Caller Tim was in the Lenexa Costco when the gunman came in

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Thursday, December 14th

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During the break we had a different of the program Cullen named him. Who was there. When this scene unfolded on the label inside the the next Costco. And we've been watching this video and breaking it down if you go to our website you'll see the video. And we're asking you do you see anything in this video that stands out T. What would you do in the situation and one of the things a buddy of mine noticed. Is that no one puts their carts down and runs a fact people are soaring scurrying away there's their curse touring. With their carts which makes it harder. Because the courts are big and heavy. It makes it harder to rhyme. And so let's get him who was there Tim we're glad you're okay we're glad your wife is okay. What is the first thing you remember that day. Or media outlets night's first thing you remember. The first thing I remember is is that like a couple people in an argument outlook for the store we were in the middle or. About Wear the clothing section and order. Or command quoting here. And the amount wipers and they're trapping we heard arguments coming from on this course sound like. You know just a couple people really mad about something and enact quickly escalated where. Six or seven people screaming at the top but they're long. And your first instinct is detect a couple steps port that. Commotion. The Tryon farm now or that commotion. And then. Read after that the cost or employees and now. Through all the different trials and running now on the well. Yelling. Active shooter active shooter the and everybody around in the back of the store. And in my mind. I'm saying I ain't here no current chart. I I I know I'm not hearing gunshots or she's changed her. Not registering in my mind that. There's somebody there that I'm not that I don't hear. Accept the argument. So that I mean I'm. What gonna close my wife stripping the front of the bastard. To run the tobacco store and it took the second importantly there actually look at me and tell me you'd. So run back restore. Before or Myanmar lies and we did put shark alert. All the way to the back. For no reason. Whatsoever. At Warren simple rule thrown grow cruel toward her own. That's all we have our core. Know that my wife has been my wife on the form a court order in the court and I backed off and the court. Push in the power and they only got to look back at us or there's. These parts. Other people looked in the same thing and then he. Finally meted out the back the war. And there and we want to go back or fifteen point second order. What sound like the sharp but it would probably shock and tackle our fourth shot and I echo those. We heard. And tipper and I look at my wife and exit those aren't. And then get run out the back of the store window captioning. I'll buy the gas Ireland for. I don't know point point by your. The couple in Russia manner and art that. Really quick to what extent do you think just kind of a group sank like a group mentality is at play there because. I've often said if I see everyone running. I think my natural inclination would be to run. Maybe it's not an EUR employees were telling him run to the background about ego and even then with him telling you run you said it took twice. And I just because you don't and you're like why it's because you don't expect this kind of thing to happen maybe what do you think. They call normalcy the caller expect normal. You don't expect that to happen here not a are not looking for that happened and unfortunately that's probably what the people shock because. They stand there and look like. What's going on there instead of taking that decisive action moved way or weary. And I mean their doors or in open beside him or like our own show on backdoor normal foreign. They opened one of the quicktime. Stock or a truck back in there on one of those or are fact. People were jumping the six foot privacy and on the back cost pro Bono and and run away I mean there are people. That's weird about being away. And Myanmar Wi-Fi and market that we were Turk or breakfast or all out the back door. Shuffled off a little bit and we're at a program and then that's when we. Move quickly toward the gas Sarin which not sure that was the best place for Jeff Ireland's. Who was you said she has seen the video is she. I mean I don't as you can identify yourself in the video you can see yourself in the video but is it. Yeah yeah such incident is overhead camera over the Corcoran department. A candidate. If you're watching polling on the part of about it current though it. Her I see it so it does she know here's my question or give you have you talked about this. Why she immediately wanted to run and pull US terror. Verses. May be waiting for another employee assays at dishing knoller is to me as a husband and wife I would be like. Come on what you're doing you know what I mean. That's what she was playing and my response in part responsible for her I don't hear NG. Yeah I I think it. I think. If I if the first thing outlook or not an argument the first thing I want her to spend around or at all. I think I think that would open final people go to school. Because I didn't hear anything. I curtain around her note chart. I wasn't. As. Anxious to servers as it as such which you can get away. But that. Larry's shirt him were you wearing a gray shirt and black shorts and. Our league right apps and there are absolutely see you on here so if you go look Tim comes in at about one minute. Pardon me about 46 seconds. If you want it seats and his wife and I can see her pulling York art. Online job and. Yeah and we I mean we didn't like that that meant that the back in the room or. Around but the reporters. I mean I idol was watching people notified or cause. It just didn't I didn't move our human mad at me and you know. Oh Merrill. Tim I'm so glad you shared your story because it's the and we are not here to criticize anybody but I think. We all want to put ourselves in that situation and say OK what what I do I think I would do this and I think I would do that and I think you just don't know. Until you're there the the last thing I do wanna say we have heard it has been widely reported that those employees saved lives. What would you agree with that the way they came forward and. Aaliyah and and they were they weren't they were fanned out across the war. And not only harming others or themselves but they were making eye contact. Mark and I were. Never explain. There are needed to go to the back or. Which. And I'm aren't aren't in the in the video I understand the economic record and there. On the way back or adult corrections. Which is where the final. Things happen well. We all have ago kind of took that tactical program for. The go to the back out so. At some point for the parent or close to that I'll turn. And headed to the opposite side of the dock or. And if you haven't been in there. It will picture I can totally pictured in my mind even without seeing it so thank you for sharing your story we are glad you're okay yeah glad your wife is okay. I hope you never are in the situation again but if you are god forbid. Drop the card at the time again. The Elkhart. Are you are important armor and better and running. Thank you for the call my friend are backed think.