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Wednesday, January 3rd

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It is 104 coming up an hour from apple saying a load to Damien parks coming your way that is assuming. That Dana is going to make it into work today. So she tweeted out in the continuing saga of people that own instant pots and our freedom and she's not the only 188. She is giving it a try again today strip that out a couple of hours ago instead of another by 2 o'clock sorry. It's his call for help she respond and I'll ask what she was making. All day so we don't know what's gone on to his house but we know she's normally hear my now and I have not seen her. Now and it worries when she's here because she tackles and we can hear that through some Percy. Her chairs and the so you see on the news through merger isn't it might be parks and park stuck gang parks and rots annals of what happened parks and Travis may go Travis that barks. Sounds five who is an owner of instant hot and is not confused by the right let. Me today saying in response to Dana's we were afraid of it too we don't. A got these for Christmas and don't know what to do without Travis are you afraid of your instant. Not at all and eat eat eat you are not at all. Hi I might feared hitters does it stay Erin and I'm not there helpers well you are personal assistant who is not paid. There's another word for that our market with it whatsoever there's another term for that by the way. Why don't. I was at Arco I know there's different different in that an endangered servant of guides or something along those lines saying that because he's black. I did say that you purchase. I used to and hold them leveled and certainly point out and it's down. How yeah Travis basically. Dean is indentured service assist column that is that of anything else and he happens to be a black man. He doesn't get paid but he has to do everything fort. You know we don't get to colony mark this happened why you were on Travis yeah. I'll. Bolivia no longer allowed to call Travis a millennial that came up to her since it was short with implied that while my old high real issue was and he edged and she was pretty open about it she's happily partner but on. It came up that we call you millennial actually goes to your millennial what you would call you and I said Travis. And what it means a little meals take that's where you come in or Kara. What I'm one of Utah was I guess that's true but I feel like I do nothing that people complain about you know I am normal and which also is technically am I am not just you are I am in. Are you in or any last year of the millennial general. I think Xenia all or part of Oregon trail generation or does one thing I love though about via Moline Il is the I want to complain about being us millennial. They're the ones who come. Basically grew us up they had us they raced you made it raised that's a real as you raise those so called lazy Boland deals who came to offer phones. 88888. We talk about this earlier what did you think you can't 5767798. There are some this study out there about. The way we address kids smoking. There was a big tobacco settlement in 1998. And states have received 27 and a half billion dollars. The stable collect 27 billion dollars in the current budget year fiscally eighteen a fiscally it's when he team. But we're spending combined. All fifty states combined less than 3% of it on programs to prevent kids from smoking and help smokers quit. 721. Point six million dollars is spent in the United States or by the United States. To help keep kids from smoking and help those who currently smoke quit. Meanwhile tobacco companies spanned eight point nine B and dollars a year to market. Their products not reading from tobacco free kids dot org. And they use words like deadly and addictive but for the sake of being down the middle just say they spent eight point nine billion a year to market their products. That means tobacco companies are spending. Well. Times. What the states are to reduce tobacco use. That number is re easy to twelve. We kid you negate close. To figuring out a way to keep kids from smoking I'd like to keep out just for it with you here JV percent. The people that smoke that's on you carry you wanna quit smoking. That's on you you wanna do nick correct you wanted you know hypnosis or whatever. What it comes to kids. Should we be doing more. To keep kids from smoking should the government be spending more and when I say more. Here's some numbers for you California spends 327. Million dollars. On keeping kids from smoking. You talk spends seven point two million dollars pick any state I'll give you may even spends five and a half million dollars. To keep kids from smoking. Kansas is 39. Spending less than 900000. Dollars. Missouri is 49. The state of Missouri spends 48 and a half thousand dollars that sit less than 49 grand to keep. Kids from smoking. Should this change 5767798. Or texted at 22980. Or should the government be spending any money to keep kids from smoking or to cut down on teen tobacco use. On one point oh click that teen smoking use has dropped dramatically. In the last forty years it used to be in the late nineties. As 36 and a half percent a high school seniors that reported smoking now that number is nine point 7%. Well we don't now. Is how many of those kids quit smoking and start doing something house light. Pills or like they bang or pop or something else more dangerous or alcohol. We know that they've cut down on smoking ago and it so somebody is doing something right somewhere and we don't know if it's Kansas Missouri. But we know that somewhere along the way nationally somebody's figured this out on on how to cut down on. Lower it's not a function of the money that's being spent it's an idea that. A lot of these smoking on ages now companies to buy tobacco was 21 and a lot of places including a lot of places in the match up. On some pointed out earlier on the text line that kids are smoking is much because it's not cool anymore. Which I think is fascinating that's that's a cultural shift. That kids don't think it's cool to cigarette smoke anymore which is grew eight. The skeptic in me wonders what they're doing and set well. So your your statement on and not being called house in the newsroom on this topic was gone the first time and it's come maybe take when our browse on the high school and going through college. I mean high school people also spoken cigarettes but while I was going to college. That's been debate and came now. But there's different types that she did now you can get there and think oh Jules which looks like the US beads are so when our kids not. Are they still smoking but in our minds cigarettes because no one likes that. Not everyone mice had cigarette smell noble wants to go to a party and go out citing America's seniors smell compared to. He's great pins where you can get your different flavors are different. Collator can be lemonade you know be whatever we can make everyone wants to make that huge cloud from they've beat Penn. So are our kids still smoking. But not using cigarettes. And so that I ask on and we we've not had baking pans around long enough to know the long term effects of aping like we do smoking right. And to that I ask should we be taking the money that responding to stop kids from smoking and shifted to stop kids from doing other things they're switching to. I don't know pretty teenagers listing some radio semi it's and to direct and school it. A little kid should be out if you're teen. Can you call us 5767798. If you're in high school. And what is give us the smoking scene. If you're driving around your mommy or daddy your sister your brother whatever right now. Pick up the phone at 5767798. If you don't mind and give us a call because I I had like when ice was in high school. I mean there was the smoking treaty. You we had to go between buildings for classes you would be really really good at keeping the cigarette out of the view of security. You got really good at bringing it to your mouth and smoking. And in hiding it hiding the smoke to. We got real good at bat and Lotta people my school smoked it seems like it's not as cool now I 767798. And we need to do more. Then then work currently doing in the state of Missouri spending less than fifty grand to keep kids from smoking in a state. With the lowest cigarette tax in the union. 5767798. It's your calls coming up next here in 91 came easy to Missouri. Is the second lowest spending state in the union. When it comes to preventing kids from smoking less than 49000. Dollars. But they also like I mentioned before the break seventeen cents the lowest cigarette tax. In the entire country does that need to change by 767798. We asked for kids to call kids people in their teenage years who smoke. Right on sub. In making the point about the cigarette tax being solo weakened pretty easily raise the cigarette tax and justify putting that money into preventing kids from smoking so the money could be there. Is this a good use of that money. And to me I would say yes to semi look if Europe 42 years old and smoke. It it's a deal I mean I I. It to me I quit cold Turkey Weis said it's time girlfriends that I can't Dave smoker anymore. So bright tonight the last I smoke it went out what to go see a concert came back and that was it been over three years. And many people on the text liners said it is not the government's place to protect you from yourself now. The government does it you're you're supposed to Wear a seatbelt and my only exception to that is these are kids it is our job to protect us from one themselves. Let's bring in a couple of youths. Zach is first up and Casey is that things are called and we appreciate how old are you. Zach. And boy Zacks first time on talk radio. Welcome back welcome back to Zach travesty check on him let's go to Logan blue springs on KM BZ Logan how you do blood. Hear how old are you. Nineteen all right you smoker. Are you not anymore you used to be a smoker. Yeah. You were smoking at fifteen cigarettes is able what was it. Dylan cigarette Q and we. Why did you quit. Are our cry. Got club which are nineteen now BP still smokes cigarettes I mean you could still shoot we can't smoke pot but everything else you could still do. More I got hate you kids I mean even bend your fresh out of high school but a year removed yourself are. Our kids today are teenagers today smoking cigarettes or is more of the. I'll I don't in the pool I do not want and big I mean there duking it out or. At least in the oil it's a little bit more pearl. That you Israel being that it was really easy to do in school. Ilk are pretty date we pretty big and and they've been at Arctic pack around. Bill at all. Eight Logan thanks for the full commonly appreciated. Say there's everything you and I were worried about or wondering they're doing other stuff. Let's go to is some would like to remain anonymous here on KM BZ thinks call anonymous how old are you. Or sixteen years old these smoke. I'm no I don't see where there. Air right let's smoking scene like. At your school with your friends. Well like. Though they'll like under under. So people in the bathroom. Light built there are doing. And I don't know how I don't art but everyone knows. I mean of they I don't even know of a bait and smells all that much but if you're lighting up a bowl or you're smoking a joint. You could smell that person down the hall I was ya I ought to do it that. In a back room. Why aren't prepared. Well. You really got one again high gas pay anonymous when year with your friends. At your core group of 45. Friends. How many of them smoke cigarettes. Water. But it's just not it's not it's more of taping thing now that's going through the high schools. And and I gotcha thanks much of the vocal appreciated. It's it's the VP community. So it more about the attitude towards smoking about it not being cool 'cause that's what a couple of people said that it's not cool what made it not cool. Does that in Casey and KM BZ exactly doing. Not too bad so a year eighteen a look at do you smoke cigarettes. Are. You babe hell even abatement. That road several years what what turned jewel and debate. I would sit. And even our sport. Thing to do it nice did you ever you never smoked cigarettes. That's why not. Well not cool at eat out Europe. So it's more about it being that cool because a lot of people said that to us today that it's not cool anymore which is total for denied it was the pool in high school so. What changed about it. It's that I get the others search about it in just the no you didn't I don't know what that does your. Yeah like like dirty. Dirty again. Do you get a buzz from it do you get a nicotine high from it. Then. There are recurrent uses you can get. An irritant here and loan or an order in good and it burst when one. I usually just couriers year. Is about you at all that. We we know the long term effects of eight and you know we know the long term effects of cigarettes that's why a lot of people don't smoke them anymore but that they pens haven't been around long enough does that bother you know that we don't really know. How this is gonna affect your health and ten years. But you don't think about it. The exact you don't have to answer is we don't want to but didn't do anything else besides us motivate. But nothing eight thanks fogleman appreciated. As a means maybe you don't like some but he said there. Pop pills war there smoking pot smoking weed. 767798. Trying to get to the bought I mean. Why our generation. Realize how bad it's male or care how bad smell it's posh. At the time we weren't as aware of the negative health effects and my guess is that at the time when we were in high school more people smoked in general yet more results absolutely and so the more people around us that smoked like right now I can only a couple of people on my life my parents that smoke pretty heavily. So I think just lob averages as overtime we've kind of just kind of unspoken rule. What about hook them in hookah is that it have a big ol' ball and for that though I mean you can there's hookah bars everywhere. So why don't we I mean there's there's long tumor effects that CU I mean that's just straight fruity tobacco and so I mean what stop being. You know I'm guessing you had to be eighteen to get into who are right obvious and we we asked. Zach. Is we don't know the long term debate being a week houk has been a long time justice this is long to seekers have been if not longer. But we're not stop people from doing that I don't know it's I I've. I've done that I actually enjoyed why. I think it's it's you get some of those weird fruity flavor company and it's actually pretty pretty cool so take that into a pin and century. I guess I mean it's it's it's a good point outside to David liberty Dave you're and 81 KM BZ. Yeah. Well I think the or it's about. Followed up more okay see you're what 1516. In sixteen years old you smoke. Very rarely rarely smoked cigarettes you bait. Now you don't bay a lot of people radio. Is it like how many of your friends let's say between ten closest friends how many of them they. Probably nine yeah I applaud IN highest it's so popular. I honestly don't know I don't think it's cool like helping it tackle him is that cloud that I think they really like because. And they think that it is no relief. As there's no adverse effects of it or something. I mean we don't know enough yet. Mean it's only been debating community's been around 55 years mainstreaming and. And it it's so it's pretty easy to. Like when you when you do it you can't you can't really tell what they think it is only whatever Q you do. Kind of like fruit juice usually does it that it's pretty easy to do. In that same group of friends David. How many of those ten smoke pot. Ten out of ten. So should government be putting more money into keeping kids from taping or smoking pot smoking cigarettes or do you think nothing would stop them. Well I am aren't I don't think are good for lead I really don't think that can stop them because. Let them have been doing the first few years now and Italy and yet what's in the different like really bad effects of it. Catch David at 8 PM do you smoke pot. Now Aaron Selig did good guy in your group. Why are you the good guy in your group of your hanging around the bunch of people they smoke we. Well for we did is currently battling it out into that on. And yet it is like dale Beatty are pretty much of big allies. Or there. What makes sense man that they hear folk always appreciated. What's at. You keep the mutiny and that's it may have an extra dollar show floor and keep in the guy your group. That'll now and then that's gad I mean what I. Well what are the things and and maybe this is since that the ban on smoking in public buildings went into effect since you and I were in high school yeah. There isn't a smoking section in under any restaurants writes unless it's an old grandfathered in restaurant so on attacks on we'll ask our next few callers about those about the costs involved. Of smoke effort from smoking debate and a pot what's what's the expensive and that partner what does he got a note I know I have no clue what it cost to buy a bait hand. And and then cartridges I would have no idea didn't. But Lincoln restaurants what are the things we do Friday nights after the football game. We go to Denny's because there was a smoking section gap and we could stay there all night and tell our curfews probably vending machine for some parents. There was yeah yeah they're they're was. And memories don't do this kids this is a terrible like its moments or I 767798. Rabbit of our conversation with you about smoking. And the amount of money we spend in the United States to help combat kids from smoking. We spent about 721. Million dollars on no programs to prevent kids from smoking. And help smokers quit meanwhile tobacco companies spend nearly nine billion dollars that's twelve times what we spend. Two reduce tobacco use with kids. 5767798. As the government need do more particularly locally that stick right here. I sub states spend in the millions Missouri spends. 48 1500. Dollars the lowest number in the country. Is Connecticut at zero dollars. But wiest and less than fifty grand is the government you do more. Are less. I feel like the government needs to two more because as we're hearing from and we appreciate all the kids who have been calling in and I say kids' summer robbery team. But to hear about the amount of taping that goes on without knowing me we know the carcinogens in in cigarettes. We don't motivating. And result yet. Or. A meal at these kids are also smoking pot and doing some other things so maybe. And it just count it's likely talk about the deer program maybe is lost its focus even on the federal government to tackle mark on great idea but maybe when you sat focusing on deal drugs that kids were into any openings kids weren't you in re shift some of that money a little bit. To be right. Could be right about that let's go to another anonymous we appreciate equality here on KM BZ how old are you. Earlier the huge air we're adequately. That's fine. Better how to read out or oral aren't. Used to smoke. Yeah I used. Local a long time ago but I quit like some years back and now market socialite. The likes of a brutal or what. It is a trigger. Cigarettes. But a smoke like maybe two or post it kind of makes me still green and yes I smoke in the what they think. Odds are probably agrees. I used in the world in the bay. And then noticed the difference between that tackle it well Orioles from the from the great great. Would bring read that there really need that but oil on the from the tobacco juices. They. Add this and research on it and they come out with a thing called popcorn along. And I went there and it causes after a while it kind of just like. Do you console you. And they turn out like. I'll bet I noticed that it yet Apatow. It's. It it kind of makes me like I'm drought it. You know what I mean. We're like 82 or three more days of whatever so I don't really missed what the tobacco anymore but I do do. The order of dates and arm on the green side. And I mean I have to hand it did it you know. Pretty much what actually. How do you become a socialite in Kansas yeah it's nice art. I. I'm on NB and that type of person and I like guys I drink. Coffee gifts. I the other people drinking coffee. It's not like one of those start but things are busting somebody off blurted I'm gonna do that day it is is that you know I I. Maybe maybe kind of susceptible to something that I don't ever eight addictive personality. I can just (%expletive) quit whatever. The lady cannot deny this all the way to wherever it goes much. You know greatly a you know I kind of miss it by an avid. I got to eight thanks for the folk all eyes is like a picture like. He's the male version of pairs Hilton in Kansas the Yankees just bouncing around from club to club is a socialite irritated Nokia's that he can we have them but I guess we have wind we definitely builds. So Travis was talent as some stuff about or wondering about the price of taping because people were asking questions comparing cigarettes to evade paying to pot. So I was looking up what a carton of cigarettes Collison the most expensive one I found this is just on line not different states but just 39 dollars on shared a beat and that admirals thirty bucks for a carton of cigarettes and that seems real cheap is cigarettes when I quit or by. Seven bucks past the USA cigarettes dot com I mean I'm sure you can buy cigarettes I've that's it seems weight now what what's so into what the with a carton of cigarettes if you are divide here it's forty not fifty bucks. Slows ghosting of both the Cuba this people say fifty bucks for work and it takes about. I think ass you to go through a packet may be for your normal smoker pro pack a day second day and a half hours assailants let's say you bought the cheapest. He's sick for about in nineteen dollars three dollars. They're gonna use that thing for maybe the whole year maybe two years and are yet to do is buy juices and all right depending on the size of energy use. So say you've got a medium sized bottle. Eight milliliters. Back at last you a month and a half. And how much that cost me I mean I'm sure the juices depend on what you get depends strength the strength of the nicotine let's say they cost you another twenty bucks so twenty bucks for six weeks or you're gonna spend forty dollars on the carton that you do yes. That the go through maybe maybe a month. May be a month probably less than and I didn't India go for EC ago last few a year two years the pinning you to an upgrade and an eagle juices per month. I mean wow depending on and if you wanna change flavors so I mean a lot of people by a whole bunch of players a one time to where they have to go back to the shop for another six months. And frankly I think kids like the idea of labor's. Of faith and you know so it's I don't want those flavors are but I know it's not seeing things they can be a menthol the Lebanese because the scary like can't you could be Superman right you know something that's more pleasant then to back that is always what it's at 65 dollars for camp part of camels and Kansas you're still saving money by a date might go or go to. I mean they range from your nine dollars that are disposable. To 200 dollars and that's appearing smoke right in a big pack battery or something I mean. Makes complete sense because what don't a lot of high school kids have money money. You get the the the paint itself for the the apparatus. And then only that abused by a nine dollar car church every six weeks hell I would've made as opposed to smoke cigarettes and guys don't do this case it's. Put that makes totals the biggest thing now if you just go on social media is there's that thing called a Jules TA UUL. And it looks like a USB. Come plugin. And a top of the cartridge is your little cartridge that you switch out smokes in this that it is so easy for Rihanna classroom. Take a puff in his Boe day in your sweatshirt the smoke has gone. Compare it's amazing compared to a cigarette that the smoke is how lasting while in instantly smelled that smell I mean if you. If he just was outside haven't smoked. When there's no doubt. 76779. Yen on someone's asking price we'd. Travis if you knew a guy. Somebody's house. Text and somebody asked glitzy from the text line. 25 to fifty bucks for ads for an eight that we depending. It's a bit about us something about those and put that in. And he did any of announced like comedy about a hit as many highs is. Those of us that in Oakland. Travis. If fear. If you weed smoker then. That's probably gone and then a week me and maybe maybe 35 blocks and it's gone in four days he let me put it this and if you're snoop dog it's. Want to. Apples and apples in the grand scheme of cigarette smoking aping him pot smoking what's the cheapest papering. Is taping Jay bird than eyes from yeah on cigarettes eight bucks a pack. Act you do package date it's forty bucks a week during the weekdays so that's eight times 756 dollars. Here you're weed is it cost you fifty boxes are blown up but I'd and that everybody's got a bug related tax. It's me and it got I ask you. She is a look at an honest tax final four era it's a lot of information from people don't want their names attached did call you it's Travis we're talking about the price we'd yours and so we said the senate that nobody thought it went out and goes. Our guys are what we'd and I have a good. A good number I could give him. But the thing I mean it during the break it makes sense why they think is so popular. Yeah and it's also got et not discussing for everyone else right right it's it's sounds like it's not as gross. As smoking cigarettes would be. So I can you then leave those odd and should we be taking that money in and keep mine there's tobacco settlement money still to be spends that is still coming and so that money be going toward keeping kids away from draping and if you do. What I fears that we're just gonna get into the cycle of on can keep kids from bay things you can raise the prices of that you could raise the taxes on that changed the age innovate and whatever. They will just move on to something else and and you got the same problem. You know doesn't wanna hear that smoke shops yeah smoke shops definitely don't want somebody told me that misery produces a lot of tobacco. We knew that we grow a lot of tobacco policy you don't wanna hear that that's why you're not gonna raise cigarette tax and have you ever been around where you're at a restaurant or apartment or something in some people's out of eight and minutes you don't even know they have it at I mean the first time Lee and I had people over would we. First moved to Kansas City awhile back. We had a friend over at his wife was just. Beeping in the kitchen I'd never seen that before she just she walked into Sydor beer in the fridge and she hitter bait and I'm like. Christ I smelled first legs you know trying to Siva smells like cigarette smoking like I guess this is a normal. Yeah I'd never seen a lot of people. Think everybody that weight and it was good stuff has been asked an art so we talk about the nuclear war. The nuclear holocaust one quick moment that particular. We're not talking about a new Koehler apocalypse is my inner English teacher is having a heart attack. What a heart attack if you are afraid that president trumps tweet or you're not afraid to president from sweep will incite nuclear war. I have good news for you if you live around here. In terms of surviving a nuclear apocalypse. And I'll tell you why you're next good spot here in Kansas City next so this is. An interesting way to wrap the show we are not. Going to talk about president trumps tweet about a nuclear. Red button being bigger than Q did you on its right we're not gonna get into that we did that already today I mean I wasn't anxious too eager to be headed that direction in which makes me nervous in the last thirteen minutes of the show here to turn our I was gonna turn a little bit here. If if we're talking about an apocalypse what's it we have a nuclear attack in this country from from little rocket man RA. The location you could call home could make the entire difference. Between life and death in the faith face of other of life and death in the face of utter disaster but the safest place depends on what kind of disaster were talking about. This is from real tour dot com. They put on their biohazard gear and they pulled together gross. Of canned goods and filtered water to find the best and worst natural areas to survive. An end of days situation. Here's things get a look for right after the bomb hits. Or right after and particularly greeted him as decision. Making. You want they were looking for the places with the highest percentage. Of lake pond or Wales for drinking water. Percentage of listings that from REALTOR.com and have a safe room moral panic room. Bunker fallout shelter or underground shelter. Basement here. That's percentage of listing with solar panels or Hydro power because shift to fuel your home with that greed is gone. Population density percentage of active military in federal government employees. Percentage of health care workers manufacturing workers. State doesn't score and the percentage of land mass covered by fresh water. If you put all that Ian. Kansas City, Missouri is the number one place to compete in the United States. When the nuclear. Apocalypse. Actually happens to America. Present a different theory. Their eyes studied to account for. We in the middle of the country like smacked and that I think the the geographical. Middle of the country I believe is in Kansas. On is it not just possible that reason you're most likely to survive yours because this is the location the nuclear bomb. Perhaps is least likely to reach. Or be aimed for. Number it was New Haven, Connecticut that expands its Opel this is why that makes cents. Kansas city's metro has one of the highest rates of housing listing with bunkers are all based browsers basement. It also has more than its fair share of home's basement as well as those made out of brick. And brick is better prepared for nuclear blast then anything else. On the metro as. The C year there was a play apparently 2013 to build huge bunkers were in Kansas City. That was capable of housing about 5000 people that was abandoned for. Or an army base right down the road I mean that to be the place of an attack actually wanna stay in the south east side. But yeah according to REALTOR.com if you factor in all of those things. Kansas City, Missouri is number one on the list to survive a nuclear pol apocalypse. Come let me come back to one thing about the why there were a lot of things on your list about water. But a while we can't got a little as well water couple rivers out lot of wiles and we are not dealing plays with wiles Missouri River down and that's not the cleanest thing in the world you could make it work electricity and oceans. And and lakes yeah I'm surprised it doesn't surprise me that water is critical to surviving a nuclear attack I'm surprised that we get credit for that they don't answer it. I asked president basements but bunkers deep nuclear shelters here to people bomb shelters here that me Evey are hidden. In places and stuff I don't. I mean there. My building has is a hundred year old building. There's a basement and then there's a sub basement below it like there is a second like. All the gap old there was probably. A prohibition total. At some point went to my building. Following Kansas City the best places to survive. New Haven, Connecticut. Ann Arbor, Michigan Hagerstown Maryland Springfield mass Manchester, New Hampshire Duluth Minnesota. Say this abyss below. Crest view and then Lincoln Nebraska all. The man. And now people are pointing out something and I forgot about witches the massive cave system. Yeah at McDonald's and salt mines systems that exist and we Kansas has huge sol said call that would be somewhere that you ago. To survive the worst places in this probably doesn't survive you a surprise you does is going to be martyrs and the worst places because they score so low on all of those. Our major metropolitan new faces New York is the worst place to be. When that the nuclear apocalypse happens followed by Los Angeles Berle seems like a better idea dallas' third Nashville Atlanta. DC Philly. Fayetteville for some reason in nine North Carolina. And and so there there's there's your best source so feel good. If you live in Kansas City you are worried. That Donald Trump is going to incite a nuclear war here at the safest place to be to survive the. Apple isn't he tweets out. Eight flippant the threat against a major nuclear power. Like North Korea worry to say okay those will be fine. Casey knows gotcha you don't worry about that. If you lottery this story. Friend me on FaceBook uploaded by the came easy page later but it's not my personal page now and also tweeted up became easy Paige both please read acted items yeah why we have we have five minutes left and Dana right is actually here is here would it be nice to have daily radio personalities that a clue about the area they live and you guys heard. You read the damn story. Call smarty pants and top you know what I don't. What did we get completely wrong you're wrong I like it would be completely wrong that we read 5767798. It's ivy educated spot. The potential the nuclear apocalypse is happening and you can't even smiled up that clears away. As it's another one of the people that we talked recently about how Kansas City kind of gets a bad rap. Although I think zone it's deserve for not liking people who were not born and raised a uneasy and went to KU. Or Missouri case statement earned analyzer gotcha tactic is that what it is I don't know I. We're seeing Kansas City. This is Hewitt were praising eons and all we said it's the number. One place to me if there's a nuclear apocalypse all those people there moving at a Kansas to other states should stay here Lester moving to New Haven, Connecticut is number two. That makes us. I do you believe they have a lot of basements and you don't get. Tornadoes apparently in the they would have a ton of based solar panel once bunkers. Health care workers manufacturing. Workers across state gun score. Because of the tracking the ability to stockpile weapons. I like that that's something we're gonna we're pretty good here. That something would it make me feel better we got some weapons. You know we got some weapons in here is Travis looks as distressed. I don't know what are we what are we done. That was thrown a good. I admire in your life and when you said. A lot people from Candace don't like other people who aren't from here Travis knows all about it has made me think when I first moved here I didn't realize that in this city. Is technically can sit in Missouri some people get upset. Yes it is not dessert or is that Kansas so and I use the fight arguments why it's called Kansas City. I think Kansas invisible barriers if you're so upset about people are real protective. For me it's it it's great to lover your from. And and I I I would expect to be welcome.