3rd District Councilman Quinton Lucas part 1

Midday with Jayme & Wickett
Wednesday, May 17th

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And we'll start off the Smart and with Kansas City city councilman Clinton Lucas and studio will address several things over the course the next hour because. Time free today with we have. Lisa thanks for being a studio we appreciate it. Outlook and several things that we we welcome your questions for him we'll let you kind of attack but the area of the city represented but we'll take your questions farm on the text line at teaching 980. We're gonna try to do those and go through crime in the city because you saw the story in the star yesterday where they addressed gun fire especially these non fatal shootings that we haven't really talked a lot about. Organism that we do not talk about PCI because that's been a development since last time you are here and street cart there's time a little bit later in the show. And so the first and ask you is the reason wiest who we thought to have you in studio and first was because you tweet over the weekend. After we had a three year old child that was killed by gunfire over the weekend that addressing the crime issue is more important than anything else we do you explain that. Absolutely. Every day at City Council we talk about economic development we talk about schools we talk about other issues but people feel safe in their community. If people feel like no matter how well things are going and they may be a victim of violent crime. They leave. I'm that was my family story when I was growing up when we would leave a certain neighborhood because somebody was shut down the street that's what Kansas City families and importantly. Kansas City children are growing up with every day. And so long as we have large swaths of the city where people are scared to you. Live for a long time where people are scared to send their kids out. Then. We can only do so much to fix revenue fancy building but nobody wants to go into it and what good is it that's kind I think the story with the city as well. I ended the story that you referenced over the weekend we saw an all out this level translate all that well on the radio but it's a graph right here and it shows and drew watches on FaceBook live you can see it 200 in ninety. I non fatal shooting scuttle years ago back in 2015414477. Last year and in my math is right. We are on pace to break that right now in Kansas City the graph really gives you something to look at when you see that as a councilman in Kansas City guy from Kansas City. What's your reaction of that. I think it's devastating and I think it's something it calls operas to actually try to come up with an active answers so for example a road with via police department a few weeks ago. They're right along and the officer that I wrote with cracked his window and it was a cold nights was acquire you do it is cold as our. And he said it's so that I can hear gunshots. And I drive around on the east patrol area where he was a station. And he said he could hear gunshots throughout the city some time to be seen they've had two other times it was just random shooting. I think it's time for us to try to look at what we can you have a real list of solutions one of that might include more patrol officers on the field you can do that very type of thing redeployment of resources. Another thing might be actually what we can duty at least try to address. The violent crime issue in the city both working with the prosecutor's office and others we have a lot of good programs in Kansas City now but it's not bad for us to say. What more can we do sometimes people get I think I'm necessarily defensive if you're kind of questioning what we're doing. Instead what I wanna say is how can we make it so that graph is entirely different next year or at least where were arresting the growth that we're seeing each day. So you're present the third district of Kansas City which covers some of the area that the start describes in their analysis is where the violence is particularly located and according to their analysis they describe an eerie the city. For independence avenue south to long view route which is a huge north to south area. And between trees and topping that covers your district largely and also district five a lot and based on their analysis they say more than half. Of these shootings that they described are because of gang on game balance or street gangs that are shooting over drugs and things like that. That's another issue and is the gang problem. Yeah absolutely and we have attempted solutions to the gang. Problem but I think you seating Kansas city's in a lot of other cities are riveted New York Times today mentioned in New York shootings we're seeing that everywhere. But I don't think it's enough to say it's a gang problem instead we have to see. How can we have folks out there who were seen what's going on with gangs who can interrupt things as they're happening. Who actually can be eyes out on the streets looking at what police activity is necessary Kansas City councilman quit Lucas joining us in studio here and 91 KM BZ mid day with Jamie wicket. I go back to Sony had the window cracked and I read in the story about shot spotter and for those that don't know its electronic sensors or electronic sensor system around city. They can locate and pinpoint where gunshots are coming from. Does that affect of you guys busy did you when you speak to police and you talk to lawmakers. Is an effective system. I think it's it's still effective I think the challenge that we have is what do you do with data. This is a time when people look to have data they loved to have a record but if it's something that we can just say wow those were blocked shots. I thought perhaps it's not better than somebody with a cracked window. I think the question is how do we redeploy our energy. With shots spotter to actually make some real planning in connection with that and the police department works or to do that all the time. How do we actually link their shots spotter technology in the shots fired. With our deployment of other social services and resources so I think while it is a fine tool we have to understand that it's just tool. It's not an answer. And sometimes on a lot of these things whether it be things like shot spotter would be body cameras and a slightly different issue we often think that the tool is in a way a solution. It's not. It's an important part of it and I think it's a great technology but the same time it's it's not enough force is it being utilized properly when you get the statistics and Izzy being utilized properly defined and an apprehend those that are you know pulling the trigger you know I think. I think it is the problem is that if somebody's fired off some shots they don't they don't tend to stay where they are very law. And so it's being utilized but I think we can say needs to be utilized more effectively is there a way to do more with each day. And I think that's the question we have to continue to ask the police departments on the we have to think about this public policy makers. And you know frankly I think you've seen in Kansas Kansas. The police chief made a statement the other day about some of their more aggressive ideas in connection with shootings this year intensity Kansas as well also. I think it's it's kind of and away a metro wide challenge at least in and some of the cities and it's something that we need to keep thinking about it. Kind of a simple question that you mentioned that one solution or at least part of a solution can be more officers that will of course take more money that money has to come from somewhere you know what what more officers accomplished. Having them out there are we talking about community relationships are we talking about prevention or are we talking about solving is. Yep so this is one of the biggest controversies for some reason. Some days I don't get it because there are a lot of folks that say we have more than enough officers and so that's fine. There are others who say that we need to pay or mid level officers more so they're sticking around keep your detectives and that sort of thing. The there others that say right we just need more I think the idea is that you need. To redeploy it in a way so that if the answer to that might be you need more. But it may also he that you actually just need folks that are out in like better term right the field who are seeing things more observing things. I spent eight hours and east patrol on Friday night. And the officer arise with was tax significantly the route that night. A do you wise shootings a robbery etc. so much so that they could actually respond to you that long list of things they had to deal it. In a lot of Kansas City NC my house was broken into but there's no one there in the please don't show up for a few hours and it's not because they're not working it's because we don't have enough. And so while there are many people who say we don't need more and I guess I understand their point. I think we all need to sit down and have a realistic conversation on how are we using the off. Yours we have and how we use in the effect of I think Everett a quote from mayors like James he said I don't know what to do is it is mayor James to the councilman does the city government know what to do. In a tight short answer I want my as is no off her papers will appreciate your honesty. We're working hard each day to try to know what to do and that was kind of what my statement was about what I think everyone needs to know. All the creative energy that we use in the city I think to solve a lot of problems from the airport to streetcar to who knows why. We need to spend that same creative energy on these types of issues because when IC a three year old sly and when I see the things that are happening each day. That's the kind of stops me it makes me not think about anything else and so no we don't have the answer the important part of that is it doesn't mean we can give up. It doesn't mean we can just say well it's been this way and so that's just the way things will go because if you're saying that you're saying that. A thousand people murdered over the next ten years is fine. And the family results that we see from that and the community scars that we see from matter OK and that's something that I'll never accept and I don't think Kansas City should accept.