Accused perv at Harrisonville High School made HOW MUCH MONEY?!?!!?

The Dana & Parks Podcast
Thursday, January 18th

Oh.  And his dad happens to be the Superintendent... so........  


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You're listening to the Dane and parts podcasts on KE MB easy. You just yeah. And bomb. You know. And Asian region. A lot on the autism. Me. Ma at all. That's been making news or. Chris. Is. He is your artist de. Beers gonna watch the new party of five. We achieved its early and holding the east and they've run they've run out of ideas man oh man. Kept it reached. Roll they're bringing back the party of five but they're going to say that the parents did a car crash getting deported out. So it's like fiesta del cinco. Yeah. And under an airplane that. That they're trying to be relevant and keep up with the times and we see these horrible stories in the news for the families are separated it. Test all of the Reid does strike me nine easy there's so much good. Television. Out there to watch right now it's just not an imminent it's just it it's on that class directly and that's. Com. I thin blue bloods which anyone course blogs. The new wife Ivo was fantastic. Package is funny and modern family is still farming and over again we're old. That's about it speaking doubles and I don't. Protest. This decision. Fans of the crown. Stunned crayons Wheeler knows the worse done so far that next season they are swapping. Out the act tour season. I don't want him to swap out carefully as queen it was a they can't put some makeup on her face and make a local. Why do people coming in apparently they want actually people who were closer to the age that they. Others show. Or should just start over in season and all the people are different. Is already looks older than she is you can make Phil age easily. Is it about people who were in those kinds of positions where they live for for. Well queen Elizabeth's sister Margaret did not I know all kinds of things about the British down because the ground and piercings this Princess Margaret relied. I have I know you haven't you know who else has won my girlfriends I was that would give tonight said they were there. And the tour guide started jumping up and down and screaming and telling everyone stand right here the queen is coming and they so law. William and Kate and the queen and all the horses that marched out ahead of them so it was the coolest thing ever. Coolest thing ever be awesome well. And historically even Dan wind bombs started watching the crown which I know has more of a predominantly female audience. He's fascinated because historically it is accurate. And there was an episode last week that a lot and I'm not all the way cada. About the Kennedy visit the Kennedy and reality interest to Buckingham Palace and right down to. It was recreated. And in some of that of course is embellished horrible accident what's of those conversations have been like. But that was a huge big deal and the Kennedy's basically upstaged the point I mean they went over the air and those people thought the Kennedys were rock stars so. Camelot was cooler than Windsor Castle Camelot at the time was cooler than Windsor and there's a scene where. Jackie is caught. Saying some unflattering things about the queen. I just keep in mind at the same dates but Jackie you know was more into fashion in east title and all of those things and it can but the queen is beautiful but the queen's the court. And you know she kind of got hot house the thing about what she thought about the castle what should not matter climbing in the little. Doubt very and a few well what's that word and and it got back to the queen. And there's a very uncomfortable tee. Where mrs. Kennedy is trying to apologize to she she knows it's gotten back and point. Test stands. Team. And that whispering weird voice she and Cutler. But there is good television. To be watched. And party of five redo. From 1980 is not on the apple list of 12100. Let me let me ask you is this how long does over the air television last. And I know you have eight. Dog that fight so primary need to be will be careful well it just doesn't. Exist in the same form I mean do you watch appointment television anymore at night for a sitcom I don't. Don't. I I cannot remember the last time. I had an appointment TV sitcom. Because with the crown another Netflix shows your age don't they dump them all the same time. In season one was dumped on Monday and in twelve months later they dumped season to ten episodes. And you can hole in your house and watch alt him well and let's face sedate even if you'd. Don't have all ten episodes. Most of the networks we'll have. You know at least three maybe five yeah episodes of objects particular senate aired on their network. Already like. On their website you know sometimes in the morning oftentimes morning will watch fox four. As mark Alford as a result for an alike. And I think they have the best sporting news no offense on Pittman. You guys are a vertical site. It's never gonna speak too well let's I'm not trying to salters is mark is a friend of mine so I'd like to watch com. But anyway they'll go to break sometimes and and then they'll say coming up tonight on fox. I've ever heard of these shows. Like what. Exactly I can't tell you I don't know the answer. And I just remember like a dealing bit like. Who watches. That sounds like the dumbest show apple. Now I will play as I actually do watch something on fox for all people. I think all people still do appointment television. What do you watch on fox for elite eleven show art is that it it's shockingly guide. Real like I watched it thinking this is going to be dom big US and you sit through the commercial usage data comer of now I. And if we miss an episode though it's our lines lateral it to where it that's in the thing how many people don't know that you can do free network TV on demand and you can go under subscription. Premier subscription and then you go to free TV. And there are it is ABC CBS now it's not odd and that. Like it usually takes a date for them to great hosts the show and you can't miss it by thirty minutes and then find it on demand that uses 24 hours you just waited day. That's my hair do you concede any thing you want like the ABC Tonya Harding interview. You just wait today right and there it is now they get champ because sometimes those on demand shows. Force you to watch the commercials which is brilliant it'll say fast forward and other functions may not be of the right. So there's and eagle want to when you want that you're gonna listen to me try to sell you tied you know jail pots which don't put those kids. Good god. Is that all of this is a pledge dumbest thing is going all apparently people wanna kill themselves with laundry detergent you put it pod your round that kills you live well it can now I thought it was more like a challenge like put it your mouth and see how long you keep it and now you bite it. Because it's supposed to explode in your mouth why would anyone. All. Dub it remember the set herself on fire challenge in the shower it's the same thing I even said to my kids Allah. Adam Scott whenever you were on couple weeks ago and I said I cannot believe the words about to come out of my mouth. But do not put a tide. Laundry pod. In you're mouse and and to their credit they looked to me like I was crazy moves in and out of his wife's. Apparently this is a thing. She is yeah I wouldn't yet. I'm sure those kids parents didn't think they do it either and they are on YouTube looking like an Eddie money's moron oh. YouTube actually today announced they were taking them ideas down they just had a down. I I just clicked on the fire challenge compilation of herself on fire for Dick and who won't let me see yeah. Sometimes you have to save people from themselves over the choking challenge it is exactly this is just. The latest dumping the social media has on YouTube has really cracking down. They should be you remember that you guys back in the eighties when the lemon scented craze started. I mean early eighties Carey Price you under a member. It started with like Jolie. I do so I think was lemon scented. And so Furl YL that was the buzzwords everything has lemon scented. And there was that thing back in the eighties where people were that stuff my time in saint. Help lead and showing your Matthew weird what would you do you corridor can do this watch these three teenagers. They're spraying themselves some on the stomach until wider tune it sets the stomach on fire. That kid isn't idiots. Just told set himself on fire. What's sick is they did that they almost killed themselves and they've only gotten 7000 views nice try more on. On the other hand it would affect global okay it's 7000. V news editors so there goes on fire them. I think the color natural selection. I was cities for on fire telling you some of the biggest moneymakers in the world right now are these YouTube people who go around in stupid thing to load all they taught themselves doing stupid things. We've got to find a way to monetize. OK I will policing in a dumb thing at any minute with a hammer. And will post and you. Learned. We'll wait and see if we get seven as the Indians. We do need to come up with like like the ice bucket challenged and pick something like that OK something site. Yeah where were all you do is freeze yourself to death from a summer. Camps. So something like you know get creative and covered it tomorrow at 5 o'clock this hour tomorrow. 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Leaking Sandra dripping when you feel your patient slipping. Put on the tools go to Dana's plumber dot com the plumbing pro is standing by to help. Wow it's. Yeah you do today. No one. Often. They've been missed them isn't. Here on David. And parks I've 767798. So this story. It ticked me off and not for the reasons. You sank. Okay. Story was in the cancer star and it involves the sun. Of the Harris and bill superintendent. I. He is accused this son now he is an adult. He's accused. Of at least sexual impropriety at the school where he worked as an assistant. He has the sun. Of these superintendent. Of schools. And officials came out today there's this big article in the star they're really mad. That they of forwarded this case to prosecutors got a long time ago Stillman charges. They're like. This is open and shut this is a solid case why has this man not been charged. So you think in yourself. I get that this is like your mad he's accused of awful things against the victims in fact one of the officers said quote. The type of victims we are dealing with us. We believe the case should have had a little bit more priority. And Jackson County is prosecuting this because Cass County stepped in and said look this is kind of a conflict of interest for us let's booted Albert Jackson. Jackson County says look we're revealing it or take an hour time the investigation is ongoing. So listen to Dennis the young man I believe this person is Joel and check last and common. Had been a staff member hairs of a high school since 2015 for a couple of years. Is this is on the other not into the superintendent. Though just wait. He was listed as a focus facilitator. And in school suspension room supervisor. He served as an assistant coach for football and wrestling as well. And in some release the school board president said it was aware of an incident involving a staff member and a student. Law enforcement was contacted. A DFS was contacted. And it's all revolving around. This young gentleman's conduct the superintendents. This is the part that ticked me equally. As rumors circulated in the community about show dominance conduct. So too did questions about his. During the 201516. School year his first year with the district Scott. He was the highest paid aid in the entire. District. The superintendent son. Here in 25000 dollars a year according to state records but the other four aides with the same level of education. Made an average of 171000. So they had eight more years experience. And were making 8000 dollars less. Vinny goes on to say by 201617. His salary increase again by 9000 dollars wait for. 234000. Dollars barely livable way while he's like twenties Scott. Look at this kid. 171000. Dollars is in the winnable that two other focus facilitators in the district to do his same job. Are you ready for this received a 532. Dollar race. He got a 9000. Dollar rates and I would ask our teachers. How was it possible. That the son of the superintendent or principal or anyone in any position of authority in the district. Can be making that much more money. Then their counterparts doesn't someone have to sign off on the superintendent. It's his son that's my point. In the newsroom Caremark and government shutdown looms we'll have details next. Dana right here foresee demos and son when you need to generator and you need one now called C demos and son know your neighbors will be set and the dark when a storm rolls through. But you won't be at CM doesn't sound they're in the business of selling supplying and servicing. You were top of the line general wrecked homes standby generator to correct the same Brandt. We use here at the radio station to make sure all of the radio stations in our group. 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Civilian contractors would be furloughed. Senator Lindsey Graham had this message for the president status to that yes a lot of issues particularly the military and it will only come with your leadership. And they're some ideas out there considered them make them better and less in this thing. He's again police are investigating a report homicide near ninth and mill woman found stabbed to death on her front porch no word on any suspects. All of traffic and weather together next. You know I had a girlfriend down thirty pounds and 31 point five inches. Since she walked in for that free consultation with doctor take about six weeks ago. 31 inches thirty pounds I'm down eighteen pounds it happened very quickly for me. If you're looking to lose 10205100. Pounds or more think about it spring break is right around the corner do this with us who will be so glad you did. Top of the line vitamins delicious meal replacements that I bring to work with me every single day. 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And you have a son his 21 years old 22 just graduated college look at to grab the world by the tail. And you own this company let's say it's heating and cooling. And you bring your son on board your company. And you say son someday this is all going to be yours and I'm going to start you out 8000 dollars higher than anyone. Working next to you doing the same job I'm sure this happens all the time. In private business. My problem with this story aside from the fact that perfect curve is now accused of impropriety with three students. Allegedly. Is that they have put side by side at this school aids experience and his father's the superintendent. And with those next to him. We have an aide with nine years experience. Making 161000. Dollars. An aide with eleven years of experience making twenty. And then this Bozo locks and first job he's ever had. And the school starts emit 25. My question is with tax dollars. How was it possible. To hire your own son. At a much higher rate than he deserves does no one look at that go. Excuse me. He he's never had a job before in his life. Really. Does that not happen though. We had a net it happens in private business all the time that it happens in private business as it prob the company. You hire your son or daughter to come on at whatever salary I. You cannot do that with tax dollars at the school. Is no one watching what's going on in Harrison built. I'll tell you is not the media's not if you think we're sending reporters to the Harrison built. School board meeting on them no we Wednesday night that Harry nobody watching that and that out of this story get out. Well I got out because he's now accused. Of impropriety. With three. Teenagers. Now he was an in school suspension aid. Read into that what you well. One of the police officers is quoted as saying this is a pretty solid case and that type of victims we are dealing with. We believe the case should have had a bit more priority. No charges. Have been filed to this point. 576779. I would be Lou is it if I was one of these other raised it's public sat it this information call public. That you dated now. I've been under the eye and now they know. I twice 1617. They increased his base again by 9000. Dollars. Now he's making 34000. To his counterparts 201418. And sixteen. He's making 34. While allegedly Jill whatever he's doing with these three. Teenagers. With no what's. Your focusing on the page and not the one ever got him in trouble and and it came would not have come out. If it wasn't out getting it wrong and I understand mr. Let me ask you this was. And I am not justifying this at all. I'm asking questions about it was a crime committed. On the Harris in oil pay in the pay ul was a crime committed in the right. Is it illegal let let's set salaries school. Who had signed off on our superintendent could probably do that by himself so you're telling me and I'm asking my teachers you work in about signing mission. Let's say the superintendent is. Jim Henson does that the first and pops into my yet today retiring retiree and Jim Henson brings his son on Bobby Higginson. And instead of starting him at 32000. Dollars as a first time teacher in the district. He starts them at at Bobbie it's 46. There is Noelle. Well. That is OK is it legal I don't now. I mean if you are a member of congress for example let's say year and I'm just throwing this out because it was first name popped in my this smells to high your Kevin Yoder. Can you hire your wife. To be your administrative assistant. And can you paid broke whatever you want but look at their browser. He certainly had his wife in the office now whether she drew a salary I don't know I don't remember him or shoes or member that attitude. Sent out on Christmas card about a mosque I need someone to explain to me how this could possibly be legal. That a tax funded superintendent. Can set his own sons salary. And it grossly higher percentage than those around him. With eight to eleven years more experience and I'm not saying it's right please don't misunderstand the question. The question is simply is it league. And I don't know the answer that yes the superintendent is a publicly. Employed person. His son apparently is as well we don't discourage people. From. Pursuing their parents professions. Let's say I'm a three star general in the US military. My son. Join as a first or second lieutenant you don't have the right to go in and change his satellite dollar related no I don't but I certainly as a three star general would have a lot of sway with getting him promote. And I could simply call the promotion or save it's lieutenant general partner. Sure would be nice if when David parks go to a first lieutenant playing real quick. But he's no longer with the school which goes without saying he resigned. The minute this investigation came to light the. I've 767798576. 7798 John we're coming up right after the 6 o'clock news we'll get to your calls your comments in just a moment it right rob Babcock and Scott park. KM music. Until you call lightning landscaping irrigation and do it now even as cold as it is today I had them come out at several weeks ago. They looked at my yard and completely. Transformed. Things even the cold weather. What they can do for you now is get you on the schedule first up for spring. Haven't come out they will design something specifically. For the outside of your home adding instant curb appeal and I'm Tanya I'm no Gardiner I was horrible at that stuff the landscaping on the outside her house was thirty years old it was. Overgrown it was rowdy. It is now gorgeous I am thrilled with the result. 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Hiring a family member to work in that district and I think now we see why. It's just not a good this is not a good idea this is not good policy Scott. Good to. Alex and awaits a law Alex. Yeah Alex. Pretty bad guys within your conversation. And I'm a teacher or Arnold mentioned the district. I'm an it there but that Valerie adult or certified or crap I'd app member. I that they have ala and there at the Iranian public not he then went on the web site. I felt I mean all any kind of change at daylight at a aptly not a. In school suspension aid. I'm I would imagine it under the same kind of cracked that I'd ask that any other Ada you know it's our error in the building or any kind of cheer it would be the exact same step on the aren't scheduled. Okay can you sync of any. Salaries in your own district where there would be that much of the discrepancy between a first year employee and an eleven year. In. How absolutely not and there's a that's the and that's the school that by and three year than higher you get a raise every single year at least some might go to extract so there would be. No way he would see one person being that much other than a first year. Thank you for the dollar. Notes Tutsis and mark who is it from the board's perspective markedly Lamar. Well about school board member also from a lot smaller school but I think they pretty much answer all the questions. Others. Classified. All that audit they mark it up about a lot bored me now the inning play all all. School or Kitna now. And Ottawa outlay could approve it and are Buddhist as far as the disparity. The only way out it's that app and is there are really big disparity between. Like first year. Teacher with a bachelor's degree and it tenured teacher master that's about the only what you get in well I'll work or. It out. This why is that teachers according to the previous caller and use. All are on a set schedule. In regards to their pay but coaches are not and I think about the coach up in liberty. Who was the subject of a big story last year was being paid I think. Somewhere in the ballpark about 1101000 dollars a year but he obviously has some quote other duties. But they've lured him in from Kearney. Brought him into liberty yeah and he's making a 1101000 dollars a year is there there is clearly. Not a pay schedule for the four coaches but there is for teachers. That's correct that church is all it. All the medal though are all done. You know job by. That it will act. Most of our arsenal to that. Girl's bat well. All I ever. I do that note that ought to just out trying to hire that. Districts like that if you're superintendent came to the board came to humans said. Like you hire my son. I would like him to start 7500. Dollars ahead of the other employees and the next year like and to have a 9000 dollar raise. The that has to go through the board correct. It. I just that something stinks here because how anyone could have looked at that and thought that this seems like a good idea. Yeah I I don't that there is no way that out our work he would be Nike aptly put the other eight. Saying experience while all our site. It's just not done. You know there's a difference actually you know it they've got the same period bubble and rob the bank job there note disparity at all. That people. Well that's what is not the other he'll just coming out public relations standpoint guide publisher sure you would think you know what as a board. We're not gonna prove that because this looks really. That. It's good to Susan in parts billion last were doses of. I. I I just wanted to point out there he is. Talking about that the last. Caller. I am you also get sick so he would be making more Chinese because of the fact that he has coaching you know is approaching salary would be on top as is. Man. Of that deal way to get around the pay scale right is hours suggesting if he was some capacity. He'd get around the pay scale. But he he here's the deal and and I don't know this isn't it add text or asked me this the salaries are listed as base and so. And this is something I can certainly write the reporter and asked but the salaries are listed base to base which says to me. He came in making this while his counterpart made that many started coaching maybe well I think that number is separate is what I'm saying he's an assistant coach she's an assistant wrestling coach I think it says. Very wrestling and here I cannot rest of the errors that bill is big time I'm sure in. But 171000. Dollars to see how many people show up for that stuff. Please but it's a good call Susan thank you for it. Ball valley. We had a caller that didn't wanna give their name and didn't wanna stay outlined that. They were saying they worked for the district and basically the district went through all kinds of crap to get this guy as the super. And then pretty much gave him hardline. They were there they were hired at the same time gap and they were like if that's would you wanna do fine so we gotta do to get you the super far. So that he said Scott like you can have me as superintendent I'm bring in my bowling with me this is what I've always asked him not to get into my. Years long diatribes about too many school districts. In the state of Kansas. But do superintendents. Really make that big of a difference in the overall education of a student. While his decision to bring his son on board has certainly had some consequences. Allegedly for three teenagers I mean let's be honest I'm up who put the guy but. Our general manager here at the radio station is in charge of overseeing. Everything right right. But in the day to day operations. And I'm trying to use general manager is superintendent cat. And Dana and parks is sort of the teachers if you will I'm amusing loosely of course. The general manager at this radio station. Does not on it and any basis tell us what to do want to talk about he evaluates a Sauna contract basis. But but he never doesn't come up here and say. To talk about. He lets us do our own thing yeah if we perform well he looks well this superintendent really provide. Much. Of a benefit to a school district that they can demand 25300000. Dollars a year. Apparently he did or why else would you say we will hire your unqualified sign. Adding much greater sell him and it was a unanimous. Vote. So it is remember that voters and yours and now the next time you're voting for school board. This was a unanimous. Vote trying to be rude but superintendent sounds to me like the most worthless job. Mirror. It's. Almost immediately. Sex files were highest job in America I I. I don't know enough about what a superintendent does. He know that. The you know exactly what a superintendent does. Not he's just annoyed that there are so many of them there's too. Should be drops a ball. That's. What's whatever their stance on them accents Jonathan coming up by the other our show we're going to be talking. And tied odds get us an idea. I ID three on the way here today Wilson yelling and shows it idea I look extra clean today and I think that's your breath as her it's very fresh in the great thing is on interdiction or. You are. It cleans the size audience at a right yet infecting just coughed up my long so. Do you sweat the sides come it actually areas happened while it's happening right now school I went to an eight Schoen. Gotta run. News is next in Jonathan we are gonna read emphasis o'clock on behalf our producer today the finest men and all of America I'm glad your back to greatly adapt. Good but it goes into right and Scott parks god will it all back tomorrow 2 o'clock great I Kansas City be safe. Because it. It's and we do. You. It. Happening now on KM BZ we could be looking at a government shut down this weekend more in just a minute. You know how much I love tool around my VW app list you too can have a VW atlas right now for just 99 dollars a month. What's better than starting off the new year with a new car for 99 bucks looks like at least summit has every new car right now. For 99 dollars a month I'm Ludlum that Alice seats seven it's roomy but doesn't drive like a big clunky suvs. And you'll love the apple plays system in that car. No credit no problem they have financing and payment solutions for everyone. At Volkswagen of Lee's summit and here's another thing all other 28 teens. Come with a six year 72000. Mile transferable. Warranty. And do not forget they will still buy your old car for 120%. Of its KB be fair trade value. 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