. Very able family or environment and we choate and. Read and I just did your life when you were happy just as it now. I. Agreed still is stranger he'd call back any time I'll like an answer yeah I think I don't think that's true of most people she was most happy when she said our kids are grown and gone. A. It's about freedom we appreciate the phone call go to Bruce in great town and 81 KM BZ leveraged. Yeah out I'm 71 and I still. I'm very active fire roller skate and like red motorcycle ridden over a million miles on 36 cycles all across North America. All I'm a couple of trips there a year England's. Took an 8000 mile per candidate no five. On my bike just. And not buy now man workshop are used via Mozart mechanic. And make a lot of money but I had a lot. And not armed got a whole workshop on out here workarounds bill in the trailer to pull behind them were sort right now. Configuring Miette trailer that you go on my part. Probably always. Just. After I got divorced couple times are literally am happy I've divorce courts don't like that. I'm not married I don't need a woman tomorrow by one or trouble. Which got your motorcycle man it's all you need a a thanks Bruce out of fairness and read some of the text from people who say they're not happy just to get the reason. Now for wide because again only 33% of people who answered the survey said they were happy so so there some of those out there although some of these perhaps instead happy they should vast. If if you're satisfied and I like that word a lot more I think they were talking about state of mind verses contentment with kind of where you are I'm satisfied you better. I'm satisfied or talking about. Art couple sexier my partner and I are extremely unhappy due to money I was not work on medical leave performance of we got behind. Or in so much depth living paycheck to paycheck and have several payday loans with a lot of interest we have medical insurance the my condition requires me to take medication. That cost 200 dollars a month the anxiety is coming up for a lot of people I'm not happy I had anxiety for twenty plus years. I've lost jobs and relationships over at that causes depression which doesn't get out of some Nielsen I'd be happier if I worked less made more and slept more work is okay but money and sleet are stressful. Sony says I'm not happy because like keeps throwing crappy situations that hasn't been nonstop for the last five years and that's how we're seeing what what's on what's going time. Midday with Jamie like it will take a few more your phone calls will be happy to get to yield 5767798. Are you happy wireline and keep text Ronan. Ali appreciate attitudes united zero here on 91 came easy 31 JMB easy meeting with Jamie wicket Jamie not a Sally Mike lake gets. Asking you right now are you happy overall are you happy in your life and what makes you happy with a lot of negative conversation sometimes you get and a lot of politics has had a nasty and dirty. We get in his and stuff locally that this is some people loss and makes the other people really happy. Breast and you are you happy right now yes or no and why on Twitter 75% of your happy. Yeah that is contrary to what the national survey found it was done I by the Harris poll of 2200 people this past may. And really just poll in the last nine years is kinda stuck in the low to mid 30%. So it's 33% now people say they're happy. The highest it's that was 35 so really at the needle has typically move much. The purpose of the poll is not to find out why although they do you find that the things that people aren't the most worried about our finances career and health. And or take your text each united zero or 5767798. I think some of that has to do with perspective. Because we're getting some texts from people my favorite was now I have not everything I want them more than I need sure some of its stepping back a little bit and decaying credit he works absolutely. I mean think about real quick as people who risk their lives in the back of the truck who come over from from different parts of southern of South America. In Central America and died what do they have and what do you have Brad you know that that attack subs that completely out like I could live I loved them more money. I simply app looks pretty good yeah you're you're pretty comfortable that I think a lot of people did you know everybody's template. Not everybody you know work we're pretty lucky around here with what we get to do in the time that it even gives us on but I got a reason to tax and we'll get a guy calls. I'm not happy my husband passed away at the age of 37. I was pushing to being a single mom my younger son is jobless however looking for a job my other son is on drugs and homeless. I spent all of my money on trying to get him help I want to retire but I can not afford it. Man I feel for you that's that is something that it you know I've got I have a cousin who went through kind of that same thing it might might aunt is. There was time they didn't talk because he went through some issues like that and I can only imagine would like to have that situation single mother trying to get the wrong. Here's another one I'm in my mid thirties and wasn't happy with my job and position in life for years my wife and I adopted a baby girl a year ago is added so much joy in my life. And the good now always outweighs the negative stuff my wife and I have never enjoy life more it's wonderful. And I like this to reflect eyewitness and happy but more and content. I'm grateful my circumstances but there are forced things I'd like to. Changed the right to the phone socked hunter 91 KMB easy hi hunter are you happy. And I'm pretty epic. Our Seattle moved here from Mississippi and into got a pretty good job the government girlfriend. Not a lot complain about. Did you hear that for. Well on the side though at the mean what you got to realize that that that's up 33% of the country that's happy that 33% of the people who managers' survey it's. And I mean it would you got a real and how mentally personally. I can't even fill out a survey to give up three saying what the next time I go to win needs to I mean. Matt unsatisfied customer right abuse that's what I'm get. I don't understand what this what that has to do with the server and out. Oh I'm saying. On the senate but dole or louder as loose and not Indian. Com. It's like we knew reviews something on Yelp. Are but you're more likely to review it if you had a bad experience right you could just say I don't wanna answer your sir you go out the I ate it. I bet that there is portion of this that just wants to complain to what I understand but I don't know if it's quite. Quite the same. But honor let you moved up here because I I read that living in Mississippi easel rough and just based on some of the state reviews are welcome brother we appreciate it. Let's go to Nathan in KCK you're right 91 KM BZ. Make better I would say I'm a father what he has and I I'm very happy why are very happy now we have counted back yeah we do. Same time. I like what one ear and you'll be you know about it you make that I'm not. That man I'd you have a lot of joy that you and I. My iGoogle. Three year old son lead that we wrestle. I'm are out here where I travel all over the world where it was very good lot. At a great time but I. All might travel though at a meeting mr. wrestling with the three year old fire on the littered Nat and into the night they say daddy. The bad day at. A warm and fuzz he's on the midday program just react outs or learn our ride it freed Nathan we appreciate them and thank you so much for the phone call. 5767798. Robin in Casey Euro 91 KM BZ. Take you. Are you happy you know and when you ask a question in my first my first the national what I'm happy. And then when I think about it I want you know a lot of really crappy things going on in my life you know I'm. And yelling in my thirty's and my heart that has cancer has for two years we have three very young children you know it's been hard. But yet in the past all of that and I think I'm happy and that they and I thought you know what you guys are saying about what is that. They get prepared that Internet thing you know well. I hate to get deported end I feel loved aliens previously worked fine until I think because of those things. You know in my life feeling. Being able for the most part. You know in in the and I can say I'm happy that you know what Arnold is incorrect question. Say yet. I've depressed you know what I mean like it. You you you've got a lot of stuff going on if if you don't mind me asking too personal question how is the battle with cancer going. Are going we doubled it in about a year almost and we we still don't know we don't have. Secure yeah. We're we're up and we don't know what the future look like that would you asked me today am happy. Day because it has been sealed well today. It won't you know giving you know and you know better example transplant everything but. Yep and I'm happy it went in for people to have the and you configuring either dwell on everything that suck and they are not happy walking. I would you know an ego get in the dialogue in jail to deal. Guy liked you know like like it. People sort. It definitely Iraq with the extra for the spurs so much for the perspective. Mean hurt her and her husband is going through cancer battle. And she's trying to stay as positive as you can and everybody is a lot of people are they today. Energy going tomorrow and her husband doesn't feel well and and goes to chemo and is miserable for twenty hours. And and and maybe tomorrow she would answer this question different but she's keeping a positive like. So people are using the word choice on the tax time and I don't want to oversimplify it that way I know that's a that's a really easy thing to say one happy because I choose to choose to be happy. And admittedly it's easier to be happy if somebody your life isn't sick or if you're not parenting alone or it you know have some some of those stresses that are not there. It's easier to make that choice your yours if you're struggling a little less it's an easier choice to they telephone call Robin Lisa in independence or 91 KM BZ hi Lisa are you happy. I. Am. And it. I ordered karma. And so I mean. I mean anybody out violent were quickly because. No matter at all. My daughters are at or below and then I'm. That are my like my. Now. Q. I am pretty quickly. And I had a lot of rock and I slipped my employees you know what people coming here and like China and the way everything. Tell her of people. And a lot of bad bad service equipment net HL amber. The market that you know maybe respond to that Gannett. And then a fire me I. What I structure that's not our nag at me and that I think it about. Well I work on pay check out during a check I'm not. At Portland then I'm. And then try and net bank and what is that not. I'd drive it straight and harm people on the street. And I think about. Rebel children that are used and and hungry and cold and our hot whatever. Ad. So much to be a sport have I said I'd. I'm Bret children you more on the way. You know they or all of our lives to play and I'm very thankful and I'm. Very. Good to hear that fantastic these are we appreciate that mean. We gotta go over some this kind of stuff we're thankful for during November and December on the holidays thrown dune here in in July a lot of books have been written about that about gratitude. And about gratitude being a key to happiness or asks.