135 people have now been murdered this year in Kansas City. Let that number sink in...

The Dana & Parks Podcast
Tuesday, December 5th

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You're listening to the Dana and parts podcasts on KE MB easy. I'm. Actor few quickly allegations yet sweats it out through Danny Masterson. So. Isn't he used to play net seventy shall. Matter with vast temperature. If resting got bag and he's now on the ranch on Netflix. And Netflix sad today that they were writing him out the end. Never heard of him going there tomorrow. Never heard speaking out of underdog image and speaking of two things did you hear house of cards will continue guest last season with out of course Kevin Spacey and how thick genetics they're going to have to kill him. Off. There's definition adds that an entity that's really the only thing they can do. And I did not know. Posted about the so that we can go it's fascinating the movie that they wrote about it okay. Where they sent to Christopher Plummer will you come out all the money in the world have you read what is about not coming fast and look it up so I don't wanna get it wrong it is. Fascinating. It is about this old guy Christopher Plummer. Who. Is asked to give ransom. I believe. For his kidnapped. Graham sat. Almost positive. And this is true story he said no. They basically said to him. Will you please give us four million dollars we've kidnapped your grandson he's like a big bear in some sort. And the critics they're replies. Yen on I can do that. Because if I pay you I have fourteen other grandchildren that I wouldn't have to pay at one point they cut the kid's ear off and that's what it's about. Anyway it is a fascinating story. And it's true. And is wanted and it's it's a horrible thing to think about but is sort came here and said January billionaire. Dot. Give us two million dollars. Or we're gonna kill your grandkids and I think public Warren Buffett that's who this guy was like. How much would you prepared to do your kids. I'm not even Henman discussed. But I'm gonna ask my next question. I was name is Jenny and I'm not gonna talk about what I was gonna talk America's David Islamic talked about it. Yes Ed and that isn't a when he hall when you look at the triggerman he Republican poster for the store for the movie in the poster for the Downey. Is eighty and ear then hell yeah it's an ear oh. Let's just say. I was trying to buy some tickets on line from my mother and me for Saturday night negotiate a certain show. A man I got. Wind on lying during your news break. Of the service charges a it's crazy that I'm gonna have to pay to buy two tickets you now to see a certain show. Credit card. Bakken well yeah I'll be going to the box office tomorrow it's much much better are you kidding me. I didn't get a say the name of the band wanted to see where the venue of which we are going to see what was the surface and let me tell you what it was. This is in saint. And I ended up thank god in it let's just say it's an annual tradition with a whip me in the girls. Op my buddy Bob Edwards down the hall. Originally set I can't help you out this year we just don't have tickets in the house. He ended up getting me for I need to five. Take four K thank you Bob very much today so. I was going to buy myself a ticket and then I needed to date so I asked my mom today she would like to be my date while Kelly. Her son and the girls at the seats down below my mom and I would take the seat some morals in the tank. So I go online to purchase really glad you decided not to be the creepy Kyle buyers off again. Agree right yeah you don't go to somebody one direction concerts byters correct. So I go online to get a pair of tickets from a mom and connect their 89 bucks apiece expensive but it's a great show. Cost him. Amazing shall by the way. 89 bucks apiece. So you would think you know kick a little bit for the convenience a groups are restored order. All's said and done my bill came to 240. Box. In your tickets were 89 dollars appease. Cool and those are for lower level bowl Eric. They won 27. Dollars. In a service charge per ticket. That's 54 dollars in service charge. So I conveniently put credit card. I can help it out and all his drive down to the box office tomorrow morning. And I'll purchase it because I live in what's called rope oh and I'm real close to doubt now. Did you just say doubt how this is. And broke doubts now everybody is not a stroke. Are you now stop par. I'm gonna go down to doubt how to Marlon I'm point two buys up or my Romero to mix at the box office. Except this is. You get all the deets figured out there an idea demise started our. Likely not to who we are a matter to stop talks. Skype. Clinic. Not to bring everybody down but so all my commanders knew about the Holocaust. Several techsters. Did say are you guys going to mention this horrible case in Kansas City. 24 year old. Zach pierce arrow Yassin was killed in westward at this well he was our home from went west for. What happened here I just want to briefly talk about Dennis. Hit two men supposedly in amber room SUV. Pulls they pull up to this kid they say give me your wallet your found. The two kids walking around in the 24 years old complied. He handed over everything. And that they shot kills actors anyway it is horrible. Horrible. This is it roughly forty and we're roughly forty hot and may so he was walking home from what those were north of applied yet yet. They were walking home. From Westport after nine out and it was like near his apartment building was shot and then go on Google Maps last night. And I pull up fortieth a main. It's right it's just east of where the CBS is located OK Edward Joseph Joe's yes so. No it's it's a business area right there you live just east of there I think on wall that's. And my husband last night it my son has been really liking to go to concerts lately he likes to go to the uptown who likes to go to. There's one playing at the what is the one downtown anyway remember the Midland. And all I can think. Is Jack and his buddies would be walking away from a concert like that it would probably get a maneuver and come home. And now in completely freaked out about letting him go down there and I know that that's silly that this is an isolated case. But they've got to figure out who did Dennis. This one. Really bothers me and it should bother everybody. His family and his friends are like nicest guy you've ever met but never missed today were kind of guy. Just a good guy who handed over what they asked for. Before he shot and killed so I don't posted on our FaceBook page somebody has to know who did this yet. His buddy survived. Did they give any sort of description it just says gamer or un. SUV. Pulled up as they are lodging and there were three people in there pulled up. And the boys didn't fight back they didn't run that turned over everything they had at. And then this happened right here forty at the moment by the way he is Kansas city's 134. Homicide. We had a 135 last night. And what makes me so sad as his dad said I heard this quote on one of the Newsday since last night. We begged him to move from the city we begged him because he was robbed again like three weeks ago this was robbed at three weeks ago. Not connected and was fine but was dropped. But it meant that if I may. What does this have anything to do with your son going to live concert I just he was at the uptown last night which is midtown I realize that. But not near where this occurred no it's just this. It just. Bothers me and it should bother everyone and I think it's because he's 24. And I think you know someone comes up to him and says gimme all your stuff and he goes okay. And and they kill him I am just. Really. Angry. About this. And we should all be angry that there's a 130 sport that earned thirty follow. Regular. Are we trapped for. That number is getting really high care any hundred's high is close to record it is not post a record reseller about 20/20 five went from record when you were wrecked 1993. But as long as I've been covering the news in this town this is this is the highs of best in its plan. So maroon suvs. Both men were in early twenties. And stuff and sank like a white Kara. Doesn't say person inside the car pulled out a gun and demanded the victims funds wallets I think black cut. 135 people. Anything over 100 for the city. And I'm not saying one is OK because it's not anything over 100 for the city is always considered a bad year a 135 sometimes. It's it at Chicago asked. We've done on the numbers Dana yes it's insane. 57677. On it. There is still time to get in on the deal acts Volkswagen of Lee's summit urgent that Black Friday a month long deal. You'll get to 101000 dollars off. All remaining 2017. That there aren't that many lefty got to get out now. 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Say you know law. We bought it and for Libya terminal out there of further American City Council I'd like the deal on a police officer restore. In your campus more officers on the street mean more crumble around. And the thing had happened down there are forty at the main it almost sounds like a gang initiation. Economy. Is involved like what. I'll just name Carol I mean just ignore (%expletive) a guide for no reason I mean you know. Just did to me it just kind of has maybe I'm from the deal with that I am outs man. I know for sure I'm just speculation party much. Let's say one other thing personally speak and I don't go after 10 o'clock at night no reason because the mean streets of Kansas City believe me. Oh. I think that's part of my eight you know and my son went to a concert last night and I just had this moment of absolute panic I know that that's silly but. You should be able to walk home from Westport. A block east. Of essentially 39 and Maine. And a rise briefing you use should be able to do that. In the city where you. Let's go to Joseph in Kansas City hello Joseph. Klein. Oh go ahead. Yeah I was just called a minute ago and ask you questions as that of modern why. And let's go to the then I didn't hear it mean I got in light that light white she thought that they were black. It has been reported. It has been reported on all of the news stations that it was a right to. I have been I mean look at demand that it that you know collecting them on the radio that there. Yeah female drivers now and two black males in the car. And it's my understanding is one of the black males who pulled the Ghana and shot until this can't. Be honest that is relevant information well when they're looking for. Three people in name rudeness you yeah I do believe that Iran when you can narrow it down to 12% of the population. Okay. Let's make this a racing like guards respect your station must like it that's not true. Currently untrue I would like more of a description that we have that I would now and that's all we have pot but I think. The race of the people involved is not race baiting it is a and I don't know if career. You have in my room and SUV OK there are only so many people in this town that own room and suvs. Right so now I mean let's play detective here for a second. You have a black woman driving all right you have a black woman driving and two black men in the back you've just narrow it down to 12% of the population. Of the united states of those how many driver and as you've exactly my point. This is not race baiting this is an identifier. It's real simple. From the text line as a black man from the hood. I apologize for the worst in my community. My brother was robbed and killed July 2015 on 43 and Indiana. And we still do not know why or how it was done. Life can be random and scroll and we all need to pray. I 767798. 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For Thursday colder air is gonna move in. Look for high temperature right around 32 degrees. Under partly cloudy sky from German adversely meteorologists level Miller. Teams whether 46 now RK CI it's 45 in Lee's summit 46 at your official weather station I'm Caremark sir stay connected with nears 981 KM BZK and he's he's got. They are we supposed to Wear it because recorded mobile. They just from now up. It is time to go out and go out and him and having the camera what TV station I was watching you today. They now sound. Coat forecast. Where they have like I don't know yet. I know yes they did surcharge yes. They have a light well they have like a sweatshirt. Of light coat. A medium coat and them like a park because I mean it's charts. Because I mean you know I'm too dumb to dress I've only been on the planet for 46 years. I needed chart. That tells me what size of clothing. I need to Wear outside when I leave the house. And they had it I'm not kidding you eight vote or cast okay. I wanna tooth roll up in my own now I'm an attendant to a panic and it's. Remember 1990s throwback in Ghana and are you of my shirt let's just say Eddie better cold and he needs is often ask. So today is the one year anniversary of my grandfather's death now. This. Panel be belonged to my grand fodder. And I am wearing it because it's the one year anniversary. Of his debt. Scott would you like some barbecue sauce for those shoes you're about to eat. And yeah. At all. I can't let me right now I face it I'm oh yeah I'm aware of Grand Slam ball. Nudity rule retired. Yeah. It's bad. Maybe sometimes you just don't think it. Just a suggestion. I pulled his flannel outlet and thinking in my grandfather's dances one. The man died when you're gonna today. I just think. First thing I solid look is that this morning. I interact and answer. Story. Montserrat lost your grandfather great man it's hard retired. He's at in his return. He did I am so sorry yeah that was a real he's suddenly Democrats filed and. That was really bad. Your mother's in the parking lot in his show with her arms folded. Scott worked with him and make fun of the deceased military people. Father they Scott I think your father and I raised you better. It. The worst part was when she just got in the car. After she schooled via portage. There and it gives the car and his drives off in my book. Is it amazing that mothers I was saying the other day if my ma am 46 years old at my mother said to me tomorrow. Go get me a chair so why can stand on it hit you I would be like okay Greg back. I am so sorry I let you know. Hello. And in my flannel. I if I took a photo in the flannel this morning nice and it's mime know what you thought was born grapples flannel traps set. You trapped triggered each unit ran out I. And the whole. I think it's good pitcher and he acts. One. Good friend of programs Kevin Lee summit held hi Kevin. Carrier. I know you understand numbers. Homicide pretty if you what you're what are you said that if I had. London eighty. I know he's he's I need to. Know what our population they're mature earn rough exams it is now. Brenda are you. With the match or can't send. It about two million. And do what it now two and half. So. There are under our. Now if we're talking about just Kansas City proper it's always hovered around 500000 I think now it's up to six. I don't know that popular usually can't seem proper yes I don't always been around for 57 I don't know that numbers have anything to do with it those numbers. Assurance that it was six I don't know. Steve in Kansas City hello Steve. It's well what's going really well until about five minutes ago when I decide to show my foot deep in my mouth and I'm fine. Adds that this little bit they'd come and watch it'd take off all mellow out. Desert. Yet it was in his closet. Out hey am. What you mean well my mom Margaret Margaret are not well no matter where would that. Oh no no no I don't think and mothballs underdogs not my balls may or some other than slam sure. I have agreed mart caught I'll let you know pretty much it takes a bit of common sense were eager at. You know be aware are surrounding. Certain area got a little bit more alert than others I mean is it that simple I agree with you that yet no. Matter what they get life. Certain area got to be more work a little bit quicker get your gullet. Yeah I mean. Honestly if I am I. It's one of my children said at 8 o'clock at night or whenever this happened I don't because it was 11 o'clock I was eleventh when my jobs at 11 o'clock. I'm going to walk from fortieth and Maynor 39 and main 240. S and wall units. I don't know that I could quantify. Sea level. Of complete. Panic. I would have at that statement but would you be OK if your kid went to go see a show commitment. They do look at it and you're OK with it's be walking home that I just you know. He says they were your surroundings you know these idiots came up in a car. They pulled up next imminent Carner and so yeah other going to be cars around it's a. Straight but I remember being seventeen years old and we used to go seek concerts are Kemper we saw iron married men. Guns 'N Roses K town one year. My buddy texted me and sent when they go to concerts to earn a group and that's the difference a busy lately locking with a friend he was not all nice and simple we're doing reports double as to me. They they're. There were two of them and we always say safety in pairs but I will tell you this and I tell you with some level. More than used think of understanding. Of midtown I have spent. I cannot tell you how many. Hours of my life in midtown. We we attain and that's not fair you're in the news media there were little or cops everywhere when when you were there just parents live there for twenty years Africa. And so we spent an enormous amount of time. Off the state line corridor but right along those numbers on those numbers 35. Of 43. So. I say with some level of confidence. As often as I'd been over there. That I would not want to kids walking at night anywhere over there and sorry but the northern sorry it. Now. Now. In Kansas city. State and for having me on the course. We. You know what are resist Q center west court it was forty. Such a pretty there are. It's right it's just east of the CBS. David if if you're familiar with the big CBS on the corner. You know you. I wouldn't you know I live. Out of the South Korean city you live and organize Syria at the Wal-Mart. Well my dog every evening and I'll walk through of apartment block it. You know that's just this kind of you know I'm I'm in my fifties now it's a different world. That we live pin. What it was when I was in my one each the Internet period that should know that some of the church have been near. You know reaction but. I don't care where your are your these days I mean when I walk out especially. And so on now I'm armed. Well I know a lot of people don't want to hear that these days and I'm arm to him because outside of that I don't think that feel that secure. It it is you know what's your Simi David and and you are right it is a mixed use area right there and I've been over there so many times because you know was right over there one of my favorite junk stores urban mining homers. Is right there right there you go there during the IA or there's a difference and this happened one block. East essentially if you shop there you know where that is it happened essentially one block East River mining Omar's. I got there during the day on a Sunday where a couple hundred other people their shopping. But to walk alone over there at night I'm going to be honest Ewing I wouldn't do it. I wouldn't do it and and and it breaks my heart that the second time. That this young man was robbed his family begged him to live shouldn't have to beg him to. You should be able live wherever you want the city without fear being shocked. But I would I would done the same things got I would've said what can I pay to get you out of there. 5767798. In a right rob Babcock and scuff marks over yet our finale for coats for kids is this Friday Dick Smith forward. Be an honor and a privilege viewed come on out donate what you can't see you Dick Smith sport on Friday under and in parks. Did you ride your for doctor taken the center for nutrition in Lee would at a 135. And ran you know I have a girlfriend down twenty pounds and that included Thanksgiving. And a weeklong trip. That she took to Mexico and she still came back about half a pound down. After that trip let doctor today help you medically managed weight loss I'm down about fourteen pounds in three weeks. And I'm Tom hit it it works. What do you wanna lose 2040. A hundred pounds or more. Let him help you my girlfriend actually sent to me I've tried everything I've tried every diet out there this is the first thing that has worked for her they were able to get in. Take a look at her her body what was going on with her and figure out. A program tailored just for her to the same thing for you what are you waiting for don't wait for the new year gift doctor take a call you tell day dissension 9138148222. As the number. 9138148222. Or take nutrition dot com. I don't trump. Is. Prepared to announce that the US embassy will be moving to Jerusalem. The United States is going to officially. According to reports today for guys recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel good. It's the content partners. Carriers. The embassy for those who don't know as long been in Tel Aviv. Even though Israelis consider Jerusalem to be there capital which it is. The United States not wanting to ruffle feathers is always kept the embassy and leave. But Donald Trump is talking about moving it within the next six months to Jerusalem and plans to declare. That the United States considers Jerusalem to be the capital of respect that. Who cares. I'm just governments in the surpassing because I hope these people do burning now. You heard about this young girl thirteen year old Rosalie. Avila Avila sword. From California she committed suicide. Her parents are now being she committed suicide because who's bold and so on her parents are now being troubled. You know the Internet is one of the most amazing. Inventions. To change. The way we live. Since really. Its first. Came out Scott. But we know with all of the good the Internet does it has a great capacity to do enormous harm a child pornography. Bullying trolling. And I saw that story it breaks my heart is they need to run away from the Internet right now in the face of a loss like that the last place I hope any of her friends or family are spending any time is online. One of these means that one of these idiot morons patrolled the allegedly won here aren't I lit up our government. People were asking earlier if we can do terrible joke to stakes it's been a little bit of a heavy heart I am so open that after 5 o'clock but he thank. Right after 5 o'clock why not why we got on. It let's do. A shorts. Terrible joke Tuesday. At the top of the 5 o'clock hour you can text me your terrible jokes at 2298. I enjoy Reid is. Being criticized apparently she made some sort of way homophobic joke on MSNBC over the weekend. Toy read her oh she she's not a good here and she's don't know. She she she is not without controversy we just talked happily in your saying this woman is not a good human beings personals is a grown up and she is Albert trigger. George Reid according here from who practice lived. Media Research Center vice president Dan Gainer says and I quote jeweler read on the other hand was actively bashing someone for being gay. Just because he was a different political party. It looks like MSNBC figures it can stand up to the pressure. And just let him go this other person but already got the signals from the LG BT community that they will give Reid a pass. The last alleges Republicans are day all the time and uses it as a slur but they get away with it because the media let them overall MSNBC. Does not have a policy on these comments. Now that this this is not. NBC is no saint when it comes to the media Jordan reed is one of the worst odds Stephanie rules should be fired. She's the woman who was laughing. I don't know segment at the naked on all of that congressman from Texas and a well. His sultry that was. Dare I say unflattering. You don't even need to dare to say that again it was horrifying but she latter but she laughed her way through a segment about him two weeks ago. And then at the end was asking the commentator was our crime committed here why is he apologizing. What crime did he commit and he's a weather in the crime is probably revenge torrent. If that exists in Washington DC. And Stephanie rules said the only crime committed was the assault on my eyes. If she had said that about a Claire McCaskill. Or Dianne Feinstein. A male. Anchor and MSNBC at said that about Rick asked goal. And assault animus sink clear ever did that. Problem. Or that Dianne Feinstein ever took herself free in Mac kind of compromising position but of male anchor it ever said that they would be fired on the spot. That is up. Stephanie rules should be on the unemployment line today what she should be ashamed of course. What happened to the frogs car when it dropped down I don't know Dana what happened to the frogs car when it broke down. Who'd. Two. Terrible joke Tuesday when we give back give him an early twenty to nine AD into the newsroom. Here is Rebecca crack. Happening now on KM BZ fires continue to blaze out of control in California and more next. Thanks for listening to the data and parks podcast remember you can catch us online anytime at KM BZ dot com.