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The Dana & Parks Podcast
Friday, January 19th

How many adults knew what was going on and how long did they know?    CHARGE THEM ALL.   


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You're listening to the Dana and parts podcasts on KMB easy. And I. But it was. Gadgets. That you made. It's possible. I've been back. And enjoy it that bad and yeah. Yeah me. Just because I don't wanna talk about president and top scorers and employed so. But he has dreaded. It brought you ready. Given here. Dana are you ready I am ready cash Kuroda. Our rob by the way the last words for you and you'll. Gotten. Life. There's been hardly complain. I don't know if I can face again. Like that's on its second game. Round two. See it's not that she gets its session itself has she's like the will starent of this game. Is wanna. Pay home field. I just wanna make you understand. And just wanna tell you how on Phelan. Try to make you understood. And. The order they are got a clue we don't listen how I'm feeling. Gotta make you understand how. It's funny I thought that was a slow song. And I heard it. We just got our world you know we didn't or are we. This one's easy. Very easy and I. Here's a song. I might wanna sing it note for note. No one right front because you don't follow humility and don't worry that didn't. And then he had the couple did. Don't. Another easy one. But you choose sock. It's just keep Breeden a cancer. Tumble out of bed. Storm blew kitchen on massive. Ambition yeah. Another easy one. In the stream. That is what we are let Twitty. And there. Where. That was such a great song. So agreed to. I Rodgers is coming up after the next. I. Am the your mind. It. Yeah car. She was one angry woman. I don't know I have some how was your amazing thing in my brain as a Texas today how can days as a isn't known north vs out that this comes or. I don't know it's just in there every it's incredible and Wednesday it it comes out and I don't know why. Like that song carry dreading. Did he pretty. I kissed a girl and I let it. Jason for cherry chapstick. And I'm the little 750 CDs and nano Bogut. Rob this one's for you my friend. Did you get this you are the man of man. Okay are ready I don't know how many give you a hint. European medal. And if you like to gamble. I tell you. I'm your man. Win win some lose some. All the same to me. Wow that my friends. Ace of spades by motor. I had no idea now Anderson. Yeah motor maybe not I am impressed by different. I am very very impressed. I'd go original coming to Kauffman Stadium September September 21 and tickets go on sale a week from today. Yes. EJ Becker is beside himself out rumors he's already out it call. I think he's going to be I'm staying there forever and he's actually turned Ari give Billy Joseph to come on the morning show down melanoma it's gratifying to box. The box do you mind. It's something. We just pulled the picture by the way of Scott parks and Jonathan we're five years ago yeah we're going to post that on the came easy FaceBook page. It is hilarious I look like they're twelve years old this. You haven't age inside. Your eyes your old. All caught up on things we. As much. Actually the thing is calls of conservative city. And then when you drive now you really stirred. It could be a lingering nine just let me ask you. Does not even slight Q. Your fifty. He's got a there was a fight between living in god who would win. I I'm such request an enemy is guy. Here's the picture that we're talking about me and Jonathan where. So. This was taken five or wait that's me and god dang it quit moving you stupid FaceBook. I'll send this to. And since 21 out. I just I don't know where the year here S. Look at that picture of me and where. How. He has the ram own hair each you Brown's side burns. It as you know it's funny is five years later we're still doesn't look at it more comfortable next few. Critics. Where are. You touching me I look at this. Mortgage giants. Giants or face and now picture. It was you know you can barely see pierce could hit cradled on Jonathan's neck. I dissidents human bomb put that on put that on social mean look is at funny look at my hair. Yeah there's not a single strand of gripe. And then not a hair out of place there and then guess who showed up on the show. You were together for quite awhile by the time most experts and Hugh. It's a scientific facts that women will give you greater look at that look at that head of hair. It's amazing. That is brow you also have it cleanly shaven face which does make you look I think. A perfectly clean face makes you look and it does. Am and it's OK and we don't do that picture. Here was long back. It's time and it's kind of a dirt. Does not dirty doesn't look like it does well it's also a whole lot longer in the picture thank you I think you look fabrics. Glitter on the mattress. Glitter on the highway. That's Le sac. On the net. Care would then think about me. Can't I think they. Thing of me. I don't care what they saying. Charles not your odds. He analysts here have been with you. Regulators and I'm a model you know when I mean. I am a model you know what I mean. I notice. I mean. Too sexy for my car and and night. It's I'm too sexy for my car I'm not yet at. This just. I've heard that song. Mine too sexy phone Asher and sixty billion dollar write song on the model you don't. I. And it. Song. Yeah that. Took out here that's gone. Shape aren't tush on. Her or. I'm going out tonight. And feel Lauren. A line and so I'm going out tonight. On Phelan all right. I know the song tonight. I'm feeling all right. I know this Dana I know this. I know this is. It. You know. It's funny when you don't know it repeating it over and over again does not need to know it either pops here at this game a convenient option I toy. I'm the one out snide and sealant Albright does that horrible songs are your Brad Pitt. Don't ask. Don't impress me much note and Dolan that I I mean in all the song is manner I feel like ants. Something about your shirt in I asked. Don't let it all hang out yeah. Am hot rod here's one for you. I am okay. When I'm driving in my car. And a man comes on and tells me and. Moon. We can except that her. When I'm driving in my car. Turn. Mean you know you both for global. Closer. When I'm driving in my car. Springsteen. Systems Rolling Stones and hasn't hit your satisfaction. Draft. No stop its ability. And that man comes on marathoner in your own tells me her long white my shirts could be here. To jam like he got. Its non I was close. I'm in the middle without any plants. I and in the middle rod would give us without any plans. Seven these let me give you a hint. Shock rocker. Had no idea. Well I'm eighteen. In the middle without it ends. 'cause I'm a boy and I'm man. You Rodney. I garrido credit ya know we're done. It's often been. If you cannon. I too appreciate common ground. It's an aging parents looking for a fund gorgeous affordable. Retirement communities silver crest at deer creek in south Overland Park wants you. Affordable month to month apartment homes available now. With gorgeous would it views 24/7 on site security with all of the amenities of today's modern retirement communities. Three meals a day housekeeping services and travel in the heart. Of beautiful southern Overland Park they have staff members there have been their 1020 years studio and two bedroom apartments are available now. For anyone over age 55 traditional assisted living services available to if you need it we visited you need to check out so repressed deer creek. Ask any resident and Alitalia I wish I would have done this years ago so progress your creek an active retirement community invites you to take a look. 9136 say 111016. At 11101. Silver crest love the way you live. To this point yesterday care. Wanna say it was a sport. It is not the concussions. That caused CT. That's like fifteen and no it's not the concussions. Is the repetitive blows to the head. Even those that don't result in him a concussion. And they pointed out on Good Morning America today and their right to do this. It's not global. It's soccer. Volleyball. It's basketball sure it's wrestling. It's it's any any contact sport. Where there is repetitive hits to the head. Even hits that do not cause concussions it was some of the story. Several former NFL players now are calling. For an end to tackle football for kids thirteen and under. Pro football hall of famers element to try to get these names right these guys have been around for a long time and instruments. Pro football hall of famers nick Buick. Buoniconti. And Harry Carson. Join four time Pro Bowl linebacker fuel Villa piano. And researchers from Boston University. To make the announcement they are working with a concussion legacy foundation. To support a new parent education initiative flag football under the age of fourteen. No tackle football until you get to high school. Says. One economy who's now 77. I beg your view. All parents. To please don't let your children play football. Until high school. He's been diagnosed with dementia. And probably a candidate for CTE. I made the mistake starting tackle football at nine years old now CTE has taken my life away. Use tackle football is all risk. No reward. Buoniconti. Help the Miami Dolphins to three straight Super Bowl appearances. Including two wins and an undefeated unprecedented season in 1972. I'm plans to donate his bring to research. Well. He tell you cannot have CTE without repeated head trauma if you wanna call that. Concussion or if you wanna call that and it is repeated. We know that it's worse is it's repeated. Caremark or Charlie is now five console yup that he will not let up on will he play tackle football. Paula I've actually been having this discussion has really we have. And I'm not entirely sure tackle football is even going to be a thing by the time he gets to high school on the table to play. But it's. I've been voicing my concerns back concussions and Paul says that not playing football when he was in high school is one of his greatest regrets. So he doesn't want to tell his son that he can't. So appalled wants Charlie if you want if he wants to have deployed football when he gets older than him. You on the other hand do not I think it's incredibly dangerous. That's on to say he should play a sport. Does not money and thanking Sarah put. I got a suggestion here. Goals. We'll carry him his entire life. And you could to play me. Edmonton. Now but you know this wouldn't be bad tennis is an open swimming lifelong sport. Based I really one of the baseball. Baseball's great make a serious that you're seeing over his right yeah. Curling. They have curling your and your own net and now. She bull. You have to pick him got cheaper at. All. 5767798. 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Take the big game experience to a whole new level. With a new big TV from Nebraska furniture mart. Or thirty in Kansas City for McCain NBC newsroom I'm Kara mark -- change of plans president trump deciding this afternoon not to travel Florida to celebrate the one year anniversary of his inauguration now senator Tim Kaine of Virginia Democrat is calling on the president ordered legislators to work through the weekend to reach a final funding deal we should just stay here and get a final budget deal hours before the threatened shutdown came saying their been too many continuing resolutions to keep the government operating. In blue springs police are looking for a third person in connection to the death of Jack price police say Tyler Herman is eighteen years old about 57145. Pounds and lives in lone Jack. If you know arias called a tips hotline two other men have already been charged in prices murder. Blood traffic and weather together next. Skies remaining partly cloudy to mostly clear for this evening temperatures in the 40s tomorrow morning starts off at 36. Increasing clouds throughout the day missed fought a possibility like shower. Then on Sunday mostly cloudy periods of rain a couple of thunderstorms can't be ruled out 39 in the morning afternoon high of 57 degrees. That cold front comes sweeping through and as it does so drop the 32 in the morning afternoon high in your Monday. Thirteen nine. With the rain snow mix after with the system moves out. Will clear back out on Tuesday 25 and 42 degrees them. From John Romano first alert chief meteorologist Bryan Busby KM BZ whether. 47 Casey and I 46 in Lee's summit is 48 at your official weather station I'm Kara marks or stay connected with nears 981 KM BZ and KM BZ dot com. How by the way the new baby's world. Khloe Kardashian in our church that I Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Is not Chicago. We were wrong. Let's let you thome was Chicago it's pronounced shot Chicago. Well hail no it is not only wrote yes it is are you kidding yes shy. Condo in her. Check cargo. While I'm gonna have a baby name it con society. Check out those reporting. Usher that is People Magazine quoting a tweet your prerogative from. Khloe Kardashian says I love her name. Hey CHI. Parentheses shy. Shot Chicago. You know it's other kids in the school agreement call. The child sanctions. Which holds anyone who's gonna put a big tee on the end of that okay. Like yeah. I don't think about it before his. Shanghai. And part. Cod OT that what's OT. Fredricka. It's. As a Bengal while Chicago dealer I've ever seen him. If it. If the. Aaron a number of NFL hall of famers. Are now recommending. That no child. Played tackle football prior to high school. Found. They want kids to play a flexible. Until they get too high school and may be. They can play. Tackle for. This might work in Kansas. This might even work in Missouri in mind that this saying go to work and taxes. I was playing football when I was nine years old Texans. Tackle football. We had a our own tackle football team in fact. In middle school. There were so many kids wanted to play football in middle school we had a varsity and JV team. They were that many kids are born out for. But these three NFL hall of famers. Held a news conference today mayor encouraging parents. Do not do not. Let your child play tackle football part of our school. And it follows. New research that finds it's not the concussions. That causes CTE it's the repeated hits to the head even those hits that don't cause. A concussion. And answered and you are ignoring a key element not all who participate in sports get dementia I played football fifteen years wrestled for six I have no signs of old they're in lies the problem text and Anderson saying your fine. You wanna roll the dice on your kid. Because one of the families locally. Who lost their son. Think at age 26 different restaurants and Anderson to order a couple. His older brother played. And played longer and at a higher level so his younger brother played high school. Maybe like a junior college but the older brother who survived. Let's say played collegiate ball. And I remember this quote he said. We don't understand why why did he have a so bad. And only played in high school and then say it you know like mid American as a remade like Travis did. When I went on I played longer he said I was hit harder and I took more hits. And I'm fine. So the question then becomes Scott do you really want to roll the dice they don't know they can't tell you why brother day is fine. And brother be died that can't tell and so. As a parent. Are you really gonna roll the dice. But I do think there. Elect a pre just disposition or something maybe some people order you react different aspirin to people don't act the same on your enemy and it's. One person you know couldn't. Fall for the latter and get up a bit like why how that was crazy and the next person falls on the latter and never walks right again. You know I had a buddy that stepped off a porch onto his ankle wrong and and of having like ten pins in his ankle literally stepped offered a stay you know and now it's like fall. Just stepped wrong so I do think there's. Some people are more prone to these things than others I don't know how or if there is a way to find out until it's too late. But like you said the one brother. Did it more and worse and didn't get effective line. So it's. And the younger Ruddy remember Scott and I don't like conflict of two cases because we've lost more than one here are the younger brother was. I'm confused angry aggression depression. Horrible symptoms leading up to his death and was lost. Didn't know why it was happening. Now we know why. And one of those athletes from Kansas City. Had his brains studied in Boston where they study all these cases Boston is the one that does business. And they said it was the worst case of CTE in a young person. That they had ever seen. The bar. On likes it along barb. Are you are doing well the difference. I am proud to insert here what near Obama anniversary that you couples slips but thank. And it did I am angry and then that a trip need nine your dollar and you know I have to ask. My granddaughter. Had we not play at Allen played a mother can't they are are still being that he played it even now. It's frightening. I'm that they would make our tackle and hit each other. McCain. Can't you know make him quit. He wants to play in out. Now I don't know and yet the question I had Gloria what do you think about this sat down and I mean it happened. Yes. Yeah. Listening William and when I'm gonna be back and I got up. I don't. I think being the first week of February when I've been led. In an academy at our economy. And get a quick. Feet and I don't know why why. That's in September and I promise I will be there you know barring some like you know. Or get the flu which by the way really clicked you know everyone has the flu right right miseries the epicenter really really increases youngest son has it. His mom hasn't and we were supposed to pick him up tonight. I'm lows that science. I got here here is that. House we dodged it and I hate to even say. It again. No one has been sick in her house I don't know how and I become this great easy hand washing weird hole. But that's about it and it's fine but I am so terrified of getting it because the people and noble and hospital bad bad bad bad bad. He stuck around intersect. I might turn into like how we saw where her next lenders out whereas those like don't touch me. Don't touch me don't breathe on me it's I can push I'll be wearing masks on. We're resulting gonna go to his decisions ops they're gonna just show the bucket together. They've got to respiratory and the QQ nick UK. What's the difference well I didn't numbers in Miami I don't know I don't have a day of entity. Mine was all like I have any puke. AT miserable fever Karen Kraft Michael Mann applause. That maybe I can get hot flashes this. Keep warm in here and then and then one minute I feel like a wanna go out party in the next minute that would wrap up and Shyamalan says McDonald's. Look over my glasses and everyone does approvingly are you feeling better now rod a little stones. He makes fun of it like people are dying. I understand you they had eighty Sutton people die in this one county in California eighty. People and you know what there are age it's not like old people and babies that are dying it's like forty and fifty year old somethings that are done. I set way to make her. Okay 5767798. Will be fest is try to commit to it right after the 5 o'clock news here on data and parks. You know I had a girlfriend down thirty pounds and 31 point five inches. Since she walked in for that free consultation with doctor take about six weeks ago. 31 inches thirty pounds I'm down eighteen pounds it happened very quickly for me. If you are looking to lose 10205100. Pounds or more think about it spring break is right around the corner. Jesus with us who will be so glad you did top of the line vitamins delicious meal replacements and bring to work with me every single day. And doctor Tate who is a real medical doctor and telling you it is the only thing. That has ever worked for me medically managed weight loss give him a call now I gotta love a staff 9138148222. For your free consultation. 9138148222. Or take nutrition dot com. You tellem Dana ascension. 798. We got the former football players. Now calling on. Kids under the age of fourteen to play flight football only we have rumors. Circulating today. Bad half Missouri governor error crichton's is on the verge of resigning. His attorney. Says there is zero truth to that. So if somebody tweeted earlier today. It was kind of funny. If it happens also say this it's gonna happen at 5 o'clock on a Friday. Which are so in about eight minutes will malaise that's always how these things work but multiple people are swearing. He's not resigning. We will keep you post isn't it. I tweet me earlier today. And said what a sad state journalism has fallen into. Where we're reporting on people denying rumors. And I I didn't have time to respond back. But as a journalist somebody who does have a degree in journalism mall I can assure you Tweeter. And I don't mean that is urgently please don't take it that way. This has been going on. Since the beginning of journalism. People denying rumors. And you you might think it's bad now and and in some respects it is. When you wanna talk about fake news. And this idea about fake news. And some of you believe it's CNN MSNBC it's thickness and they're not any more than foxes like news. There are fake news outlets opera there's no doubt about it. But this was going on in the nineteen. Teens and twenties with yellow what was called and yellow journalism. I would remind you there was a rumor that Nixon was going to resign today he resigned. In political circles. In political circles. Rumors coming out of Jeff city or out of to peca. Tend to have a little more credence. Basis in fact because of the nature of the way the political gain works. Dan your run of the mill rumor about what's going on in your neighbor owner. Well there's a rumor we're getting a new downtown air quarter there's a rumor were getting collegial. You know politically there are reasons. These types of stories athletics now will he resigned today or not we don't know we clarify. To the rumor. We had people on the checks fines and right is resigning. We clarified because at this point it is not true and it is everywhere. Are social media I would remind you of probably one of the biggest. Rumors. That was reported in our adult lifetimes. Occurred twenty years ago this week. You remember what it was. It was denied. This rumor was denied what your committee here twenty years 1998. I did not have. Sexual relations with that woman ms. Lewinsky. That was the rumor that appeared. As a banner headline you know where. And The National Enquirer Drudge Report dot com. That was what put the Drudge Report on the map. Trudge. Matt Drudge. Got wind of this. Rumor. Right because there are lawyers involved there was a camera crew involved. It was it was his lair in that interview. At the time Matt Lauer no Lehrer. Who was at dam would now. He set up with one of the previous guys to do that interview I did not have thought that was out of inland that that was set up agreement the US. I don't count. I was with Matt Lauer that Hillary Clinton called it a right wing conspiracy miracle. I think for us there's a difference between clarifying what everyone is talking about and spreading misinformation and all we were trying to do. Was clarify that you're going to hear this you're gonna see it is certainly gonna see different winners it's not according to his people not true. Whatever resides at 3 o'clock it's going to be. True I. Ate and if you do drop a bomb you always drop it always. Paris Lisa Scott you bring up that Clinton scandal every day you were obsessed why. Are you text or you can. I'm rarely bring up the Clinton scandal caused similar. Christian and I bring up the Clinton scandal on the show. Never was gonna say never now other people will bring it sure. Ad nausea sure when you talk about Donald Trump's with a parent star born issues. Yeah I mean anytime you bring up Donald Trump in the porn star or him in the centerfold girl but he allegedly paid a 150000 dollars showed up to. Everybody goes to well to well you know you automatically what he did it. You thought he should be impeached for lying about it. You know and let's be clear what Clinton and listen I am not defending Bill Clinton. I think he's scumbag. But let's keep in mind that was a Whitewater investigation. That that was not and I think we all get a little bit of selective memory when it comes to Bill Clinton. Some of us like to remember and finally some of us like to think it was a dirt bag. That was an investigation that centered around his dealings and real estate. Deal called white war. That's how that whole thing got started. And somehow some way. It ended up with Monica Lewinsky scandal some issues you totally bring it up I'm sorry I love you but you bring up a lot to me. I would rarely if L bring up the Monica Lewinsky scandal let me clarify it comes up in conversation. Every single hi. We are talking about Donald Trump's. It is a reality yet so if if you're talking about that. Yes because all the trump supporters love to bring up Bill Clinton admin you try to say yeah and that way she asked him to spank him with a Forbes magazine. Little weird whatever I'm just saying that's when Bill Clinton's product and every failed time and age girls or what it is to go work. And so it's mean reading eight text is be bringing it up. I'm only giving a voice to the voice less to the people who don't call him extend. That's me bring up that's me reading your words. Fasten this Friday is next to know your agreements already. My grievances of people that think. I am a second Bill Clinton and Monica Lindsay because I am not because I have moved old. Fastest Friday is coming up next. 5767798. Get in early with your grievances phone lines are clear they are now officially opened. 5767798. But first of the news or McCarron mark Abbot. Now I can be easier government shut down just six hours away more next. Dinner I ever kriegel message diamond's I got a phone call from Steve Nash over at kriegel mast today they are in the market right now to buy luxury. Watches. You no longer where if you have an old role lacks an old tag any of those Carty a watches. Goes see Scott and Steve it will pay top dollar for your old watches and Byron you combine new watch while your at it. And my husband got one of those as a gift for our anniversary. They are the best place to go when you're in the market for fine jewelry whether it's a watch a necklace diamond ring diamond earrings doesn't matter. They will design it for you and sell directly to you. And you're gonna love the fright that personal service if you have a whole lot slain around. 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