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Wednesday, March 14th

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I'm Scott barks I'm Dana write your listening to the data and parts podcast. Young man from Austin, Texas got. Guitar players and it's been home. Do you think he's playing SXSW about two that he he probably would carry Clark junior your artists of today. Taken a leave it takes it. Mass is your keyword to cash today on the giddy against Kelly idol blitzer have rated all on the space canister. Math 72881. 7281. Side you're in the running for a thousand dollars and keyword cash math. Math 72881. Care re good at math. And chaotic. And here separate geometry Steve right Steve. Is fame and gentry you know the funny thing is I tested not a math in college. When I went to Nebraska. They gave you the choice to either when you're in journalism. Beauty take Arlene yet to take one class. And they given the option to take a test. To see if you can test out and source of its. And so I did my test now so and I never took a math classical right. I hate. And my brother strangely is a high school math teacher were both very get a map. But I really struck it's match it's match. And AT eight not Emmy busy texting the wrong number. They're texting through texting and obviously you probably mad because you're sending it into the main tax line. Anyway tax cuts. For those of you who were in the car. With your parents and your on spring break right now and you're on earth and your mom's on meth but you're taking math. And you're wondering to yourself right now is my daughters have asked me over the last few years. Dad why do we have to learn stuff. You'll get this withdrawal reason I went anywhere between seventh and twelfth grade. It'll come up every year why do I have to in this stuff. And I have never. Come up with a good answer. Because if you want a good job with really high paying learn. That's the right I guess but here's the deal. I've been able to make it through life. Without Matt. So kids in the car with your parents and spring break. There's no reason for you have to learn that aren't able to make it going through life without wearing pants. I think sorts for the last four years. And I don't Wear underwear. And but it so you're ringing endorsement children for why you should not learn Pastor Wright and. So they got me. Because I really Wear underwear and when I do is she's so. Well answer. I mean something and usual. Have you ever seen them and you know I think the like blue elephant things are okay okay okay went to memento. I'm just you know. But it comes to. Like a banana and. So anyways I saw. The very. Strangest. Occurrence on my way to work today I'll do a darn thing about it some code out triangle and the and the way it's. From the Tesla and you're not an MD OK I you're right I'm not and you're obviously not an English teacher because you spelled you'll. Continue so anyways and I'm coming out the triangle headed here from my beautiful moment crime for grand view and out. The far right two lanes you know in one at a time there and you have to get over to the left just as you come out during the so as I'm doing that there's. All these cars getting over to the right which there's no reason for that is very unusual it's like what the hell's going on and so on try and I'm driving someone else's vehicles on trying to weave through this in and not you know. In the fender Bender and there is going on so I get up and her. Risers in the road like an actual rock that someone has hit. And so there's always people pour in over a light like a pretty good sized you know I mean. Likable ball sized rock. Some damage attack. So yes I finally get through it and I'm thinking there's still an unusual amount cars pulling over and as I get through pass out I get past at all. It's a funeral procession hall it's the hearse that hit a rock hall. In the front tires out and it's limping into the fold up a limo right it. And this line of callers Ole pull over to the shoulder. And and I am like squeeze through and trying to get by and there's a couple of other cars that have had you know flat tires that are pulled over yet. An entire funeral procession as pull over the write just out of the triangle it. Like all the things that happened that hurts not vote someone in the purse. Turks hit the rock and his limp into the shall you know the guys whose casket go it's yours and some serious. No respect. Actually multiple has no idea because he's dead well that don't know I'd have now. The people the people in the eyes are like you know why I newly screw this up somehow we. Found out. Karma even after always gives his own funeral way to go Steve. So they had changed the tire on her again as you have I just I like shot out of there as you would have outbursts. Not look like buses for the kids men. I thought you were supposed to stop for the procession. I didn't realize those procession I had no idea what was going on like is that all I know is. I'm doing my normal daily routine of going crap I'm late let's hurry up its work and coming out the triangle. And you gotta get over ago and and as and get over this people giving it over to the right woods never happens so it was a very. A usual thing acted they're looking at me like our root and I'm looking at them like their crazy differently pop out of there and and you guys see that it's of funeral procession. Of. There I think he was late news on here. It. Fit. Your story the only accident I've ever gotten into while writing and over with because the Hoover driver. Hit a boulder like literally a good sized boulders that rolled onto the freeway and heat I felt ago. Under the car and every seat. Blew out both the front tires that the only and California. We do boulders just fall into the wrote thank god it hit the car wasn't California that happens all the time OK if I met him Missouri. Is so let me ask you this. In a typical old school. Station wagon. The spare is under the back then it's on its on to cast act it's under the casket you have to take it day pass out to get to the spare. CNET and you've got to bring in a second Hearst. Why don't just run the rams down there's got to be a protocol for this race you know and I mean this this past to have happened before this has to have been considered. By a funeral company why wouldn't you just run the rim is down and just get a fix. You can't I mean and I don't know how severe how serious it was like it's at all like I could tell that. You've never driven on a fly William. But I don't know that it was just a flat email lost that time I mean you know these may Abbas that Axl I mean it was a big rock man and he was on a highway when he was on the highway in the news or anywhere near and you right now there's casket outside on the freeway that you text in Atlantis now. Once the stand EO of senator Ers. They act I couldn't believe it. So rob this is why you are not going to be buried. I'm just gonna get cremated and put in a little camp. Well. Please. Kiss cam but. You think I'm kip I am not mocking the additional license has learned is up but there's rise and you bet there is Ross official license is casket. Yes. Don't don't act stupid and a half ago. How he's as stupid laws in this it's a little notice. I don't know how much you can spin on concern. Much is across and he's the student Julio could cook crack. Right have you talked about these things are. What song you can play in my funeral. Those I was lives so alive by eight by is a little while rockets right now. Okay and what might be put him and in the concern that's right. His daughters I'm so proud have you seen this guy apparently. Oh yes please there are multiple. This concern outcome. But you know whom I don't care that's pretty fancy on the packaging group to make sure he's he's ought to. Well it. I'm I'm more Parcells like Dolly Parton earned perhaps payment only thing I ask is that if there's a funeral for me the that you play. If you don't know me by now we already know that my sim and by Simply Red yeah. Other that I don't care runs I'll be dead hate. Yeah I know we've gone over this like 59 times. I know you need if you beat me to the grave and I'm you know I needed you can buy you some days as we should just buy you office space in a. That's yeah. A. Care I sort of got I was. It's so Amber's. Room I was I was in ice is peace camp I was don't splits can't run those words came out of my I was talking myself I'm driving to the gym this morning. To go work out. And about halfway there and like. Sigma show yesterday. I haven't about a couple openings crime about some movement. And then at one point I remember saying out loud. Please speaks most. And it. And I thought man I am without a doubt the dumbest person that's ever. Graduated from Lansing school. Since dumber than Joseph self. May god blessings killed users instantly. But Adam. Least to us in that hearse. Idea and I told rob for the show I'm waiting patiently. Or it is what is guaranteed to be inappropriate comment. That I have no doubt is coming at some point today about the passing Stephen market. I have. No doubt. That Ron is not fair that rod is gonna say something outrageously inappropriate today about Stephen Hawking. Which by the way it is tied Hank so it's kind of appropriate to Stephen Hawking died. Or other shoe polish aviation. No we're not talking about that Holliday went but what's that we're not stake him and today. Google it grew. Enough. Aussie. State and just put steak and day in there and soup pops out. I'm so anyways just. I did not know that it's even hard you know. Not see that coming out that's what she said. Okay. It coming now did not have no idea all right and assaulted. It. Very sobered him. Well save us Stephen Hawkins I do I had not I did not know I was not aware that he had passed the indictment. Stop it I did say and I can artists and wheels turning your head I'm dissenters say something really appropriate ale lesser talking like a machine. And I'm told we're not gonna do that wouldn't I wouldn't do that that's this respectfully was a great man and he did a lot of fantastic things to. Who argue in what happened where's Rodney and just be patient we have another three hours. It'll happen. He will say something. Horribly for the saucer like I said he was a great guy he did a lot of good things I hear you smirking him there and play and waiting for regulators abide by an amateur I hear you and support a lot of single moms. I'm Don McQuay. I'm done okay. Are you serious. Form. In a pro. Somebody says so Stephen Hawking is walks into a bar. Awaited. Oh man. We all quit Scott this is enter a market open let's talk oh you wanna talk about sort Donald Trump today. Let's do that okay. So anyway I Rex Tillerson. Today. As I then go onto that. So anyway Mike Pompeo have a nice day. That's what they want the people like that like 3471 they want me to talk politics and islands are about that that. Out lot of students were walking out today. Of their high schools. Schools. It did not oh by the way I talk to my last night Rodman yes we got a call from met her in. Minnesota district in western Shawnee. Said the Mill Valley walked out last week I had no idea. I had no idea that the students in my daughter's high school walked out of the school last week. Oh really yes you should have been four you think you think. As to delete that no no. By the way everybody is loving your pick of music today. I spark was the statistics. Should it. So annoyed students across country are walking out of their classrooms today. And for anybody who said this is gonna last more than seventeen minutes turns out you're. A lot of these protests lasted several hours. I'm whatever I don't care. But it was it was fascinating to watch it on TV. As these kids are all walking now. And to hear people say I applaud them. This is Civil Disobedience. At its best were teaching these kids about standing up for themselves and then to hear the other side. These kids have one job. And it's to learn it's to go to school. They should never walk out of their clocks. I find it incredibly. Fascinating. How polarized we are even on something as simple as kids walking out of us. And I would hazard to guess everyone of you skip school at some point. Don't want him. Don't line. And you certainly skipped school on something a lot less important in this. Some recent Kelley writes in from 9986. But walk out is ridiculous. And she yelled at because ridiculous is an all counts. Kelly last. If these kids were dead beats they would have let they would skip school to me and there's one thing to do a group protests and walk out. You know seventeen minutes to hours whatever it's it's they are trying to make a point they're not just ditching in going. Portrait for hours and Jumbo dog 5767798. Students across the country walking out. Now they're not doing it in Johnson County there on spring break but apparently my daughter and her class walked out last week and I was not told about it. I think that's weird I have to find out for my younger daughter. My and I were cooking salmon last night after soccer proxies and pay. I heard that a serious school walked out last week she was evident on Wednesday that. Aren't you know about it and I don't wait was it was that planned or was yes I'm so you should have been informed it was like. Let's horrible yeah and they all walked out last Wednesday. I knew all of. I have no idea. It's six tearing our case CI 61 downtown 68 your official weather station. I'm Kara marks or stay connected with there's 981 KM BZ OK MBZ dot com. Your. Party. Doing. The text line. What happened here marks wise fuel grade reading that he does have a net. Carry a couple so you know the voices allow. A little well I I said the queen why does David parks sausage fest today. I I thought that her after the 2 o'clock news and said parent. Normally I would never say this do you respect you wait too much for that however after listening to your news casts. Well honey mustard agent hey hey agriculture our. Care which like to swing. And well hello and thank him swinging Lou not each game area and so it. It's a way to better do this say. And mine too greedy. Like us it's like your third testicle. That's. I care I can't even get voiced oh thanks you know if I. I wanna applaud your coming them. And then to tell me that I'm known is that the Dow's best buttons and that's correct. Because he can't live without you I mean he's artist a Brittany and without you like this over the hey question do you feel that urge you sound bad because there's some of those times when you know you have like. It's pretty much going to right now are coming up plays some and I want you say it right after. Okay ready to move Sharon Sharon winter's going in you know ascension when she's got him. It's not warm and choose whether it's not warm when she's away. You know old Sean showed more interest groan he knows sunshine when she's gone off. Like the two of you were cut from same cloth IE would have got you like that he like a can a meal to the having known you earn your opinion that I'm gonna go have some watered my desk and pacer Obama he's out there like it's the elect. If he flies all life now no no we're not gonna ask he's actually going on and and it is all that's on him. I mean that's going to what is your supplies from the U really dying to save Rodham on get me it's he's a dragon lady some well known him to say Rodham bond debt he would see. There's doubt Damascus. I haven't but it won't comment on that student walked out and about yeah. Number one seed. A bond well but it didn't let them. You know perhaps civic leader that might keep the ball up with the outcome looked up and go great let them form. And people complain about it's ridiculous and people but typically we would support him at work. Walking out protesting. The war back remember right. Abortion and they work and support and they were. You know I'm going to be Matt. So it hypocritical that today that it predict looked a bit with the quarterback of the others. You know I've I've seen that I saw that posted and run announcing he's stole this from here but I'm I saw something similar opposed to last non on FaceBook. And I would if were all going to be honest with the each other and and if we do nothing else on the show. I hope. I pray. That you guys all believe that when I tell when I say something. That I'm at least trying to be fair sometimes I may not be. But I tried to be fair and I often say what if so and so did the same thing would you feel the same way. And rod to your point and it's a very good friend and I'm glad you called and I'm glad to the first caller there are a lot of people who weren't sent. That the reason that these kids are walking out is fourth let's be honest about what this is this is as much of now. Remembering the seventeen people who were murdered in Parkland Florida. As it really is about gun control. And I don't need to preface this by saying what I own and what I don't problem. I for one believe that we can make at least a little bit of headway in to sum up form of gun control in this country. That is certainly not to say that we take guns away from law abiding citizens never ever. Ever ever ever. But the very people who were mad about this who were saying these could belong in school. They're they're really not concerned about these kids learn. They're not concerned about these kids going to school let's let's tell the truth to one another. They're upset because these kids are pro testing in favor. Of gun control. But to your point rod and your right. They would have a different opinion. If these kids were walking out in favor. Of Second Amendment Rights. Or if they were walking out in a pro life position. Saying don't abort babies. It was a you what these kids. You better let them walk out of that classroom 840 sevens for aunt and and so that's why. I would make the argument I support these children. I applaud them in learning this civic lesson. And if teachers were Smart and they are. They'll use this and I hate this term they'll use this as a learning opportunity. And they'll walk in the class afterwards. And say you know what today. Whether some people in this country agreed with you whether they disagreed. You walked out standing up for something that you believe let's talk about other people. Who walked out of something or who stood their ground. And protest it's something they believed him. Whether it was people standing like my mother who used to. Standout on fourth street in leavenworth with plaque Kurds that were very pro life. Whether it is. The west Borough Baptist Church I'm not comparing the two by the way some please don't misunderstand but I think you have to teach children what free speech is all bow. And even the speech that you hate. Has to be protected. Whether it's the west Borough Baptist Church. Pro testing its soldiers' funerals. Despicable. But protected. Whether it's Rosa Parks no relation by the way who refused to give up her seat on a boss. Whether it's Martin Luther King. Who marched the mall. In Washington DC. There is so much that the children can learn from what they're doing today. So much. Uses this opportunity. Teach them that they're not the first. And they're not gonna be the last. To stand up what they believe is right. David in Kansas City hello David. I I'll make this quick as I gotta you know profound story and it will approach that I have three kids or school it schooler to elementary school. I don't care they walk out or not. But there's two problems here you're talking about a group of people that think emotionally ran it rationally. But today. And at some point somebody's gotta say that the Internet to take personal responsibility in the fact that. I don't want to cyber bully and ostracize these children these are not popular kids that are that are shutting schools. Indicated temple he's ticketed and ostracized. They need to take some responsibility alert to change their ways before they think everybody could change things stirred. This is some don't you said at that and I know you get movement you mentioned her emotions. All protests based in emotion. Yes they are both. I guess my point emotional thinking is high school ball. I got something like Crawford they fight about it you don't see that in the workplace because people think rationally about what they have to lose by doing. Cute at all. Think the way you Helmand due to a point. All day long long school they're taught that this is Portugal or become a lecture itself and now we're gonna say you're gonna do discus nicer so. I'm not disagreeing with their content I'm not saying they're wrong I mean a fourteen year old boy he's a freshman art school. If you did do I would have absolutely no problem with it like it doesn't believe people. I think it's actually done online stuff but all year long we're gonna talk about this Cuba's political line in high school in the suicide we have a different problem. In your kids' heads and tell them to take some responsibility and if they want change they need to be changed they need to stop picking on kids. Or stop being brought this to happen. Are part. Did think typical good point somebody says come. In regards to me. Yesterday you were saying your kids will be in trouble if they walked out of class hypocrite much question mark. I didn't say that now he didn't. I never said that. 576779. Yeah yeah. I. Yeah. Rautins to pull. I know I'm doing. You're making fun of Steven talk it is not a guy you ought to play in Houston or it is suppose it is that goes to Steve. It I would feel terrible. If you thought I was making in Stephen Hawking thought I was making fun of him. He would be rolling in his grade. It gives. Joey Gardner hello Joseph I don't. We're. I don't want to adopt a couple and maybe a little law. They are saying it will raining all one odd ball. It people who acne. Problem our our little. Libertarians supporting academic. I am too old I'm gonna go you know kindergartners. Because that I am appalled horrible name. Inviting people. Back. Into. We beat ignorant people who don't know better it makes me on my Second Amendment only okay. Thank and they don't mind and they're trying to make me feel guilty. Trying to make me think another way. And you know I think a lot out they have. It right but I don't Wear what they believe and with a gun control and Matt. And lawyer and airing. Again in the coming out actor in and literally shot. I. In the street. Out okay and there is a lot of bad. Do we talked about it. I would say no about going right there you're now that's scary. I'll. Be in America that render they're right. Com name and you know what. That. There would not even that good people work on art. You know on the board. And Aaron and the Oklahoma and a hat you know I won't let. No they want a little about have a lot of people packed packed in packed. I've only bill that would really threatening the future you are okay because I am a libertarian. Because of all I. Don't like that. Pull it. Out. And I'm angry and I didn't hear it entered it into the computing today. Saying you know you're horrible because you'd you'd you'd. Care and it should be intolerant. Or you get. Bullied because you disagree with terrorism. Now I don't think that. You know. If I get bigger you are there no I don't believe me while I believe that people will all. No. People a mammal and because I don't need. In no gun control. You identifies libertarian. Still it. Joy hello. I guess we lost choice. Introducing call. I think Joey was young. But apparently was. Summers is not that is accused and influenced by their parents. Haven't we all. What's wrong Majoli being a libertarian. We're identifying. Services are parents of brain washed her that can be further from the truth. If you take your kid to. Church are you brain washing your chop. Nothing I don't dispute ran a few things I mean Joey has clearly been educated. And influenced by her parents or his parent can tell who was a young boy or young girl. Based on the tone for his or her voice but. Clearly Joseph he's been influenced by his or parents saw what. Isn't that urge all. If your child. Ask you question are you supposed to do well when you give your bones no. Luck. Typically be a product of your own environment it's and that's totally fine and I think the Joey was also a product of that school here she was. You know although I'd say this I did give both sides earlier today. Kelly some. Pastor the other day last night because you know there was that special election in. As in Pennsylvania in the eighteenth congressional district which is not going to exist. By November. And Kelly's son asked her last night what is a Democrat and what is a Republican. And she explained it tried to his machine code and then she mentioned it to me and while he was eating breakfast this morning. And I said you know that's going to probably break it down is this way up and I'm the arbiter of the best way of breaking things down. Republicans wanna control what you do in your house Democrats wanna control what you do outside of it that is the perfect analogy. Perfect. But. That's. Republicans wanna control what you do in your house Democrats wanna control what you do outside. That's up. That's how you break it down. Joey is getting it's it's either one or the other on the tax either everyone says that Joseph is being brainwashed. Or two is being extremely passionate and go to jail and should they child not be influenced by their parents. It was 1% influenced my parents are sure. A 100%. I 767798. To the news or bill agree. 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