Alzheimer's, what is it?

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Tuesday, August 8th

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Criticism Jammer and jam I was born Randy. Rideau. Ready and stands rules you get about certain 15 of a second of a song. It will be got rock no matter what sweet you tell us who it is. War. Not just yeah rock can be any adult contemporary song sure correct yes OK you'll tells the artist. The song and whether it is a champ or not a gem yes is that correct that is correct. And that is the jets make it real and it's a total Jeff I love that song things. And. That is correct that was the jets miss the real Nigerians. Mr. miners and churlish. That is. Ballerina girl by Lional Richie. And it's absolutely. Jam. What do you mean he it's okay. Him maternal and. Earnest. By the way he's coming to town of the in the remote crisis that I've seen that I have tickets. I need to get tickets to that. Is more care is still in on my concert I have no idea I'm. If you ask. But that is anything for you by Gloria stepped up. These are all the songs or music played on the way down to zero chance. You got that yeah. Everyone knows you're you gotta admit though it's no other song has been an electric piano sounding just like that in the moon and. I want in the mix this time Wilson wow. Sounds great. Well. Well ultimately. More. Well I that's Randy van warmer just when I needed you know. That's a really jam thing. Actually okay. Very very short story here when I was a child. We had a cassette tape in the house that had just a bunch of random music on it. Solid and I I listen to that one time as it became apparent I was developing a very bad ear infection. And sell. As a result every song that was on that cassette I've been associated with the it became like the ear infection mixed okay. And and this song just instantly takes you back to being eight years old and feeling like had been stabbed in the ear drums okay we get okay. You don't like song. Ready jam it is a good song but I just have the I have that meant our already solid round let's act let's got. Oh that is mountain. He made his mile a gallon and do they may last in the is what I feel when I'm with you by sheriffs are. Oh jam Jack yeah. Net you'll love the music journey has got you're gonna love this one. Does that song wasn't a hit until like. Assemblies in 1989 it was originally record 1982 was Canadian deejay you found it. Replayed on the radio in 1989. Having founded in the stack need to fill three minutes and it became a hit and the lead singer at the time was delivering pizzas when it actually hit number one that. It was originally released in 82. Wow was found because a Canadian disc jockey needed three more minutes to go take compete. Yup agree that went on. Audience went crazy and next thing you know sheriff has a number one hit seven years after they were court. Mr. Ryan. Level keep this together captain came to kneel. To the place not really a jam it's okay. There are ready ready. Oh when I see you smile bad English that's a damn. You familiar and it is tomorrow. Yes I'm. I'm very much aware. What more sure one out okay as reminders. Not a 100% but I wanna take a stab at it I think that might be Elton John's Nikita. A little bit more on the island and. I don't know man to move them. Really. I have I don't I don't I don't know this and it went. Yeah. Way. It's clearly an air supply song. Right it is their supplies. OK it is air supply I have no idea I've never heard this song before in my life I guess this is monitors that never heard this sort of life. Lonely as the knights never I never heard of it may not hit. No I never heard of it seen on. We'll tell you will get points for mentioning Nikita by all on one of my favorite Elton John songs yes that never got any play. It was like besides. I love that song. That was one of the top twenty I want more ready sure. Mean that is. Aubrey by Brandon has sought to channel and hello I love that song. Well I. And all. Everybody I nines. OK you're missing out it's now home. A chance to. Wilson to. And tune me. That is a beautiful thing than a minute ago. Then I. Yeah. Yeah. Win that. There can. Pain in. Same old. I hate to avoid tears even demand their right all. The top of is was sad news. That we will pour it. TMC is reporting this afternoon when campus and one of the greatest country artists of all time. My personal favorites. This died today at the age of 81. Died at 10 o'clock this morning in Nashville Tennessee. After a long and I would argue well fought. Against alzheimer's. Black goes. It reminds me of Verona. Seriously you're 45 years old. We'll see chisel like I am. And Glen Campbell is not the soundtrack of driving around your dad. You missed you. I have two questions and one of them is gonna sound silly but I don't know the answer and I always feel like if I don't know the answer people listening to on of the answers I'm going to ask. He passed away. Today in Nashville facility for alzheimer's patients. How does alzheimer's Killian. Or is alzheimer's the symptom of a disorder that you have. And something else Kilroy a stone just Padilla. Not like cancer report in the stage your body I know a hell of a good question government I don't look at alzheimer's brains. There is tissue deterioration we know you could look at a brain. Of a healthy person thirty years ago compared to there. Alzheimer's brain and there are regions of the brain that die. But does that kill you or do you just die of old age you don't know what's going on right do the divers eat your brain does. It does it does shrink its physically shrinks your brain tissue but I don't know that that's what kills. If you know Texas I mean when they got it takes away your memory obviously you look at Ronald Reagan. And don't look at my grandmother. And I am I don't think there's anybody out there. Who hasn't been touched in some way by all his high horse dementia absolutely. But the I don't know that the the same thing they. No not the same I mean I ask out of ignorance I did not and you are you know let's say in your late eighties and you're starting to be a little Fuzzy about stuff that's dementia. If you forget what car keys are used poor and that's alzheimer's. If that makes sense. Polite. My grandmother when we went to gussy her. Ten years ago. Knew my brother was didn't know who are homeless. When he walked into the wrench is like or Stephen. Did you bring with you who's your friend Michael. Honor. Sums up alzheimer's or is that dementia alzheimer's is the degrading of the brain it is actual tissue damage I knew that. But it it also tells you to stop eating and you forget basic functions like eating your brain stops telling what body and went to it mentioned there's not. Don't think so dimension alzheimer's or death like a dimension you still have a survival tactic. Yes built in that is Miami's don't eat you noted in the back room you don't pierce so now. You can forget things like. I had an appointment today it. I forgot I appointment this morning so. Why it affects some people and not others. I don't think alzheimer's is a natural function of Beijing it is something different and they don't know why they don't know why Ronald Reagan hasn't end. Your mother while they don't know. It's got gremlins to lobby but I'm not really tell me some I didn't know friends. I doubt because of your brain damage you lose muscle controls like swallowing. And heart beat things just shut down your first symptom is generally swallowing. And I am a linemen for the county. And not try. They moved. I would say it's unlike dementia alzheimer's shots down the body. You need you forget to breathe you forget to eat. And slowly but surely it eats enough for your brain that you just forget to do basic bodies out assumptions that you have to view to forget to breathe. And just die. Odds are just joining us Rolling Stone and TMZ. Reporting that the great Glen Campbell. Has died today at the age of 81. Some misses dimension just means you don't have any memory were brick English aka. Dementia is the same symptoms as alzheimer's but it's different Coca I interviewed a man wants as part of the fascinating clinical study it can you. Have you seen dementia or that's also with whom. What does rant and Angelina he. Had actually had alzheimer's and he and his wife have been married fifty years. And they ran an apple and peach orchard on their farm and one of the things is why we're all we're loses some are intensity south I believe I don't remember it's been years. She said she is so fit physically. That we believe it is helped him stay as with that is he can be mentally despite the alzheimer's so he would go out and pick. Peaches and apples every day he's a strong as a Knox farm guys Scott apparent from. And we went out there in the U archer the following because he was part of the study and we never knew he was getting the placebo or the medication. To try and slow. The progression of the disease but one of the the examples that I'll give you is walking around with him he knew where it was he knew who his wife was he knew how to drive a tractor. And he's walking up and down the rows of the apple orchard and I was asking him about the trees how old are these trees how long have you been tending to these trees. And he could not formulate. The word to describe. Tree. And he said to me. Well. Take that baby right there and that baby. And then that maybe it was there and we got to cut down that baby. And she said to me later did you notice how he said baby I suggest. She said one of the first things we. Noticed when he started to decline was he did not know how. To. Talk about. Normal now owns Scott to you and I would use a thousand times a day where he would point to a tree. And he could not tell you that's a tree and for whatever reason on that day it came out as the word baby she said that's the first sign that Ernie knew. Something was wrong I 767798. Re just joining us breaking news this afternoon. Glen Campbell under the age of 81. I'm still here to give them a bone. Don today it's you're saying let's all wound. Never had this fine. And loom. Do yeah I am. Yeah. I was going camp. And they got. I today at the age of 81. This was the last song ever recorded. And they put out a video call Albie meet. I think it which at the time was the source of some controversy Scott cars they said is he of the right sound. Mind body. To be able to make the decision to green light a project a lot of people were arguing. The family is taking advantage of a man who is clearly in the last few years of his life. I'd watch that video. It was I think was on HBO if I'm not mistaken yeah. It was brunt. And you could see even though we have to were sing off from the teleprompter yeah he played every notably Qatar. He remembered every now is Dana it's alzheimer's is so weird it is and he eclipse he could play at and. Up play. I got. Gentle on my mind. Listen to the the guitar work on this song this is Glen Campbell playing the guitar Kerry he wrote it. And it is one of the most intricate guitar parts. Listeners. No and that should know there's always. Retool. I mean he's got. Four fingers going to the same time that it makes me tend to make my sleeves and they act like the things that he's the played that from memory even with the alzheimer's even though yes he has that total confidence. To sing and we're us so but this is fairly argued if I made him decide. That was the time he was free of measles climbers was when he was on Stan. Now that's not a well it's fascinating. And there is something about music there have been studies done in Memphis. There's something about music that takes us back to a time and a place. And I'd love to hear from my health care providers on this they say that's one of the last things to ago. That even when you maybe don't remember the names of your family members around you. You can still hear a song. And come back and remember the name and the words and listen to this and I just texted him. That the last time I saw my grandfather. With alzheimer's he was tied to a chair in the hallway at a hospital and I asked the nurses wise he tied down. And they said he's been taking off his clothes and chase and went around. And he writes I laughed like grandpa just figured out if you get away with it for him he's that is bad is he guy. Even in the days they were tied his hands down he always knew my grandmother was his life he had no clue who I was when I was there. But when she walked in his face lit up. And he would say there's my everything. And some things go. And something's day and music is one of the things Apple's day and it is fascinating to me. Miners and to sing and you wanna Japan. How is. That alzheimer's mind as we talk about Glen Campbell who god bless them died today at the age of 81 with him. The last few hours but word has just come now. I'm Campbell did today the entry one. How is that the alzheimer's mind. Determines who remember. And what to remember. For example my grandma there who loved her husband. Lost my father both died before. I don't think she like me that much she loved my brother. She remembered my brother when we went to visit her. Had no idea who I was. But still thought that her husband and my dad were alive. Comes back at I don't understand the way this worked. Oaks maybe it's the center of the brain affected maybe it's the connection you form in the wiring in your brain with certain people. And certainly your spouse is going to be one of the most connected connection you have but she's a he was so why her husband and she asked my brother she thought I was a friend. Steve tell me your friend news or Graham wants me skull. On it's it's. I'm so are you at sat out before grandkids I was clearly number four it's soaked earth and armaments me on the outside spoke a cigarette because I'm gonna kill. But she she turned my brother at one point she said when your dad coming. And I am remember just adventure think. It's a bet that at ten years. But you know howl certainly people can do this that music really does this were if I play a song from your childhood Scott. You'll perk up and you can remember where you work and large are gaining direct routes on what you're doing at that time in your life and everyone has those songs from the childhood. Mostly mine were played on eight track tapes and dad's car a carpenter's. Chuck Nancy boys beach boys and another big one was on earth wind and fire. I can remember being in the car with my dad and why was that connection made at age four or five or six and so that sometimes god forbid. It does what happened to be in I'm in my eighties I you can play that song and something would snap back inside of me. Because even to this day I can remember what I was wearing that's weird. If you asked what I did my birthday when I was seven years old I don't advocate Liu but if you latest song. I could say it out and harm our program mismanagement that's. There's a documentary called alive inside. And it came out a few years ago it is a heartwarming look at the power of music to help those. In nursing homes and and it distorted ABC news did Scott follows a guided Henry Dreyer and he slumped over his. Wheelchair. He doesn't speak he doesn't move. Until nursing home worker puts a set of headphones on. And dryers feet start to shuffle his folded arms rocked back and forth. And he starts singing out loud in perfect sync to his favorite song. A place where you tell me where you were at what you're wearing blue you're weren't ready yet. That's it my mom and dad Chevy and that was an eight track that we had and I can still see what the label on the outside of that investigate tracked look like more reward. Uh oh gosh. Rescue elementary teacher with a roadrunner on the Wii was a road runners. I've got to nine year old client Benedict the bridge every Wednesday and asked all that alive inside documentary as well. And so I was gonna see if maybe it worked for her because she struggled constantly with words as we're driving. By started playing some radio ads from the forties she knew every single lyric was dancing with the listing and with that too yeah CBS. That she's at I've heard these in decades and it completely brought. Her younger south and it was almost made me emotional scene out her normal just talking and struggling with these words and that's what she's like without the music. She can have conversations but every single senses she's gonna struggle with one word it right like my friends who couldn't say tree. Yes he was stuck on baby. And his wife says that's just what happens we don't know why yes I started playing those ads and she instantly remember every single one of on the started miss you tell me stories about how. She remembers that and she won her mom to get dead. During the toy or never is just incredible to see how old. Mosaic actually brings that back. Here we go click Jerry Paula clinical nurse specialist at banner alzheimer's institute in Phoenix says music activates a part of the brain. That will stay active despite dementia there's something about music that cuts through right up until the very end of the disease. She says familiar music from the past will help people with dementia feel at home it calms them. It increases socialization. And it deep creases the need for mood controlling. Medications hooked. You say you are. Yeah. Yeah. My. Yeah so yeah Hudson 677 and it. Multiple people are writing in Scott to say that because your grandmother remembered your brother and not you it doesn't. Amount to much that doesn't mean much in the grand scheme of the universe. Because. Many of these patients can more easily remember things from a long long time ago. Dan present day so present day when your grandmother died how old would you then. My grandmother died views she was I was from. 3940. In your forties and I bet if you asked her. About forty years prior. She would have remembered more of those things then present day. There are many caregivers writing and saying you wouldn't elaborate how much he hated me yes okay. Sure he never how much of a disappointment Iowa as a 39 year old man. If you had shown her photo of yourself at age five and said who is this disappointment. Isn't this and it's an excellent my grandpa knew who my doubtless. But not his three living daughters he couldn't however name every one. Of his family members that he grew up with from an old photograph. That he had. Everyone in that photo by the way has already passed. And don't each new brain memories I wonder because let me give you an example my grandmother. And I don't think shares alzheimer's is the last grandparent that I have left simply saying that mr. And I'm not used to saying that. Moon she a couple of months ago asked my dance. Whether I had any children. Test children sheet since he shot. I told my mother my mother told me she said you know what she was just having an off day the next day you can ask her. Hated her acting is out agendas at that and she would go she got. But on that day when she asked as data have any children. And but she knew. Prior unit had yet kits and she certainly knew who I was that was a little Fuzzy on the children keep in mind they live in Biloxi we've taken the kids down there. Three or four times. Maybe. They've come up here a couple of times and travel anymore but this would not be someone that would be in her daily life every single day. So that's to me makes sense that it's easier to remember. Older memories memories from your past. And present day. It's code to Rick in oak grove Hillary. I had Ricky. And for an angle and the army apparently she struggle. And she didn't mean she couldn't he worked together. She. Worried she era that she couldn't. Could be. And she had 83. Player. A lot. Well it. I mean it and it circuit I think your brain. Arm. And those. My father was an alzheimer's dementia work until a few years back and they had a record player in the social area an actual record player. 1 evening I found it quite amusing they were playing old records and one of the young staff members was trying to figure out how to go back to the previous song. She did not know that he'll lift the needle from the record and physically move it back to the group's stated she did not auto album does not know a young person. Somewhat in alzheimer's were probably could set or just it happens. But the staff member or twenty eased in the bottom of the Natal. And areas. Lorie in the next caloric. Other. Well what do they can. Separate. Action. Or. Don't quite a while. Actually ranked RL. All. I thought it act it out for what. Well I. Actually. And at the street it. Out there. And remembers. A chill. My it. And our burst. Let me ask this does he look like him. And that. Eight traffic great by early. And every member. But they are fortunate amber at. And act out. Eagle back. And they're always. Stop that from our. Side. They'll say in that each group. And CEO. RC AA. Lori. As human beings we tend to remember our bad memories. As much if not more as the good doing not if something traumatic happened to you. You can certainly remember what you were doing and how you felt and I think fear. Is a lasting memory for many people. Are you don't like all. Others. Our current and bigger and and all but short. She. And she we heard that there. These holes or a citizen studio that these alzheimer's. People I had to use that term from people alzheimer's. When they have that moment of clarity. That moment when they kind of come out if you will do you think they know they have alzheimer's. Now. Yeah you're under your. Health. Or. Well at that she wrecked her. And you know what they get there. They all go back like go back court. Ergo. And so when when you never go back what does that staged public. And I and curt are actually happened or rent it. I. Bet I think. Still I. Quit your right. They at the I play a little bit. Like not being. We'll in. Any of it and are an. With all these actually edit all. We lately Arctic. And I would keep it reality orientation. And now I'm not genie might or Eric remember I thought. Here is go you go with that Lori that's what we were told you just go with it.