Councilwoman Jolie Justus votes yes but what happens next?

Midday with Jayme & Wickett
Friday, December 15th

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And joining us one of the yes votes Kansas City councilwoman Julie justice is with us. I counseled injustice thank you so much for the time. Yesterday it seemed like it was a formality going in for those of us that are on the outside looking in. But it turns out it wasn't this MO you got rejected in thrown out. How surprised were you did you have any inkling going in this is going to be a 94 vote the other way. Going into an I was not prepared to vote on it yesterday because I mean that we were still negotiating text more. We out of council the week before out of the airport committee had half that came in value. I applied to not think I am in favor of the amount you had passed out of committee. And between last Thursday yesterday we had I don't remember who expressed concerns and that we wanted to go back and mark. And amp and that they were willing to meet that parent. And the fact that the council pushed forward for a vote yesterday before going back and it's more that the department pardon me. Why you're not prepared to vote. I was not prepared about it. Because we had. Basically heard from council member that the day would like he's he's more in BMW. So far everything we have had a poor and export they click yes to that went council member said. Hey we've got more things that we want in BMW. We needed to go back at some point they are you OK with that and that has not happened yet. You were. The concern with those two things in their obviously whether it was terms community benefits. An edge more and double talk about this thirty million dollar. On clause there for a second. But you still voted yes you tell us why tell our listeners why. You're absolutely note that Arctic Council has only done one thing it's tentatively. Which is on I think that on this but this year we packed out and order and protect your everything that we want our community benefits agreement. Now please go forward and negotiated in you would explore. And so that was the independent vote. Of course at that time overwhelmingly the people looked into pretty after I am having looked at all of the issues and of course you and I got a lot of that is yet. The past couple years. I'm they've voted 75% in favor of the project. And so then we were moving forward with the duty to an agreement on the non binding memory and the understanding. I voted yes because right now like edge morehead said yes to everything we've asked for. I they just be clear I don't did not do. Have a vote yesterday I voted to make sure that we had to write these poor people make their final decision. Councilwoman Julie just is joining us here on 981 KM BZ we had councilman quick Lucas on earlier. There was a reimbursement situation that he was concerned with and that was why he along with others voted no. Where do you come down on this questionable reimbursement thirty million dollar claws of let's say use say goodbye to edge more or they were to say goodbye to us. Here yesterday and one of the things that I wanted abstention pork. So yesterday we had that ultimately look at against the for instance that. You would like ethnic community benefits agreement that would not ten million dollars spent close to the 42 million dollars. He had questions regarding reimbursement agreement. But I didn't go back and more and say hey we don't like the reimbursement agreement or we'd like that the which community benefits agreement. I'm folks are willing to vote no on it and I just stopped and it was preacher. The thing and it might if we want to go back and it's more say here's what we wanted to council and it went as you know. Absolutely let's reject BMI. And let's move on. But the problem that we had yesterday it was that it is that the process would preacher. I am I do have one question for you regarding. Some more of this money stuff. Somebody's that when you have a generic line item for 151000 dollar mark for months travel and it's not saying who and where and how that's a little vague now. I can see how when you're putting something together especially for non binding. Resolution. That you know you're trying to throw something together is this more. Like waste or is this more well we're trying to get this pretty much where we needed to be. There's nothing like sinister happening here that's probably what it cost per month to get this done properly. You have that there is correct because wet wet cuts meant that in the conversation at that thirty million dollar in the absolute maximum. And what they did they were an estimated all these costs would be. We decided to split ways and and what happens and it is the aviation department. Would have to go through and actually look at I would be real expensive. And then they would only reimbursed expenses that were actual expenses and that would document it. In this in a maximum cost article Matt reimbursement agreement I wanna be clear. Or higher costs for things that we're gonna need to do regardless. Of who built the airport environmental studies. Designed to back all of that sort of thing the other thing that I think it's important for that the taxpayers in the voting public to understand. Is that all about reimbursement agreement has been agreed to be paid for by the airlines. And go to the extent that we would ever have to pay any I bet thirty million dollars. Have to leave it looked at all of the repeat that and that sort of thing I'm be reimbursed the following year by the airline. Kansas City councilwoman Julie just is joining us here on Camby easy one of the things that I think it and I had gone to at least one of an epidemic you would have the added to counsel. Town halls before all the vote went down. And it seems like there's a big question about minority hiring union hiring of female hiring local hiring did it more layout any plans that raise an eyebrow and led to this nine to four vote. Well part of it going on yesterday. We were telling edge more that we wanted them minimum of 35%. It maybe you can minority business and WBU it is Ramadan is. That would that we set out in August when we voted and the two of the council that so we called on to the fact that we. That we went out and campaigned in front of and that's what we have voted out of committee on again it was a week ago Thursday. And there were some questions raised by counsel that we have more specificity. And that's absolutely something we should be negotiating. I wanna make it clear that as far as next steps are concerned we didn't fail negotiate with that's more that's one option but to go back and say hey here. Every single issue. At a council had a problem with that are you willing to meet these issues. And that great and that they're not that we can end our negotiation process and we can move on. Other options that we have one of our power council members action without a resolution. Saying he wanted to terminate. Negotiations immediately attacked more and move on negotiations with 3COM and then our third option is to terminate the entire process and start over. That last one does not sound good councilwoman battled past woods is not itself goods that for Kansas City club. That is not a good option and here's why number one. I I like it too much over 75%. Of the voters voted in favor of this. And if we did that in my opinion it replied that the project down and and would not be in the best interest of the city or what the voters want and. I believe that would probably doomed the project councilwoman. Council person Lucas said. Oh win he was on earlier that he had hoped or in a Pomeroy if I miss quoting here please correct me equipment. He had hoped that they would get this I'd done by Christmas DC that is a possibility. I think the only concern that we have is that we only have one. And that meeting and the ones council meeting before the end of the year and so we have as a council in in basically one day. Other legislative actions are going to have to figure out whether we're going to terminate our negotiations to act more efficiently because one thing that I want to make clear. What we did yesterday with the rejection of the memorandum of understanding. It was not a termination of negotiations. So we must and one day basically decide what to do with the council I think that being very difficult when you're taking into account the fact. That we have to let the public testimony on that and do that and I transparent and open manner. We have discussed this with our finance the legal team that we also need to run their pastor airline's partner. If not impossible and obviously the weight of the council of the will of the council but I think it would be tough to do that one day. It's advocates at the will of the councils and I don't I think this would be easiest sales of this is MO you right that's what we call me. What you should have been calling this whole time am I easy. At all. Oh yeah and it would pass nobody. At the. Oh my guy that would let us. You landmarks. Councilman thank you so much we really appreciate it we know the ID on earlier this morning during Kansas city's morning news and you did double dip we'll have to send you an extra check for coming on tonight. Thanks guys have a great. You as well Merry Christmas to you that is a councilwoman Julie justice.