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Thursday, November 9th

President Trump's former body guard says he rejected an offer from Russian officials to send "women" to Mr. Trump's hotel room.


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You're listening to the Dana and parts podcast on KE MB easy. Apparently 600000 people across the world are trying to attempt a new world records this week tank. They've gotten a few already. A British inventor. Is trying to become a real life Iron Man and he has hit 32 miles per hour any body controlled jet engine power suits. I didn't even know that there was a record for that in the first place but apparently Harris 32 miles and Harrison the new the world's largest begin to take. Well on more than a thousand pounds. You're bringing us up to make him you know I'm I hate begins. And then last but not least the Harlem Globetrotters yeah I have hits. A new mark. How can there. Growing. Pro basketball fifty feet up apparently he's if you spend it law. Well yeah really is three stories it would be too hot topic this. Now. With a bow and blocked sure they. Went. You would throw it Damon. Five of the stories that's three how African baseball players derby Spock but this is a smaller. At a football. Maybe pro football fifty yards is a 150 feet. Okay and multiply that by for. A lot. It's hard to throw something and make it go that far that's in San. I said a football quarterback can throw the ball fifty yards or more sometimes. That's a 150 feet and use it okay then multiply that by four Heathrow basketball. The equivalent. Of fifty feet. Seen. But I multiply instead of added them. It seemed like a long way for basketball though it does seem like it in this building with two more floors on. Yet provided that each florist and tell correct as Mostar. A long ways got. I don't Woodson. What would you Guinness world record be Karen if you cut two. It will have been diagnosed at an owners would be like most resolve taken him one now. Oh yeah. But. It. I know I could not do you want to that's just grown out all the stresses me via the web deployment and eat like 400 hard boiled eggs or whatever right. Now. Monks. State's stake in the it. Put your name it. Anything you would want to do these soccer S what vehicles soccer Guinness world record. Boy's. Android. Like how many balls you can get that thing. Poll. NASCAR who's. Do you know anything about soccer. Alone cannot hated getting differently in those games. I know that out I know heritage park is the gateway to hell oh my god heritage park as I know you only play it when it's freezing and miserable. And I know the heaviest day of my life was when now my kids decided to go on something else. Let's try a couple of quick question is what extra club is located next to heritage park. A plan that is in a sly and that is for and that is correct. How many players are on the field for each team ten and no I didn't I would be incorrect. Talent. I haven't. When you line up to shake hands at the end of the game music and gain gain gain gain regain your game against which player is supposed to be the second player. In your lines. You light them up according to something I don't know the goalie has correct I. Player in the line to captain. It. Captain first goalie second. And and the rest of the team in whatever or. I still don't understand how at the end of the baseball game did they not good game good game good game good game each. Good game each other good game each other. Estimate. That game did the other team. Okay. At the end of the show become a jubilant. Show Karen that shields Scott Wednesday but it's solid line. So yeah. Always taught at the end of the game line up those children and they could each other and parents a chance. I. Let me let me assure you. No team I've ever coached yeah has ever hinted the plight while you're not doing well I would keep those parents often. Columnist thing I've ever seen among stop gaining each other east game each other device parents and their player. Baseball they do not eat other. Tell you mean like that empathy and the top of the kids run through that even if they got dressed with like 101 right. Does that stop. Went as high school I would run over and those parents in the gym and. I would. I want to just go kicking out it is okay. That is not very sportsman line going to well my is hinting when you lose ten to my guess is it's after college that they stopped it gaming each other. And that in national aegis patting each other on the back. It's the weirdest thing for me and I never notices like released or watch a baseball few years ago many world disappoints you couldn't in good hands good game each other. I think we should go back to containing each other. I really didn't it be happier place well world the year so good games each other they don't economy in the middle images cutters Craig -- game I'd love. I'd love that. Saying he'd be in charge of sports. Take your medicine and now. It is obviously you have I am. Annan's but I and Nate grew. Any news we notice and I've speaker on fire today but it is obvious someone did not take their Medicaid you know what I did take I took a treat Britain and a. Very very this is refreshed and I think the greens he has a little sop sop men and Kathy and sound as. He's so off Diet Coke. Day 88. No Starbucks and I can look me in saint. And I'd gotten in a very sounds accounted Mary bad habit of doing that. So my brother who lost a hundred pounds you know this he looks and pass it right he's Ike summit and IKEA he's told them. He stopped drinking soda and beer all alcohol just quit for no reason he just did it. And does do well I believe it was because he was 300 pounds man was playing video games you just did so he says to me. Diet Coke is the route to volley all it kill you have a friend in speak I guess who went blind and not making that up. Claims he went line like just one day we'll captaincy doctor says to him stop drinking diet soda he drinks in OT now or whatever and agency I don't. So there baking meeting that's Tyco says Roland at. And he's drinking something instead called Z via ZEVIAA. Is it plant. Based it's not chemical base like aspartame. Steve via is the sweetener that's like. Sweeten low that is also plant based and I had a dietitian Tellme last week. The reason it's better for you is because its plant based your body knows what to do with it with the chemicals. And the aspartame your body's like. Uphill and Renault to do it that's because it's 88. So Zeev via U confided in me. It's like in the organic aisle. Not the pop I'll I L. Sent. It's got to leave idol begins in Lawrence residents got me through him and he's just a couple of nights where it sounded. I wasn't gonna get it on and I don't keep guy at the house more house and intricate hard tree. I'm trying to make you healthier person trying to help yours but I don't wanna go to I am not going into the organic I'll. Chopper it doesn't say if you don't shower comes shop over here you might as well let's say I am. It's just stuff without all the chemicals and it and I don't oak tree and gloom and. Come over here if you haven't showered in one week as you are you. You know there are five foods actually think it's a dozen that B twelve there well it. Just stick with me here OK it's called the dirty dozen pickup was like at 35 and like the dirty dozen it's getting harder by the minute just a quick and these are the ones that you absolutely should buy organic hair. And and what's your guys starts eating you should know this because the rest of on the pesticide stick to write really okay what are one of the day and I couldn't believe this sultry. Celery it bought weighs its wording and celery OK salary. That's what I heard the first salary bonus and salary now that the in. Salary cell and I think broccoli strawberries is on the dirty dozen list apples on two. Apple's beyond dispute on the outside the fruits on the inside because you eat skin. I get bananas aren't on there. Probably. After he does then wait for a hence you're just squeeze it works now I'm gonna tell you this is serious here we go. Yeah its. Speed its comes. What's the word again who. The dirty does know say that the the thing that Popeye eats again spinach. Spinach spinach. And he expects to image. With a and not spin ads. Like. No spinach spinach spinach. And CH is she. Italian. Food it's apparently became master it's been jock. Here again we're supposed to nearly all samples of strawberries spinach. Peaches nectarine. She. Eats. Holes tested positive what about sultry for residue. The most contaminated samples strawberries had twenty different pesticides. Spinach had twice as much as the rest of them. Here's the deal. Those of the things about organ it's not an ounce spinach yes it is telling it like. Why is autistic like cancer it's because that stuffs it to your dog like strawberry are okay. You make fun of these gluten free people all you want. Alan new on this hour are. Right for. Me. Go to Craig Thomas Simons. I'd I'm so. I had this true story listener. The vote. At our high. Her reach as it is true story. Thirtieth wedding anniversary and Steve Nash actually text means that check the diamond we just replaced or diamond. And a wrong issue at a crack in it she wanted to treated right up thirty year. And they replaced that for her in it also done grandmother's ring which is to Imus favorite white world that we bought our wedding. Engaged there before they were ever client of mine we shop with Scott and Steve never on the wholesale route only industry the holes that route by private appointment only. You are gonna say the diamond will be bigger at the cost will be. After aft after tonight I superstars last matter not 136696. At nines the number. 91366096. And nine. Creek elements diamonds around. I I. May soon. Very. Why does C. They're out there. See there's our little created. Things do work. Lives a little. It's. Straps to experience. What is this so broadway's circle since and right now and he was not invited the C inmates to country. I don't know wool it he's outside of the stadium has now with that he has three guitars out there and has. His case is open has little signs in there. About why he was invited the kind of joke around. Our poster art Crist able to us he actually played. While people walking again and so you people stopped by asking questions in he can't talk of him chatted up. But there's video hit and he's about to start playing. The venue here like a Jumbotron talking about where to go in line where this and that and you currency goes. While we're complete if you guys but the person behind wouldn't shut up. Is how is he how us turtles Simpson not invited to the Syrians what he plus he describes his music and he says I'm not your normal country I'd like my own words and I make it kind of weird for idol Taylor Swift hit his voice is amazing now. Oh my god he's so good. Was coated jinx invited last night. Now. How long must our full frontal assault on broke country. Until people figured out and start. I'm telling you people I am being serious I'm being dead serious. Because new country and that's what we saw last non MC amazed it's Sox. It's awful. If you call your local country music station one of which we have in this building. And demand. That they played Chris Stapleton and Cody Jenks and struggles Simpson they will. But it all goes to sit back no. Awards we've been through the tokens to run. They're gonna play the Blake Shelton and. That's it. There. I know who is. And keep telling him. Yes. So this is Jimmie Johnson's over booted. Out samaritans and editors. And it. Two is coming into town for twenty dollars you can see here. That (%expletive) He stirs shall serve those outside is I don't request but I will take your questions. Why were you not invited to insert a. The chipped. From the B fifty twos. That in the love Shaq. Says. It. Is coming to Kansas City to get to twenty dollars. Wouldn't. Stop parks. I don't know what else she sings she's famous for that one thing. Well if it but that's why wouldn't he. Twos have more than one song I know you don't know that yeah. I made several albums and he was or zero with the involved in writing songs and singing on songs so. She's not really famous just for saying ten or not. She's. In pop culture that's why she's famous veteran knows she's famous because he's one of the original members of the B 52 bus at about so yes. Who is out tosses ever loving mind about the show Michael Mack my. Mac game I get a call does raise that comic but he didn't comic comic what do you. Like on criminals kind of acts like Colin back he. Is the rant to does CNET channel. I. Sullivan thanks for just the breaking news and seeing him man. Be more exciting if it's again. Let's get to the newsroom here is Kara marks services are underway for an attorney murdered outside his Kansas City home we'll have more next. I wanna talk to you about the number one Volkswagen dealer and all of Kansas City bolts wagon of Lee's summit Jeanne what's Black Friday a month long. At folks why at least some get up to 101000 dollars off all remaining 2017. Up to 101000 dollars off plus you don't have to stand at some long Black Friday line Volkswagen Lee's summit. They are handing out HDTV. Is with every purchase of a car. So go check that out. But the number one thing I wanna talk to about. Is those of you who are upside down are you upset diner car I was in the upside down mine for I got an island. Little bit if you're upside down goes to the folks at Volkswagen. Of Lee's summit. When you buy any new or used car there. They will buy your car for its original base MS RP. Only deducting from mileage manufacturer incentives and in the damage at. Any areas carpal try to Lee's summit they will buy your car for its original base MS RP it's great to get a check it out and remember like here and there. There and that HDTVs. About that check out Volkswagen of Lee's summit is just off foreseen in Auburn road. Hey I love miles forty T while when you collapse or you tell you wanna see Dana's car. 331 in Kansas City from the KM BZ newsroom I'm Kara mark cern I. There are. A public memorial service is being held for Tom Piccard this afternoon and community Christian church vicar was shot and killed outside his home in Burke signed two weeks ago. Friends are telling stories remembering Piccard as a good man with a quick wit. Police have not announced any arrests in his murder. President's rumpus and assigned his blistering rhetoric in favor of friendly overtures to China as he winds down a two day visit to Beijing he's trying to flattery is hose into establishing a more balanced trade relationship. And doing more to blunt North Korea's nuclear ambitions. Check traffic and weather together next. France we'll continue to clear the region for the rest of today will punch a colder air coming our way tonight and into tomorrow. In the upper forties this afternoon like that plenty of sunshine and crystal clear conditions tonight fellow falling to about twenty years ago. Mostly sunny on Friday the high only in the low forties. Considerable cloudiness in the forecast for Saturday on veterans day we do get a chance for a little rain or drizzle by the afternoon time in her high temperature into the upper forties. I'm staff meteorologist Chad different era more key in DC whether. Drake QCI it's 48 bell 47 at your official weather station. I'm Kara marks or stay connected with nears NBA one KM BZ KM BC dot com. And second. Need to give us the Easter eight months. A bathroom getting high at 10 PM last days. Is waiting for me just across the bomb us he's been taken and passed the sunglasses. Asking. That gave them. You months. It's subtle things go home. Here's here's the breaking news on CNN and aren't as familiar resulting Emma and I tried for. Job was to some extent this actually makes from Gooden helps this horrible that. But it does speak to how sinister the Russian government can be and it is. Obvious former security chief for trump. Testified today. That he rejected. In 2013. A Russian offered to send women to Trump's hotel room in Moscow. About would seem to fly in the face. Of what is alleged in the dossier of so the trump security chiefs of former trump security chief says the offer was made that the Russians came to him. And they wanted to send women presumably prostitutes. With. To Trump's hotel room in Moscow and he'd declined it and said no. Now that would fly in the face of what is written. Sort of shady stuff that's written in the dossier. If it's true. Is out of. But. This also speaks to how shady. The Russians are. You think that's the most obvious trick in the book anyone who's ever watched double 07 movie should know. That if an agent from a foreign government offers to bring beautiful women to your room they're spies but here's the thing here's what's so interesting about this to me. In 2013. What was Donald Trump. Now some reality show it was a host of reality show Amber's successful. He was a real estate mogul win new York and he was the owner of the miss universe contest. And what was he knocked. 2013 it was again it wasn't even a candidate. Why we're trying to set him up presumably that's what they're trying to do like the Russian government isn't sending you. Prostitutes. To your room that he formed an exploratory committee know. Now. In fairness he had talked since an appearance on. Believe it was Meet the Press. In 1999. Where he said he was considering. A run for president as the reform party camp miracle. That was in 1999. But he had never. Said I'm running for president taking a break while he obviously it's that he was thinking president because think about running in 99 and this is how shady. The Russians nor. This is why it boggles my mind that we're not all on board saying yes of course they tried to. Skews selection not what motivated him. I think it's clear isn't it look at the FaceBook know whether it's what I know I'm not arguing whether or not they tried to fear of course they tried. Whether they had an impact. He wet weather. That's causing Scott if they didn't they didn't we'll never now you'll you'll you'll never know. You eat we know that they did interfere with the election won't we don't know did they tip the scales in one direction or the other and I think that's on quantifiable. I don't know how you would quantify. How do you say well you know. Susie Q do in Madison Wisconsin were devoted to different law and about one FaceBook articles all. You can't quantify. And say out there there were so. That clearly they knew tipped the scales in one direction. Winner. Of course there's spies. Of course they wanted to if there wasn't already something planted. In the room listening devices. Right. This clearly. Would refute. If true. In 2013. That's we in the dossier claims he peed on prostitution. Let's well let's dance around it but we can't let's sickening to me. Is that it doesn't matter. Not if it matters guy. The times did a really. Disturbing article in the last couple of days where they went back to small town America. The downtrodden. Being 90%. For a trial. Territory OK Andy interviewed people what do you think now you with Nelson. We don't care we don't care. About any negative news that comes out about it they just don't care or it could absolutely come out. That Russia somehow infiltrated at a hotel room. With ten. Hookers and middle America that voted for that man does not care well here's your here's the industry. 33%. Of Americans. And said this during the campaign. He eat he bragged one day. Miracle that he could shoot someone in the middle of that and and people would still vote correct I honestly believe he's right there is an affinity. And an affection. For this man. That defies. What any previous politician maybe he's just chase for the other choices. I don't know that it's affection for him as much as it is and was hatred for the other. If he if it ever is found out and I I don't know that it will be in fact I doubt that it will. If it's ever found out that he actually did collude. With the Russians don't cares I still say he holds an approval rating of at least 25%. Share. It's it's essentially treason and no one cares. I care or else all we don't know. Let's calm down. We don't know that he colluded with anybody you know there is no. There is no patents if the people who have it thickens Fred that he did. And I'm not saying it will want but if they could I don't think they will draw the line all. To him. Which I don't think they will be able to do I'm not saying he didn't do well be able to I I don't think there will be the next dot I don't mean. Even if it comes out there was a study about this they asked his supporters. Does it matter to you and the answer was no threat. That there's a group of people that love him so much. That they will not bad and that's. I'm sure there were people like that for Barack Obama. But no matter what I mean Barack Obama to be found doodling with kittens and they would have still lobbed it did it wouldn't matter. It. It is is that the you have the testimony today from his former security chief. Who seems to refute some of what's in the dossier. And second of all text her and you tropics here's loved to do this to me are we talk about this because trump talks about it. Some just heard and I agree with Dick Cheney on anyone attempting to influence our election it should be an act of war. And I rarely agree with change it's who you wanna put boots on the ground resort to trying to infiltrate an American Washington now. Would you site. Well it's not gonna happen in what what they're saying is active or slash trees and for the person who is colluding. People won't care Scott and let me tell you what they care about one of the one that people day interviewed for this article and it this is what. We're up against on our side. They. Are sort of sent to a man in a in a coffee shop how do you think it's go you know he hasn't been able to do this this at this. What does this mean you and so that's nothing had a firm again. And then this man said. The student play golf every weekend like Obama did. It and the reporter. Pointed out if you don't girls that not only. Does he play golf on the weekends he plays at a rate of I think it was four to one. That's correct and the guy says. Home. While I was married to her I would never leave the White House. They don't they don't care I don't care. They say take what is spoon fed to them from Fox News. IE Obama was the golfer in chief and trumps not somehow. Even though he owns golf course a well world was on me the truth is trump said he would be too busy in the White House wouldn't have to undergo anti Eagles every week. So. What what I say what we're up against. They either won't believe it don't believe it or they don't care and you cannot. Fight that you can't say to someone the sky is blue and if that person is hell bent on saying we're not sorry you can't change someone's. But David there were Obama supporters who were the exact same way. It would not matter what Obama did they would support him tooth and nail no matter what. With every president you're always gonna have about a quarter of the American people. You're going to say I don't care and act doesn't matter because they're looking at through this kind of a prison. Is he gonna get me so like for my mother for example. Is he going to put Pete my mother cares about nothing but the Supreme Court that's it. So says you guys still can't figure out how trump was elected sat. Do you how trump was elected here's here's how trump is elect guy who thinks Obama the hall it's I'm telling you part of this article and I'm it'll find it posted. At the point of the article is they don't care which gets us back to the Russian dossier his supporters. Don't. K well the Russian policy work if for once not a Russian dossier it was written by a member of a former member of MI six. Which is the English version of the of the CIA it's what James Bond belong to. It's not a Russian dossier was about his behavior in Russia. And Russian influences on the campaign but it was written by a Brit. Here's why trump was number one he was not Hillary. Number two the Supreme Court was in balance. And he was the one who could potentially put me fifth conservative on the Supreme Court number three he ran a better campaign. Her. Not Hillary Supreme Court ran a better campaign. And he this most important part he touched a mirror. With working class American people. That Hillary Clinton could not talked. Now that it's amazing you know you have them multimillionaire. Hillary Clinton and then the billionaire Donald Trump. And he was the one that touched the runner would with working class Americans he made them think and the economy. Look at the polls right now. 70% of Americans in a poll that was released today said the economy is doing really well and they are right. Now how much of that is Obama's credit how much of that is trumps Ali you guys decide but. He was elected by people who felt the award. And forgotten and betrayed. And that is why Donald Trump is an office today. Now texture I think I hit it on all cylinders correct me if I'm wrong. He played the EU have been forgotten you have been abandoned by your federal government card. Better than anybody I have ever seen in my entire adult life. And people like they vote it's that simple. He played it to a T. And he won he won fair and he won square. I don't care. Sorted George W. Bush in 2000 he was still present United States doesn't matter. That's not the way we run system. I've 767798. Don't forget tomorrow. Almost about this time right after 4 o'clock. Your second edition of. Smith. That truck. Dana right here foresee in those and son calls CMOs and sun get your top of the line Jenner act columns standby generator. You know you can get an for as low as 99 dollars a month. And whole house back up generator system starting at just 99 dollars a month and you need to get that order and have them come out for free consultation. Both for winter gets here think about snow ice ice storms we had 90000 people sit and the dark last time a thunderstorm rolled through. Get your generator now before winter gets here the number 8167814707. Great group of local guys they've been in this business since the 1950s. Your gonna welcomed. 8167814707. Or CMOs and sun dot com. Last in the hopes it's addressed today after remiss. Americans from sonogram. They're all McDonald's. I here's the latest. Sexual misconduct allegation. Senate majority leader Mitch can count on him senate majority leader Mitch McConnell and other Republicans say that Roy Moore. The Republican nominee in Alabama. Keep in mind. Now trump supported him out one Luther strange. And it candidate or is that somebody Baylor and supported candidate was Roy Moore. And what did rolling more to pray to. Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell and other Republicans say Roy Moore the Republican nominee in Alabama for US senate seat should step aside. Here's an explosive Washington Post report. Turns out to be true. That accuses him of engaging in sexual conduct with underage women. Roy Moore for those few don't know. As we mentioned was the candidate supported by Steve damn them in a rather. Robust. Republican. Nominating process. Donald Trump supported the man who was appointed. To finish out the term of Jeff Sessions Luther strange. Says McConnell in a statement of these allegations are true he must step aside. Says Susan Collins old if there is any truth to all. At all to these horrific allegations Roy Moore should immediately. Step aside as a candidate for the US. Her name is leak horsemen she says when she was fourteen years old and older man approached her outside of the courtroom in Alabama she was sitting on a wooden bench with her mother. Both were called when the man introduced himself as Roy Moore. He was a 32 year old assistant district attorney's struck up a conversation. And offered to watch the girl while her mother went inside for a child custody hearing. He set out you don't want to go in there and Carol that I'll stay out here with her. Which. Ice thoughts of course. That's another how nice for him to want to take care. He is denying the allegations. More chatted with her and asked the girl for her phone number. Days later she said she picked her up around the corner former house. Drove for thirty minutes to his home in the woods. Told her how pretty she just. Not gonna talk about the rest of it. Remove her clothing yeah removed whose. Allegedly. She asked him to take her home and he did. To the court since childhood friends say she told them at that time. What did happen. He denies his mother says she told her about the encounter more than a decade later. None. And aside from court and three other women interviewed by the Washington Post in recent weeks say more pursued them. When they were between the ages of sixteen and eighteen and he was in his early thirties is going on. We have Weinstein who is just say no it's. Charlie Sheen on the set of Lucas. Allegedly about that it can't. It's gradually with Corey came out Louie CK eight. Has patent that's the newly today that's right it at his movie premiere tonight has been canceled. And I just do what your stories and gentlemanly about. It. You'd like Louie CK who hates Kansas City by the way hates Kansas City so I shedding no tears here. We will not talk about it because Kara marks or is going to tell you about it administer. I meant to him on talk about it later in the newscast now about. Now well five women accused Lucy K I'm not saying that's what happened or didn't happen but you'll hear more arms Scott. Blue springs police are investigating their first murder of the year we'll have more coming up. Now make your reservation at Jasper is for dinner night for date night for girl's night out and pay. Mark Coppola's restaurant next ordered whispers. Is your one stop shop. For all of your student athlete or student club activities if you have acquired it together your house and you gotta feed a whole bunch hungry kids. After football practice after swim practice. This is what Jasper will do for you he's of this for us for a long time I'll do a big trade of pasta with red sauce. A big trend of pasta with whites cost the Roland some bread you have nothing to do. You'd just tossed the tenth while thing in the trash when you're done and there will never be any leftovers which past present and it's the perfect thing for your events you don't have to cut. 8169416600. To place an order or for your reservation. 8169416600. Where Jasper is Casey got out. Thanks for listening to the data and parks podcasts remember you can get just online anytime at KM BZ dot com.