Applebee's makes national headlines...and not for its 2 for $20....

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Monday, February 12th
One of the young women has retained an attorney.....

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You're listening to the Dana and parks podcasts on KE MB easy. Thanks Dana he. We'll go. Who turned the heater on in the so yeah I I ran home to get the dog real quick as I was gonna bring earn on Friday event. I'm. So broader and today but thank god I decided to bring the dog because. Com went home got teacher had hot flashes of where in just a pretty swatch sure. And I was on the news earlier Pringle soars to. I could feel the sweat dripping out of my armpit and this lecture on you know what it is and I'm not complaining and thrilled because we're gonna get a big warmup this week. The sun comes right in through these asked and that exists. When it came in the back door to go get on the elevator with the ball. I'm actually not until the day so there's. What I'm not cold today. You know watch every second of the Olympics over the weekend I didn't watch some. I did not watch. Has become this we're. Live yet not. And. You remember what happened two years ago. And now the Summer Olympics was and. And you came in and said the exact same thing about this summer and I am telling you I cannot stop watching this figure skaters and I went on today to try to tape tonight. It's like lose. And speeds like there is no disappointment like when there's not figure skating on from they'll lose thing now. Is amazing yeah I don't those guys are crazies that the one where they do is you know at the beginning. Yeah. It look order company I until little fat and then they're like I eight miles an hour don't I shoot it's amazing you know well one of the olympians did the first triple Axel in animal Olympics over the weekend you might save yourself. I thought that's what Tonya Harding was famous for I. She did the first triple Axel in competition. And it had that epic meltdown during the things nice and it's so it's never been done at the only and and that cute little sweet thing where and that red rested that over the weekend I thought I was gonna start. Like any of the other stuff except that the skating out. I got a taste like that's long gone downhill. Out Reynolds an hour on the ski of that all. Here's what I was getting into over the weekend. The snowboarding. Yeah those people are crazy Seattle read whatever his name is Kim and seventeen years seventeen when I got his goal. What things that would complain about just for a bit because I've hurt at this happens but I didn't realize. The extent to which people do this you know how many athletes this year. Are not competing. Under the flag of their own country. And I'm here to tell you don't think it's turbulent. It annoys me Lee who South Korea South Korea as an American jail sentence to America but their four. There rigged they were adopted from South Korea listen to this album of the Korean kids hers her American rebel white sister plays for the US. Hasn't made a really some story about them this morning on either Jim Ayers CBS and remember roughly 6%. Of the athletes which is a 178. Of them. Are competing for a country they were not born. The only requirement. In the Olympic charter is that an athlete B quote. A national of the country for which he or she is competing anyone who wants to compete for different country must do so three years after they last competed. I think that's she. Just say you're American your whole life and now all of a sudden because you can't make the skating team here you're going to be it's. There's a kid who plays for the Mexican. National soccer team who was. Born to illegal immigrants and San Diego so now he's. We use Merck has beens and so he's competing for Mexico Canada and not because both Mexico and the and he's like a phenom both Mexico now this is soccer not even when I'm habit related. But it happens all the time gain in any sport you can imagine. Isn't based holding the same thing when they're in and that's you know I care of the kids name a stomach and he's a seventeen years old. But he's one of these guys that are b.s like invest. Impress the dividends are going to be huge. So the United States wanted him of course because he's an American but Mexico wanted to really badly because his parents were similar for money I think. It's like journalism and he went to Mexico. When we're trying to get out of jury duty your whole and where you lay your head at night it's not your lake house this December and heart related heart is still sour about that here amber saw the occasional and stock. Well. Your home is regulator had at night and I think if you're American. Your home is America what what did you like Tim Graham hard and you lay your head down sometimes and he would dwell times in the late argue that juror hurt in New Jersey. It I just kind of bothers me carriers still sour about I don't out of the Bush's order out more about these athletes. Jumping countries because it suits them. Tick these the young Korean hockey player okay. She was adopted. Body her American parents when she was two years old when she was born. In South Korea calm all ones she thought she is American as American as she's as American as science at all when she looks very Korea. That's OK and not America she was born in Korea so it's possible that. Her mother land wants them back on what they eat I'm sure they do. Here's. She's not she wasn't appears at night I just kind of deduce that she's old she's standing on the podium you will eyes she will take that metal until that country. Under the flag of a country to wit she does not belong anymore. Bothers me but it was my understanding from the story this morning. That she wasn't good enough to get on to the Americans I think John. So that she went to the South Korean team so she could realize an Olympic drinks so you know they're going to be playing and that hand them and she's going to be gone. And what is it what is the South Korean inconsolable roses song to do much of. Because I've never in any manner that you Hillary Clinton running percent and it from you our. Here I am Andy or I'm Hillary Clinton running bronzes friends with the pats pulpit X. She's a carpet bagging hock. It's hanging out. And what's on tonight there's no. And so disappointment of this morning and focuses like other competition. In the can't skate every night like curling. That was on yesterday I by Mets sporty fast I can totally see you BMO sleepers. To bring. That joke and when you totally battery and an honest Weaver. And never amount to do that. You wanted to. We won't sweep somebody came in here with this has asked her why does that need to be swept. Full. And he's he's so fast and temperaments and to get. Let's update logic should Carolina didn't clean. Chris and cigarette next to her on the couch and because Chris is from Iowa he loves these mourners write hockey's. And hockey and so you know he's a certain aired just. Hoping for like an hour of peace and quiet now so we can sit down and watch the Olympics and her is sitting right next to go on next. It's it's just opened and you don't have to sweep in front of there's no dirt. You hear who loves the curling thing I Mr. T over the weekend and he really on Twitter net up Mr. T apparently was going crazy. Over curling. And said something about you curling fool. I like about the impression that was horrible horrible what what he sounds like you heard me early in civil commitment. I am pumped watch the Winter Olympics and watching events I never thought I would watch before traveling you hurt me currently apple. You can't sort of Mr. T impersonation about I've added a fool I pity the curling full. Now that was that was like Dana are just reading Mr. T you gotta do it like Mr. T them. Current pool. Some. I mean look at this guy he looks like the guy that was accused of setting the bomb off in Atlanta. What's his name Richard jewel yet but this looks like Richard Jewell early he also looks like Indy read. He looks like this give our idea I like about curling is you could the rods shape. And you could be a gold medal winner. I argue got a sweet that's sweeper. But what shape as Rudd center. Oh yeah curling shape or not being your skating today it looked like an egg. That was issued just made mere. Says Luke sitting down and in fact attitude the old fat and. Anyway I'm old I'm old I'm going to go on the mind and it's. On that hill. Sure that this group at a I've received a lot of tax. Miami. Worker instructor and I never thought I'd give this one in which asking Dana who does her eyebrows. Oh my gosh just Medicare. Yes. I tend to my face remember that's why that's when the accident and not her at a place. As they came out of touch whenever. Our. Yet they asked Aaron aimed at. Male Olympic skater who has my new favorite person in the hole it world's zoos but competent Q rap or rock and rip rip. Anyway it asked him what is it like to be a gay Olympic Kathleen that men like assists. 1976. I don't know he's a figures and figures. If your if your man and your engaged in figure skating. It's automatic you're gay no I don't I don't agree what they should say is how is it that you're the first not gay male figures out its grip on Adam grip on anyway it is. Performance was. Electorate if likens his myself and apparently someone asked him you know what is it like to be this. You know world renowned to me. Olympic athlete or something and he said well. It's just like being history took a better. Hot hot hot. It's got. We have talked about here is this that we're still I Sarah. Terrible congratulations let's liked it aptly obviously. You know I was watching Good Morning America where we remember it was over and and Amy robot was over in about him tank. And she was interviewing this rip on him. Organized and leave the politics out of it just skate but. I think of the 455. Questions that she asked him two or three of them are being. The question she asked him had to do with him being. Sitting there I mean just his personal life because you hasn't let the being gay I would say something like and tell me you've got these beautiful too don't. You have this partner who would you would ask me about my performance last night that was so out of this world go ahead. But no she wants to talk about what he does what his pants off not when his pay what what he doesn't his pants oral. I just sit there sit in my coffee I think and is this. Hours. I could not last who somebody is doing when I'm not looking. As long as it's not a kid. I always have to go because because I can RD shooters and oh of course not but if it's to send an adult I don't care. Who you have sex with a chance. And I don't even know about it from somebody covering the Olympics. Mets I'm when we get back. It happened. At an independence. Applebee's. For the week in. This is going to make. At least national news if not international noted artist has made national true V video has been shared like 50000 times over this it's officially gone viral video. Are we did today and just moment trouble and an Applebee's and independents and some women. So they were racially profiled into that just a moment and right Babcock marker I'm Scott parks you music. If you have not gone out of Volkswagen of Lee's summit I don't know what you're waiting for their deals right now are in saint. You can lease a branded 2018 Jenna asks for a 139. Dollars a month red. Or you can diet and they will knock 4000 dollars off MS RP. Ask you Mike Hart via atlas of that thing the award winning 2018 atlas S right now. Is to 79 month that he won at least one or you can buy it and again they will knock off 4000 dollars. Optimists are. Volkswagen of Lee's summit is to have a few Tony seventeens left some of those T one limited models you can at least one of those. And a reminder if you go with the 2018 most of those Volkswagen models come with a six year 72000. Mile transferable. Warranty. Check out or go on line VW Lee's summit dot com. Ask them to see Dana's car VW Lee's summit dot com and ask them about that 139. Dollar A month deal. On your brand new at least 2018. Jeddah ass you tellem Dana sentient. Okay. Do you think don't. Story here in Kansas City Star. I think some audio. The one bomb was working on some audio included in the system here's few minutes ago called to check them out. A Saint Louis woman's FaceBook post saying that she was racially profiled at an independence Applebee's has gone viral. After restaurant staff accused her and a friend of leaving without paying their bills during a previous visit. In the post woman wrote that she was shopping with a female friend of the independent senator shopping mall when they decided to stop and Applebee's to eat. There are restaurant staff accuse them of running out on a bill the night before. The woman denied that. Instead they felt that they were accused because they're blocked. The restaurant's owners said they found no indications of any racial bias. A description of the incident and a video showing part of it. Were posted Saturday to the FaceBook account of a Lexus Bryson. According to the FaceBook profile she attended rockers university but now lives in Saint Louis. The video has been viewed more than a million times. And the post has been shared more than 33000 times and think it's now 250000. Since it was first put online on Saturday. I during the meal the women were approached by independence police officer a mall security guard at a restaurant manager. The police officer told the women that they had been accused of leaving without paying their bill during a visit the restaurant the day before the night prior. The women's strongly denied the accusation. She says we were told. We were accused of eating and not paying for chicken the day before. And she says in print disease dining and dashing. But she says I have proof that we were elsewhere the night before I showed them that Chris it didn't matter is that we wanted to hear. She says we were mocked humiliated. And in terrorist we were asked to pay for our food. Leaves and not to comment back. Here is a portion of video. I don't. This is similar to bed facing college that they could we have not vineyard I'm having to keep still include. I. His locker room aren't met that obviously is the confrontation occurred inside the restaurant here's a little more and even. I'm condoning it that yeah. I. I. A. No button. And. Take. Race. Out of this conversation hearts this has nothing to do with race and I tell you why. If my son round into an Applebee's with a budding. Because these girls are what 1819 years old. A big problems all of America says here's where to rockers college are okay. Com Rutgers university of our lives and certainly if my oldest son. Wandered into an Applebee's. Sat down with the body. And then halfway through the meal a police officer and a security guard came over and said we know that you stole food here yesterday. You're gonna need to pays for your meal and then leave the well. I would be. Been doing. It then. And I said this to carry out and his her. If you are going to accuse someone a paying customer in your establishment. If you are going to accuse someone of stealing from your business and you would better damned well be sure. It's the same people that stole the day before. For that matter. If someone did dine and asked the day before why the heck would they come back. You know sixteen hours later. And sit back down and eat again Applebee's is noted I was editing in Baghdad. I don't bias and not like those months oral I don't like him I don't think these girls did anything wrong. This is going to be a public relations. Disaster. For Applebee's. Disaster them. Here's the here's the point well I'll make this point they will be able to prove they were not there the day before Scott you sir. Yes you sue them I would. One of the women has retained an attorney now. I know Sony does I am not in favor of the way Applebee's treated this whole situation it's wrong. But a lawsuit I mean come again don't know if there's a lawsuit we just know that she's retained his give them give them life time like mozzarella. And onion. Not try to arrest me when I meeting up X whatever. To the newsroom here is your marks a new lawsuit against Harvey Weinstein Co. today will mourn axed. It happens all was all. 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Thirty Jerry Kansas City from the KM BZ newsroom I'm Kara mark's arm a lawsuit filed by the New York attorney general causing trouble for the potential sale of the Weinstein Co. the suit saying Harvey Weinstein created what was called a toxic environment for women buy it repeatedly and persistently. Sexually harassing female employees. Attorney general Eric Schneider senses any sale needs to ensure that victims of the abuse will be compensated. You've investigated. Other companies for patterns of sexual discrimination. Or harassment we have never seen anything as despicable as what we've seen here. Weinsteins attorney says many of the allegations are without merit the lawsuit is effectively Pozen the company's proposed sale to a group of investors. Shawnee mission school also will name their next superintendent. Tonight the board of education holding a special meeting this evening to approve the contract for the new superintendent. Three finalists did meet and greet sessions with the public over the weekend. We'll check traffic and weather together next. We had tranquil weather conditions in the forecast here in Kansas City street you midweek with a climate temperatures in the forecast CU. Next front diving on in towards Thursday and Thursday night. Plenty of sunshine building in for the rest of today that high right at 35. Tonight partly cloudy and not as cold -- 120. Jumping up to the upper forties by Tuesday afternoon with a good deal assign and then match warmer for Wednesday partly cloudy. Analysts sixties. I'm staff meteorologists at different era more Katie NBC whether there. Five case CI thirty foreign blue springs 35 at your official weather station. I'm Kara marks or stay connected with me is 981 KM BZ and KM BC dot com. Scott isn't addressed your life has watched anime and you can have an opinion. Eight that line of thinking. In these young ladies should sue were not among white female I was me like you think they should see. Your not black. Which are more awards from the NAACP well hoops to Applebee's is saying of course all of the things you would expect a corporate. Entity to say when something like this happens our team's been working throughout the weekend and we'll continue to work to determine what happened. And what appropriate measures will be taken. We do not tolerate racism or bigotry and need nature we have no indications this was race related. What Applebee's or what this franchise should have done if they suspected. That these two young black women were the ones who dined and dashed the night before. Is they should have had somebody may be from the bar. Just keep an item. I know that sounds a little bit priest then I would say that's an appropriate because. Who gets to decide that those two girls sitting their sort of looks like the girls sitting their yes to help but a seventeen year old server. A manager. To decide that we think those. Are the same two women is a guarantee they're not. And I keep saying leave race out of it it's it is hard to leave race out of it because if this ended up being a white manager. Who sought these two black women look like the same black women that or they're yesterday. What is that's. What I'm saying name is this let's for exit your son. Jack is not the only seventeen year old kid in town with long flowing here correct set so let's say. That somebody who. Sort of looks like jacket on and Applebee's and I've Pryor died the next night Jack just happens go to that same Applebee's guy. What they would do or should do is just go to the bartender and say. Months' payments him. But back kid over there kind of looks like the kid came in last night and make sure they don't. Now it's time to keep an eye on him all right now you're you're not kicking them out the biggest mistake Applebee's made as far as trying to or conceit. Is that they went up to these women. A cure them something they may not have done we don't know what my whole least as they claim that they didn't do okay. It's amazing Khamese. The that we have to believe women when they tell you that they were sexually or physically abused but would women's value that I didn't dined and dashed. All of a sudden on the if you read the text on right now they're being called into question I wonder why. But anyway instead of just the biggest mistake Applebee's may it was going up to them with a police officer right and saying. We think it was you were pretty sure it was you pay for your meal and get out. What they should've done is just kept an eye on them because you know what they can't unless. It's got I mean unless you'd wind. Yeah him. You do not say a word you you but you keep an eye on him if you think it might beat them and that's okay. And then if they hide in dash again the bartender runs outing gets her driver's life or their license plate or whatever. They couldn't. Buy back. The bad publicity they got. Over what was probably one he'd I was Tuesday over forty bucks goal is we are happy about on this story. That recently at the heart it's got amounts to about forty dollars and I'm being generous and that's what ten. You cannot calculate the damage that's going to be done this company because we can't but you can number I think you can move a lot else do you still buy so was I don't just. I didn't I do. There is no question that subway took a debt after the air. Spokesman and that and it hasn't had a final and recovered. I think this is going to have legs I think the black communities in a stand up and say. Yes this happens it's it's happened to me tap into my mom not at this restaurant but that ice these things happen. Doesn't happen with the same free and York did but it happened to my did we're sick of it and we are going to boycott this company I guarantee you. This has links. Oh up by some six. 7798. Just in Shawnee hello Jeff. A little surprised and again and that immediately says it didn't happen that they didn't do it. If they're too white kids know this wouldn't be a racial thing but it happens quite cute elected. Mexican kid argued body. People are probably disciplined and just. Born in order certain walk out the go to Home Depot and walk out and hope people people it's fired do anything about it. At an art alliance OKMR Steele. I'm a regular little would you. Go what would you go to the same restaurant the day after he would dine and dash from that restaurant. What would you go back to an Applebee's for example if last night you dined and dashed at that very same Applebee's and that's the one question that keeps popping in my mind work. I I tend to believe the women in this story that that wasn't them. That Stan are you not you you wouldn't go back to the scene of the crime and sit down and order another meal. Where you dined and dashed the day before you just wouldn't do. People have gotten very brave and just all they'd get there don't get caught nobody doubt about it it is kind of what do you do. It. You think people would be dumb enough to go back to the same restaurant. Why would you dine and dash and a different one. I understand your argument that you do you think people are our landlord and opened up. I'm. I hear are here are the same. I just find it really hard to believe it here's the thing that Alexis and her friend have on their side. You can easily proved. In most cases where you were 24 hours before. It's it's easily prevent chummy receipt. Show me what you were doing yesterday shall we FaceBook posts from yesterday and where you're in Saint Louis re intensity it's easy to prove. This was not them. For Applebee's under any circumstance it is impossible to prove it was them it's impossible Scott unless you come in. And you have some kind of masks facial deformity. And your left arms in the slaying. And you've got a shirt on that says my name is Bob Ross. And you dine and dash and come back the next day it is impossible. For a restroom not to prove. In that moment where they think it's these girls. That it was those girls were and even if they even if they were convinced 100%. And both black and a look like those girls and he. You cannot go accusing someone. All theft. If you are not 1000%. Sure. You would think that whoever told the manager hey that looks like two people came in last night dined and dashed what a twenty dollar tab. You would think the manager we're just simply let reason settle in and say keep an eye on them. But I'm not getting into a he says she said the it's gonna end up on social media. Over a twenty dollar check I'm just not gonna do you really think one of them would have retained an attorney if they dined and asked that before now. There's no way because you also have to send an Applebee's has surveillance video. Tell me show me that was me in your restaurant. I still hate the V retaining an attorney and sell them on the so. It's the principle it's an unfortunate says it's a free well I am. The situations it's unfortunate. But I hate that every little slight in this country. Past and opener courtroom with somebody settling for 50000 dollars 60000 dollars over somebody acting like an. Some is heard an independent satirist cameras all over the mall and Applebee's is right by the entrance. And and if you don't think by now Applebee's corporate has not gone over with a fine. Toothed. Home. This surveillance from the day before your nuts. They know. These girls were not the same girls 767798. I don't forget on Friday February 23. So I believe if I'm from a missing that is a week from this for a we will be at the 54 street grill and bar in Saint Joseph, Missouri honor and approved. You would spend that Friday afternoon thus it's Friday February 23 in Saint Joseph Boozer. Hey if you're looking for an affordable fun at gorgeous retirement community either for yourself. Or for an aging parent silver crest at deer creek and south of Oakland park once you affordable month to month apartment homes are available now. Gorgeous what do views 24/7 on site security with all of the amenities of today's modern retirement community. A three meals a day housekeeping services and travel in the heart of beautiful southern over the park. With staff members have been there for 1020. Years. 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Believe their innocent because I I find it incredibly hard to believe. That two women who dined and dashed at Applebee's and saying to women didn't. I just find it hard to believe that it was these two women. Only two other women dine and dash before I don't believe it was these two women that's one ounce which gets me back to if you're gonna accuse somebody of doing something illegal. You had better be sure so to this point in the tax if it comes out the they're innocent and what are you going to site. Probably the exact same thing I'm saying today that Applebee's was pulled it is these are. The two women who dined and dashed the day before. Again. Mean just. Pay attention I don't think it was. Okay but if one's. Applebee's can't buys. This sort of level of bad publicity. It just looks now this is crisis manager party of one. There there is an a much easier way. To handle this situation. Is that. Then going up in front of all the other patrons in the restaurant. And asking too young black women to pay for their meal and get out. That is back. Why not just keep. It look like women even then I don't think that's okay. My McCain plan Eddie long hair yeah but if you think these are if one of the servers thought instantly the two leagues a skipped on me last. Okay fine. But we're not gonna go very cues how assured that I'm pretty sure I'm going to kick out to young black women on a pretty sure. So on and have the bartender and just pour Beers keep him. Care it's too young white kids too old white men or two young black women. You don't go up if they're not being disruptive. Now with your. You know yelling and hollering and being fools. Then sure you go up and say ladies. You need to tone it down or we're gonna ask we if they keep doing out. Any kid can play more the audio because they do get very upset in fact when I walked in I would almost say they were hysterical. When I first walked and I said cattle like gosh who is that. And she explained the story to me and I said are they crying and she's now out one of them is absolutely. And one of them is one of them is just playing firm. I'm. Good to see how much. It. That's not seen you want planning an arrest. That's kind of bad for publicist. Now I know we have people listening who will say this happens all the time. To me it's up to some I know sat in on sand. And you cannot look at cases like this. In a vacuum you have to look at these girls prior experiences. In this arena. And exact colors their experience at Applebee's to you might say well I don't I be hysterical if someone came over accuse me of dying and asking a friend laughed like seriously. I think it's different. And most young black men or women would agree if you have had this happened she before. And and publicly in a humiliating manner a police officer and security guard try to remove you from enjoying your meal because they think you've done something wrong. It's bad it's bad and I don't know. If this is something that belongs in the court of law I don't think it does. Applebee's should probably issue an apology. And give them their money back. But this isn't a 40000 dollar settlement the schism 5020000. Dollars settlement it's not waning just it's nothing. We're very sorry I here's your that I hear hear your money back and we'll give you. 500 dollars. You get you got kicked out of a restaurant didn't have your right arm off I mean. That's always bothers me that we just live in this litigious society. Were where people think oh I've just been embarrassed I must be paid. Or or dare I say I live and I live in this world and this just happens to be my page I just got my bed. Now he didn't discourage it. Through the windshield car I'm gonna sue for a little. Primarily the hospitals. And I want a little bit him pain and suffer. Guess what name you walk out of that record millionaire. I didn't walk out of that thing a 100000 dollar. See I tend to think if you are knows travel separately on the way to the hospital. In a different vehicle. And that's worth. That's birth at good half million dollars guess what Dana I also was an idiot who didn't put his seat belt. And the insurance company would point that out to a jury. Not saying that I deserve what happened to me but I sure didn't provide that. That's fair. But you know this idea that everything belongs in a court of law and anytime somebody's been disrespected. Or. Think there's a punitive benefits. To reminding corporations. You can't. Treat people this way you know the punitive nature of this story comes out. Right now. Applebee's is on every major street in this entire metropolitan area of if I'm not mistaken there's still based here are they not. Out of Overland Park. But guess what for the last 45 minutes. Applebee's has been skewered. By callers and the host of this program. They couldn't hide his kind of bad publicity. They're getting their punitive payback. And it's coming in the form of bad publicity. Over here we are the 54 street grown bar. In Saint Joseph, Missouri on Friday February 23 we also have the next second annual by the way. David parks bowling bash coming up April 21. Saturday. In his moon. Sounds like practice. I mean I am not gonna lie. I'm gonna be ready for this one this year. It. Oh yeah because you can't win on game total. I've been shopping for my Afro and my over. Button that'll be worn. I can't weigh the outfits a loner to me. And responsible and I got it taken somebody's blood. You bring one near black friends. To come allows. Just special awards we need to have an award called the black double world war and that's for me already won a recipient at one given out more of a newsroom yours there remarks. Abbott and Dante and the easier congressman weighs in on plans to deport a Lawrence professor we'll have more next. Thanks for listening to the data and parks podcast remember you can catch us online anytime at KM BZ dot com.