2017 was the year of?

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Wednesday, December 6th

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Hopeful are. So come later on this hour ask you to fill in the blank that 2017 was the year of the blank locally and nationally. But as we look at a 2018 Jamie it is time to get stuff done maybe. Say that every year Bryce. I hunt comes a time of year where there are yearly lists and the things that we shall look out for next year. We talking about does because odd cancer starts at an editorial. This was in late November writer on Thanksgiving. Outlook mayors like dame side James could do with his last nineteen months in office suggesting things that. Now that the airport vote has passed and we got a sales tax to upper east side improvements and street cars working its way south. Or some other things that maybe the city needs to focus as we as we go forward and just talking a little bit about. On might be completed in 2018. But things we needed to take some major makes a major steps on public house icann's misery island I'm in town and sell. I am thrilled to pieces that we got the signal terminal vote passed but writing about it. And it'll affect me a lot because I fly but that's and that was an accomplishment that's gonna get done for a couple more years. So in and out your neighbor and he what needs to get done in various parts of the metro that if he is been lag and for awhile what are what are you what the priorities need to. For 2018. On an a couple of things that day and and helps when mute button is not randomly start your computer that your computer out modest sell. Is down that's most important thing that would go off on and so they have things. So many Kansas City and who live east of trees long felt that City Hall was mostly interested in helping those who need at least but it's. Now they are starting to put more money that they've just approved a 18 cent sales tax for the prospect court hour. The star argues that more needs to be done on the east side. And they said the priorities that the mayor Carty has in mind for last year and a half or worthy series attention like. Replacing the aging backing out but when we talked about it last week. Working with the Kansas City no violence alliance's governing board to make neighborhoods safer odd talking more about race. Putting more money into a reducing the murder rate and the crime were. I councilman Scott Taylor wants to audacity to put ten million dollars more doing home repair program. That helps residents stay in their homes. We can list a thousand ideas but you're on the table whites you know if lawmakers in your present as were listening what are things that they need to make priorities next year. 767798. And nationally he can't locally nationally what he wanna see get done. In 20185767798. Text attitudes united Europe on this deal a story from day in and purchase today that they were talking about is my. The priority locally here in Kansas City. Well there was the story of the two boys or two men they were in the twenties walking back from Westport after a night out you probably heard this story. And maroon SUV drove up asked for all their money at a gun. The two kids gave the money to the to the perpetrators and they shot and killed one. I wanna see and it was murder 134. On the year. Nowhere near record but it was border murder 134. Homicide 134. In Kansas City. Then several hours later there was 135. Mean they're popping up at Chicago like rates and I don't know the right answer I don't know pits more cops less cops cops patrolling more often. If it's raising taxes lowering to I don't know what the answer wrist. But I wanna see that murder rate stop being. Baltimore Detroit Chicago. Saint Louis ask that's what I would like to see done in Kansas City is. Work on the more on the homicide rate in this city. From from being what it is lowering the Mercury is my number one answer. And free to look on a brother not a national but feel free to look to the state feel free to talk schools. And I know we've got sunny missions got some. Some things are going on and we've got some superintendents and some leadership things that are changing what you wanna see different in your schools as well and and some school district eleven I'd I'd like theater out accusing Oliver if we can't. Soon get city state and national if you wanna go those ways for sure you can 5767798. Phone lines are open. If you had your if your worst list if you could wave a magic wand and 2018 what would you wanna see get done. Whether it's that horse or whatever else is on your your plate citywide murder rate statewide. And I live in Missouri not Kansas. I'd like to see marijuana get on the ballot either medically or recreational and when he team. A couple other ideas that are coming in from the text line on the first thing that came men wise to. Make Westport safer. That is a situation and I can't believe nobody's mentioned applause and I am waiting to talk about next on. Because that was the first came to mind to meet and I idol when Casey now and I've I don't frequent applause. On and that I've probably spent more time in Westport that I do that I do in the plaza but he's so hip on it and you know yeah what's happened is that the Westport. The Westport crime and frustrates me because on and feel free to view the Tibetan town longer than I have. Weighed in on on the evolution of Westport because when I first came to town ten years ago. On that was just as power and light it opened literally and moved here three months before sprints up and and it was sport people settlement ask you go westward at night single person can't go west or at night. I'd listened and spent more time in which was definitely a safe place to be at the time and that happened was sub cabinet Westport where they started to get. Cocktail bars and subplot champagne bar and julep which is speaking or not speak he's at its cocktail bar. Not get and shoot there a couple of deplete their top cat now there's. It's just it's become a more interest in place to be on an. It's not just for young demographic there are things they're now that I could spend an evening. And so it's the west and really really frustrates me because I I would go a lot but the crime and Westport in the shootings in Westport. Are genuinely keeping me out of there after a certain hour when I might normally have stayed. I experienced the problems of the kids on the plaza that that other people have but I believe you when you tell me they exist on the problems are that it there were more with motorcycles and people being jerks on motorcycles and anything else. Until what do you what do you wanna see really. See him take take a stab at next year by 76779. Naples with doggedly but hey Doug you're an 81 KM BZ. Good morning. Hey listen I your aunt and her ideas my ideas job development inner city what that would dean it is that we create. Picture of the blighted areas and creating art and dramatic actor. Where major companies. To locate their ability there that would provide. Major job for people and actually it. And provide the resources that would build a facility. Lease them back. At no cost them loan it out like that job. I I am out of let's go can you got that noise there in the background but I don't think anybody would. Would disagree with that no more try to figure out a way to create more jobs in the inner city. Sure yeah absolutely on Unita people who live in the inner city to put businesses there. To help employ people in that area a or at least that's the easier way to go is for people who live in those neighborhoods to want to work more on non. You know little little more pride in some of those more random parts of town 5767798. Steven Lee summit near I 91 came BC. Perry. Of the city. And we'll let you know get it. Out but the outcome and go. Might or might. So all. The lead some schools. I. What to do this. If you spot. I think and what are you do it in about an automatic and I think that. That and this cold as well I don't want to. Get. It is important. And she's. Now. How can you. It's a great point man. It is a mean I don't believe that there's a lot of kids in the Casey both public schools coming home with a chrome book might like yours and and you're lucky you're fortunate man. 5767798. If you could wave a 12018. And fix something either on a city level. A state level of you're in Kansas or Missouri or a national level what would you wanna do. 5767798. Text in 22980. We're getting some great ideas that nobody has mentioned yet. Are some bigger ideas that really we've not really talked about on the show before it's also on FaceBook and Twitter as well here in 91 came easy magic on 5767798. What do you want to see. Get done. Either on a city level. State level whatever state you live in or on a national level by 767798. Jimmy bush or number one. Gateway dine at least I. Our line. And for everybody that has been years and they tore down mr. mall in the first place and with that big hole it's been sitting on shyness and part way. Can you get your act together and get this thing built yes I know it's an important forward but can we finally get that built and it big hole filled. Thanks be nice to started at least write love on how to president lately haven't we got to start right we will play then you have Weaver that. We heard it right the phones I've 767798. Doctor Stephen Kansas city's eager and came BZ. Our guys. A or might choose not third court that you upper figures like Africa. Or travel a lot I noticed. Our city whole and that's situation. If you look at there are ways. Hartford fire or 35. Along the roadways in the median it's important and then the trash and the free. I just bad America and for the median and all their personal crime that the Korean there's simply nobody wants to take responsibility for. I wonder. And that's a really interesting point because there are some parts re drive through downtown near lake Mandel managers freeway problems with trash and there's there that's a really good point does it. Mean it it doesn't have a whole lot of impact in in. The initial but in the economy like he you you don't viewed the city if you're a first timer here as the cleanest of you visit the some parts. Yeah I know what people concerned about he felt that bringing in this airport that bringing a lot more people and there should be. To be you know our question. To outsiders. It's it's got the bad people overtures and Serbia and in how how horrible looks. And it does it go I mean acute calls to state here also to India that stood about it. No reason for the battered figure. A little bit too anxious about it but are you ever were ago retro all of the United States and and you know watching like so many cities like it or chew over night that he take a lot of our commitment cure. The roadways clear all. Or that mutual. And thanks the fogleman appreciated. Sure somebody would say is that mode I'd stopped specifically in Missouri are they state highways that act as there is depends on who you call trolls that cut mode that's budget brightens coda but that mode dot budget. It down to pride but now we would have drastically up but you wouldn't run out there in the first place. Six stock that are about peavy or is littering I needed and is especially youth smokers who throw your cigarette butt out the window I used to be you. I used to be the guy they didn't care and my dad went I was drive with me and it through a cigarette butt out the window. This is. Pretty and I was eighteen my dad's like would you know you are having had to be team and the whittled my data smoked it was actually team. So right I remember. Flick it went out the window. Jason what do you do isn't what Adam said Michael. Come on. And there and it any told you know those styrofoam butts take for ever to disintegrate. And they can wind up on the side of the road and bribes can eat on a meaner and they're dead animals cutter says anything grocery that a pilot cigarette butts in that sit there on the side of the road and put it out hold out for gonna throw that thing out the window instead. Dangle out the window twisted let the ash falloff. Take the thing put it in your card trust me your Carty smells right that don't already know worry you rock you already very know that your smoker we get in your car. Take a styrofoam but put it in your ashtray in your pocket what have. What ever. Let me these things are coming on the text line that we really talked about and I like to get into traffic issues a little bit on later we'll talk about the city of Overland Park. Is looking for suggestions about what to do with 78 at the next half that intersection that I go through many many time gap that cap is the point that. I will take any side street to avoid being a nightcap between six and 10 AM and 2 PM and nine like it's just it's a mask there. But some text of this and into 2290. I would like to see better mental health services. I work in an ER and we see at least two to three patients a day with suicidal thoughts or an actual suicide attempt. It is hard to find good affordable treatment for people and we need to remove the stigma of seeking mental health. Mental health. I would probably agree I agree with that I mean we talk about the mental health problems this country. Unit national level all the time and what leads people to these mass shootings at one not but absolutely your local level we need to improve it. So there dot Kaman and a couple others that I want to pass along Unser said broaden your employment pool for Kansas City city jobs in Jackson County jobs. By removing the residency requirement so an and ice and we're also got on that also applies to police officers on if we're talking about needing to. Have a a better talent pool or we need to recruit more police officers are more firefighters or whatever happens to be. One of deterrence and that is that people don't wanna live in the city of Casey now for two reasons that we talked about and so if you brought that out. To the metro or at least across state line or something you might deepen that talent ports are really great idea. 57677982018. Is the year you wanna see what get done when able Juan locally nationally city statewide. Across the country what he what does he get done I'll return these can FaceBook responses and sacked Jimmy Kansas City you're at 91 KM BZ. There are. And now we're all out of it. Eight. There are. More or. I'm. Our movement. There. Where that car alt polls yeah. More or. While out on the hurt at all of their. It will be out there in. All earth. My. Stop apartment and four walks around you look at that and art and look at our very. Cool. And it was like oh. You know it'll art. We got there a side note burglaries. Or walk along. While they know. What poor why there are meant few or minstrel. And at Laurie. You are ought. There stench I will agree with you on that and they can bring your phone call man there is. The smell. Whenever you take the dogs out. And usually it's like NJ you can back me up on this could you live downtown. Usually it's a net weird break between when it's cold and getting warm warm and getting cold in the air doesn't quite know what to do with the itself that's right yeah yeah. And and the closer you get close you get to the river dorsett yeah absolutely. The good and Jim thanks man so this is not me saying as it's just you're just reading the text I just reading just passenger and Jamie were waving a magical on no hours this saying that's what is the tax line want done important to point out. On impeach struck. I didn't say that it was not us now is Regina. 5231 sank a lot of people study it seems from get impeached would be nice is coming Kaman was on the FaceBook I was gonna read that one bit. Barbara says Dallas trump really looked at the name this is on us now is Richard Kyle says competency returns to all levels of government. Here here Kyle agree with that. You'll know more about this and I will Jamie it's this from Erik start work on the airport. One as he progress more than just contract talks. Is that something that's done can they when they breaking vote the breaking ground I don't know exactly when or breaking ground but they're TCI edge Moore is in the midst of public meetings were not. I don't know when they vote on the memorandum of understanding marriage more but it's done and you can find an online I think the City Council does needs to prove Jim Cunningham. Yes after that right now they're doing an environmental study in the FAA still has to approve but that's what will come and accidents don't take a couple months do we have any approximate. Data will there talking about the fall of 2018. Yeah I think you're right I think it's next year than it takes two years to build but but. Don't worry it were going I mean how we've reached the point of no return to vote passed. You just got the in my you can edit it I worked it to build an internal thing you know if it's. There's got to get down on this doesn't happen overnight but it's coming. Couple more real quake Susie once locally more officers on the streets of Kansas City. Leon says locally reduce murders and Dylan says from Missouri to legalize marijuana let us know on FaceBook are coming up next a little levity. And I'm sure we can predict some of these answers you fill in the blank locally or nationally 27 Tina. Was the year of the blank. Text of in 229805767798. Facebook's already loaded up with some good ones. I've days left in the year 576779. Aches and I love lists and that kind of stuff when we get to this point. My favorite things. Torres can you fill in the blank have a little fun have a little levity don't anybody get offended although that'll be what when he seventy was a year of but still bubbling Tony seventeen was the year snowflake blue acts of very popular answer. Is I can predict. People's answers popular answer I have been complaining. Complaining. Is on the loan I was sentenced herself like 5767798. 2017 was the year of the series into that school what a joke around that's cool too you can definitely do that text into 290s here or FaceBook and her. Have a serious answers but for those of you that can't come up with that I'll sit and aren't thinking about it octagon and attacks 90070 was the year of the lived art movement a pact was hit. I didn't realize it was that like I act during a buddy a year IE I the year I feel like I've accomplished so much home. The year he offended the year of the snow slay the crybaby to see if their way and you gotta talk radio gaga has inspired dozens of people trying to be funny. You're the offended at. The year of the red headed idiot. The red headed idiot who track. I think Richard leading trump has a red hair trump does not have read here these are terrible radio hosts the year whiny liberals cry baby animals like he'll lose a shortly answer. Here's a valid one article finally got around yeah 2017. The year of thoughts and prayers. See that's interest that's cat because that encompasses so much on it apply an and I think what you're getting act if and Giffords expect in crappy but I'm gonna read way into what you said I get two way street but a lot of the issue that people had this year wins the response to mass shootings was where they said. Your thoughts and prayers are not enough we always respond after words with we're gonna get thoughts anchors of the victims and families. And then nothing gets done and then we move on and before we can do anything there is another one and no I don't know if you mean it was the year of the mass shooting or Europe's up with a response to it I think he can. Both ways on that absolutely because it did there the year of the mass shooting I mean. We could list them all again I'd rather not go down that lane but it was the year the mass shooting at him that's a really Smart answer the year thoughts and prayers. Yeah yeah it's it's it's definitely a valid answer. Now is that a good thing or a bad thing or we didn't ask that was good or bad right I'm asking you on. You're here if you had taking in the my problem with that with the year protesting everything is exactly what you just sat exactly what they sat and and the sentiment and that. What I think happened was when when people are offended by everything when people are protesting everything. The meaning of the protest gets lost and that's what we set happened a lot with taking unique. The problem was that the conversation. When it came to taking Amy became about their right to do it. And trumps response to it and Papa John's response to it in an NFL losing viewers it became about all the other things. And what got lost was the reason they were taking in the in the first place the reason Colin cap and its original reason for taking and he got lost and sell. That's on I think it's a bad thing I think protesting is good but I think you gotta remember the conversations got to be about the protest ended. The break the protest out I mean and credit president trump with this in 2016. And may be Bernie Sanders as well in 201612017. But how many more eyes are watching and being active whether you're for one cause or another or against one cause or another is that a good thing. I'd like to think that more people. But there are some people are getting educated poorly a lot of issues on both sides. What are we getting more eyes on stuff that's important I would rather we have people focusing on laws and ways to make things better in this country than watching the car dash eons. I know which one gets a higher turnout on on boating gates the cards Sheehan senate. People are getting if if the year of protesting everything meant that more people paid attention. And more people I've talked about the things that were bothering them than a ticket. It is you want more people to be involved and you won't hate that means more people care. Great. On if it means more people were just protesting to protest man the story gets lost Eric down. I'd like to think and I hope I'm right that people that are protesting for whatever their claws. Are doing it for reason I I I'd like to think that the woman's march. Which massively popular and I'd like to think that most of those women were doing it for. The right reasons in their heads not just to get out and you know we're protesting to protest. I mean. There were actually text and arrows of the year a fake news. Was this your fake news it was last year the year of fake news I think this year I'm in terms of I'm saying. It was the year that president trump made it about fake news I don't think that's about fake stories. And if you believe that that and your notably bank and president trump says but I think he made it that was often the term he threw out sound right. I would probably agree I mean how many times. Look fake news became such a out of polarizing word. It'll be that term of the Jarno implicit was by dictionary dot or complicit excuse me. Was the word of the year by dictionary.com. I'm assured the next word of the year freeze bureau beefy if so. People said at different versions of this but the year the hurricane or the year of the natural disaster. Well I mean when there is a really good answer we're not really. Nor is north north of the city is north and however his I got several of on its Berkeley it looks like a Hollywood. Movie when Jim mentioned this morning for these casting her attending and we came on a year when he mentioned that they were evacuating parts of Bel Air. On that refresh for the dollar that's a really ritzy part of Los Angeles. On the date got what we heard yesterday was that the fire was and inter which is a smaller suburbs but the important thing about that is that it's thirty miles inland and it reached the Pacific Ocean. So big about right I mean think about how far stretched and they're dealing with wind gusts there. There are so strong that water dropping planes and helicopters it's not safer than even be out so they can't. Controlled I mean the northern California wildfires of Napa and Sonoma where this in terms of how quickly it spread to mean those were massive. This seems to be just because that part of the country had is a little more. Moist. But it's there's more water up there I know it burned through it all but Southern California is to Rodney yeah it is go this. And they got all the major drought last year in L I mean sure you remember earlier this year we were talking at the wildfires in Napa knocked out long ago and and and you. And direct hurricanes in the other things happen this year so and the year's not over. It it's very very true Armenia how many. Maria and Harvey and what was the line. In Florida realist Puerto Rico Harvey was Florida like an inning of the Harvey. Maria karma Irma that was on thank you yeah Harvey was Houston. It was war it was Irma. It was the first time we hurricane Ireland. In light 75 years for Crennel and Ian yeah that was a relief that's really good answer to that point. And now everybody's just going off about fake news thing which is nine let's see isn't from FaceBook. The year of the birth of our republic. The year. OK now back to back there is a year of Susie says the victim. And Cole says the year of the sexual predator. I think this is more the year of the victim. But I understand both sides I Ike I get. This being the I guess if it were the year in effect on. Unfortunately. We know a lot more about the perpetrators and and I use that across all the crime we talked about the shares sexual harassment and and a mass shootings and everything else that we talked about you even locally we know more about those committing crimes the nose or the victims are about. So we said the greatest upset for presidency and the greatest president ever. That was last year my friend that was 2016 he upset Hillary you should probably keep up on your. And years on your events is he won in 20/20 sixteen. Or this a lot more on FaceBook now that I hit refresh. The year of the spoiled and selfish and just plain sick. Europe's single terminal mean. Yeah that was that's a good answer. Yeah it was a year we finally we finally got it. On and and again I've been hearing about it the entire time I lived here my first moved here there was this rumor that they were gonna try to rebuild the airport and if we finally got it we finally got a single terminal planet asked that the Euro changed maybe. Here's a good one from the tax line. The year of destroying monuments. We took a lot of confederate monuments down and shall we ended racism when that right yeah we moved sun we get we didn't dismantle them out we definitely. Yesterday bat down there were the problems this year the people have with confederate flags on like we have heard and quite a while so. So yeah on. Take you to the person that sent us on the year that Penske family got closure. Good answer 'cause that we finally had some answers in that case that have been coming for quite awhile. Thank you for mentioning that. It's our FaceBook page and Twitter you can fill it and go ahead when he seventeen was the year of the blank coming up next. Mike Pence what the vice president did when he was in college. Mrs. savage. Beating hear about it next 1148. A we are via a poll question of Korea. You think Al Franken stepped down. We got 6789. Now ten democratic senators coming out and speaking that he should does step down including a top or as the head of the DNC do you think he actually will step down vote yes or no on Twitter policy came BC radio two prompted those today. That until we get together but why all the sudden I mean he's I iTunes against him were made two months ago. Meet two I think the time magazine person of the year. Bring you more and more attention to adding John Conyers. Stepping down or announcing he's going to step down. Bringing more and more out about it I think. President trump going to. Pensacola Thursday to act Roy Moore. He's not gonna be an Alabama but he's gonna be right next door in Pensacola he's like a bunch Alabama residents to come there I think all of that factored into the DNC that the Democrats saying look. Let's get out let's be let's be the bigger man here. Yes you can call accusations if you want but these are serious accusations and I think all of that. Is why not Kamal Harris. A lot of Claire McCaskill tweeting out about an hour and a half ago that he should step down on an hour ago that that Al Franken should step down. He his office Al Franken office says he will make an announcement tomorrow we don't know what that announcement will be exactly but it's and sexy in and saying now at least fourteen Democrats are saying he's stepped out fourteen he curious to know if they're all women. Now they can't because there wouldn't be that many countries of the men are an act in Accra want to look at that list but Al Franken will make some kind of announcement tomorrow. I submitted to the calls from fourteen democratic senators now saying he should step down. We'll see it. The democratic senators have nothing to lose by calling for him to step down because my guess is that. And whatever states those democratic senators are from don't really they don't vote for Al Franken any you know they don't. People Missouri don't vote for Al Franken so they don't care he's still officer I mean they care but it doesn't affect them a whole lot whether he's an officer. Day to day basis that is much obviously being a Democrat people in Missouri or Kansas that lean right would want him on there for for for the senate vote in the future bright. But a Democrat can replace you mean so it's a nose and outweighed how that would go but I think those senators have more to gain and lose and they don't they don't. I don't excellent political movement for those people away and I also don't know what those fourteen how many of those are up for reelection next year but signed a little more about that is we want so I can finalist and we're working to get a political analyst on a year who can read into those a little more than we can. I believe is gonna step down I think with the amount of I think this is. As somebody pointed out on Twitter this the Democratic Party. Coming to a standard. You've got Roy Moore in the allegations trying to win the seat and hear the Democrats are rallying around their guy or not rallying around their guy rally around their party in saying. This guy's got to step out so we'll find out more tomorrow. I'll find the entire list out get it to the point during a news. It all right so. Story up on FaceBook. And may dome over the wanna make this about me. But I put this story up on FaceBook at 3 in the morning are right I thought hey people will have fun with it. And man was I wrong. I don't story is that you saying that says to me to not implement it was I wrong don't ever assume that. I I thought people could take a joke when it comes to the vice president Mike Pence a whole new Opel will you don't know now one step away from the presidency reach and done about it. I almost feel better with Mike Pence as president and I would Donald to be careful what you wish for I I understand politically he is a true conservative I understand that but I. I I would probably feel better about. Mike Pence as president because. I don't think he'd be the national embarrassment adolescent loose cannon to give it more experience and leadership. All round. But he wouldn't take political steps that you probably would appreciate well I'm sure more. But since we choose between them do well if you're on this side of the Pete and I think I think I mean wait till 2 o'clock. Scott parks would love Mike Pence is president Lotta people would love my prerogative I mean I'm not gonna hate on you for for wanting Abbott. I thought putting this up on our FaceBook page at a little have. Tee to the all ready hostile situation we have between Democrats and Republicans. In this area that listen to this radio station. I couldn't have been further from right in my entire life I was so wrong this story at a Newsweek. Vice president Mike Pence reportedly snitch on his fight gamma delta fraternity Brothers. For having a keg at a party that is colleges dry campus and got his entire house in trouble he snatched on his boys. Pence and a sophomore Hanover College alerted to dean and his Brothers were violating the small Presbyterians school's strict no alcohol policy. This from his former frat brother Dan Murphy who told the Atlantic and a profile published yesterday at the time with the incident. The frat house was reportedly having wild parties recreating its favorite scenes from animal house which had recently been released. That movie is tremendous. Pence was not a particularly hard party here. But oversaw his brother's complicated plans to sneak alcohol into the house and was in charge of irony fired out any issues with adults if things went wrong. During want to rowdy bash the Brothers found out at dean was coming to the house and tried to hide evidence of their illicit activities. If future vice president Mike Pence greet the dean at the door and proceeded to direct him straight to the eggs. Telling the official to belong to by gamma delta his warmer Brothers said. It was a major departure this is a major departure from the fraternities usual practice. But analyze whoever answered the door to blame for the boost for the whole house wasn't formerly disciplined. But after pants allegedly snatched the entire rack was handed a harsh punishment. His fraternity Brothers said he really rake us over the coals pool house was unlocked. It's like the word snitch. And the fact that he has being accused of that my guess is going to make some pence supporters unhappy that your share an old man in comments you can read now I don't really want it I was called anti Christian. That for posting that. Got a baby you know lol now dialing debate on whether or not there is a god. I'm not gotten. I've made some people obviously took it as a joke. Where it's like three. But if you wanna see some butt hurt people I hate that term but that is the only way to describe these snowflakes. Is they are bought her over the fact that I put put this story up. Snitch on your boy. China it's funny. And I think it would have been if you would at a similar story about Hillary Clinton I think it would have been finally. Not because all they're guy if I had the story of Hillary snitch on the sorority sisters it would have been trapped. Bitch. That girl's terrible. Typical liberal it would have been but because his parents ever and a lot of people I mean some people realize. C'mon it's a funny story. It doesn't change who Mike Pence is immediate and look at how many years ago was this. Pulled his pants sixty guy he's forty years from 48 years maybe. Fine no people kept zero levity when it comes to taking. Anything. Out of context or having fun at the vice president or that I take that back. Trump supporters cannot find any levity when it comes to a story that pokes a little bit of thought. But what Hillary go right ahead I'm not a supporter of the Democrat I'd laugh at it you wanna put thought Barack Obama. Is I'll I'll I'll play along but Bernie Sanders it's hard. No. I'm going to be full of people making on people have to look at that set. It. Mike had stitches on his boys. The profile by the way also able to read the whole story if you want to really read some but her comments. And in one picture Mike Pence was donning a fortune teller costume pence who believes that women in mentioned never dine alone. Smugly looks at the camera while a woman sits on his lap he wasn't a great student. And it's kind of a tell all about my aunts and how it appears other than stitching on his voice. That's just not cool come on. For certain stories coming out re all time leader in all this ran for governor and I'm layered. We're just out here about the story so hole. That he's next on line 88. Sorry that he's got a story from forty years ago some brand right the interest it did you forget. Forty years did you forget when he was running. The Atlantic probably went back and looked at his fraternity roster and probably sort of calling everybody. To find out some dirt or a story or whatever to sell newspapers herself magazines or get collect. It's funny changes nothing about my opinion of my pets. RI which was so glowing. To a panel of oh now now. Funny. And a bit of you know. If if pick it Bernie Sanders did us who want a fan of war Barack Obama did this public. It's got a call is me and BO you know Bernie how are you snitch on your boys. Don't do that. Cannot now marriage it's 1158 coming up we'll get to the number one trending topic at all of Kansas City AM and we reveal the time magazine. Person of the year earlier today. Oreo has released. The mystery flavor texted him what did you think alliance if you don't know already literally everybody's listening to ones I just went right action that you're wrong.