8 dead and more than a dozen injured in terror attack in NYC....

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Tuesday, October 31st
29 year old suspect is in surgery.   First deadly terror attack in NYC since 9/11.

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You're listening to the Dana and parts podcasts on KNB easy. KM BZ Traficant wired together here's Dennis Saint John. Might get a rain or snow shower moving through this afternoon temperature will be in the low forties a few showers tonight down to about 34 but we'll get some clearing after midnight. Mostly cloudy on Wednesday a little bit warmer with a high in the mid fifties down to fifteen cloudy on Wednesday night. A little bit more sunshine on Thursday and a boost on our temperatures up to about 66. Cooler on Friday partly sunny. I'm staff meteorologist Steve Hamilton KN BC web. Charity in his. Haiti's on this. Halloween day. What is going on in New York City. It's very strange start shots fired another saying that this man and these people down on a bike pass however. It's not about twice as well not the moments and Jack we're hearing from Barry unconfirmed sources. Unconfirmed reports that this was actually may be road rage incidents. Not bad. Don't know yet we're still waiting for those regions and into the you know I I'd look most people don't die during averaged right I am looking at the means that the photos that is shocking. Is what it looks like sidewalks or bike path and there are just 2346. Bicycles mangled. Yeah on the roadway. School. Home Depot you. All keep a track crashed head right there him let's check in just for a second with but I ABC news in New York. On new. In his. On the you're actually. Trees. And it is to raise. Curve so the court record to get in there unless 888. Perfectly went to rue right at the corner. And it did that you know eat eat eat in would you keep going down. And and and but he did you keep hitting people edit drove down. Do that they look at into that 1980 decrepit mansion. To that court cannot keep and I. The sidewalks. You know and so that they can protected media. The warning them by news. ABC news law enforcement consultant rich Frankel. With us let's go back to lower Manhattan and the scene. Of this deadly incident today at least two people killed. By. Ran down some people. ABC's Erin to terrorist he is lied air India I know your couple blocks away from where this actually happened but. It does seem like in that area where someone wanted to target people deliberately there's the potential to. To do a lot of a lot of damage. Well this densely packed area auto on the highway not only got a little pedestrian are a number. Like that jockey pat and it was you know the people the nice all today barely orange school had just let out by school and the community college. And so it. The start of the afternoon rush. A lot of people in this area and and a lot of people to get in the way at the truck that that may have wanted to do damage. Now be thought these dark ambient. That this is not somehow related to terrorism but it may well had been delivered in nature of the truck. And her. I remembered and it'll look like a lot easier it is a sprawling see this all seems to have started several blocks to the north. Before finally ending around chambers beat in the west side highway. Right across from Stuyvesant High School in the world men and community college at this point out police had not confirmed much other than. Two people were struck and killed and several other struck and injured. ABC's Aaron guitarist he live in lower Manhattan where the where a large area as are just reported remains a cordoned off and you can hear the sirens behind Aaron. As as more enforcement go down there. However errands this situation. Is over there is someone in custody there are at least two fatalities as you mentioned other people injured but there is no. Ongoing threat to to lower Manhattan or anyone in the city is tied to this incident. That is covered their own by ABC news I'd just put this in perspective forever one of those he's familiar with New York City. This is about. Wanna say about ten blocks north. Of the World Trade Center site. On the far west side of lower Manhattan. South of Holland Tunnel. Transit of some other. Wear marks that people would recognize. It's your current. Yeah well yes north about a report yet and it's yet thank you Chris it's north Battery Park or battery partisan source south side of Manhattan. This is north of the World Trade Center by him out. Ten short city blocks. So roughly. Chambers streets. And the highway that runs highway 998. Runs along with our westside of Manhattan. How bad is it that we live in a world where. I here. That this isn't terrorism and I somehow feel better. I somehow feel better that this might just be an idiot maniac with a truck. Running people down because he was angry about bicycle was in his way. That that's horrible that's that's my first reaction but you know when you see all of you know the bikes and the bodies your first thought is. Is this one of those incidents like. Was at Paris where the man took the truck Kara Meese for these France pardon me and modem all of those poor people out. Love up. My first thought was cheeses that's what this is going to be. And it's a possible it might be we don't don't know now. It's on the far southwest corner of Manhattan. And is going to the map here trying to find some work. Sides of people would be familiar with south of Chelsea waste south of Chelsea. And it's in lower Manhattan. Well we will keep our eye on that we also have some breaking news out of Gartner Edgerton check your email Caremark several get you more on that as soon as we get a couple things verified on that story. Aren't Dave Helling from the Kansas City star's editorial page will be joining us in studio at 5 o'clock there is a huge vote. And you you almost can't minimize that one week from today. On the future of Casey got. The city will vote. 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Rob Babcock here I hope your enjoy in this Dana and parks podcast or listen to keep it and this is a podcast. Please don't call me okay don't call the station I know he's given up the number I'm not there. And I don't care. Cars since we last left. Things have changed in New York. They're now saying it is a deliberate act. They are not saying terrorism. The death stole is now at six. Is jumped from two. When we left you just a few minutes ago let's check back in with ABC news. In light TV they sometimes can help with the crime scene. Let's just say they have intelligence on that the suspect in question. You talk about that other number reasons from a support standpoint. But why the FBI would either. And Brad do you think there's any chance that the FBI would say yeah eyes as our Aaron guitarist you mentioned it he he's covered many incidents like this it's seemed to him. That it was a pretty quick decision by the NYPD does say terrorism was not a factor here. With the FBI assailant was let's take a minute let's go over this again and make sure we can. That out. Well yes eventually but it again you're gonna need more facts navy did what they know. That short time after the event nothing can go together quickly got a bad guy. Are guided the suspect in this case that you know. Looks like for example he's the he's been known person. He has long known person connected to some extremist group I mean all those things obviously been raised the profile of what desist. But of course none of us have heard that any of the above it is true so what we'll we'll just have to see I just don't. Low low the answer. To this puzzle. In the next few minutes. ABC news contributor former FBI agent Brad Garrett with us. As we continue watching the lower Manhattan where at least two people are dead multiple people injured a truck a pick up truck plowed into a couple of bicycle us and people on a pedestrian path as well we don't know the extent of the injuries or how many people. Have been hurt at this point it's a very active scene. In lower Manhattan. Also with us is ABC law enforcement consultant rich Frankel rich you know in New York well. This is a city that's thankfully. Has been spared. A lot of bad headlines recently although we did have an incident not too long ago in Times Square that was similar to this and that a car. Hit a bunch of people does it surprise you that we don't hear about more incidents like this one in New York. Yes and no again. You can't. A lot of people lot of cars truck. You know people get angry. You know. Well there are a lot of argued. In a big if you're very very quickly. It went it was all. Got that and you know we really won't know more until we get further down the line. You know as far as yeah yeah I. You know they the FBI director Netflix and red squad. That the red squad it's their job to respond to. What is that all it. Working with NYPD. Any NYPD detectives on the squad it will go there they'll figure out it being in would be in an eight. It did look like. That it's not carried him. Brad red go go go go back here you know. Living in farming and basically. Wait for the next whining and go get it up the terrorist. But it is that any any inkling of being carried the annual baby fair and they all worked with yet squad. Yeah if in fact it turned to me that not terrorism. And you know they were not that stone unturned until there is determination date. ABC's law enforcement consultant rich Frankel with us and we are getting new numbers from the city of New York. Now at least five are dead according to the city perhaps a dozen injured are or more so this is. Turning into a and even deadlier event that we first started. Five people dead at least perhaps a dozen injured ABC's Eric terrorist he is live near the scene in lower Manhattan errant. It appears somebody drove onto the bike path along the west side highway here and it's sprawling C. Struck and killed now at least by people. Several others have been injured maybe a dozen or so. It injured and there. The suspect got out of that vehicle Scott and and and what shot by up police say his condition is not immediately clear. There to block CO has just. Has just arrived on scene to get priest we understand. New York governor Andrew Cuomo is on his way to the scene to get briefed by officials do the exact motive isn't clear yet but the authorities responded. With significant. Power here. A number of emergency vehicles officers have been in the long guns out. Although. They're they're postured now does not suggest that there is any ongoing threat. But people are still being told Aaron to stay away from a very large scene in lower Manhattan a large area. It gets started always nor her ears got along the west side highway when it struck. Some out jump into the bike lane did so. A pedestrian. In a up. Jogging in and spiky path that runs the length of Hudson River and the west side highway. The truck comes albeit a bit did the highway portion on Tibet and the bike pedestrian tapped. Strike spent each year olds by people at least any majors but it doesn't so others and it's not exactly clear. Why all this up. And air we're starting to see that is continuing coverage there from ABC news radio. They're saying five dead CNN MSNBC. Both saying six dead at fifteen injured. Conference just to paint the picture if I can ever break your saying a truck is Home Depot. The right you're twelve the kind you rent with the open back steel bed. For a nominal not a big it's a pick up tried Jesse under house out that's a great way to put it and it's like 1995 an hour a day or whatever it is now. That's the kind of truck that is the truck. That was used and CNN MSNBC both reporting. That six people have been killed fifteen people have been injured. In lower Manhattan this is just north of the World Trade Center site. For those are familiar to New York it's near nine and highway in the west side. I'm not ready to say terrorism. I don't know what else you would call it. If nothing else it's domestic terrorism. It's interesting police were able to get their quickly enough for there was an officer nearby close enough. To that or that was unfolding. That they were able to shoot. And wound. This driver and he is undergoing surgery right now. 5767798. Summit in Tex I said this has the hallmarks of crisis and Rick. Mary. But he truck and I know we'll have more on this just mom with Caremark or a truck. I went off the highway went down a bike path plowed through a bike and jogging trail in lower Manhattan. CNN reporting six dead. Fifteen injured. It's a newsroom here is Caremark and we'll have the latest on this incident in New York City coming out. We might get a few showers this afternoon our temperature stays in the forties for tonight a few showers in the evening and then partly cloudy overnight. Look drops down to the mid thirty's for tomorrow no rain or snow mostly cloudy though and a little bit warmer afternoon hide mid fifties. I'm fifty calmly on Wednesday night were in the mid sixties warming up a little bit more on Thursday with a little more sunshine. Partly sunny on Friday on staff meteorologist Steve Hamilton KN BC weather. 36 hour TCI's 37 and Lee's summit 38 and your official weather station. I'm Kara marks or stay connected with there's 981 KM BZ and KM BZ dot com. And when we do this. Yes we are following developments am harder Edgerton we're still trying to piece that story together. Those of you who live there know we're talking about those of you don't we're working on. We are also following developing news out of New York City breaking news this afternoon. And it changes quickly. Now they're saying up to six dead fifteen injured. MSNBC is now saying. Authorities are investigating this now as a possible terrorist incidents. A truck. It was a home Depot's delivery truck think of when you go to Home Depot the trucks are they rent to you for nineteen box. And it has a flatbed. You can take your washer dryer or your whatever you bought. A lawnmower and you can take. Use a truck to get at your house it's back kind of a truck. That was used. Two plowed down along seven blocks got that this was not. A couple of cyclists he had he jumped the barrier somehow. Also the highway into the bike lane highway nine day for up to seven blocks now MSNBC just showed some video. Apparently after he crashed the truck they were saying he didn't seem to have a plan. He hops out of that truck and he's kind of roaming around. With a gun you can clearly see a gun in hand no it's a Smart guy and him and that's apparently when. A police officer shot him and we know that he's in surgery now we do not have an update on his condition. Let's check general quick. With ABC news in New York. Or about. Two blocks from where the incident happen we're hearing again at least six dead perhaps a dozen injured. I just looking at a peak that video that was given to us by somebody witnessed part of this incident a man. Running around in the street apparently running away from authorities. With what appeared to be something and it handed appeared to be it god. That it that it all the information we have is this video here we're being told them stories or reports update at 5:15 PM Easter. ABC's Lindsay Janice and lower Manhattan 5:15 eastern. Is roughly 45 minutes from now what she's describing the scene describing a suspect running away with something in his hand. If this is the person in. In question then police say that it turned out that was some sort of imitation firearm. Police fired shots and took out the suspect his condition is not clear but the suspects in custody. After running down several people according to eyewitnesses. Six people at least are dead. A dozen people injured and emergency response continues to be massive in lower Manhattan with several blocks shut down. Leading into world wide. Not long from now would be Halloween and stricker streeters going out in this area that where there are schools as a community college it's residential their businesses as well that's say. It's a dense. Densely packed neighborhood in lower Manhattan. We don't know what the nature of the response is at this point the FBI is on the scene. It appears that there is no longer a threat to the people in the area but so much of that area remained shut down. We surmise it's because they are piecing together what happened they are talking to witnesses trying to figure out exactly what determined this there are some reports. That two drivers were in some sort of quarreled. And that eventually led to this but we don't know for sure pretty early on the NYPD says they don't believe. This was a terror incidents. Unfolding in lower Manhattan today. Is ABC's Erin deter ski with us he's he's been down their keys but he's not. On the line with us now is as he had talked to people tries to get. Closer to the scene ABC's Brad Garrett is on the line our contributor and former FBI agents so we've learned. Brad some things that I don't know that we necessarily can put them together to form any sort of puzzle yet the bit about The Home Depot truck a rental truck being used in this the fact that the suspect got out of the truck after hitting people holding an imitation firearm and then was shot by police do you make anything of these details. Well let's go backwards a little place so that hump deeper track. Did the guy who got shot in custody whatever that answer is. Is he the guy who who rented the truck is the truck stolen. That's a good starting point that you need answers to that. Why did he run well I can think of a number reasons not terrorism related IE he still legal. He wanted. He panicked. And it you know he just obviously committed. Renders Acton was set. East tour took off running so again we don't know his motivation. He is you can EEL one to draw to any conclusions until you know the answers those questions just like. We don't know as we've talked a number of times the last few minutes. You know what it did this really start as a road rage because we we we hear that but we don't really know that. Again or should be cameras in the witnesses to support. That contention. And then mayor of New York City build applause Diaw is on the scene getting briefed by the NYPD they governor of New York State Andrew Cuomo. Also down there and witnesses. Witnesses there are all over the place talking to. Members of the media certainly talking to law enforcement as well as a piece that's. Together. Brad you've gone through some of the questions that. The law enforcement. Are are asking some the questions that need to be answered before we can figure out exactly. What's happening. Hear what led to this incident with six people dead a dozen injured. In lower Manhattan. Moving forward to go back to the discussion we were having not too long ago. Do they revisit these discussions about you know looking for ways to make bike ways. Bike paths jogging paths safer or do you do you have to accept that this is the nature of life and a big city like this one. Well I'd I'd I think you have to generally accept that's the nature of life because. There's just literally no way you can block all the sidewalk saw you can't totally eliminate this threat. You just have to minimize and be realistic about what you can. Like I believed that Aaron describe it despite path jogging path walking path. It does have Boller or something up to protect it from the highway but where the entrances to let. Where this guy allegedly entered. Navy was to why they're gonna have to figure out probably had to tighten that up for a truck would run into a Pollard. But a bicycle wouldn't. To get on the pat you could do things like that so. But beyond that I mean it just becomes you know I know people don't like hearing this you eat you just that it is just not realistic. The think it if people would like the looks I mean one of the problems and get into it. Go to what they call target hardening areas is that it takes on a different look and the you don't go to Central Park. It jogged to nick to have fun. When you're working around a lot of it's you know ugly dollars and security things. It sort of killed the mullet to a certain extent so anyway it is about obviously a balance of public safety vs. You know what continues it is therefore. But. You know don't expect to see some massive response where. That you're each unit seeded at barricades are pollard's placed. Massively around the city because it's I just don't think it's realistic. ABC news consultants. Former FBI agent Brad gear with us as we now learn seven people are dead at least seven people. Are dead in lower Manhattan when the driver of a Home Depot rental truck made what police are now calling a purposeful turn. Under the jogging and biking path. From the west side highway the major route that goes along the west side of Manhattan they're calling it a purposeful turn made by this driver. In this Home Depot truck Home Depot acknowledges it's one of theirs are cooperating with the investigation. We don't know if this is the person who rented the truck how he got it but he was driving it. When he turned on today jogging and biking path. Also there are reports that he exited the car holding something in his hand police later said that was an imitation firearm they shot him. That person's in custody. He is condition is not known. Live on the scene are on the scene in now lower Manhattan is that ABC's Jim offer. Our. On chambers street and a different location than where Josh Wise but. You know it is really starting to make more sense here that road rage is not not likely to be involved you because you have to ask yourself just logically road rage what would put this. Driver on eight. Proudly bike path that he did he was mad at someone in an automobile so that just doesn't seem to be heading up and also we now have we're we're hearing you know the death count and he injury count is really starting to lock starting to move up we're also that's not surprising because we think about deep. Many blocks that this. Played out all of this afternoon it was around 3 o'clock or 5 minutes after 3 o'clock. And I use this bike path in this jogging path a lot at least 23 times a week eat is fantastic it's one of the most. Proudly did. Tourist driven areas in the city and at 3 o'clock in the afternoon despite past would've been. Packed with bicycle list now had two daughters packed with families walking up and down now. This path so I am not surprised that in fact it this car entered on the despite. Up near our house didn't. And west entered bear. And don't let the whole way down to chambers will be counted that is about ten blocks so this car even for a portion of that was all of that crowded bike path that. It's 33. Tent in the afternoon. Dvd there would be many injuries and that's what it looks like he didn't even quite a few fatalities now we're learning about the other thing we notice it sad that truck it's an. And ABC news reporting now of the death told is that seven. In lower Manhattan. This is no longer considered to be a road rage incident this is as amiss MSNBC reported. A possible terrorist attack in lower Manhattan about. Ten short city blocks north of the World Trade Center west side of Manhattan. He was also shooting Scott the New York Daily News is reporting a police officer was apparently shot suffered a minor injury he's been hospitalized. This man plowed into a school bus there's a photo on the New York Daily News website look at that. Slammed into a school bus and another car you see the damage on the front end of that Home Depot truck. Slammed into Abbas. The injuries there appear to be minor one of the high school students on the bus said. We thought the guns were fake and it was some kind of Halloween prank. Classmen a leaf Ron harms says we heard four to six gun shots. And then saw two bodies covered with blankets by the NYPD. A child was seen sitting on the lap of an adult wearing a neck brace we all heard the gunfire said witness Michael Corbett and who works nearby I heard distinctively. Five shots in quick succession. Fox News is reporting. They say at least six dead ABC news is now reporting seven dead. After suspect crashes struck in lower Manhattan. Jumps out and shouts all law a bar. No. That's on Fox News. I 767798. I saw I and I said this off the hair the man wandering around with a gun after the crash had a very long beard. And I said god I hope this is not. Don't think it is what we all. Think it is. I've 767798. Great question that was just asked to. VA BC news FBI correspondent. Expert. Is this the new normal and he said what what are we gonna do put Ballard's up everywhere. People go to Central Park because it's open because it's easy to access because. Because it's the only green space in New York yeah true but what are we going to do. Put Ballard's up. Everywhere so that cars can't get on a bike paths. Is this the new normal. ABC news reporting seven dead. More than a dozen injured. After a man in a Home Depot rental truck. Plows ten blocks. Of a bike path. On the west side of lower Manhattan. Seven dead at least. Shepard Smith on Fox News reporting. When the gunman jumped out of the Truckee shouted all lost our bar. Which retirements are mostly guys. 576779. 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I'm cautioning you take a step back from Litsch. 3494 writes this is the new normal that liberals have fought for that's not true. Every time they fight and travel ban extreme vetting other security measures. We could be talking taking to prevent people like this from coming here. Instead they want to import them in Max. It's time to look at the screen and own yet. You mean were like a round up like a like interred them an internment camps I I'd I'd text or 3494 I don't know what you want. First of all we do not know where this person was from. We do not know if he was an American. Or if he was recently. Traveling to the United States. We do not know if he was white we do not know if he was Middle Eastern or block. We don't know. We will find out shortly I'm sure. And stop with all due respect guys and at this is serious. In the sense that this is breaking news CNN and now MSNBC both reporting. But it is being investigated as a terrorism attack. But stop it with the it's time to ban trucks argument it's not funny when you have seven people dead in New York City I get where I get your argument. People whenever there's a shooting say we need to band guns now we've had this is saying what we need to band trucks and I get it's a joke but on a day like this it's not funny. It's an extraordinarily weak argument and it is not funny. Stop guys stop. I'm being serious the things people. Failed to realize is that trucks have a primary purpose and that primary purposes or writing. Guns do not have any other primary purpose is what they do about it. I don't don't do that don't turn this in Oregon. The purpose of a truck is driving we're not killing some people would argue the purpose of guns to hunt or self protection. It's not to go out and mowed down fifty people in Las Vegas. That's not the point of god. However. Home down. We have seven people dead in New York. Scores injured at least fifteen people injured a police officer shot. A bus rammed. Let's all breathe. Carry breathe. And step back from away there's that video of him look at on Scott let. I hope it hurt. Hobart hurt real bad. But is this the new normal and don't tell me this is the normal liberals want heard it. I'm not even a liberal I'm I'm an anti liberal. But even I would say this is not the normal that liberals want that that is just divisive. Partisan hack crack. That's what that is. And just rolled around. Get to the newsroom here is Kara marks. Happening now I'm KM BZ the das told six up as a truck plows down and bypass the New York City will have the latest details next. In my mom or dad came into town over the weekend and low. Of that garage floor seal wants Kasey Kahne and put a net. 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