Air force Captain walks off the job.... 35 YEARS ago.... Now what?

The Dana & Parks Podcast
Monday, June 11th
Also this hour-  Well-known commentator announces he has just weeks to live.... 

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You're listening to the Dana and parts podcast on KNB easy. All this is like blue. And. Bob Marley is your partisan. Gap. I will more youthful constantly my pilot that you're. Watching the great saint Margaret of Shawnee. Leave the back end of the vote. On Paris. And watching a nearly 74 year old woman flight 200 feet above the illusion that she's drawing and on hand and drink in the yeah. Same where's ride. When I need it most. That was parliament. That is most that I can talk about editor there or some other highlights that involve killing me. And we don't hear that kept up shower. Yeah so Paris sailing. Is one of the most exhilarating and then peaceful things you've ever done like that big lift off is really exciting. And then when your and is there a slow just like it's all quiet back steel. These greens you adopt no my mother was amazingly cult. Wow yeah person's shoes and she's a pro at this. Sources that. It's personal. Computers. Really. That's like salt and we'd usually it. Just. Agree broadly buried at the point in Helmand alone distanced light yet. Turks and that you were sorely missed out. I was I've missed it as groups that. Jeter's and really nobody watched this but did you see the Tonys lessening. We have target or Robert narrowed down about it. Talk about it can say several quick about Robert Wagner thank class once. I mean I'm not something I don't care this is an about for a what he did last night lacked Ole clocks. Shame. That's. Talk about the performance instead. By the students from Marjorie Stoneman Douglas high school yet chew holes down most they got up on stage and saying seasons of love. From rents in honor of their theater teacher. Melodies heard was honored last night with the teaching him theater jam or excellence in theatre education. And by Carnegie Mellon kids were fantastic. I. Being attacked. Moments. Unite us. Wait for the girl. And. My god I wow us live and literally like there's not a dry I and that you know him as like the maybe that's sounds like the musical I went to Seattle and went C brands and going wow these are high school kids and so bad. I'm telling you that I am not to get into politics. But politicians. Need to start paying these young people attention they are active. And keep in mind. These kids are on that stage because of what they went through. They didn't just cherry pick any high school cross country they pick Stallman Douglas. Douglass high school. For a reason. These kids are active and politicians would be wise to pay them heed. Because they are going to dictate the way these elections go in the future that's at amount done. There's such a suggestion that you know every year the district that Tony's pick a different musical or are different high school to perform. That's a great idea. Because these kids are I mean they are the future it. Absent Bruce Springsteen did you see him now he was in the for wrote his joy all was on the three and watch him girls. She simply. Mailed us a story here from the BBC a man who deserted from the US air force in July of 1983. Has been apprehended in California according to the US military. Captain William Hughes junior. Who did have top secret clearance was last seen withdrawing 28000 dollars from his bank account at nineteen different locations in New Mexico. Man claiming to be Barry burn. Was interviewed earlier this month by officials investigating passport fraud pressed on the inconsistencies. Command said yes my real name is William Hughes. He claimed he had been depressed about being in the air force so we left and created a false identity he had been living in California ever cents. Captain Hughes is currently being held at Travis Air Force Base. In California he faces a maximum sentence. A five years' confinement forfeiture of all pay and dishonor the dishonorable discharge. At. At the time of his disappearance he had just returned from the number one's. Worried been working with NATO officers due to his axis of classified information he was declared a fugitive who was on a list. All of the Air Force's seven most wanted individuals. What are you saying let him it's been. I'll use surprise me. You surprised me. It's been 35 years he walked off the gig in 1983. How classified is that information now okay well it had been thirty plus years before they apprehended. In California. To Chicago mob boss that killed all of those B you're comparing a mob boss to military or I'm saying. If you commit a crime. Time does not necessarily. A racial or crime just because you went into hiding. But he and to put him in prison for his name you know. Why people they're. I don't know Scott I'm surprised to hear UC Davis pretty Bolger fueled caps back this guy walked off OK so let me ask you this sober adult. Walks off. Can't somehow. Makes his way back to the United States. And a logos and lives in Montana a peaceful life he changes his name he's their twenty years. They find him. Us and now ago now the issue are three key police posts. You free as Harry hill Turks caicos I became more inclusive. Does he relaxed today you're creating that they're on his balls. You are creating a scenario under which. We are rewarding people who walk away from the duty they agree to. Apps swear to protect echoed in my job you are going to reward people who walk away as long as they don't get caught. Went deep mining will be fine. It's been 35 years Dana what are we gonna do. We want to string the guy up in the public square hang him. Did maybe he was dead or did they say no they knew ye of OK just walked out. Under him. Putting imprisoned for five years I think our military people would say the punishment stands. As it would have been had they caught him. When he walked. What do you do with a guy. Checks out a library book in 1970. Racks up state 101000 dollars and and then one day just walks in the ivory turns. Out for a follow the rules. He owes the library 101000 dollars. And twenty year. First well is it bearable analogy. And seconds. He. Agreed to Wear that uniform and served. The minute is down and walks. And said with all he's. You know what happened to me. Rod spam. Just happy please over the last week or so to yank your back up. I. Big big. Problem. I don't moment I would medical problems of her up and. Box not. Maybe I don't know. Covered sky pulled her dress down. I can't believe what happened to you when I was on conservative. Would you vote for truffles don't know what hit. Them back from her so completely blocked off. We have to decide who gets a lot of conflict and you know what we we we let Mohammed Ali walk away he refuses. And the Vietnam War have no problem with the Aleman. Everton are enemies that I hang him from Viet Cong next. It Abiola. And a song. I love that yeah as born in the is that Bruce Springsteen. But George carlin's arms about that I Mohammed Ali's that I wanna beat people up not only kill people. The government said if you won't kill me can't be about it. Food we decide gets to walk away. I think a lot of it has to do with the crime of commitment that this is a guy who was a captain in the air force and who decided it wasn't for him anymore he just walked off again. If this had happened last year ya you give him some sort of penalty. Maybe Roman Fort Leavenworth for a couple of weeks later regret it. This happened in 1983 Dana I was twelve years. When this guy walked off. A pain if we find DB Cooper DeMar kept our our backs are we again comparing. Serious criminals and by the way we're set by the way while or attic is DB two well it depends on who you ask. Will you watch the show for four hours wasn't that guy I'll under the other guy that was then but Michigan Wisconsin. To us. 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And let a new Smart irrigation system do the work for you. 9134413900. As the number to call. 9134413900. Who or lightning dash landscape dot com lightning with an end lightning dash landscape dot com. You tellem Dane ascension. What about the spatula. It's patience after 35 years in that way in the walking off to pick had a summer of military I don't know. Honestly I don't know I don't either. I'm guessing he's hit that's an exodus to buy it again for desertion for desertion and I and I again. I walked off the head job from the air force he was captain. Which is to say in 03. Rather low ranking officer did he walked off in 1983. He's now been apprehended in California 35 years after the fact. He faces at least five months in prison. He was seen. Withdrawing. 28000 dollars from a bank had nineteen different locations in New Mexico. Claimed his name was burial burn. Its real name is William Hughes. Captain air force. Walked off the job in 1983 never to be scenic. Now the government is found him. Wanna put him imprisoned for five months. She why he blocked off for just I think he says he was depressed. And just walked off the job. He's being held at Travis Air Force Base California. Obviously Heathrow faces a dishonorable discharge for desertion. He just returned from the Netherlands in 1983. Where he was working with NATO. He did have access. To classified information. There's no indication he share any of it if he had any on him we don't even know that. In 1984. The Associated Press publish a story where captain used and we said they believed he had been abducted. At all yet to be that you know only called from your job that your family. And you're Heatley was under heat his family by that well but his mother sisters like to see edges are gonna actually him he did not have a wife and to not have children. 5767798. Michael Greenwood real quick four get to the news hello Michael. Our mile ot be lucky to only get. Figured I was architect armory that. It cuter than Vietnam. And he came back like enter an idiot like the way you'd been treated in a while ago he took up and it got forty years. I'll they're not they're not united should continue name. And he did whatever trauma and that put him up for or are brought up moderately cute she returned him belt. Sure Ernie could turn black around. You haven't put it on in candidate whether oil. Part 576779. 35 years later they finally find this captain. Michael Greenwood says he should do the time. Should it 57677. On it to the newsroom here is caramel. Counting down the hours until a historic summit more next. Thirty searing Kansas City from the KM BZ newsroom I'm Kara marks or president trump in North Korea's Kim Jong-un will meet face to change since Singapore for a historic summit it's the first time a sitting US president has held in person talks with the Kim regime. ABC news senior foreign correspondent Ian part alma at the foreign desk says it's hard to think North Korea doesn't want what they're South Korean neighbors have. The sanctions have clearly paid a huge price home the country's economic development as a people the country who've suffered the most we know that being. Buyouts of tremendous farm in that hundreds of thousands of people have died we know there are very harsh. Could relax thousands and thousands of typical political prisoners they need normalization. The task force looking at the Jackson county jail is meeting tonight hoping to hear suggestions from the public about how to solve the ongoing crisis the meeting starts at 530 manual tacked. The task force has been charged with coming up with recommendations about what kind of capacity and type of jailed in Jackson County needs. We'll check traffic and weather together next you know. Finding the right person to hire for the job is tough for retaining them is stopped. 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Hazy hot and very humid weather out there for the afternoon time we are soaring to the mid nineties heat index values as high as one note to. Now toward eating time announcer trees into the night ramping up our chances for showers and thunderstorms isolated severe storms are possibility here. Drizzle low end chance for tornadoes especially the further west such ago. The overnight low dropping to about seventy producer to clear things out for Tuesday trimming that high back to the upper eighties. I'm staff meteorologist at different aero more KE NBC weather. It's hot on this afternoon 93 it case CI it is 93 and blue springs. 95 at your official weather station the radio dot com app is the official new home of KM BZ download it today listen to us anytime anywhere. Kara marks or his ID 81 KM BZ. I was in. Turks caicos and think well. Plus if I thought he heard them. I've ever sale of injury to her and her. Or that was in the military. But Opel plants. Right she Milton what is and he has started every isn't the rate on August and I ain't music but. Tell me more about Turks and every slides labs but there. You through purchase I think we should all just sift through your vacations. On the beach. To. There is Kelly and me with their feet in the water it can there local four woods. The spoilers here and there aren't boredom others retaken the Omnia. Baffert was four feet tall so instead of the top. I was person there's an ocean. Score. Happiness and other people's happiness. Happiness and why did you try. Notes tell me about your McCain now I don't wanna tell you shouldn't go away although I will say this on Friday morning were breakfast in my mom looks amigos. How long before data comes Turks and caicos I said last year. And less and you want to assure the pictures. Your us we got a kid gone on to college and everyone I know when they have a kid that goes off to college they never leave Kansas City again. And plan. What are you mad I can I can feel in your home your hitters are you her that I left for one week. Are you mad if not now I can hear it in your tie it was. Giving you you know why I would love to hear from threats to your sticker well I was going to say I think I was in Turks and caicos on Friday night when my mom came into our room that was it. And she was very depressed I can tell something was wrong in my mind what's. She says she looks at me she says. Transcript stuff. My mom loves Charles Krauthammer. You don't just seems like a nice. You his story you well tell his story I don't know. He's had. Really rough life but he's turned. This is a guy who went to college on eight diving scholarship. Okay 68 results of this would have been. I'm fifty years ago he went to college on a diving scholarship. Dove into the pool one time snapped his neck and half he's been paralyzed from the neck down since he was eighteen years old okay. So obviously the diving scholarship is of no use. He goes on to get a doctorate in psychology. Charles Krauthammer for those of you don't know. Is a syndicated columnist base of the Washington Post. And he's also a commentator on Fox News you would know him dissect me you've Saudia one of the brightest. Political commentary in mines in America. I'd put him right there with a George well. Very Smart my mom adores this. Anyway he ends up breaking his neck is paralyzed from the neck down OK from the age of eighteen on. Column goes on to get a doctorate in psychology. Becomes this super well known very successful. Psychologist. And then gets into political commentary. And the rest is history Wright's book after book a book I and he's up in Washington that know who he was when I saw his face I knew exactly we what's. But I had a question we read the story first so I might have to bury Redick. He had a bout with cancer about ten months ago goes into the hospital he's basically been in the hospital for the last ten months. They're tree you know and Kelly was talking to my mom and me about this. When your quadriplegic. And you have surgery. It is. Just. Recipe for complications okay. You know Kelly was saying like you can get mode you very easily as you because you can't know you know. So you're you're just you're literally set up for bigger problems when you have surgery. He's the cancers removed he supposed to be on his way to better health. Next thing you know the cancer come back comes back and it is crass. That doctor comes in and says Charles Krauthammer. You don't have years. You don't have months. You have weeks. And he wrote a statement Friday night that they read on Fox News was very poignant it was well written of course because this Charles Krauthammer. Where he basically says goodbye. And says I've had a great life don't pity me. I want you to read it and here's why. It is. It it stops me in my tracks it really did. And I had two questions in my mind that I would like to pose. To the audience. Would you have the courage and bravery just to say. Okay. This is it. And this is the end. I'm gonna throw out there and let everyone know this is the end of my ride. And my second question is before that. Would you want to know if you were in some situations. Gotten where it was weeks say it's five weeks. Would you want to know. And I struggle with that. I really do it out let me see if I define. A lot of these are just stories that detail you know portions of Milosevic and actually find the note that you read or that he wrote. To his artery goes it's it's got carrier. I have been uncharacteristically. Silent these past ten months I'd fought that silence would soon be coming to an end. But I'm afraid I must tell you now there's fate has decided on a different course. In August of last year I underwent surgery to remove a cancerous tumor in my abdomen. That operation was thought to have been a success but it caused a cascade of secondary complications which I've been fighting in the hospital ever since. It was a long and hard fight with many setbacks. But I was steadily if slowly overcoming each child's school along the way in gradually making my way back to health however. Recent tests of revealed that the cancer has returned there was no sign of it as recently as a month ago which means it is aggressive and spreading rapidly. My doctors tell me their best estimate is that I have only a few weeks left to live. This is the final verdict and my fight is over. I wish to thank my doctors and caregivers who have whose efforts have been magnificent. My dear friends who have given me a lifetime of memories and whose support has sustained me through these difficult months. And all of my partners of the Washington Post Fox News and crown publishing. Lastly I'd like to thank my colleagues my readers my viewers who have made my career possible and given consequence to my life's work. I believe that the pursuit of truth and bright ideas to honest debate and rigorous argument is a noble undertaking I'm grateful. To have played a small role in the conversation. That has helped guide this extraordinary nations test. I leave this life with no regret it was a wonderful wife full and complete with a great loves great endeavors that make it work with. I'm sad to leave. But I leave with the knowledge that I lived the life that I intent. Screw it. Could you do it and be that brave enough. And would you want to know. I answer the same way about. Wouldn't. Would you hurting you know it he just showed such grace dignity just grace and dignity and all of those things. I just think if let's say it was five weeks and the universe has decided that I get five more weeks. I would rather get hit by a bus at the end of that five weeks and just never know what was common. Then have somebody tell me you probably house of rules. He 35 days to protect. Because that would throw me into an absolute tailspin to do. Two. Of Turks are Kate I smoked a joint. How quickly can I get a credit card issued. Because the takeaway. In the end of them that live at the you know the answers straight. Man don't care what does this word resign no sir it's a twenty foot that's what experts and analysts do I want him. Voted with their first payment due. So if the next month we now hi could be a little late with that first payment and then never again yet. Thought I was. Party my bottle. I I disagree I don't think Hewitt. Rule. It out. I think you would like to think I'm just gonna party. I would probably take the kids. To Hawaii or something and park my butt in the sand with them for the for the 45 weeks. Yeah I would hang out with my wife in my Sonja and I would go and see family and friends and yet. And we wasted. You can pick your family in France have Lucy mall yet know hers on the. Nap and I probably not there theft. Three months or three years you're talking days you have to be very careful how you spend those days. Via peach so angry I agree that's absolutely. Mean for debt and two tournaments and that's why would now because I think it changes. I think Shane know. It's coming. Change. It's just my. Day. 76 and seven panic about Margaret ensco parks country music. Men. And spurs. Side shots at her. Is back. And a phenomenal menu for you right now and look if you're just tired you don't wanna cut go to Jasper is if you have. Nell a summer. Team sport kind of dinner you gotta pay for we got a bunch those come up with slam. Go to Jasper skip one tray with white sauce one train with red sauce there is absolutely no messages through that and away when you're done. 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Weeks to windows. You know sent an area statement that was released by Fox News on. Friday night he is 68 years old. One of the most accomplished. Political commentators of our generation. Now he was a first your medical student at Harvard diving accident. Put him in a wheelchair for life. So this from the text line. I am dealing with this right now. I haven't told me one and thirty. I've been working on the house to leave something nice behind for my family. Went that they sell keep that it's all I have left to give their right. And I've enjoyed it. Fixing little problems has brought me peace while my days grow. Shorter. Only ask your question. He hasn't told this person this writer. And I'm not gonna say is outraged because of my given way and who might be. Has had a series Jonas text. And you what's your family atonement. Well it certainly isn't going to change the outcome rescue that's all I would want to know if you heard death yet god god bless him if cred found out he had weeks to windows. Would you want your dad to tell you. Yes. Here's the other thing like if you're really bad mood. That person comes home and you don't know that have weeks to live. It would colors the way. But it colored the the entire existence of every second of every minute of every day course you know. If if my mom calls me in on in the middle of something and I don't take that call which is hardly never you'd damn well better believe I'm taking that call if I know. This is going. Would you tell your kids have you found out of your week's worth I don't know because and I think so but but I do understand the notion that you're staring them. Screw them let another few weeks of agony. Well the thing is I wanna spend my last. Month. Enjoying. Right my family and friends and all that but I don't want them make Arafat's in being stupid and I want to remember them like we were I want them to remember me as things have always been not. You know handling me with kid gloves crap. At the same time your kids will be so furious. If you didn't tune into yeah I don't know that there mag is I'll be dead. That is what we don't look at kids manners and here's. What's happening now on KM BZ four hours and counting until the historic North Korean summit more next. Simply the best analysts say it's got parts for wind rob do you know when the world windows. One of the two windows with the good housekeeping seal of approval rank number one in the number of windows sold in the country. I qualified re monuments to witness one world don't is welcoming. They keep the colder the winner here's the important thing the hot air out in the summer make the move today online windows Kansas City. Dot com why it's important that covers all parts glass breakage in labor. Windows from wind world use a double strength whilst the gives it a strike not commonly found a replacement windows call for free Hamas and today. 816799. 0820. When the world now offering eighteen months same as cash financing with approved credit 816799. 0820. Online at windows Kansas City dot com world. Simply the best lasts. Thanks for listening to the data and parts podcasts remember you can get just online any time. At KM BZ dot com.