New information on the idiot "swatter" held in death of Kansas father of 2....

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Tuesday, January 2nd

Authorities are struggling with an applicable significant charge here... 


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You're listening to the Dane and parts podcasts on KMB easy morning rolls around when he temperature fourteen afternoon high 21 degrees with him plenty of sunshine. Another push of Arctic air moves in late tomorrow into Thursday that knocks the departure back down to 1 above for the morning. Afternoon high of nineteen degrees were covered through the twenties into the thirties it was we finally thought on Saturday. But the chance of a little bit of rain and snow possible coming in on Sunday. From channel lineup for Shiller chief meteorologist Bryan Busby KM BZ whether. They aren't aren't TCI 21 and Lee's summit it's 22 and fewer official weather station. Tennessee Titans. Has sent you last time they won a home playoff game. According to work a pro football reference dot com was in against the Steelers overtime win. But in the 1993 playoffs. And then from there on out away or home its loss loss loss loss loss loss loss loss went on. And the last win was. Two seasons ago against the Houston Texans. And loss last. Here to sun. Game Saturday no because that Christmas were 330. What are tickets go and renewing tickets are known for having checked actually. On. You know there has been for regular I know that he supposed to coal I know it's a playoff game although it's not gonna be known as opposed to beat 36 declined. Are you cannot short as cold as a cast and says oh. I mean even my daughter is such as accidents wanna and I like nail anything below like sixty is that. It's not. The chiefs. Play offs. Now I'm. It was in 93 playoffs or beat Pittsburgh at home. And then played the then Houston Oilers in Houston one. And they went to the AC conference championship game and lost to the Buffalo Bills and then after that it was just. That. Losses. Little losses. Are the Buffalo Bills are the players for the first time in eighteen years Wolf Blitzer who apparently is a Buffalo Bills fan apparently at a fund to store that sold Buffalo Bills shirt. I love the strikers. These TV news dorks. Who. Apparently only cheer for teams when they make it somewhere. Because. You're allowed to feature bright right Wolf Blitzer this on Twitter had a picture of him wearing his collared shirt. And he would take office tied for effective thank on but the top collar and then put over his collared shirt a Buffalo Bills teacher you can tell. That that thing has not been washed out once it's still as the creases from being folded in the packaging. That some little stickers on gas in the course is like stating charges and you know it's a programmable little bubble bubble. I'd like Amy Rohrabacher on Nam Roebuck. On Good Morning America apparently she went to the University of Georgia and they got into the national title game news. And I was in fighting mood this morning where it now TJ yeah with TJ it was funny well she went to that school you can sort it out so he's actually you could tell that that lets just say the brim of that hat adjustment from. I. Which she was wearing on set really aware your old crappy stuff from Kyle handled by that neutrally speaking of news people there was a's some lights. Revolutionary announcement overnight as I was on Twitter subtle but. Not huge but it's interesting did you hear they named Matt hours replacement. In Hunan concluded company. We are kicking off the year right because holiday is officially. The co anchor at today. The and how. At her roommate. And I felt. I'm so I'm pinching myself I think that we should census directly in Alexandria Virginia where my mom and that show either way this a tradition around here you out. Let's play at one more time him. Copies. Of one. I think I got a lovely test policy still to the hour with actually definitely. Yes my partner and think about that and I think it's a decision I think it's a strong decision they had to go with a woman. The date they just it's an amazing thing you just say they had to how they did after the debacle with Matt Lauer here's what's interest in their ratings. Have only gone up and since he left that shall. And that every news director at hiring manager Americas to take a look at that. I think when you think you have the big. I'm just saying. It doesn't always mean because it fit there in their twenty year while I want to and they were paying in seven and what I want interesting. I'm just thankful that he. For the millions they were paying him I don't think that was translates to. People watching it. Angered and they've only done better since he. Never a fair amount power he always came across as kind of a jerk to me but smug yeah. But the. Scan this. Let's say that Robin Roberts. Last Good Morning America tank right. And instead of moving into Roebuck and there or are Spencer or some like that. They went out and got another man. To read the news with George Stephanopoulos. And people would be up in arms. Can't have two men on the anchored where's the well perspective on the show. But nobody blinks and hikes mean apparently. Win the people who are the two main co anchors on a morning newscasts are both women. In fact The Today Show is not blazing a trail here. The trail was blazed the first time in the early two thousands with Robin Roberts and I am so yeah. And and then most recently on CBS with Gayle king and something O'Donnell a number of first Norah Norah O'Donnell. When it's to win and you see this like on channel nine for example. Sometimes when what's his name the new kid polio or whatever his name is. Is gone and they'll have Donna Pittman up there with that. And we Welch I think username. Nobody thinks twice about two women reading the news anymore. But if Donna Pittman was gone for example there's no way in hell. They're putting another man on the air with the market. There's no way you can't have to me and reading the news anymore. Now back in the day that was the standard sharpest shore you wouldn't have a woman on the anchored energy remember how awful they were to Barbara Walters when she started. Analysts install there been there been. Stories about how awful they were two women when they first start. Did they have double male anchors there was a justices that the settlement they had double mailing a check I am Al Khamis edit that the Brinkley. Oh my gosh Brinkley report whose wit I think on resonates. And so ultimately Huntley Brinkley inkling. Is Hinckley and now they didn't rhyme it's and cleanly and remind me again David Brinkley hit quickly put an issue. It. Swept the nation. I just saw a Huntley Huntley hotly thank you like chaos. Army. Obviously they left him with a man carrots to reiterate that you sentiment that. Fact I think John Chancellor and Tom Brokaw once anchored the tenacious. If I'm not mystic. But you would not be ensures you would never seat to man anchoring the news anymore but to women nobody thinks twice about the other prop. They have right now is the Nat flower Charlie Rose it you have this problem. Some of the networks. Bill O'Reilly with. Sex assault harassment and so. There is no way they were going to choose a man to replace Matt Lauer wasn't gonna happen. So I think she's a great choice I think quite frankly she was one of a handful of the only choice they. She's good choice. I think she's horrible it is. I don't find her. And maybe it's because of the she's doing serious news elect her I think you don't like that over coffee in Champaign with. Kathy Griffin which I could do without quite frankly it's why. She's just doing news electrify. And I think it's that fourth hour of The Today Show which I I see only occasionally. But it's like it's the like the one our show about who get Drucker the fattest recipes and and it just it ruined former army you wouldn't put Kathie Lee Gifford on the anchor desk. Nobody is she she. Haute has this. Cake eater soccer mom kind. Justice Broderick I don't want Amy dad is this. It is like oh god like I care what she has the sabres we don't it's not her. Opinions it's it's news like you said he would be when she's in the handsomely hopefully it'll Rio. You know the people like I guess this is going to be funny the people who hate me the most with Hughes got left me alone. Because I am forced to just do news which I did for seventeen years I I'm actually. Not bad at doing that arm of things I noticed in just don't do here because you do that you know I mean an offer as there is really good and move the straight. News anchor so my point is like when you're watching hoe and a just looking straight news she is going to be completely different. Then she is next to Kathy Lee let me let me give you a couple of men that I think you would have been okay. Okay in to fill in format one hour or two replacement organs and. Chorus I love Harry Smith got. You would have been OK with yes Anderson Cooper love him you would have been OK with guests. There's two men right there they should have gone after Kennedy nobody else assistant. Brian Williams. Maybe. You love. Games would be the 11 AM hour at 10 AM. With drivers. It's at night what if it was in the morning. It's the sentence and now 2018 you get there it's 2017. Yeah. People didn't act. That's not the way I told the story. Tell this story him that if you lie. In 28 bit. That is apt. That's my dad's old. Here language. If you hit if you get on line and you look up the lottery numbers and the new flight to Hawaii you can buy a ticket and when. I dark travel. Need to do to flux capacitor. They do they do do those cruises though with the with the dateline they get to New Year's Eve parties yes. Here's what I told date. There is a story in the USA today about a group of people. Who got out of plane in the Far East and left in the early morning hours of 2018. They flew to Hawaii when they landed it was still 2070. Cent but it can flights heading to. Yeah if you want. And go op and then come right back down you've actually gone back in time. We've got to please you got to really fast or you can't be like a regular play you have to go 88 miles for a ride here are really fast straight up and over Ramallah. Actor in into a steel ball. Am so there purely here is why thank god data has never going to be a witness for a what did he say. Since you left why shouldn't. They listened and not every third and then get bloodier and then you came back yeah. You've actually gone back one full year and that's what he's. I think every third words Google Earth that. So expect a. You know I've told you have got a girlfriend is down twenty pounds since going again. And having free consultation with doctor tank and the center for nutrition I'm holding steady. At sixteen pounds and we have a listener down more than fifty pounds since she went in for her consultation. I went and saying how littlest one analyst one analyst Tony before. Spring break. And now I'm thinking 25 maybe thirty policy because it's happening very quickly for me. Go an NC doctor today what do you want to lose a 15010. Or more. Doesn't matter medically managed weight loss is where it's out if you're tired of tried everything else tried medically managed weight loss mean we still cut. What eight. Weeks until spring break and I'll Agilent time. Come do this with 9138148222. Is the number 9138148222. Or take nutrition dot com. You tellem Dana sentient. I couldn't fit. 779 it. Story here from. NBC news. Los angels police have arrested Tyler bears on a fugitive Warren to California. Rising from Thursday evening incident in Wichita Kansas. Where suspected swatting hoax and a phoning 911 call ended in the fatal police shooting of an unarmed man Andrew French. Prosecutors are not have to figure out if anything bears can be charged with wasn't that line right there. Prosecuted he's thing will now have to figure out what if anything. Out. Barest can be charged with in connection with Andrew finch is debt. Charges in the case of not and but authorities are expected to address the case sometime today. Bears who is 25. And an idiot could be charged with murder under Kansas law. But whether he can be convicted. Is another issue. Unintentional but reckless. Second degree murder in Kansas. Is the unintentional killing committed recklessly but so recklessly that it convinces extreme indifference. To the value of human life on a stop. Right there that would be akin to Scott you taking a gun. And firing it generally in the direction of Shawnee mission parkway. You aren't intentionally trying to kill one person driving by them being reckless but you're being reckless and if it. Ended up doing that that would be your charge and that's gonna become very important. As we discussed this today we talked about this Friday. I do not think this rises to the level. A second degree murder and any defense attorney and you're listening we'd love to hear from our attorneys is going to poke holes through that all day long. Now for those of you weren't familiar person hoops Watson who engages in swat team. Directly causes armed police officers to go to a victim's home and also causes those officers to be prepared for an imminent threat. That's hence the term swine swapped. They call him. And this happens to celebrity's more than anybody else I think there were 400 incidents last year Scott committed 400. But what you. What you do and it is dom let me preface all of it by saying this is so it's stupid. Is you call it a 911 report. And you say a I just saw three armed men break into a home that. Sixteen for twenty rob went after Gary. And then police. Show up at that address thinking three armed men are inside. When there is not act. And they show up fully armed ready to go to battle. Waiting for three armed men to come out hoping to rearm and come out give themselves up with people were completely innocent had nothing to do and and what's going on inside that house is somebody sit down with a cup of coffee watch in the us. So this happened in Wichita. Thursday night is you know. The idiot who made the phone called gave the address and said I am inside right now I have poured gasoline all over the floor. I've shot my father. I'm holding my mother and brother at gunpoint and I'm threatening to light displays on fire. It is important to note that the conversation has changed slightly from the one that we had Thursday and Friday. Because we were working under the impression Scott that police went to the door. When mr. finch was shot and killed the complete innocent bystander and all of this we were thinking they went to the door. And he raised his hand and put his hand out. If you look at the video they're nowhere near the door they are. Many many many many yards away from the door you can barely make it out when he when he opens the door of the is that. And one of the officers on the north side thinks he sees innocent mr. French reached down. And sits and tells. And I wanted to make that distinction because in my mind's eye. Last week I thought this was a face to face snap judgment that police made. This was a judgment made from forty yards fifty yards away. And again in young man shot and killed had nothing to do with any this is a father of two doesn't even play video games. So how is this not a murder case. Keep reading I read this all weekend and I'm telling you Scott I worried about this on Friday. I need you to show me a law. That is applicable to this case and I think it's going to be very hard for you to find one with teeth. You can say criminal mischief you could say floating in a false report all of those things are true. He will get jail time for none of it and a man is dead. My hear from the story expect the defense in this case to argue the police's independent decision. To shoot Andrew French yes was an intervening superseding. Event. That broke the chain of causation of a crime they're gonna blame on the top cut. Well and some people on the tax on our right now whether issued a wide issued in my bishop I've heard it I've heard. I say why shoot him. And I really struggle with this case. Because those officers are going in under the impression. That there are two people inside being held at gunpoint there's gasoline all of the floor and went innocent mr. French opens the door they're sinking. I'm assuming that he is the hostage taker a what are the things I wondered over the weekend how did they not know he was the fake hostage. Victim coming of course they. Some reds and I thought making a false police report was against the law it is here's the tricky problem we have here. Making a false police report is against the law in the state of Kansas. The call was placed from California. The actual location where the crime was committed. Was in California. A state for which Kansas obviously has no jurisdiction. You would have to go with federal crimes. And what would that mean I don't know to. So here's the deal I mentions. Last week we need a law and there was a lawmaker last year after this happened and I think in Jersey there were a couple of cases in New York or someone was shot in the face. There is no applicable law and I know a lot of you listening hates the argument that we needed new law but if you are mr. finch is family. And it turns out that this waste of oxygen living in his mom's basement in California. Get to twenty days suspended sentence and a fine. You're going to be screaming why isn't there a law. And I think with 400 cases last year Scott. I just think it's worth looking at on the federal. Level it has to be a federal law. That if you called 911 and make a false report and said police to someone else's address and someone dies that blood is on your hands. I've 76779. At which your calls your comments in just moment but first in the news or Caremark said. A body found in gray India will have more next. 530 in Kansas City screening KM BZ newsroom I'm Kara marks our grand view police say Amanda was found face down in a ditch along with 71 highway access road this afternoon a truck driver reported seeing the body around 130. No word yet on his cause of death. A new year increasing gas prices nationwide as we hear from ABC's Alex Stone I. Crossing contrary gas prices have bumped up in the past week about five cents a gallon for regular unleaded according to new numbers out from the Energy Department the biggest jump seen in the lower Atlantic region up eight cents a gallon. Analysts are blaming higher oil prices and strong holiday demand from driver. Average price in the Casey match or today to 21 gallon traffic and weather together next regatta park about a heavy coat necessary probably for the next 24 hours or so. Our morning temperatures fourteen degrees above zero the windshield right at zero. Plenty of sunshine in the afternoon on your Wednesday high temperature 21 degrees. Are to care was back in on Thursday and inspect under 1 above in the morning afternoon high of only nineteen degrees. From general Ryan I'm for solar chief meteorologist Bryan Busby KM BZ whether. Nineteen AKC I twenty in LA say it is 21 right now on your official weather station. I'm Kara marks or stay connected with nears 981 KM BZ and KM BZ dot com. So misses what about manslaughter for the California. Keep in mind he was a thousand miles away from there. How do you prove manslaughter in a state where he was not that he was not it wouldn't here. And you have to members states have jurisdiction over their own territory but that's it. Now Scott let me ask you this to someone brought this up over the weekend and again on my FaceBook page. Could you make the analogy. With this case. And the case where that young woman quote talked her boyfriend into committing suicide she wasn't there are. Choose in the state she was in the state but she wasn't there. She was not there she electronically. Said Judas and he said I don't want it she said do it he did it. And she went away for six. Years I think that's that's an accident six years. I think we all want. This man to go away for the rest of his life. I'm telling you brace yourself I don't see it happen. Did you say and I was on vacation so it was a we're paying attention path near to the news but. Did you say that. When he phoned in the address it was the address of somebody was playing a game with on line. Or gaming win yet. Whatever and and the other rents to throw into this discussion. Is this man that did that called 911 and said I'm in here with hostages and I'm pouring gasoline. Was given this address. A fake address by an opponent gamer. He didn't just hit this address all the iron one or did you call Paul Wichita tomorrow on they've released the audio. There is 911 call this call they lead the Wichita police department how does he get broken exits the audio out and eager connected to the Wichita police department. If he's calling 911 from how I don't know. I don't know. It is my understanding swat is usually done with one of those scramble. You know whatever devices so they can't tracer call. But the man that caused it is that sent police to this door did not pull this. Poor victims address at an air he was given the address by an opponent gamer the game rescission wanna come out of my career my dresses. 36 spurts. Police go to that address. So so people said should that I'd be charts I don't see that happening either. Code to. Yet. And there are you know I I'm looking at your conversation and I think you know. Obviously I'm I'm from Colorado are all a little different version of similar and you're you describe about reckless manslaughter and extreme indifference murder and the problem that they're gonna have is. That. It had a lot of spin on some level foreseeable for him in California. That the police were gonna go there and shoot a guy. I think that that happens is I'll pilot the defense attorney got four I would focus. But art let me ask you this is somebody who practices all. If the man was shot because of a swatting Cole in Wichita Kansas. But the call originated from somewhere in California. That would have to be a federal case would it not the the actual crime. If you will originated in California. But was finished in Wichita. I I think so you know I suppose there's an argument that is yet to reaching out to. The 911. Operator in Wichita. That yet actually committed the crime in Wichita I suppose there's an argument but it seems a little weak to me. Then. Yeah because I mean yes the coal is. Is made to the Wichita but for example if you're engaged in. There's a local guy who ran for congress and a half years ago. Who many view mirror call. Ended up going to prison I think for your because he falsified his income on his mortgage statements. And it had to be a federal case because he faxed. Yeah the documents from Kansas and I think they went to you know some of obviously there were some state. Local prosecutors couldn't bring in charge against him. Because the crime. While it resonated in Kansas. Was finished in another state they're four became a federal case are you would have to have a federal charge. To bring against him and quite frankly I don't know what exists. I'm telling it it doesn't I'm telling it doesn't art thanks for the comment thank you for the call. A running Kansas City mountain. You guys don't do. Her little. The whole back story through that. Tight lipped out on colder that what I read what he called a station. And then patch came in Q. Police department is. So he looked up you know I want them whatever. So there are blooper involved in there and actually colder. That it bring them to get him to. Do the war. In public so quite keeping your. Because he's going to put into proper market that was arrested two Yugoslav. But if you're a defense attorney you're going to say it was never. You're gonna say they hit was never intended for this man is an analyst Gary. To know what you think they're gonna do you agree okay now here's another thing that looks like Portugal is that we also want everyone to call. They're differences without young. They're true and conflict resolution. Wire there are so many police shooting people. I will look back and get them current second in the old when that happened. But now that we know that he didn't have a gun. And that they were forty year Bjork away. You know I say it's a good player out on who. I have and you can't move any. Her hair. That distance away and adding it is. We're looking forward we also want it to you are you joking or at all. Cool so I was asked of. We candidate and it's a good questions got it if you call and it how this works if you call my mom on and you say. I'm in this room and I'm holding all these people hostage and you know I'm about to light the place up today called that number back. Or do you just quietly goes a police department and set and I don't know because someone mentioned in this is true. That if they had just called else. Fitch would answer the phone have been like a oh but here's the thing I'm sitting here watching a baseball game with my mom how do you called house. You the address that they don't have the ability to do that I don't know if they think this call originated from inside the house is my point. Dana. We don't have land lines. Everybody uses cell phones now. And I would hope that the police department doesn't have access to myself yeah. And so it's not like in the old days my old reasoning when you marry younger. Where you could back and address up. And get a Foreman for house run just like you can look at a phone number give an address to that house there's not a physical land line lock and a on a house anymore. And this guy was 35 years old I would that he did not have a landline my mother is the only person I know. That's still has a slam. Someone for. It over the weekend and one of the many stories I read about this how many 911 calls command to sub stations and 911 every year and given city. So so even trying to say people should make use them before they shall. Being held hostage situation you want to did you link port. You want and Sheila. And dispatch operators that it's how are we supposed to you know of the sixteen. And calls and every year. Which of the 400 that if you tell me is yours. Now let's go to pat in midtown. Or other. I served on federal murder trial. And I think that may eat can be charged as an accessory to murder. Or an accessory to operate violation. Okay. Alves but to be an accessory to murder there would have to be a murderer. Who were you going to charged with murder. You can charge deplete. Ouster but it didn't separate trial. One acquitted one not. Or so rights violations. And equipment went not killed or per charge. I really struggle in this case pat. And I know people are going to be angry to hear this ice struggle mightily with blaming me officer. In this case. They had no reason to. Disbelief. That there was. A murderous maniac in this house. With gasoline and guns pointed at people they didn't know when finch came to the door. Now by the same token fish sure as hell didn't understand when he came to his own door. As a law abiding citizen. Why people forty yards away we're saying to her hands up and I'm sure they had a light on the house pregnancy. He he. I absolutely understand why he put his hands up in the kind of down like. What we're still going off. Any one would react that actual rights in this is where we need some attorneys to help us out I don't know or even police officers I don't think this is accurate. But 6860. She writes and you don't have to be in Kansas. To violate Kansas law. I don't think that's true. I think you have to be in a state. To violate their laws and interest in question of knowing because if you violate a Walt let's say for example. An example registers. Let's say. That California. And I'm just using it really absurd example. California has legalized. Child pornography. It Kansas still has child pornography is illegal on the books thank god thank federal law. Says it is illegal. To possess child pornography. But like with the marijuana laws they just cut the federal government sort of terms of the cheek for individual states. But its use and child pornography. From California. To a computer in Kansas you have just violated the federal law. And the feds could come in in and cracked down on you. The only person who could be charged in Kansas. Would be the recipient. Of the child pornography not December. And in the case for Iran crept. You live in Missouri and I live in Kansas and I take out a restraining order against you you're an abusive violent SOV your my ex husband and I hate you and you've been beating me. You're mr. I'm in Kansas you have a restraining order against you. You pick up the phone and call me to harass me I mean you have violated Kansas law from another state. The restraining order originated in Kansas I think you can buy. I don't know about that and that's. I'm the victim I aimed at domestic violence and what you all are but I don't know that that's an accurate. Example. What law have I violated in this state where I am you've broken the restraining order in the state of Kansas while. Residing in the symptoms are so Kansas is going to drive over to Missouri and wrestling yes under what jurisdiction. We extradite people all the time or extra this we extradite people who were charged in this state who then leave the state. And ordered them back. And all being told you can fight rarely win but you can fight you or extradition. I 767798. John the we're coming up right after the 6 o'clock news data right. Rob Babcock I'm Scott parks and KM music. Dana right here for kriegel mesh diamonds critical mass diamonds to them call you wanna buy a diamond if you wanna sell a diamond. Concrete honest I'm Scott Steve by private appointment only they still have. Multiple pairs of those phenomenal hearings that until new asthma. Daily flatter crossed your your loads they come with a nice tension backs so that you are sure to never lose them. And my demeanor and for three years for your son Micah and Wear them every single day. By private appointment only gives Scott Steve call they just read did their office. It is an office it is not some big huge square foot you know strip mall kind of diamond mining plays it is an office by private appointment only go and see what they can do for you 91366096. Or nine. 9136609609. Or creek Loomis diamonds dot com. Well mean I don't come 1987. Wanted to chooses to. Talk about other services just because he got to California farmer he could have been in Kansas know he was he was arrested in Los Angeles. Which argun about these swapping stories that led to the death of the man Andrew finch. In Wichita. Interference have nothing to do if he was is mine is on business and homeowners. But there's some debate as to what if any. Charges could possibly be filed. Against the young man who called in the swat it. Charges that will stick Scott and that will bring some sort of sentence. For this family there will be a charge of mischief or abuse of the 911 system none of that is going to come with prison time. Yet well it's hard argue that it's involuntary manslaughter something like that it that it it reaches the level of murder. It was up and Lance react right BEN and the argument that his lawyers make and it's been made before in swat and cases. Is just by sending the police there. They didn't know of at least an end up killing the person or what happened here this is the first time somebody has been killed and business like us. Reasonably. Did you use that your action is going to lead to someone's death and the answer I think is no yes. It would a reasonable person think that making that phone call would lead to police shooting someone. I think you've got twelve jurors and wall at least one of doubles and now. Yeah. Well it didn't affected this is the first person who's ever been killed from something like this having proves that point guard Chad in St. Joe hello Chad. I got a question about. Police certainly. The only issue. OK so my question is if there was an adamant that most the least there. Aren't. What are shot. And no other police are shot. From morning. Cops shoot like like oh crap moment you know. It is a fair point one officer fired one shot that's it. There's so. This kid probably gonna end up with probation and grounded from a cell phone or something deeper here like he's not gonna do our. I re going to try I think Chad I think they're going to try. I don't know what who. We know we have teenagers. It didn't drown. Accidents and jeweler best brands that don't go any diamond physically. You know and. And a. Is deployment so I would say to drunk driving case you do have the reasonable understanding. That your behavior behind the wheel when you're drunk could lead some injury somebody why does that not also murder it's usually involve terminals. And now. We'll see I knew I hope he goes away for the rest of his life I'm worried that he will not by the way I. I would also like to point out that it into the caller. Who just called and he said did this kid didn't you know Graham from south from the outset. And he's got a taste we five years old. Sold enough to run a car. And adding it's easy to just write this off as soul axis. Created these kids added to technology in the Manhattan plane their damn video games he's at 45 year old adult by 25 years old. It by wife was pregnant and I had a full time job at the railroad for God's sake so don't. Right off I love it it's trial temperatures there's kids that don't matter he knew he was there. Five were now that's. And I met them at that that the cabinet and then. Here at this Logan Paul character and you yes. You would be surprised and I know for people our age. This idea of the you'd trooper the YouTube sensation has nothing making money these guys is make tons of Ellis Island. Cannot it's not low poll has Bob Jake. Rock Kelly's son cannot get enough. Of Jake Paul what does he do they don't do everything ages due videos of them might just doing stupid stuff for Brown's due out at home and going to the grocery store why did you watch it tonight and not one as he got on him. And don't lift it up on YouTube the dumbest thing I've ever globe poll has over three million subscribers to his YouTube channel. He has endorsements from Pepsi. And some big department store. Jake all his brother about the one associate with the story here. I moved into this gorgeous. Mansion. In Los Angeles had a basketball match. Corrected into his living room for her I think she's also on some TV shows something to use it reminds me of watching Disney. And yet there with YouTube they're watching Disney and earlier it would take all like to think that these bags breaking into the main street. Spam ticket disease need to contain Logan poll who's the subject of the story that came up this morning drives it 250000. Dollar car. This is what is rule. Within America this is Halloween to figure out how we can get out there and extra money. And turn them on film it. Anyway I've Logan poll. Has issued an apology generated. Went to a place in Japan he and his. Posse. Are on location in Japan right now doing some videos they went into a place called the suicide force you know how Japanese people. Sometimes. Hopefully Robert often but sometimes kill themselves and you know at particularly dishonor their families and putting themselves out and kill themselves. Well apparently they a lot of them do it in this forest that's been dubbed the suicide forest. Why go there so he went in. And they come across a dead body. And they film it they edit the film and he's like all I talk to you. Never in history to sever that we just. Like that's a good thing. I. As he acted from what I saw on the video and I am I don't care about the guy one or the other. He seem more shocked by it but then he had friends with them who were laughing yeah making jokes identities. It was off camera they were laughing yet and yet he apologized though he said that he was trying to bring attention to sue us it's. The hype yet so heaven and do fund somebody and canceled as many argued well my my. The release when I'm under stresses humor. And so that's why we were making fun of the dead guy in the forest too killed. And you don't put an opponent. Which is something summit organized via Twitter today. He ended the host yeah it wasn't like he was alive it was not a live on FaceBook which took thought. Deliberation purpose point. That is what your kids are watching at home Americans are welcome and it. Ronald Scott parks are a lot. To him. Yeah what's up man. Are we have our producer today defined as Bennett all of America the great rod Babcock. My good credit goes to arrive arrives Gephardt happy new year it's good to be back. See you tomorrow 2 o'clock have a great night Kansas City be safe. Because it. Happening now on KM BZ two cold weather takes a deadly turn more how more on this coming up. 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