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Tuesday, May 15th

$100.00 fine for smoking in a car with a child passenger.... 


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You're listening to the Dana and parts podcasts on KNB easy. Figured out on. Tyson quit rejection. Casey tank. Space. UFO. Go to Chris in blue springs hello Chris Mason dash. I Chris. You get an appointment of thank you consumers. Are. All called for rejection. At at bay. Keep it clean les keep it clean. It's the same time no I don't think that's been sitting here looking at it and I can't figure now. Silicon Casey's. Mike in Kansas City hello Mike. Berry and well thank you man. I had my court when he got his first car loudest ball down. We gave an ordinary news Andy wanted to Nestle bought his wife's plate and eight WS. Those are his initials. That and racial. Or early up that one of the local cops what selection hero which are by no error body is telling later on license bureau. I mean you really need to pay attention to what tiger let me get a fervent. Coach in college and alma about it against the cubs are part of someone is that there's initials and I don't make the role that sport it's true what belt. Should be allowed to say to explain it I think you should be allowed to say look this these are his initials here's his driver's license thing. This is why so it's. To the newsroom and Caremark a house committee investigating Missouri's governor has some more campaign funding questions that's next hey if you are an aging parent is looking for a it. Gorgeous retirement community check out silver crest at deer creek in south of park. And silver crest at college you in a park a month to month our apartment homes available right now. Gorgeous wooded views 24/7. On site security. And all of the amenities of today's modern retirement communities three meals a day housekeeping services and travel. In the heart of beautiful southern oval park staff members out there have been their 1020 years one and two bedroom apartments are available now. Give them a call you're gonna love this place additional assistance and services to if anyone needs that check out super Christa deer creek. And silver crest at college view as any president out there that. We wish we would have done this years ago as a carefree lifestyle with out the burden of maintaining a home. 9136811101611101. So repressed love the way you live. 230 in Kansas City from McCain NBC newsroom I'm Kara marks our house investigatory committee has decided to call governor Britain's policy director as a witness. The panel wants to ask him about a memo he wrote in July 2016 about an apparent plan to funnel money to crichton's campaign from anonymous donors. The panel also released document today showing great his political lanes had discussed setting up a fundraising committee as soon as December 2014. 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We still have this pesky front sliding to the region and it keeps an isolated showers or thunderstorms in the forecast of the afternoon and evening time the planning and try our CU. And for a high today into the upper seventies and the overnight low ride at sixty degrees. I pressured and taken out over the quiet weather in the forecast for the rest of the week. Scattered cloudiness from Wednesday the high low eighties partly to mostly sunny is heading to Thursday and for Friday to you were Heiser ranging from the mid to upper eighties. I'm staff meteorologists at a pretty or more key NBC weather. It got a case CI it's 79 in Lee's summit 798 your official weather station the radio dot com that is the official new homeless KM BZ download it today Wilson's it was anytime anywhere. I'm Kara marks or news 981 KM BZ. Yeah. I know they don't. The bulls. Like partnerships right here. Looks like you're watching. Say what that reason not to. Dictate Tuesday night. I'm gonna place in typical. A little surprise is nothing wrong with it now. K and somebody like two years old Cuba Cuba. You resident's room. A driver has been find 100. Dollars. Wait for it wait for it. For smoking while a child. Is in the car. From all summer saying it goes too far. This happened at Virginia Beach and police there have some advice for drivers in the state keep your cigarettes in the pact. When you are driving with they child present. The police department overnight tweeted a photo of a ticket it wrote to a driver. In May showing a charge of smoking in a vehicle with a minor presence. Protect your children and keep a hundred dollars in your pocket the department wrote. Smoking in a vehicle with a child under the age of eight has been illegal since 2016 and that state it is nine. Of their lungs just aren't as important but news of the drivers citation has sparked outrage on social media with. Many saying this is evidence of government encroaching on yes or laying right. You think. Mickey rickets on Twitter right so when you gonna start ticketing people for smoking in their own home with their kids present I'm not a smoker. But this is unacceptable in your vehicle is or private property. And John stillwell says wow can we say police states. The Virginia law allows officers to find drivers 100 dollars per infraction. That we cannot be the sole reason they pull you over. It's like the original seat belt law here they have to have another reason in the make them Lang if that they want. Other states. Have their own versions of the loss so far those states are you wanna get us. Split it states where they fought went away at the I guess it is. States where they find you if you're smoking with your child in the cars you're asking yes California yes Massachusetts. Oh who. Org and yes Washington State now. Wait. I'm I'm still good at this New York. Actually now how many are there it's coming up. Seven as well as Puerto Rica. Connecticut California Arkansas Louisiana Vermont's Utah law name and or again. Now in the age cutoff varies widely between state and Virginia the child must be younger than eight whereas in California Scott. It is illegal to smoke in any vehicle carrying anyone under the age of eighteen. Alabama is now considering. A version of this law when. The bill's sponsor representative rely on Hollis says quote it's not just asthma this can cause chronic disease. You're you're trying to get a rise out of me and it. I'm actually out and let's just talk this out like hole. Human beings because there are a lot of things we did was adults that probably are not in the best health interest of children. Eating a bag of war crimes. I'd like you're watching a football game with your can't promote at best probably not the best for you don't ask this. Now we know secondhand smoke causes problems for children to know too we also know that high calorie high fat diet. Can lead to obesity in children which could also lead to childhood diabetes to you know that you have to eat to live life. I did not need to smoke and I know I understand your point and and its well taken. But you don't have to eat fatty horrible high caloric food to survive correct a parent could provide a balanced meals rod for how. So of skinless chicken. Maybe some green beans with just a sprinkle omens and top. And maybe he a small. Let's make it a fourth of baked potato just for a little bit of karma. Widget you would consider that via relatively healthy meal would you not rot maybe you skim milk to drink. Or glass of water is this a punishment of some sort well I'm just asking would you consider boneless chicken breast. Green means that a fourth of a baked potato to be healthy well rounded meal for young child. For a young child. Seven or your cat or you were angry at them of course you'd. We go into the home every night. We got your keeping. Itself out of my house in my car and mind your damn business like I don't try to take care you're hit so why are. Were my job he's fine he's not sick he has clothes on his back he's bad he's healthy he's the hallmark did it. It's while. You're private property. Still comes with a whole host of government regulations your house to some extent your car more so you have to register that car. You have to provide. Taxes title only shortens all of which I have to provide my home required. To have insurance on that car you're required by the bank to have insurance under today require all kinds of things when it comes to driving which is a privilege not a right despite the fact that that car is your proper I don't know. Owning a car is right driving it is a privilege. A pain. Owning a car is a right dot dot dot. As long and tell me you don't you okay state. And county. Taxes and fees on shorts right but it comes with all kinds of regulation. But if I don't pay. The taxes on my car game it's only a crime if I pull it out of might. Here's another regulation yet had your infant in a car seats safely strapped into a pilot what 45 dollar RC. In the back of your clock. That is regulation they place on UNC driver. And your card or private property because of the health of the two after have a child in a seat belts. Over a certain age. Under certain. And wait dude dude does the police department come over to ensure that you were said child snow is properly on stole Ryanair is related crime if your child safety seat is not properly installed. No it is not a primary pullover offense this is a secondary pull over a fence at they're gonna pull you over for speeding. And if your smoke and away while they pull you over you will be fine for that there's a smoking is a legal activity. Let's start fining parents who smoke in their house let's say I called to your house stated I'm a police officer. OK in the fine city of we would camps. And somebody is complaining that you world Jack. Chris are playing the music too loud. 11 o'clock am Saturday night and they're gonna big they're calling in 911 and disturbing the peace. I come over your house and I. Knock on the door and I say and you answer yes ma'am we received. Etc. slow. Yes officer right right yes I spoke and then Sophie comes in the door goes mom who's at that and the police are goes. It's a child under the age of retain. And you say yes she's a sixteen years old machines. And I write you a ticket on the spot. Not only for disturbing the peace but for smoking a legal substance in Europe home in the presence of a sixteen year old child. You would lose your lid and you know it. There's a slight. Difference. As a server necessarily justifying the law. There's a slight difference between your legal behavior in your own home which is on your private property. And your. Legal. Behavior. In a car on a public street. Because Dana says he's joking this doesn't matter there's a word you are don't on the ground your ride around on that's why they're able certainly to my pretax. Actually put all of these restrictions on driving you have to drive this fast you have to use your turns again. You own your house the bank owns your most people do not on their house that is correct. So what point do the cops come knock at the door on a Friday night and go you better have been drinking in front of that child and I bad example or right or doing something happens you're not going to be able to react improper response time because your. Your drone war or tried that child to the hospital because your broke war while that's illegal. That's silly because you're putting other people other than your child at risk. We are also paying your child is absolutely. What they're saying about the smoking law. But they didn't make cigarettes illegal and that that's right here's here are so many prongs to this argument that I can make. Number one if if if cigarette smoke is so back. Then what's make you wait. Just making it illegal I'd have this conversation on this program a thousand times they'll never do it in fact let me guarantee you one thing smokers. The 2221%. Of the populations smokes. Your government. Wants you to smoke more not less I assure you of that. For two reasons number one in law of the tax revenue that comes out of cigarettes. To. Or you smoked quicker you'd died a Social Security Utah. Your government once smoke. He may say they don't and number two where do we draw the line I made the point about high caloric trans fat diet. Should we make sure. That parents are serving should parents submit to the government every night. Eight list of everything that will be on the dinner plate that evening in the government can say I know on the achieve those pops. And to throw a no on that brown met. And oh just holding us. And it needs to be scale. Because that leads to other diseases and illnesses in young children. Not the least of which is childhood diabetes from the tax on what's funny is it's illegal in some states to smoke with acute in the car that you could be pregnant and smoke and there's no. Law against that record why are point great point. Should weak ticket pregnant women who were smoking. Sure we've ticket pregnant women who are drinking. We're a government draw the line on the behavior they wanna punish well if you are pregnant and drinking and that child is born with birth defects will someday we'll take that child away they will figure a way of an honest answer you're not going to prison unnecessarily. Crime that they will take that child away with with smoking what you're gonna have as a low birth weight baby. I go back to my question where do we draw the line. On what the government is going to punish when it comes to parental behavior. If I serve my kids crap every day. Sure I'd be fine should be ticket which my children be taken away. Because I would argue serving your kid a hide trans fat high calorie meal every day of the week is more dangerous to their health and spoken a couple of cigarettes when you're driving on the street with windows. When just heard in my grandfather smoked in the car I could not get away from that I also have adult onset asthma. Or you know what. Strangely my mother and dad both smoked in the car and I don't. 576779. Dana right here for kriegel messed diamonds if you're looking to buy a diamond if you're looking to sell a diamond. Guys if you're looking to upgrade or surprise you or girlfriend with a diamond engagement ring and calls Scott is Steve see what they can do for you I'm always amazed. At the listeners who come up to us live remotes and say look at my jewelry that's gotten Steve did for me they will. 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Or in Guam and that's that's the problem was looking like you're pregnant and that that is the definition of confined space in the Q my parents used to smoke after dinner in the kitchen while we still separating. A ring gimme a break. I'm not gonna sit there. Tell you mates Scott thinks they want to smoke and part of me. Thinks they down and here's why you're from a government yet they wanted to slow the the health care costs us and I know you're saying well they're gonna die earlier not all of them. Some of some of just the in the zeman and the CO PD and that that does cost everyone that cost all of us like people who are serving life in prison. With no chance of parole. Should be forced to smoke by the government. You should put like a mask on them are. This is why they just made that prison smoke free because one guy had asthma. And got buying up with a smoker but if you're a life of parole they should send you to a room. And filled with cigarette smoke. And you have to stay in their flight three hours the total economic costs of smoking in the United States is estimated at more than 300 billion dollars a year. That includes 170. Billion in direct medical care for adults. And more than a 156. Billion in lost productivity. Due to premature death and exposure to second and it's. Well and what what are the cause later life when you get pancreatic cancer or ovarian cancer are. I mean it's it's of its of straw man argument but you're not. Anne and Anne not in all cases but in in most of those cases that you just described your not doing something with your behavior. That leads to pancreatic umpires I am not making the argument but let's say you get heart disease because your fat. Because you eat like crap. And you don't exercise. Should those people be penalized or they are already was insurance rates not reward my dad hundreds coming. This company. Q were to cash is laundry. Laundry. LA UN DR wide lawn and tree. Want to. What. 13. 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