12 years ago, she smuggled a convicted murderer out of prison in a dog crate.

The Dana & Parks Podcast
Monday, August 6th
Toby Young, now Toby Dorr, is ready to tell her story.

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You're listening to the Dana and parks podcasts on KNB easy. That time of night. Caught him going and I'm not creating god goes towards. The poisoned by Alice Cooper who's at the cost of war this. War. Alice Cooper the original shock rocker is in town tonight call consent rods on his way you're kubert cash. By the way is thief. THR. Of Texas and 72 hated one. And your running for a thousand dollars with kubert like when at that rod asked me to come in on the board forum for you guys. I. I'd jump in and let me with that song like didn't. Just like play and then just left and was like oh OK I was even looking I just hit play and it was that song and I got sucked out. Story from outer space. Yes it's either aliens. And or its microwave. With an area. Well which one is that. There's been a mysterious radio signal that's been spotted by a telescope. In Canada. It is the lowest frequency dates. It was posted last week by Patrick oil from Canada's. McGill University. A fast radio births. Short bursts of radio waves coming from beyond the Milky Way they think. The detection has not been independently verified yet. Which is why they're not sure of whether or not it's a microwave or whether it's the actual Marines. Watts. They're reaching out the electronic purse could be. I agree with you get everybody to be imported through investing in NASA again if we did get a signal from outer space and like. Translated its atom Sox. Men and we could to get everybody. And who's in charge reaching. They wanna serve all eight more claim. Wonder. Now. Why. Why I'm just saying. I think should be more concerned that they don't know which one should. You would hear her hobby into all that I this is just what our eyes are right I forgot. Let's see we. Gamut fly eat a little over a hundred years ago. We put a man on the moon a little over 49. Years ago. And all of a sudden used to super scientists and they equals she is Jonathan we. We should be able to detect whether or not this is a radio signal from far away. Or microwave from the kitchen you would think so I don't think that's the kind of microwaves are walking. No it's not to be going. Honey is that a minute thirty or or a minute or aren't on my allergies. Oh hole. It. I don't think that's the kind of microwaves or talk. Let's just say OK so this website that has posted on the U what's called the astronomers telegram. Are responsible for a wreck just does not sound like real. An accredited astronomer. Submitted an observation tutor telegram claiming he had discovered a very bright star. It was Mars. If it if it will so I'm just CN. Could be my course and get them to sometimes you mess up sometimes sometimes you get it right. I would I would love it was actually ends on its ethnic. Removal little slow tonight I had a hard pocket for dinner. Good to see them not the only way round here. By the hot pockets or going grocery stores and what if these. Every now hot pocket and then afterwards been there. Mosley after that. I hate. So I don't think it's a tenement. You know. You're right you're right I don't know if it may have been a microwave my mother's house have they detected. From a foreign star in a galaxy far far away. I'd like to think that they're reaching out to us that they wanna say hello and that they're friendly. And that they wanna come down and meet me in probe what specifically that last part yes and there was the only place but. I mean. From the text line. Space force becomes reality that it didn't clear out. We start saying this stuff is real say we detected I was on the outer space and it just said quote. America's Sox. Where else the awesome space force we got taken. I always say this that if China goes to the moon and knocks over. The flag on the moon we're back in. They seem odd telescope they go up there they knock over our flag. You're tell me the entire country wouldn't be on board with funding NASA however much it cost to go head up there and fix the flag. Park saints. Whenever I read something like this I absolutely believe it we aren't I need to think it where the only spec. Act. But part of me is like quietly heard from somebody else by now likely in being those and how. Big neighbor. Maybe we have. Maybe all those people who claim they've been probed really happened please. Why. This conversation a couple of weeks ago. We are talking about. What's that stupid movie that came out late ninety's about the got to go probed him and not stupid movie it's an. Graphical well they'll care about what happened to those guys cornfield. Michael aliens studs now. At least talking about you know what I'm talking about a Wheatley said 666. Passed a polygraph which I. Quit. Heart felt OJ Simpson. Many if we had agreed. That our society dinner over the weekend. Scott. De L. That one scupper. Comes out and says he asked five Ali which whatever personal says that. He says with two world renowned polygraph experts which proves he says he didn't have some inappropriate relationship. Was thirty years ago. Am. Cared enough that he needed take five slicing just got personal you don't just run out to some storefront like politics I polygraph test with five world renowned experts super isn't it doesn't work like that. So I Google Casey polygraph during a rain while we were out at brew makers in belt. I cannot results. There are no fewer than three local polygraph. Leases. And I hole. And the message. On our show we want to talk about how it works we get polygraphs. I told sky deal. Scotland it later if you depending what the wanna ask you get what was. Dividers with the guys with the stakes you know that they can find water. Maybe one of them out here to know where I believe in the changes in York. Paul's on other things when you're line but this it's got it was crafts. No he's crap that he even went out and found two experts to polygraph in five to them he named them metres past. Okay. I absolutely lying but polygraphs are real there's a guy locally has been doing this for thirty. Years I haven't heard back from an emailed and called that name is on vacation. I want us all to do this because I am fascinated. With what it can do and what it can't do it. He he can ask these questions I want those questions. It's. He's asking a little like questions in advance Donahue on an item that's what I think I'm not a little. We're in now when Democrats that they ain't what you not want to stop its. When I assure you it's what I don't pressure with him and then when I lie to him about it he's gonna call me. You're out in the movies are like well deception. Because you just make little red circle line I artwork it's only. I. They grabbed the man they think you're telling the truth that they grab the rent and your. It is a great idea engine detects and submit questions I mean and green and I cannot. That way what. Have you ever stolen anything have you ever committed petty theft. That my answer would be well all my classes as well lots that would be why it's not. Unintentionally. Was something is not a legal definition. Look up the definition of please out I take it flat screen TV from wall run out knocked over the green that's that so it's only that did that involves the salt. It's only that you have to have intent. To break the law with that. Accidentally walked out with and that's not. That is defined as the physical removal of an object that is capable of being stolen without the consent of the owner. And with the tension of the owner of at tension so if you go grocery shopping and you have milk or cat litter on the bottom of the car. And you get your car. And your load the stuff in and you're like that was. That's not asked if you don't go back yeah. If that's that that everyone was saying well he'll. It didn't want to back if you don't take it back at that left with the intention of depriving it of the from the you do at that point OK I have something that doesn't belong to me. That is the first definition of Kraft. And then you didn't go back into April what you eat bacon even if it was on accident. They're intentionally making a decision to deprive the owner of said property is you have got. As long as you agree that it's not that all the way out when your. Your car Dana it was not what you did at Wal-Mart was not theft until he got them. Until you looked in your rear view mirror to drive away so all the glasses on top of your head and continued to drive away. Then it became legal legal definition of that you art guilty guilty. Guilty some magistrate and Dane it would be so stressed by that question that you will come up positive answer Jonathan yeah excited like I do it right. I have said to Scott I think I will come back. 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Tellem Dana told the caller you're still gonna get that 20% discount remember was sealed once you steal it and for getting go to seal once Casey. Dot com today. Shop. Here on parks. By the way we're pretty came out on Friday to brew makers in Belton thank you for your time. Everybody was so friendly and I I hope everybody had a really good time. God knows we. I story here from CBS news. And if you haven't had chance to see the video. Just go look it up on YouTube because it'll melt your heart. Actually heart melting for cents I did not proof read my story. Pittsburgh dad who works three jobs. Made his daughter's dream come true last month and the heart melting gesture is gone. That's right. And Avaya Smith who is fourteen found her dream dress. For the eighth grade formal dance. Two peas dress was out of a family's budget could afford it soared debt Ricky. Didn't think he'd be able to purchase it for her at first. Smith bounces three jobs. To support his family according to the UK Daily Mail after saving up the father was able to buy. He is dream dress. And the surprise brought her to tears. Villas mom Kelly. Film the emotional moment on June 12. And it has cents on. The video shows Smith opening a garment bag to reveal the surprise to his daughter and via. Heard jaw drops. As she stands up and gives her dad a huge hog. Thanks were father's hard work via proudly wore that dress to the dance on June 15. So stoked that the video is just been released but the story what he did is actually a couple console. The Villa told CBS this morning during a Skype interview. I am grateful but he found a way to get the dress and I really appreciate how many jobs my dad has worked. I just don't want people to think just because you don't have the money you can't make your kids happy because you can't sit Greinke. The dress was expensive. But he says the look on his daughter's face was priceless. And the gift was more than just to dress for school dance. It is something he says Nabil cherish forever. What when you were that age. Was so important to you what material monger despite that we can all remember that saying what did you want so badly and you knew your parents. Could not afford it. For me at age thirteen or fourteen. It would have been close. Which I know stupid and they're they're saying it was and you know I can already hear you saying what a brat she she wanted to stress or debt and buy. You forget how important those things are in middle school and high school if you don't have money. They're very important especially to teenage girls and a and they are two boys two but when it comes to things like dances. Do you remember something carrot that you wanted so badly as a kid especially as a teenager that your parents could not afford. Yeah a car a car. Educate your first car I saved up money there. Mine was paid paid genes. All my friends had them eight okay we want to or for them. And so I would Wear fake knock off paper is from Alco. They were not pay days. When you guessed your gas force and all my guys everyone wanna Guess jeans. Like lost you're. Like sixty dot lurks. You did you're classmates think funny you yes is this part of the inner game of so it's especially until I was probably in. Eighth grade but man that fifth sixth seventh grade year was and half those of the worst years old war lists. Calls are terrible. Are. That's true I don't understand it it's emotional. Battery. But. That's cool. It's the loser here is her marks the mayor railing against the recent surge in gun violence that's next. Pick up my guys at lightning landscape irrigation for landscape hard skate and irrigation and I know it's hot out right now it's hard to think about set on that back patio and enjoying the heat. 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Well we're seeing articles runoff senseless one of a kind type things that happens radically in all parts of the city and you can't predictable. You can't play it for. He says going control measures like longer background checks in mandatory reporting of a gun is lost or stolen may help keep the guns out of the hands of bad guys. But he adds that's up to state lawmakers because the city is doing everything it can't right now. For a job if your cool under pressure it shouldn't be too difficult to find work isn't 911 operator nationwide there's a shortage of qualified dispatchers. Stress low pay unit tight labor market get the blame. Deanna wells director of a callous Kenny 911 center in Washington says there's a high turnover rate. Only seen three dispatchers who actually made it to retirement she's trying to hire six dispatchers rank now we'll check traffic and weather and together next. 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They're ready if you straight thunderstorms out there for the afternoon time most of that Norris. And then through deceit being an ass tonight goes on a ramping up that chance for showers and thunderstorms with stronger storms here alone in seven days. I'm staff meteorologist Jennifer narrow more KE NBC weather. Now 94 keys CI it's 96 and all lanes I 96 of your official weather station KM BZ is now on radio dot com download the app and take this everywhere you go. Kara marks or news 981 KM BZ. Funded in part. I by the way and quick correction if you world. All of us earlier today. Toby door who is sorely Toby Young. And if that name doesn't ring a bell what she did will. She was the woman who helped John Maynard escapes Lansing prison twelve years ago. Believe it or not. In a dog crate she is going to be joining us on the program a couple of weeks we said it was a week from this Thursday sexually. Skews it two weeks from this Thursday. I cannot wait and I've been emailing back and forth with her. And I've posted the phenomenal Kansas City Star article over the weekend about what she's doing now she's been out for awhile. She's an effort to get what she thinks about. The crime mood what she thinks about John Maynard she's now married calls him the man who saved her life. And she is writing a book about her experience and why. She says her past kind of led up to the decision that well may she says John Maynard saved her life no hurt no parent has our current saved her life size. I realize. They did not only did they planned this out to the point that he'd been had to go lose weight 25 pounds who fit in the dog crate yet now. Owner along that's and it was some glamorous heist I mean they've walked right out she gap and the other guys right now. Walked right out with those dog crates. Everyone just assumed they were dogs in the greats like always they've loaded up the crates and her band she drove right out they weighed on the way out well and. And they did it on a Sunday ride on a cold Sunday because on Sundays they don't do three head counts they would do to. So it could it out of there aren't there obvious they swapped out the truck for a car in Bonner springs. Which having lived in Lansing growing up in in high school. Bonner springs is. 56 miles down the road that I mean your Bonner springs before you know it. And so I mean they have the car ready to go. Oh and here's the fascinating thing in this story in us are so much that's fascinating about it it was a great read. If you didn't get a copy of the southern star. And there's no anniversary earth and they just the computer which was kind of cool. She said when meg when she got into the of AM. And drove off on February 12 2006. She did not know if he'd John Maynard had gotten into the dog crate for sure she did now and so she's driving through the gate they wave her through. She was a trusted. Person from the outside. And she says in the article. That is she's driving out she says are you back this year. And she was hoping. That the that she would hear nothing. She didn't. She thought to herself. Okay he didn't get in the dog crate plan abort. About ten seconds later. She looks back and sees his and come out of a dog crate. And them thought oh god what do we do. Yeah and he said drive drive. And then you're in a position where OK. Now. What do we do because talking about it's one thing yet you've taken this busting somebody out is a completely different you pass the point in our return. And so he can't turn back all I want to drop him off sorry you can't put that genie back in the bottle. What I can't get over it she was 48 years old at the time. He just wanna set she was a mother Susan wife she was miserable in her marriage. That she was just four years older than I am now when those decisions were made and one thing's gonna write a book about this. Is. You know what in her background and upbringing and then later adult life you don't make a great I'll let her to this. Moments. And she said the number of women who wrote to her in prison and said. I understand. I'm not certain I could've done exactly what you did early but I understand feeling trapped and miserable that you meet someone. Who's paying attention to you. And and cares about you and they interviewed for this article. And he says I care for her I did not manipulate her and said he loved loved her he said if I was using her like people suggested. Why what I have stayed with her on all of those days were on the Roddy said we could've split up I could've just don't. But here's the funny thing and rod jump in here where we want. Here's the part of the article about it and I've always on this case fascinating even from the beginning. When John Maynard and I can't members first and last and Yardley. Killed that guy right over here on Charlie mission parkway in 1996. So they were and for murder for that walked right up to the guy he was waiting on his wife to come out of the sport. Right over here in Charlotte mission. And they just came up and shot him in the head and then took his car. Com. But what I found fascinating was. Toby to work and Toby Young. Says. Most of the time with him was really good but there were some down times or bad times. When they were holed up in the cabin in Tennessee in February of 2006. And the times he would get frustrated with her was when he when he thought she was being careless. And then you hear. Or read. About how they went to a went to a movie theater they went they got spotted in spore. I mean. I think how he tell you want it he'd been cooped up for how many years of her seventeen years old he wanted to go see him. And she said as silly as that seamless. I can kind of understand wanting to get out and do something quote normal even though they were on the run but we have listener asked a really. Fair. Question about this is where chat about it just a little bit at 2 o'clock hour. And it's a fair question. And Ali you paraphrase because you read it on the tech took it. Well this that the texture wrote him and wanted to know. All things being equal. But turn everything around. If Toby Young. Who wrote John Maynard out of prison and then they went on a wells and weeklong. Think it was 22 week long cabin sex could paid whatever you wanna say I mean there were adult toys and other things found in the cabin etc. If Toby Young. Was a man. And he he broke out her jump up Maynard ma John Maynard but John Maynard. Would you guys invite. May old Toby Young into the studio. And and have any sort of sympathy for him and the answer is probably no answers as well I'll tell you spoke or guarantee it's no I spoke was on the phone today. And I want to sit down and just. Which I think is it your story. Elected it that is a very fascinating question because like the listeners said. Had this been a man who said I was just fed up with my marriage the wife I'll get along and then there was this woman who has given me attention and making me feel good and so one helper. It would be a completely different story account what we certainly believe this I would do that or manipulate her weight that was race. That if he'd tracker and teller he was gonna Halperin and held her captive. How can she consent to sex and a cap as Tennessee people said that when they busted out she must have been coerced she must have been. What's manipulated. By him to get her out and they asked him. Have you apologized to her or what is I have nothing to apologize about we. Did this to gather right and I was I horror. He's and and so would be the same as we flipped around in high. Probably not and I. I would bet you would not be interested in interviewing him in this very. You know why it's it's so. Interesting when a woman commits a crime like that Scott okay. And this was an embezzlement or you know something done in an office I mean this was a major. World news headline grabbing felony. When a woman does it it's unusual. She's a mother she's a wife how could she do that why would she do that. It makes it interesting. Because of her gender saying it's not interest. And I'm not saying it's not a provocative. Intriguing story and I want her to come in here and I won that our tour. But I'm not really that sympathetic to Toby Young. I am I don't know why. It's this redemption this idea. And and they wrote about this in the article that you are better than the worst mistake you've never make everyone listening right now we all everyone listening. Everyone is better than the worst mistake they've ever made and lesser John Robinson or something for everyone is better than the worst mistake in government. And so that she's able to come away from that and say look here's what I did. Here's why did it. Here is my husband now in the life that we live now and I do believe I have a message for other women I I applaud her for coming out of the shadows of San alt are idle talk about it but. Dana flip all of that around. You would not invite mailed Toby Young into the studio two weeks from Thursday. And sit down and be sympathetic. Usually when it's man we have on the program are we talking on the program it's wrongly accused. It's the wrongly accused. Don't talk about she rightly accuse you seem to talk about the accused and redeemed. The convicted in redeemed and it's the wrongly accused when it's meant. When it's man it's it's usually somebody who was imprisoned for murder more often than not on death row and they were exonerated. And released from prison after thirty years. This woman did two years and I gear hugs and tears. Did two years in prison and used. And I Karen hunt him to use this have been them. People would be saying well he must rate terror. He manipulated her not she manipulating yeah. Army car mall. Well because he would have been seen in a position of authority as the aggressor over. The female inmate he's a volunteer. As she was. Coming into the prison just one point adults seen as someone who has authority over her. I just think we we we always have to keep this in mind. Why is it and I don't think there's any debate. Over whether or not we would treat this differently of Toby Young was a man not woman. The question is why would we treated differently. Is it some sort of inherent. Gender bias we always have inherent not. Bias got inherent gender expectation. The all those fifty year old wife and mother of two is expected. To go to the grocery store and a cook a meal for her husband she's expected. To obeyed the laws right down to traffic laws are expected to volunteer your kids' school. We're expected to act in a certain way and so then as. A mom and wife. I believe two kids two adult children at the time now when when someone takes a long term. And does something. Insane. Like to meet a man in prison break out with them but we're also they're going on what the hell was that current. Where would command it's well he's thinking with the bat right not this well. And there's no hard left her you don't you if it was a man you would say hard left. Colonel or did some insane no he was he was horny and he's a pervert. And he we took advantage. They like Toby Young now Toby door. Will join us in studio two weeks from Thursday mark your calendar. It should be fast. And I don't have sympathy for I appreciate her being wounded command I think the story is fascinating. You don't have no. No sort of looking for any feelings that now that she's out and doing great and has come through that. The you can say you are rehabilitated. So there's redemption here horse of course she didn't kill three people and. Nobody saying that if she was number of course it would buy. Ice I think there is an incredible double standard in America. When it comes in the way we look at man. And the way we look at where we've created that double standard because I am and rolls with women and we continue to accept it with the generals re created with Matt. Odd jobs we're coming up right after the sex partners. Right here with different of the programs are Woodbury. Low cost life insurance dot com and Stewart we'll tell you all you have to do is go to low cost life insurance dot com. Actually looking over our documents over the weekend that we got mr. when he read did. Our policies I was going through old tours throwing out old things that needed to be shredded. 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Will you ask her about her grown children. I'm sure will we're talking about Toby Young shall we doors featured in the Sunday edition of the Kansas City Star shield John Maynard. Break out of Lansing prison twelve years ago I can't believe it's been twelve years. Through dog crate. Everybody mom's story. I will say I found it interesting. That hurt children or child believes children. Did not wanna comment for the story. So here's what I'm gonna say about that guy. We can. I have a feeling as with many stories like this. This is her story and those now adult children did not choose this path. Her ex husband did not choose also DiMarco coming from the store this path and so. You cannot even begin to imagine the hurt and the trail and the worry like all of those things that would be mixed into. Having your mother make that decision. And so might guest. She's going to say because this is what I would say. That this is my story that I'm telling. That is their story and I don't wanna bring them into it because I certainly wouldn't want to Scott because that is a really horrifying byproduct. Of that decision she made. You know I found it interesting that she was the one that suggested to you do you want me to bring my new husband her husband and I'll tell you I've I've done. Hundreds of interviews in my life of no more. It's going to be really weird asking her these questions in front of him. Well keep in mind there's nothing she doesn't know about her journey on and so and I able to tell you like. I'm the person I am because of all the things I've done up to this point. No one knows that better than he does the store was rather cryptic in a line where they said heat to. Had had some issues in the past. Doesn't everybody couldn't figure out what that doesn't everybody. Likes that had boys. Who likes men with a record. Maybe Erica us. If you would never wanna be judged on your worst day old cotton. Note. I only wanna be judged on my best. In my best isn't oh record and face Georgia showed that my friends get ready it's a freak show I'm looking forward to it his age freak you Rhode. Alice Cooper in town tonight original. We got a run on behalf of producer today the finest men and all of America the great run Babcock. And good credit goes data right I'm Scott Hart Scott willing back tomorrow. 2 o'clock every night is safe to get. Happening now on KM BZ Kansas city's mayor is pulling for more gun control lines morn next. We should point out by the way acuity caches rapid rapid 72 rated one. Nebraska furniture mart is turning 81 cheers to 81 brilliant years of styles savings. And selection hates cup parks and by the more you save during the march 81 anniversary sale whatever your style whatever your budget. The mark has an incredible selection of furniture flooring appliances electronics on the court was something for every one. And you can trust the march friendly sales professionals. 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