Airport Committee Chair/ KC Councilwoman Jolie Justus more on KCI

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Wednesday, November 8th

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We are joined in studio for one more segment we think it Jolie just as Kansas City councilwoman and airport committee chair in studio. We've mentioned before the break people wanna know what's next mean we we hope ultra light on 20/20 one but here on November 8 2017. What's next. So the next step is this the City Council needs to enter into a memorandum of understanding with edge more than a developer that's been selected. And so we will be starting to debate that with public hearings and testimony. I'm at the end of November the council actually is in session tomorrow but then we have a two week break for Thanksgiving and some other business travel that the council is doing. Settling back at the end of November to look at the amount you. And if that goes well then we hope to have ground breaking in spring of 28. So when you say a memorandum of understanding this is what you want on edge more. And what edge Moore wants Saudi EU and that includes input from people in Kansas City. Absolutely said the memorandum of understanding is the initial document between the city of Kansas City. And all of its citizens but especially the council of what we've said we want as part of the community benefits agreement the requirements for local workforce all of that will be in the memoranda of understanding. That then allows the aviation department the airlines and adds more to all sit down and start going in putting through those definitive content and concrete documents in the forward. Going to be a listener questions that is definitely a sign ups such as these are ones that we haven't really gotten yet. Any plans to spend more money on the existing terminals BE NC absolutely so we have been committed to making the customer experience and be NC the best that we can do. With the terminals that we happened to every year we spent hundreds of millions. In infrastructure. And for instance one of the projects I'm excited about as we're working on fixing our customs and Border Patrol experienced so that we could possibly even try to. I'm kind of bring in transatlantic flights before we get to any single terminal which would be thrilling if we were able to do that. But we wanna make sure that we're making the customer experience great for everybody also from the text line will this make a case CI a layover spot now. That is our hope so the airlines have explained to us that one of the reasons they cannot give us more flights. Is because the customer experience is so horrible and our current configuration. Southwest Airlines American Airlines they said they want to expand in Kansas City and have not been able to do it because our configuration. The hope is we have this new terminal we will be an ideal spot for lay overs for a few reasons number one. Where in the middle country number two we're very low cost have also heard that it's a better and I don't know if this is true but it's a weather better weather patterns here than in Saint Louis. So there's a possibility we can pick ups and the flights that we've lost to Saint Louis which would be a big win for a summit it doesn't to click here for Saint Louis that makes me happy Cheney's favorite city more on stops. That's my help one of the things that I went into at the beginning of this is I didn't really have any deeply held beliefs about the airport I didn't care whether we renovated or went to a new terminal. I just wanted to see more nonstop flights because when I travel what I think is convenient. It's not having to stop two or three times before I get my estimates from the text line what the plans for terminal B and C after 20/20 one that is a great question terminal B will be torn down. Terminal bees parking garage will remain intact terminal these parking garage will become parking for employees which means they will for the first time. Have close in parking. And that's actually gonna save the city about two million dollars a year because right now that's what we spend. Busing in the employees to the lot. Terminal seat that's up for discussion we as a city you're gonna have to talk about that right now there are no plans to tear it down and will need to talk about what the future terminal C looks like. Chris Amon asked with the change coming to terminal are there any planned updates for the runway and taxiway infrastructure itself and what about the small amount of general aviation business that is present at Casey. So the runways and taxi ways right now are actually state of the art we have been making lots of improvements and they are big enough to handle whatever we throw at them at this point so that's a good thing. We will be doing some and with that kind of going to and from the new terminal obviously there'll be a updates there will be important. And then as far as general aviation is concerned it's my understanding that it will be continued to handle and the same way that it is today you know what. The things that was interesting because Casey I turns 45 went out Saturday is that right I believe Saturday Saturday. That configuration in the convenience was ingenious. 45 years ago and then that day it opened wasn't there a terrorist situation which therefore made the closeness the convenience that we all love. Obsolete like literally Casey I became an unsecure left. Airport within 24 hours of opening. Yeah there was a hijacking if you look at the Kansas City Star for the David that Casey I was open there was a hijacking that day within a year the federal government made the decision that we had to separate ticketing from boarding. And that's when and by the way become a cool stories I've heard through this process I heard that would Casey I first opened there are some airlines. Where you would actually walking and get on the plane and pay for your ticket while you were on the plane. I mean that's how some of the airlines where where you know utilizing the airport at the time it was a regional airport for the most part. There was for instance a flight that went from Casey I toured downtown airport at the time that we opened. And so one of the things that happen immediately as we completely changed how we did security in aviation and then unfortunately it's only gotten more and more difficult cents. And so those changes will be significant. Can you talk more about that actually that was a question that we got some times about how one terminal is going to be more secure than the one that configuration we have now. Right now our configuration. Is grandfathered in under the TSA. And so we are not compliant with the best and the top the security that that other airports are you know able to have because of their configuration. We will be working closely. With the TSA with customs and Border Patrol and the FAA to make sure that this is the most technologically secure airport my country when it comes to the security force airport police private security does that change will there be an improvement there. If we do any changes to anything relating to the airport police that will be separate and apart from this conversation now that that has am no bearing on this whatsoever that would be conversation we have to have separate us from attacks on what performance standards will you put in the construction contract. So and that's great question and you know one of the things that I know that we will do is we will make sure that and we have obviously all of the any I don't know what we're talking that specifically with performance standards but. We are not going to allow the folks were building this airport to skimp on anything. We will have a lock solid contract that will have claw back provisions that we'll have the ability to make sure that we are getting the absolute best done project for a little parking garage is replace the current economy parking situation. So it's economy parking you mean satellite parking the question is now. Are they answers now rather we're going to have I'm still the satellite parking that's available for those who wanna pay last there will also be the private contractors who are out there Rican park elsewhere and come in on a shuttle. And then we'll still have that close in parking costs more money and so that will still be up to the consumer to decide what they wanna spend on park to. You make sure my wife never does the 27 dollars today valet parking ever again like the last time she track arms like a personal as yet I'm gonna ask you to head and that may be counseling center etc. that's. It's not a skinny kids there's so late she gets there are like twenty minutes before the flight and then she got you've met my I don't know are. I would argue that it might be a little cheaper to do something like in Denver all right. And he asked 07 dollars and my. I made the decision that I paid 25 dollar uber right to get up there speaking of who we get a lot of questions about right sharing Wilbert list is now back in Kansas City well to be specific areas for Albert drivers because as mayor James has said in many interviews effort on the station. I don't know how to hail a taxi whenever Casey right now I have no idea thank goodness for rights here. You know one of the things that I am really excited about with that Mukasey I terminal. Is that we're gonna have to separate departure and arrival which is great. We're gonna have dedicated lanes for the shuttle so if you do park in economy parking. I'm you we're going to have a priority because they're going to be in high occupancy vehicle we're gonna get you in an out very quickly. We're gonna have dedicated lines for taxis and ride share you will not have to pick up the phone that may or may not work and call a taxi that may or may not show up. We're going to have the same sort of amenities when it comes to ground transportation you'll find it on her ex. Customer getting a lot we actually had a couple of female construction workers at texted and and sad I don't know if this is I guarantee you can make but what percentage of the working will be done by minority. Or women on dozens as so that'll part of the amount you that will be discussed in November in the first part of December so I wanna make sure that everybody comes out and and and you know gives their their testimony on that what they want. Other numbers that we're looking at right now are hovering around 35%. Women and minority owned businesses will be constructing let's continue to. Behind the curtain or let us know are you receiving bids from local businesses for restaurants for bars for pro shops restores. We are not there yet so obviously we had to get past yesterday before we can decide and then the next step will be to be working towards obviously the construction. Once we are further along in that process will be talking about those things can explain is a little bit more again if you cut for the person and several people are asking again to date numbering thing confuses people a lot to your mind that they number 390 but only 3035. In the current configuration can. I current configuration are used. How will one terminal with thirty gates bring in more flights and airlines. So it's it's confusing question and are confusing answer and I understand that but right now on our peak peak days and times we are only using about 31 markets. So when we moved to our new configuration. We're going to have 35 gates which actually allowed us to move more passengers in and out and it's all because of the geometry right now the space in our current terminal on the configuration that it is. Doesn't allowed to move people through inequitable manner. And so are. By moving that square footage amusing in the different ways how we're going to be able to accommodate more passengers more flights how does this benefit us going forward big picture stuff. So big picture stuff you could look at a bunch of different things number one. We have businesses in Kansas City right now who fly in amount of Casey I every day some of them hundreds and hundreds of their employees flying in and out of Kansas City every day. They're going to be able to go out and bring in more business to be Kansas City companies because they're able to more quickly efficiently it in an out of Kansas City. Number two we're gonna have the ability to attract more businesses. We're going to be we're gonna be able to compete for things like an Amazon to headquarters and a World Cup and conventions that would look at us before going to be looking at us. This really is going to take a city that is RD world class and it's going to at a world class airport which will only improve the economic and future of our city. Jolie has been awesome having you're a more questions can name is their place and you you know. Is there a place if that's okay Atlanta and learning a lot more responding to as many as we can but if they've got more questions for you as the process goes on. Absolutely so a few things just so that you know we still at the KC MO dot gov website we've got the momentum page and it got the airport paged. Those are two places that are great to get information and all of your council members and mayor obviously available on various forms of social media and our emails peel please feel free to reach out to us any time. And then they're going to be so many public hearings but the city hall and around the community I would really encourage folks to engagement as well. Toll justice Kansas City Council and the airport and we appreciate you so much for coming and thank you also money for taking time to really get educated on this issue and congratulations again. Thank you.