12 year sentence for drunk driving death... and - Tonya Harding.

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Friday, January 12th

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You're listening to the Dana and parts podcasts on KE MB easy KM BZ traffic and weather to get thirty years Jay Edwards. Thanks Carol right now and absolutely no problems on the highways no stalls no accidents. And the bright sunshine elders given us admirably nice drive payment to drive on out there one thing you have to be aware of those you've not been in the guardian today. With this bright shuns sunshine especially later on in the days and start to lower. If you're windshields not clean your gonna have a tough time seeing that son hit you in the face through that. Through the windshield so be prepared to get that thing clean before you take off I joined the TJ Martell foundation and the body is leukemia. Cancer and aids or support helps facilitate cutting edge research that will lead to more effective treatments and save more lives. Is it TJ Martell dot org to learn more of a G Edwards gave BZ traffic. Minute ride along with the bitterly cold air mass in place a slight climbing temperatures by Sunday the temperature sol again by early next week. A little snow in the forecast see you. A quiet galloping here for the rest of today and tonight some clouds in place or low falling to the upper single digits. Mix of clouds and sunshine an upper teens on Saturday. Chance for light snow Sunday morning that a break the highland thirties another chance for license as Sunday night. I'm staff meteorologist Jennifer narrow more Katie NBC weather eighteen I asked meteorologists at different era more Katie NBC weather. Eighteen radar Casey diet is Tony in Overland Park a few nineteen your other marshals are funny and I see so that's why. August. These artists of the day. Song is best remakes. And in my Zune you're now like we're Travis is doing okay. I am going to make an announcement and it is against my better judgment. It is going to be one of the hardest things I've ever done you have just ever. Trumpet free so. We will not. Despite my better judgment. We will not. Talk about the story that has can see. Cable news all day. Because guess what. It's Friday she web master she. Heat. You and nothing more. I don't know what I can say that you haven't heard a thousand apps. I was loser earlier today. And I said to bigger boss or newer house I said how we avoid this story. It is all and I replied let me show you. The effect that I could and Davis and hold my beard. I said how do we avoid this story it's everywhere. You can't get a commitment. He had a great question for. And it it literally. Made my mind up for he looks me and says. What can you say. That hasn't already been sent. Well and we can't actually say the word either which makes it. Talked about. Would you like a license around here I like pre license I nice tape it's Kansas City public television this morning with McCain's. And Dave Helling was rare and mark Alford was there. On the panels they Scott. I offered in right before we went on the air it looked at neck and you have to know and X dry British sense of humor. Right before the lights came on I looked to him and I go right. Looked at me and said yes Stan and I said can I say it. Poll. Shows. New human. Such a dried up. At. Something else like. Do that. Asked the British. Two icon license around it just. That'll that'll tell and ending off well. I've talked about what the president said percent. But I would I will say this every time you say you're not gonna say something an easy thing and get. Six and I'm going to talk about the media coverage for just a moment department. Yeah it has been a little jarring having been in this business for. 27. Years. TT hear that when I came home I got home from the gym this morning. And I turn on the TV. And I here's Andrea Mitchell. Oval people. Say that word on cable television it it it join me for entering Mitchell's and a Mike. When. It. It's cable it's like when I get in the car Monday night I was so killer about this earlier all too and Eddie strong on here nation. And every once on the drop and asked bomber as wrong. On his show me to animate my. Right arm on him losing to use satellite rated. It's just a little jarring to sport to hear and I will say this and and this is a bit a bit on toward. I tune in every day to inside politics and semen which. And I count how many times they used the term as hole. In the first segment of their shadow before it came into work. No fewer than ten times. Not for anybody who's been around me anybody knows me personally knows that I am not a I costs. Him I was gonna hate to hear this I costs. Dozens of times that it's an and is ideal. Yes you've been around me Caremark certain I am no stranger to as bombs enough mr. same all the time. I'd never seen them on the except that want that. Tom. And I. We'll save this Brian Williams did not it's it's hard to hear he he did not. Use the word he said the word at the bottom of your screen. It was content of the best said the word at the bottom of your screen you know of hurtled name we need to keep saying it but here's the deal his guests came on. And repeatedly sent. Blow all our MSNBC yet at the eleventh hour at 10 o'clock with Brian Williams do figure repeatedly sent. What shall we watching the eleventh hour not at 11 o'clock with Brian Williams what I was alone think it's on at ten. I didn't sleep last night I've been out beyond my it's 1 AM and I don't know why I I even that delirious. Nest the zoned out don't really remember how I drove here. These are you gonna drug now I just could not. Get to sleep. And I checked my phone connection to that that makes arson and it's 4 o'clock and it's 5 o'clock. And at 6 o'clock and I hear her patter of feet upstairs. 9 Canada I am a long day before I even got here today so if I may even less sense than usual today. I am on zero sleep for Alaska. And I just I don't. So when you yell enjoy your met to talk to yourself exactly. Where appropriate at this little Fuzzy. Fuzzy if that makes cents. Came in going to be very do you play him. I. Sing you back later. It. I mean it's you about a we talked about ass holes now and and in and in. We have so much stuff to talk about today I almost am worried about getting to all of it I'm not kidding because we have justice Freddie at five. We have to talk about the Baltimore patient dumped in her down. He's reaches half hills talked about Serena Williams because I cannot get over that story. There is one. Little talk about today we just test you just real quick let me. The taste of law. Sweet win hearts like ours meet. So. All around me are familiar faces. All around me are familiar faces. A tough. All around me and I would our. Your faces. Some in places that I don't know one. Ram your familiar faces I know the song so do you care I am missing in the exact same thing it's blank blank like a places. Blanket of places like asylum Mel's. I know but I don't. It. If you give me Tears for Fears. All around me are familiar faces. Him. Quite a blight go places. Blank of blank assault my hasn't. Worn out places worn out a gay yeah. Think I would crumble. Did you think I would crumbled did you think I would lay down and I survive survive. Gloria Gaynor. A packed app. Karaoke DJ am not missing who'll survive by glory and it's. This series. Ole. When hole you know and went cold. And want. To broaden. I'm. It's time. Up right now and it's time. To come together. Right now now. Now. Read it again. It's time to come up its plan to catch on to get. It you. Thought. Different. What's so you think about come together right now over me parent. Oh yeah. June mountain are are your child ninety's. Then. Come down list in mud soaked. In bleach. Come to oust in mud soaked in bleach. So. Each. Gotten. That's Nirvana. The song come as you all our. The winner is as I want you to be aren't accurate. And and Travis can you cut some of these emulator to please throw it. All out of that. Stumble. It's time that a bit and dumped it. Nine I think. And. The lonely. Teenage Brock and buck. With the pink carnation and a pickup truck. And that's. The disease again. There. And then. Some of them. Want to use. Some of them want to abuse you. Yeah. So some of them want to be used yeah. I. Yeah yeah. See what it is clear out. So he's really hard. We've done them for. And now I met him before I hear him I don't care what they think about me. I don't care what they think about me. Mute and no I don't care what they think about me. Eighties. I know this I'm excited to I don't care what they think about me. He. Albright QB can't smoke erupts. You can't let that thing about. Me he'd been used it at. The song. So. It being a bad day being I don't think it's. There and. Totaling. Yeah to the momentum. Yeah. So later tonight. Or watching the I taught him. Apparently was quite the get wasn't on ABC last night. It was on ABC. I counted down the seconds until that interview came on. And they did not allude to. They did not tees. Or they did not mention. The last five minutes of the show. And the bombshell. They were sitting on an ABC so. Did you watch Travis I did odd about that in rooms greet the interview is phenomenal. And they wait until the last five minutes. An Amy. Rob wrote Brock says. You know anything. About what was gonna happen Nancy Kerrigan like you think back it's all over now and Tonya Harding. Essentially. Admitted that she did it essentially. Travis would you disagree now no lie I had the it is like but in terms of not. Coming out saying yes I did it but coming out saying. Here's what she said she's if you can find it Scott because my Giant Eagle. I. She said. I he knew. They were talking about doing something. And I heard them saying. Well what if we take her out. And I thought all what are they talking about what you would need to take anyone out because I'm gonna be number one I don't need your help I don't need anyone taken out and that Amy looked at her and goes. So you're saying you overheard them talking about quote taking her out or taking her down. And then when the hit to the knee happened. You're telling me you didn't put two and two together and you could kind of you know when people either look up and laughed. So is well she does I'd put it together like. Like four days later. And you can see Amy going. And it makes cents. It's over isn't she into she's now married in a non abusive relationship for the first time as a son. Nancy Kerrigan was like and we move on I'm sick of talking about the as well it's talking about it. That's what you're known for but the aster that she said do you feel like you're known. For the assault. And she goes I'm a two time Olympian. She said that was just hand it Samie. I. Was an Olympic skater. I forgot there's one moment Scott back during the Olympics as you forget Nancy Kerrigan took second just post tickled. An ox on a bike you'll skated in that little sixteen year old Russian policy and skated in and took it like to. Thousands of one billionth of 1%. And there's a moment where the cameras are on Nancy Kerrigan and there waiting for rocks on by you'll come back out after her scores were released and she was crying and excited. And Nancy Kerrigan goes on camera. I don't know why she needs time to put any more makeup on she's just gonna cry at right back off. It. On some of the story is. Security was not all good. And Tonya Harding was not all that. I thought it was fascinating. To read it correctly and I think just about everyone in Kansas City watch that darn thing last night because it's interesting. Is it about that episode. That occurred I mean remind anyone 24 years ago I don't now that we still care I don't know. They said that that figure skating competition. Between Nancy and Tonya on the ice. Was deep like one of the most watched is not the most watched. Olympic. Thing. In the history of the Olympics when they were removed yes and it showed around the globe everyone's stopped what they were doing to watch those two women skate. And as you were called Tonya Harding fell on her face and it was just a disastrous was at the Olympics where she wanted the set. It's. Was that a deal that was at the Olympics and she squandered and she'd been smoking she hadn't been training. To know why I find this so eminently fascinating. But I'd do that does that have anything to do with the fact that this was something. Not from your childhood but for me earlier told it was before OJ. During a simpler time might think and you have these characters involved that are just absolute losers one of the quotes from her mother you cannot make this up. You cannot make this up because they did tracked down on her support him. And they said they heard did you beat her. And she said well I did Peter with her Bryant's. I spent two with her breasts. And there's a witness that it blocked and Scott said she was beating her senseless. With this brush. And there was a comment made about how Tonya Harding was always called trailer trash and the bomb who's now in eighty. The smoke and drink and crazy lady looks right at the camera and she goes. And we were not trailer trash we had a nice new trailer. And you see your daughter if human being given new trailer camp Dietrich you'd be your daughter. I just anyway you missed it that it goatee or on demand and go to free. Shadows. And just pull off ABC and it's it's there. You know your says she also still skates and I don't know why I thought because she's aides to. She's put on some weight she sprightly fifty something and or 47. She's outrage and she gets out she is not my age you're itching eyes severed she gets out on the ice. And is twirled and flip that around and skate around like it's nineteen. Still kick a soccer Bolden are you really comparing kicking a soccer ball to spinning up and around in the air at age 47. Probably. Forty pounds heavier than you wore a home like she did that trip now to an Islamic terror. Reactions still coming into president's proms reported vulgar comment during a meeting on immigration we'll have more and acts. 230 Syrian Kansas City from the KM BZ newsroom I'm Kara remarks are the president sent to a used an expletive in referring to Haiti an African countries during a meeting on immigration yesterday doctor Henry Ford and Haitian who's the chief of surgery at children's hospital Los Angeles. Says the US should be a welcoming country tariff. Families living proof for that. Of the veracity. I've found to sunk creed that says yes humor contributes open to all of us. Ord has a brother who is she's an internal medicine at a medical center in Philadelphia and four other siblings who were on the health care industry. It's twelve years in prison for a man accused of killing and Johnson County deputy and a drunk driving crash more than a year ago. Adrian Espinoza Flores pleaded guilty to second degree murder and three counts of aggravated battery. As Vanessa Flores crashed into mastered deputy Brandon Collins car killing him after he serves his time Espinoza Flores will be deported. Well check traffic and weather together next AMD easy traffic and weather together here is Jay Edwards. Thanks Kara still look at it pretty good drive times out their dry pavement everywhere. And so not painting others slow you down right now lets you look at the for the revive live across south side of gates and headed eastbound over I 35 less than five minutes from our dirty five ornament camp gonna make cute make that tripping your normal six minutes. And from Metcalf on order the gravy triangle going to be another six minutes and we just have to stall pop up right there. Rodriguez the triangle but it's got to be moved off to the right right now it seems. I'd be prepared though with the bright sunshine out there if you know dirty windshield you wanna clean that up rose might be just a little difficult to see. I'm Jay Edwards gave BC traffic. That colder air mass continues to spill on an over the next a couple of days and we have some light snow chances returning. Fair weather for the rest of this Friday or high alleged funniest cloudy tonight a little upper single digits a little sun returning tomorrow the high upper teens. Now a quick shot of snow Sunday morning that a break before we have another chance for snow coming in Sunday night and early Monday. A light snow accumulation of possibility across our area. I'm staff meteorologist at different era more KE NBC weather. It's eighteen KC I nineteen and Lee's summit 1980 your official weather station and Caremark surge stay connected with news nine B 81 KM BZ and KM BZ dot com. That'd be hold it here and it's. He did and hear about. Thank god stay here and. Hey couldn't you down won't grass he. These June home today you. They don't know target hotter part sounds sort of Assad about the branded. Is that she always looked to frank in the morning. To break. And she would dump a bottle of brandy and copy and they asked her about it is she was you know a drinker and. Ciller's right in the camera last night and she has. I was not drunk on Hannity. I'm sorry to disappoint all of view that you can't get drunk on boring candy flavoring. It was Randy flavoring. And coaches are lying. Yes she was hammered every single time stepped up. About. Understand like. Adam. Purpose. People who are considered. Mo Brent. Which Tonya harding's mom would have been considered low rent Tonya Harding would consider her own coach said her own coach says it's got on the air. Back in the eighties. That her skating is her only ticket out of the daughter and that is a direct quote. During an interview. That it's her only ticket out of the gutter. There's like a cadence in communication. With people like Tonya harding's mom who say. I don't know why it hey I'm drunk. White chocolate. Town. It's not trailer trash we have a double pie. 576779. It over to will be stresses try to commit to Iran after 5 o'clock news story here from channel five. Is this a fair sent its. The drunk driver. Who hit and kill. I Johnson county sheriff's deputy has been sentenced to twelve years. Six months imprisoned. The judge sentenced 39 year old Adrian Espinoza Flores. To the maximum time allow. In October. Espinoza Flores pleaded guilty to reckless second degree murder. And three counts of aggravated battery in connection with the death of master deputy Brandon Collins norm that's tortilla. The crash happened on September 11 2016. Collins a twenty year veteran of the Johnson county sheriff's department and father of two girls. Was killed when his car burst into flames on impact if I'm not mistaken this was on 169. Member of the Conakry out burned so bad you could see. Exactly where his car was what it was when it was. Court documents state that Espinoza floor as blood alcohol level was double. The legal limit. When it caused a crash that killed columns in the treatment not once excellence excellence. The deputy was conducting a traffic stop on US highway 69. In Overland Park to pick up truck driven by Espinoza Flores. Ran into columns is parked patrol vehicle from. So your driving drunk. At 6951. North and from the state and your hammered. You plow into the back of me. Patrol car and you kill assures deputy. Whose only mistake was actually trying to enforce lol and you get twelve years in prison. Where you know giving. We. Have a problem. With sentencing. Guidelines. In this country and there was a conversation earlier today about five young men. Who sexually brutalized a sixteen year old girl taped it and put on FaceBook. And the young men that were caught and charged and convicted in that case will serve I believe three months. So this is not the first time we've had this type of discussion. I am always astounded when it is a drunk driving death how low. Those sentences can be. I think we coddle truck driving in America. You don't see this and other countries. Correct you do not. Drive drunk in Europe you just don't do you are young go to prison so that. When when my when my brother and I went to Germany in 2006. I was drinking obviously backed them. Column we've rented a car and we had with this for the entire week and a half that we were. I would not drive that car if I had a drop of alcohol for fear that the Pulitzer I would pull me over. I mean think about that. I wouldn't have a huge drop of alcohol. When my brother and I went to dinner. I had a soda my brother would drink a beer and I'm sure their rates are lower of. There because of it is. The added issue you have in the United States right now. Is now more than ever there is no reason. To take that chance. You have the number you have list we we have education that we didn't have back and maybe the seventies and. Services is that there's a guy in Kansas with over twenty do you wise yes he lives in Easton. Which is west of Weston. What is he has eighteen do you wise. Remember that story leavenworth county was an ease in Kansas. He has eighteen do you guys he still walks of Freeman. Is it was do you wise saying that you know every. Personally gets pulled over with with the bureau their breath. Needs to be handcuffed and taken off to prison that same although in Europe. They don't screw around. They do not screw around but in this country it's almost felt like I am only in I mean there are legends Roger you know this. About George Jones the lake country singer. No show Jones hit. If you focus his wife had taken the keys away from he was a notorious. Alcohol there. He ended up getting it do you why because he wrote me. Riding lawn mower to the liquor store you could still hurt someone on Iran against UK. As the modern day he'd just. I mean at and we tell that like it's folk lore or something to laugh about it we do laugh about it. Their house to be a metal I don't know how I feel about the lawnmower or the bicycle I think that's silly. We have listener Texan. And wish if they're listening they would call maybe three days ago we were talking about something access. And they were in a hotel in Kansas City with a colleague from out of town I think they said Boston. And they were talking about music and the guys that you know what I have that CD out my car hang on I'm a Democrat so they're sit in the bar. This guy runs out to the car to grab his CD is sitting in the car shop around for the CD and an officer comes over and says. Can I asked to do answer. And he's someone I'm going back and I had grabbed CD. He got it do you lie. He was cited for being in the car does listener. Science learning in parts just last year she's hitting very well known hotel. And she said I am an advocate for. Safe driving I I am anti drunk driving but shouldn't be happy middle somewhere. You know you hear people passed out in the in the front seat of the car Scott and is it true that the keys in the ignition and you're not driving. You can still beside. Yes. It is true. In fact about no mistake rod in the keys are anywhere in the car. You merger. Even if the car is not all you word right. That that is the idea what you will hear this CD a day at rod help me and I'm not a lawyer. Eager at a bar okay it's 2 o'clock in the morning they closed the bar down you are hammered okay. You go out to your car to sleep at all. You're in the driver's seat I think that's important rod Wright as agent if you're in the driver's seat. Let's say it's nine degrees outside like it was last night. You turn the car not on but enough to activate the heater. So your batteries on you know the call has the keys in the equation does have the keys in article Bedanova. If you turn the heater off. So that you can warm the cards you can go to sleep and sleep at all for four hours wake up and drive home at 6 o'clock in the morning sir. Do you why public intoxication. I think it's DUI rod. It's definitely that at that point is an system MoneyGram for the city's at that point they're just trying to bring in revenue. That's what that is driving revenue net drunk driving. While you're in the driver's. Keys in the ignition. I knew a guy and taxes was at a party same kind of deal at a party. Went to leave. Got the car the car was parked parallel parked on the street in like a residential maybe yeah I got in the car when it matters that have no business drive you know. And didn't have the keys in the ignition. But put the seat back go to sleep sure cop pulled up and is like hell you doing sec or sleep it off Fargo BA got arrested for Dior. With no keys in the ignition that COK with that we meet common sense. Laws. Common sense. That is not common cents by 767798. SpinRite run Babcock I'm Scott parks and AMD's. Okay. Maybe you. July 17. Quite snake. Foreman of starlight thing. 5767798. Talking about the twelve years six months and it's. That was handed down to the drunk driver who hit and killed at Johnson commissioner stepped. And a last summer grow last fall apart. You may remember the accident it was all over the news that happened on northbound 69 highway. Near 151 street and park. These sheriff's deputy. Brandon Collins. His patrol car was struck by the strong driver who was in a pickup truck his car literally explode. The fire was so intense it burn marks on the highway. The truck driver. Received twelve years and six months in prison 25767798. JLO. Erich pica managing. Or that area liberty gear ups aren't a bit a bigger parts aren't. I no problem pegged at the quick point and I say they're not being sent directly that I'm very anti. Drunk driving but about fifteen years ago. I've ever think and maybe we are met office or higher ranking officer driving in Kansas city police department. I've been careful who. On forty highway around blue blue ridge all the audibly quiet. He was stronger than a golf. And beat or the police got there the process the accident. And I'll probably be heard anybody here killed anybody beat or complete got there. He had. College of the law run over to the beard joint up pre. I expected beer on it was pre cruiser. And gotten shot gunned down a couple appeared orbit it administer that EU lie and a breath life curriculum I believe he beat that. You. Other all kinds of shenanigans that go on in that regard also is the micro adequate point. You know these people are around these little motor scooters that are under a hundred these series event common knowledge. At argued beaded Eli Eli and over here. You don't need it drivers like you don't leading. Aren't that's right they drive they are you right investment gets worked for a year. Or however many years you'll want to avoid the law. I you'd be back at them ever go to my two point. I think that's common knowledge I mean you get a deal why. My understanding is they take your license away for year. You couldn't get to work one of freeway well one of four ways get a ride from a friend you can walk. Right from for an army and by that I mean Hoover taxi whatever friend. You can walk ride a bicycle or you get a vest. Because you do are you sure. Possessed yes because you know Joseph as best I guess those are don't Brantley and not all of them. The one he has is a heavy Italian. In its Mayan motorcycle. Tight. It is my understanding you do not need a license. To drive basically a motor scooter. I'd like to double what it further into wide Joseph rides invest. It. I'm getting news alerts at the street told me about during the break I think we should mention it's we don't make it into an answer right now the Wall Street Journal. The Wall Street Journal. Without question the fairest. Most unbiased. Newspaper in America and probably the most thorough. The Wall Street Journal is now reporting that Donald Trump paid a porn star 130000. Dollars. In the summer of 2016. To keep her mouth shut about it consensual sexual relationship the two of them had allegedly. One year after he married Milan. That is from the Wall Street Journal. The president trump paid a porn star named stormy Daniels. You've got to be kidding me 130000. Dollars to keep her mouth shot. About a relationship that they had. After he was married to Maloney which is that really her name. Real name Dana relayed that story should not one accurately zags loans to the newsroom a Caremark. Campy easy. Missouri's governor asks for forgiveness we'll have that next. Thanks for listening to the data and parks podcast remember you can get just online anytime at KM BZ dot com.