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Wednesday, January 3rd

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First up out of the gate we will get to nuclear war potentially. Are right we're gonna get to the tweet from president trump last night that went out Pitt's got everybody. Thinking about the possibility of a nuclear war we're gonna get to that right come back button. We will I don't ABC news for the latest on president trounced weak and reaction to it and to further explain that there is no such thing as a button. But against president trumpet Diet Coke or not he launches. What every honest if I doubt we'll get to that coming up after 11 o'clock it's one of two big stories that people are talking about today the one. Is little more fun. I love the fact that this is a bigger story in Kansas City in the potential threat of nuclear war and last night I went to bed reading about. Former royals first baseman Eric Hosmer who has been doing the two were about where he's going to laity could be in San Diego last letter read a story that he was getting interest from the St. Louis Cardinals and there's some other teams whose. Talking with the Red Sox earlier maybe the giants who knows. But. This morning Bob nightingale of USA today putting out a story that you can read on our FaceBook page that Eric Hosmer. Has received an offer from the Kansas City Royals. Of seven years and 147. Million dollars to come back to Casey that works out to about 21 million dollars a year. And joining us right now to talk about what that deal would mean and more is our friend Josh burn your royals insider from down the hall and 610. Burton how surprised were you when you heard this news this morning. All that would be great at intro I've pepper her. Popular. With a baseball. I went. Would merely the prize but again a few awkward and also there's an all well their unit of popular opera seven years a 140. Dollars so now we go. Put up war. Error pop and there are still seemed like the cardinal that you see are these years and now up and even more so. Look I'll never really struck that you're aware of is that he bond that they couldn't. Filed the bombing error out mark of the big money Major League Baseball. Did well. Am. I hit it. But there is no way some money in professional sports so I was happy that yet but you know La Costa we opted to move forward. Burn what's worse. He bought the question at all about mr. Burkle in our group right now because. He typically when you look at. Our house where. So that the ball went out on the field that goes on here but not. Seven year 147. Million dollars go to what makes them. I'll work a hundred reporting that a new vehicle you can't. Argue. Ability. Means willingness to grab the microphone opening date has made a few words about our work our goal outcrop and immediate. Ability to. And about it brought up that one or gotten out of the club I'll tell you cannot do one or what you expect what the man. From the about a court what you do on the field of play. I'm debate pat. You wanna vote that shot all but opted not to do anything great but he does awkward well so that the whole. All of a typical right now or whether or not it's work. The complete. Eric opera eight reluctant superstar which is what you what they'll never be. Alex Rodriguez that it would go deep Prince Fielder. But it will targeted at your child. In the community that might not be one that you know you're cute and into the great call. And isn't that something that only the royals would appreciate given his history here that might be worth more of the royals than would be the Padres he really. I like you're talking about some of the off the field stuff that. Doesn't necessarily. Yeah now on equal money on the field but that really matters in the community might get more people ought to see games. Oh well no it. A rebuilt its forthcoming about UT students and locked them have a way. Oh road in La. Let people loved Mike when people log outscored. A losing hand. Coming up short of expectations and not produce an old habit and the department I don't know what brought. Then it will produce 2008. Into the orbit of the World Series title. What would not be fought the good part of oil. Though still one where pockmarked. But we will not be in love with them that they are currently that he needs more into it even anywhere else. How about don't want that again but lock and load quickly. The royals have offered Eric Hosmer a seven year deal worth a 147 million dollars or talk liberals insider Josh burn your. You're an 81 K eight MBZ. I look at a guy who. You know I think this is a wonderful deal for all the reasons were talking about but some people would say he'll follow the real good year like this one up with a bad year. Went from 293 to hit 232 wins from it 302227. The couple years ago the they won the World Series at 297. Followed that with a 266 year he hit 318 this year. Is there a worry that this is going to be. The inconsistent Eric Hosmer where it's good ears are worth 21 million dollars a year but are those bad years worth it. But the question because protecting the it often is it better not great as he Trent is great that you confine. Numbers that he is as good as the without. Currently but how much it would be willing to paper that could just plug the well I got the clubhouse and in the community as well. Yeah I mean. You don't want so inconsistent. In that shell oil and you're wanting to age twenty to age what that means and Kabul the week not on trial again not a superstar. You know I'll allegedly in early on in her career will be if you can't follow it it's our that would eat I'm just now on my problem I'm just now on island. We are but my career in which I will put up and equal. I'll see 10900. Yeah. I'd numbers hit it 321. Spot moments that it would just turning coordinate my output are ultimately going out. And that's what I love the deal you're not this isn't one of those deals where you're signing Albert Pujols for seven years and 200 billion dollars at the age of 35 you're citing this guy going into his prime this is that would. 28 about 35 re the best years baseball players how. I don't even if the world bring back their property and if you increase that he'll compound on the line. Likely going to be. Too it's not simply lean years coming down the pike in Kansas City. And they like Eric Hosmer are all the commercials. Right in the club house. I'd do in the post game that you may make it make it a little bit more. I adjustable oil so. A very real quick we gotta get out get to a break he seems like he's this generation's George Brett if this deal does does go down that sort of a torch passed to tie highs. Is there a possibility tell our listeners if this does go down about the possibility of an out after say three years if possible is not happy. Were you wouldn't want to be to opt out. So where are. You know the focal point of fifteen million into it he did not have a lot of that. Probably toward users involved one week off million dollars there what will happen as usual in 20011. Dave yep typical model or what article in the agency more than likely it will play opt out. A contract if indeed you got them back into it. Or does it get done today is he to remain at royal guests are now. Well. Burned that's not the answer we wanted to hear. I'm Diallo. Hopefully we're all like you. Yeah. It's earned just her near 610 net Sports Radio royals insider joining us here in 91 KM BZ. I think this is leverage. This is right there where you're here are 7147. Who's gonna go eighty and 85 will go to nine at 160 and you said his agent is one of the best and as Scott Boras is the best agent baseball he gets his players the most money that's the agent's job in baseball contracts are guaranteed. The batter right I mean it's better again and battery yours are on it yet and knowing at the end at least he's still that last half obviously stinks. In the in seven years he's still gonna get 24 million still gets the money see Alex Gordon so we have a Twitter poll if you'd like to weigh in on this you can get the sun came BC dot com and came disease Twitter at KM BZ radio. Now the good deal bad deal almost a hundred votes so far seven years 147. The that the percentages are some prop surprising I guess. You know or right now and I guess 40% good deals 60% that fifty to 48 good deal bad deal fifty to do you think 5767798. If they're customer came back for that kind of money. Wouldn't that be a good deal for the Kansas City Royals in B 21 million dollars a year to play in Kansas City. Entering his prime I have a 67798. A nuclear war leader let's talk baseball even though it's twelve degrees outside and out it's debatable what's of that would affect more people in this town. We'll get to your phone calls money your commute her rivals manned by 767798. Good deal bad deal for highs. Seven at 147. Million dollars at midday with Jamie we can do that but up next 5767798. Eric Hosmer been offered a seven year 140 million dollar four bombs or 147 million dollar deal. By York Kansas City Royals good dealer bad deal. It's kinda split on Twitter 5347. Since we got a few more votes during the break follow us and go to came BC radio. The tax line though leaning very heavily against the high as. I have fun and this city. Has a love affair with Eric house that's why I'm surprised absolutely. Like you bowed down to defeat ever cause that's why we're talking to Vern and the last segment on I think a lot of wide. He is worth to the city's about what he does off the field is abound and he's he is a guy he's a he's a good face for your organization I think that's right. He's good for PR for the royals he does and not every player is like you know Oki he leads on and off the field which I think is important. Let me ask you sports yeah how fast that I know that you know now we're in the process of rebuilding this team. Potentially potentially. What are the chances you think that he is a part of another World Series winning team I mean that I know we have no idea who else we're gonna right I mean. The royals win. If they throw Ohio as if they do sign Hosmer and they've got Salvador operas and you got any doubt the you've got potentially three all stars there is somebody else who knows who else can play well. If you're obviously gonna have to replace Lorenzo Cain you're gonna have to replace mother guys but. They're going to be a pretty decent team next year penalty killing 180 games this year lot of ups and downs. Their act as a the constructed they're not going to compete right now for the division title but over the next seven years the number one job Dayton Moore adds. Is rebuilding that Fran the farm system it is rated one of if not the worst farm systems in all of baseball many try to piece is a way to get pieces and that's what you do with the farm system that's. It's to bring a lot of up and when they're ready to play at the Major League level or you deal of a way to get guys were ready to play the Major League level. Into who knows what we're going to be in seven runners because. They could have drafted guys this year are younger guys are in fighting it exactly. What air caused Merck to me I am in full favor of this deal I I am all in on this deal for a number of reasons 5767798. First of all you're getting in at 28 a lot of times you see these big twenty million dollar contracts for guys who are 3132. Years old. And the back end their career they're not worth it. If hides who's in really good physical shape he's missed eight games in three seasons and didn't miss a game all last year if hi this is. At as durable as he's been for the beginning of his career which there's a reasonable league he wouldn't pre. Then you're getting a guy going into his prime coming off the best season of his Major League Baseball career. You're getting as as burn like the team leader. Say what you want about Salvi say which ought to ought Alex Gordon. The leader on this team is Eric Hosmer and end this is a guy on and off the field who fans and his teammates can point at and say. That's our guy that guy is the Kansas City Royals. We raise another one like that couldn't we get another guy this year that sticks around first line for what he's learned census 2011 to seven years. Couldn't we get another one like that couldn't you know before Hosmer there was somebody else could we not get another Hosmer the sticks around for seven years that becomes another face of the team who doesn't cost us. I mean potentially. Sure who knows that's going to be is it Bubba starling is it Mary feel you don't know who that's going to beat I know what I've got an Eric Hosmer and I've got the memory. I yeah memories don't pay for things. I got the memory of back to back World Series with Eric Hosmer as part of both of those teams as one of the heroes. In those seats but he's always been that guy well that the thinking is he'll be better. Because again. We know he has done. It's his crime it's his next seven years which are traditionally twenty to 35 the best years of major league baseball players we're out there guys that are better young. Guys that are better ruled. But for the most part you're getting. An all star gold glove winning first baseman entering his prime and I know 21 million dollars sounds like a lot the rails and never pay anybody that much I get it. 21 million dollars a year doesn't even put their costs are in the top 25 of eight of and major league baseball players getting paid. Guys are making 222330. But where are those guys play. Bigger cities much bigger cities but but again if you want it if you want butts in seats. Now only ninety loss seasons gonna have a very empty Kauffman Stadium in September and Ottawa for back. But this is a good place for the royals it's a good place for fans it's a good play all those Hosmer jerseys IC UK every single time I go. As he plays all the time. Let me ask you one thing I would go to calls here just I'm a math question now yet. What are the chances that it's. If if the royals signed him at this or let's say the Padres won Upton and anyone on again and now we're at a 160 million dollars yeah. Are we gonna see ticket prices ought to pay for that Arenas he parking prices go up to that are is the beer gonna go up three dollars or anything like that what are our people gonna feel that the room. Real money for salaries doesn't I don't think instinct you pay for their salaries. Their real money for salaries comes from TV. TV dollars and they have one of the worst TV contracts and baseball. But what do you mean worst fox sports Kansas City makes very little compared to other networks were bigger markets a yankees or cubs you'll bigger markets may. But we talked about this little while back. We ABC Disney bought fox Tony for century fox what that means is ESPN money. Is going to trickle down to markets like Kansas City and I don't know what the deal is or what it will be they can get out of their current one. But that is more money coming in so that will offset some of the money that you're worried. Is gonna raise your beer prices you might see a dollar to raise in parking. That's just part of you know season to season your tickets Michael up a blocker too. That happens and ever rather they're gonna sign Hosmer are not your tickets are gonna go up your hot dogs are gonna go up eventually. This guy gives you your kids George Brett like player now he's not as Brett buddies this generation's Brad. This is the royals young generations. Franchise player I love this steal some thousands of people fans by 767798. A stock NG in Kansas City GRE all. That's. Absolutely not okay. I'm actually thinking would my head and not my heart believe me on the spot where they can and. You know everybody thinks he's good book and it's. I can't favorite everything back from a baseball perspective. That is just not worth that you know he's he could have happened down here. I'm he'll be 35 at the end of his contract which has all been based. On your habit that's the end of his contract he's when he is he's entering his party's birthday was two months ago I mean he's. Entering the prime years of this a year. You're you're right and you can look at it from that perspective. It's. I think. You know it. Generally speaking players and the ball optional or they can look at pool called for example. Who went to the Angel would find it in your contract and he has not looked at him. Our ability your contract so I just happen stealing copper will be the same way. Thanks for the phone call and you appreciate your thoughts take Camp David and actually you're next up a 91 KMB easy. David you're on the air. Well being at the side this country expect that Q well a year ago it where. Vineyard seventeen million and the royals in operate and that when he went. Lately. So you know money why he's probably not much more much different than we're. Thought it was a few years back a little higher. But the other thing is. Contract structure it in the year and then there it is only about three year. Well. We're. Polian. That. As a boat to give him the the guilt or property now. And spread out dollar later than that as. You know her lawyer and now he's trying to be traded. At that what Purdue. And and if there at the royals aren't competitive to absolutely but the thought process is I believe in this rebuild as we watch this rebuild app in. If there even is a rebuilt I mean if they keep Selby in Duffy. And and they go with posit first this sit in a rebuilt. Right they're gonna try to make some moves they're gonna try to do everything they can to wit. They're gonna do it they can and thanks Dave for the phone call. I 767798. Hotspur 21 mil year good deal bad deal on Twitter 53% of you think it is a good deal Tex lines still pretty. That none. I think listening to the conversation and trying to make them a little bit on. Again I I ICE conflict between your head in your heart and this one you're doing well now. I'll head you're doing the math you're all I'm all right I'm all ahead maybe a lot of people are doing the management on buddies how it's. We just a day. We'll take a few more your calls also I'll get to your text it's an tweets as well also still to come this hour. Lot of people are moving around this country whether it's in or out Kansas is on one of those lists of the top ten most moved in. Or moved out. Stand 32. Our poll question not high as fifty to 487. At 1477. Years 147. Million dollars is the offer on the table. Right now from the royals to Hosmer. It's a good idea or bad idea let us know vote on Twitter at KM BZ radio and welcome back to this little later. Yak on so. You saw exe United Airlines yesterday was national moving day like that you have which we you don't fail to celebrate on the airlines. Does a survey every year. State I states the states where the population is moving out and the states that are taking the most population and they're not necessarily tracking like which state you're moving too which state are moving. From back and forth they're just they're noting the states that most people leave. And the most people coming. Are right on the thing to note about the study units on the we wanna ask you about is that a lot of those states that people aren't leaving are in the midwest. Illinois the very bottom and that's where I think it was like 60%. Or something like that it's on our people are are leaving moving to autistic cheese is the bottom of the list in terms of states that are losing the most population. It's expensive most of that Chicago I'm guessing it's so expensive to live there and tell me I can business ranks fifth. Lois oh gosh in terms of states where people were populations is Ernie Allen I know that it's kind of difficult to articulate. It Kansas was ranked number five on a list of the moves most. Moved from states now analysts and Tuesday were the people are moving out of the most Kansas was ranked. Early four states where people are moving out of more than an hour. Am RS but the top ten a look at his Illinois in in Jersey New York Connecticut to me that's expensive expensive expensive expensive. Italian justice against Illinois one Jersey theaters in new York and Connecticut that your top for your crack to those are all very expensive state stolen and that makes cents and then Kansas at five which is a very affordable state to limit. Yes. Do we Azeri ranks they're not on this list okay yeah I do misery was kind of an at all. On according to study 51% of moves were leaving misery okay. So can't just followed a regional track and out the midwest in general also Som more residents going in com and on some more people are leaving the midwest. That are coming into it. Is it a weather thing because I mean you look at this list of outbound states Illinois Jersey New York Connecticut Kansas the rest of the states are. Massachusetts. In the top ten Massachusetts Ohio. Kentucky Utah Wisconsin. Lot of cold weather states in there. Italians. The west represented the most number of states where people are moving to you and some of the state Oregon Idaho Nevada Washington and I ran out markets called. It Florida is not in that list of states where people are moving to him oust then on. So. It's easier or 5767798. Wow what because. I just happen to glance at Illinois a Smart exit shut up and and a story I followed and far away. The reason that the majority of people moved out of Illinois were for jobs. In other state okay family was another reason retirement was another reason but jobs is usually the biggest reason why somebody who leaves a state mean sometimes you're going because of the weather. Or you're going because your significant other got a job that usually the reason you leave a place. Is to go to school somewhere else or for jobs somewhere else on and so is it jobs think is that and I wish we knew. More in the said he doesn't get in this. But I wish we knew more where people from Kansas were moving to a lot of them over the Missouri right how much that is just over the state line so I think it's a little huge given that you've got two states right here a lot of people can just very easily over the state line misery. And to me that deletes that that fifth ranking a little bit. Except that Missouri didn't have that problem Missouri didn't have the you know misery was more in the medals so. These are not losing as many people to other states are miseries are supported by a lot of implement it that's Trudeau and they're up a Kansas wire people leading. I mean it is easy answer it at the low hanging fruit is brought back the local. A low hanging fruit is jobs didn't produce. He spent the education system we know was of mass. Ed to me that's the easy answer I don't know the in depth answer. There isn't. And with all due respect to my friends in Kansas there's not a time to do in Kansas that's a good reason there's also no other that he no big city that would attract you know I mean I mean and shout out to Wichita and shout out to peak. There's no big booming business city that you can even if you don't want to live downtown and other than Casey. You know the suburbs surrounding it you know what I mean. So does that show that there are more people lying to eleven bigger cities and I say that in part because the midwest in general. Which doesn't have as many big cities and the northeast or the west the midwest in general is losing more people to other parts of the country. On so does that mean we have more people that are being attracted to bigger metro areas which. I realize dusty but because that's there are more population Saturday or corporate headquarters and it's a let me answer wanted to we talked about while ago is that we have a lot of teachers moving out of Kansas yeah as the day. You generally in a state with lower cost of living comes with lower salaries across the board for this and what about parents seeing the problems. The education system for Kansas is so they wanna take their kids before they get to an age that in their instilled in the school. And get him somewhere else so but the schools in Kansas when there's schools and sure there are also a lot of were schools and Kansas that town have the money because that I'm the property valued at places like a sunny measurably rallied. You're top ten most inbound states. Vermont organ Idaho Nevada. South Dakota the I believe is I think that Idaho and South Dakota have just exploded because the very low cost of living yak also Washington the Carolinas Colorado. And Alabama lot of pot states and that list by the way Vermont Oregon Nevada Washington Colorado. All on that pop. States also a lot of states that are more likely to attract young people and young people I feel like are more likely to. That's to me that's just common sense that you're more likely to move when you're younger you're making those career moves mark. That when your older I mean that's. Although I'm surprised that you and how Florida figures and that that a lot of those days are old people go well Lotta old people moved to Florida but a lot of states that you mentioned are attracting more people are states where young people are more likely to ago. Yes and so gone so so that makes sense to me were sort some tax united easier to call 576779. People are moving volume weeds coming up a couple of times leaving Kansas because of it's politics. Sounds like a lot of states that are growing fastest have to legalize campus on and let's be sure to separate you know the medicinal from recreational. Mean league and you look at them Vermont organ Nevada Washington Colorado that's all recreational and and I think a lot of those states also have medical marijuana. Available that's where a lot of people who may be their kids and need the help and they are moving to make Buchanan may be adults have joint pain maybe they've got problems with OP you ID one a mobile wave. They wanna move somewhere where they can act have access to that that's huge that I don't think that plays has bigger role is as as we give the credit. Okay the first is tested and from zero to 67 if you can call I would want to know more about does this person texted as a realtor here in Kansas City the majority of my clients with tends. Will still choose Kansas over Missouri even other issues with brown back in the hall and asked why I that's what I want now and I won an L because I get for apparent. That education probably trumps any other issue free that you're gonna go to this you're gonna go to the school you're not picking the states. You're picking the school district and so that makes sense to me but what. Given how many people you talk to you I would love I 767798. If you have the opportunity. Somebody asked about crime rates on the tax line. By the way some of the states to mention. Is asserting her crime rate question. Have some of the lowest taxes in the country there seems to that don't or some other states that don't have an income tax down Los Angeles Washington South Dakota Nevada all on that list. NC Washington has no state income tax organ has no state sales tax. I'll railing yeah you a lot of people that just go back and forth between the two Minnesota's this yet doesn't floor. But they're not on the list iPad and analyses are up in Alaska move there. For some reason I knew it violence on some reason people moving north because of the oil them that would make sense because the South Dakota okay on the or somebody else attacks in the second one on in Kansas bad weather high taxes lack of good jobs. Some and I can't I mean. Would fall on somebody said you that they moved from Kansas to misery because of property. And taxes and you get more bang for your buck in usery and you can deliberately close to the state. Okay which I which I get in a place like that and cheap smokes in cheap gas cheap gas you know big and he's moved to Missouri take it and keep gas. If a drive a lot. And you can go get your cheap gas there somewhere. On but why people leaving him at last. I don't know the answer to his and I two people who have lived most of our allies in the last wire people leave. Is it what I mean you're going to colder places I don't let's whether I don't I don't mean idol to people move because the weather. I did once my family moved to California because they thought it would solve everything it was warmer idea that now they got divorced I think. Older people move because of weather yeah I think young people don't necessarily I I think I think. Honestly pot factor is big for a lot of people. Com some of this is whether some of it is spending it's job I think a lot of this is jobs Vermont seems like to be a cool place to live is cause for me this is probably beautiful up. Organ I've heard is beautiful. Right so the woman who attacks the real estate agent hang right there Katie is a wanna get to you but we gotta get to a quick time out we have the real estate agent who has the answer. From the tech's final find out from her you can jump in line as well by 76779. Nader texted 22980. That's what people are playing as they leave Kansas. Our Kansas makes the list as it one of the ten most moved out of states AKA. More people are moving out of Kansas along with nine others in the rest of the United States they're fifth right behind Connecticut right in front of Massachusetts. Running your top five by the late too little one Jersey to New York number three. And so why for those few that might have moved here from somewhere else why did you move here and how does the compared where you moved here from and why do you feel like people are leaving not just Kansas. But the midwest we are real agent who texted and about the role of education in this decision. Katie joins us from Kansas City Katie thanks for responding to my hooked you on Davos on some insight. Because you've talked to so many people and and hear from so many people there are moving here's a white what factors that figure and of people that are moving here or moving away from there. Well I we have entry. No number of people living in year to start our state and played so many people including my husband. That you get a lot of people living here and we ran over by the triangle. And for my husband's job ever Lerner and you'd be amazed how many people still make the long. Hand the thought that there debate now with the opening of the new building and you know the matter is that Brownback issues with school. Think they're more abstract people like that they've really. Can enact that much if they're not in the school are ready and aren't very well you know it you're not Catholic. You've got a couple charter schools that are popping up that. I mean this pretty much you're coming out. Yeah I got cartels Lee's summit and you got to without a little bit. You're not living in Kansas City metro area. An and so you get a lot of people that I pray they'll. CNET 14% implement her and treatment. In the lab and cute ears. You can't patent as affordable area that and the medal and pound elk Kansas City proper. Bet you have better school you have your streets getting out on a daily basis and that there you get the main street. You know I can't think it's not as if they get the deal the Brownback and more abstract for a lot of people then. Then we might think. Dealing with on a daily base. And that's like you get called the low hanging fruit it's easy just to say. Odds governor Brownback I mean it that that's yeah disable delegates there so they. Washington used to really get word that I wrote down and a steal from now on you called that education issues in Kansas abstract to people which I think is is a great way to put it. And I and and you know and I'm very different Israel's agent that says for parents education is a really big part of deciding what part nurtured a live and how do you if if so does moving to town. And they don't know you know the fight that Kansas is an over education funding how they know the good school districts how to determine. You have to be really careful of that what's fair housing so. You add milk meeting and just say oh you have it. You know you're gonna want that can't so you know I always recommend that people that are. Search on. Education and the school districts that they think they might want to get trapped people you're going to be working at look on the Internet. Of course because I'm really catchy line I can't say. A lot of things that I would tell my best and I'm my clients about what schools they certificate. We are credit markets. And we have another so you know there's there's that different price at hey. Our Howell and there you have lower taxes and a lot of times you can find a better deal. But you're gonna pay more out of that in private school. Yet fixed at Canada. It's a real catch you lying but I always tell people when their many here. Hey accurate and talked to amp co workers make sure you research where you want it because the school and seeing a lot more people driving out Al. Stanley I am. She mood. Yeah I mean did you got a lot more people living up north got a lot of people living out out ballot entered the blow it out. Do you see more people moving in lake is there one way you see the flux right now into Kansas or Missouri or is it just kind of you know 5050. Yeah it's it's 5050 outplay I do a lot a lot. And you know oh you don't get a lot of that and in camp at. We look at Burke died in west led what I'd leave it train village called I was back. Little pocket might in my kitchen neighborhood and it you've cracked yet. I'd say 85% of the time you're on can't. You know that you realize you woke up this more of a radio interviewed 11 o'clock. But it's so interest and thanks for calling we appreciate the insight thanks getting. They care to them somebody just accident I'm from organ I lived an Alley for years I've been in Kansas for nine. Can't wait to get back to LA it isn't as cheap to live in Kansas as everyone thinks the while this figure and this is again where you get to Brownback and specifically some of the tax code stuff on it now he. One of the reasons I like living in Kansas was because there was no tax there's no state income tax. On self employment income which I do some and once that that ended last year and so with that went well. It just ended one thing that makes it attractive for me there on and so. And then go into the hole you know when they were giving a lot of the tax breaks right where businesses to move to Kansas and that it really happened. I don't think kansas'. The and their competitive reasons beyond asides and. Yeah it's I can see both sides of the conversation like she said you know you're gonna last taxable Mort schools of ago. About the stories on our FaceBook page and see the survey. Of you know which states again the most people coming in which state in most people leaving Kansas now atlas miseries kind of 5149 after trying to operate bright there. Org it was on that list. Pork and I didn't realize they were one of two states that had as I have been to New Jersey one time in my life we drove. We had to stop and get gas in New Jersey. And I got out of the car and went to go pumping gas and a guy comes running out and tells me. And I'm thinking why is the guy leaving the store to come yell at me and telling me not to pump the gas is. Because it's illegal in New Jersey for me to pump my own gas and it's that it it creates job. It's right that was the reason organ was the other state those weren't to my knowledge of those were the only two states in the country. Where it was illegal self serve gas was illegal and it's largely because of the number of jobs that these full service Ponce check. New Jersey I believe now will be the only state that is so have outlawed because organ has ended it and people and it'll. Like I've been organ chewing up and you don't know why don't get out for those who are younger than ever really experience like the full service gas bombs you don't know what. Does that Ellie back in the days and wait you know you had gas station attendants everywhere lead there are some come out and have hat on and they would pump your gas and do whatever. That's on the way of the dinosaur except the two states up until two days ago organ was one of the two states that required every filling station be staffed by attendants. Who bought gas for you but last spring the state legislature passed a law. Allowing gas stations in rural counties with less than 40000 residents to abandon the full service model. And let customers may and the pumps themselves. All right. Allowing station owners by the way under no obligation to ditch their attendance are they require delay drivers pumped around gas it's an option. So I'm sure a lot of gas stations in these liberal areas like. I don't make a ton of money I can shed an employee. You know I hit I don't need to have a guy in the store and a guy pumping gas. So they did. And people lost their bleak. Because they have to now upon their own gas. Do they not know how here's some of the of the FaceBook posts that have popped up over the last two days in the names have been removed. I've lived in this fatal my life I refuse to pump my own gas I had to do once in California while visiting my brother and almost died doing it this is his service only qualified people should perform. I will literally parked at the pump and wait until someone pumps my gas. What. Another FaceBook post I don't want to pump money on gas hate the smell and hate having to get out of the car in the winter in a skirt. Or did. He's adored and then you're not in Alaska. No disabled seniors people with young children in the car need help not to mention getting out of your car with transients. Around and not feeling safe to this is a bad idea. And other FaceBook post not a good idea there are lots of reasons to have an attendant helping one is they need a job too many people are not capable. Of knowing how to pump gas and the hazards. Of not doing it correctly besides. I don't want. To. Call votes. It areas I love that. I know you and I get sick of the snowflake term but blocked up snowflakes. It's. Used to. They just don't like their reasons of not wanting small ass when you go to work. There's a little bit of an adjustment period one. Okay. That it's a year people leave these jobs and some of us get sick from standing in the cold rain after sitting in a heated car. Yeah it's less than five. Seconds Alley guide you can even see your card she. Must do that which form below zero car that's easily your ass competence and writes I have hired a hundred times Akbar an Irish times refine. From their FaceBook pages. Yuck pumping by my old fuel and freezing temperatures in handling a nasty Ole fuel nozzle. At fifty other people have touched that gay who knows what to ease around here no thank you it's not nice to have to pump your own fuel. Are you kidding me like. They did get ready else boy rats that's the term it's governor miner now. This is the best one maybe. I don't even know how to pump gas and Imus 62 year old native forgone Ian who is never traveled to Washington appear right. Have to on your they stick you fly. And that's it you never rented a car ever unless you flew to New Jersey and that was it. He goes on to say I say no thanks I don't want to smell gasoline. I could not imagine. Something like this like to me that's unbelievable. After work. I mean it get away and get under way well I mean that that the fact you don't touch germs. I mean everything we touch in this world is Jeremy are right. Do you think that the door handle when you go into convenient store to get your Diet Coke do you not think that door Esther do you ever handled money. Ever ever take out cash dollars or planes on your hands orders that is dirty use the public restroom. You know it's one of the dirty is things in the world that we touch constantly. And especially you down. Microphones your phone your phone is there entered because he your hands never Wear your hands touch. And then it's on your phone and and it's on your face at least it's on my terms in theory but now it's your pick it up to date her height and today mark Lavoy I. You're alone CJ back to the I actually that does it tomorrow is tomorrow so that the place to go back to being clean again. I counted on. And decide you don't know what's tell you over there you've got parks and we are over there and an Allen your loss and Allen over their I don't know why you're not sick all the time.