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Thursday, December 7th

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You're listening to the Dana and parks podcast on KNB easy. It's by the sunshine as the cold and out there restart in the single digits for some of those wind chills and now we have the afternoon I've barely getting above freezing. Most here is staying below 32. Tonight I think we'll get down to about nineteen degrees mostly clear guys. We'll see clouds increase pretty rapidly had ever next clipper system that will clip through and give us another chance of few flurries. High temperature on your Friday 39 degrees about the same on Saturday without the snow. And that warms up significantly heading in the on year Sunday night in a 54 degrees. Until mine for solar chief meteorologist Bryan Busby KM BZ whether. And start hearing on the case CI thirty downtowns when he nine your official weather station. Some breaking news. The star has just been announced group. Former Jackson County executive Mike Sanders. Allegedly used to disabled friend who want an illegal kickback scheme. Or. Kill is this just came in literally just coming out right now what's going on. This is from the Starr reporting Steve Cochran yes Mike Sanders who was the prosecutor. And sunny in the prosecutor he was the counter at county eggs out of ansari and the heir apparent to Emanuel Cleaver Seton congress right. Team engineer in the legal kickback scheme that netted tens of thousands of dollars or serving as the head of the Jackson County government according to a friend. Who told us talked to star. A re counting the scheme in an interview Wednesday Steve Hill are longtime friend Lewis former US attorney. Said that in 2010. Sanders offered him a proposition. Hill a quadriplegic. Living. On disability not the same guy said he needed extra cash and so he agreed to the arrangement. On Sanders instructions over the next three years hill said. He cast more than 60000. Dollars in checks made out to him. From bank accounts for Sanders controlled political campaign committees. The money was ostensibly for work on those committees but Gil said never performed any work instead return most of mine is Sanders. The arrangement is the subject of a federal investigation that may be coming to a close after more than four years. He came to be one day and said man here's what I want you to do go cash this check for me keep 20300. For yourself. I thought about it for a minute. This is quoting now from where does he now stars when gas is off mr. what the all right I'm in a wheelchair man unheard of for a few bucks and 20300 dollars would help me out. Campaign finance records reviewed by the star. Showed that the checks to hill the disabled friend. Range from 1175. Dollars to 5300. Dollars. They were sometimes issued days or weeks apart from what the reports identified as a range of campaign services. Constituent resurgent voter education go to TV activities. Helping out here is I. I was really bad at white collar crime. Good Cuba that like really bad. I I still don't understand where the money was coming from. Where the money on the rail and wham understand what you just read and correct me if I'm wrong Kara. These are campaign contributions. That or unused. Going to write you would check allegedly. Allegedly Yemen right you would check for work you didn't do that let's pretend you did it you cash the check. Keep to 300 bucks for yourself and give me the rest OK so let me say it enough to understand that right when it sounds like to let me say it another way. I write you a check his eyes support your candidacy I write your check for 101000 dollars guy and you want me to run for I got it right here is 101000. Thank you very much put that over here there in my coffer for running for reelection. Instead you take that 101000 you'd give it to your buddy. I give it to Kara. And you say Cara de cassis Tim grand keep 500 for yourself and give me 9500 kick me back nine to 500. And that's the way I understand the allegation. Well remember. What was it out. Sanders fifty surprise political observers two years ago this month when he announced his resignation every only but it Naira. So we've got their couple years it said barely one year into his third four year term. Now you've been there for awhile at the hot name he said he was leaving political life to spend more time with your wife and I remember Scott we were sitting in this very share. When he announced that resignation. And we both kind of women's. And. Well but Georgia's very nice lady and I know in Georgia for years but. He does have two small children or they used small children and I know that at least one of them has some special means. Com. Because he's he's told me about the and we bumped into him. Dana remember last year we did or earlier this year we did that event with Trent Green and Al Smith down under the bridge that. Yeah focus on here yeah did a benefit it was a charity. It was under the bridge yes. He was there with Georgia and we had a very nice. And long conversation I found it weird though when I was talking to Mike Sanders. I. Was unaware of any of these problems. And skis and and you know he's always been rumored to be the heir apparent to Emanuel Cleaver yes that was always the seat that he wanted. And our members saved him. What are you gonna run for Emanuel Cleaver seat. And he was very dodge. Which was very Mike Sanders not. Mean he's always been very. Politically am. Vicious cancel is that this this is also Mike Hendricks is by the way. The decision for him to step down puzzled political observers. That season because he had been mentioned as a possible successor. To cleaver you know according to Steve Hill this is the friend now kind of handy different yes. It was about that time that the FBI showed up on his doorstep he said first agents pressed to sister in law then approached him. And according to Steve Hill he'd let Sanders no I said quote. My my sister just got a visit from some people who are poking around. One of the agencies a three letter agencies. You know man I didn't wanna say the FBI is on the he said I'll take care of it and then that's the last time I talked to him. What help he cast so many checks he set. That a teller at the bank asked what he had done. To earn all of that money. What is going wrong. Mike Sanders aimed broke. I don't know him a lot of my. I. And when the bank teller asked you what you did to make all the money says I wanna contest minding my own business. They open to hill's lawyer. He faced possible prison time for failing to disclose more than 62000. Dollars in income and while on disability. So this is what happened at 8 AM and you know Steve knows now flip like a shout or is Steve really that's the analogy here giving. It. Flipping like a fish out of water is a figure of speech they came Steve Hill. And said we know you have cash 62000. Dollars for bogus working evident. You. Our goal and up to the big house for tens of twenty years start talks start talking and Steve Hill and a little little little little little little. Because think about it this way Scott is steep hill needs 62000 dollars when he did that isn't that at least that's what they've got on the books for. That was the cut my point is O Steve Hill raked in 62000 dollars arguing as he made six. Or that he cashed checks for 62000. He'll face possible prison time for failing to disclose more than 62000. Dollars in income that could be checks that he cashed which is technically income but he could've given. 90% of them back to my stamp he said he cash 60000 dollars and and so he'd probably kept to Graham three grand. Kicked the rest back allegedly to Mike Stanton says between six and 7000 dollars. Hill has agreed to cooperate and is now paying back Social Security. Based on payments he believed. That believes as his shirt to kickback scheme. Come in between sixth and seventh that's not what does this mean for. Mike Sanders Kush. Original so close how long be announced not long and in and in oh Adam half. Who was a. Taft signed a false mortgage document. This well is ebbed and put them and required along that he was not deserving. This is would be worse than that Scott's what is worse than that. At least. I would bet. Several years. Several years because Adam Taft I think got a year and a half on fraud and wire for money falls. Mortgage loan document that was facts between one state to another toll Kansas and Missouri is easily Korver and laying worse than that. Now if true. And this is worse under federal statutes. You face up to twenty years. On money. Plus restitution this is this laundering Kara possibly. Well it depends on it well it depends I I'm I don't out money laundering is one of those weird charges but you've got to prove. That he was hiding the money and moving it from account to account that's hence the term laundering the money. That you're hiding in your washing your claim putting him number now. Did you just take the money from Steve Hill allegedly exploded into his own account to just keep it is cash I mean. Is he never I would be never put it back into another account it's going to be really hard to approve money laundering. Why do it. You know I I I don't know thrown out some possibilities. I just throw this out. If it's true. And let's preface everything by saying Dana if it's true because Mike Sanders happens your friend of mine and I find this. It's the story shots shocking column. He routinely complain to me. On occasion would point to me. That he wanted to get back and a private practice because it was a make enough money. Column emailed me that two or three times in private conversation. And I'm not gonna pretend that Mike Sanders and I. Our good friends were. Were friends I've known and New Year's all into each yeah we're work friends. Who bump into each other public events like my cage and Scott Howard you made this is killers George its debt. And maybe gain was a prosecutor. Well but he was probably cleaning a block money off of that my point is Scott. No one knows better than Mike Sanders Howell federally. Illegal. Exists. Arrangement. Would have then nobody knows more than him how. We illegal business. He would know if it's true he's sure he should have obviously he would known he would have known it was illegal he would have known. The sentence parameters. For something like tennis. I'm just stunned. I know Mike Sanders from holes twenty years. And this was a guy who's Roger you've seen Mike Sanders has been in the studio with us and you know. This is a guy whose political career the sky was the limit locally. He would have run yeah they would have run era he would have run for Emanuel Cleaver seat he what is easily won it. At some point at bat and then he probably would have run for Claire McCaskill seat and maybe want it. Good sir. Well reassess. If I'm not mistaken I remember you Mike Shannon giving him a hard time of Albion governor someday help. Possibly you know boom going on to the White House and you know I was just giving Maria than it. But yeah I mean I'm Reid has always talk about him how the Yankees are going to be here long here's the deal remove her own politically. You do not commit. This level of fraud. Federally. Deal would grossly illegal fraud or. If you wanted to go buy a boat. OK if you wanna go and I would of said the same thing about Adam tapped it right he wanted to buy a house is like one of the out I'm deliberately quote your line up mortgage document saying they had more money in their account and they did and for that amendment would away and they Faxon to Missouri and I. It's inquiry and they put the money right back as the bus no how much do you have the bank can you afford this out right what they did was they said. He said. I instead of 4000 dollars and my count he moves in campaign money in and said I have 40000 dollars in my account and that. Is super illegal. This. Is worse and you do not knowingly commit a crime like this guy. Unless you're in some type of situation. Where you that leave me. 62000. Dollars. For. I 767798. Clearly clearly the beginning of a downfall. On one of Kansas city's political bright stars. Mike Sanders. Full disclosure a friend of mine is in days. Big. 57677. It's something that's happened almost all of us and knock on wood happens synonymous in the future but if you do find yourself in a car accident. Remember the name deals collision repair blues greens and up the many times dale is a friend of and I've seen as crews work without a doubt I can tell you they are the best. 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That the FBI has now investigated for upwards of four years. Where he would use his disabled friend. Allegedly. To cash checks. From his political coffers. Keep a little bit of the money from self. Yeah on the disabled friend was doing. Work for the campaign. The disabled friend Steve Hill would keep some money for himself and give the rest allegedly. Mike Sanders. And I I need to preface this by saying that both Dana and I know Mike Sanders well. I consider him a friend. I am it's gone. By what I have read today. In fact I just texting Kelly. And I said you remember meeting him we met him I don't know if you've got to meet him or got to see him that day. We do that charity under the under the it will street bridge. Alex Smith was there Trent green was there not to name drop but it was a big deal. That date auction and everything. And Mike Sanders I remember showed up with his wife Georgia and Kelly just remains at his wife was so sweet I'm so sorry to hear about this. Hop and Georgia's fantastic lady. With the patience of Jobe but problem. I remember talking to Mike in Georgia there. And we joked about. Him someday soon be out in congress. That that's how politically ambitious this man was. I guess. And this will come out in the water and as you know the problem. Mike Sanders has and it appears term many right now. Is that the participants. In this scheme. Is the one talking about this game. He is saying this is what happened this is how it happened. He has given his name and gone on the record. Always fought with the Kansas City Star. And deet tails I mean deet hey little. How he would go cast these checks. And he's quoted as saying I gave most of the money back to my they'd been friends for. You find it. Services is set lifelong friend. Of this money was given to him by his political contributors how is it fraud. With what he did with his own money that's right think it's not his own money his mother belongs of the campaign. You well for some time he was the head of the democratic. The Missouri to Democratic Party that this could have been money Scott for. What do I don't know. Anybody but money contributed to your campaign can only be used for the campaign and or to pay off campaign debts correct you cannot go about by a you know you don't get to go for your own campaign correct golfers. 5767798. Let's get to the newsroom here is Caremark protests of the tax bill in Kansas city's all of mourn acts. They're struggling to find the perfect gift for somebody who has at all you know the holidays are fast approaching. Order against for everybody on your list. With just the click of a mouse go to Omaha steaks come. We've been ordering Omaha steaks for years. Which of the flavor we love this election we love the price let me tell you about Omaha steaks and now for only 4999. You get the family give. 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They're upset about the just passed the senate tax bill reverend holly mic is sick hopes as a measure moves through a conference committees some lawmakers will change their minds. Build a bill that will address expanding health care coverage for Ollie. The increasing access to good public schools and looking at how we can strengthen the social and it's his statement today. Not rebuilt to the floor for the present design talent encompasses all of us. Cusick says the bill favors the rich and big corporations and does very little help working people. There in the wake of multiple sexual harassment allegations Minnesota senator Al Franken stepping down in a speech on the senate floor today Franken denied many of the allegations and said he was prepared to work openly with an ethics committee investigation. But Franken said that in the end the decision of course for his constituents but check traffic and weather together next. 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Temperatures in the twenties feeling like the teams and our temperature be down into the teens tomorrow morning with those wind chills down into the middles talking like fifteen when you wake up tomorrow morning. Increasing clouds throughout the day we'll see a chance of a snow burst or to not much accumulation expected the high temperature a little milder than today if you call 39 mile. On Saturday about the same 38 before warms up significantly on Sunday ahead of the next clipper system. Increasing clouds again then high temperature gets to 54 although tailgating is going to be cold. And then another burst of snow moves in on Monday as the temperature is not back down into the forties. From channel nine for solar chief meteorologist Bryan Busby KM BZ whether. And sway seven aren't TCI 29 downtown 2090 your official weather station. I'm Kara marks or stay connected with nears 981 KM BZ and KM BZ dot com. Somebody from the start. That the allegations of Mike's against Mike Sanders today the former Jackson County executive former Jackson County prosecutor. He says he. Succeeded. Claire McCaskill as the Jackson County prosecutor and Catherine shield you mirror coal. Has the Jackson County executive type two of them hate each other. Problem. Your husband just tweeted a summoned from the start this is the kickback scheme allegedly occurred while Sanders was in office. From 2002 and 2013. So he's receiving a salary of 8590000. Dollars a year and that you know that's not a great seller certainly not bad. But apparently not enough. Enough for him. Answer this from the excellent please okay. So say your campaign is over. And you still have two million dollars in your campaign account. Are you supposed to track down all the contributors and give it back that that that's a good question. I know you don't get to keep it. You do not and I I'm not exactly sure. And this is why we would need a Dave Helling or maybe your Chris casting call win but I know Chris is degrade him on there on nine. I'm not exactly sure how you extinguish. York campaign account if you have no plans to run for office again right or you can just freeze it. Right now now what some candidates do. Is they will say for example Hillary Clinton and I think I think this is legal. I'm speaking whatever tournament run for office. I think for example Hillary Clinton running for office in 2008. Let's say she had 500000 dollars left over former presidential campaign. Although I know for a fact she used to pay off debt but a problem. Let's say she didn't happen but still plan to run for office again I think she can freeze that account. And you know draw interest off or whatever cares. And then reopened the account and still run for the same office on using that money from the previous campaign. Now if somebody does say I want my money back. That's tough because how do you know right. Then I didn't spend your 100 dollars and the 500 dollars I have or 5100 idols from other people you know I I don't know. For the sex ride in his what I was saying that's a tough question someone started it seems really odd to me 62000. Dollars does not seem like a large enough amount of money to do something so stupid. When he obviously knew the consequences I bet there's more to it. If you read down in this article and it is very. Well written. Oh my character steep hill the friend of Mike Sanders who is a quadriplegic. Who has. Talked to authorities about this alleged scheme had a brother. That brother committed suicide in 2009. And the article suggests. The brother before his death. Took 40000 dollars in payments for doing campaign work tip now maybe he really did you campaign or are. We don't now. And he's no longer here. But I did it this could be more than 62000. Is what I took away from the article about it fairway. I'd say that I'm not surprised I'm not shop. You know. I don't know isn't on money or let. And I feel like a lot of employers scheme some of them. He got called in his hand in the cookie jar and now a lot either skiing and we're taking nursing right now because. This is only so that it oracle put it this guy's definitely the unit can't do we're gonna take care. Well you know if if if the allegations against Mike Sanders are true. And it does not look good for him. Even though he is a friend of mine. And somebody I do respect. He should pay. And he should pay with his loss of freedom can assess the dumbest questionable time. That is why when it comes. To writing checks let's say. Mike did Dennis Wright. And there's 64000. Dollars of campaign money people were giving him or other candidates that he just tucked. Why is there not allay year. Of checks and balances. With in the. Anyone over a campaign or over. I'll pack or over. The government where you come to me Scott and you say. Hey I need to I need to check for 5000 dollars and an I have to say what is it four and then rod has to say okay. We're gonna put that down on the books. And then someone has to figure out that that money really will reset does that not happened do you think about this. Where would the oversight begin because it would require somebody in the government for example. To be in charge of monitoring every withdrawal from a campaign. And you have campaigns. For. Johnson comedy. Community college board of directors are you have campaigns for Roland park city council for leeward Lee would City Council. Where does it it so what you're saying is there is no oversight. And the. In this if you will to not get caught a story like this you say. And I know I've got 68000 dollars in the bank but it's not mine and I'm not gonna touch it because I remember that story in what happened to them under yeah student. There is a certain level of oversight when you have to file with the Federal Election Commission. Especially somebody who's running for save the house of the senate or whatever. But and yes you have to file your paper works. What Mike Sanders is alleged to have done is actually pretty brilliant. You put somebody. On the payroll allegedly. Okay you pay him out. For doing work for the campaign and yes hard to prove that he didn't do any work for the campaign. It was like get out the vote work yet how. And so paychecks on that handicapped friend might kill or whatever c.'s Steve Hill problem. Does come worked for the campaign. Keeps 400 boxing kick you 4000. That's really really hard. To follow up unless you get somebody to squeeze electric. And then. You've got a case but how do you prove. That Steve Hilton didn't do work for the campaign. And how do you prove unless Mike Sanders put this money in the bank. How do you prove that Steve though came to this money back. I don't think it's hard to pressure with the Afghanistan. Well from what I understand the way they prove it is. Troops mr. hill the guy in the chair basically said. This is what it is is what I did and that's what apple. Given how do you get on the steep hill I mean because Steve Hill right now now allegedly. It you're you're the only source of of free cash that he's got why's he gonna flip on you unless you figure out that he's doing this so somewhere somebody screwed up. Somewhere somebody sort of their feelings hurt somewhere Avery. Well I don't even think it's that I think when police come knocking on your door way to them badges but it's not the plays well all that's three letters that the FBI man they say do you we know what you then do land. You have 24 hours. To come doesn't tell me what was going on how long would it take you a thirty minute maybe. Couple phone calls you're a lawyer. FBI comes on in an outdoor I'm on I'm flip and on all. Scott has been making. Meg I'm pretty sure Dana is running guns. And again that nobody's that against guns and not run and gun and then rod and his huge trunk of marijuana that he ferry between Missouri Kansas and sold it at quick trips. A quick stricker do I would flip on you so fast. 88 Iran in Lee's summit hello and run. Are well. Why im surprised it might seem it was Mike's fingers that something like this because of those. You know as political. On errors. We're. It's not surprising that politicians do you mean it's an easy way for them to you tight money. In what Dana was asking about what are you running after the election yet they donated to either other charities. Our two charities or other politicians. They have to you and all of all of this muddle it audited everything has to be counted. They're darn it get audited at some point I'm by two election connection Ira slaughter. These same politicians go in to. Politics being for it. In an inept coming out millionaires why we have so many senators and congressmen and women that are now millionaires will cool and they want him. With it which are oh yeah which is well sick but I remember a couple of years ago. A guy by the name of Joseph Biden. Came in for a round of criticism. When he was giving a speech. And basically said he didn't have a lot of money in the bank. He didn't have a lot of money. And people made fun of him and said how in the world could Joseph Biden. The vice president of the United States. Not really have any laying around. Well maybe. He played the game right. And unlike others. I'm not a Joseph Biden supporter never voted for the guy. But may Joseph Biden wasn't. Stick his hand in the cookie jar because here's a man who made a hundred. 74000 dollars a year nothing to sneeze. But he had to maintain a residence in Delaware sewn up and continue to be a senator from error. And I'm sure after even after his legs vice president kept some don't work and had to maintain a home in Washington DC which is not cheap. And staffs and yeah we are back and forth. Maybe Joseph Biden is one of the few politicians who actually just took what he got paid and used that. For any of you asking how could something like this unravel how does this IRS has. As Elizabeth asked as he got great tactic of Smart listeners. The IRS is fully aware of all money's going in and out of every bank accounts. For those claiming disability. It says the handicapped person not claiming all of that income that kept being deposited into the bank. Threw a flag. That was investigated immediately so that bank teller asking him. What do you do what is all this money coming from. Yes well did she probably cast his disability check to add thought. Something doesn't add up year the end the only three letting letters. More terrifying than FBI or IRS I think it'll Al Capone amen. When no one else could. Now that's that's really point. And I would bet the IRS. Keeps really close tabs on campaign gagged accounts at one point Scott the article suggests that this Steve Harrell was. Without a place to stay down on is locked and so it does make sense if you're taking in a small amount of disability every month. And you. Have no other source of income you're struggling to support yourself. Get your walking into the bank with 5000 dollars 8010300101000. Somebody's gonna look at that you would think and go oh. Where's that money can by 76779. A operative we wrap up coats for kids 2017 tomorrow. Dick Smith Ford via an honor and a privilege. If you would come out make a donation whether it's coats whether it's money whatever we need to wrap it up tomorrow. Or an interim Dicks with Ford would love to see Europe or and in and parks. You wrote to Medicare damage yet don't delay the annual enrollment period ends Thursday December 7 now is the time. 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The accuser was not a Morgan Stanley employee but interact with four in a professional capacity according to the report. And button and now Ford is denying the claims and is vowing to fight back said Fortis statement this simply did not. I have never forcibly grabbed any woman or man. In my life. Him. And a certain it will carefully here. Slater has got a trigger finger and accused of doing some financial. Route how about you just don't gravel on how about this person Harold Ford junior is denying it says it never even though it's one accusation. He says it did not happen I'm not saying it did or did I don't know. Ma'am we have a trigger finger right now when it comes to let people go on one accusation without giving them. And I understand us on the court law without giving them professional due process. Where you say okay no way to bad didn't happen. That person has lined. When a fire ants are fired him in office. I get it would we live in in what's called a reckoning. But with Harold Ford junior we have one. Accusation of improper behavior. And he's denying it. Says this never even happened. And a fraud in the throat hello. My god I'm Greg Norman member who's been. If he's running for governor apparently an independent. Greg Gorman is for Malays and Greta failed bid for the US send inventories fourteen. A filed paperwork with the state to establish campaign committee and begin fundraising. Also launched a campaign web site. And it's gonna run for governor of Kansas as an independent. Current. The news wasn't met with groans by Kansas Democrats is sick mormons candidacy. Will boost the Republican candidate in the twenty team general election by pulling votes away from Democrats. Ellen's decision to wade into the race was applauded by Charles Wheeler and the fear on the founder of the center's project a national organization. Dedicated to electing independents as a way to shift American politics to the middle quoting here from Wheeler and a win for Greg in Kansas would signal for people across the country that independents are now viable option for breaking the two party. System. When I don't people elect more of them. Dana that's a good question that money. Now. And he challenged Pat Robertson 2014. Losing to the incumbent by eleven points in an election that saw millions of national dollar well. Will you remember that election for one reason can you name it it's announced. As soon as you tell Leo remember. It was a chair. Remember. It came out that Pat Roberts had a chair right in his hometown in a room you are rent a chair that he rented out. Hand it. Mormons entire campaign surrounded and it all else cost Roberts Betsy. That's right. The entire campaign gets it out Pat Roberts has not had a house ever come back to Kansas. He doesn't even have an apartment house or a bed. He has a chair. I believe was a recliner I do I think you're right. Think we're talking lazy boy lay. I rent a recliner and my friend's house and Dodge City. Senator. Your residence is a recliner. Your friend's house because you no longer live in the state. I merely exhume his claim was he was renting a place. From his body you know he was actually paying rent. And then they were like so you rent this house and these are well known. So you use he lives there my buddies I would also like you're renting a room. What exactly. Not the whole room. All I mean I know I. Like thinking like that share visual is so powerful visual Lotta people arguing it was Milton wolf that was the one who came out and found out about the recliner not great lesson Milton wolf who ran against him as a Republican. In the primary fund guys I think other rights Tex edit it. It was Milton. Who was a conservative but is also a cousin of Barack Obama. And remember that went back to that small town and they say that our members under have you seen him here. You. Seen him reclining in a reclining position them. Herb and Dobson and. Evers and make her minimum term prison. For the light things on gladiator. A this senator is the coolest tiny house's tiny chair. He's he's waste less it was a waste. Activities are terrible happening on can be easy to former Jackson County executive lands in hot water more next. Did writer for Volkswagen of Lee's summit the number one Volkswagen dealer in all of Kansas City they still got that great Black Friday deal going on yes there's still celebrating Black Friday. At Volkswagen Lee's summit right now. You can get up to 101000 dollars off all of the remaining 27 teens went after Gary there aren't that many left those things are full eye and out there. Up to 101000 dollars off. And they are still end up HDTVs. With every purchase. 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