An interview with Tom Kane, the man of many voices

Dana & Parks
Monday, December 18th

Kara interviews Tom Kane - the KC-based voice artist who appears often on #DanaAndParks.  

His voice is featured in the newest Star Wars movie, Episode 8: The Last Jedi - but you've heard his talents elsewhere... and he does a wicked good 'Morgan Freeman'.


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Which Star Wars the last gem night in theaters right now we are catching up with a local voice over artist who's actually in the film Tom kaine lives and Overland Park. He's been on with us on Dana and parks multiple times you know worked and the fans of his. Tom McCain the voice of Kyoto and in imclone more series only different in her mind. You must an iron rich record plus dozens of trees. Tried to reach because our cars speaks for. Snakes on a plane needless to say you've heard this man's voice yeah. Tasty prize at Taco Bell and now we're gonna find it a little bit more about him. But first coming about the new Star Wars how amazing is it's pretty amazing. I'm at the the thing that. Struck me most. When I saw that the casting crew thing we have today. Was that there was so much in it that was unexpected. I have seen it twice before when you know working on starting like nine months ago when. Four months ago or something. So I you know I had a general idea of what was. Happening in the and the movie but. One race we worked on it you know we were watching today. Cut that wasn't completely finished in terms of editing errors. Special effects weren't finished. Love the dialogue was not in place so. You know we you can only get about a rough ideas as to what was going on a lot of the really important plot points weren't. We didn't see them because they just didn't require any voice over work on the right is just scene between. Ray and Luke. The only fan you know the only thing else that there is the sound of the ocean and posed little org things chirping or. You're you can't make an I it's not a number us about a organs. But yeah I aid it says so I actually if so only saw them complete finished thing the other day and I Bo is just as a fan was just come like stunned I mean but to use. I think I think more camels are the same thing when he finally solve the finished product. Aegis was like you said it was he responds he's and he was like when you don't you read the script and when he read the script he said it was. Jaw dropping in terms of just things he didn't think rain happened and nothing happens that's. Ridiculous in all I think it's out of the realm of possibility I mean did they didn't do unexpected things just for the sake of it. But there are definitely. A number of plot points that you just don't succumb. And it's also very funny it's it's the funniest Star Wars movies made our there's there are points in there where. The audience just I mean they were laughing as loud as if it was a comedy Ayers. You know it was really. And it but then again the nice thing about them the moments that. Did evoke them the most laughter. Again they were completely in context they were in character in it it was believable. It wasn't just some. Random thing to make you laugh and it was contrived so I yeah I just I'd really have softer Ryan Johnson the director as he. You know he really. He really went through it and said you know. We've got these characters these legacy characters got new characters that are established now everybody knows who they are. And people expect. Certain things I mean obviously by the trailers and and just whatever you assume that. Luke is gonna train rain in some capacity. But how that happens and how it gets there again is like all didn't see that come. You know I guess how well they didn't just jesus' walk up say trade me and he said okay yeah this they got there if that. Through a very different way that you don't expect and it's it's I can't get more specific than ever at. But yeah I x.s and the movies all of those things where you know you know they're gonna go from point eight appoints C. And you assume they're gonna pass through point B to get they deceive now. It's a two GA and then K and and you know whatever. And then disease it's like I love and a judge very nice I was a little afraid his you know one big criticisms of episode. Seven and was that it is history has a rehash or yeah well yeah and that's a look that's valid. You know it it does it was my main you know you have to do not seeing but you know a new hope. Stallone to Star Wars cause for me that's just it was ours had a proposal for new hope. We you know you had to have not seen that suits and not see the similarities. There were there. But again you know that that movie was doing double duty. Not only was it bringing back the franchise. You know for the people. My agent in your age I mean we're two different generations but we still. Had already seen. All of the original. Well there's a whole another generation that they are trying to go after that may not have seen all that song to them it wasn't a rehash I mean I have 27 girls. That when they saw that that was completely new to them they are no no idea that that you know there were some. Similar duties miles away if it really was Poland ways of pulling double duty but. This one not at all. They're there is. There is virtually no part of the last genocide. Is derived its hard that is derived from. A prior film. I mean obviously some characters are by. The blue the the reason that they do what they do and how they do and what they do and all it is is due. It's the last yet and it's not and I'm again I'm not exaggerating about blown PR smoke. I think it's the best Star Wars and empire strikes back and it and it and it's given that one Iran for its money. When you're gonna start. In your in the sound. What are you are and do you feel the enormous pressure of the franchise around GO you know is is this one of those three like do you like the best voice have ever done in my entire life. All we well you because again on off major fan. I was a fan before you start working on the stuff I mean myself stores rose fifteen years old and and by the time I was 23. I was doing some of the very first computer games. Video games for Lucas film and oh yeah there were many times. All the way back then you know 25 years ago to today where. You know hire a walking in and I yeah I've got the script and I read through it and we record it and I'm doing the very best. Whenever you know you don't ever act borer. You know MX. 14 or whatever it is you know I mean I've got a bunch of different things done and so at that moment I'm just trying to do. The best whatever as as I can just as a performer but then when I'm done. There is definitely a moment of it I. Just record. Younger or a Star Wars project is that I mean I might you know slap me or wake me up this is ridiculous. Yeah I mean I'm. I'm still not over you know hearing myself on the stuff as it's you know it's like how did that happen in I know I happen but the my head knows how it happened I got my hardest elect what I have. You know I've got to make it my boy and a little ones I mean in my older kids they just that's as you know dad does for a living right might not breath now totally gonna. But but the little ones this is the eight year old sir. They're still at that stage where they think all of this is pretty cool yeah and you know they've got to meet. So many cast members over the that'll be another short down the hall of around eight years but they've met so many of the original cast members who knows that and this is. People that knows and works oh down those links go order a note Arabic now. Oh that you buck has been our house there and oval park and had spaghetti when news into August and such in their midst of them that's just you know the way it where it is but. But they killed when their little of their lives and that's kind of ridiculous yeah it's kind of awesome that you have cheap vodka coming over your house for dinner. All seven foot four of them. Good gaudy utilized the. One way to do it appears the pigeon shoot hoops he could not to look at. That little Valdez got across is just got I didn't listen to talk not too much of a. So when you're on me and if you do vocal warm ups dude do you own noises what do you do you do. Not I don't I don't do any of that discount I just go bomb I. Part of it's just because I'm depending on the voice I've done for so long it's just there like I kind of kind of look upon the ms. apps her. Animal programs this is like I just turn on the yelled crap for that act bar wrapper of whenever rap and is in it and it comes out. Now sometimes. You know just physically there are reasons that doesn't sound right no union I'll work on getting the voice correct just enough uncommon enough of cold. You know something like yours that really dry in the house you know but that's no amount of practicing just trying to you know get the it via the through them out of mine. Teased just your everything your house or do I do the only time I go back to Los Angeles anymore it is if I'm. We're going to push day they get no often don't know party or. It's a live event where they want me like the Oscars I'm I'm I'm on the Oscars four times in the last few years and ended this year well I don't know I you know I don't they don't call me. About if they are gonna use me I won't analysts say the Oscars are and February or march gradually and there are they won't make a call to who ever they use announcer until. January wow I think that I don't think they've ever given me more than a month's notice server or maybe less. We just I guess a month as it is a guy am I yeah I mean that's kind of nor anybody that's a. Lecture I am human I do a movie trailer right. You know average a couple of movie trailer sessions a day and I'm lucky if I get an hour. Notice usually it's like no my commanders a McAuliffe say though your work and for what you know whoever and fifteen minutes but. But that's you know that's part of why I left LA. You know I I was given the point where I was doing like 55 to seven recording sessions a day plus a dozen auditions. And there's just impossible I can't do is no way. You know on this is ten years ago when I moved back here even ten years ago when LA it was impossible to go all those those places and Monday because of the traffic. And when I go back now it's measurably worse I mean I don't know how people can. Functionary if you are having to drive from place to place to place yeah I mean. And that is why I'm almost all the voice over people I know. That work on a daily basis they've all got studios of the house and most of them working from there because again it's just physically impossible. To get anywhere and I'll play well and luckily aiming it technologies come out of a while that you don't even need to narrow and now I bite I've got machinery and my mice. Recording studio that I talk. On my microphone. It translates it into a digital data stream and twentieth of a second. Sends it anywhere in the world you want and they decoded and another twentieth of the second. And it goes back into being my voice and their board so essentially a slide you've you don't hear you really there's almost node to delay the you can contact him. And you know we've we just talk the way you and I are talking right now except the parent londoners. Tour to Australia our LA. So you know there's no reason anymore for me to go anywhere physically you know except to mine you know after the bathroom. I don't have a microphone and let. Up a code in an awkward. Go back to last are important a lot of time Israel's that there are no. Read a line by times just to get it the way you wanted to do or is it the producers of their guests we got to go up next I'm not. Well both. You know if I basically just do it until the directors happy Democrat and I'll. Are they listening to all the time no other on what page again just like we're talking right now if I hear them at the same quality as they hear me. Usually but. Well yeah they've they they give me directions just like it if I were sitting in front of him on the other side of the glass. But they. They just can't seem. We usually I just stood until the directors happy. Especially because of the directors that are doing the stuff the start point in their then there'll. Now incredible fans as well as directors and whenever I'm in this part of the reason these new movies. You know at seven. Broke one and now I've paid part of the reason they're so damn good is. Every one or working on them grew up a Star Wars. I mean JJ Abrams was six year old seven year old known he still talks about. You know his big plastic millennium falcon that would hold you know twenty different figures on. And so these. No no disrespect to the original folks that made the original movies but of them you know to some degree it was just the next movie they were producing well they've ever expect it's being knowledge base that lot and never did. But but to JJ Abrams and Brian Johnson and me and everyone else that's of our age. That's working on these films it's it's not just another movie it's Star Wars and you know we've we've come a far left little told before we do anything that made it not the best we could make it so. BI it's just. I would although you know if under the bar where the directors happy. And then if I if I really think maybe it needs in the twist here or there who want to give you of let me just give you a couple others that I and the international. And elect him two or three of what I think. Might sound better and. Half the times ago like that better and half the time the holder thanks them on the how many lines you have a minimum of not many a whale that I can't I king other let. I did it I'm error. And recognizable existing Kerrigan got an. But it's it's not a lot that I don't care I'm amended and I get a credit. Amend that you know odds. I was joking when they were this and how do you want your name. In the credits in my I had no hairs you're gonna put me in his anything you want America. The to make it looked fine as I know I got so blah I mean I've been whenever I've been in the credits of every you know but at seven. Mom and broke one them the clone wars and all the Lego movies and all I mean that's you know that but when it's a feature film when it's. You're sitting in a theater full of people and you're looking at that giant screen and then you know basic. You know mark Hammel and Carrie Fisher and you know blob of all them all the big all the big guys Anthony Daniels and and you know all of a sudden you're you know ten down below that's like Curtis by so and so Tom get. The it is different I mean it just feels different so. You know what what advice would you give for somebody who wants to become a voice over artists. Wu well. At the short form of that is. You have to decide really what kind of voice over work you really wanna do. Everyone you know what gets all the attention is the animation and cartoons everybody wants it to be on sponge barber power puff girls. Something like that. Because that's the fun stuff for us to stop the that you attention as the stuff that. That. You know we have kids played there finally he finally do something that they think school. You know. But they. The main thing is. You do you have to realize that is coolest cartoons are nobody in LA makes a living. Off just Kuerten. Us and nobody there might be two or three people you know. If you respond literally sponge Bob and Tom Kenny and it's he's been on for twenty years. Yeah I'm sure he makes enough per episode that that several people that live nicely. But the green on 97%. Of of the people that. Do cartoons. To. What. Agony that. It. An error. We're retired. Tom Kenyon spent oh. So yeah there's a few people that can make a living just on their car to work but very feel like MacCallum on one hand and you you really have to. In your your career toward where the money is an album all of us pay our bills and that's commercials. You know. I would say. 7585%. Of all the people that you were so work make 75 or 85% of their income off of commercials and some. Some will get an animation most will not just because it's statistically it's. Incredibly difficult I mean their I I people think I'm joking but I'm not. Just numerically. There arm it's easier to get into the NBA. Then in cartoons while because there are more players in the NBA far more than there are people that do 90% of the cartoon work. I mean you could put. You can put I would say the people that do 50% of all the cartoon work in America. In this room two rooms may be an aside I mean not much. So that's you know just numerically it's hard did you bet but. All that being said every year somebody new gets and then several not somebody's kid and then he geezer like me eventually retire with. But. So guys so it happens but I always you know I don't I tell people don't. Don't make that the pass or fail. You know measure of whether or not you're gonna get in the or civil right. It's it's just you know dollars and cents and you live on it and what you live on that is mostly commercial. And I'm an odd duck because move but my main source of income. Our movie trailers. And those are that's even more ridiculous to get in. When I started doing trailers back and oh probably 1990s. There were a kid you not ten of us in the entire country that did all the movie trailers and on. And Don LaFontaine was the big. They're going back then and he by himself that half of Berkshire curse he was the the world guy in the road around limousine. Nine. Now I would say it's probably expanded to twenty. Higher I would say that there's twenty guys. Is comment on them. They're they've tried it a nice day up a couple times. A couple trailer house does have tried to use a woman. And railways and the problem with guys you you could I'm not exaggerating. In my lifetime. I think there have been. A war. Literally for movie trailers. Narrated by a woman. Even around com's. No you know I think in the movies that are really tailored toward now not even the remaining comedies the area the only one they even comes to mind right now is. A woman named Melissa Disney. Is related. To to Disney. If she did dale one trailer of of many on the very first fast and furious. And that's I think are one and only trailer and it's just. An engine you know it's not they are it's not producers that are making this decision now mean because half the producers there were four and half the directors they were for the trailer house as the women. It's just that they focus group these things. And it's doesn't matter what they do. The focus group people go. That one sounds right that one doesn't. And you know then there are always gonna go with what they think's gonna get in the most. Eyeballs. So. Just unfortunately I know I mean I've ha I've heard all kinds of explanations mean. I I actually am a woman producer wants some years ago she set I think that humans are hard wired. 22. Listen to a deep resonant sports full sounding man's voice. It did you know just over the millions of years but that's what we're used to hearing when it's somebody in charge. Now obviously it's not entirely like that anymore right but she earth theory was that that's just kind of the way we're made at least up till now. And you know the womb just more likely to pay attention. And to think OK if that person is telling me I need to see this movie. I'll listen to him but if it's you know some of it sounds like my sister. My mom and can now and I and I did some there's I suppose there's some scientific studies terrorism wherever it. Not my problem. Yet you're still making money most of the time you got most of the time I don't do those deep in the world things because I don't. You know I Domata former offend mr. Aoki and I don't smoke and most of those guys did and do but. Obviously trailers read here you know mostly cartoons a lot of Lou comedies lot of comedies like. The what's the one with all the guys in the weddings is like after the third one that will. That it had not did I actually did that one but what's the of the my god where they they lupica the groom gets lost. All of them hang government back over and yes I've done some of those I do the Harold and Kumar is. You know the adult stuff but I also do a lot of the car. And that's due to different voices I do for those as. And Ireland is the show and you don't three from Walt Disney pictures sort fortieth dieters everywhere rated G you know Latin. Or the blue lighter Disney Reid is. Well it's Walt Disney's The Little Mermaid to search Friday dieters everywhere rated G you know that I. Which I can't ditch when he takes up because items that smile so much my face a stern let. It's Walt Disney pictures showing all your favorite Disney characters and you have to smiled and I have to smile for. It. Had Disney as fans down by my biggest client and measurement this big merger that they and a well not yet even even without the Star Wars stuff. I mean it's they've. And you know between Disney movies Pixar which is owned by Disney. I'm on all over the parks I'm I'm I'm must be on a dozen different rides and the parks and and on the monorail guy when you go right the monorail on the monorail ways them. Yeah it's just not so random walk around Disney World the won down there sometimes a sign autographs for for people. My wife my heart goes as soon knowing cannot get away from you appear everywhere where the if as. Happened overseas July you know we get a fight about something she's mad at me she goes I just I'd just go under the start. Chilled to go to do you know. Cabela's to buy a sure there's a big for me and it should be like our manager and they're your Kono and I am not speakers and a cup laws. We've been. Am always pleasure all thank you I'm glad to be here and I. Everybody uses stores found out there and thinkers love Ireland.