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Tuesday, August 29th

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It's titled four happy Tuesday to be here on KMB's. He lives to get to a Kevin up we will talk about he tenor mark touching and at some plot restoring. You and actually gonna get deeper into that story because the question is popping up in I'd pretty sure this is pretty popular around here. Other question came up after last year where a 150000. People went to the sunflower farm over the course of Labor Day weekend and coming up a Labor Day weekend again with good weather predicted. What do you do what's the experience like and should any if something should be done to improve the infrastructure who does that fall on. We begin of course with the big story still gripping the nation. I don't wanna say it's getting better because it seemingly is getting worse the dead these are earned his jammies the levees and dams. Are overflowing in Houston and they're going to get a lot more rain the day. But by tonight Jamie we should see it start to actually move out of the Houston area. So the headline on weather dot com right now is water rising in Texas Louisiana up next. So if you look at a map of where this is gonna go now it's going to aim directly for the Texas Louisiana State line. And then curve and word and just kind of take up take a turn going and weren't so away from us more toward in the Kentucky and and into the southeast. But there arsenals some areas of taxes that could see twenty more inches of rain. Before this moves out here in the next couple days twenties. Twelve more inches of rain the headlines right now on CNN is that it Levy has been breached south of Houston residents being urged to leave there I just saw on Twitter that the conventions that are there and accused you mentioned Sutter already. 2000 overcapacity. If you remember yesterday we told you that 5500 as what they had in shelters. They expect that number hit thirty or 35000. By the time all of this recedes so we're still the point of the water rise and or not yet at the point where it's going to recede. There is. Eat a lot of effort being made. To help people out whether it's accurate cross Salvation Army Wii and everyone knows they can help but if you can't bigger upward helped score FaceBook page and there's a ton of ways free to help out the other relief efforts in Houston. What stinks and this is nothing new are the hoaxes you know and I mean there's people with. Fake accounts. You know they'll use the same graphics as the Red Cross instead of you know texting Harvey to 90999. It'll be. 80888. People fall forward to money will go to somebody's account. There's a special place in hell for people that are trying to make a block. By stealing from people trying to help those that have been displaced. Are hurt have lost loved ones. I think that's disgusting. And it's disgusting. That. We have that an honesty we have that with every major disaster and we are happy with every. Anytime there is Oz somebody victories at an event or we have that we had an effort Joplin rehab it in Allen and we'll get in the looming potential that later but yeah you always have those that are. They're looking to take advantage of the moment. An 882. Hoaxes. There's looting going on I mean I've I'm watching a video right now. If you do is Google Harvey looters at a ton of things got a video comes up. And and there's just security footage of people going into stores and he's like this he see this with every disaster you see this at every. You know there's a riot to whatever people go into storage breaking windows getting in. And just taking what ever the act that they want. And again that's stinks too because there's nothing that store can do right now there's nothing these stores can do. If it was a an appliance store. You can literally walking in Houston appliance stores I'm guessing right now going grab what ever you wanted media TV BB roll out with a vacuum or whatever you want. No you're gonna get out of there and how you're gonna and where you're gonna take it. Because cities underwater so where we're gonna go with that one's not there there are actually areas where it's not three feet of water but you know. Fast entering the city and that's gonna go noticed that you're you're not hide that. A report which demands that its OK so the Red Cross is saying now 171000. Evacuees are in shelters across Texas now. President trump is set to. Do some touring of Corpus Christi. Given somebody. Concern that if he was in Houston witches I'm much more densely populated if you was there he might be taking away from resources he is going to Corpus Christi instead. I he tweeted out a couple hours ago that he left Washington is headed that way. We don't strangely we don't have a public schedule for we don't know exactly he's gonna speak and made it may just a ten mine. Set ups and and where they can land her or whatever but he will be in Corpus Christi we've heard that he may return. To the area on Saturday. And also make an appearance in Louisiana as well vice president Mike Pence also is set to visit Texas later in the week. If you have been if you haven't seen it. The video of them by the way getting off of Marine One getting ready to go to Air Force One. Milan it looks like she's ready for a fashion show a runway show are you ready for per flood relief or anything like that she looks stunning once again she goes to could. To. It's a story disaster he's got hot links stiletto heels. I'd like Errol. Go to a disaster relief area where thousands of gallons of water just done a decimated in area. She looks like he's ready for the right way she's not walk and it in and the she looks nice as she leaves the White House that's true a lot of my pleasure to be taken so you can where she drugs were a bomber jacket by the way for those that have not yet seen the video he's wearing a and leave a navy bomber jacket. I was hoaxes real fast just to make you aware of the stuff that you may be seeing on Twitter and FaceBook are on social media that is not real on. It's sort of yes we actually you have to tell you some of those because some of those is actually not true in Washington posted. Really handy list a running list they've gotten on the buy hoaxes for heart. So the shark picture is Faye if you see a shark and what's its. It's possible. But if you see the picture of what looks to be a shark swimming down an interstate highway that is editing that is not that is not actually shark in a freeway. You probably should tell Jesse waters from Fox News that because he claimed that he saw the shark photo and couldn't believe it. While he was on FOX & Friends this morning says someone should tell that guy that's a that's a hoax the tweet with a shark had 6000 retreat as a non important people thought it was real should. People aren't thinking they're there does not thinking and it looked sharp float down main street Houston. The picture of the Houston airports. That is at Sony treated it's not saying Houston airport is now marina there's a dramatic photographs that appear to show several planes floating any deep lake that was once airport's. In fact the airports in the picture is LaGuardia in new York and it's I'm not meant to said the potential fact. Of climate change Al LaGuardia by 2100. Year 2100 so that's not real now that fake fake. We talked yesterday about the picture President Obama hot feeding people that's of course not real answer in 2015 from things get it actually of 2015. At best vague to. Yes and and there was a phone number that was out there was claiming to connect you with the National Guard. Again oppose us a couple of viral copy paste means circulating. Around FaceBook and Twitter tells those in Houston calling 1800 number if they find themselves in an emergency situation because of Harvey. The number does not in fact. Connecting the National Guard takes a private insurance. Now that's fine so that's fantastic. We are at any aid. We're dealing with millions of people in serious trouble and these people are coaxing and looting like I saw a story of the cajun navy. The cajun navy and floated in and they were getting held up at gunpoint. And getting robbed like they need these people are are are driving it and aunts and boating in to help people getting. You know held up with the guidance. And it happened after Katrina I mean it it happens after her. Happens after every major disaster on an all out what's going on CNN's got fresh evacuations and Houston has floodwater rise again numbers that the levee breach so we'll find out exactly where that was. Ortiz hoaxes later there are many of them are five or six more on here. Just dead just to be aware of it's from exit fake news eight with a but it really think that it is saying it's but it's just. This is not the you know pictures circulating that are not real and we had a after Katrina as well on that given social media now we've got more than we ever. It is a 1013 here on Tuesday we'll keep updated with more news from Harvey as it dep begins to move out later this evening Taurus Louisiana and into. I different part of the country coming up next a major tourist attraction here in the Kansas City area. Need some help and we want to know from you have you ever abandon this tourist attraction. And what would make the experience better tell you what it is and take your calls at 5767798. Next or 91 KMB easy anyone take an easy day with Jamie wickets. Hopefully your Tuesday is going away Els still to come next hour a knew who I am hi once again for. Some tickets to the American royal World Series of barbecue this week and get apparel line we'll do that coming up next hour also. Do six year olds belong at a gun range less that at 1115. But right now though there is a tourist attraction that is right around the corner from us here and gets a lot of attention but it also may need a lot of help. And as we threw some of the parts of those as we come up a lot of another Labor Day weekends out where a lot of people are going to go to this sites it's not official tourist attraction. It's certainly was not intended to beat acts but thanks social media word is out. About the grit her family far out last year 150000. People a thousand people went to this location. Out and the world part of the county and neither as a band we'd love to hear from you. 576779. Or Texas at 218980. What the scene like last year were 150000 people. Went to this sunflower farm because it was such a problem last year. In fact all of North County commissioner Doug Smith until the start was a train wreck last year in terms of needing. Emergency services and police resources to go out there and handle the traffic that they were looking at what to do differently with it this year on. And they have really come to any solutions and so it's possible they're gonna have another mass there over the three day weekend it is Labor Day this year. They are expected to attract more than a 100000. Visitors to southern leavenworth county last year. So story and you Bernanke diseases and that's for hasn't as well also last year Labor Day weekend traffic started backing up from still low road on I seventy. At her few fender benders the leavenworth county sheriff's office shut down access to the farm for a short time. They've been working. On several months for plans that ended up with few changes. She save for shutting down a couple of nearby dirt roads and against our story from earlier this summer had said the sheriff's department. At the last minute and on a holiday weekend had dispatched extra deputies to work traffic on that southwestern and cure the problem. The snarled up to blame black top could not accommodate emergency vehicles. People who live in the area did not get out of their driveways and it wasn't just the state highway gravel roads were clogged with cars trucks and suvs. Driven by people who did not know the area very well. And so. For the family they initially planted these sunflowers just as bird seed just as just something to be pretty and for them to enjoy. It wasn't a problem. For years and years until social media and word got out and they're very. The very photogenic. And so you get pictures of that abundance to Graham and FaceBook and Twitter and word gets out and it's got a point now. Were they get people visiting this attraction from all over the world. So the question. That we were debating and we'd like to debate with you was while it is. Clearly something needs to be done about traffic flow and about parking and an on a basic level and and the thing that. Leavenworth county officials to be concerned about is what if there's a problem what if somebody has a health issue and we can't get emergency vehicles to the scene. The count is still responsible for the cure of its citizens and emergency services still are responsible. For the medical care of people on and you know and so so so what if you happen in the on private property in just their take pictures I'm flowers. They still have to you know make sure there are accidents and that kind of thing. Other family is has mode five acres I believed to create more space for parking. We'll see if that doesn't so at least she'll have parking and they hope to get volunteers out there to manage some of those people when they park their cars. That doesn't do anything about the traffic now. The thing is. It's only a problem a couple weeks a year because depending on the weather they may only bloom full on you know full full picture taking him. Six days to two weeks. So well on inside you wonder does that count me the key to his benefit no lass from having 30000 extra people there. Who are gonna go eat nearby go visit other things nearby and they're gonna buy gas nearby and they're gonna stop a while you're buying. There is an economic impact from what immigrant family is doing for the county to county is benefiting from. So should county be doing something to accommodate all of these extra people like it is a tourist attraction. A war. It's only two weeks a year. And we'll just kind of deal with that because the alternatives. I don't think you can ask this family to not plant or some flowers because it's just like they're saying is just like in a row crop. It just happens to DD one that was going to be pictures. What I can't understand and maybe you can tell me this is why is this namely not charging money to get. They don't so they don't on they don't charge admission nothing they intend to just beat. Mike is they wanna complicate it right they don't want to run a tourist attraction. They just want to plant some flowers on their property have them be pretty. And if it happens to attract some people to come take pictures fine now they put out donation bends. What they're hoping for is that you cut out some flowers and donate a dollar and it just kind of to replenish the land a little bit. Yet the of the donation box in the story in the star about covers what visitors taken trample. So it kind of what you destroy as soon as replacements as humans the it's as you might make an opry opportunity for this family if they want to predict how they plan to me like July and then they grow in the by Labor Day. A 150000. People go there that weekend. I don't know what county's responsibility should be I don't know what their responsibility should be but why are you charging. Five bucks a family at four or five bucks a person or five bucks to park and a dollar per cent white why would you take advantage of acts. Okay they could do that sedate them be putting that money in infrastructure because the question is. On do you somehow attempt to distract or dissuade people from taking us out. Because Kelly's got a problem and and I guess it's the county's problem or I guess they see it is their problem a little bit on. Because what if there are Rex what do somebody as a medical problem and has a heart attack and you're an ambulance there. On the Kelly didn't ask for 130000 extra people to be there on Labor Day weekend but now they have to deal with it and it's costing the county overtime probably you know it's costing the county money. But they're making money. If you ever gone this 5767798. We want an open 5767798. U famous sunflowers. And have you noticed any problems with the experience what should be done to improve your experience because it sounds like as. The quote from Chris Ginn terror are grinch or excuse me says. They basically said we are a resource suck on the county. That's the Mets amazing called the big intend to be no they didn't intend to be all it did was plant but some flowers and I say. That's 150000. People that would have no reason to go to leavenworth county otherwise that are buying meals and it's. I to meet the way. They could help out this whole problem would be and I don't know what dollars would do because you still talking about two roads in into wrote one road in two lane highway and run one road out and a two lane highway. I don't know if there's a small amount of money they can alleviate that problem that being said. What about and I don't know exactly where this is. If you did something with parking if you charge five dollars to park in the new load everybody on a haystack and that the N central element and a tractor maybe that would alleviate some of the that the traffic issues or whatever so who. Has to manage that that. Right because again my my assumption is that the family doesn't want I'll have it doesn't want that responsibility but should take on arm maybe I mean. Why definitely isn't capitalizing on this is beyond me but that's yak you're right that's kind of a side point and it's a question. That's the bigger issue to me is all right the county has a problem the family has a problem somebody should be met. Monetizing this that's not a separate problem that is the problem is they got a 150000 people. Let's say they made it. Three bucks a person in kids or for. All right just hypothetically. Pine this guy and five bucks to park you're talking about you know a 100000 dollars from from. Or 300000 dollars from let's say that the people coming in. And X amount dollars for parking. And he split that with the counting of the county takes their share in the figure out waited too to make this easier I mean both sides could could work together. But yeah it's funny is the problem money is my problem. The way and I and we don't know exactly with the families at about why they won't do that but what they keep coming back with his. We just plan some for hours for it to be a nice experience for for people. The spam doesn't want the problem at the family doesn't wanna go through the huge process and the liability of creating an actual tourist attraction. And the foursome to the Dali can't force them to charge admission. But it is costing the county money I'm wondering if the county just needs to eat this I'm sort of wondering if if times stakes if the if it's costing counting money in overtime or an extra emergency services or an extra staff or whatever. But we're about two weeks a year. This seems like something what's the difference between this and on if there's a popular place out in Miami counties stop watch the suns that everybody stops to. The county he would have to control the kinda do that in a granite nobody's planting that so to speak him. But you can't force the county's planning some flowers either. It's 1028 to two more this in your phone calls 576779831. KM BZ mid day wins Jamie wicket. JB money selling Mike wicket coming up we will half. Eight Kara mark Serb TV update for you you were I got this right that you're an eyewitness or beat it I went to the I was just I guess that makes me. We'll have a update for you on how Kerry is doing in a little bit right now the we're talking about sunflowers here in not just around the corner leavenworth county. So should I. Coffers just kind of suck up the costs of adding extra law enforcement and maybe some parking patrols and and would end at whatever infrastructure it takes. For this grit her family farm where every year they plant sunflowers and they've been to us for decades apparently. And it was no problem you know maybe a few people Erie and you about a dozen Sutherland were county was no problem. And evidence social media and it's a really cool place to take pictures number CNET but you see the pictures out there you go wow that's great that's instead Graham mobile for sure. And it's got a point where in the last couple years it is drawing people from all over the world to the point that last year. County officials say a 150000. People were there over Labor Day weekend I agree with those it is and it seems like a big number but that's the county it's yeah and so when you have a 150000 people in an area not really designed for that. All kinds of problems and imagine living in the area you can't get out your driveway. You choose to live in the country so that you don't have a lot of traffic and suddenly you can't get down your street. Gravel roads are not designed to support there's not parking for that. And they're looking at solutions to this and batting around a little bit whose responsibility is it's on if anyone's. Got by the way says they don't charge admission. They're not really making money off that that was really the goal and a lot of you were saying on the tax line that. Once they start charging admission becomes a business and there's licensing and there's liability and they don't want. They just wanna they call it it's agriculture you know it's just their planting sunflowers like. As if they were planning cork or anything else that people got beat pretty to take pictures up. This is just generating a lot of interest. The count is concerned because I wouldn't count and are concerned about the overtime. And the extra staff they have to put in and the concern they have about accidents and about getting. You know getting people taking care and and whatever issues may rise access and that kind of thing. And were Yahoo!. Should anything be done about it and what I've ever done this is has only happens at this time a year even happens even know about it yeah it like six to ten days a year depending on the weather's so it's cool it looks very cool if that's going to be a check it out. But may I wouldn't because this sounds like. This this sounds like crazy. There's a quote in the story in the star. And you can registry by the way it's not a FaceBook page on Twitter as well what is CD's there's this a quote in here he says. It's like getting an entire chief's game into an area. That doesn't have capacity for chief's game and I I I understand that. I Timmy my answer is if you don't and this is a cold heartless way to go about it but if you don't want the problem. Don't plan doesn't know what the sun piracy but I. I don't think immigrant if a series of its grand Turk are in our awareness pronouncing it on. I think the family says it's not a problem for. They don't see it as a problem or the very least it's not their problem they're just planting sunflowers because it's pretty on their property. If it's drawing tens of thousands of people I think they see people aren't there some flowers it's the county that sees the problem. It if you. Cash I I don't look at it they elect among their biggest city of it unfettered access you can go wherever you want you we ask that maybe if you step on one or you cut one down you put their it was a balk. Like that's pretty much it. Wouldn't I don't hold the grinch her family is would be and I would try to make a buck on this is this at home. Beautifully to how you all right and that's the issue I have I think the county needs to just do something about it and stopped talking about it and just eat what ever money it takes. I we don't have the numbers on what a 150000 people in the county is for economic impact here. But those people are bringing extra dollars and accounting somebody said it's close or Lawrence and is anywhere also it's you know it's a different area it's Douglas County it's benefiting not leavenworth county so what. That still people buying gas that still people ringing dollars into the county becomes benefiting from already. If I can. I don't know authority answer is but I just feel like this the county in this in this family need to come together and monetize this that's my solution that fail doesn't want it. The daily news and I blame mom for I. They think it's pretty they like to people are enjoying it they don't wanna complicate their lives I've 767798. A stock to Lindsay you're 91 came easy Lindsay. Oh. Eight and Italy is actually as we eat tree and the county and our. Long long long. And eat the biggest problem that people are an agent. I. A mile from the. A Selig you live near there. OK you know last year other than people because I get it you don't want people driving through your. Land I mean that's trespassing. There and ask for the traffic to go. There really a lot more ago. A and you will be happily ate at the end it there year round to diet and that they are absolutely right Atlanta that are how to eat all I'm. Currently a week. It really well and I. So what's so you don't let you're you're a local resident you live near this farm and are looking no family here not the what do you mean what do you make of all these people coming in there and what a detriment it is to your area for the you know ten days of two weekends or whatever it is. I think art and I create a lot in that county immediate left or county India that it won't. But he is built our cap and art and charity and it ain't it. It done everything he basically. It being that Italy. Eat on the other it is something about at the federal way and the etiquette. And being cheated that count on the vehicle that. A lot Laporte. Now. I'm an app go to charity are a bit and they are coming out every. Are you what it shut down you wanna slow down or shut down Lindsay. Now I am I don't want to check out my on air act. I am I think there needs to be an agreement and I ain't that county meet the he hadn't you know read or oral. Thanks much for the phone call appreciate even she's right they are she knows there's a problem. Yeah I don't think this is on the family I don't I think this is on the county I think the family. Because you can't ask the family not to plant some flowers they can plant whatever they want on their property and so I think this is. For the amount of money that this is bringing in the leavenworth county that would not be there otherwise this family is to an accounting of Faber and accounting needs to help out the fate of. 767798. Lindsay thanks for your phone call a stock Andrew in Shawnee on KM BZ hi Andrew. Without. They. And you guys the that you never been out there. I don't wanna kind of paint a picture or you'll what is likely. It looks pretty in the pictures we've seen. And now dogging. Not a partner but the people. The it's been an old dirt road decisions right off of I think it's forty the drive that put Lauren and you have. Miles apart on both sides of the road you have one and partly in between them. It's a mess that the Matt how's your driving out there and I've been forced to go out there that the picture isn't. With my girlfriend that. It went about it. I'd break it down wars in June I concerns with the ball and chain. It was important. Is this yet. I mean these people are they're very accommodating bears they're incredibly nice people and they've torn out part of Atlantic parking. But you know you care about opera Citi cards in you have 6000 cards. You can't you just can't do it it's not possible in the police you know they're complete a patient I you know I got to give it till they. They did they handle it as well they can't but there are their country and everybody's got to you know you're you're blocking to blocking a road. And it's just it's absolutely intent that there but I think you know I couldn't tell you one way or the other what I what I think we can each do. Because. Out there you know they're gonna look at what the economic impact of that coming up that direction. Because there's nothing out there it's I mean that's what over the country. Didn't linger or today stuck a hard time imagining that somebody's gonna park and hang out at this for a long time I hate to say this. It's just some pretty some flowers I get a lot among the deal link to people stoppages. To pictures now. Injured. Well sorry I'm not out there and dumped and iPods and day out. Today due date stop and take pictures there's there's got to be rows of people I mean. Like our our people hanging out before and after elected they make it like ten I don't sage yogi usually set up through. I mean is there's. I'm a little bit but I'm wondering is that how missing an opportunity now again it's only a couple of weekends a year but take back a bit of trucks up and put you know. Or something that we can put this is a good. It from FaceBook into things for your phone call shock on her FaceBook page bring the ball really good point. It's just like Christmas lights in a lot of it compares people only go to the Christmas lights that two weeks a year that's a great analogy. My I'd I'd sure there is I don't know where there's one around here but. My sister takes my a my my two nephews to go cease and I and Santa's cap it. This guy turns his house rank it into the cabin in this one weird part of its. She calmed down and the county or the city accommodates that went extra police or whatever it takes because it's a couple of weekends a year. And that's it and and yet he got people parking on the street but same thing at a stop for a few minutes take some pictures and they're gonna move on down. And they're not forcing those people to take Christmas lights I loved the idea of food trucks out talking about make this a bigger deal Mick yeah. You know labored at county figure out there for those three days rent somebody's lying on sunflower fast there's one weekend there's some are fast here and it's in Johnson County some weird to not out their account is missing. A golden opportunity here I'm getting ripped on the text line for saying this has to be why does have always been about money. It's a great. Chance for this city and his family to make some Cooley but how making money that's that's annoys me to count already making money on it use that money to build roads of the two weekends a year. You Bart got a law enforcement paid for. What should the county do you wanna read the story can its outer FaceBook page of the two more your phone calls sunflowers cause a major headache. In leavenworth county 5767798. Text into 290s or of the day with Jamie wicket will get to airing jeering Kathy next a 91 KM BZ 91 KM BZ May Day with Jamie in wake it's we're gonna get back to your calls in just dissect here the the topic of the sunflowers in leavenworth county. Some breaking news coming down about your Kansas City Royals. Pitcher Danny Duffy arrested him with DUI on Sunday night allegedly pulled over and arrested in an Overland Park Burger King. The Indians beat Kansas City. On Sunday twelve to nothing scheduled for arraignment. I'll later in September. That night of course Duffy is injured has the elbow situation could be a couple of weeks wouldn't be pitching anytime soon anyway. But was charged with the GI driving under the influence of alcohol in Overland Park on Sunday night. We're gonna gather as much information on this as we can. What do continue our conversation about the sunflowers in leavenworth but Jamie this is big the ace of the royals coming off a monster year last year huge contract. This team is in a free fall the haven't scored like 43 innings which is horrendous Bryant. And now Danny Duffy charge would do you live from Sunday night's. And we don't know exactly. All the details light blue we don't know how drunk he was allegedly. And I've got questions for you just first some perspective on for those who made Abby is Malia and things like has happened. With Major League Baseball and and what could happen to them what what the consequence could be for him on the team. But again we're gathering more details about it has been breaking in the last few minutes and we'll talk about a more are coming up just a couple of minutes. We will bring you the latest updates out of Houston. We've got a Houston police are doing a news conference right now some of its latest on that coming up just a couple of minutes. But we wrapping up our conversation about the grinch family farm that is out in south leavenworth county where they are plant some flowers every era and has. For decades and decades and it was never a problem. Just kind of an sunflower field out there until. Social media was invented and people started to get wind of it that it would be a good place to take pictures now people come in from all over the world. Right around Labor Day weekend number coming up to to take these pictures. Not a problem for the family apparently because the family says its culture we just plant a crop it's just something out there that we wanted for the birds. That is pretty good problem with it because they can't control it seems like they don't have the infrastructure for. There's not enough room for people to park this is an a distant part of the county so it's gravel roads or roads that get out there and we're asking. Whose responsibility is it that who's at fault too to do some infrastructure improvements if anybody. The family graciously has gone ahead and they've motor plowed five more acres of their land. And for parking which doesn't seem like that'll be enough. And it really done a lot about in terms of roads. But they're talking about that and and you've got 50000 people. That are buying gas and spending money at restaurants is the can get on a sales tax money out of this anyway. Or asking you those either about their work and I have not what's the scene like in does something need to be done about it again we're talking about two weeks a year. As is all pocket. Let me compared to Christmas which is a great comparison fantastic analogy let's get a couple of calls appearance go to Kathy in south Kansas City your 91 KM BZ hi Kathy. Height. But I don't agree you know in the summer and they have great traffic going one way and one way Al. I mean obviously between eight way to that was built for tech. In these smaller towns they that stand the people the ground and attacks are ignorant are you are obviously the more you can charge. I think they did something like that that would equipment out there you know get something out of it. Obviously the foreigners don't wanna do anything about RO. LY. Into the band they happened in Oprah. And it did change the trappings designs 45 days. They do but they Kathy Evan of that race couple times too when you take it's a bit backed up but really that that area is so much more equipped to handle traffic it sounds like it is this area in England leavenworth county air blacks. The big. The way it was designed for. Are trapped. I'm talking about you know Knoxville Iowa and Rockford Ohio and the daughter small town that. The great you know for forty year. Sure absolutely and you know the thing to. You've got. You know that as you mentioned Jamie you've got roads. Better roads you know that are blocked the top actual he liked it in and stopped the designed to handle some traffic. As some of these attacks line and magic holding it chief's game and narrow dirt road. Yeah to figure out all those people safely and the cat the cat is got a good idea make it like raced a traffic against the difference you know. Kansas Speedway is built or there're some tracks that are not across the country it's a really good point Kathy thanks much for let's get Stephen Shania on KM BZ I Steve. I would seven. That about yeah we're gonna get more details on this coming up in a bit. Quite hear the little or 43 scoreless innings probably make. Adult thirsty. And a bad elbow. Yeah. The same about the art dealer everybody to remember those all of probably don't look like that every year the last couple years we've had tons and tons of moisture. I'm a lot of rain in July and August so I don't have a candidate can do any thing. And rely on it every year and they become your color or responded that I could be wrong. I know my yard in July and August for the last two Summers was Brett. And I wondered if they get don't look at every year we just had a lottery. I don't know the answer. I have no like I. I don't few things I don't know anything about farming is stupid so I don't. Less outlets in the air all my life. The last two years it has been a Japanese. Media but also made about a lot around a lot longer than two years I don't remember that. Jam up 34 years ago. So your point. Given that it it may not be like this everywhere I'm putting words in your mouth and I am. But does that make you think then maybe because it's not like this every year. Like it won't be like this next year maybe this'll just kind of fade a little better won't be a problem carriers don't do anything major in terms of infrastructure. Yet I don't think you can predicted that you can't have a principle that any current account can put a lot of money into it it. It Darryl brown and no there's not that big gap and then then you know what I mean. And again maybe. And respondent. Maybe I'm maybe a well but I just know that it's it's really green. At the end of August and it's not always really green everywhere in all the cattle lottery. We definitely have and Steve thinks the phone call. Some of the text and said just get rid of FaceBook Twitter and Seagram I mean that's really the answer there wasn't a problem is pointed out till social media exploded a decade ago yeah it snowed and it into. Yeah it is said. You know it's a business for them holed although that makes me go both ways you wouldn't ask someone to shut down their business on the other hand. If they are fact making money off that there's no way to know what they're making in donations but if they're making decent amount off donations may be this reason. All to expect them to taken some money. How much can they be making of its of you don't NB a he's put a ten in the jar I mean if it was me and I throw a couple and their fight a couple of singles I or whatever I I definitely wanted to. Because I think it's cool. But if you think there are a lot of people would say I don't have to do what's out of do a damn thing about it hanging apps. Last word goes to holy Shia target oxy highly show you're on came BC. But I think I'm we'll have a little. The empire. I have to take a vacation time of the year. Ultimately. It it it is how I'm positive there. That's how crazy it is there. Yeah I doubt that they are out actually in the new album I will take. At least well. The leaking him so bad it's been a bad generally it's like a super model now. Do you think dictate I mean it it seemed to give it as a super highways have been should be done and cheese and politics should. Activists in the 1 o'clock hour we felt like you spent time out there and narrowing and so thanks to you who dead today with Jamie wicket to cheat update on Danny Duffy the royals pitcher arrested for DU lot.