Are things turning for KC?

Mike Wickett
Sunday, June 11th

A split with Houston then a series win in San Diego? Are things turning around for the Royals? (and we talk NKOTB)


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Another edition of crowding around here 91 KM BZ like quicken along with Josh for your rules insider for six and Sports Radio. And before we get to the royals related. Movie going to the New Kids On The Block show offering you a free ticket and a New Kids On The Block waste amenable Abdul show. At sprint thinner more tomorrow night right yeah going up now okay now. Now if this is 91 idea and the CN KO TV yeah I X I saw boys to men and Luther Vandross together night sellout pine knob. Up in Michigan so I Paula Abdul never had in the desire to. But Jill and Jordan and Danny and Donny and John yeah oil and back earned ribbon alcohol five better news update them. They. Out of all. I gotta go all get real life in the background. By a lot of government here so there tells the wait no your fight you haven't waited some have been doing that's so it's and it's. The week for the royals before we get to the series out in San Diego. Normally I would say I don't wanna split home series but when you spoke with the best team in baseball do you feel good about getting to from Houston nickel but yet you'll you'll take it that's for sure even though. Look if you wanna be pessimists you could say Dallas Tyco was scratched ten minutes before it starts they had. Throw bullpen game basically. So yet it Nate Nate they should have split. You can look at it that way above but here's the thing over the course of the month of April and even the first half of may there were countless games in which the royals. Should have won yet. I retrofitted it was most of April but they did get so you know is that yes that was a nice lead it's been a nice. A weekend in San Diego but. To me this team's not good enough to have big series or to have crucial series or make or break series right now they have to play it consistent to. Let's say if the play consistent month. Before they're gonna put themselves in a position to have a make or break series right now it's. The slow climb out of the month of hell that was April. And you can only do it one step at a time yet. I've made me get to from the best team in baseball. Fanatic like San Diego. And it was home run fast and I don't care what 1011. Holbrooke has handled run and three games in San Diego nine home runs Saturday and Sunday combined. That ties a franchise record for most home runs and a two day span exit haven't done that since 2001. Mike was stock is is on pace for 44 home runs which would shatter the franchise record held by Steve Bell Boni of 36. The reds okay and hit a pair yeah this was supposed to be a power hitting ballclub. They obviously have not then. Of facing a whole bunch of rule five rookies yet has a way of bring in that powerhouse it is say this I mean it wasn't like they're they've beat up on on Houston right upon San Diego and the worst teams in baseball the big one of the worst teams in baseball for. Years since contaminating was there's been a long long time. Our IP. Yeah right yeah and event the classic which videos we have. But another type of but. It does it make you feel good to get two out of three regardless on the road they always say you know it's hard to win on the road and go to the West Coast almost out. Well you can't have it both ways right now price. The old adage. If you know if if you lose two of three from the Padres it's us is the ball into losers. And then you you can't turn around and say well if you went to a three epic deal. It's not yet big deal but it's not a big deal if you understand and right there well it it would it is the government of the da the basement and last place in the division anymore either in fourth place which. Again and if you're looking to do is incrementally move your way through this season it. When he 34 there only five and half back of Minnesota who just lost can't get to second place until you're in third came right there until. You're in fourth. You know that the wins themselves. To me. Are relieved that the story. Because. You know this team has bigger problems again there's still six games below 500 a lot of you'll look we'll get to cal literary the second a lot of earth is he still to be done that. Although there the problem for this team the biggest problem this year has been Alex Gordon. He's had a nice week and a half yeah I'm not runs into a second home run. That's encouraging he's not back. I'm not going to. Overreact but it's encouraging because if the royals are going to get to the postseason or get above 500. Alex Gordon has to be at the middle of his batting average of 55 points since you and I talked last is he's now leading a buck 81. It was 176 when you're sitting in this exact seat seven days. To those are home runs from Alex Gordon. Look. Ellis scored it was never an. Average guy he's an on base guy. But forced career he's at 265 to seventy hitter so feet and get over that Mendoza line and running into. Now fifteen home runs here over the remaining. Hundred games of the year. Yeah I'll take that he's the highest paid player on the team in its start playing like it Ian Kennedy is the second highest paid player he has to start pitching like it. And that's Saturday his fifth game since returning from the DL. The final line is an Indy isn't an indication of how well Lee pitched. He was encouraging so Kennedy and gore go there hopeful beginnings of turnarounds. Are what I take from that series in San Diego meanwhile Kelvin rarer. But he was that a third episode this of of crowding around here when you said that he was one of the seven great best closers in jail else. Still not sure when it. Yes he is what what you see as what you mean he's blown two saves. All year. He had nine saves in the month Monday that was tacitly. Es comment and a pair of tie game to the ninth inning and I globally and I hate. And I have no reason to hate them because you're at hole I hate there isn't going to be a save situation when you're at home I hate it you're going to bring him that I you know why you can't use them out of that game. I think to me I'm not let them just sit out there in the bullpen I have faith in my office is gonna score runs in the bottom of the ninth inning. That's when you bringing your closer I think that's what 99%. Of big league managers will do when you're at home and you know what save opportunity cannot present itself because a save opportunity can only come about if you take the lead. And that can only come about if you walk off victorious 533. ERA for my closer. ERA is a deceiving stat you have to you have to look at. Situations. When he's come in in save situations. Or high leverage situations. This CRA is right around three. But he's come in to get some work because they were so god awful in the month of April of this that are part of mandate. That he didn't have to save opportunities so they had to put him there. When they were up five or down a billion and that's when he gave up those rounds so is CRA is. A tad misleading he is still in my opinion. One of the best in the game. And he needs to be if you're gonna ultimately flip them at the deadline he's not united in jeopardy of losing your job or not. No because I don't fans are probably calling for an if they were but they were you know what you're the thing in this won't surprise you go. Area the people that all of a map of beer in here and he had an out of jail that it. The guy that they wanted it to replace them as the close it was the same guy they were pulling off them out and the week before in Joaquin Soriano Soria is. OK but he is less reliable. Then why Calvin Guerrero Mike miner has been very good but I like him in that role when you can get. It inning or maybe two lot of them in the sixth in the seventh innings allowed to have some good news about Judas today. He was fantastic and had to be yeah the bullpen is eaten up half of the innings in the last eight games that's not gonna work. So what's an off day on Monday. Making just his third big league start to meet him doing his job would have been 56 innings four runs or less yep and steady comes out seven plus of three rounds. I was listening to the guys on the radio those driving back from Branson Missouri today how was that a goal of their for the all star you're gonna enjoy it you're gonna do it if it has a Vegas like field but there's no gambling you can't walk around appears in your hand you said you're gonna enjoy it like you're getting all your buddy you're gonna enjoy this awful shot I can't wait to see it as a reaction you're gonna love I would go back we went for the misery broadcasters association awards yet shout out my wife leave radio station when station of the year nice job. She's got headphones on upstairs you can yours that's fine really has a nice job. But then we we we want you to say that for points yes OK but we we drove around a little bit today got to see it it is interesting I wish we had more time I wish she would tell me what interest week. You see those signs yeah oh yeah I've expressed ran away there are it's like it's all about Obama yet there I always. There was a lot of that yeah I those signs are like oh yeah that's real. That's written in blunder pure nature it is there that Hillary for prisons yeah. Anyway that's it no doubt that that brought us driving back listen and they were talking about Judas. Be it 29 round pick and a high school what is is his ceiling it would as the organization look at us and Scotland to. Because I mean I he's had one good outing at the the rain delay which ruined everything in the bad outing last week in these two guys are they the future. Now you're now 24 and 23 respectively what they are is an example and not trying to denigrate those two but. But what they are is an example as to why. So many people are. So very desirous that this team makes moves at the deadline you re bolster or two rather bolster. The facts farm system. Tiles ever their former topic just can't stay healthy. Miguel El Monte it was a highly touted prospect but he urges he can't put together right now. All those guys are 25 Judas and Scotland are 24 and 23 respectively the rest of their pitching talents and able lower so. To me day is used a one now yeah Judas is. I think him against Oakland are for me I've the now not mean got a good team. Alfie you hate to say that kid can't get better. But he Alexei four or it look is just listen to the game is moan about what 67 strikeouts today on the road get not a great San Diego team would still kids 23 layers when he or right. Please he's but it with the system for six years now to. He's got obviously gotten better ever since you came drafted high school yeah the thing is with them is they don't have overpowering stuff so. You know what benefited Judas on Sunday was a four nothing lead to be aggressive fight to puzzle out why it's nice yet he had a three up it added I don't need to nibble I'm not going to walk you are not going to let it turn into two or three run home run. But the solo bomb yet you know what. I can live with that the issue is full with Judas and Scotland because they don't have that overpowering stuff. If they are in that tight game. Will need to nibble will need to get the opposition with. Title and location. And if they fall behind hitters to blow 31 that he got to come with that unhittable pitch. Big leaguers aren't gonna miss ED eighty miles per hour. That is located over the plate so. You know that they're nice pieces but no net nothing that I seat leaving this rotation on the line why look at San Francisco but he David update which means you get to get drunk tonight if you have an off day tomorrow. Why are still look at him which is was he real good team even though they're not a real good yeah I think the same reason why maybe people outside Kansas City probably fitness and the about the royals. Because of pedigree because of the names that litter that. That live of that line up and Johnny quid on the residency Johnny might want what is happening every year but he still Johnny quite right. Brandon Crawford is still bad Buster Posey. Still fantastic ball player. Pedigree. Great manager guy that knows the poles of this ballclub can utilize the bullpen very well. And it. Not I don't know what it is but you would think when two teams that met in the World Series in many people on the diamond. Squared off in certain world yeah that would get the juices going a little bit more. There fifteen back in their division yeah fifteen back in Colorado is a look at this in the injury here and seen that surprising I mean fifteen back in the American League last night and understand that Castro's by. It's June 11 and every system who'd just won today you know they're fifteen and beat up on the twins and yet they did Colorado is 41 and 24 yeah. Colorado I still. Got to laughed out of the press box spring training when I said Colorado as a playoff team and twenties team. And it a year early Evian I didn't hit it up at a year early maybe should've said that for a 27 team but. Yeah I know that's surprising with the giants. Metzenbaum got to just had to get on that they're like it yet but it yet you're Iraqis Europe Padres banner but doctors made your OK with it. And this probably would have lined up for it to be blown Gartner Quidel against the royals because they are catching on Tuesday. Tied block. Is the guy that's filling in for the Madison but Gardiner. He's got that DL ACH. Corsica black but. It what help you sell it. And he left neglected his name as he's always find it yet weird. I mean even though it's he looked in the sixties as super street it's nerve wracking when museum holding his side as Brittany age does that that's. You know like you know oblique injury could be up for awhile or add injury. There's no way to really test that you just have to not move and try not to sneeze or laugh her off yet because it's painful slow. Thankfully took him out early day off on Monday if he's still feeling it sit them down on Tuesday because. You lose self the already down Duffy until after the all star break and they cards for another two or three weeks. It's it's crap if you lose track. Each. And and that is scheduled to come back tampered appease that deals corporate yet day in more on 610 on Sunday said he's hopeful right after the all star break. Andy card's still two or three weeks away the afternoon showing your station ruin we Mary fields any street I thought they did the I thought I did. Probably did they can just hitting streak in history hitting streak yet because they brought it up early talk tool without doubt why would you bring that up as well as the guy actually that is here's what happened. Column. I want into a slump. And then mayor field having the eagle of the professional athlete last. You know what I'm not superstitious went back out there graphically and say yes I do I do wanna go on pole vault in the hole a full superstition. So it's really wits fault. But short. That the culprit is dressed as. The after as you dot. I got merit. Plaster age you don't wanna go to these New Kids On The Block so again what's your feel well let who's opening Paula Abdul them waste a minute what's your favorite new kits are. Oh please don't go girl. That was a good now writes. Yeah now I mean things step by step I had the VHS. Tape that one where. He. And a teacher and a big fan I got to see Gloria I had two older female cousins that I really looked up to its juror asked them yeah promised answers there was I got it to me and for women at a at one Ecstasy. You might have a good buy bottom line up that that thanks man I Josh Berger from 610 Sports Radio. Every week we do this this is two weeks and are we haven't missed time this is tomorrow night about next and bothers them now okay. Oh yeah is that we're coming back from Silas will be who will be. Cherie yeah you hear it for jock for Europe might wicket we'll do it again next week running around here and 91 KM BZ KM BZ Beckham.