Adoption is a challenge but worth it 2

Kansas City's Morning News
Thursday, April 6th

Mary and Rich Wood of Lee's Summit turned to adoption when they learned they couldn't conceive. They adopted four children in one year. Then, Mary learned she was pregnant. 


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Never too late can Trace slogan cliche. This morning it's our cover story about adopting older children. We Arabs. Of course people. We met Pomona and went to court the by the day and that was an independent. It was quick actor are we have been for a little bit apples are going to be able to opt out. You know part toward social worker didn't we that we love the idea for you of the idea brother brought their Egypt. I get to Laura acted like them. And she did the thing is when all was said and done. The first two boys ended up staying so all four wound up with Marion ridgewood Lee summit. Who like so many couples wanna do adopt because he couldn't have children. Surprise. We he adopted. Boy can April 2 boys in October and then we found out that I was pregnant you march the problem. From being a coupled to a family of seven in round about two years. Talk about an adjustment period for the parents and the kids. They've been really honest with us that they felt. Like they get better and lived around some but they weren't going to get us to consider that Al and he and Patrick here or were. To dealing with each child's individual needs one with sometimes hard to control ADHD. Another who even after years living in this middle class home with professional parents in a stable marriage. Would worry where his next meal was coming from and didn't consider that all these boys were raised for some time but their birth parent. We went to court. So and he kind and continued their archaeological we're talking about how they were trying to ease factor that could. It really work. Trying to target what we could see how the heartbreaking. Because we knew that the forty pills without. Now fast forward to today. And and FaceBook and Twitter to that equation. When they go on social media we picked up and out. And into the danger would be to open an armed conflict or why that they could be taken into into. But the biggest challenge merry says they faced over a decade plus raising four older adopted voice. Getting proper medical attention for alma stirred that. Because it's been terribly Barack. Broken because it's overwhelmed by children and adoptive families. All of them in need of services take just one job as an example. Social workers. Have these activities pension because sometimes the bad intentions al-Qaeda and much like Al arson. Don't necessarily eat all of that want our money to our own social worker however they're they're not available if you do happen. And for those considering adopting older kids or any kids for that matter. Merry offers up a sobering dose of reality. I don't think Eric is completely prepared. Fury there can't. But I am not sure I can do it and two they're almost I don't.