A 5 year old...and a $130,000.00 sculpture in a community center...

The Dana & Parks Podcast
Friday, June 15th
Dana:  THIS IS NOT THE BOY'S FAULT.    Scott:   Blames mom.    [email protected]?!?!!??!?$!?#%%()&@#

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You're listening to the Dana and parts podcasts on KE MB easy. Oh. Yeah. Yeah. And it. It. That's in the he's been bringing back to them they came and doesn't mean instant message didn't say he prints and it's a live and people you know people. They've just released the name post being deputy who was shot and killed today. The other ones have to be in critical condition. The deputy who was killed at 11:16 this morning is deputy Patrick roar oh or age or the power. He had been on the deputy via sheriff's department for seven years whose 35 years. Ago Simmons family. And we asked for privacy of course engine. Investigation carries K. Understand these fielder but he is still in critical condition. Articles. I 767798. We will confesses Friday coming your way right after the 5 o'clock news we are on the road at 54 street grill and bar in blue springs. One week from today. You guys doing anything. Fun this weekend scouts and chipper today ending its Father's Day on on some price rises and anything. I think we're doing. Brunch with Kelly's pairs them were doing. Red lobster with wife and there is red lobster house senator biscuit anyone yeah gender biscuit for you yeah you sure. What do you do for poll had no idea yet. You baton and get our. And work on what are you doing for Chris okay now okay you're absolutely not area. We're gonna do something aged and Christopher has been in Illinois. And Moline Chicago for like six days yet and what happens when your husband and a father of three technically seven really big about it when make a lot of talent your phone does not work to make reservations for brunch cracked it's so weird how that works so we're. So I asked him today I seen him as a hate you know what's when he wanted to can anyone know. No. And you resent me Kruger. He's ten. I want Mickelson the morning with the guys and I knew that is. Bad yeah that's that is because I didn't do any thing. And I don't know plan for years since you made plans for yourself. That's great can you imagine if Chris didn't do anything for you for Mother's Day or if Poulter and do something for you from other state QB. Saying we're not doing it. I'd just say he's not this year you know we haven't had a pitching and it's slightly what do you rate has gone great okay and you can't make brunch reservations at the club. Yes we can do that visionaries you know is there a place he carvings. Of leniency. Did you my pitch RVs now aren't I thought I saw that the Russians have parties and very achieved it. But he's an that you can make reservations. Would you be mad if he had forgotten because it again. I can't make the reservation because what he wants to do was get up and play golf and his buddies so it's like all the way. At 10 AM we're supposed to be at Harvey's what he's trying to do is what you off gently because he knows he didn't do. Master he started that in south and she is bank of Huntsman and. And I love that that's really what sloppy with the boys and love that. So Paul who has. Fathered one of your children. And his fathering the one that's currently in the oven and then you didn't do anything to make a reservation. To get him again his. Parents are coming up pop to our house unless I'm like murder but at that silenced because you let Karen. He wants to hang out with his father on Father's Day as you well know what you could always say about fathers and when someone's asking what did you do for your husband. In my father. Dad used to always say to me when I mean McCain would be for mom for Mother's Day his. Absolute. 100%. Of the time stock answer of was. She and mum on who. And ask for a gift for him when to go out and give it to borrow beefed work durst yeah because you're just remind no no because I was broke. I had eight dollars in my checking out capitol this morning don't. I it this morning and and neither paid that I can get a gift and you're dollars in your yes or you can no thank you might have trounced in the US and it's a really tight couple weeks decree I went out of town. So that kind of kills my but it. I'll get all we're doing we really fabulous. Pure. This was in Moline. Who. It's amazing is. How awful the two of your. All. Celebrate others I already have something done for my father for fathers and gave might get his present. What was I got him a new belt and gift card to Lowe's can be very polite demands or risk and it's putting it's. But you didn't get anything for the actual father of your chip again. No money. Have a funny how money for bad but right for the father and if you want I'll think I wasn't gonna see my dad on Father's Day I didn't want to see my husband after payday on the. You can say Scott I think you were just being around people book. But this plays into something have argued about for you engine that dads are somehow stereo typed and if women. We're stereotype the way fathers are stereotyped. You guys would be throwing a fit. There is some research to vacuum up on the an act I guess there and yes a Father's Day spending. It's forecast to reach fifteen point three billion dollars to share what it from others. 23 point one dollar and seven built eight billion more yup. And the average spending on dad's is about a 153. Dollars today out the average spending on mum 180. And like the the Cheerios commercial so controversial years ago men where it was biracial couple by the way don't tell a similar to Kelly a couple of months ago. I said is it me or there are a lot of bi racial commercials on TV these days what when we were on vacation every morning a dirt under the front desk. And I would have imprint off what's called the times New York Times digest connect. They had what you laugh about detects I'm. So when they were sitting in the lobby your deserter bracelet cynics are meeting Kelly my mom brother and I'm reading the New York Times drink my coffee. And sure as hell there is a study that finds. That more and more companies it's not me. Just thanks I notice there's it's true more and more companies are doing by racial couples in their advertising. Because apparently. It makes the company look progressive. And inclusive. Tank so even though. Biracial couples are a distinct minority no pun intended. Of married couples in America. You're seeing a lot of biracial couples and commercials. Because for whatever reason even though you're married to white guys are married to a white guy I'm dating a white woman. It somehow makes us feel. That the company is inclusive. Speaking of including people and things like I don't know out of guilt at some point that let's bring in Kansas city's anchorman for Moline Illinois Chris cancel Chris. Just let me happy father's status got it went out. Chris happy father's age you are just ugly you know in advance which are gift it is it's squat. Squat yeah Jack's. You're not getting a damn thing for problems. I'm I am sure now getting back in south that your. Six almost civil war under orders my mother. In the quad cities and electric Chicago it was good. My mother may be greater for much. It's it's fun but some notes that big goes yet but it has been a discussion which I think Dana ordered two boats go. Trying to sort of specific plans. You appeared none of them made. And which again it's foreign it's odd at all it. I can't learn. In in all my many years go out and I think you could probably. Attest to this as well. It is really only matters. That bad guys take care of Mother's Day. Yeah its audit state is kinda get involved with the flips through the cracks and that sort of you know slid under the door. It's okay. I am not going to let slip through rack. Every year is let's let's remember what we are. We we couldn't carry a baby for nine months and it worse sperm bank I mean what we. With all due respect some and I love you and I think you have some sort of admiration for me. I expert. Cares about us. Is gone it's. Actually an hour and we we yeah. We batter out and touch the ball they'd be this second cat. Below tank. And maybe even Cody but above cannot describe yourself with a broad yeah I. Certainly below. You please traveled on safely do you are resorting aren't. Yeah or party or odd odd in the match up. Yeah I. Heard that aren't go on and arguably Tibet. Technically am I am on the street but look what she also didn't. Sure would be that we at least a couple of ships right now. Me after we made after Robin and so I think beat backup Sunday. Doing that well against and I bet. You know they need it right well certainly so you know that it may all eight to prevent. I just. I just like it publicly. I have a surprise. You but. You ship. And. Just wait Chris I cannot wait at. Cats and that's exactly right hang on because I just Cotter a lie and for us forget I wanna pointed out. You do not think he was listening because I just that you thought he was in Moline Illinois now I knew in rats. Hi it's not. So I get home. We'll talk that it would get in Maine you know she didn't give him. It I see is in. A cat's. Out of does that because I watch as fleas. On him and interracial marriages across the US. 5% 3% in 1967. And jumped to 17%. In 2015. So I think if your company and you want to leave out set 18%. Of married couples in your spine interracial. I think the definition or racial is marrying someone of a different. Ethnic background and his spam act yes all while Hispanic is technically Caucasian. This as seventeen. Minutes. When I think of it Rachel I think of black and why now aged black and Asian Asian and Latino and Lance are more likely to marry outside of the race or ethnicity. Van black or white but what I'm saying is if a white man marries a Hispanic woman that's not an interracial marriage. They're from the same or ten. From this memories now. So I think they would count that as a racial when I'm saying is it is racial is black and white black and. Despite lagging behind Asian and Hispanic newlyweds black and white experience the most dramatic growth. The rate for Lance has more than tripled since 1980. From 518%. For white way. Strip tripled from 4% to let him I stand. I business. Tickets that they say. It's gonna break to give. Hey if you have ever even thought about getting a top lines in Iraq homestand by generator boy now is the time to do it. They are offering right now a free. Seven year parts and labor warranty and that is a big deal on qualifying Jenrette generators. Because that warranty is valued at over 700 dollars it is a real value. That warranty covers all parts and labor for seven years from the date of installations of you've been kicking around the idea thinking about getting a generator. Now is the time to go with jet Iraq at CMOs. And it comes with that free 700 dollar value. Free seven your parts and labor warranty 8167814707. Is the number to call for your free estimate. 1678147. Of seven or CMOs and sun dot com. Know little known fact. That when we seen it Napa last year on the front straight trip. Chris says mean I want to come out to dinner we're gonna make reservations for it a girl that I used to date high school. It's only day like forty years ago but I lover we're good friends you have to meet her husband off all Ole ache hit hard the guitar player. Four super tramp once I get out no he was not. And so he's like champ that we can you bring I know I know we're bringing and a closes it. Let me look I remember her name really well you remember last night. Ask the same as it is and see that's what I don't remember a year ago your year OK give me my choices Roger Hodgson. Frank French role when frank were babies. Mark Hart. I think it's mark Hart. Edwards who is if it's neck if it's Sonoma that's him so. Here's what's interesting we go to dinner it never comes up but we just start talking about other things you don't like how to me like what's it like living in Sonoma. It never comes up I had an entire dinner with the former guitar guy on Supertramp. What was he like a founding because mark Hart joined in 1986. So there RD pass there it. Yeah. I don't I never asked. I know there's no like you said hey you're in Supertramp never. Takes a long way home. I kept wanting to work it into the conversation and I never did it. And so that's sounds logical. Up up up up up up up. Nice to meet at three. A I'd never brought. Me it's like at first thing I should bring up and they were so we just we talked why now. Cliff Hugo. Cliff Hugo that's his name. Mercy. I'm looking at breakfast in America which was a big hit a so. That is absolutely him. But singer cliff he is the bass guitarist for the art rock band Supertramp. What would it be placed with super. 1997. To 2008 did you breakfast in America error or. Seeded he is the bass guitarist for Supertramp worked with fellow super trend member Carl Vern Hayden. Under this cliff Hugo is so he's listened as a past member so nice. He says he is the bass guitarist for Supertramp in 2012 he appeared on the Beach Boys reunion album. I'm telling you this guy was fascinating and I sat with them all night and it never came up. Not once. He gives guitar lessons on the side I mean they're just Livan and nice retired life in Sonoma. And you know I fell in with the city to the point that is it Chris we will come back. And see that. That's and that's basically can return them what a great time we had. Well written. Is not an original member I'll Rodney. Both onshore and in studio oh what a beautiful morning isn't noticeable piece of his collaboration. Currently lives in Sonoma. California he's not on the first several records played with Ray Charles and telling it and market news and Caremark. Named deputy killed in today's shooting in KCK has been released we'll have more next. Man summer is here give my guys that still wants KC Cole have them come out and beautify all of those outdoor areas of your home. Protect those investments like your patio or deck your driveway that's a big let him come out with their clear penetrating permanent sealant. And put that stuff down help you protect it you know seal once Casey offers a 25 your warranty against deterioration. And how about those cracked and staying garage or basement floors that got you covered there they'll put that permanent polymer decorative coating down easy to clean non slip texture looks are amazing. And we'll definitely bring that wow factor to your home. Called today for your free estimate 8169423927. Mintz financial ship all received 20% discount remember was sealed once you Selig and forget it. Good to see a once Casey dot com call 8169423927. Today. Re 32 in Kansas City from. KM BZ newsroom and care remarks are. Deputy Patrick Rorer a seven year veteran of the wyandotte county sheriff's office was shot and killed during a prisoner transfer to the courthouse around 11:15 this morning. He was 35 years old a graduate of Shawnee mission northwest. Another female deputy with him was also shot she remains in critical condition. Police now looking at surveillance tapes from the courthouse to figure out exactly what happens. This is a courthouse building so there is video we will be looking at. In that video. Police spokesman Zach went down the suspect was shot taken to hospital with unknown injuries we'll check traffic and weather together next time. Let me tell you if you know or an aging parents. Are in the market for a new place. 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But until that point revealing the bone dry weather high humidity and hot temperatures. Sunny mid nineties for the rest of this Friday tonight are clearly 75. And a wall to wall sunshine hazy conditions Saturday and Sunday an actual highs mid nineties dangerous heat index values between 10105. I'm staff meteorologist Chad for narrow more art KM BZ whether. Our ninety primary now I keys CI it's 93 and blue springs 95 at your official weather station the radio dot com mapping is the official and almost KM BZ. Don't look at staying listen to us anytime anywhere Kara marks our news 981 KM BZ. Soon. John Cougar Mellencamp for about three albums in the mid ninety minutes. Maybe four story here from Kansas City Star after a five year old accidentally toppled a sculpture displayed at. Overland park's tomahawk ridge community center his mom was stolen. To receive an insurance company letters seeking to recover damages well well. To the 132000. Dollar piece of art. Five year old kid accidentally toppled the sculpture at tomahawk ridge community center. Whom parked and insurance company that sent the family a bill for 132000. Dollars. X. And I asked the obvious let me quote from on girl quick. It is clear that accidents happen and this was an accident I don't wanna diminish the value of art but I can act. The city responded that its insurance company is contractually obligated to reach out to the responsible party. When public property is damaged the artwork was on a stand inside the community center at a 119 and yes your question. The. Love of our analysts say it it's. YA. Would you have a sculpture worth 132000. Dollars. Sitting at top name pedestal at a community center you could've stopped your sentence after dollars. Why. Does the city of Overland Park have a piece of art. Valued at a 132000. Dollars. Are. Continue on with that sentence. Sitting on top of it pedestal in a community center you know from time to time. We go unguarded. From the Matt Ross community center. And let me tell you yet what happened yet. Some big rooms for meetings you've got Jim. Give kids running around there's a pool. Kids love Matt Ross school. And so because there's a pool there's little lazy river are hundreds. Of kids running around all the time. I've never been to this particular community center. Don't think. But I know community centers look like I know who they serve. If you are going to display a piece of art worth a 132000. Dollars. Nailed it down. Put some velcro on the butt of it. But some bout on a pedestal. Little glass case but some guerrilla our. Heads that. Just. If it's worth that much why is the city's spending money for it. The city of Overland Park has absolutely no business. With a piece of art. But somehow got valued at a 132000. Dollars. Some people are saying shame on the whole the mom should've kept a better rider kid that's fair. That's a fair critique. But today at this point why does the city of mobile home park have a piece of art. That somehow gets valued at a 132000. Dollars. Unsecured debt sitting in the middle of a community center. To the mother's point and our techsters point a little bit later in the article T keep reading Scott. She makes the point look this thing should be security should have been cemented down and she says in the article. Actually the community center and is city are lucky. That my son wasn't hurt sick serious cherry so so we almost well maul someone to some attacks on look at the video. There is video. Of this thing toppling and this is the texture the techsters says they are so lucky. This kid was not seriously hurt well but but to the mob I would simply say simmered down. Yeah you're right you're lucky the kid was not who worked with this piece of art falling on him Opel. However. Where were you when your kid was climbing on the arc but now and an Al and I'm not apparently in here I'm not gonna do it they were the know they were waiting on the bright and come out. They were right there at the kid was in the hallway there's a lot of art in this room. We've all had kids that age Scott you're not going to be physically on top of them 24/7. There's no blame here from mom and dad none. There's spots they're here and a five year old is over here to see. UNC here's mom dad carry five year olds over here. Why wasn't five year old mom and it's a community center are oh my gosh do you remember having kids that age let them run. Here it comes here accounts are that it would be a second I would be attentive if my child was trying to climb. A piece of barked her cancer comes okay this is a Lar urged bust looking thing standby. I remember there was a big. Hits it's a bust it's appear hang on I never taking my daughter. To the Nelson in you know the a sculpture inside there that looks exactly like a security card and it is a security guard. She was so mesmerized. By the life like. Quality. Of the life sized security dark arts she went over to it probably ten. And she looked in his eyes. She looked down and his hands and I was right there Scott. She looked at issues because he looks so real. And then she took one of her fingers and she touched his hand and then kind of backed up and then. And I'm telling you one of those museum docents was on her like you know he does. And I go I don't I am so sorry sir you are absolutely right. She just couldn't help herself that looks so real he does will she needs to try. So the parents are not responsible for making sure that their kids don't climb on art they can mining on our he just went over to look at it. Again again again how to talk to count and he does happen is such an. He's just touching the piece of art and of falls Nokia and this X Hannity Scott and I can like it looks at pars Dana something's not adding. A five year old kid touches a piece of partner cams it's coming down on right now see the bus here comes and look he's tried to put it. Down falls here okay he falls and he was climbing on the art he did all right now that's the art and the mom immediately jumps up and his claims so how is there. I. I'm doing and I'm not parent blaming here I will now. Do not remember having kids that age I don't remember having kids climb door you cannot. Be on top of them 24/7 that's particular what is mom doing in the video she's waiting for the bride and groom to come out what is sitting in accounts. Twenty yards from here on a phone now. Now the music she's. She was talking to this these two aren't. Go back to the beginning of the video. Oh this is ridiculous the city can not go after of what my what does that her hand what is that are hitting public can you don't Eleanor let me see it it looks like to drink. This city put on why you're being ridiculous. Might be over park and the parents of this city cannot till after a five year old for unsecured art in the lobby senator. Now why mom is not paying any attention and now we want to stare at every second that he's yeah. You know what you are. Milking the benefit of having girls the you don't have to worry about anymore. This is why I always say he could not pay me just really. Dollars. To have a toddler again not do it I I have a girlfriend at her tickets at the pool the other night. You are forgetting what that was like a critic Rica where I see here here here here I don't think that's fair. No I'm not mom is sitting on the couch. If that is in fact mom and you don't let she's not one over to the little boys and in fact I'm not entirely sure that's well then then that even makes it worse stars now. And if that isn't mom and I think it is but if that isn't mom where dismal. It's a weddings Scott's. Do you not remember being at a wedding with a five year old no I don't they run around. Like crazy people on the dance floor they get into the cake this is why brides say. Please no children and I don't have a problem with that. Well I remember your wedding. Where their children. No. Maybe you don't bring your five year old tour winner. Maybe get a baby sitter. Golf reminds us and screaming in my car and do not blame the parents this is child blame the child was wrong and run the art. 767798. Era at red Babcock and Scott parks are carry music. I haven't riding around town in a mine Volkswagen. T wanna look like our beloved fatigue on I love the atlas. 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Number why doesn't go through London but Craig and my limit what is the rock solid. Chanel knock her you know it was Romain. He's no you don't then our knowledge of thanks and don't think they come and go into it but stevens' home and meet people what I believe in service and it. 5 o'clock news here on the road one week from today we're 54 street grill and bar. Yeah I blues for a look the self righteousness that comes out when a story like this happens with a kid that toppled the statue. An an a on the part. Convention community type censor. It. It's called being an attentive parent wedding or not I'm gonna pay attention to my kid. And make sure they're not doing what they shouldn't be then why do we have drownings. It's a request why we have kids who wander away from home why do we have kids who go into a store and knock over a display of avocados. It it just because you have a toddler you are not capable it is not possible. To state and over unless you wrote yourself to lose him that child 24. Hours day seven days a week it's not possible. Yeah as long time ago right after you first and then there's this show first started. You said something that. Struck. Immediately it really stuck with me and and I and I. Am very vigilant of it now. Because I never thought of it before. You said that when drowned eons and he gets run over by cars all these and when these things happen. It's when there's nine adults there it's more adults and two kids. And that's when it happens because everybody assumes someone else's Cuban and I correct and you told me that leaves you some story about some kid that they've got run over a minute and it really I was like you know. That is so accurate and I see. All the time doubles hours this went all absolute worst example. Waller or whenever we go somewhere like as a big group with all the kids. Yet. Everybody assumes the last from the sex line rarely agree with Dana but she is spot on this is a community center not an art gallery a piece of art worth more than 130000. Dollars should not be set out at a community center in all caps. Ever this place for families and shouldn't have been a concern for a parent. Travis in Gladstone hello Travis. It. Odd islamists say look guys LaBarge. That and I work in the body shop industry. And what I'm gonna say is a bit and our parties say the answers and convict him right. Yeah a lot of it is the case in the insurance want to get away with not paying. You know I'm and that's in the by industry that is. All too often. You know that they want yeah very car they want but he's part time I'm proud aftermarket. Up on them they navigate away. Murder on. Hey Travis thanks for the call let me ask it is when George Harrison losses three year old son out of an apartment window was that his faults. In Eric Clapton. Was that his fault that he was in the bathroom and his three year old son. Fell out the window you've got to be very careful when you start only saying yes I mean if you wanna be honest about it yes Eric Clapton's son. Felt through an open window in a highrise apartment in New York City. Yes that is her Clapton's full and I don't think it's fair to say under any circumstance. That you can be honestly expected. To stare at that child every second of every minute of every well and if we all help each other to that standard. Nothing that would ever happiness guide you let me ask you some. And I don't remember how many floor was floors were but I believe it was somewhere in the neighborhood of fourteen. Shifting. If you lived in a highrise apartment building in New York so I have bars on the windows with eight top. Okay and would you leave a window open I would have bars on the windows and that's not what I asked would you leave a window open. Accidents happen I understand. It but when there is an for example. Let's use that word accident you blow through a stoplight tonight on the way home and you collide with another car. You've just been involved in an accident but technically while it is an accident you are to blame you blew through the stoplight. And yet another driver. If you live in a fourteen story high rise apartment and you have a Toffler. And you leave a window open while you go take a shower your toddler leans up against the screen and falls out the window to step. That's north. I cannot agree it's either. I think horrible things happen every day to very very good parents. I agree with you that's not to say the parent is it without some fault. Eric Clapton never should've had that window open. While he left Tucson on it ended his son fell from the window because he wasn't my last question that's all how many times have we heard Charlie's house. That a child in a bedroom crawls up a Dresser the Dresser falls and crosses the child is that the parents fault here downstairs making dinner here in your own house. I mean you can make you can certainly make that argument. Well Stuart DM to mind. News anchor marks happening now on KM BZ a deadly day for to wyandotte county sheriff's office more next you know it's on the tab and almost all of. As a knock on what happens to none of us in the future but if you do find yourself. In a car accident remember the name deals collision repair blue springs whether it's a fender Bender god forbid something more serious. Deals and blue springs did you take care of their work by the way guaranteed. As long as you own your card trucks and get your car or truck fixed right. The first time. They are professionals I've been out there many times Dale's a friend of mine I have seen his crews work and I swear by them. 81622818558162281855. Rom on it deals auto collision dot com. Dale's and blue springs taken care of cars taking care. You thanks for listening to the data and parts podcasts remember you can get just online any time. At KM BZ dot com.