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Wednesday, January 3rd

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You're listening to the Dana and parts podcast on KNB easy beach and a jump and temperatures by the upcoming weekend. Fair weather for the rest of today what temperature steady or slowly falling out of the mid twenties and eventually down to the low single digits for tonight. Partly cloudy for tomorrow the high upper teens scattered clouds and upper twenties by Friday. Remit into the upper thirties would dry weather conditions on Saturday. Possibility of a rain snow mix Saturday night and all rain Sunday the high mid forties. I'm staff meteorologist Stephanie or more key in DC whether. It's 2.4 in our case CI 26 in Lee's summit 25 ignore official weather station. It. It. He is our artist and yeah. You annoy you. Like you know Leo yes. Have you heard the ice when Iceland stunts thank coming they've made very difficult to pay women less than men not. In fact employers now have to prove that they paid men and women in the country. For the same job. Equally danced at her aunt and if they can't prevent it can get far ain't. To 500 dollars per day or my guess is Karen if you can't print it you have to give a reason why like this is why they're doing the same job at maybe. She works twenty hours a week he works forty hours and he's been on the job for twenty years Jesus target. Same day same job no. Same jobs experience. Doesn't matter aid this does not say it doesn't lay it out specifically the article I'm reading. We were talking about this off the air care right before you came on. Scotland to means that if you heard about how to can't be people are freaking out figured out this same thing. Photo copy. Will make roughly eighteen and you know what crime me a river. By the way I caught a cop will make roughly eighteen million dollars per year less. Then her male predecessor map while our. At about thirteen million less than fellow today anchor Megyn Kelly and despite doing significantly more work than both keep in mind at a cop beat. Was named yesterday the new co anchor of The Today Show but you'll also continue in that fourth hour so for those you don't watch morning TV news. I do I don't want him to see a lot but I am familiar with the needed two hours of The Today Show from seven to nine. Can from nine to ten. Is today with Megan Kelly where she does a lot of fluff stuff. And then from nine to and it gets even flopped here withhold a copy and Kathie Lee Gifford tank. Now I think in Kansas City. That fourth hour is moved to like 1 o'clock noon 1 o'clock am. They've put in a locals going in there right and they just recorded player waiter but regardless who cares. She's gonna make seven million dollars a year go to cop. Nothing to sneeze at that's a lot of money then give me a worry. About 750000. Dollars a month. To anchor the morning news however. Go to copies seven million dollar salary pails in comparison. To Matt flowers 25 million dollar salary per year. And Megan Kelly's twenty million. Dollar salary for doing one hour's worth of TV. To hold it copies now three hours of TV where shall be paid significantly less. People are losing. Their minds over at ABC. Robin Roberts and George Stephanopoulos. Who only do 2 hours of the morning news make. Fifteen and eighteen million dollars fifteen for George eighteen million. For Robin Roberts and she should be paid more. Kelly ripple makes twenty million dollars a year and timing to host the one hour show lives on ABC she does one hour and it's twenty million dollar million dollars might. God that your goal is and it isn't that everyone's great and I I don't begrudge anyone who has. The ability to garter is that type of money and or an agent who has the ability to get you is that type of money. The problem they have with how to copy. Is. Savannah Guthrie makes seven million more is that what you said. I believes the Savannah Jeffrey makes fifteen. Million hi I have fifteen million more how do you just how do you justify that. Because they are going to be doing the same job now you could say wells and edit entries better a little bit longer. But what is that with the network probably just as law should not a big enough draw. Eager they're raw numbers have only gone up since Matt Lauer left. Here here's the. Problem with paying someone equal pay for equal work today. I have I have poked enough holes and this to make it look like Swiss cheese but apparently not enough. It drives me crazy you are paid on. Drawl. Let's use the royals for example. And care customer deal. There's a lot of news out today about Eric Hosmer being offered a 147. Million dollars to stay here. To stay in Kansas City for another seven years and now. Eric Hosmer goes out and he plays. For space and he acts and he does is deal. And don't follow. He plays as many games as he's physically able to play I. Should the royals be required. To pay every player on that field every starter. From Alex Gordon to Salvi Torres. You name. Should they all received the same amount of money for. Equal. Work it is it equal work is in baseball you have statistical. Numerical. Quantifiable. Data and you do in the media to don't why. To some you know better than nostalgia not Dixie you do a baseball where you actually look and say you know here's all the times you Matt. Here's all the times he did gut let me ask you. Ever really know in the media. You can tell trends that this station is trending up this station is trending down you wanna sit here and no one. Knows how to do. Ask yourself let's keep it in the house. Okay Joseph we do let's to go down the hall. Johnny their morning show. I there are five major players on the Johnny their morning show Johnny TJ. Eight Greg and Mickey Perry's. They all do basically the same amount work. I've been on match I've been a part of that show I have seen. Who does the most work on that show and who does not. But I gearan damn tee. That everybody on that show is paid at a different rate I don't know what they're paid and I quite frankly don't care. But are you telling me that Tebow should be paid the same amount of money is Johnny dare no. That's apples and oranges because it's Johnny's shallow just like one could make the argument it is Kelly repair show and why people watch that I don't nobody co anchor. I can't exactly it's Ryan Seacrest I didn't know that I knew what was the guy that played football who's now at I'd be slightly strained it was Michael Strahan. Her name is on that shows so to me she should be paid for that show. This is different because Hud is going to be sitting right next to Savannah doing the same she's not as big of a draw how do you now. It's obvious. Is she was a bigger draw she would've been hired to take the job with Savannah Guthrie got the job. Now I guarantee you with this example. They have offered her. If the numbers stay the same or go up to Q another million in two years your still here and we're still chugging along we'll give you five million dollar bonus that's how. That structure works I just think I understand. White people from the outside looking in are looking at Savannah Guthrie and how to copy and saying why shouldn't they be paid at least in the ballpark. Let me as a design and out of me ask you something. About it and use your husband's radio or TV station as an example and about fifteen years ago. Laura more notes made the jump from the morning show to the evening action tank which in TV news is a higher paid gay tradition traditionally yes. Larry Moore was gold before Kansas city's true anchorman took over that seat yes Chris cats. Before Chris cats Larry Moore was the long time caught father of Kansas city's evening news would you agree I would agree aren't. When war boards then probably in her early thirties. Maybe when I was constantly Tony's. Make it jumped evening news anchor with Larry Moore she's reading the same number of stories. She's only been in KM BC for. 67 years 2 in the morning news purses are reported and as an anchor. When La imports made the jump. To co anchor the news with Hillary Moore who had been there for thirty years. Should alarm ports have received the exact same page as Larry more. That is not. An adequate and now exactly what we're talking about now. I'll Savannah Guthrie and how to copy has been there are roughly the same amount of time. If you look at Tony popping hasn't been an anger from the same line that haute. For whatever reason. Has only been their one year still and in television a year and Manning got three's been there. 26 years copies ever been an anchor. She'll be fine. This is my point this idea of its space and not wind isn't a nation that she's not Christiane on the pork. You don't mean I mean they're going to be reading the news and then talking about saying greenery and here's another example. If we're gonna talk about the media. Mitchell. Has been anchoring the news over on MSNBC. Is is that station has been on the I gearan hot damn. That Andrea Mitchell. Will. And is probably for more versed. In international studies then go to copy could ever do we have been. Should Andrea Mitchell make seven million dollars a year because I guarantee AMT issue doesn't. Now she does equal work. She's reading them so now from the sex line. Media and sports. Our difference I agree Northern Trust they sell their personalities to the public it's not like bad in the real world for the average working person cleaning floors is cleaning floors that should pay the same for what Linehan. An easy race for. If I clean floors better than new clean floors Kara marks are. Q do you. Can't do that you cannot clean floors and sheet I used to be a gender we knew were the better janitors at the alumni center you. You put the better janitors in the bigger rooms. The reason. They would get a clean faster than the lesser guy CU put the lesser guys in the smaller rooms that's just the way it worked but guess what all boats and putted so. But because I worked harder. And I cleaned faster and better. I ended up having to clean bigger rooms. Where the new kid that just started who's cleaning the same amount of homes but first or. Should he be paid the same as me. And there for two hours. Have experience. And know how to set up a room for a wedding reception tomorrow night he has no. But. If he's doing equal work. Person. Shouldn't he be paid equally I think the problem in this case is the disparity is pretty huge pretty big here. If you had said Savannah Guthrie is making ten million more. Let's latency out works out three million are. I hate this idea of equal pay for equal work who need it doesn't own guys and beat geek because. Is that everybody does the same kind of the work is not equal their for the patient the I work than you do I worked better I show up thirty minutes before they ship you show up right at the sort of leadership. I I get to work I get radio address are ready to Allred go clean some votes puke. I'm ready to roll you roll in text in my own publisher. Little blue shirt to them. Just because you hope the same amount of furniture out of my house doesn't mean you get paid the same amount as I did I on a lot heavier furniture. I'm stronger. It's weird. We actually on the thinks it sounds like every Chinese. I can't. About two minutes of the sort of directs agencies Jessica. Stops even bragging about being the best amateur pay pay. I could clean the toilet like nobody does. Us quick update two of story that we've been following since Thursday. And I had a feeling. This was coming and it breaks my heart we will post this across all forms of social media. A 25 year old Los Angeles man suspected of making a hoax emergency call that led to the fatal shooting of a Kansas man. Now faces a single charge of making a false. Alarm mr. Perry haven't. Very and it. I don't watch criminologist be running cross at Webster university and Missouri. Says criminal charges are highly unlikely quote it is sort of a factor in the world we live in now. That is very difficult to bring charges against police officers unless there's a glaring negligence or. Misconduct while I certainly sympathize with the family. And I think there was probably not the necessary due caution exercised here. I do not know. That they are going to necessarily be successful in pursuing for charges brought against the officer or anyone else for that matter will will post this we talked about yesterday. I do not think there is a law which applies to this waste of oxygen. Who led to the death of his father of two. But the charge today is making. A false. Alarms which is a misdemeanor mostly sunny. This is going to be a ticket a fine. Whomever they re a liberal members never spent the day in jail the way it is is looking now unless Kansas authorities are gonna try. And failed and failed to do something here and it is looking like that is you war. Answer what's the charge of making one making. A false. Claim alarm. A man dies an innocent man dies. In this gaming dispute that this 25 year old kid idiot is it idiot is having with somebody on our game. The person on the other end with whom he is upset win. Gives them a false address what let me just make sure I understand historic or via these two idiots are game. All right and their states away from each. The kidding California gets upset with the person may be in Kansas maybe some morals we don't know. The person on the other and with whom he has upset. Gives him an address. In which is tall. Too which the kidding California. Through some back channel 911 calls phones in. And tells the Wichita police I've just killed my father. I have poured gasoline all over the house here is the address come get me. He's not there are no one associated with this game is there. An innocent man Andrew French answers good or. He seeing commotion out front a lot of police officers in the front. Opens the door and is subsequently shot. Through an obvious mistake. And the kid in California who called in this swatting 911 call. Gets making a false alarm misdemeanor against him. That is the charge. Good buddy and I just texted and said can't the dead man's emigrant a civil suit against a guy and yes and let me tell you what you're going to get out of B 25 year old loser living in his mother's basement and Atari and Xbox Wii and it wanted to have a suspect Iran navy. Eight for chicken. I'm not only chicken product. What what's the point. You would spend 101000 dollars bringing a suit and that would you get nothing that would bring you. Nothing out what you could do is sued Wichita police department which is what I'm sure they will do for what. Wrongful death. They will lose. We have seen cases. Where police officers. Shoot. Innocent people the janitor. In Minnesota and and I think of one time in the past and your officers have been acquitted for doing far more war. Then this officer in Wichita who thought. He was shooting an armed. Hostage taker in this house you put this in front of the jury they're gonna equip you put the police officer on the stand who is shattered that this happens. He's crying. This is run my life I killed an innocent man and I know it. But we had all of this reason to believe this hostage situation was going on they play the 911 call which certainly sounded dramatic. There's not a jury. In the world that is going to side with this spam. In fact in the last three years. Name one time a jury has found. Officer responsible South Carolina. Where he was running away and shot and it was unarmed and shot. I 767798. Get to the news or Caremark. Kansas City City Hall shut down today will tell you why next. You know steel once they say sealant and forget it and that's exactly what she again do you know we've got some snow in some muck. On our roads right now and of course you bring that in your crutch. We have them at that permanent polymer decorative coating on on our garage easy to clean on slip texture comes in a ton of cool colors are gonna love. And now every time there's a mess in the garage we just whisk it out of their floor still looks brand name. No more stained cracked garage floor thanks to seal wants Casey to get schedule now they'll put acting in in one day. Mentioned any you're still gonna get 20%. Off go to seal once Casey dot com or make your appointment for your free estimate at this number. 8169423927. 8169423927. Or seal once Casey dot com. 330 in Kansas City from the KM BZ newsroom I'm Kara marks our downtown City Hall is shut down after a water line break inside the building city manager to racial thing on Twitter today is that a two inch main fire suppression line. Broke between the lobby in the basement that caused significant flooding and the electrical transformer equipment was inundated. Affecting the building's power and fire suppression systems. That equipment will have to be dried out and restarted it's not clear yet if they will be able to reopen City Hall tomorrow. President trump issued a fiery response to former chief advisor Steve Bannon who was quoted in a book using the word treasonous. To describe meeting between Donald Trump junior Jared Kushner and haul man a force had a with suspected Russian operatives at trump tower during the presidential campaign. The president released a four paragraph statement thing Bannon lost his mind after being fired from the administration. In today's White House briefing Press Secretary Sara Sanders was asked if the president feels betrayed. I think the president's statement is extremely clear what his position on mr. Bannon is as pretty lengthy and pretty detailed and there's not really much firepower out moan check traffic and weather together next. Fair weather conditions and falling temperatures in the forecast for the rest of today we're falling down quickly to about two degrees for tonight with the wind chill readings between five and ten below. Or start off of those wind chills early Thursday scattered clouds around today the high upper teens fear whether an aperture money's on Friday and temperatures climbing this weekend. Upper thirties by Saturday afternoon and we have to mid forties in the forecast on Sunday with some chances for Maine. I'm staff meteorologist at different era Mauritanian easy whether. Before an art case CI 26 and blue springs it's 25 at your official weather station I'm Kara marks or stay connected with news 981 KM BZ am KM BZ dot com. Green. The end accountable. And love. Down we'll. Pursue in the line. Of my highway. Burned them much. Hello mom. And did drifted. The whole. The receiver and get this loaded I mean why else. At a lot. And we're gonna bring back hot. Monitors Siebert buddhism for we are going to bring this topic back at 5 o'clock. Out of countries have added a player right now. Right here. Implement on my phone. Here played under better set it up. Art and we are going to content news director over pucks more right now we were talking last hour about the Kansas City, Kansas fire department and this audit. And how. There seems to be according to the mayor mark haul and whose outgoing. A bit of corruption and fraud. At the Kansas City, Kansas fire department. Where one fire captain for example. Received 64000. Dollars. In extra paperwork that he did not do and that is a lot of shift swapping going on and firefighters are. Getting paid for shifts and they don't work. So Matt Stewart. From fox. Goes to a to do what we more Porter and he's doing what every morning reporters told to do got to stand out in front of a fire house. In Kasey Kahne entered the lodge and talk about this story. Which he did it. And the problem is the fire department thought it would be funny. To bring the air raid. Behind Matt by about what would you say twenty yards. And turn on the lights and sirens. During. His. Live shot. Which. Are we need five years old here seriously are we five years old here like to. Buyers that they wanna take a closer look at this report at this audit of the KCK fire department and their ships trades at a posted on our website at box. We get out. I. By the way response trojans and it's. Eight fire officials they tell me that. It's fairly. Soon. Are going directly behind this reporter the funny thing is Matt Stewart says now hang up for sale while they lead the fire house no I never left the. House sitting behind him blasting the horn. And the lights play. Now Stewart. Kasey Kahne firefighters. Did not free. Story. The issue and hear what I wanna hear Matt is doing his job. I. They're hoping that people go ahead and take a look at this a little closer delay. This should trading his apartment. To music right. Exactly happens all the time it's not a big deal again they have 40% traits for a year. It's just that some of them were doing more than that and they weren't actually trading so basically they were getting pain but not. What can edit the person shouldn't we be here. OK so here's the deal I wanna hear from jail hours news director. It is not funny. You know it's easy to pick on Matt Stewart. But he did not create this situation that led to this. Story okay but it stones categories. The reporter's fault the reporters doing his job. But it is for. The fire department apparently trying to say are our captain may just go to a sound and light checked. Okay two out of three of his life shot this morning this is just want to live shots. They did just chill out of his three lives. Figured he is third when their. A closer look at this report at this audit of the Casey cave fire department and their ships trades. We haven't posted on our website at. And we may get out. Okay. I did talk with TC cave fire officials they didn't tell me that god not an interim fired so rarely see in charge. That he will go ahead and take a look at this a little closed a little later run. That's who. I look at NASA's. That we can still carry cash. Yes you're right terrorists are very juvenile. But it does kind of me. Some reports out the police would never do my thing. And now item I'd say look I don't wanna get in the cross hairs of any firefighter because when you need them you want them there. But that is. Unprofessional. Juvenile behavior. Format. Who is just standing out there freezing. He is. But off. Any what is an am morning reporter we'll tell you stand out there. Is nil picnics. And he's stand out they're trying to tell you what's going on with this firefighter pay 64000 dollars. Once you need at an apartment. Anders should trades at a news website at odds. Okay. This gets traded and I did talk with TC paid fire officials they didn't tell me that that not a new interim fire. My god does. Amendments and represents thanks guys and take a look at this a little closer later brought. See Jimmy this policy options trading is. About our apartments and not just Jason Kidd right. It happens all the time it's not a big deal again they have Tony were shipped traits for a year. It's just that some of them were doing more than that and they weren't actually trading so basically they were getting paid a big news that a person should still see here. This is your third live shot and we fed. Two of them with fire with us Cyrus. It lights behind them up so I'm actually times it happens okay they're fighting I. I expect. That it. This little word do. It's pretty jubilant. It's pretty funny. I would marched over there Matt is too nice I work with Matt for years he is the nicest guy you'll ever meet. I would just thrown my IFB on the ground marched over there and interviewed the line it. And said what he's doing you look like an idiot I'm trying to do my job what do you do. I don't get your way when you're trying to do your job report not get my wits and I'm going to do much. And a lot of people are pointing out police would have never. Dumb that they would have been hammered for unprofessional behavior now this is still up another story. And I'm sure Casey Kate doesn't want. Any more attention drawn to it Irish you know don't take. And and fox four has been number one more and show you note the mayor was probably too and in. Sitting on his couch. Drinking his coffee this morning on 00. God stop. Keep doing. Because Matt Stewart says appeased. When it first happens as well we're gonna wait till they get out of there again. There's a legitimate fire or an emergency. And they're coming up staged. They never do. Now the data they just sit there are parked and fire off they're sirens and the some rights and you have no idea who you're messing. Boring at the same the mafia was calm down beavis. I have no idea what I don't see now why he would wanna make a situation like that worse what does that Casey makes it more is the KCK fire department not gonna put up my house fire in Roland park. Simmer down now another they're not exact author job so you have no idea who you're messing with. What is is that Casey cave fire department the mafia was. Are they gonna break my phone it's concrete boots. Cult. Give me. Tell you something text her if that's the kind of fire department that your running that I have to be careful with quote I'm messing. Then we have bigger problems. We really do. Tax write your joke. You have no idea who you're messing. Maybe the fire department needs to recognize that they are public server grants. That I pay tax dollars to have the fire in my house put out. So simmered down tough. Smash up by 76 months. It's. Tonight at box. Always out there I am. Tomorrow night. Now we don't learn more about this report about the sixth straight. I did talk with TC pay higher officials they do tell me that dad now that a new interim fired. Early in charge. Guys. It's they're hoping that he will go ahead and take a look at this a little closer little later wrong that's Stewart. He's still here. You know this. Clearly this edition of trading as you think they're playing. I just basic right. Know exactly happens all the time it's not a big deal again they have Tony courtship trades per year. It's just that some of them were doing more than that and they weren't actually trading so basically they are getting paid but not looking at the person should still see here. This is your third live shot and we've had. Two of them with fire with us sirens. And lights behind them yeah so imagine they aren't so happens okay they're fighting. And I've beaten and barely and here's. Died. It sat. That's life shot would have gone by Iran will fly it roll NL had Matt. Taken off his eyes be in March over there. I have been anything that you put what do you do your back let's talk about what you're gonna talk about hair. I'd 76. And and and it includes a mall seconds. So that's about what are you doing here really explain your behavior could play you know what I mean the goal we set out. I think about what you've done go sit on your handset and I'm out apt. Honky pants. You. Stewart and he's he's trying not to. I. Am. Look does thanks guys they go to. Now we don't learn more about this report about this its trade. I did talk with TCP fire officials they do tell me that does not add a new interim fired. Early in the chart. Here that likes guys bigger dependent on. It is incredibly juvenile. And the mayor had to be sitting down for coffee and breakfast this morning going on. Oca. I would encourage since his political future is now effectively over. Mayor mark Holland to call the program. And explain this behavior by his fire department. Matt Stewart is simply trying to give a report. We live in the nation where we. I think. Still respect the freedom of the press. I have texted my dear friend John holt and said we would like to have your news director. Collins program and she's an amazing but we'll just so. As soon as she gets up for me. I give her the hotline. Rotten. I. It's not funny I would be funny but it's not funny. It's funny but it's not funny. Are or were hooking us up to came Aziz please lapel hole opened up Twitter and FaceBook. You can hear it you can hear what's going on but to see it I mean they are part raid. Behind him right and the last the horns and desire it's about three times he did his story this morning. About they error. Waste their. Dollar waste. Three that department so they ever message. Yes think yeah. Eaton strangely the truck never pulled out of the parking lot now that he holed his composure though the best cyclists got I would have marched right over there and said let's talk about this you go on camera let's talk about that on China. You know that that's like the nicest guy never however it is in this regard the Al we'll get a post up there could be up there a moment. Trades we have that posted on the website. At Foxboro. Tomorrow night. Now. I heard about this it's great and I did talk with Casey. Masters is on the debt via split screen admit that's was like trying to figure is like. True it's true in. This. Spoon the later wrong and bad Stewart her. I talked to Matt Stewart. So here's what's funny. I just saw this on Twitter. And yes we are posting offers but here's what's funny on Mike Mahoney over ads channel line he's been there for. A 120 years best reporter in the city and sound. And he tweeted two hours ago. That the incoming mayor is saying the Kansas City, Kansas fire department shift trading thing isn't costing taxpayers and and we talked about this at length at 2 o'clock probably what I what I thought of that he got the endorsement of the firefighters injured here's here is. What's interesting if they put Mahoney. In subfreezing temperatures. In front of that fire station he'll corner kicks a match he he literally go in the other day that sped. It was hot or not. I said mark Mahoney is an amazing reporter and I respect him greatly I hope I never ever have to talk to him. Because if I do something really bad has happened yes and and everybody I've ever talked to that that does reporting stuff. These terror was telling me a story about some are some young guy like you might look the other he's like yeah stuff besides on our needs this. Keys. Securities and my job at workhorse right and unity and go away and he's he is not showing up at a press covers it friends would dive ride one. And don't ask him where you can find city hall of you to start Mikey he'll kill. You it's killing with your own spiked heels so. It's going to be interesting at channel line puts him on this story tonight. If we see this behavior repeated and I doubt that you will here's why they know that. Among. Now I said if there's ever point your life where you turn around a Mike Mahoney stand there with a microphone you have messed up. Dazed and went from bad to worse. Nothing good comes from that healthy groceries on at Casey Mike Mahoney. What is written about it. There's one tweet if you scroll down. It is in coming Casey came mayor David all. Says the Casey case fire department shift trading is revenue neutral mocked costing taxpayers and I'm gonna go ahead of us. I don't follow Casey cape altered the way ash. But I'm gonna guess that David all of the incoming mayor of KCK. Had the endorsement backing and financial resources of the Kansas City, Kansas. Lawmakers. But for him to come out save dobbs. Across into it despite the fact. Until I tell her Bosnia if you sign up for shift you didn't work. And trapped signs up for a shift he works and we both get paid the same jet go your boss's office and say. This is deficit neutral decision didn't cost company thing and report back to me like you know that. It's up for you. So. So which. I'm Matt Stewart and I listen the program. If you get a second call program you know the number. 576779. We'd love to hear from the news director channel 400. Vessels you're welcome to call him at Eden. You're welcome to call him. Always out there I am. Tomorrow night. They were sixth straight. I did talk with T Sidney fire officials they didn't tell me that dad not in the interim fired some fairly. In charge. Guys. They're hoping that. Thanks guys. Act. A. If it's. Performance to this post it should trading is Cobb. Records they isn't all morning mr. Harris they did it all morning and every time they were analyzed this. We're opposites but I didn't talk with he six feet higher officials they didn't tell me that now that a new interim fired. Early in. Charge. Guys. The newsroom with earmarks and campaign I can be easy flu cases on the rise in the metro will have more next. Right ever kriegel messed diamonds if you're looking to buy a diamond if you're looking to sell a diamond. Look up Scott and Steve Scott received yes gotten Steve remember there's no over and it's gotten stream. Anything in it they still have diamond earrings left over from the holiday and a bunch of pairs for came easy listeners. All the way from a couple hundred bucks up to 151000. Dollars. For a hunger of repair that is. Three care three carat total. Give them all now 91366096. And nine for your private appointment. 91366096. Or nine for your private appointment or Craig Thomas diamonds dot com. 4 o'clock in Kansas City for McCain NBC newsroom I'm Kara marks are flu cases continue to rise at the University of Kansas health system 176. People have tested positive for the flu 71 of them in the last week alone. Doctors say it's not too late to get your flu shot even if it's not very effective this year it will reduce your symptoms. Many questions about president Trump's war of words with his former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon at today's a white house press briefing Press Secretary is Sara Sanders asked if the rough short Bannon will affect support among the president space president's base is very solid. It hasn't changed because the president hasn't changed his agenda hasn't changed from such data when Bannon was fired quote he not only lost his job he lost his mind. Attorney general Jeff Sessions has appointed a new interim US attorney for the western district of Missouri Timothy garrisons appointment is effective as of Friday he's been an assistant US attorney in the Springfield office since 2007. Air being Bea is going to start collecting taxes in Missouri as of February 1 the company to this point has left tax payments up to individual house. But now they're taking on the burden says spokesman Ben bright. Depending on where you are again there's six or seven different acts as the kids. At a time and they vary from city to city from county to Carney. They're being B expects to add about one point one million dollars to state coffers and when he eighteen. Another earnings milestone for Star Wars the last jet I. Star Wars the last gen I has cracked the top twenty on the list of all time highest grossing films the latest numbers haven't earning just shy of one point. One billion dollars globally good enough for nineteenth place. The last Jeff rice currently number six domestically on the all time top earners list Star Wars the force awakens as the all time top burner domestically and third internationally went over two billion dollars in global gross earnings Star Wars is owned by Disney parent company of ABC news Christopher Watson. ABC news. As a dusk to denied Steve bond bridge will turn red in honor of the chiefs crews have been working this afternoon to install red Plexiglas covers on all forty lights that illuminate the bridged. It'll stay around as long as the team continues through playoffs but check traffic and weather together next. This is Amy Wright with Barbara financial growth with your closing market report for Wednesday January 3 stock markets finishing at records today putting the main indexes in a similar position to where they ended 2017. A rally in energy shares technology in health care supported the buying that on Wall Street. The Dow Jones flirted with that psychologically significant close to 25000. Rising point 4% to 24923. Meanwhile breaching milestones of their own. The S&P 500 closed above 2700. Rising point 6% to 2713. While the NASDAQ jumped point 8% at 7066. Menace from the Federal Reserve's December meeting released at 1 o'clock central revealed some divisions among policy makers. An expectations for three increases to benchmark interest rates in 2018. In corporate news shares of Intel dropped 3.4 percent. With arbor financial. This thing right here on tape and these me. 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