Adoption is challenging but worth it 1

Kansas City's Morning News
Thursday, April 6th

Mary and Rich Wood of Lee's Summit turned to adoption when they learned they couldn't conceive. They adopted four children in one year. Then, Mary learned she was pregnant. 


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Adopting older kids are repair. It. Or aren't Mary wood and her husband rich from Lee's summit became Foster parents. Because they wanted to adopt and she remembers the day one like it was yesterday. There is an eight year old and a four year old. We had no idea how to be parent. Is whom he'd ever had kid and certainly see you guys are looking at forever. But those two boys were supposed to return to family members silly Foster two more Brothers. And then the bombshell. Found out that our first before it we're not going to be relocated that they need this company can go permanently. So it made permanent decision to make her family and it is important to look. From two to six and then only then did she get pregnant. Of course with a another little boy. It's been a decade plus some challenges for Marion rich just like it is for any parent. But the challenges of adopting older kids can be different especially when the kids know their biological families. It is current then pat me. A child from cart where you can complain that I'm partly epic epic that so our brother and they get what if you went. That by. I guess. So if you're reeling at our. One of the big questions they've had to deal with from the start. How do you help the kids deal with or avoid their family of origin. I think park it's public as he may now want to contact your biological dad because he'd be happy about that and and what do you get back patch it. Then there's the system itself he says the system is horribly broken how is it broken. It's oh well. Bad it could call peak yet. Attention that you needed workers picket it difficult and services that are available. Because people providing those services are Oprah wow. Social workers counselors approved medical providers and on and on but despite the heartbreak the challenges. And the late nights help worrying. Mary says the rewarding moments but the ones that stick. Eating my whole group a wedding because he. Credit they're ignoring your as a teenager. And her hand to want at that we're. Seeing them. To see you at the big art at his wedding. Have you ever considered adopting via an older child or newborn. And we tell little buddy who is considering the Foster parents or her. Dean Aaron is really. He gets cold hard look at yourself. And what you're really patient and ability art because. Your children. And I think it quite cute. I L article children well let. Your children and then we'll push every button and you'll you'll. All of error. In all as you're government it will at your marriage. It will cut the unity. And that at the end of the day 800 per hour or that I wouldn't I am quite earned it.