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Thursday, July 19th

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You're listening to the Dana and parks podcast on KNB easy but I got to go to school in west to peak you know until fulfilled error. Quota. What does quoted kids ask you this your kids are 330 seconds in. Do they get a card who vote for speaking out as I. Have three parties I thought retract her meets. You multiply that by one half. Just at the U divided whatever. Resist it. There's 330 seconds India now that's not right. There and I almost a quarter of their almost innate that's what I just sent. Jab at you you didn't do lowest common denominator yes I did 330 seconds because three does not going to 32. It's about one. That's what I just sat. There 330 seconds and a anyway to answer the question do they get an Indian card don't. That could expose that they. And there are I don't know where it's where it ends is that accents they're kids will be 360 fourths. In yeah now 116 now we're getting into some light campaign does that really count. I count. Sort they bust me to another school record 360 forces last ones next whenever there's like three sixteenths plus one for his ground and make it easier. Or try. I'm just saying I think it's going to be more than I am. Just like you were wider than you thought you're now that's true. I knew that I was YE he's Neanderthal care and well no I'm not meandered for a region. I have. Up all the people that have taken the 23 meet cast. I have more meanders fault traits. And 86% of. Are we surprised about that epithet at no not at all while apple and drag her. Just didn't have slope forehead mine. Is the grunting I think the really the granting of. Did you every time the computer message that you really yeah yeah yeah. My pregnant and it's coming out. Yeah there to build a fire now what have just out of everything in Basra. Stand back. Home a bit of he's about to get far. What happens if you are not as India and as. I. It really won't make that he would just turning your Indian cart. I don't think the Bureau of Indian Affairs will accepted back I think they and it will because that's why they don't want you to take this test. Now some. Alden and explained that it's about migration. Hundreds of years ago they don't want to believe that one tried migrated and came over here. And so I have some of that in me it means someone migrated to a place. I don't know I don't understand the history other than to say. We had a very knowledgeable collar Colin about a month ago and and he said this is why they don't want people to run this route because there's an argument. Historically low about about gracious pattern out just tried was where was migration crop. As a way above my hand I don't know all I know is I got my crowns and weird school may be cranked. Cramps or crayons. Sacred. Crowns we wouldn't that's where it's to get imminent and still stressed out they were so nice to meet a man like we are. It's just just try to stay safe and say Craig law I don't like the word pretty much. Summit in Neanderthal somebody says ask Dana to say crying. Rain on and ran three times then running around ground Ryan Braun grounds right. I found right around round right round. So it yeah. I'm proud. I rent. Costs. It's. Speaking of lightning call miked guys at lightning landscaping irrigation I just sent all of their information to a girl from the mine's going to or remodeled. If you are looking for something new outback a new fireplace a new outdoor kitchen may be a fire at. Now is the time to get on their schedule. And let me tell you why they will come out design something amazing for you and then by the time it's time to break ground. It's going to be so gorgeous in Kansas City when fall rolls around have that patio or outdoor space ready to ago. For the gorgeous fall weather in September October beginning of November. You're gonna wanna use that space called my guys at lightning landscaping irrigation now for irrigation. Landscape. And hard skated with an eight plus BBB rating by the way. 9134413900. The number to call. 9134413900. Or lightning dash landscape dot com you tellem Dana sentient. Yeah. Never yeah. Parks story here in Nova Scotia. One moment barbed rhetoric and her nephew were posing with a giant check for winning one point two million Canadian dollars. A lottery drawing. Few moments later Redick was threatening to sue her nephew. Says Redick. Shouting. After the press conference I'm taking him to court. I'm getting my lawyer tomorrow. For the chase the case drawing rhetoric says she sent her nephew Tyrone Macinnis. 100 dollars. To buy the tickets and told him to put his name on the ticket for gridlock. Oh. But she sent him the hundred dollars the ticket that was drawn had both of their names on it and the organizers split the prize and issued two checks tank. Redick claims she never intended to split the jackpot with him. And well I thought he was trying to take it and run. She is saying she doesn't want to split and shortly after news conference to present the check she emit immediately threatened to sue. I'm not greedy she told candidacy TV if he would have won I would've gotten nothing out of them. She also says that she is suing out of principle. It don't matter the judge give me the money back or not. In which he it. It's it's it's excellent or winning. A school. Here's my question if he. Physically. Purchase a ticket he was the one that went into the store with the money handed out of money with her. And then he signed it for deadline as she told him to do. I don't know what it if she's lucky he didn't take the whole damn thing. Actually my wanna be carefully taken to court because a judge might give a tax cut might say you know what legally. You're not entitled to a sign of office. Chase the ace organizer bernese Curley said that she was disappointed by the sour ending. Organizers also say they were given approval by Nova Scotia gaming authorities to split the prize even yeah. So she's complaining over a 600000. Dollar windfall. Her. Well 600000 dollars that he ended up getting because he bought the ticket put his name on the ticket. If you send someone. To. She convenience store with your money and you tell them to buy the ticket and then they signed that ticket. We've always said possessions nine tenths of the law. He's the one who bought it he's the one that was standing there when the numbers were chosen. I think it's it's. I ordered. I'm no water pipe down sister neglect he got 600000 get up and down. To get along with your family members character. Lessons I'm. Still gonna along with a sister. Must. Always said be very careful who used to parables like it where it honestly because you're going to be linked to that person in ways that. Maybe you wouldn't quantity. Exploded lottery ticket with my sister rob you're in your pursuit for a thousand dollars. I'm sure into a one point two million are out. You would you would have to specially stamp out but the color. Went through this could work well you know what's funny is there an all kinds of lawsuits over OK look remember the woman well this the worst one. Where all these people always go in every Wednesday in their office has United States every Wednesday. All year everyone puts a dollar they go win. The one Wednesday the woman was either sick all our you know one amber. She was not there when they went by that physical ticket to all split if they won. And they hit it. And she. Argues that. That I have never missed a Wednesday dollar. And never not been there. Should've been there I would've been there. And I don't believe she had any legal recourse to. She majored. 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If that doesn't workout could be the worst enemies ever had. The worst he's ever had. This comes as the White House as president trump is extending an invitation to put in to visit Washington this fall. We'll check traffic and weather together next. Scott parts referencing Casey smile you know over the past 23 years doctor Ross Headley has done an unbelievable transformations. For people who were unhappy with their smiles. Picture yourself having a perfect smile at two upcoming class or family reunion a wedding to big date. Or photograph with a grandchild I know their moms out there that are put everything ahead of themselves but are your kids are grown up and it's your turn to do something for yourself. Why not spoil yourself with a beautiful new smile. Doctor Hadley is the only accredited member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry in the state of Kansas your free consultation includes digital imaging. That'll show you how your smile will look. After the dental procedure. This is a pain free process most smile makeovers are completed in two appointments over a period of only three weeks. In Hance your life with a beautiful new smile. Check out Casey smiled dot com and see for yourself that's Casey smiled dot com again Casey smiled dot com. It's energetic cylinders severe thunderstorm warning until 615 overnight though clearing out low near 72. On Friday sunshine high of 91 sunny skies again on Saturday with a high near ninety TO. Right now it is 87 I TC 980 and liberty eighty your official weather station. KM BZ is now on radio dot com download the app and take us everywhere you down Caremark cern is 981 KM BZ. Great. Lire down. JP. Yeah. OK give them home. Feel it's an old interpreted. Charlie Daniels. We I think it bears repeating. As we've had so many people ask us about this and trust me when I say Scott and I are. Extremely. Aware of all of your comments and concerns and. They have been addressed we are chipping away at it at the corporate level and if you listen to us on Alexa. It is now fixed. And it works. And thank you for being patient we have heard you at all you have to do is say. Alexa play KM BZ. That's it. Just a lot of homes. When and then. Alexa. Plate KM BZ they say that's all you have to do and I've put that across all of our. Social media platforms I even had girlfriends trying to go. Played Dana and parks. Just say Kate came easy it'll it'll pilots and their you can always follows of course on podcast which we put up at recent. Story here from how to get the podcast or whoever just go to the team BC dot com. Came easy FaceBook page you'll find it there are story here from McClatchy the customer circled their waiters MAME on their receipt. Not again. Using collegial as their only justification. For the in Seoul which was just a little further on down the bill. They put a zero with a scratch through it on the tip line on a 108. Dollar tab. And they wrote at the top of the received with a line according to Khalil circled name. We don't tip a terrorist. Oh Calero could vault. Carville who is when he posted a photo of the received whose FaceBook profile on Sunday. And it's gone all the way. As of Thursday morning the post has gotten more than 25000 reactions more than 7000 comments. It's been shared over 181000 times. He writes in a FaceBook post once again I want to thank everyone for all loving support most of all. I want to thank my family was stood by me during this hectic week one think everyone who has message me over the past few days there's been so much support. And encouraging messages and it's been hard to keep up with all of them. But to all the people who have sent me money I wanna thank you was well. Light. And why it. While I wonder. It was open until at that point or that I just read the story. That I was really like him basket. How did people know where if you put it on FaceBook out of an orders and the money I don't know. Blacked out everything else on the receipt that would have been an identifier word worked etc. When it cattle who is black told the at at just American he was sure he would of got the same amount of support. He's received as if if he'd actually word of Middle Eastern descent. Like a couple incorrectly assumes. People may overlook that he writes and tells the newspaper but I definitely hope this encourages other people no matter what race no matter what religion to voice out. This kind of racism in this kind of hatred is not count ask for the customers they have been banned from all salt grass locations. That is according to a statement released from the restaurant COO. Terry turley. So that says to me they did do some like work tracked down who these customers were lower. And then told them you cannot come back. If the CL a dozen balls got. Tried to say he made this up are you don't no not at all not at all. What I wonder is should he profit off office. Should you profit off of somebody else's bigotry. He didn't receive what should have been about a twenty dollar 21 dollar tip. I don't know how much money he's received. But should you profit off of somebody else's bigotry I think people just feel bad wanna help and so if you wanna help and that makes you feel happy. We can send money to somebody like well I I has been the victim of bigotry I need if it happened here in Kansas City Sarah. So it started to go find me or something now. You skeptically about scab no I'm not skeptical of I believe that this really happened. However. Having said that we have seen instances where these kinds of things are. Reported on FaceBook and they don't happen. I'm not saying that's the case I I think that somebody said we don't have terrorists Derek. There have been cases where it turns out somebody wrote something awful. By themselves that that did not occur correct and MS but my point is that this went to see oh I was involve oil and they have tracked down twelve hours the customers are now banned. But I I will say this we also. Are. We're getting a lot of hypotheticals. But let's say are let let's just go on the assumption which I don't think is accurate but this is Almeida. Okay that collegial. Didn't get the tip that he wanted. They just tipped him zero maybe it was bad servicemen who knows tank. And then he writes at the top we don't have terrorist circles Damon draws. He's not gonna come out of the CO fess up that he did this start. He's gonna put it on FaceBook and once you get bad deep into the would you state wants. In on sent them. He's argument go well it's kind of gone viral on them a lot of money free money in them if I didn't. No and I'm not saying that's the case. Travel says he is taking all of the funds. And donating them to the missionary work through his church that's right let's make the enemy pay. By helping other people established for the kingdom of god. Here on earth. And he wrote all day I've had to remind myself that Jesus died for these people. To this room. Good for him. Are I'm not saying he's making it up. I've just been tricked enough times that right there's a certain amount of skepticism is sure that comes with me when I see these kinds of stories. The T. Is very unique. I should be handwriting analysis. And that she has written twice. So it's like very unique so that was his handwriting I think you Rhode Island Alabama he's he's now donated hair running around all of the money to his church I've. Well we don't. According to CBS news he has when that's what he told it is I can't believe you're not. I do believe him I'm just I've I've I'm always a little you know it surprises me data because I think. Allow me to give your compliment having watched her work over the last forty years I actually bigger better journalists. But with journalism there has to be a certain level of skepticism. Always. I can't believe you don't have any skepticism as many times we've been duped. You know when I was young IA. Got a phone call and ran out with a microphone and camera and there was a woman. Who had claims. She was. Throwing something away at a gas station. And as gas station would have had surveillance let's it was quick trip. And when she reached in to throw something away. She touched a bio. Hazard bags from a local hospital. You know a little biohazard bag and needles rooms and that's it did not have a need to limit or on it. But she. Was. Certain. That because this biohazard bag was in this trash can. That. She had HIV and hepatitis. And wanted to. The hospital to do something about that I'll never forget this I ran out to meet her. And she was sitting there with her past terror. In his arms were folded. And they just wanna make sure that she's not sick. And I'll never forget talking to the hospital. Woman who called me back was much older and wiser than I was at the time. And she goes you mean to tell me. That an MD biohazard. Bag just happened MP. On the top of the trash receptacle. Right there in plain sight. And she happened to pick it up brought it home. And she happens to think that she might have hepatitis so tester we're happy to tester for hepatitis. But there is no way one of our employees that biohazard bag in the trash can't. And I remember thinking. Maybe you think she put it there I'll never forget what she said she said yeah this sounds like a finger in the chilly to me to remember that. Woman. Who said she and finger nub into Chile and actually like new some. Lots the tip of his finger at work at an auto planners something they put a finger at chilly. And it said Wendy's doctor's finger my gas. Had juror what Whitney said. We cook our Chile at 1563. Degrees had there been a finger in your chilly it wouldn't of been a finger when it came out and it would have disintegrated. And she was like. Bodies finger. So GAAP. I I understand warriors kept as a. And come home with M and I'm not saying that this didn't happen I do think that there is a robust amount of racial insensitivity in America I really do believe. I also think that there are a lot of people in this country that try to game the system for their own advantage. And when I found out. Having read the story is now that somehow someway people are going out of their way to find the kid who got. Steeped for twenty bucks. And they're sending him money now all of a sudden I start to question. And why ask for the descended money concern that he didn't. As far as I know. Donate it church and I choose leaders get in this world choose to believe there's I didn't hear now was that biohazard bag from some employees at an air trashed and. You're good news story. I saw the story you post this morning sought and Good Morning America the kid walk twenty miles was first day of the job and the CEO the company said. Here are the keys to my hawk. You can have mine are yeah. And the kid was like oh my god he starts crying of course he does he walked twenty miles to his first day on the job. The CEO finds out about it gives in the Q is very nicest UV. That's a good news story. This story. I see eye on the your base I can hear Scott saying. How do you know he really walks twenty miles to war I mean maybe his mom dropped him off a block away and he pretended to be walking because he thought maybe if he told people that. CEO would give him his car. It was there that type of skepticism though exists in this world it just it exists in me. I I I I'm going to believe this man for now. And solar last I find out the peaceful. Gore. Scream but I didn't fool one too many times but people who have the N word written on the receipt whatever runs. Oh. And Wilmington. Are beautiful and wonderful. Before why 32 I miss that man I just said here here's the problem with the story. He and this is the only of money. He says they mistook him for. Amongst and there are yes because on the receipt it said server number six to three Khalil are right OK here's what you haven't thought. For a hundred inmate dollar tab. UC your waiter. I mean if this was a four dollar McDonald's thing. You might not see the person who made the mile person actually serves this is a 108. Dollar restaurant tab. For that amount of money you actually see the person that Angie your fruit he's blocked. Can't. I think it's a lovely story and I think if people wanna donate they can donate I'm not senator black people can't be Muslims. I am not saying the black people waiting more than wider air people can be terrorists. For about amount of money UC your serve. And I think they saw the name Khalil. And just to send. That sounds like 1 of those Middle Eastern names but yet our server is blocked let's leave a tip. And not be racist bigots about people who are terrorists. Some matches to believe I choose to maybe be skeptical. 5767. Would you like to refinance your house let me help you with this because that home equity line of credit be thinking of taking out or maybe that second mortgage. So next to. That's why my friends the fault of when stored Rosenblum has been ringing off the hook Stew. He likes when column will answer your called day or night and I'll give you this phone number here just few seconds know that it's doing cell phone number I'm giving. How many people would be willing to do that. Stewart's American mortgage has great rates sometimes even lower than the other guys but you know what else do we offers zero fees yes zero bees. That's what makes him so different. 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To the senate reverend Justin Matthews executive director of reconciliation services says their goal is to bridge a gap in the city. Were bringing together east and west black white rich and pour all together in one place. To care for each other's neighbors. So Padilla. At Delmas kitchen you can decide whether you want a small or a large real. Shift Pamela in Franca creates daily seasonal menus made with local ingredients if you cannot afford it. No problem. Just volunteer thirty minutes in the kitchen. I. It's a wonderful opportunity. It's kind of cool I have to admit and I like it like the idea and and I liked the idea that it's not just. A campaign that's fine it's okay you'll than you know pitch in. The ruler kids and like your grandparents. Or maybe your parents who joke about you know you know having money got to stay auspices. That's what does this it's exactly atlantis' heat got to stand wash business. They were it's almost kitchen it opened up in Kansas City is a what you. Located on Tristan I am more. Which. Of course. Opening up for hall notes tomorrow night train has been your artists today. Thank you for your time. On behalf of our producers hope Q were Cashman was basic. Basic. Text that is seventy rated one. Basically. On behalf our producer they've defined this man in all of these statistics rod that. My good credit goes to Iraq and I've stopped hearts god willing to roll back tomorrow to clock. C events. Happening now on KM BZ storms are on the way out of the metro Maher next are you ready for the lowest prices of the season Volkswagen of Lee's summit is sweeping high prices out the door you can get the completely redesigned 2019 Jenna. Right now from 159. And Volkswagen a Lee's summit has nearly fifty of those and stock from 159. You know I love the atlas and everybody loves the atlas. The eighteen atlas is in stock right now from 279. And I've always said if you're not a minivan and again now. 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