$200,000.00 in credit card debt... could YOU get a job?

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Thursday, July 12th

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You're listening to the Dana and parks podcasts on KE MB easy. I think it's that it's area but it dogs. But you know what bill Madden and playing and. And I cannot. It's good luck and god. All of notes. What are your artists of the week that was phoned him Tyrod means relatively. Bottom audited and talent. An immigrant worker and ray. I usually think that when a some elect rod calls and says don't have anybody to watch secure that's usually euphemism to tablets as home. And I'm going to be a little late yeah you know what I mean. And. Young. We have to talk about. The doubles insanity. The bill that is going on there at. I need you if you're listening right now and you did this today are you glad I had all I need you to call in. And explain to me. Slow only. And clearly. Why anyone would stand in line for six hours for a fair. Normally cost us a 25 bucks but without accessories yeah. I mean they're and they're not cheap so that's the that's cool. Why why are people see why. Why would you do that like we gonna go to night nap and take Charlie and decided that when the lines were at a 1015100 people this morning that that was probably not going because here's the deal we've all stood in line. Yes think the DMV. Maybe use that in mind for for. A chick filet sandwich at chipotle does this ever wants a wild thing of people stand in line for the Apple Store opening. I don't understand any of it. But at the very bottom of that list if I had to name 101000. Things I would stand in line for. A bear. Would not even make the top one million things I would stand in line for even though I wouldn't stand in line for anything for six hours. And one thing shipped remember Scott is this isn't just like an adult standing in line and some of these lines wrapped outside. And it's a 140000. Degrees right now. Here's what I don't get you're standing in line with 15100. Toddlers. And young kids and young children remember toddlers I don't know I'm talking like five or six girls why would anyone. Think I am going to go do that. Couple quick questions please this is like a minimum a little journalistic mind. I'm. Is this happening at Oak Park mall yes they shut down the lines at all of the US stores because the line. And it's a pay your age thing right how we prove the age of the child. That's making the Goldberg because they usually don't have a passwords are arrests in this case I think are relying on parents taking the parents were four okay. Did you say you're thinking of taking Charlie to build and where. Do they have a GI Joseph bill the bearer or something like that or are we trying to make him a little apartment. I am not at ice at all no I disagree with everything hinges guide said all week. Of course is not about the accessories why do you always hone in on something that has nothing to do with the conversation and was the one who said something about accessories not lead six. How are waits in line for any day here's what I would do it. Which is not in it but if I was I don't know like. Having some weird out of body experience or maybe I was drugged up or something and thought this would be a good idea. I would see that line look at my child and go up or out but it's. I'll take you to that restaurant where we're you wanna get I will just buy you bear if it's that the deal forget to have a bear. We'll buy it doesn't have to be this bear bite you very. I just execute on Saturday and pay toy box and save like what fifteen today. What he. Longest you've ever stood in line vote and for whom ones who would you stand in line because Zidane a damn bear. It would have to be concert tickets back in the eighties. Kara at Kemper arena I just spent four hours the DMV last Friday cell for hours I was a bar there my god. They needed a bar chocolate machine I here's what would you stand in line for. I don't like stand in line for anything okay thanks for child and I'm with you. You would not stand in line for anything now concerts and the national labor bam there is nothing. I would ever want so badly nothing. That I would stand in line for six hours not happening back in the eighties you can stand in line at a ticket master like an Iron Maiden win at stansted and some sauce. Chilean mine for Elton John tickets I think. When I was in Ames Iowa but we're talking. Thirty minutes I was and I'm not able I don't do good in crowds and lines are waiting war. What about when you and Chris went to new York and you stand in line for a play. And we stood in a small line to get into the 9/11 museum. And get with that small line the line. Prejudice thirty minutes to get up there. And I know we're seeing what about coaster now. At a movie who. My ticket them and now you didn't know quick thinking and 2018. You know what orders on you waited and this year he said what's the longest line you've ever waited and I gear ending TU it was probably either prince. Iron Maiden concert in the eighties and back when he had to go to Ticketmaster. I am honestly trying to sing. If I've ever been one of those people standing there was 600 other people remembers a player you don't know what yeah think our it was always a big deal but don't remember we were kids. Karen Chris your out of this terms additional sudden. People would show up like they would say you know tickets or maim your artists of the eighties. The New Kids On The Block when it. Go on sale midnight Friday morning I don't remember everybody going. Down the Kemper arena. And they would. Lee camp out to yeah. For tickets to their favor at camp out and it just jar my memory I lied. K you basketball games pop they're lined out downfield hours run around the track tanks around camp out to get a seat. Somebody else just wrote in Black Friday deals people who normally. Not line stander innards. Will be line stander enters on Black Friday. The Nielsen prices putting the right. How come out like for two hours this total. Probably closer to. Four real it yeah. But. I got a free car and a trip to nap out. I had no answer at all what is the last thing I said to you before amen when the whole thing thank. And she'd have the exact expletive I used an old I was trying to clean up. I'm trying to clean and you're right the only thing I've ever stood in line for 48 ridiculously. Long amount of time was was the price is right but I knew I would win. Did you. Maybe. To Build-A-Bear is you're standing in line with little people. Who'd just by definition won't do well in a laugh you know can now. We have mark will mark the boy went over to a park mall this morning. To find out how about the lines were and ran into a mom with two little ones and she was six weeks away from giving birth to number three. And apparently the kids were like. Gold and children they were so patiently waiting and she's like we probably three hours away. Listen to this I waited six hours last December outside Kauffman Stadium. For the royals garage sale somebody else have for the Bobble head night they have got in line for the Bobble head. It. Merrill thank you. It all comes down to Carol what is your time in the works. And some things are more important to grant and others. Clear obviously is not going to be high on your list. Is supposed to know if you're in that line oh wait here's one I wanna hear. From somebody who did this. And it. And it's your invested Kara so let's say you've been standing there and our out your investor now in your thinking. It's like being on a whole can hang up because I mean I've been on hold 44 minutes if I hang up the picked up the phone. Go to Michelle I don't I got enough I. I have to hear from somebody was at night dollars. It was a 400876. The tournament 278 actual retail price. There he died and 66 the parts six the about it nor is every bit. I Julie in Kansas City Julie hello hi Julie and I use so much did you get into that. Lying. Limp says that currently. Catchers but OK amen sister. Actually there at 7:30 in the morning. They ended up opening. Not I did see that go out and nine. So might sound bite Google never been. Before that flatly. And I wanna be at Kirkland there was pointing at the line. At Davenport or. Do you stand in line for an hour and a half with a five year old kid. We have that I had apple has Gatorade I had I had print. Give the city gym or swarm that's what I would need. No doubt about it like that bikers at about our moral as the that it. Erica I my friend she got tickets he could stay in line. You know walk around to cut back in line. OK now Julie thank you for the call because but but listen to what she said an hour and a half and she was twentieth in line. So anyone. That that weight is just going to get longer and longer as you. Arrive later and later stupid better I it's time. I missed shown a lake that Michelle hello. I. Apparently 1130. Our mom and baseball. We can at least four hours. So they handed out coupons early fifteen dollar bought an expert with me this wonderful or. OK. Now we're talking NC night at the 2000 off and now you're basically giving the bearer. On Saturday for the age of your kit. Kate Snow now we're talking and give me a voucher and we'll talk. About you don't how about you stay at home in 401 degree weather. With your kid and you don't take him to go at least in Oak Park mall my guesses they were all inside I think you said John Rosa and now I was out so I can imagine. But he's gonna have a heats you know here's the especially with dying waiting in line for built like I just not want anyone to know that here's what islanders. You as the parent have no one to blame but yourself. How did your cute even find it odd that this was going on. Let's hope that your still. Found. Out. Are you committed. Once you've told your kidnap a bear no because your child needs to doesn't understand what tomorrow means right but your seven year old does and they don't understand the cost thinks so. If you don't wanna go today for pay your age today yeah you go on Saturday. And when they say that will be 28 dollars with a accessories you just a sea ice could seize on it it's always. But isn't your time where they know. Scott than 28 dollars today yeah you got away OK let's say I'm in line six hours what is my time worth. That's 500000. Times more. Than the cost of that care to meet. Took two. Put the savings to the time and line you're actually making less than minimum wage. Minimum wage is what 725. And you're in line for six hours and save fifteen bucks 43 dollars which would have made it work at minimum wage. It's stupid. Parents are stupid. So what does that you can go online and log into your build their account and receive the fifteen dollars off there's no need to even go in and yet is valid. Until the end of August it is for a bonus club member I. I'd. What did you that it does not know not everybody can you are not everybody can be in the bonus flooded out what they're saying is that. If you want this fifteen dollar coupon you can't just go download it you have to be part of their eye on I Build-A-Bear. Thoughts. Didn't know this was going to happen. This is a promotion that backfired I know wouldn't we're talking about builder on the other hand. If you've got parents who waited in pine for six hours of really good experience. They don't care. 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You need to check outs over Crist deer creek and silver crest college you don't and so across Kansas City dot com. Silver crest Kansas City dot com asking him out there that we wish we would have done this years ago. So repressed love the way you live. Bass line and. Based not be a big crew Fam. This obvious. And tests remain absolutely. Caught. Best light in this audience I'm out Aerosmith is a class perfect I carry my crucifix under my death wish. That's a great history and the only thing I ever stood in line for for a long time was concert tickets and back in the day and a that's what you did yes we had media go to camp yet to go down the camper or down to the Price Chopper where they have a ticket master. Where I lived in Dallas forwards all the big malls. Had the ticket bathroom area seniors are Diller remembers. Crush at the mall for Tiffany remember tip Narnia went on the mall here and yeah the hunger and sewer the you were the only guy in that audience because you like red so much that someone just sent me a photo of the inside of Oak Park mall at the height of this. And it looks like buicks and it's just demand go to the madhouse. That is I've always said. I don't know if this is true and competence when I believe when you die it either go to heaven or hell. Heaven is whatever you want it to the god loves you so much you make heaven whatever you want so if your idea of being in heaven is sitting on a breach. Somewhere watching Nebraska football game and that's what you get to him. Hell is not some burning fire burned someplace it's the worst possible experience of your life. Yet when you show I think there is never all when teachers showed me that picture book art well that's my health. I would rather burn free target. Then I put in there. I've always felt that way about Black Friday. And here is far I'm an analyst I'm sorry yeah. It's park itself before we you'd like is it you go to the mall the night before and everybody would literally camp out all night and party in the parking lot. And an early in the morning you get stand in line and buy tickets and go home. Okay someone just said I was there and we'll send you a photo I'm gonna my email. And she said it's a two mile long line. An assailant did you wait I just I I think it's I would rather be kicked in the face by Cristiano Ronaldo. With steel cleats. Somebody just said Garth Brooks concert tickets when the sprint center opened. Mean here's another one check up the line to get into comic con. They were packed under the thirteenth street bridge under Bartel hall and wrapped all the way around the street before the opening. Yeah and now I AM. Yet. Now. Fooling them easily afford it when we come back and I know Scott is a fan of the phrase. We're not gonna get into politics. But and that he does right. We are not going to get into politics or not this is not Howell. Often. He's got into it on Twitter with a follower of mine who I I do enjoy. Over the announcement yesterday or the admission. That the current Supreme Court nominees. Happens to have had 200000. Dollars in credit card debt. I'm gonna repeat that. 200000. Dollars. In credit card. Debt I think the bigger stories that was last year and now he doesn't have any this is not a mortgage this is not. Your car payment. That is just crap put on a credit card. And someone on Twitter said to me this is ridiculous you just don't like the nominee. That is a that is typical America debt. Well I like the nominee and an out of defendant and I wrote back are you. Hi in what world is 200000. Dollars in credit card debt. Typical. Or American. And in what other job would that become an issue Scott if it's not an issue in this job for Supreme Court nominee. What other job is this an issue strip. How big it cleared so quickly. 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Details at VW Lee's summit dot com or get to Volkswagen Lee's summit op I've 470 and Colbert road you're telling you wanna see Dana's car. 231 in Kansas City from the KM BZ newsroom I'm Kara marks our Missouri governor Mike Parsons has signed a bill that will cut the State's top individual income tax rate to five point 4% next year. It'll take effect on the heels of earlier tax cuts passed by Missouri's legislature. The rate will gradually go down to five point 1% depending on state revenue growth. President trump in name Lindsay in the First Lady attending the black tie dinner hosted by prime minister Teresa may and Glenn I'm callous and Oxford Scheyer. About sixty miles northwest of London Britain's military musicians and helps with the welcome. Check traffic and weather together next. And Celanese summer is he appeared here you here all my good folks at sealed once Casey. 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Remember was sealed once you conceal it and forget it inside and out. Go to seal once Casey dot com call 8169423927. Today 816. Nine Ford 23927. Today. Heat advisory conditions continuing here in Kansas City abundant sunshine for the rest of today we are soaring up to an actual high. Right at 100 degrees and you factor in the humidity is gonna feel like it's closer to 107 outside folks please try to limit your outdoor activities that she can. Take frequent breaks stay in the air conditioning ministry have water by your side. So I ever clear low into the upper seventies sunny and 97 on Friday heat index above 100. I'm staff meteorologist Jennifer narrow more KE NBC web. Are ready seven Reynard PCI 97 and blue springs it's 97 at your official weather station. Still waiting taking MB easy with you is the radio dot com app download it today listen to us any time anywhere. ARAMARK certainly is 981 KN BC. Written. Group. When. I'm. And you have days. And then. And heads. That in. President it's different. Within the story in the Wall Street Journal has almost little to do complicated. Kirk Cameron. And I wanna start out by saying. This is not about Brett Cavanaugh. If he can afford to have 200000 dollars in credit card debt and wipe it out in a year. I don't have any problems at all and I don't care summit business but until orders for comes the but there are a lot of people listening right now. Who have debts Horry credit score. That is automatically. Disqualify her for any job you apply for. Anything in finance your out they will not even looking you Scott. If you're applying for a job in finance. And you have this type of issue. In your history or currently because. Today worry that it would open you up to white collar crime. It would open you up to one room right agree blackmail all of those things. Because you have this debt in fact we were those interviewed by an FBI agent. Several years ago your ex wife my ex husband both work at the same place. It is a semi government. Contract each job supported visits and they asked one of the number one things they wanted to know and this is working at Honeywell in an area that has nothing to do with making government stuff. They wanted to know well does it doesn't stop there. Debt. They wanted to know about debt who does he uh oh what does he 04 win did he owe it. I just such as news that child support so how this is my question with a judge. That just seems like an. Awful lot of money under. Underage let me just reduced or cut. Supreme Court nominee Brit capital and again it's not about him but I want to share the conversation the debate you got into last night some. Supreme Court nominee Bret Cavanaugh. Incurred tens of thousands of dollars of credit card debt. Buying baseball tickets over the past decade. And at times reported liabilities it could have exceeded the value of his cash accounts and investment assets under that last part because that's important. Later on the story. He bought baseball tickets on his credit card. And at times reported liabilities. That exceeded. The value of his cash accounts and investment assets which means he could not pay it off if he wanted to right away. According to a review of capitalist financial disclosures and information about it the White House. White House spokesman Roger Shaw telling the Washington Post the judge Cavanaugh built up the debt. By buying Washington Nationals season tickets. And tickets for playoff games for himself. And a handful of friends Shaw said some of the debts were also for a home improvement. In 2016. Cavanaugh reported having between 260000. Dollars in debt. Accrued over three credit cards and alone. Each credit card held between the 151050000. Dollars in debt got I would read into a paper bag. If I add that what I've what I think is remarkable is that and again this is just a side note about Cavanaugh on the we can talk about this. Other the other story. The Dana had. If he didn't have the assets in the cash on hand. To pay off this debt how was it miraculously paid off last year. It went from whatever to zero last year. I don't know Scott was hit the private sector he was he's been on the twelfth circuit judge yanked in Washington DC for the last twelve. If I comes problematic. Listen it becomes problematic for a judge in my opinion. To have that. On extreme amount of credit card debt. Because of the very unique position they sit in on the court. And if your screen right now you're just saying that you don't like the nominee I do like the nominee and that I concerns I think it is concerning and I think you listening right now would not be afforded. The privilege of someone saying well this was for baseball tickets and paid off it's fine if you were trying to apply for a job in any number. Of arena's where your credit scores connecting I have a girlfriend who works in HR. She got all the way to the final interview for a big job in town got all the way to finally think too. And they called her back and says after six months of back and forth we cannot hire you because of your credit score. It's his duty by really expensive tickets and his friends just repaid him well if they have the ability to repay them why didn't they buy them themselves that. If I'm not mistaken. And I've known a couple of these hey Peter types in my life. And and these K Peter types they tend to do strange things with money. Or different reasons for taxes and for. I don't know why but life. For example someone like Donald Trump could just go right to check for our house but yet carries a mortgage. And economy and a that they and so I don't know if maybe that has something to do with it. But could tell the story about the debate you've got into some guy on Twitter said you just don't like him. And and I that's not true first of all I don't know I'm from Adam I don't have a dog in this fight ounces trump sandbox. This is trump sandbox he gets to pick and nobody's gonna start I have read up about him and I do like you and I support this nominee and I hope I miss Manning just I don't I I feel like there's nothing we can do and this is his pick and so I've I've really quite frankly not paid a lot of attention to it. I said on Twitter this is an outrageous amount of dad. And a listener replied. You just don't like him that there is nothing to see here. The debt was paid and this is typical Americans how was first all it's not typical American I. That's what I said I actually my reply was are you high. Typical for whom. And 200000. Dollars in credit. Typical for hill I don't know any one. Anyone. That has that kind of debt. There is. A difference between having dead. What we're talking about here is credit card debt of anywhere between 260000. Dollars. That's were talking about and and that that's a the government doesn't all the time you know like. They never asked for specific amount like how much money do you haven't stock company assets yet. The viewer to financial disclosure of anybody in public life public service they always had these really why aid. Ranges for example or Claire McCaskill. Would say she has between five billion dollars and ten million dollars in you know cash and investments that she has access to. It's it's always some really large window. Of of what you have in assets are where you have one buildings. And so they do this you know he could have 60000 dollars or he could have 200000 dollars. In credit card debt I would still make the argument short of a financial. Crisis slash emergency in your life. Com. And it's a difficult ensure medical cancer diagnose your open heart surgery yes yes. 60000 dollars which would be the bare minimum that he. Could have incurred is still outrageous. What the monthly payment on 200000 dollars in credit card that would be if you're paying the minimum. It it would be it would be astronomical at let's say it's 25 for 120%. So what is this. CI I have one that I have one bet. My house that's when my credit scores so much homeowners'. I pay my mortgage government. I don't have a credit card I just not even for emergencies when. Sort of emergency or go to the bank. And Newton. If they didn't. Sorry I take that back. I have a thousand dollars. That I sort of Nebraska for such. And I've how hard. And Sam and that 0% finance running 95000 on the house. OK I wanna remind everyone as you think about the story. This 200000 dollars is not a mortgage or car to credit card to clean it is your credit card debts. 576779. It. I am not saying I don't care about brick Cavanaugh and if he gets on graded it doesn't find some bills I don't care. People were arguing with the Dana last night that this is America. And Americans just have a lot. And by that we mean order rule of credit card debt. Carol it's just Tara looked it up what's your guess I would bet the averages us sadly 101000 dollars per family. This. So. These last. And tying this was reported was just back in January this year. The average American. Has a credit card balance of 6375. Dollars that is up 3% from last year who. Total credit card debt has reached its highest point ever surpassing one trillion dollars in 27 team. 576779. It gets your calls your comments in just a moment here on Damon park. Like finding the latest must have tacked to enjoy your entertainment anywhere or a camera. That lets you capture all your adventurous moments guess what. You need to head to your local AT&T and check out the new LGZ. Thirty fives and Q and find out how you get a Smartphone your favorite person on AT&T. On top of that. You can also get 400 dollars in credit when you buy an LGV 35 thing Q. And trading your eligible Smartphone. 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Yeah. I was gonna say I I've heard of Rebecca doing a story the other night saying that there were still four different rides closed there were closed because they didn't. They didn't renews some I don't know. I guess some there was and section or something that they didn't meet. It. Just to shut down shut the whole thing it's over it's over yeah I really news just walk away Pablo in Shawnee help Pablo. Sure. It's. Think about the credit card debt you know I know it will look bad. What are granting credit card debt but if you think income to debt ratio and our outlets were making what 200 grand. And locate it where people who honored at the Iowa with their credit card yet herb Boyd and the rewards they get here a little bit. What images both your points and they're good points. Up until 2013. He was making a 184000. Dollars a year. Any also claimed some sort of salary of like 27000. Dollars for coaching some sports and doing some other side work like. Speakers please support that's a rough week up until 2013. The judge was making about 200 grand a year. Com your second point oh. You're talking about the people by certain things on credit he they'd come forward and said there rod Shaw who used the spokesman for the White House and his temporarily on leave them. Judy Chu helped get charged Kavanagh threw. Just came out yesterday and said he'd bought baseball tickets with season ticket packages. He's not buying buildings or business. Expenses and stuff like that he's buying baseball tickets. Which is why means you spend your money what are we want bunker. Again your issue is and and somebody else is saying why are you focused on this 200000. To meet the bigger issue is in a variety of other jobs some private sector some public sector. That amount and type of debt would automatically disqualify you for that job now. If you build houses in your contractor. Sure that's not gonna Qualls that's not to disqualify you for that job it it might raise some eyebrows if you go in and try to take catalog by car certificate 008. And but but if you are trying to work in a government job or again finance. You are not going to be hired with that type of debt that's why we're bringing this up. I know someone who. Could not get a job it quick trip because of their credit. Really yeah wallets and because your handling slaughter us and ask him whatever it's just your hand only money and merchandise. And grab bag credits you're probably gonna steal. That that is the out that's not really why but they it's one of those things you you're talking about earlier there are companies that locate your credit and I figure maybe you're not so responsible. Or or Rodney if you have ten candidates and the new near those ten down to five. And you have four candidates is credit score is normal and you have one candidate he's your favorite. Who as a horrible credit score in history you're probably gonna go with your second favorite candidate are you not be as you have. Five to choose from I think most places would say and we're gonna take a pass because of that. Go to Jeff in blue springs Jeff hello. And are you different and sure. Quick question. I've kind of brush and a formal colors well sir. Arthur 200 and I mean. He obviously had your credit ordered that there are at the limit. Democratic order one or. Deals right and I don't understand why. All the sudden a financial saved their dignity to her so much. Now. And I'm not met in this. A writer web this year but it is and always all the sudden right now and there's other candidates. On that had been. Brokered about as far as financial donors are welcome at all. Obviously the higher up you go Jeff did the deeper anybody and everybody is going to dig into your. Past I mean if you run let's say you had a parent with your wife are against one guy you're running for the City Council that's probably not coming now. You run for congress and most likely it's. Rare as soon Sam. I mean we when Europe for the Supreme Court they're gonna dig into every thing. Just like I mean when you're president of the United States are running for president. They're gonna dig up everything that the but how conflicted Clarence the Clarence Thomas. Good as any I believe any but they dug up and how many years prior when she was a law clerk for him was the. Alleged sexual harassment. Twenty years and when that long to end there I mean look at George W. Bush he's a great example. The October surprise either he lives he got when he was a kid my kid I mean in his twenties. I came out when he was running for president in never came out when he was running for governor and winning. When he ran for present all the sudden the big October surprise against George W. Bush in 2000 was a DWY that he got him. Maynor something. Who. To resume here is Carol looks. Happening now on KM BZ a deadly water slide is coming down that's next. Right here for doctor today in the center for nutrition and Lee didn't 135 veteran you've heard me brag on the girlfriend. Who is down fifty pounds and this is unease is a port yesterday whatever colleagues said. I dated if there's a's say whatever friends was down more than fifty pounds is that you seize that yes that's I'm the day in different. And she is amazing she looks better she feels that her whole face shape has changed and so proud of her. And it all started with that free consultation with doctor take it did not take her long. To lose that weight and she like a lot listening like me had tried just about. Everything to get the layoff to keep it off and get doctor take a call and to try you're gonna love his staff medically managed weight loss he would he can do for you. I'm 13814222. As the number 9138148222. Ortega nutrition dot com you tell Dana sentient. Thanks for listening to the Dana and parks podcast remember you can catch us online anytime at KM BZ dot com.