Affordable housing downtown. Or not....

The Dana & Parks Podcast
Monday, April 23rd

The KC Star calls it a "crisis...."


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You're listening to the Dana and parks podcasts on KE MB easy. Okay. It's. It's. In modern life brewing. And let him. Q incredible it. Holes saving win on Saturday afternoon. Then Liz is your artists of the day today and tell the good people adventure injuries well I might. Injuries cars serious and remark yeah. But I was in our world I was not going down without a fight. Com and the score bears that now I have suffered. A little pop in my left me no big deal console war it's an unremarkable that one's on remarkable argued it was given the other one of the knee problem and he's a remarkable. What is remarkable is the muscle tear or strain that I've received in my left but talk. Which no one knows how you do bullying by now strained. I have about its a pain the end of the night he thought I am I I'd pull a muscle in my left but talk. On Saturday during the second annual day of parts bowling bash which raised by 236940. Dollars. Kind of which I won by a combined score of 412. To Davis 364. I drove to prove it. And I will keep that trophy for the next 365. Days this but pain will go away Farsi and mapped. And the app story three or at Penn state university. The nearly century old outdoor hiking club. Is told they're no longer allowed to go outside. Because it's too risky. Scheme. Penn State university's offices of student affairs and risk management says all hiking camping kayaking and other activities are too risky and they're telling the group no more outdoor activities so the outdoor hiking club. Asked to stay. Inside. The clubs activities were high risk because they take place in remote places with poor cell phone reception. The other two outdoor recreational club all of it for a vast and ever why also been directed to end their trip offerings. Oh what a trip. Under crevice yes. Currently. Members of this outdoor hiking group people who like to go hiking apparently I like toddlers I get it yet not a dumb below for the wealthy and these are college. Is yeah who just wanna go I can't which by the way I've never understood. I don't understand people who height. If you write a novel idea let's go for a walk up a hill. I. That's a good idea now here's what I don't understand that if you're gonna ban hiking. Football with a concussion right hockey with a broken teeth of rugby there's all kinds injury there you know we just got to always. Apparently. Do you know how long I would last in what they consider to be a harsh climate environment users not want. I don't how long it takes to die in the desert. But. We went out for one day and I didn't go hiking at all my girlfriend did she made it halfway up camelback she's afraid of heights turned around and came back down it's like three and a half hour hike. I think that sounds miserable but she went entrant. We played golf on the second day it was 88 degrees. By about hole six we had not seen the drink cart and I'm so stupid I did not have water we are in done deserts. I am starting to panic thinking I'm going to die in the desert. Apples sic Chris I know. I still think he would serve out here I think I'd be dead. For to. For cynics. So finally here comes the cart girl. I see things in the garage. She was home it just seems so sorry. I wish someone had said this to you. We have water receptacle on every other hole it. I didn't see them every other hole there nine water receptacle and she slipped there's one right there. This water and ice you know. Receptacle. Holder thing but it might. That water. Up. I. I guy. Christie you know there's water on every other hole hands down there on every tee box on. Humans. He didn't tell you when you were dying of our diet would not survive any harsh climate there was water every other hole and I was starting to all. And see things on the horizon. You're so drummer I. I could not an Arizona I'd be dead in two weeks and it's it's do you now not after about four hours out there and I. It's a dry helped me line. Was that there's no humidity as a desert they do say every. Week someone goes out on a hi I'm here from Kansas City at all. They say it happens every week and got to send its operation to go in and grabs an idiot who thought would be good idea Google the mountain and didn't pack enough water. They to. House that's. We ever survive without cell phone so I don't now. You can't do the outdoor hiking club anymore. Because up on the mountain there's no cellphone reception. I don't they just have the people sign a waiver. And the waiver would say we understand that hiking can be dangerous activity. That in certain areas you're not gonna get cellphone reception and if you sign your name on the dotted line. We are removed from liability I assure you did it. Design we first briefing race isn't an error and you can't hike because there's no cell phones our problem. And what they do back in the eighties with the outdoor hiking club that was that was fine men who. Nobody cared if you fell a crevasse Kravis. Who is on the news pronounced her boss that you are boss sir thank you. Whose only indoor hiking club. So called. Brawl ball mauled you know that's my point why is called the outdoor hiking clubs or any. And outdoor. Those are the people who climbing escalators when they're not running right all we are not on the outdoor team. Tune. Rights is the indoor hiking club Connell like the flag team. To the cheerleaders. Can be cheerleaders and are the outdoor hiking club in the flag girls are the indoor making two with. I don't think there's any such thing anywhere as an indoor rankings probably I don't I mean maybe it's here. Posted up the Empire State Building or something. You know I mean I'd I don't see that happening I just out. What's up all the clips. This is to calm and excited at JC CC we signed waivers and it's still too risky Preston it would draining off campus. Quite UN Casey tried to Tyler Joseph to come we could go to weekend came. Why what. There geology geology grade geology to live goodness. I won't take a little roll here. Jake quelled hair. You ought president blocking. Here how do you knights can't. Just think. Mr. Garvey. What is today Iran so listening to leave a few minutes early today. Oh is that saw him and what. Great tale. Is the reason. When this premature accidents. Yearbook photos we'll Tom. Easterly fifteen minutes early to meet up with our clubs. All right you know what that might work but on the substitute teachers taught I taught in the in his CD full twenty years. What I believe in my class early it's young go meet up. A and hey yeah. Yeah. And her. There are hazards. Poisonous snakes snapping turtles black those fighters brown recluse Eisner's. Hi Tina Brown. Recluse spiders on amount may live in his shoes I demons. I didn't added news snap a picture book you. Along the I really don't that was eighty odd coyote. In the energy sample of an alligator and to forget about the elegant I've seen alligators crocodiles and snakes. In fact one of employees said if you go over to eleven there is a rattlesnake over the moon why I wanna go look for rattlesnake who thank you know. Could poke it with a golf club Friday and they don't like that's. Who he is hungry. And. There you. I'm the president and the glee club wanted to talk them. And until cleavage shot. Maybe now the ball up but yeah. Globe I didn't. Missed the lesson and to see people should Tyrus. And deplorable. As far as all Shaughnessy Susan please report to the gymnasium for your club photos make announcement. Not as everybody in here have a ballot reason believe in his classroom. To multi are gonna look Obama Boehner knows increased. It's got parts don't spend life suffering from an injury or chronic pain doctor Kendra Pearson and her skilled medical rehab and chiropractic team. And Norplant physical medicine can get you back to a pain free life. There advance chiropractic and medical techniques are individualized to treat each patient's issues I became a huge fan. After meeting doctor Kendra and torn her distilled. Norplant physical medicine will set you on the path to healthier. And happier you schedule free consultation and nor plan physical medicine dot com. Yeah. Saying the things he's. You can't sing then I use and but the man. Any news on here. Millions come. And get a it's. Going to. Me. Really great finishes and alone. I think we'd be remiss if we did not mention. That Kansas City sought to. Separates. Domestic violence homicides in two days here. One woman and you heard this and Caremark says newscast was brutally stabbed to death it was well known that she was an A violence. Relationship with this person that he had threatened her that he had been violent toward her before. In the other case over the weekend a man walked in to a salon. Shot his wife and walked out and as soon as I heard it was a man that walked in shot a woman a mock status at Christmas and that's going to be a domestic violence homicide and it was. It's their family and friends over the weekend expressed absolute shock and said on the outside they quote had the perfect. Marriage. Which clearly. Was not the case and so I just wanna remind everyone of you listening we have so many resources here. To help women in crisis. To get a wave and your kids away from. Domestic violence and the hope house hotline is 816461. Hope. 816461. Hope. If you can't get hoped there help their get help somewhere go to rose Brooks. Gotta hope house they're there have 24/7. Hotlines were people are standing by. To take your call. Neiman. Story here from the Kansas City Star three years ago joke Mets. Started looking for apartment in downtown Kansas City he had a budget. For his apartment search 600 dollars a month. Mats who was then 24. Was working as a ballet at the Kansas City Marriott downtown he wanted to pale student loans medical debt while starting your career and engineering. Couldn't leave is locked. When he found a one bedroom in the crossroads. For 395 a month it was small. One bedroom but it was close to work and came with a parking spot and a very nice view of the call in center. There was one catch the 48 unit brick building Nottingham apartments was reserved for residents who made less. And 31000 dollars a year Mets fit the bill. His apartment is one of roughly 2100. Income restricted units downtown. That means 23%. Of the city's core 9000 rental apartments. Guaranteed to be affordable. For people with lower income but that is about it. Those rates to the city say to an apartment complex or at least you could I can't believe you can build here but it has to be. For this amount or or Scott help me here we will give you a tax break if dot dot dot this is. Affordable Robert wire okay. But that's about to change were 23% of the city's rental apartments are lowering come because more than 5000. Market rate apartments are under construction or planned for the city center. Which the council defines as he or Europe our area bordered by the Missouri River 31 street state line in the eighteenth by district. Very few of those will be in come restricted. A fact that could eventually drop the cities percentage of low income. Downtown housing to about 15%. Mets a story runs counter to won the Missouri governor gripe is painted when he sport probable law anyway. Let me ask your question. Why does downtown and you will make the argument and you might be right in this regard SARS calling this crisis by the way and a crisis why does there have to be low income housing. In certain parts of the city. Does Mission Hills have to have low income housing. Clearly knows he's in those prices no is Roland park required. To have now we do have an apartment complex. I think they're called the viewer the sky view. Up on the north side of town near the Price Chopper. Which are considered low income housing. But our city is required. To invite a certain number of people in to their community. Who are of low income and and I ask out of ignorance not out of snobbery. It does mission have to have a certain number two is Lee's summit. Or liberty or blue springs have to have a certain number of low income housing units and and where does that requirement come from if it does exist. I ask out of ignorance. This is wearing my people were familiar with the process to let me know why is it. That a certain number of units downtown have to be set aside for people who make less than 31500. Dollars a year. I don't think the answer is. You need to rework your question I don't think it is they have to be. My guess is the city and your city and other cities. Can. Offer tax incentives. For apartment. Building owners and instructors. If they make a certain percentage. Lower income. Available. That's my guests. Does this city have an obligation to provide housing for anyone of any income level I would say. No. But you do want your city to reflect your overall population and in downtown Kansas City that doesn't just mean hit the millennial. You know. A 100000 and higher. Wage earning. People whom who can't afford one lighter to light or three. But wouldn't the market create low income housing somewhere for people. I mean low income people have qwest have to have a place to live so you would think that an entrepreneur would say okay. Downtowns go the market cornered on the rich. They've got one light to light three lies are they've got all these laws that are going in for quarter million dollars. I'm going to build over here at 31 in college dorm to dorm apartment on correct. And I'm gonna open those up. Skews it for 300 bucks a month. But then you have cities that don't have apartment complexes at all just house. And and Mission Hills is a great example I mean the ugly just house I have ever seen in my life. Is for cell right now on state line. They want two million dollars for that her. 576779. It does a city have an obligation. To set aside certain housing in certain districts. For people who earn below a certain amount. Does the city have a moral obligation. To provide for an incentivized. Low income housing you tell me I 76779. It. To the newsroom we Caremark new details on that strong armed robbery at the Apple Store on the plaza more next. Right it was different programs or it would very low cost life insurance V costs as low. The process is so simple and you make it simple Stuart and we need to remind people it's affordable to to have life insurance for your family. You know that is exactly right and how about this. How did get right to the pricing of forty year old male that's a nonsmoker and otherwise to get help in getting 1000010. Year term policy. 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Increasing clouds throughout the daytime hours and then a chance of some showers moving through. Late tomorrow night into Wednesday 40% chance 47 in the morning afternoon high only about sixty. Sixties for Thursday and Friday back to the seventies for the next weekend. From channel lineup for solar chief meteorologist Brian Bosnian KM BZ about it. May Byron I Casey I it is 74 and blue springs. Seven before you were official weather station the radio dot com app is the official new home of KM BZ downloaded today listen to us anytime and anywhere. I'm Kara marks or news Eddie 801 K and be easy. I. Well for the story hits a star. This is downtown Kansas City Mays may face a crisis. Shortage of low income house. Another thought is there are 9000. Units. Downtown. About 23% of them. Are set aside for people who make less than 31500. Dollars a month or years. And with the new. Three light to light that are coming in and and a lot of the other loss. That that number that 23% is gonna go way down. But I'm curious why is Kansas City downtown Kansas City. Have to make anything available for low income residents. Does any other city have to do that. This mission is liberty does blue springs does leavenworth. You have to set aside a certain amount of rent controlled. Facilities. For low income people I ask out of ignorance. Mission Hills certainly doesn't have any low income housing. Fairway I don't believe has any low income housing. Westwood doesn't. I would look for someone and I got a friend calling in now I would love for someone with the city to call in and explained the difference between a and what is. Your obligation as a city. What is just the ethical and morally correct thing to do as a city. Are all of these apartment buildings subsidized. Or getting tax subsidies from the city in order to provide lower income housing. And if so how did they decide. Whom do they force one flight that instead of 12100 dollars a month or 2000 dollars a month for a penthouse. You're gonna have to set aside some of these at 350 dollars a month but. Why should I. Aunt and here's why make this argument let's take one might for example if I'm not mistaken it's either one lighter to light. Where they have to set aside a certain number of apartments. For quote low income housing. The argument being we're giving you millions of dollars in tax subsidies for your parking garage. And seder itself. But Kansas City, Missouri has struggled and and you don't have to have lived here for thirty years like I have or Dana. To notice. That 1520 years ago. Downtown Kansas City after 5 o'clock in the afternoon was eight ghost town was yes. They are moving people in it in two ropes. The young hips. It mr. set can't wait. To find an apartment downtown. You have to have people living downtown. To keep it alive. Why wouldn't you subsidized to some extent and these apartments to get people moving in to downtown who have a lot of ex expendable income. Who are gonna shop at a constant Tina's restaurant downtown we're gonna enjoy the nightlife who're gonna pay sales taxes. At all your bars and restaurants. Shop your trendy little crossroads district. It's a maturity and look at the opposite end of the spectrum at San Francisco. San Francisco does not have affordable housing in place and they are struggling to keep people there in jobs. Because the cost of living is too damn high now that strip that's on the polar opposite end. Of what we're seeing in Kansas City. I usage you witness recorded an okay here's here's Courtney airline to court LO. Dario doing well I wanted to talk to about this Courtney you're a single mom single mom in Kansas City I've seen you post on FaceBook before angry about the lack of affordable housing. What how do you see that when you were looking for a place to live what did that look like for you. OK so when I was looking I will tell you that I mean it is quite a bit just based on different places. I lived in Waldo for a brief time and it was right beats or while that got super hot so I found that. Little two bedroom 725. Square foot house. And my rent was 650 dollars that the time which was amazing while collecting the landlord didn't realize what you've been sitting on in terms of the gold mine. On the that was about. For three years ago so that obviously that has changed when I was looking around make it below the truly at the arc goes all of that. When the dot come up on the map. Everything that within my price strange and that's when I was still partner by the way I do I have become a single parent since. Last summer moving into the into the how to do so the two incomes minds you're. Everything that was within our engine our budget. Woods was very much and the east sack count I'm there was really nothing that came up in downtown. There were some that popped up but they Wear income restricted which is fine so we were just about that income restriction. Arm and the two of them together. Made. Over. The average Kansas City household income just barely and now I made. Just gets a little bit. A lot of below after taxes. Everything that I found. With on the east side. And I started looking and saying well the wire on these see how they look adorable little bungalow a good shot shot. So under them looking and we get this thing that you do and you say this a good neighborhood and regret living here at a deal on house. Actively looked at a few of them. Some are ridiculous and we did find one actually live. Eat it true now. Between true and and saline entry plateau and eleven it's a great neighbor her with the past neighbors and it's just good community to be and kept it real I know that that was the gen and that would steal because that the next hot neighbor. I can look downtown and innocent people that when you can't being downtown. At that not we should be anymore and should be suburbs fresh air plane will back. I'm an urban person like I I want the city and work downtown. We're looking at school downtown for our son. Who is gonna be in kindergarten in a year and a half two years. And wanted to cool that we like that like after we let cracked or we like the quality hill campus and I kind of feel like you're gonna want. Q to grow a community downtown how to be a pretty typical to start working and where they're living in investing and and I was talking about shopping co keynote at midnight likens that I'd be sent to them and market them all the but if I'm sending my kid to school there we want to make downtown our community air campaign which I know that those schools do very well so. So how come so hard to live in the same neighborhood schools are I've worked with a woman who has two kids in and keep optic and her and she manages to live and work locked down in the river market she restricted. But she loved it and she and hire the same mindset where. Crying ethnicity. It's not like oh god no pressure you own it it's just another way to grow up I mean Negroponte small town with collagen a large city and I know that. I'd vote but they're fantastic experience as an attempt to your kid's going to be like. In the baby it is that they stick out of windows need they're not it can't see it being a great job. Developing Green Bay making block Google places and and that's that's wonderful. So that's where I might get noticed that everything I'm look at keeps getting at there are other. And now. OK I do you and I'll tell you I do your gunshot luck ally you Aaron. I just but I also heard gunshots and all that you know I mean. You kind of hear them when you're in certain parts of the city I think that they're saying I can't say because I have. A community. Not because like everybody has the ring or Nat ringing doorbell eat meat but because people have a community and we know each other I would bring each other name like. You know food look on it things like that we noted that somebody's mail is piling up and I've done that before weren't noticed mail piling up knock on the door we have kind of that. That old fashioned and that commute reliving bungalows and how they are designed courtship to. You know just their designs these sit on the porch and get to see your neighbor a wonderful. Who sets these rates. A landlord. I don't know landlords like and we agreed to have to rent their apartment in their house for. 600 dollars a month and making it far more mean the city must have some random right. Well I can tell you that I have been neighborhood where a lot of the houses are vacant trial. And then you. People started looking for places to live that we're affordably student there you're near rocker you know Casey you have people who. Just trying to find an affordable place to live than when you have an out of our landlord comment and wow I can buy it out for 30000 dollars because set. So. You know it's been vacant for so long and then I can throw enough money to do would be at rehab but not. How it needs to be re happy and I can get in my living in the air like sergeant X number of dollars per month. Mean the market that the current I can tell you in my whatever it truly and newsletter that sit here how do you like. The street we was listed in Miller said that at Kansas city new neighbor. So I know that you that we're talking about now how about treat me right now by. I feared that the hip cool vibe of living downtown. Is making other investors. And give me other developers and investors saying about people can't live downtown maybe a lot of living that it could hit it in the beacon calling on. You you at twenty Portland disparities too little too intrigued maybe street bedroom houses and then the CE. Amazingly. Huge how and I diversity in the neighborhood and the good thing do you think that but when it comes at Costa. Forcing people out of their homes to pay it back home not who live there maybe how people at home for generations. I think I'm getting out of hand here in turn out on but. When I'm speaking at the city in 2004. Of the 27 year old Blake I wanna go out every night kind of gal that thing and I lived in one of the law and the city market it was my forward redevelopment and the huge law and a costs. Like right at that was. But a lot of money at the and I didn't know any better Katrina hadn't done when I'm here. That I I realized oh this plot is in effect on what the cheaper creek from route but Ali this is gonna be such meaning. Placed limits when it even more developed and there's more people living out here and when I mean and it looks don't count count. Mean. Yeah it is it people live at work downtown and I can help last year. People would be leaving at 5 o'clock. And coming back on Monday morning and in and like he had maybe a bright something kind of exciting going and that he wouldn't have that have now it is hopping every single day. Acorn that you for the call every time we talk about this I've wanted you to call and so I appreciate it very much good to Iran in midtown Ron hello. Ron don't let. Ron wants. John in a way that John your next hello John. Okay short week at a depth failing on the last lady. I don't older Betty big financial. Are the city. But it you have affordable housing down Al you have your entry level and low income workers to work out now what you're. Burger flipper or are you all work. For the new secretary or. Entry level engineer living out out he ordered by plate serve without the upper. Yeah or at. Every. Are and so this city should. Rant restrict certain businesses. I'm not saying the city sure that it that they're bad that irked that they wanna eat. Eight I don't work force where they're work and yet of how particular or an error right there where they work. Can someone might. Our John thank you for the gulf brokered on the sex miners three of you said Hud sets the pricing and gets the tax breaks and abatements to developers and cities. That may be some of this is hard so it's a Big Brother big government the federal government is paying you to keep your rent well. I'm guessing the federal government is making up the difference for you as a landlord that's my guests. That the federal government says of design Hud subsidized property. We will give you money up front in the form of a tax break or whatever but 10% of your units have to be. Brent controls they have to be available for four. Lower income workers. Which is not capitalists control. You want your downtown to reflect your population is like John sent I think it should. No I want I want people who build apartments downtown to be able to sell their apartments wherever they think it's worked. Without the government getting involved telling you you have to rent these are so pleased to. People who make a certain amount of money I'm not trying to sound heartless. Trying to sound capitalistic. And I I don't think it's the government's role. To say you have to sell these apartments X number of apartments within your unit to people who make less than a certain amount of money. Any more than Mission Hills should reflect the the entire Johnson County community. Mission Hills is filled with mentions that sold us you can buy a house in Mission Hills for less than. 350000. Dollars and that's iron. Though I'm talking about the small houses on Belinda that are. On the west side of Mission Hills on the what's on the golf course. Those houses are probably 354000. Dollars there are three or four bedroom two draft that's it. They're not the George Brett mentioned they're not you know this hours or not any of those guys. Should Mission Hills have to sell some of I mean I just I don't like the idea of the government getting involved and saying. You can build an apartment complex. Downtown and you can have 500 units but fifty of them have to be available to people who you normally otherwise would not be selling them. I 76779. It. 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