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Friday, February 9th

Presenting: Tara, Andrea AND Johnny Weir!  (Well... sorta)


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Welcome to the men's short program featuring a dynamic night of action on the ice with competitors from the US Russia and Japan. I'm Tara Lipinski and I'm Andrea Joyce and. And I'm Johnny we aired terror at the big night for Patrick Chan let's be really on has teeth he's really a weak link unpredictable at this as the huge skate for Canada and when he lays it down he can really blow everyone away. And here we go. And tapers down here again he's one for the quad here he's going to decline. He just went down like the Titanic battle with the disease now stern. Really disappointing start this young man and really for all of Canada if he can recover nice flowing movement here. Next element here we go triple Axel triple. One. Very slow reaction to the chance tonight in his knees they would stiffen on responsive stiff and in response the likes cadaver. That we get it to the regulator over a year Patrick Chan has. Flat line. Many aches even say you can't help but in doing these things to eat and he's an artist. He is answering you know the scores are going to be very disappointing that was just in technical disaster. Hopefully he'll be back on the streets and. Like him too drunk on it you're cycle. OK while we're waiting on this course for Patrick Chen. You're go America eighteen year old skating phenom neat things and taking the ice to get things going forward teen USA. All right here we go this is an important first element first up a quad flip triple toe that is the first ever want split in the Olympic Games beautiful just exquisite. Various strategic choreography here he can really feel the passion and his skating. We have another quad coming right up here are get squad show. More alike quad now old. The ballot outrageous fetus crash like that Dell on Monday and Thursday. Yeah zero points in an attempt as judges and looking for clean landing. That's about as clean as Randy Travis mumbling naked on the side of highway. Felix tentative and slow like Graham on the passing lane. Here we go again this next element very important he has one more chance to redeem himself quad triple toe triple why not. Now. Down look like a mid air Ottawa Jackson at high speed on 435. It's so important to Wear your seatbelt. That was the worst short program I have ever seen Johnny. That was a disaster. And you can't spell disaster without. Us or hurt he can really see the regret on his face to shock for his teammates will be back more skating action right after the that it tragedy.