Midday with J&W: What are kids doing now if not cigs?

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Wednesday, January 3rd

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Is a little four. We will come back to Eric Hosmer coming up just a little bit later on no we have a poll out as a deal on the table. Between the royals in high as seven years 147 million dollars with a B a good deal or a bad deal follow us on Twitter and voting KM BZ radio. 5347. The deal. 53 think it's a good deal that over a hundred votes let us know follow us on Twitter. You may have for this in yesterday's news cast and and I thought to be interesting if you and I talked about this we got a little bit of reaction from people because. There is website tobacco free kids got to work and get some interesting numbers states spend. 721. Million dollars combined on programs to prevent kids from smoking devastate all the states combined 721. Million dollars. To help prevent kids from smoking and to help current smokers quit. Meanwhile tobacco companies spend eight point nine billion dollars a year. That's a million dollars an hour by the way I'm. To market their products. Whether it's advertisements whatever they do attempt to market that means. Tobacco companies are spending twelve dollars to market bears every one dollar. That different states are spending to reduce tobacco use. If you want a breakdown of this it's on her FaceBook paging go check it out and how does Kansas compared to the national average. How'd guys. Missouri compare to the national average. Kansas ranks 39. In the country they spend it. 847000. Dollars. Two to help reduce smoking in the city Kansas. Missouri's next to last the entire state of Missouri. Spends 48000. Dollars a year. To help keep kids from smoking. Let's focus on Missouri here for a second. Does governor great need to lead the charge here does the cigarette tax which is seventeen cents and the lowest in the country. Does that need to go up to figure out ways to keep kids from smoking and help those who. Want to quit and need help doing it to help them 576779. Nader text and it Tutu nineties. Let me ask questions sort of rhetorically if we have actually answers on on our plant that kept us from. There's serve out the monitoring the future study. That showed that. Kids are smoking us. On now that is because of the popularity of but that study indicates this is out from last month. That smoking rates amongst high school seniors have to rocked. From 36 and a half percent in 1997 to nine point 7% this year which is huge massive that is being tasked so something is working somewhere where kids are smoking lasts now. It is possible they are being being as possible they're doing or want they're doing something else instead we know smoking's prescription drugs for the alcohol we know prescription drugs are on the on the awry rights. On so my question about the money that's being spent is. How exactly is the money going to reduce teen smoking her kids smoking like where is where's the money going on I've no idea. But is it going in a public education is it. Going into nicotine gone is it going in other things to help kids quit on. And is that money effective is it accomplishing its goal. And if it's not then I think either come up with a better way to use the money or stop putting money into something that's not working. Should the cigarette tax go up. About it right now it's seventeen cents per pack ink in Missouri which is by far the lowest in the country. Again I don't think it should go if you're asking to the cigarette tax got to raise more money to put in preventing yet only if you can prove to me that the money is working that the money is going into it now. That the that the goals effective are you accomplishing the goal of getting kids to smoke last. If you're not then stop putting money into it because your putting money in something that you don't know about it. Teen smoking rates are down so it's working so somewhere along so well some state is doing something to make it effective. Now there's a new report that says these states are are not doing enough that is take the campaign. Chose Missouri in Kansas are among the worst but in the tiny fraction this is John chapter he's with the campaign and he says it's not just a local thing but it is also a nationwide problem. National lead this state. Will collect over 27 billion dollars from the tobacco settlement and from the tobacco taxes so that sort of the total tobacco revenue but they're gonna spend a week read less than 3% of that to fight tobacco use. And amazingly not a single they currently fund their tobacco prevention programs at the level recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention the CDC. That's surprising. On tobacco settlement money that states are still getting. Sony's seven billion dollars on the. Shouldn't that money be going into you and I and I say this because a lot of states are not using that money that that money was designed. To cut down on smoking rates in the current budget year this is again from tobacco free kids dot org. The states will collect 27 and a half billion dollars from the settlement but they're spending less than 3% that's that's that 700 million dollar number to me that's a problem that if you're gonna spend any money on keeping kids or adults from smoking it should be the tobacco settlement money because that's free that's money that that we just. I 767798. Go to the phone stuck to Jeff and Overland Park your 91 KM BZ I Jeff. By the court. I'm I'd like they articulate what that vote that make it that and there are other. Our great promise they'll do it I don't think it. Well. Thought people spoke out there on our problem or you're not out here. Let me let me ask you this Jeff and I and I totally understand your point I smoked at sixteen I I understand but if that's the case that whatever they're doing. The rates what was the rate dropped 392988. Yet its merits and 36 or something said to nine point 7% of their it was a 73% drop their doing some and Jeff to keep kids from smoking should we keep doing more or kids are doing something else. I don't think combat I think people are pure Serb like nmap or their parents are helping at least there's some of that thought that at bat. I'm not I'm not a bit. Our own money and help. A permit them they I think they get it out wide. Clip. Like I yeah I I doubt I don't think you can attribute anybody's government at all. Anybody. That's the key here at the bulk of our repeat what they are but that. Just where acts that feels like a really hopeless point you to me. The answer these are kids you know and I don't like the idea of saying while they are never in a matter what we do so let's not try it it's something that they shouldn't be doing. As adults our job to kind of protect kids from things that hurt them on icy where you're coming from and I was I've never been as you know better than I. They're up and apple are. But what has Baghdad. Is it a comedy. I don't know about the rate is down and I assessing question that's heartless segment I I say keep putting money into it if it's working the problem is that. I don't know based on the figures I have if kids are smoking less and speaking lasts and not doing marijuana out or OP Lloyds. Are they just switched the vice that they are doing acute vocal Jeff they do a few more Jimmie and gem that will go back to back with a couple jams coming up on the other side should Missouri and Kansas. Follows some other states and do more to help curtail smoking to governor greatness governor Brownback. While he's still governor. Lead the charge and try to get. More money. Keep kids from smoking. The lowest state in the terms or the next the lowest state in the country. When it comes to spending wise is Missouri they're 49. They spend forty half thousand dollars per year. To curtail smoking whether it's kids or but who really Aston you know I quit smoking Connecticut by the way lest they spend. Much less they spend zero. Teens smoking rates are weighed down on it used to be 36 and a half percent of high school seniors said they smoke that was in the late nineties. It is now nine point 7%. Something is working for kids to not smoke as much on and a few series are coming in on attacks like that rot they're two different textures in a row so the exact same thing. It is not cool for kids to smoke anymore. Why I question can you what's cool instead when I was growing up. It was cold the smoking fewer teen yeah I when I was sixteen in the ninety's. It was cool to smoke my dad still smoke is over fifty years that's I got it from obviously. Most of my friends smoked a couple of guys didn't post my friends did some of the girls did. And it was cool to smoke and why so. Why is it not cool anymore and what are kids doing instead my fear is that kids are doing pills instead became legal and illegal right because they're easy to grab somebody's medicine cabinet. That as we have recreational pot more available there's more out there and kids are getting a hold of that mark on so pointed out something it's true here. The smoking age was raised in a lot of places to Italy and downtown is yeah yeah over on park is also. If it's that simple to raise the smoking stop throwing money I've 767798. Scheduled to legitimate Overland Park junior a 91 KM BZ. I'm not so sure that the Cuban actually Billick or something illegal I think it's a wonder about all the news there on the old all the time. And a candidate. And fixation man. Let's stick to replace stricker. I've never thought of that yeah it's a definite outside of the box way to look at it I mean. Well yet you smoked and get smoke. Not I mean as a guy who I would have a clue how you smoke and tweet at the same time but I could probably figure it out you know I took the important thing right to be a part of that too wise you know. Needed something to do with your hands is it an oral fixation Simmons was chemicals some of it was mental there was a whole bunch a reasons why it's interesting as it did that I've it's a good idea by Jim so argue both your parents opt. My mom did short for a short amount of time my dad smoked for fifty years both. My parents chain smoked my step dad is a chain smoker and for me it had the opposite effect I've never picked up a cigarette now granted I will do the right thing is a new thing in my life and art but that's I don't I do my best not to inhale it makes me gag. Gotcha but. For me it was the opposite I cannot stand the smell of cigarettes. And I never behalf. I like it but I guessing but I had to is that a fact and a amid my dad smoked in the car. I don't think he ever smoked at the dinner table but I wouldn't remember really ya my step dad still smokes like a chimney in the house. Does he really out and it makes me after a couple of days at home I've back from brought with bronchitis. Like two years ago I'd gotten over Thanksgiving come back boys. Photo David in Kansas City Euro and any one KM BZ I David. They think are having on. Yeah investing money in in in charge smokey no propaganda and children and youngsters to secure he's acting that. Releasing the legal limit as you think that's what are meant to do is restraining on this market change and here's a look at their culture out her choose. In the air pressure there have been cool comes along with. Sicker my question is. News it is why aren't any of the ironies that don't you know like on CNN and over the weekend at currently in court. Smoking. Are currently want a return to legalize don't. Mean that's a completely different conversation but. There are a number of reasons one. It's a great alternative to a appeal they used to it's a lot safer than alcohol use three. Taxing marijuana raises a ton of money in states. This is legal for kids right I mean you can't legalize dope for marijuana you can't. Smoke if you're not I believe eighteen if not 21 and most of those states that allow it. So there are three reasons to do it it's is it completely healthy well I know. That's one of the things it's not completely healthy but it's better for you than spoken cigarettes. And if you yeah if you eat if it's an edible aren't always and it's a medical bran oil or it's a CBD united TH C that the health risk is even better for. Sell. And and I don't believe CNN endorsed. And knows to be able legislative CNN because I saw the clip to deceit over the weekend news. Gear Cooper Anderson Cooper and included an account and they went to their CNN correspondent. Who wasn't on a pub crawl but was funny plus crawl in Denver and they were getting hide. Doctor corresponded. Put people in the it in the bus were getting high on live on CNN because you you can do it in Denver. So I don't think they endorsed it to see Anderson Cooper's face Brady kept his eyes it was wonderful. Let's put James in Linux on KM BZ against. I. And import growth you're gay kids smoking and the decline. I wonder if they're taken to count them out of state. Yet they tell. Have the end they down on and it really did point alt is looking at is and I know if the money that goes into anti smoking programs address is shaping. I need to write a lot of kids are doing aping. Which has me asking Dan. Should we be taking some of this money that we're putting into keeping kids from smoking or making and stop smoking and also focus on big. Chuck I have a fifteen Gurode and I wish we probably shouldn't. Expect policy from now that between. Well that was not look bad and in great. And the differences. Yeah. Between. Smoking and they've been in which are actually getting. So what's your talent because I think part of the tough thing about draping is a lot of people think it's not dangerous. And that met with the concept that almost all my friends are they beat out and we kind of looked up what is actually in. Some of that. The chemicals including the Pickering and how it is very similar to the nickname and I think that in. Actual cigarette and the we don't even know the long term effects of what patent going to be because that's such a neutral on that point on. Men. Really. I was actually shocked. And he's at work and talk about. He could actually buy it all in. You know on the different web site in India not doesn't seem to be near his regulated smoking cigarettes and you go to. In being historic walk out the pack cigarette but he could walk out. The oil or whatever in Belgium and eat. That was concerning. And we had a good conversation about it in. And he understood him and we crushed the thing together. And you know learning experience rather than punishment he knows. I'm I run a marquee. A exactly how should handle things were were collared and from you hear James did it does he still may. Novo. Nobody was he was cleared out where it's. Found it. I think ethnic Whitaker at least for now and you know and and hopefully you know what you're eating ground. There was no punishment rather than taking care of the the issue and so open that opens up there albeit in an outcome is now. Whether marijuana earn whatever. Do you find that first beer candidates it is clause. I didn't and you may James item. My dad. That's McGregor that's tremendous store an awesome my father didn't tell me when he found my pack a cigarettes and beer. My but he did he was trying to hang up some clothes in my closet and he hit a box or something and a lid came off. And there was a it was at their blood lighter Budweiser Miller like Cain or something and pack of Marlboro lights. He didn't say anything to me first. And I got busted having a party when he was at home and outlaw yeah I was I totally let's but. I that the police came and everybody had to leave. They'll ever told my dad or so I thought the neighbors told my dad. By the neighbors and and then he brought up at that is said and by the way I didn't say anything but I found the pack a cigarettes and the beer in your closet. As or anything else you'd like to tell me and instead I I don't think so did you have a party this weekend. I gotta go. You apply your parents all just a MacKey. Just wait to your kids I mean our yeah maybe just in that case all comes back around yeah and and the in my day I never knew I smoked until I guess that that moment. But it is he was a lot like James he didn't yell he didn't scream I mean he smoked for fifty years and drank so I mean it wasn't like urge you learn this terrible behavior rise but adjusted out and independence and KM BZ what's up Justin. About Nigeria India and and I agree with previous collared. And you know how document skit about you know as smoking and all tiger yet previous caller before it jets. On and you know. In that helped it regarded Hewlett they want blight. You know as a parent it's your responsibility. To talk to your kid to now smoke it's not government. You know responsibility. Bush I mean again example a 28 has built smoked you know I had it there and say. You know told me about the dangers of smoking but I still smoke however used the smoke marijuana and the potential you know they're so it got out. Play it. Eventually I quit in now on twenty right now I think I'll like 23 like wit and note my own decision because I still want to anymore that make bill and. Ask your question dealers seatbelt. They they make the government and make sure that you Wear a seatbelt to keep you say it shouldn't they try to do something to keep more kids safe and keep them off cigarettes. Well I mean that commercial third get a idea again you know it it apparent detention well but that you talked to they're. Kids that they and also had been in Q car and allied no confidence to keep the seat belt. Oh absolutely I just sit and think for the focal but that's my point people are saying you know you should be better parents. Well eat you mean the government does a lot of stuff to keep us. Rights. Yeah out regular regulations on plastics and water right and and I mean there's a lot of things that are common sense listening in and exactly. Bites on but haven't texting and driving line doesn't keep people from texting and driving it there and a lot of people's argument is. The government of right you know that the government over regulation that kids have parents for reasons that parent should be making sure their kids don't smoke not the government last where this goes to. I guys that near key. Hey listen you know what I am not agree with a copy your caller from terrible point but ultimately that they're great get what money. I lost cause. And I'm are gaining or. I don't know which it. I want money had a lot just how like the the had drug war I mean he'd be seen amateur. But his hours fight. I mean is that not where you just give. Note though it apple who worked I'd bikini you need to put more control of your bank. You know long time ago my oldest I'm Tommy that I know the number just a one under our lineup that we better call my 11 church. And you know what it's a government in school at stake in. Accountability. It's out of our. We're here tonight. More air like your lap caller did not tell them know what you explained so why. He got to tell that eat if not it'll be mean because there. Not wearing your seat belt I don't agree that he should be at stake well I think it's ridiculous. Wait wait taxpayer money in here that won't work quite remote. You know people complain and moan groan about it. Protecting the rights to that view. At the mercy of the many and Antony in this country we console back where the last forty years. Try to accommodate people's. I don't care what people do it that bad girl I don't care what people do clearly lover out mile but don't tell me I kept warm what normal. A rocket into the fogleman appreciated. The studies are FaceBook page you can check out and see how Missouri in Kansas stack up to the rest of the United States. We will join up with the eighty fields from ABC coming up at 1215. Also later on this hour. Jamie's gonna have to explain to me who chipped in Joanna gains where's Kara she's prayer card I have telling him very briefly your dorm thank goodness cares recently there aren't able explain why they are in the news also we've got some more companies that are benefiting their employees that tax plan. Don't forget about her Twitter all. The deal is on the table the royals have thrown a seven year deal and Eric Hosmer for a 147 million dollars that happened about but 7:30 this morning Bob nightingale from USA today. Broke the news now it's in a high as his corner to either. Say yes now who knows vote on Twitter policy KM BZ radio 55%. Good deal 45% say bad deal. Keep voting it's going author of the ship. So the first tweet that I saw this morning dealt with nuclear war no. Get to get to that next Andy joins us of at up to. This tweet that I saw this morning so the first three may meet kind of sad and kind of upset and down and sot. This news about the ha and Posner Agassi or host of the show fixer upper on HDTV popular show. Extremely. Popular I doubt they are 82 man enterprise of of house fixing and house decorating. On there's a magazine they've got a line at target they've got multiple TV shows and they do guest appearances knock and stop the having another baby. So these are like if it would be huge to get them like the Overland Park convention center for the home improvement show happens and here for that's on a first that news maybe especially happy today to find out that they're having the baby arts are stuck around for a moment the reason I know who they are is because of view and how it this way. When they came out my cash reserves had an accident meat and personal with the car can you couldn't explain it matters he tried to hit if I say the word ship lapped you know I'm talking I don't even that means they'll OK I don't I've never heard the names chip enjoy winning games out for this morning and these are people that kind of really brought back that country shabby chic look. In two. Everything everything that's white washed these days everything its got that little distressing it's chip and Joseph renegades that comes around you see things and it would term distressing me. No idea. I making a country look cool okay farm house look. Sheik yeah you're right so it's farmhouse chic yes guys and they're good they're just wonderful people their really really super suites on explain yourself that thick. That extra rapper so they they walk into a house they've they teach you through three different options are four different options or how many or whatever in Waco Texas. And the homeowners say well we like this house but it's and a tank crappy neighbor at now's looks like an appalling and into did you winner like. Will make it the best house. And made up and looks beautiful idea to Canada and they can't get in the budget and so for your budget today yet now. They spend that money under it and there's big reveal yeah they have these giant pictures of what house used to look like an and they pull apart in the house is there and it's like move that bus. Yeah essentially build its move the picture of what your house you thought it. So they did this they've done a show for her I seasons and they're gonna end. After next season. Is because she's pregnant. What we didn't know that until today they said they were and began to focus more on their family and more on their business because they have created an empire in wake up. Everything. And show yeah yeah. Right yeah it's is she has a cup victory yet. And he's the next line into account and it's all based like that's where they live and so they're beautiful only eco tech crisis the city on magnolia the word nationally as kind of their brand new episode of the indeed it's booked up for two or three years there really are because their house is that they've redone people have actually. Either sold or rented out because that's how nice they aren't people wanna stay in a two engine rankings. Users and we're gonna hurt these people big deal like yes so that's a long way of saying. Stay at four beautiful children of course they'd pale and there about having fifty full time and is this gonna take over the Internet plays is trending in the oval. It does it. Because I guess they dropped hints. On the show our audience to Graham and stuff and eight. Chipping is known for being kind of a funny guy and so he was he was put out little hints about pickles and ice cream and stuff like Batman I. The way. Carrey recently had a child while you were pregnant did pickles and ice cream come you know I never did I live like pickles and I always like ice cream I'd not together like partners like it would I was growing up like that was the thing link pregnant women wanted pickles and ice cream never. Together what was strange is combo you really have any weird cravings now excellent now paused for a cheeseburger at about some of the great things. Followed pickles and I just want to watch when I was pregnant I was angry kidding me right now the Pentagon bears. I've never met in my life with a bigger sweet tooth rice has been guests railing he's a fighter world. Guy I understand I can respect that the so it was 100%. To respect that. Sort of education to and so and so they got their sit baby coming yeah it just I think on a day aware of the nuclear war news was kind of a bummer it was kind of good to see. If clear war news we're not talking about right. We will and a half hour rate from and that's the word we're gonna talk about that half an hour now. The other thing that made that made me laugh this morning was the jeopardy story. Yes please did anybody see what happened. On jeopardy I think this was yesterday or two days ago it's are FaceBook page so you can check it out and see the story. There was it's one of those categories like before and after. And why do you kind of feel bad for this guy this contestant totally blew his name is nick speicher. He's from Washington he went on to win on Monday as a matter of fact I won 151000 dollars but he went through. What do those music and literature before and after categories where the first half has to be music in this you'll understand the category here. And then and then you're gonna hear how he actually. Got the question wrong when the rest of us would say wait he got this right. Salt. This goes back in time. To become a 6067. John Milton classic. What is gangsters paradise lost guys. I gangsters paradise was a song by Coolio and in paradise lost was the novel. Asked. Our judges have reevaluated when your response a few moments ago and if you say gangs turns instead okay stop us. Somebody cool you so we take for me 200 away from you so you're in second place. How are you kidding me they wait three grandkids he said gangsters paradise and not gangs does paradise I'm still stuck on how Alex to back so seriously said gains dives. Let's just. Our judges have really evacuated when your response a few moments ago and if you say gangs turns instead of against us on that song my Coolio song. 3200 away from you so you are now the second. I mean it is gangs does parent dies what really jeopardy he real on nick really didn't. Decide that right it was definitely. Right they came back and sad actually use that they debated it for a little while but it's. It is spelled differently and is and it is pronounced differently and it sank. Differently and I guess somebody could have a song called gangsters paradise and that would be a difference on and you would have the answer wrong. Edwards trying to hourly gap. Hour after hours and after that it after hour is does that one lineup and a IE. I could probably beauty and tires. I can. The sometime this dealers I also do on ice ice baby eyes I can do everywhere. OK hang do we should have a thing where you do hip hop and I do country. I Cuban allies and we JD it is I think we could alienate. All of our listeners are exactly like that meter final show together the about the junior was the acts. But had to give me a Travis in on the deal do we may have to pick a genre. All right today what's the country you bend you know musical better than you what's the country equivalent let's say of gangsters. Anything by Jason know being. Don't right now. Don't like geez now I can do. Alcohol by Brett. There's there's a kid out there right now a's knew he was on New Year's Eve and yet that with Bryant secret as. Didn't sit well and. Ideally like CNN's vocal we'd be like an Alan Jackson song or something that's kind of stereotypical to bring in in hot and so. You know that every countries on it needs to know and country Alan Jackson and Alan Jackson or like. Blake Shelton did a couple songs that are just a song about ticks. A little check for ticks. Man are at it again I'd sounds like every country song to. You like just these these songs that country. That people make fun of for being country but there. On time. He and that is on. Around you who it is and isn't it I think it. And incidents. Looked at a tree and he's been around for a long time to he just stands there figuring eight. That's February is planned to. It's a Thursday a police and we can't we have a country stations of the hole and now but sometimes they don't come through right items and it's some missed it I. If they're under forty box I would consider Thursday night on Thursday because he. Alan Jackson's had so many hits that he'll fill two hours with number ones all you're spending and round and not you actually are not going to it's the best seat slowest lowest price yeah you'll regret your 233. Dollars and wait what 233. Dollars. She acts that is the cheapest ticket I've found ninety is he playing for hours. Like who is George Strait coming out of retirement your ugly Garth Brooks I mean your on the floor. What she does the cheap that at the lowest price equity ticketmaster's 133 blocks. Let me let me see OK actually yeah Alan Jackson. August Brent. Cities. And by the way if I'm going to singles for seventy bucks spot. But there's no two together that are sent to us. Plus he's plus fees and 1% back Democrat one seat here one seat there are incidents there probably 616000. And never been 66 and a floor there is of a single seater for a hundred box. Not. Quarter right near the edge of the stage seventy box but yours again these are not together now this is idiom near sold out how. Good for a challenge and eight. Actress and Alan Jackson openly seeking here that more that I checked me for Tex it's it's not like that Cabrera. Brad Paisley does a lot of could hear a character songs on that heat is on. The wine celebrity that Sturges Alexander out of a celebrity. I can't you don't our target. I I I just listening and learning by as as we go up also in the news we'll tell you. Ed Sherron was on that episode a game throats he's going to be on another big time show coming up this fall we'll tell you who coming up next. Paul little time. You've got to do this in the Natalee. Media pounced on the penalty yards. Located now and it is our. Did you fly. This is. That's the most country lyrics and ever heard in my I think the most injury but it's not proud country at a low. Country Craig is back object DD pounds. All star and we've done here. So we didn't really. Free song and a veteran or about cars about driving the call little bitty car. Yeah we agreed learns how to drive the truck hit me the keys overdrive as he brought that plane again and again that you appreciate Allen Jack sock look. Maybe I don't. I know a lot of. Sooners if you're listening to us right now there's a really good chance that your girl and Allen's accident like that song that you like. Country music that you love country music and I I respect your appreciation for and yours as well Jamie thank you bite line draw because. I days. I could ever imagine it's like. I can't imagine you're going to goes to an electronics show with the big Linden and listening to based dropped two and a half hours that would be the equivalent of meat going to see Alan Jackson played little bitty what Evers. For two and a half hours at the is that the arena and independent okay so this is also this has not. It plans and got around six these are. Leave them got. Then you. I am. Like yeah I got because talks about his daughters he has three daughters right talks about light. First it's the analogy of him at the boat with his dad and it's about teaching his kids to drive in the G bout on the plane. Fold it heading out to Iraq we'll Indians smoke. They'll learn. And the and made all the lol. Now there because we don't tread so big. I'm Susan NC street my team down the pedals it's my back and he. I like us. I'm touching feeling and stuff I would bet country music is funded an outdoor festival. It and look I love go to the Garth Brooks show in May it was one of the best concert I've never been to the matter preference what there is no way in hell I could sit through two and a half hours of back with all due respect the country fan I still love. I I thought of the kid's name that was on New Year's the disease is kind of climb and on the charts these days on the country's patience thing has came around I've never even heard it but I know I mean that's an eight there's no way he's not a country singer said that he would add him to give his wife and tattooed on the outside black on the inside. I really raise a rapper he's a rapper country guy in Asia wrapped tightly just horrible and everybody everybody loves him. And he's got a sweet little thing is rove Ari and everybody loves it. OK I mean to make as Alan Jackson our buy it. From a listener Q and where were you in the world stopped turning. How is Jack is at about 9/11 to. That no I'm not gonna make fun of that song parody that's let that South Park did a really good move. Up not point out. They are bigger fan of Taylor Swift than anyone I know yeah she started with a song about Tim McGraw. First it was a song about Tim McGraw the night he was the name of the song seat. I don't like country Taylor like I'll Taylor was and I refer and I also don't like traditional country I'd like broke country. Which makes me not that I was a little bit like. You just a country that respect I kind of dig for it already July oh my gosh I mean at me this is it. I had a Digg is. I didn't. I I've let this people are texting and you need to listen to him. Not okay. Listen colts for their country listen. You're never going to make me a country fan I Amy 36 year old man who has grown up in a radio I have been around country stations I've been around country music so my best friends. Are the biggest country music fans that you meet. I mean never going to like the crap you just played from the great Alan Jackson. I'm not that I. Tell these people and that was like I mean really Jamie you know you're so I think that's by. I totally OK with that. Today. Not project now it's back up popped up tomorrow. Idea of the other Alan Jackson I do better idea altered on Florida's turtle. And every. It's now time. That's ten. You and me I'll. View Robinson. Homes and stay. Standing. Zahn. You guys. Instead loose. You out and here boy. Down. Did you really call. Loss as I I that is song I respect this song because they know Laura I was when I first heard it what it represents. But the rest of it I mean that is just gimme you know just give me a little bit this right here Jamie who will be get ago. Song when it comes always write every Wednesday. Every wedding where there's a white people the song plays discs GAAP. I think go. Exactly it's Americans are about people. Judge oh well. If you remember. Edgier and was on the episode game with drones the premier. We and our idea was walk out of the presenting to you but there isn't a moment where Ed Schering was sitting there. As part of the Landis or army I believe and are ya. Is it. There. This. Bush who has seen pictures. Do you listed as ends it. And the king and keep enough in the tethered to balloons and ask for fans of. Goes all these old little woman's hands. Full of fans ago. All these. That's and on game drones. It would ever premiered last summer again member of the date of winter was coming it took over the world now I don't remember in that game with a I it's are up. Well edged herein is going to be obviously coming to Kansas City in August I think August the eighteenth where it. So it's been hearing about it through his mind. Right so. But apparently edge Schering is going to be playing. Springfield on TV AKA. On the Simpson so he will play himself on the Simpsons and will play a concert on that. Cartoons I. d.s EA's latest is here's a little preview of it this is from a community. He's playing to bring me. And sharing in the clothes cars unveiled months. Of playing time didn't feel like it's. He'll be able to seat edge here in coming up Sunday he'll be playing yet on on the Simpsons. Watch the Simpsons in depth for a full episode in a good secondary eclipse is gonna ask who still watches it. Knew like new episodes as today as thick as an appointment TV for anybody or even. Or DVR were he to act in order keeping up with it. He's and 29. Somebody's watching like there's a reason it's on. Fairly guide to Meade jumped the shark which follows I think whatever years ago. This citizens. I don't even like who still watching that show somebody keep an -- now is part of it that it's is it cheap to produce. Is that why can stay on that ratings I have to metal like I guess that the voices cost a pretty penny but not as much as of the Simpsons wary real sure I wouldn't answer is that it's a good question I'm not sure. And ams I am shocked at that as it shows 29 years think about I mean most of your life yet that there was room. That is why oh yeah most of our lives that show was been on. An epic that's re easy to think nineteen like eighty not an 8888 how one South Park. Fifteen years I mean it's amazing that the maybe twenty. And we socially the Simpsons that's been on 29 years and me are all the actors still alive that started those voices 29 years now. I don't think our office even know when you appoint some right or they recycled. The B ball in and out at sea here in the first episode premiered in 1997. I remember it was in speech class my junior year of high school. So yet 1997. Was the first episode of South Park. That's been on for quantity and Simpson has been on for 29 years. That is dizzy. If you got myself right now.