An 11 year old girl. And a taser.

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Wednesday, August 8th

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You're listening to the Dana and parts podcasts on KE MB easy. And it's a saying. And stones. Thing is that. Same waves. Yeah great we Jennings. The greatest time zone country artists of all time is yours today your key with Cashman knows it's time on CA PP. Seventy rated one. Of the interesting keyword six. Think packs. And sexual assault. On minister Paul what about the little the little. Just think acts. And sexual. So there's so many words out of my mind it upward at a at. I will be your cured at six but your cure right now is Kate CA eat eat eat eat. Tax added to seven to. Baited want so there's a new study out today and be journal evolutionary psychological science us. Yeah sounds I'm so sorry I'm saying they ask guys why are you single. And so they took results. About 67. Almost 6800 Matt. And the biggest reason we list because men thought they were too ugly to attract. Old. That's followed by low confidence. And on this on the one that doesn't surprise me. Little efforts OK okay yeah. Others wait that a lot effort effort. Is didn't interrogate or had a little effort. Q do you care marks or others ignore the big daddy left others considered themselves to shy overweight too picky too jealous. And too narcissistic to attract some. And don't wanna exactly. Well or I can't you hear what you just said that you sounded like you did when you said the name of the magazine and the guy to it was exactly. When my husband of the Volcker evolutionary psychological science yeah. Well Paris could be a hundred square in the room who reads these and had no idea. And he's thing and published in the journal of. The czar and you look at how many weird psychological. Physiological great medical hands trade journals there are like what I hear the most it's everything. The one here about the most it is. Blue journals months. Okay. And there's lots of relief fascinating things that appear in. Of the journals it's better read about in news articles and other Republicans. I've never once gone into like a borders bookstore or Barnes & Noble cause borders as. A throwback that's yeah. And or even into like high severe Price Chopper and gone down the magazine I'll Leo and all. There's the journal's and it's. We don't have to go read this today Ernie pilot and a popular science did the list of thirteen weirdest named academic journals out. The international journal of Fuzzy systems. The international journal of advanced packing. The international journal of pain. In the international journal of control. And so far all of these are like dirty magazine again it is important every single one room experiment packing expert its influence. Experts OK okay and your point of Fuzzy packing and fluid filled what went out Easter activity. Could technology. We can make. Beer. The ring of fire an entire journal devoted to nor reindeer. Husbandry. I'm sorry. I guess I just said that. The journal of investigative dermatology. Investigative. Service is. Dull thing. The journal of tourism sciences. Eight N national. Journal. Of existing. Studies. Which is focused on these study of these. Slovenian. Elvis of cultural theory. Doesn't even makes Weis it doesn't just words your putting together. The international journal of small. I have I have a subscription them or their tagline is no small matter. If she reads the us I don't know who. You write about it but it's. Journal's all. Well I think you know urgent ruts and Venus yes yes. I mean the Omar. Doctor. Kubert catches Kate. Evernote which are managed and you know it's never too. You know it's funny you say oral international journal at some brighter popular science they're like here's your assignment this week we need you to tracked down the weirdest journals that no one's ever heard of and you know is partly totally geek out to do that be fun actually yeah. I do we know who the Republican candidate for governor is going to be in the city Kansas it's either going to be Crisco Bach or just hire has Ronnie Matt skirt tendered his resignation. Yet to. He is the election commissioner if he has not tendered his resignation yet know should he. Your three very careful here. Delivers on the news voting machines. Counted the votes. Correctly. These software to read the results. Did not work correctly did we not test these things before we ran did. We did test the US am they tested. Well. Then what happened yesterday. That's big question. There is a forensic analysis going on what forensic and now it was a crime committed. Yeah. Crimes against machines. How running Metzger and I know I know you're gonna roll your eyes because the news department depends on getting an abuse of this guy I don't care. How Ronnie Metzger has a job today. Defies. Logic. You had one jobs on you had one job. Johnson County is the bears and even said we are embarrassed you should be embarrassed. It is for fifteen and thirty seconds. On Wednesday afternoon. Polling closed almost 24 hours ago and you still don't know. Your totals. Well doesn't he total it all there totally and yeah well and how they won't do that today. Those announcements were made just before 8 o'clock this morning right a little over twelve hours they know the totals for the people who physically went and voted yesterday they don't know I don't know over everything you know which is not unusual in that state line. Some 8006. Some of wars yes these some 8000 ballots that are out there. That our provisional. And had yet to be counted. And my. You know our member back in the day Kansas City was like. Where you remember Kansas City, Missouri. Notoriously late. By late I mean 234 o'clock in the morning. And it was obnoxious. I mean we have the world work. Kara I can send that text somebody in Germany right now and it'll be there in less than five sec yes. And you can't get the vote totals from the rural park community center to only thought. Well. They didn't have that problem the problem was reading this thumb drive in a late that from Roland park. They have eighth so that it would just it would go to Rome parts await but it only got smacked. They really drove these encrypted thumb drives from all of the polling locations okay. Took them to the election office in only you're making my head and that's where the computers. Could not for whatever reason. Rules quickly but they detested this equipment on July 2 correct right yes. And it worked yeah. We need an international journal of failed voting electronic mobile devices. The vendor came back today and said we're trying to figure out what's going on and why it took so. You know of the funny thing was when they did the election 26 to. Nothing was broken. Well we have we have machines worked at the bigger problem is this gotten and I think you'll agree with me we need to have transparency and we need are people. Voters ever want to believe. That the system works and so when you have a glitch. That is a computer electronic issue in nature I think it taints. People's views of the process. And that's really bad for everybody a somebody wants me to explain what provisional ballots mean. For example I cast a provisional bow yesterday yes and so my bowel is still technically uncounted. When I went into the communities federal park. Bay. These new machines that they haven't Kansas. Released Johnson telling you hand them the driver's license there's a bar code on the back and a license. And they scanned it and your name is instead of them looking you up in a book which say the used to do in the new signed in and said yup that's me in Moscow parts of the centrist. Now it just goes to. And it shows up and you just clicked and yet that's who I am came in you suck. Well when I scanned. Had my driver's license scanned yesterday. I was unaware that my license expire. Two months ago on balls and so the lady says to me your licenses expire. When ray emission police we know where you last season Roland park and no there were no mission please just waiting for me outside last night and no word if I'm if you're looking. So I say it would license expires says that expert team. That I had no idea she's and so instead it is being given about. Because my license was expired. And their four not technically. Legitimate. Let's. I had to fill out a provisional ballot. Which will now be counted because the race between your bock. Use 491 votes for Escobar cannot be sure that you didn't sneak into this country. That's true just to to vote for this rap right and disrupt this election. So there are a lot of reasons you could have this is only job Allan your identification is one of them military faults. Sometimes. All of the all of that is alien auntie there are a round we think 8000. Of those out there. They have to be counted and when you're talking about a race that's between a 191. Votes. Between two candidates who those 8000 ballots now becomes very very import like the race between collect all year is 101000 votes. And younger and whoever he ran against was twice though it's I would imagine my provisional I'll probably be thrown in trash. Who cares doesn't matter it's document change the muscle they would still can't well support. They would rush. Don't like guided them now. So my vote apparently is going to count in the governor stories. By now so I'm called markers up line 1191. Sports for oh my gosh. I think perhaps. I'm not not paying attention. The higher can have such an impact on your business we might look at for another I just to let that it but I. 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A story here from Cincinnati and. An eleven year old girl who's Cincinnati police say was stealing from a supermarket. Was shocked with a taser stun gun. And eleven year old girl. Who Cincinnati police say was stealing. From a supermarket was shocked with a taser. Police say the incident occurred at 9:30 Monday evening. At a Kroger store in Cincinnati bench you don't do it again authorities say the officers suspect of the girl was using a backpack. To shoplift when he approached police say the girl resistant and fled. Before he shot her with a taser. The girl was taken Cincinnati children's hospital for valuation and later released. Police have charged the girl with theft and obstruction of justice. Cincinnati police chief William Isaac isn't that has opened an investigation but according to the department policy. Tasters can be used on anyone. Over the age of seven. You've got to be kidding me says the police chief in a statement we are extremely concerned. When forces used by one of our officers on a child of the sage and as a result we will be taking a very thorough review of our policies. As relates to using force on juveniles. As wells the propriety. Of the officers. Pick back up there just now taking a look at this policy they wrote the policy they had to have known it was legal to use that. As young as age seven. Someone brought officer because you spoke you. You follow department calls so it's only or a fine when the taser is actually deployed at the policy's been on the books for how. That wants someone deploys the taser her policy. Now. That would actually that Johnson world. Think this cobb's mark this just wait. Schoen I held you. That seen in the 08. Or nine who do some. I look up. Locally whether law enforcement. Has the third party to tase a seven year old I will be all they have done and. And you'll must respect that or I don't. Grow the crap and in. We're going. An eleven year old girl was taste in Cincinnati. Stealing food in her backpack out of a Kroger supermarket. She was apparently like she was star being. She was stealing candies. That's what this is going to be. I I disagree I think she's gonna be hungry it's after school she's starving. Which lets not divert from topic at hand age. Old 5767798576779. Yeah. We're all. I. Newsroom yours are marked his comeback. Declaring a tentative victory today mourn axed. Hey if you've been thinking about a new car a used car now is the time to get to Volkswagen of Lee's summit they are taxing your tax. Right now by any new or used car Volkswagen Lee's summit. And pay zero sales tax that's right. Zero volts I Italy's summit will pay your sales tax for you when you buy any new or used car all month long and a huge selection. We don't you hate paying taxes let Volkswagen at least summit to it for you going to ask about their tax free specials. Or go to VW Lee's summit dot com remember. 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Prosecutors are released video of the police interrogation of Parkland shooting suspect Nicholas cruise. In which he claims a demonic voice in his head urged him to kill people. Much of their conversation focused on what prison system was a voice that told him things like burn killed destroying. We'll check traffic and weather together next. Write your foresee him. And stand all the now freeagent correct generator yes your top of the lines in Iraq homes standby generator. You have a back out two weeks maybe two and a half weeks left to economic huge deal that they have going for you right now. Go went by qualifying in Iraq home generator and you'll get a free tenure parts and labor warranty it's valued at over a thousand dollars and I mention that. Free tenure parts and labor warranty valued over. 1000. Dollars. On all qualifying in Iraq generator units. You gotta get that order in before August 26. 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On Monday night apparently allegedly from the Kroger store. It was about 939 Monday. And an officer approached her suspected that she was stuffing her backpack with a shot with two bacterial. They say she resisted and tried to run. He grabbed his taser and raised. The eleven year old girl. Shouldn't we be more worried about a police officer who can't control an eleven year old girl. So much as for that and on the tech sign and it's a great point. If he. At granite we don't know what she looks like that what any maybe she was some incredible Hulk is typed eleven year old child but. It it stuns me that EU would resort to the use of a taser. I have an eleven year old I know what that size looks like if she runs so whacked. I mean I am talking about murder. I'm. I look at this is a criticism view but it might as well view me as well. So include mine are too I love how Damon parks jump over that the girl committed a name. And resisted arrest. I guess the L Leo law enforcement officer needs to ask for ID first. If he man handles her will he be accused of a sex crime. I hope you're using the absurd to point out the absurd but I don't think you war. If if a police officer and you'll find no radio program in America more pro police the mass. But it's a police officer cannot handle. Restraining an eleven year old girl. Then maybe we need to reevaluate. His work out which it. And I want to be honest this is not first time this has come up if you Google this there's a police chief in South Dakota. There was an article is several years back where they tea is an eight year old and he defended the use. Of the taser because it's. They were responding to a report of a suicidal eight year old girl who had stabbed herself in the leg. She was holding a four and a half inch knife to her chest stepped forward and officers arrived and she refused but it down a -- she's eight years old. Today. Raised this child and said quote this officer quite possibly saved that juvenile slide I don't disagree with that. In that case I think it is warranted if that is the only thing you can do to get that child but not down of course and you know you gotta worry about their safety to you know with the child who's got a not. I do not think it should be acceptable policy in any society. That these can be used on children. Outside of extreme. Circumstances. Like the one I just mentioned in South Dakota shoplifting. Candy. From a convenience store is not an acceptable or appropriate use of a teaser which I'll come on. Pass says it's a no win situation if you're restraints or breaks an arm or leg he ends up in the same predicament. Maybe we just don't really get that worked up over an eleven year old who runs away from Cobb. For putting some food. Whether scanned your food I have no idea what it was. Into. Her backpack. Or maybe the cop just stops are grabs her by the shoulders and stop running stop. If they can chase down a 22 year old man can they not chased down an eleven year old coral. And if they can't then let her goal. Now Scott if you wanna have a discussion about tase thing. A sixteen year old. Boy. Who weighs 210 pounds. Who is a harm to himself for others. I will absolutely entertainment argument all day long. I think the shocking thing hears is I'm as I'm looking into this there have been children Tay yesterday age eight age nine it's eleven. I don't know where you draw the line as far as aids or crime and it can't be 8911. To me. Now let's go to sympathetic Randy and Gardner hello sympathetic granite. You know I tell you what that's probably the second time that it's been eaten alive the first time being in the womb because her mother saying car. You know when we gonna grow. You know I think biblical what I say and it was spare the rod say the child or something like that I don't believe. Good public. And you. It is we don't know the fact. It could've been a wild Greenland hit in. May have had a weapon in the backpack you don't know all the tail and at that cop had to make the decision. To put that yet then you control them by god animal born. And it it was Georgian sympathetic Randi. Then I beat air travel OK okay. Iran in kings will Iran. Hey Aaron IPO I don't think you would be. Saying that in the moment. Child. Say I agree on. There'll what I you have my opinion Arturs we were not they're agree with our caller. The video will come out Kirk wasn't a war in. They're police all deeper and irritate it. A child under the 88 up the leaders. Of the child older oh split and layer it now abbey hit it well. You know. In my mind that it is you know what what ramped up a little bit and Alex. Out of apple apple let and now target. Got behind me well on it like beat on few miles per hour speed limit that a couple of me over. Ever beat you into. You know what what you know it's it's almost like he's government shark is too late either Buick. By the way I I certainly detect the sarcasm with the RPG witches. Rocket propelled grenade and we know the police don't have. If you talk about. Up policy and tase during a child I would ask you where. Does it stop there was a child in the news was at earlier this week Scott. Who was handcuffed. And left handcuffed and the child was quiet and crying and I don't remember what was the kid dead but it was five there was this huge. Brouhaha over whether or not it was OK to handcuff a five year old. I think anyone in law enforcement will tell you you do have to treat children. Not necessarily juvenile is. But children in a different manner than you would streets. And adults. That goes for handcuffs teasing. A arresting. By the way this is the lead story in the Cincinnati Enquirer and abetted and the subject of me. Editorial in the newspaper as well. And they write among other things the issue for the authority is to determine if the taser policy. Within procedure twelve point 545 was fault that includes a determination of whether the officer properly weighed. These factors. One the severity of the crime issue. To whether the suspect posed an immediate threat to the safety of the officer or others and three whether the suspect is actively resisting arrest. We're attempting to evade arrest by flight. OK so let's look at number one. The severity of the crime. There's Menem there's no argument there that this is ridiculous stealing candy that's dom so what's number tea whether the suspect posed. An immediate threat to the safety of the officer or others aren't the answer there is no true. Three whether the suspect is actively resisting arrest or attempting to evade arrest by flight yes she was running. Cut so what you have to have two of the 33 the three things right in 81 out of three well we don't know I heard welcomed one out of three of if the suspect poses an immediate threat to the safety of the officer. You would only have to meet that threshold I would argue to tase them. So you could easily just me number two. Dessert in a policies of policy regardless of your age that's not true at all. I just I I wish sometimes we can all just step back just a little bit and say listen man and he. There there is certainly a time when that teaser is more than a corporate. But on an eleven year old girl stuffing her backpack with fruit or candy Porter should step. And she's running away from a police officer well why don't we just chalk that up to date net loss for the grocery store and the next time she comes and try to channel and I I'd I don't see that maybe I'm becoming a bleeding heart liberal. So does everyone get away crying until society decides ultimately punished on the I'm on. And I think that's totally. Com. And I guarantee of this was your eleven year old daughter. Who was to Haiti's for stealing candy from a grocery store you would be singing a different him. You really would it's really easy to play tough guy law and warmer when it's somebody else's kqed. Until it's yours and then you have to lose and I would encourage anybody who's writing in law ordered society shouldn't like law. Argued it sure does taste in the back. No she was running from the police officer I'm not surprised shoes Teresa says she was walking away from an officer well. So so to me. You are walking away from authority and is an eleven year old she GG that no of course he taste her in the back while she was walking away there is no defense here Scott there's just not and I'm not saying a police officer wasn't following policy. If that policy says he has the right to pull up that taser and shoot an eleven year old in the back with it. The the issue isn't with the officer who's doing what. He's been told to do the issues with the policy. Here's a report she didn't legally steal anything until she walked out the door. I. Right somebody. I 7677. On it. Right here for good for the program mr. it would very low cost life insurance dot com it's like I do is go to website low cost life insurance dot com. It takes seconds to fill out whether or not your man or woman. Whether or not is smoke and the state you call home that's all you added it and then right there. All of these fantastic quotes will show up right before your eyes on your computer screen. And then you call Stewart would very he will help you navigate through these sometimes confusing. Waters of life insurance that's what does it do and it for decades how much life insurance to unique. What tight. Of life insurance unit. 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You're going to love medically managed weight loss if you've tried everything else give doctor take a tried 913. 814822. Twos and number to call 9138148222. Or take nutrition dot com. We are clearly it's the horror it parks and this is an evening with no word of him though only. Your hard society. Of the textile industry. Images regional company. This time it was candy next time and sunglasses under pair hundred dollar pair of sneakers or car. Sometimes harsh lessons learned the first time prevent a second time from ever happening. The fact that she resisted and tried to run away makes the petty theft ten times worse. Harm. Or someone else wanted to know their press charges like here's the deal you can say as a grocery store they have we want her. Yeah we want her prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Let me tell you what's going to happen with this case over two dollars and 63 cents. There is not a prosecutor in the world that is going to waste taxpayer time. Money and resources. To bring a case against an eleven year old who stole piece of candy it is not going to happen raking Kansas. Hillary. Hurt or. Do. I am I just I work around people that are trained. To deal with children and I am talking youngest five children. I'm in I've seen. In women matters trained professionals. A restraining children. I know one that had his eye socket upstate. It knows about it by a tiny little kid and burger that they know that. Maybe they didn't deserve whatever I don't know that the police officer had to make these decisions that we don't see outside it. Art jobs done a daily basis. And judge them on or I'd see that type stuff on a daily basis and you aren't all behavioral. Issues that. I see in trained professionals. Are getting their stalled questioned by somebody has body number I've seen the child youngest. Nine and punched your mom right in the states. You know anywhere at its start in that chart with police say hey I'm not gonna take him back because he stole from them in town to return it or whatever has. There's not enough time to stand with them to do it whatever so. That can't stand up you know I believe you. I don't know Katie New Hampshire that. How does the cops know he answered that's where I. Is why we're talking about policy here reckon not the officer who did this I think at the policy says the officer can. The officer here has done nothing wrong I think what they're debating now there and what we should be debating here. Is what should that policy appropriate. Public policy looks like Kelly raped and Kelly hello. I. I have a guy who has and the eagerly issues and we had contact. You I'm. I older now but when he quit he actually pop on well. Oil. And kill. Me at that I teach our children and we actually actor only. We'll get our our our lead lap action put out there and you'd expect that sort of like umbrella. Are we forget that back there and I guarantee you they're not a police opera Eric I've ever Orlando. That was her which I ethernet. I'm so. Should you expect simpler I believe that they're not. I'm Bob I'm not anywhere. That. Opt to go by air or somebody higher up would be able to bring you can. Opera there would be. I'm at at the adequately. Non earned to date shall. Okay Imus editor Q were caches ocean. OC EAM. Ocean OCE. Eight M. Texan in the seventy rated one year in the running for a thousand dollars of the key were to catch your keyword this hour is ocean. To the newsroom here is Caremark have. And now I'm KM BZ Election Day it may be over but the Kansas GOP's fight for the governors or is that more next. Nebraska furniture mart is turning 81 cheers to 81 brilliant years. Styles savings and selection page Scott parks and the more you buy the more you save. During the march 81 anniversary sale whenever your style whatever your budget. The mark has an incredible selection. 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